If I'm viewing a slideshow and I hover over the See More, the slideshow is infront of the menu. Is it just me?

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First let me start by saying Thanks to all who contribute here. My complaint is that I save the entire page if I really like the posting.This way i can read it offline. I have a comp in my shop I use when building stuff' But these slideshows make I real hard for me to save it all in one easy Save as.Thanks for listening and keep up the great instructables.Maxx1

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Slideshow problems

I'm not able to see my slideshow. Is it even "created"? Can anyone else see it?

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slideshow not working

I'm currently working on my first slideshow. When I go into preview or view the published copy the pictures don't show up. However in edit mode they show up just fine.

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Slideshow issues?

 Anyone having trouble seeing slideshow images, play button/slider, anything?  I got the confirmation that mine was accepted to the competition, updated my flash, tried different browsers, computers, blah! What am I missing?

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Slideshow not working

I just published a slide show, but when going to the page, the area where it would appear is blank and will not load tried with 3 machines, 2 windows xp, 1 linux, firefox, IE, and chrome whats up ... its disappointing after fooling around with it for almost an hour to have a blank page

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Slideshow not working

My slideshow isn't displaying when I open it, even though all other slideshows do. I'm using Firefox 3.0.1 with Adobe Flash Player on Windows XP SP3. What's going on? Do I need to wait for the publishing process longer? I know it's not a loading problem because it says done in the status bar. When I hover my mouse over it, it just says:(in gray){Movie not loaded...}{About Adobe Flash Player}(takes you to Adobe site)

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Slideshow Delay

When I edit a slide show it takes about a day to show the new pictures. Is this normal?

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Lame Slideshows

The increased visibility/accessibility of the "slideshow" option seems to have resulted in a large increase in the number of useless/non-instructive/incomplete/spam/whack-a-doodle postings. I'm tired of wading through heaps of crap just to find real, honest-to-goodness Instructables: step-by-step instructions for making/doing things. I have no beef with the slideshow format itself; it is quite appropriate for some projects, but the content has recently been predominantly junk. I regard it as littering up the site and polluting the "mission" of Instructables. I'm just grumbling here, as I have no real suggestion for a solution, except that perhaps the standard for approval of postings needs to be higher.

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Slideshow isn't working

I just created my first slideshow at .  I can see the pictures in the edit mode, but the slideshow doesn't seem to work at all in preview mode or by going to the slideshow page after it's published.  Any ideas?

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slideshow pause button

There used to be a pause button on slideshows (I always thought the images went too fast), after looking at a few recent projects published using slideshows the pause button seems to be gone. Is there something up, or was it removed on purpose? windows 7, firefox 3.6.8

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Slideshow sidebar bug

When I view my recently featured slideshow while I'm logged in, it appears as it should. When I log out and view it, or any other slideshow, instead of the sidebar with the author and ible stats and suggested other related ibles then instead of appearing on the right, it appears below the comments. I'm using Ubuntu 2.26.1 with Firefox 3.0.15

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Another slideshow not working

 I posted a slideshow but I can not see the slideshow. The browser tells me that it can not find the swf file.

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Ack! Slideshow broken!

I just published a new slideshow, and the pictures won't load! They aren't oversized images or anything.

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Where are the slideshow controls?

Slideshows used to have "pause" and "play" controls under the large image. They seem to have disappeared. Or are they just hiding under the advertising on the right of the page?

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A comment on slideshow option...

Is there a way to shut off the slideshow option and see it like the rest of instructables? It seems to be slow, clumsy and eye-iritating to the point that it's not worth fighting with to look at. Feel free to disagree and post your opinion.

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Problem with pictures in slideshow.

I am having problems posting my slideshow. I added all of the pictures to my slideshow and none of them will show up. I think it has to do with the format of the pictures (.JPG) but I do not know if there is a difference between .jpg and .JPG. If anyone knows why please help me.Here it is if you want to see the problem for yourself.It WorksIt is happening again!

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embed a slideshow into a instructable?

Is it possible to insert/embed a slideshow into a instructable, and is if so how do I do that? Thx for the help already

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Introducing Slideshows and Videos!

Check out the latest new sections on Instructables! Introduction to Slideshows and Videos here on the blog.

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Slideshows in forum topics

Zachninme put together this sweet way to embed slideshows in forum topics. I'm posting it because it requires HTML in the body of the text, and only admins can do that.What do you think? Is this something you would use? The images in the Slideshow below are from this forum post. They are not from an existing Slideshow.Show/Hide Slideshow

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Can Slideshows be featured?

Well? Can they or can't they? sorry if this has been asked before....

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Image not appearing in Slideshow

Https:// are supposed to be 4 images in this slideshow. But only three appear. In edit mode there are four. But only three appear in the slideshow after repeatedly saving and publishing. The image here is the one that won't appear. It's from Flickr

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gingerbread slideshow not working?

 shows me the feature picture when I search under my name, not showing up in the contest at all, and not showing the slideshow anywhere... any thoughts?

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Introducing Slideshows and Videos!

We just added two new sections to Instructables: Slideshows and Videos. Slideshows and Videos are more ways for you to share your projects, the cool things that you do, and to generally jump into the World's Biggest Show & Tell. Use a slideshow to show pictures of a finished project, a work in progress, your work space, or something that you don't quite have full enough documentation to make an Instructable. Slideshows are perfect for sharing your old projects, or those projects that you did so fast that you forgot to take pictures along the way. You can outline what you did, what tools and materials you used, and show off the final project. For example, here's a Slideshow about a climbing wall I built a few years ago. I didn't take enough pictures to make a full Instructable, but I still want to share my project because I think it's awesome. Also, if you want to embed an Instructables Slideshow on your webpage or blog, go for it! There's embed code right below the text.We've noticed that video is becoming a bigger part of Instructables, so we made a special section for videos. Share your full how-to videos, videos showing off your projects in action, or a video tour of your workshop. How-to videos that are logically broken into steps and have support images of each step still make perfect Instructables and we want to encourage more of these; we hope that Videos will support and help grow the site by making a specific section for how-to videos that don't quite need our step-by-step format. You can embed videos from any of the major video sites, so there's no need to re-upload! Anything that you share in a Slideshow or Video should be your own project or a project that you have intimate familiarity with, and your own content. We want to encourage a conversation between the Instructables community and the person who did the project. So for example, posting a Slideshow about an awesome native-hardware coffee table that your parents built is perfect. Save posting projects you found on the web for the forums, and be sure to include a link to the original content. I'm really excited about these new features. I know that everyone has something to share at Show & Tell, and Slideshows and Videos give more opportunities to do just that.

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why i cant view slideshow?

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How do u make a slideshow? Answered

I don't know how

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How do you get grey subtitles at the bottom of your picture on a slideshow? Answered

How do you get grey subtitles at the bottom of your picture on a slideshow?

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"no-show" bug: Slideshow not displaying images

My slideshow has the "no-show" bug:  FYI: it seems to be the result of saving the slideshow and the slideshow not displaying the latest saved version of the pictures. For example in the slideshow mentioned above, I saved it before uploading any pictures. In past slideshows, I've made a slideshow, uploaded images, saved it and uploaded more pictures, re-saved it, and had the slideshow not display any pictures beyond those uploaded before the original saving.  

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Slideshow does not display images

The slideshow I posted a few hours ago does not display the images. There is a thumbnail image that I can see from the Instuctables tab in my profile, but the actual slideshow has no images, just the text block. It seems like it may be the same issue that mrcrumley reported a few days ago. I am using IE8 & Flash 10 on XP SP3, but others have checked for me using a variety of other browsers, and report the same problem. Help?

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Theres no delete button for slideshows

The other day I was trying to delete a slideshow, just one problem, there's no button for it. rtty21 has the same problem. I did manage to "delete" it (it doesn't show up in my unpublished list) by removing all photos and the text from every box nevermind, I though I did. I shoved it into my private folder first and its still there.

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How do you make a slideshow? Answered

I've been trying to figure this out for a while, but I had no luck.

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why wont my slideshow images pop up?!?! this is driving me CRAZY?

Ive uploaded the pictures for my slideshow, and i still cant see them once i publish it. i can see them while i am editing, but i cant otherwise. please help and by the way, this in on, not a other slideshow

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Can't add text to slideshow / text gone after edit

So, I went to edit the accompanying text for a slideshow of mine, and, after submitting my changes, *all* of the text was gone. I figured that I'd just messed up somewhere in the process, so I went back and added all of the original text back again. Submit. No text with the entry. Ok, so maybe the problem was with my Linux/Firefox setup.  I switched over to Mac/Firefox. Entered in the text again. Submit. No text with the entry. Mac/Safari? Entered in the text again. Submit. No text with the entry. So... is there any way that I can add text to my slideshow again?  I would really like to do so. For reference, this is the slideshow in question: Thanks!

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Slide show updates to a published show don't show up on preview

I am trying to update a slide show but the image captions don't change. I update the image data, save it, then hit the save and preview button - and voila - no change. I go back to edit mode and the changes that I saved are still there. Also, the images don't seem to be all there. I added some to the end and they don't show on the preview. Again, I saved the changes, but in preview mode, the added image doesn't display. The images are saved and I can still see them in edit mode.I published the slide show hoping that would show the changes. It didn't show the first day, but after one day, the changes showed up. This is on my only slideshow.showNot really a bug, but I find the whole drag and drop for reordering the slide pictures very difficult to control accurately. This may work for one page of images, but for larger slideshows it is frustrating to try and move images.BTW - I tried to insert a hyperlink into one of the text boxes on one of my pictures. It saved, but when I went to preview it - the entire box is missing. I went back to edit mode, and the box is gone. I guess you really don't want hyperlinks from text boxes.Thanks

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Images not showing in slideshow preview

I'm creating my first slideshow and when I preview it, I'm not seeing anything. The images show just fine in the library and in the list in edit mode.

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Gingerbread House Slideshow Contest

It's gingerbread house season! Making miniature houses out of gingerbread and frosting and candy is hard to resist and in honor of these tiny abodes we will be having a Gingerbread House Slideshow Contest coming soon! It's a slideshow contest so you don't have to put up instructions of how you made it, just the amazing results. More details soon!

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Slideshow still not showing up

So, it's been over a day and I'm still not seeing my slideshow. It's not my cache. My question is, how long does this normally take? I was hoping it would be up by the time it was approved, but obviously it wasn't. I've had over 500 views but I'm afraid none have actually seen anything.

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cannot see pictures in slideshow

Ok ive just made a slideshow of a homemade oil can i made i published it a few hours ago but lemonie has mentioned he cannot see the pictures nor can i heres the slideshow:

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Imagenotes Now Work in Slideshows

Imagenotes now work in slideshows. This is especially cool for highlighting stuff in your workshop slideshows. For now, this only works in new slideshows -- adding imagenotes to your old ones doesn't work.See this one for an example:

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"Feature comment" on slideshow is broken?

I tried to use the new "feature comment" checkbox out of curiosity on Jake's comment here, which popped up a yellow error box saying 400 -- QUESTION objects are not sticky-able By the sounds of it this feature is a few hours old so I guess the kinks are still being worked out.  Is there some documentation on what the feature actually does?  I gather it pins a comment to the top of the list of comments and disables replies to that comment...?

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How do i add a slideshow? Answered

How do i add a slideshow? Do i make it off site and upload or is there a feature on the site that allows me to do this?

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Can anybody see my slideshow?

I can see the main image thumbnail on my You page, but no images when I go to the slideshow itself. It's a contest entry and it was accepted, so I'm assuming the moderator can see the images. Why can't I? I'm using the most current version of Flash, and I already tried clearing my browser cache. Do I just need to wait a little longer for the pics to show up? I submitted the slideshow about 2.5 hours ago.

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Image issue with my Halloween contest slideshow.

I have an issue with my slideshow.  The images aren't showing and there is a big chunk of white space at the top: How do I fix it?  Thanks!?

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How do you add a video to a slideshow? Answered

I put it in the Attached Images and Files section, but that didn't work, it just showed up as an image.

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