LED Slider Indicator

I don't know very much when it comes to electronics. All I know is how to make a simple circuit. Conect bulb to battery, battery to swich, swich to bulb. I need some help making a circuit bord with an on off swich, 5 LED's & a sliding potentiometer. What I like this curuit to do is, turn on swich, the first led lights up. I push the slide potentiometer up or down & the four other LED's light up or down with the slider.

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Ideas for building a mic/camera slider

Hi Guys I'm looking to build a camera slider like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uewMphsBamk&feature;=fvwrel This one is silly expensive! I want something on which I can mount a micophone stand and move it a 1/4 inch left or right over a distance of no more than 7 inches at the touch of a button. Any ideas? Cheers Kieran http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t378/kizzertron/57speaker.jpg

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I am trying to make a motorized slider for my camera controlled my a rc remote.

I want to be able to pan and tilit it with the steering wheel on the remote how do I do it? Could I use one of these? http://www.servocity.com/html/spt200_pan___tilt_system.html

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Design suggestion needed - simple plastic slider for small boat transducer

Hi.  I need to add a small sonar transducer (fishfinder sensor - small 2"x3"x3") to the transom of a kayak.  The transom is the flat backwards facing keel-like appendage in this picture.  It is ~3" wide and a foot vertical.  There is a hole in the hull directly above it, so it can be accessed from above. This shows the kayak transom http://i960.photobucket.com/albums/ae87/nickmdal/Bassyaks%20photos/IMG_4068Medium_zps318a10df.jpg The transducer  needs to be able to slide up 2 1/2", so that it won't get dinged when transporting the kayak.  Therefore I want to attach it to something that I can slide up, but will remain attached to the transom. Envision something like a paint stir-er flat against the transom in a vertical orientation.  From above, I can grab the top and pull up to raise the transducer. I am imagining the transducer's "holder" to be some sort of rail/guide combo that is friction and not wheel based.  I found these items, but nothing any more useful. http://www.soucyplastiques.com/en-CA/_media/image/big-glissiere.jpg Other thoughts were drawer center rail siders, tie/belt sliders (a hacked one).  That and the pic above are all I could think of.  Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

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Mouse glide Pads

Ever have that mouse that fits just right then it starts to drag no matter what the surface? I dont want to give it up but would like to replace the pads that allow it to slide smoothly across the mouse pad. Any ideas? 

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Does this switch exist? Answered

It may just be my google-fu failing me, but I can't find switch I am sure must exist: A sliding switch with reversing (DC) polarity. At one end of the slider, power is full "forward".  Slide the controller, and power decreases.  Reach the centre, and power is zero/off.  Slide past the centre, and power increases again, but with reversed polarity, ie in reverse.

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The gun retractor thing from 'Taxi Driver'?

The one De Niro attaches to his arm that springs the gun into his hand

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What are the "Cost" and "Difficulty" sliders in the publishing section for? Answered

When you publish a new instructable, there are those two little sliders labeled "Cost" and "Difficulty". What are they for? They aren't even labeled! How do I know how difficult "Difficult" really is, or how expensive "Expensive" really is?

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Help me find a servo speed controller!

I'm motorizing my camera slider (https://vimeo.com/39175570) in order to use it for time-lapses. I'm using a gear motor, a 8ft circumference timing belt (for 4ft of motion), and a motor speed controller.  I am getting the parts from ServoCity.com and McMaster-Carr.  This is the motor I'm planning on using: http://www.servocity.com/html/10_rpm_precision_gear_motor.html And here is the speed controller I want to use: http://www.servocity.com/html/digital_manual_speed_controlle.html A video of it working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_t1V5MljvY Although that speed controller would work perfectly for what I'm doing, it's $80. Does anyone in this community know a cheaper place to find a similar device? From what I can tell it works like most speed controllers, by pulse-width modulation. Whatever that is. Here's kind of what I'm looking for: http://www.electronickits.com/kit/complete/motor/k166.htm. This may work fine, but it seems overbuilt for the purpose. Would it still work fine on a smaller motor like I'm going to use? Thanks for the help! -Jason

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Variable, low-RPM DC motor setup?

Hey guys, I'm hoping to build a motorized slider system for my DSLR camera. I'm going to build the slide from scratch and probably attach a motor with a pulley system to move the slide, this should give me the option of having the camera climb the slide if it's on a slight angle. I'm not extremely electronically inclined but I understand I will need a low RPM motor and a PWM unit to adjust the speed. I'm thinking RPM between 0.5 & 10 would be ideal. Could I buy one of these (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/12v-100w-pwm-speed-controller-motor-governor-DC6-15v-STP50n05-wholesale/1663330358.html) add a 12v battery and a 12v DC motor and call it a day? If this is the case, should I be aiming for a 10 RPM motor that I can turn the speed down on? Is a 12v battery/motor likely to give me reasonable torque for dragging a DSLR camera up a moderate incline? Battery life shouldn't be an issue as the longer the use the less RPM I'll need. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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How do I fix the slider on my Guitar Hero Controller?

I have Guitar Hero World Tour on the Wii and the slider on the guitar doesn't seem to do anything at all. Any ideas anyone?

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How to secure metal shaft into bearing with larger ID? Answered

A question for mechanical gurus :) I'm building motorized Igus camera slider based on Kokomonstrum design. I have a shaft that's 1/4" OD that needs to go inside bearing block that has bearing with ID of 5/16". I know I need some kind of bushing, but ones I bought at McMaster don't fit bearing opening (even tho they are 5/16 OD). What are my options? Tape wrapped around shaft? Epoxy? Can't think of anything else :(

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is there an easy way to make a waterproof phone case for a slider phone? Answered

 the phone is specifically a samsung gravity 2.

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I just published my white castle slyders instructable.

They're good, make em', eat em', enjoy em'.

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I need a LED grow lamp that has a slider (like a dj deck) that mixes red to blue to white. ?

Possibly with around 100 bulbs. Maybe using those 4 pin RGB leds? Could someone build something like this? I want to be able to change from vegetative cycle to flowering cycle using just the one lamp setup.

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Identifying Sliders and Knobs on circuit board M-audio Axiom 49

Hello there, I broke 4 of my sliders of my M-audio Axiom 49 and bended 5 Precision rotary knobs. I tried to order new parts at M-audio but they discontinued the production of the 1ste generation of M-audio Axiom 49 keyboard controllers and they cannot deliver the goods. So opened this sucker up and just googled Pots B10k and to my amazement I found a website with all these Precision Potentiometers. http://www.mouser.com/Search/Refine.aspx?FS=TRUE&N;=4294759271+16330845+1323043 http://http://www.alibaba.com/catalogs/--400502------------351-4333 I mean 1000, I went looking for what I needed. The only problem is everything looks the same, I don't see any part numbers that could identify the parts on my board. So I was thinking I should ask some one who has and eye for this and is much smarter than me :) Can you help me identify the type of Precision Potentiometers on the boards you see on the pictures I posted.-->(sorry for the bad quality)

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which potentiometer to use for time lapse motor

I was looking at a camera slider and this motor for a time lapse slider: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00436ULLA/ref=ox_sc_act_title_6?ie=UTF8∣=AUUK2J4ODEV5F I read somewhere online that someone used a rotisserie motor and hooked it up to a camera slider for a time lapse of about 40 minutes, but if I wanted to make the motor move even slower for a longer time lapse, can I hook up a potentiometer somewhere in the rotisserie motor? If so, what type of potentiometer should I get? Would this work: http://www.amazon.com/Parts-Express-10K-Ohm-Potentiometer/dp/B0002KRE20/ref=sr_1_1?s=industrial&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1355018144&sr;=1-1&keywords;=potentiometer

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Low-tech anemometer that records highest wind speed

I've been tooling for one of these for ages, or how to build one. It has to be low-tech: no electronics, no batteries if at all possible. I want to measure the highest-speed winds per day, not the actual windspeed at that particular moment. I live in a wind-tunnel and I'm curious to know just how strongly it blows My very vague idea was: windsock with a cord attached to the far end gauge with vertical slider, wind speeds marked, sliding part fitted with ratchet system so it can move up freely, but not down again cord on the end of the sock connects to the back of the slider: theory: the harder the wind blows, the higher the end of sock will be lifted, and the higher the slider will be pulled. Each day I'd be able to take the highest reading, then reset the slider back down for the next day I've got a cheap cup anemometer but I've no idea how to use its rotation speed to make measurements of course, marking the gauge accurately would be a bit tricky! Does anyone have any thoughts/tips/suggestions? Thanks! I've been looking vainly for "mechanical anemometers" but usually get the "take four paper cups" type, or the pukka ones at £££ or $$$. it'd have to stay outside all the time, so a battery one wouldn't be much use

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I think I will attempt an hidden blade

I've seen the builds on the internet using a drawer slider mechanism or one from a toolbox. They are cool, but I want to try one with a really powerful locking motion. So as I sat thinking on how to do this, I discovered that the answer was right in my hands. A clicky pen. It shoots out quickly, locks in place sturdy, and then shoots back in. I think that combining this "clicky pen" mechanism with the drawer slider mechanism, I could really do it. Any ideas/tips/criticism/comments on what to do here?

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XY pads

Does anyone know where i can buy different sized XY pads? I want to make a midi controller with a few rectangular pads as sliders but i cant find any raw ones.

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does anyone know how to draw a good realistic turtle? =Þ Answered

a red eared slider is the exact turtle im tryin to draw so thx

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Slideshow issues?

 Anyone having trouble seeing slideshow images, play button/slider, anything?  I got the confirmation that mine was accepted to the competition, updated my flash, tried different browsers, computers, blah! What am I missing?

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I want to decorate some plastic slider pencil cases for use as Family Reunion favors? Does anyone have any ideas? Answered

I would like for the decorations to be either "Family" or "Reunion" related. I plan to do 80-100 of these for varying age groups between 5yrs. and 80yrs. The cases come in various colors and will be filled with items useful to recipients according to gender/and age group, or something anyone could use one, such as personal toiletries, crafts, cosmetics, etc. As of this time, I'm not sure exactly what will go into them, since my budget is tight, but I would want the items to be useful. Any ideas on this part would also be appreciated.

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New black and decker single charger problem

I bought a new b&d; single charger and when i put my new battery in( slider tape) , the charger  red light  will not stop blinking what is wrong.

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Mechanism for mechanical timer

Hello everyone, My wife and I both feed the dog, but we're never sure whether the other's already done it or not.  (the food disappears pretty quickly)  I'd like to build a track with a slider that takes about 10 hours to slide from 'fed' at the top to 'not fed', and make it so that the slider is easy to slide back to the top. What immediately comes to mind is a counter weight escapement mechanism, but I though I'd hit up the brain trust to make sure there wasn't a simpler way to pull this off.  (I could also envision a timer chip hooked to a mechanical release, but I'd prefer to stay wholly mechanical for this one.) Many thanks!

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Wanted: Controller for Linear Acuator

Basically, I need a dial that would command this linear actuator https://www.servocity.com/sda24-263 to advance in one inch increments on either a dial or a touchpad or a slider. EvanBrenner@gmail.com or 917 414 5472 Thanks! Evan

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What do I need to put a regular wooden door frame into an existing metal glass sliding door frame?

The slider does not work very well at all. I would prefer a regular door.

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How do I take care of a Red-eared slider (or red-eared turtle)? Am I doing good? Answered

My girlfriend recently gave me the most amazing gift of my existence, a red-eared turtle. I have been wishing to have a turtle since I was very young, and am very happy of taking care of it.Now I checked many sites on how to properly take care of it, because that's what I want to do as much as I can. I was now wondering what were you guys doing with your red-eared turtle.So far, it's very shy and very small (2 in long). It does do much other than hide when I'm here (I can understand it doesn't know me yet..) so I haven't seen him eat, although he did. He however does not bask, which is concerning me (or I haven't seen him doing so yet).I've had "him" for 3 days.I heard about UVB and UVA (and natural UV rays from sun); he has a UVB lamp for now. His water is at 26-27C (78-80F). His rock outside of the water is around 27 too (is that why he isn't basking?).I'm feeding him, so far, from a can of food for turtle from the pet shop, as well as a another can with shrimps (frozen-dried).Am I taking good care of my red-eared slider? Am I on the good way to go?Thank you for any support!Picture of it:http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3496/3898363797_81906dd740_b.jpg

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12V 10 watt LED light bulb dimmer?

I'd like to make dimmers for the Phillips EnduraLED 10 watt 12V bulbs. Preferably using slider switches. Like the audio industry uses.? I have a need for a total of 12 dimmers for a feature lighting project on my house.

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Mechanical Cover Flow

I was thinking of a project for a type of shelf for your CD jewel cases. It would be a way of presenting CD covers in a similar way to iTunes 7's cover flow. (see http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/aa/CoverFlow_Screenshot.png) You could mount the cases and have a slider to flip through your CDs. Anyone know how this could be achieved?

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Mechanical Cover Flow

I was thinking of a project for a type of shelf for your CD jewel cases. It would be a way of presenting CD covers in a similar way to iTunes 7's cover flow. (see http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/aa/CoverFlow_Screenshot.png) You could mount the cases and have a slider to flip through your CDs. Anyone know how this could be achieved?

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I want to get more out of my sound

I've been getting kinda bored with how my music sounds, and I have LOTS of it on my computer. Some is really pushing the line as far as the quality (128kbps bleh), but most of my music is fairly good quality, some of it flac rips of my cds. I can listen to a good cd on a good cd player on my stereo and it has clean basslines and no distortion in the treble, and no crackle unless it was recorded right into the track. But on my mac, mostly only the high bit rate stuff sounds okay on my stereo. Stuff at 192kb/s or vbr sounds crackely and I can't stand it. I often found a lot of the times it was the EQ in iTunes, if I turned it off, sometimes the crackle would go away, has anyone found this with their mac? I have the volume down 4 notches from full, so I know it's not clipping or it would show on my stereo. I've tried surfing the inter webs for DSP software or something of that sort for my mac, but apparently all there is, is like professional mixer board software and just stuff I didn't want to get into. Why can't there be a program made for even a PC that gives you any amount of access to sliders to adjust the EQ of the sound, that doesn't sound like crap? Im not talking itunes what? 10 sliders? I want to be able to adjust like 30-60 sliders per channel, does anyone make eq software like that????

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Multiple audio input to 1 stereo output

Sounds confusing but I need to connect 7 audio players (stereo) together and have 1 stereo ouput. Without volume sliders. Each player audio need to be mixed and be heard at the only output. I was thinking on connecting all left channel together and right channel as well then connect each one to audio jacks (red/white). Can someone help? 

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iphone and bluetooth headphones won't change.

I have an iphone and a pair of bluetooth headphones, the headphones are great they have in built controls from what I understand apple have crippled the avrcp to only play and pause. They are really loud and I want to turn them down but the headphone controls don't work with iphone and the volume slider is restricted when paired with headphones. Can you help me?

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So My Male RedEared Slider is Gettin To Big to be in a tank inside, So ive decided he needs a pond habitat outside! i want to make an above ground enclosure with waterfall filter i just need some help with ideas on getting started HELP! lol THANKS MUCH IN ADVANCE ^_^ 

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Arp Odyssey 1975 Help

Hello,  I recently found an old arp Odyssey from 1975, however it does not work. I have tried to clean the sliders because they were really junky and I tested the power supply and I know it outputs 15v and 5v, although I think its supposed to be -+15v. I really like to do electronics and I just need some pointers on what I should focus on what might be wrong. Thanks

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A revolution in laptop mice?

A company called Simtrix has had a go at restyling computer mice to make them more laptop and tablet friendly.The Slider curls around the thumb, with buttons handy for the forefinger, and uses the laptop's keyboard as the mouse mat.The Triped is similar, but aimed at tablet users - instead of a flat base, it has three points that can work together as a base for the mouse, or individually as styli with different functions.They look good, but do you reckon they will catch on?Video of mice in use (BBC)

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How to get pictures Off of trac-phone... into computer?

I bought a Trac-Phone.  I snapped some pictures.  I cant figure how to download off of the camera into the computer.  I know how to do it using a camera with SD card... or connecting cord to a CAMERA.... but this Trac-Phone (slider kind made by Samsung).... only comes with a CHARGER cord.  Not a picture-download cord.  Do I need a special download cord?  HELP! (and thanks).

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I'm building a desk with drawers. i want the drawers to be electronically motorized to open and shut. any ideas?

I'm building a desk with drawers. i want the drawers to be electronically motorized to open and shut, but can also be open manually with out messing up the motor. Any ideas, i have a good one with pully and cables system but it takes up to much room, i want motorized sliders, anyone with ideas how to build one? i can buy and build this in my college, sky the limit as long as its effective and cheap. yes i will have them hooked to circuit boads... Also need the drawers to lock.... and idea's for hinges that will open and shut electronically. throw ideas, anything helps? - yes i have the pully system idea's - i'm trying to build motorized sliders - motorized hinges i have a shop boat cutting everything and pre drilling all holes. and i can inlay room in th3 side wall *not much only a 1/4" into the wall. Pictures help, even if you draw it, just make it clear so i can understand and explain with it. Thanks..

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Numark dj to go, issues?

Im having issues mapping the device in virtual dj. It was fine until my trial of virtual dj pro ran out. I acquired a new version of the program and now im having issues with certain buttons not mapping properly. Many buttons are only controlling the left deck including the gain. The pitch slider isnt mapping and im unsure how to map the lights. it used to recognise the device by name but now its just "simple midi device" any help would be great, im very new the dj world. 

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Audio mixer phones vs main out settings

My friend and I have started podcasting, and I am learning as I go. One this we want to do is commentary tracks. Our current setup works but I want to move to an audio mixer and connect the main out to my behringer UC222. For this we need to hear ourselves and the movie audio via the headphones but only capture the mics on the main out. Can I make this happen by running the movie audio line as PFL with the fader(slider) at 0?

Question by Sparkytastic 

I want to build a(quick simple design=least amount of parts)compact/portable inverter use a 9v battery making 22volts?

I always wanted to make a type of SILENT portable hand held lighter/ignition source that doesn't use flints or fuel that can ignite any firecracker fuses, cigarettes, or generate enough heat in a quick time. So what i did was part out my moms old 1875watt hair dryer that she burnt out the motor to and i kept the spring coils portion that used to make the air blown hotter. I cut a 1inch piece of them heat coils, mounted it to an old parted out lighter reservoir and wired the piece up with a momentary slider type switch on the side of the reservoir that is being my safe to the touch so i can hold portion -  to a cigarette car lighter type plug adapter and plugged it to my car battery jumper pack that has the cigarette lighter receptacle.(i did this as it was my only option to a DC type of power because at the time i didn't have batteries & unsure how much it would need) now i tested it by sliding the slider switch on and in less than 7seconds it had lit up bright orange and really hot. Okay cool its almost exactly what i wanted but i don't want to have to plug it in to anything or carry around a huge heavy battery pack. So i tried to connect a 9 volt battery to it since that would in fact make it compact & portable completing my design,  but when i push the slider switch to on it took really long to generate any heat(barely even lit up)and killed the battery after holding it on to get any type of heat for like 4-5minutes. I need it to lit up to its bright orange HOT in that 7seconds or less and i need or would like it to have longevity or more then 1 time use. http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p97/krax78/lighteridea.png

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How do you set up a power switch on a breadboard?

I figured you just run the battery's ground to ground, then have the positive from the battery in a row on the board, then you would switch this to your rail. The problem is that the battery got HOT as hell in a minute, so I must be doing something wrong. Took a peek at another device and it looks like the switch is actually switching ground... what do I do? My switch is a little vertical slider switch that has two positions, and three leads represented by black, red, then green wires.

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LED project

Here is what I got going; I want to use a 9v battery to power a led for a project on one of my guitars. I'm not sure what kind of resistor I would need. On hand I have a 33ohm and 1m resistors. The led is a 5mm cylinder with an inward cone on top. The led ranges from red, blue, yellow, and green in different patterns. It came from a light up snow flake and the original power source are 3 LR44 button batteries. I'm not sure what rating the led is, since I didn't see anything on the packaging. The schematic is just the same as the original setup minus the 9v(LR44s) and the switch(little slider). Thanks in advance for the help!

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Ideas for live sound effects mixer-player?

Hi, I'm trying to build a remote device whereby I can play multiple recorded sounds over my stereo speaker system, sometimes simultaneously. Imagine as a Halloween project, for example, I would want the sound of a wind storm going continuously, and then occasionally hit a button or slider with another sound, like wolves howling, footsteps, a creaky gate, etc. Ideally I could play as many sounds as I wanted at a time on discrete channels, and each would be mixable... all that in as small a mechanism as possible. Any thoughts/ideas/referrals?  Does this sound like a job for an arduino? Thanks for reading!

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Strange shortening of pages - I only get the bottom section.

If I try to go to either my Comments page or the Forums page via my shortcut links, I only get the bottom part of the page available (see screenshot, and note position of slider bar to the right.  The cropping of the Forums also happens when I use the standard (grey) tabbed link. To make this bug report, I had to go via the submit link on the front page. The Recent, Contests and Answers pages do not appear to be affected. FF4, XP. UPDATE: it was an idiot hacker* who thinks that vandalism is the best way to prove a point. * The tabloid-headline version of a hacker, not the proper version.

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Need help ordering B10K slide pot

Hello, I need a replacement Alpha B10K slider pot, 60mm travel, has 2 separate pots in the package.  The one I have which I think is bad has 8 pins, 4 on each end.  So far all the replacements I have found on the web have at most 6 pins, 1 less pin per pot.  1 of the extra 2 pins on my pot are being used in the circuit (a USB music player).  Can I adapt the 6-pin pots to work in my device, or can someone direct me to where I can find a B10K with 8 pins? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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Seeking someone to hire for a project

Hi, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post this inquiry on instructables but I thought I'd give it a try. Basically, I need a dial that would command this linear actuator https://www.servocity.com/sda24-263 to advance in one inch increments on either a dial or a touchpad or a slider. I'm not an engineer and I don't really have time to build this myself - would anyone be interested in doing this for a fee? If it would help in assessing the project, I now this controller would work https://www.servocity.com/digital-manual-speed-controller However, I need the dial or touch pad to allow for discrete steps and not be sort of vague. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm just not sure where else to turn. Thanks, Evan

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Introducing the fastest, smartest and simplest way to code Arduino!

Hello Everyone! I would like to present a new website for coding Arduino: www.Cherpa.io This website allows users to code arduino online, but it has these cool new features: - Visualization: There's a dashboard where users can add visualization elements like a gauge, barmeter, graph to visualize data from arduino and controllers like buttons, sliders..to control the circuit and move servo motors for example. - Chatbot: A new chatbot is introduced to answer all electronics related questions. Its still new and learning every day. - Auto-complete for arduino. - You can upload and save your code online in your profile. Here is a video that demonstrates what im talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwTggv5V3Uw I would love to hear your thoughts, an any suggestions! Have a great day :D

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