SketchUP Knex

I have to say I am getting addicted to using Google's SketchUp for rendering models. I decided to give it a shot for my new RBG instructions, and I think I have it under control. While it has some quirks and not as fast as your own hands, it certainly has that cool factor. Of course, we all have to give props to Imperar for the original Knex models. Do those of you who use SketchUp find that it was easy to get the pieces to fit right? Know of any little tricks to make it easier?

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Google sketchup ?

I need help, i cant figure out how to install google sketchup free on my usb flash drive, I have a sandisk 4 gig, the one with the retractable usb plug, please help me.

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sketchup pepakura question? Answered

Hello, I have just discovered sketchup and also, today, I have downloaded pepakura. These are both the free versions. I have made a model and my only option is to export as a dae or kmz file. Pepakura does not recognise these. The internets seem to say that you can import dae into pepakura but I can't see how. Is this only possible with the paid for versions ? Wow, sketchup is great. Thank you

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knex with google sketchup

I downloaded the thing and got the knex piceces but how do i get serpit piceces

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SketchUp Movement simulation

Usually I'm using SketchUp 3D designs to create the models before I start my projects but unfortunately its all solid objects ..Now I need more capabilities using an easy way to simulate the movements of my models especially when it related to a Robot Project.Thanks,

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Adding a Google Sketchup File to an Instructable? Answered

Is it possible to attach a Google Sketchup File with the extension 'skp' to an instructable. If yes, how could I do this?

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What you've made in Google SketchUp

What have you made in sketchup? Do you have pictures of your sketchup models that you wish to share? If you have anything to show, please tell us about it!

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Embed 3D models with SketchUp

If you want to share a 3D view of your SketchUp model, you can now use embed code to place it into a webpage. First the model needs to be in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, but once it's there you scroll to the bottom and select Include > 3D View to get the code.Here's one of Saint Basil's Cathedral.

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Is there an IOS app similar to sketchup?

I'm looking for an app to draw out plans for woodworking projects in 3D. Similar to sketchup, need to create to scale with measurements and be able to accurately align and position elements. Any help much appreciated thanks.

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SketchUp Competition: Design a bridge and win $5k

Have some SketchUp skills or at least have a good eye for a bridge? Then check out this SketchUp contest where you need to submit a killer bridge design that's open to students and top prizes are $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000.Don't worry about knowing how to use SketchUp. It's easy to learn if you follow the tutorials. Are you in awe of the engineering that goes into designing a bridge? Do you have a favorite local, famous, or historical bridge you'd like to see in Google Earth? Now you have a chance to show off your modeling skills and make that dream a reality by entering the Google SketchUp International 2009 Student Bridge Modeling Competition. Simply model the bridges of your choice in Google SketchUp, geo-reference them in Google Earth and submit them by uploading to the Google 3D Warehouse to earn lasting online glory and, for the winners, a handsome prize. Link via Make blog

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what CAD package/software do you use?

Hi - I have been using SketchUp for a couple of years, and grown reasonably proficient in its use.  However, it's not very intuitive in terms of being useful when trying to sketch ideas, find correct proportions, squeeze or stretch items until they "look right".  Having always to think in terms of creating drawings from extrusion of 2d surfaces is not often helping creativity! So, I am interested to learn and hear about anyone else's experience of using alternative CAD software in light of my comments about SketchUp - what do you use?

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HTTP error

Hi Guys, I am trying to  upload some sketchuop files to an 'ible and I keep getting the message HTTP error once they have uploaded. can you help? john

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how necessary is it to learn how to use sketchup for design? Answered

Seeing sketchup used a lot on instructables i wonder if i should learn how to use it because i'm interested in design. Tips on getting good at it? like learning shortcuts and the like. links welcome!

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Did anyone have a problem installing Google SketchUp? Answered

When I tried to install Google SketchUp on my Dell Studio laptop I got this message: An error ocurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft, VC 80. CRT, type= "win 32", version= '8.0.50727.4053", publicKeyToken= "1fc8b3b9a1eb", processor Architecture= "x86". Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x8007054F. Thank you for your help!

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Pepakura is unfolding polygons wrong. How can I remedy this?

I'm trying to make a helmet in Sketchup and importing it to Pepakura. I made the helmet fine, but when I import it and unfold it, for one it ignores where I tell it to cut the shape, and then it takes each polygon in it, separates it, and unfolds each individual polygon in weird ways. I can't find a tutorial on how to fix this problem!

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I won!

Huzzah! I won the prize in the Google Ponoko Challenge. My Instructable about making and printing a Menger sponge took the top prize. Now I'll have a professional version of SketchUp, a year of Ponoko Prime, and over $500 worth of Ponoko credit. Now, the big question: what should I make? I have a couple of ideas for jewelry for my wife and a toy for my son, but that's not even $100. Anyone have any suggestions? UPDATE: 3D printing gets expensive quickly the bigger it gets. Exponentially, even. Something that fits in the palm of your hand would be ideal. This Menger sponge is 1.4" on a side and cost $26 to print (not including taxes and shipping). A 2" cube would cost $77 and a 4" cube would cost $446. And that's the cheapest material to choose from. If it was printed in stainless steel it would cost $195, $650, and $4,013 for the same sizes. Announcing the Google + Ponoko Challenge Winner

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What is the best program to use for drawing/planning projects in 3d? Answered

    What I want to do is design a project in some kind of 3d program. I googled different programs but couldn't really find what I envisioned. I tried sketch-up but was looking for something a little different im having trouble controlling witch axis im drawing on. I don't care what operating system it runs on. The program this guy used looks cool does anyone know anything about it Also its not a requirement but it would be nice if in the future there was a way to send the files to a cnc. ps.To anyone who has made a map for counter strike you know how u had those views of different axis I liked that.

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Instructables Robot modeled in 3d with Sketchup

I made the Instructables Robot in SketchUp.I uploaded a SlideShow that also has links to the robot so you can download him and to SketchUp.Robot SlideShow and LinksSketchUp is free from Google.Links to everything are in the Slideshow.

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use google sketchup model in edgecam? Answered

I want to use a landscape i made in sketchup(a mountain range) and mill it out of polystyrene using edgecam. Maybe there is a way to convert to  autodesk inventor first?  The model is only a face, which is why its hard to use in a solid modeling program. Ive used a rough face before on the cnc machine.

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Google Sketchup: Fill unseen space?

I'm trying to get a cheap 3D print of a model(<$100 with S&H;). But one problem is that the walls are infinitely thin, so I need to fill the space between them. But how do I do this? The main problem is the boxes all around the surface(look at the uploaded model). They need to be filled, without the internal space where the flashdrive goes being filled. Can someone please tell me how to do this, and also a cheap 3D printing service?  Cheapest I have seen was i.materialise. The price for the model: $36. Not bad at all. The price of shipping: $144. I'm not going to spend almost $200 on a case for a flashdrive.

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How do I trace a 2D shape in SketchUp? Answered

It seems that the only people who make 3D models of 2D plans don't use SketchUp, but I have to use it for this project. I'm trying to trace the plans for my Sig Tiger in Sketchup, but it only lets me make 3D shapes. Is there some trick that I'm missing?

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Make Ideas Real: Share your SketchUp Story

Today, the SketchUp team is launching a new project called Make Ideas Real. The purpose of this project is to showcase work from SketchUp users who (in some way) have made their models into something real. SInce so many of you are already discussing and sharing your projects here, I wanted to reach out and introduce the project to the Instructables community specifically. We think SketchUp users do amazing work, and that sometimes this work gets lost in the 3D Warehouse. If you're particularly proud of a model that you've turned into reality (using SketchUp somewhere in your workflow), we hope you'll share the project and the story with us here. And please, we also want to hear about the role that Instructables played in your project! Our plan is to collect the most compelling stories and feature them in a special showcase, so that people who are new to SketchUp can be inspired by the work of others. If you have any questions, I hope you'll respond to this post and let me know! Mark Google SketchUp, Community Manager

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Idea: motorized cocktail shaker (for a real Ramos Gin Fizz)

There are a couple of motorized martini shakers on the market, but neither of them shake hard enough. I'd like to make one that would simulate the actual motion of a good bar tender. The traditional way to make a Ramos Gin Fizz requires shaking it for 12 minutes. I don't have that kind of endurance. For a martini, I'd like the machine to shake hard enough to chip the ice and leave frost floating in the drink. 1. I'm wondering if an electric drill would be capable of driving this thing with modifying the gearbox. I have no experience creating or modifying gearboxes and would like to avoid that if possible. 2. Anyone out there have (or want to make) a good video of a bartender shaking the hell out of a cocktail? (There is a difference between a casual and an agressive shake.) It needs to be from a perspective perpendicular to the plane of motion. This will allow me to trace the path and recreate it in CAD software. 3. The most exciting thing about this is designing the elliptical mechanism that would produce the realistic shake. I've never done animation in SketchUp. Can it handle gears and levers? Is there something else that you recommend? (no windows software please) I'd love any suggestions you have on any part of this.

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Does anyone know how to make a team fortress 2 level in sketchup, and be able to play it?

I have, and love, Team fortress 2, and i am really interested in creating levels for it. but whenever i open the Hammer editor, i am confronted with oodles of coding and confusingness. I am pretty good with google sketchup, and was wondering if anyone knows how to convert a sketchup file into a map for tf2?

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How do I create a curved cone shape in Google SketchUp? Answered

 Just as the question is. I need to create a cone in Google SU, which I can do. But then I want to make the cone bend slightly. Is there any easy way to do this? And, can I make the cone hollow?

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How to convert a google sketchup project into a bmp or other image format?

I tried to convert the final project from googlesketchup but nothing.I was wondering if there is a programm which does this work

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Nerdman's Ships: Round 2

Hello! It's been awhile since I was here (was working on other things), but I've finally gotten around to making screenshots and renders, along with a bunch of new sketches (3D). I apologize for the amount Short List: (In order) - Assault Destroyer - Barracuda Class Frigate - Knife's Edge (now with new features) - Barracuda Class Frigate - Sky Razor (Sister ship of the above) - Falcon Class Heavy Cruiser - Hieroglyph Class Multi-role Fighter - Manta Class Bomber - Dolphin Class Artillery Frigate ::WIP:: - Mark XII - Light Torpeto Link to better images- Minor side note: Thank you ibles for having an multi-uploader.  This is much easier than the other site I post on. :D - Nerdman  ------------------------------------------------ Expanded List:: ------------------------------------------------ - Assault Destroyer - Armed With 7 Medium Rail Guns - Designed for both direct assault and defense of large vessels against smaller ships (Frigates, bombers, etc.) - Barracuda Class Frigate - Knife's Edge (now with new features) - Designed for both exo-atmosphere and in-atmosphere operations - Armed with 4 light torpedo tubes, 3 triple AA turrets, and 2 solid mounted railguns in the nose - Barracuda Class Frigate - Sky Razor (Sister ship of the above) - Designed more as a heavy fighter than a support frigate, this can both keep up with standard fighters but even out maneuver them due to it's massive engines - Armed with 2 triple AA turrets, 6 light torpedo tubes, 2 solid mounted and 2 partially mobile railguns in the nose - Falcon Class Heavy Cruiser - Designed as fast attack ship, the falcon can reach incredible speeds while still being able to turn very sharply - The falcon is primarily armed with 512 packs of multi purpose launcher tubes, it can hold up to almost a thousand missiles or nearly 6,200 un-guided rockets. - Hieroglyph Class Multi-role Fighter - Carries two multipurpose modules (similar to the Heron) which hold quite literally anything that fits inside the power, weight, and computing restrictions. - Designed using spare Heron frames which were useless due to constant space combat. - Armed with a triple AA turret (rear), all other weapons/ offensive abilities come from the pods. - Manta Class Bomber - The Manta Class Bomber, created about the same time as the Hieroglyph, was made from XUAP hulls which were useless in space and were unused because of it. - Armed with 6 light torpedo (single use tubes), 3 triple AA turrets, and a minor ECM package, this bomber can hold it's own against even heavy fighters. - Dolphin Class Artillery Frigate ::WIP:: - The Dolphin Class of frigate was created when the fail "General Frigate" was unable to meet expectations. - Armed with 2 heavy plasma cannons capable of shots up to 400km away. - The Dolphin is also nimble enough to avoid long range missiles, but is unable to enter atmosphere and is unable to avoid fighters. - Mark XII - Light Torpeto - The Mark XII was created strictly for bombers, but soon showed extreme success in both heavier fighters, and light frigates. Being powerful for it's size, it was also reasonably light and nearly as maneuverable as some missiles. 

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How do you use Google Sketchup? Answered

So today, I downloaded the new Google Earth with Google Ocean and Google Mars. I saw Sketchup on the side. So I downloaded it and tried it. Fun, fun, fun. But I need some tricks and tips and tutorials. I NEED HELP!!!!

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Export Google SketchUp as just the faces and measurements?

I made a simple chair in Google SkecthUp and wanted to make it out of cardboard(lot of time on my hands). I was wondering if their was a simple way to export all the faces and measurements in the .skp file?

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Can someone help me with Google Sketchup? Answered

I've just finished a Garden Arbor project. A 3D sketch would make it easier for others to follow and build but I'm such a computer dummy. Here is a picture. Can somebody please help me?

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Using GoogleSketchup

Hi I'am new to Sketchup Does anyone know where to get a tutorial or have any tips for Sketchup????

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Trying to make a special autorun file. Answered

I want to put sketchup on a flash drive along with other files, then I want to have autorun give me start sketchup as an option.  I do have a lot of batch programming and a little autorun experience.  I already tried here; - but it won't work.  Maybe I am doing something wrong, HELP! 

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Robot in Phun

As you may possibly recall,the Instructables Robot was made in SketchUp. I was inspired by that and today,a few mins before,I made the Robot in Phun,the 2D physics sandbox. It is low in detail but that can only be changed by your improvement! *hand comes out of monitor,pointing to viewer*

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how do i get knex pieces with google sketch up?

Title explains it.

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Building a bar, which materials etc. Answered

I plan on building a bar, but i don't know what sort of wood to use, i have already designed it in Google Sketch-up, so could someone help. the design includes alot of detail including raised and lowered parts. 

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Google Sketchup HELP needed for completed Garden Arbor project

Is there anyone in instructable-land who is profficient with the google sketchup program? I could really use some help with a Garden Wedding Arbor I built. The project is finished and the design is fairly simple, but I think a comprehensive sketch will make it easier for people to follow and to build. Please let me know if you can help asap. The Wedding challenge ends soon and mama wants a kitchenaid blender!  Thanks! Cloudifornia

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I am making an autorun file but I can't get it to work right, I need to get it to open sketchup -OR- view files,  I am using this page  HELP!

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Help designing large shed for living! Answered

Hello, I am currently designing a large shed. I Have got the main look and all the lengths planned out, but I would be greatful l if someone was able to give my guidance of the constructiont, ei. Wood needed, The structuring of this wood and techniques etc. Electrics have already been planned out. I will be using insulation in the walls and floors. The walls will be plaster board, The building will need to be pretty structuraly sound so this is why I thought i would ask! This is all I have planned on construction so far. All feedback and/or critism is welcome! I have attached a sketchup file for better viewing aswell as a few photos! The sketchup file has the exact measurements. For the whole building it is 620cm x 350cm Edit: Sketchup upload has not worked so will give a link to it, I will also give out patches to anyone with very good advice! Sketchup link:;=0 Many Thanks Oscar

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Launcher application

At my school they have a program called launcher.exe on all of the shortcuts in the start menu. so if I wanted to open SketchUp for example it goes "do you want to run sketchUp (licenced to SCHOOL NAME) yes or no?" I looked at the shortcut and the target is "//admin/programs/launcher.exe sketchup.exe" Any ideas what the code is behind this. I want a program that will do something simmilar but let me change the app it opens using the commnad line.

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Laser cutting projects?

Woah!! I just found a laser cutting workshop near my home! Give me some links of projects which "You Like The Most"! Is there any portal for laser cutting ideas, projects and ready plans and tutorials? *** UPDATE: I have made some 3D models in 'Autodesk 123D'. But I how can I convert the surfaces to 2D, so that I can use them in laser cutter. I am unable to figure it out. Please Help! *** UPDATE: 123D has now a very cool feature for all Laser-Philic folks! Now we can add 2D sheets in 123D for laser cutting. btw, I am now well aquainted with Google Sketchup and using it for all of my laser cutting work. To learn how to use Google Sketchup for laser cutting, see this cool Instructable from user 'flightsofideas':

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How do I open a Certificate Trust List file in ProDesktop?

I downloaded a file off of, a 3d modeling file. The file type is Certificate Trust List. When I try to open the file through ProDesktop, it says that the file is not a Prodesktop file. My teacher wants the file to be in ProDesktop and wants it to be .stl file. I tried opening it in AutoDesk Inventor and it work but then I tried to export it as a .stl for my teacher, a message popped up saying that the model was invalid. I then tried to open it in Sketchup but it said that it wasn't a sketchup file. Please help, any info helps. The link is

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What kind of laptop should I buy?

I am going to buy a laptop for college. I want something that can handle programs like autodesk and sketchup, and has a decent battery life. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!

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Some finished parts: Chromehounds rebuild

I just recently finished up a batch of parts. The order of the screenshots is:   1.) Render 2.) Screenshot from SketchUp 3.) Screenshot from Chromehounds  ( I didn't make this) Any critique or suggestions are welcome.

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3D printing test? Answered

Hi, I haven't got a 3D printer but I do have a model I would like to be test-printed. I have a model designed in sketchup and I was wondering if anyone out there could test it for me to make sure it worked before  posted an instructable on it. Thanks.

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Best Free 3D CAD program

I was curious what people thought was the best 3D CAD program. It seems that SketchUp is a favorite, but I wanted to be sure. I have access to AutoCAD as well, but I was working on something where I wanted to manipulate the objects, and I wasn't sure if it was best. Thanks :-)

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Convenience Winch for use in Home Loft

I would love to get ideas for making a winch that I can mount as needed on the railing of my home loft (without damaging the railing), for use in exchanging cold drinks, snacks, office supplies, etc.  between family members on the two levels of the house without needless stair climbing.   Apologies for my terrible SketchUp skills. 

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Schauberger Repulsine 3D files?

I am trying to design a model of Schauberger's Repulsine in Sketchup, maybe even try to print it once complete. For this project  collected all sorts of images and dcuments from the web to get at least most components covered, although it is impossible to get it all... I found the two "wave" disks on Thingiverse, which is already quite a good thing, so everything else will be scaled around these models. My problems so far: Top top cone contains a series of pipes shaped like the horn of a Kudu and on top of that following the shape of inverted egg. There are images to be found on the web but I have a hard time creating this in Sketchup. It is like two twisted spirals that are on top of each other so both ends are wide, the middle is thin. Ok, I give up, have a look instead: If you know where to find a 3D model lke this or how to create these shapes in Skechtup please let me know.

Question by Downunder35m 

Advice on how to go from 3D model to laser cutting vector file?

Hello,   I've been getting my feet wet in 3D modeling to try to build board game inserts. These are generally a series of boxes and trays that fit together to hold components and fill the space of the box properly. I have access to a 3D printer, but I can't figure out how to go from my model (in tinkercad or sketchup, generally) to the 2D vector files of the components I need for Corel to print them on the laser cutter. I suspect the process is more than someone could explain to me in the confines of this forum, but if someone in the know could give me a push in the right direction to find the resources I need, even that would be great! I've done a lot of research trying to figure this out, and all I have come up with are some Sketchup plugins that no longer seem to work, or websites that will lonely let me build one box at a time with no extra features (like scallops for card draws). Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. Todd

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