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Ok, well im buying my first board and need help on how to choose one, which makes are the best and so on any help would be appreciated and im wanting to buy of ebay i live in the uk so thanks

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Who here skates?

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Who skateboard`s here?

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Why are there no instructables on skating?

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skateboard sponsers

Hay wats happing forum.i was wanddering wats your favorite skateboard sponsers? myr are element,adio,almost,dvs,birdhouse, watsyours?!?!?!

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Giant skateboard

Joe Ciaglia made this massive skateboard and then took it outside with a few friends for a group ride and then went solo for an ill-fated trip. Would love to know some details about how it was made. via digg

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Log Skateboard

This log skateboard sculpture by Oliver Schulze reminds me of this cartoon by Jeremy Fish. Nice and ridiculous.Come to think of it. We have some spare mountain board trucks in the office. Anyone have any suggestions of what to put them on? Link viaNeatoramaBonus:

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How to skateboard

Some of us should post lessons on how to skateboard because there is none on this site (i think). People could teach others by pictures or videos step by step on how to skateboard. Like tips and tricks. Also we could start at like basics like how to turn and stop. Then have some tricks like how to ollie and kickflip.

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New Skateboard

I just got a new skateboard(not a tech deck) from big 5. I know that means its crappy but I am just learning so this is a beginner board. The brand is Kryptonics Is that a reliable brand or should I get a new deck?????

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skateboard tips?

Yeh another thing im getting in to any tips for me? things i know how to do: stand on it it stear blance get going keep going and i got to get me some cash for clothesand shoes(i have some old airspeeds im using)

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would this be a good skateboard and area to skateboard?

Today i got into skateboarding agian. im wondering if this is a good skateboard and area to skateboard. my mom thinks she got it at walmart. this was about 2 or 3 years ago. the wheels seem heavy and don't keep spinning. the board seems ok. there is an area as you can see that has grip tap comeing off a bit.  the area. i have enough room to skateboard but i its not long enough for me to get good speed and keep going. once i get good speed i have to stop unless i want to go into the gravel which would hurt. if you can answer this that would be good. (sorry it's so long)

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Custom skateboard graphics? Answered

Anyone know a printing method, professional or at home, that could produce a print for a custom deck on a skateboard? I would have to be hard wearing but i am stuck on what to do. I want to build a Matell Hoverboard look a like skateboard. any ideas are most welcome! thanks

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skateboard bearing lubrication?

Can i use gear oil on my bearings for my skateboard?the oil is thick 80w 90 thanks.

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Long Distance Skateboarding

My name's Bam, my team and I created Skatefurther, a community for long distance skateboarders. We've managed to raise well over $20,000 for a range of charities so far. Interested? Check out the forums and get on a board!

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How to ollie on a skateboard? Answered

I can't figure out how to ollie on a skateboard but I know the basics.

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skateboarding,surfing,or baseball

What is better skateboarding,surfing,or basball.

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Skatesurfing with Longboard Skateboard

Hi, I'm a windsurfer usually, but I'm interested in trying skatesurfing on a long board skateboard.  My question is: How can I add mountain wheels to a 9" longboard without breaking the bank?  Can I use risers to extend the longboard trunk so that the mountain wheels clear the desk or do I need to purchase 16.5" mountain board trucks and mountain board wheels. I plan on using standard 70mm wheels on concrete, but I would also like to have a set of wheels for sailing on grass and sand. Thanks

Topic by Vannost  

Tensor skateboard trucks?

I want to know how good/bad you think tensor skateboard trucks are. Here are a few key points I want to know: How heavy are they, I cant find a specific weight any where? (in pounds or grams) Do they snap in two? Are they work 40 dollars? my current truck weights 13/16ths of a pound so like a little more 3/4ths of a pound I'm only like 112 lbs so I doubt I could ever snap any trucks but still.

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Photon Light-Up Skateboards

I came across this website last week but wasn't able to get it into a forum, but here it is. This company embeds approx. 52 LED's into each board, than wires them up in between one of the multiple veneers of wood, then connects them to a rechargeable battery and an on/off switch behind the front trucks. They come in many different colors and sizes. here are some of the pictures from the site, and they're video.Photon Light Boards

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Light up skateboard risers

So i found this instructable on making light up skateboard risers : and i have a slight issue with following it to the letter. My risers are not slim hard plastic wedges but instead are 1/2" solid rubber flats, so i want to know if anyone thinks there could be an issue with 'dremeling' a bit deeper than is neccessary for the electronics and taking advantage of the soft rubber by letting the exposed side seal itself against the bottom of my board when i bolt it into place so i dont have to glue the batteries as well as the electronics to weatherproof it? To clarify, i intend to hot glue the LEDs, wiring and switch but not the batteries so that they're easy to replace...

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how to make a cheap skateboard?

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dc- motor ultracapacitive skateboard

Need help in this project as I am abit lost with the programming of my project. My skateboard will be able to charge by manual moving and then discharge to electrically move the skateboard when needed. Im using an arduino board and I need to program a H-bridge with pwm and controlling the motor speed. Hope somebody can help me out asap. Thanks!!

Topic by Nicktyw  

How do you build a skateboard that will fit three people?

I think it would be really cool to be able to build a skateboard that could fit two to three people. It could be something like a toboggen, but with wheels.

Question by acall995  

Can you add grip tape to a skateboard/longboard with already clear grip tape?

Just wanted to know so that it would stick and stay on or if i have to sand it??

Question by josewre08    |  last reply

How can I buy skateboard parts from a general hardware store, screws, nuts, spacers, washers, etc?

There are certain parts of a skateboard that I am sure can be bought at general hardware stores? Does anyyone know what sizes to look for? or even how measure screws and washers?

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ollie with the noseless skateboard board, Is it possible?

Ollie with the noseless board. Is it possible to pop an ollie with my board which has no nose?

Question by millatfarhan  

What's a good first skateboard to get? Answered

I don't want the board to be too expensive incase I don't like skateboarding, but incase I do like skateboarding I want the board to last for more then a few months.

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How can I steer a skateboard? Answered

I can push off,but the speed will decrease before I can put my pushing foot on the sk8board,so there would b no challenge...Help please.

Question by Aralooloo    |  last reply

my first day skateboarding with etnies

Well, i dont have an etnies sponsorship because i am a basic skateboarder. but my ride was so smooth, i wanted to tell you. I got a pair of their shoes yesterday. today, i went for a ride with them. they were pretty comfy when i walked, they felt comfier on the skateboard. i landed a perfect ollie on the first try (never did that before), and kept landing perfect ollies for the majority of the ride. I even used the neighbor's garage ramp and skated from there and ollied off the sidewalk, something i never did before...................... overall, my ride was a lot smoother than when i was wearing nikes and vans........................i really liked it, and it encouraged me to keep practicing

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How do i build one of those new light up skateboards?

Mmk so i've been seeing these skateboard with LED lights around the bottom rim of the deck and i know for a fact that it would cost less than what they charge to make one. anyone have any ideas?

Question by 3daysofchaos    |  last reply

Does anyone know how 2 make skateboard trucks?

Hey if anyone can make some skateboard trucks that would be great I am a dirt cheap skateboarder and can't afford the 20 bucks to buy some

Question by paininthebutt    |  last reply

I need help to build a gas powered mountain board!

So, I want to find instructions on how to build a gas powered mountain board for my boyfriend as a surprise for...absolutely no reason. He saw an electric mountain board in the popular science magazine and now he wants one. Here's the link to the article: I can't find any information on how to build a board like this (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place). So if anyone can come up with a tutorial of sorts, I'd really appreciate it. And if it wouldn't be too much trouble, please include where we can buy any of the parts. Thanks!

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how to grease skateboard bearings with metal shields?

I have a couple of abec 5 bearings and i tryed to grease them but i couldnt remove the metal shield withou t damaging it anyone know how to do it correctly?

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

I am building a light up skateboard. Will having a deck made of acrylic with plywood affect the strength of the board?

In order to accomodate the lights needed for my light up skateboard project, I wanted to case them in acrylic sheet, and then laminate plywood layers above and below. Would this provide the sufficient strenght needed for the skateboard. Thanks :)

Question by PLdesign    |  last reply

How do you make a skateboard halfpipe?

Hello! I am wondering if anyone knows how to make a skateboard halfpipe for under $300? Please give sensible answers. Thanks, Gerrit

Question by GerritSmith11    |  last reply

How do you make a skateboard halfpipe?

How do you make a skateboard halfpipe for under $300? Please give sensible answers. Thanks, Gerrit

Question by GerritSmith11    |  last reply

what skateboard deck should i get?

Im in quite a pickle. i am wondering  whether i should get a crooked or a minilogo and if you have any other ideas of a good cheap deck fill me in so ya but try and stay within the lines

Question by misterlister    |  last reply

Can I turn my skateboard into a shlongboard?

If I were to cut my skateboard into a mini-longboard shape, bought longboard trucks and wheels, drilled new holes in the "shlongboard" deck, put the trucks and wheels in, would it work as a mini-longboard? I measured it, and if I made a kicktail board it would be about 25 inches long... 8 inches wide. Yes? No? This would be purely for riding around my neighborhood. Would it work or not, and why? Could I make it work by doing it differently?

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A car just ran over my skateboard...

Yeah..... My friend came over and was riding my skateboardand he went up my driveway (which is a slight incline upwards) and tripped,which sent the skateboard out from under him and back down the driveway and into the street were a car who was just driving by at the exact same instant drove by and went right over my skateboard!!This all happened so fast that i didn't have time to jump and save my poor baby from that car. =(Oh well at least me or my friend didn't get run over. I'm not really mad at him, I am more mad at the driver who just kept on going after he had just run my skateboard over!!! Oh well i will just have to get a new deck. I will hang the snapped deck on my wall though.

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[HELP ME] Attaching a gear to a skateboard wheel

Hello!  I have a project in mind about making an electric skateboard. I will use skate's wheels to make less resistance, and i plan to attach a gear i upcycled from an old drill(the tube geared on the inside, not the outside) to a skate wheel. THe problem is: HOW?? If you don't know what im talking about its the tube that makes the planetary gears in a drill spin(  ) on the photos i attached its just super glued to the wheel, so i can figure out a way to attach them.. HELP ME PLEASE!

Topic by dsirotic    |  last reply

is it possible to make a motorized skateboard with a weed eater motor?

I wanna go fast and if your not first your last. i want to make a summer project

Question by mclovin7596    |  last reply

I need help with skateboard pop shuvits.

 I'm having trouble tring to pop shovit on a  skateboard. I can spin the board but I don't even go the direction of the board and my board flys out from under me and goes a foot or two away. How can I jump towards it while spinning?

Question by awesume    |  last reply

how do i build a fibreglass skateboard

 Hi im new here How do i build a fibreglass skateboard, im puzzled because they are just one peice. Are they injection moulded, or made in 2 halves and glued together, i understand you can place some plywood in the core to stiffen it. Also how is it coloured, if i want to make a blue one, is the first layer of fibreglass blue, or is it painted with an airbrush on completion, what sort of paint would be used and tough enough Many Thank - K

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How to make a skateboard froom ply wood?

Im thinking about making a longboard out of ply wood.Multiple layers on top of eachother that will be glued and clamped in place,what will be the best glue for holding multiple layers of ply woood together?

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

I´m building skateboard and I need some tips, anyone?

I am doing a sophomore project which is building a skateboard and I need some tips on how to and how long will it take and I need a certain paint anyone know what it´s called? 

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Can anyone make a instructables about a two wheeled skateboard?

When I saw a 2-wheeled skateboard I thought that it would be difficult to ride on it but there are people who can really ride on one.

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Upgrading the self balancing skateboard by xenon john to work like z board?

Hey Frnds! I saw this instructable. And i want to make an upgraded version of it. I want to make it work like the zboard but without weight sensing. But i know very little about arduino programming. Can anyone plz help me. Is there a way to recognize when i shift my weight forward or backward? (Using the accelerometer i think). We can then fix a notched disk on the front portion of the board, beneath which there will be a potentiometer. When we will put our heel on the disk and rotate it, the board will turn accordingly. Can anyone please help me with this idea. I really wanna learn. Plz reply fast if u know anything. Thanks in advance.

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Where can I salvage a small amplifier circuit to power the skateboard boombox I built? (Yes, you read that right)

There's a slot in between the speakers to mount a tiny MP3 player. When you take it outside, the speakers are very low, and I'm assuming it's because there's no amp. I need something small and easy to hack, because I'm terrible at building my own circuits. And also a decent way to power it. Any ideas, friends?

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wat is the esiest a cheapest way to make a pvc rail?

I just really wanna know

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