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Whats up with all the slingshots? I logged on and checked the recent knex instructables and I saw at least 4 slingshots. We get it, they're powerful, but you dont have to post every single gun you make, especially if it's been done before. And yes I know, "But it haz diferent triger!!!11!!!one!" Oh well, you don't have to post it.

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problems with slingshot

For a slingshot made of a branch, even if there is moss/algae on it, can i just tape around the branch and ta-da! a slingshot is formed?

Question by Evesneon    |  last reply

slingshot ammo

Come for slingshot ammo ideas like this one on the pic

Topic by sharlston    |  last reply

Slingshot Gauntlet

I had a great idea of combining a gauntlet with a slingshot, but i have no idea how. could someone please give me a hand on this one?

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cheap slingshot? Answered

Anyone know where i can get a godd lsingshot im looking along the lines of the barnett black widow?

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K'nex Slingshot

Here is a knex slingshot pistol that I made. You could probably build it from the pictures, because it is simple to build.

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slingshot ammo

I just got a new slingshot and I didn't get ammo. What can I use either for hunting, causing pain to friends, or target practice.

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slingshot help?

If i remove the wires would a headphone cord work insted of a ruberband and will it shoot a marble

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how to make a slingshot?

Question by mrscar    |  last reply

The best slingshot trigger

 I'm working on a slingshot gun but icant make a trigger for it could someone please leave a link for a good slingshot trigger its an 3 layer barrel(3 orange connectors)

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crossbows vs. slingshots

' Hi everyone, I'm chopstx, the creator of this group. today I want to start a discussion about which one is better: a slingshot mechanism, or a cross bow mechanism? do you think they're the same? please explain your 'answer thoroughly and carefully. bye

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whos got what slingshot

Ive got a Barnett Cobra

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laws regarding slingshots in the uk??

Ok so i have a barnett black widow slingshot and havent brought it out of the house yet,id like to go and knock some cans down in a field but is that legal? any help is appreciated

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What is the best slingshot sniper?

It cannot be the 2 snipers form Mr.Stealth, the SRV2, or DJ's OSSR 2; I've tried them all and they are all great! Very pleased with them but wanna try something new. Also does not require too much pieces.

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Slingshot Bullpup Rifle Mech

Just a mech I made a while ago. Makes for a much more piece efficient slingshot with more power (more barrel length). Makes for a great cross section too.

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Which ammo is best for a slingshot? Answered

Connector amoo e.g. Grey-orange or a rod like a blue rod. Which one would go further?

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New slingshot mech/trigger

I want to keep this brief whilst still remaining informitive, please excuse hurried typing hey guys been playing around with knex and found a mech that works. camera cable still lost, paint diagram below instead. to load band is attached to anchor at front, rod it then push/pulled through mech till trigger clickes into place, pulled further and rod is removed, ammo carefully placed back into mech (hollow back) trigger can then be pulled to fire. resultant gun is basicly silent, only one band can be used at a time. plans for a repeating version are still sitting around in my head. sorry for brief explanation, was kinda busy seeya later

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what slingshot do you have?

What slingshot do you have? post your slingshots here

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someone knows how to make slingshot special ammo?

Like smoke pellet and explosive pellet 

Question by gunslinger2000  

Real-Life Angry Birds slingshot!

Woah - these chaps used a stick, a couple of off-the-shelf sensors and a USB prototyping board to make a real slingshot that will actually control a game of Angry Birds! I believe the "youths" who are "down with it" would refer to the final device as "well wikid". They've even been so kind as to provide full instructions, parts lists and code, just so anybody who wants to can make their own! Kudos, chaps. What would be really awesome, of course, is if they joined us here and provided a proper Instructable... ;-) (Image taken from

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how can you make a slingshot out of outdoor objecs?

Sorry about the spelling

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Jollex' DASH knex slingshot review

Jollex made a new free-flying slingshot, which was capable of shooting oodammo, and cannon ammo (yellow rod with a red con on the business end), and the trigger held the bullet, not the bands. I hadn't made many of them before so I decided to give it a 'shot'(:D). Body strenght:10/10, it has a very good crossing pattern through the whole body, that makes it extremely strong.  comfort: 7/10, the stock could have been much better, although it doesn't take away from the overall comfort, it could have been a lot comfier. The handle gets 5 of those points though, because he did a good job going out of his way to make it even comfier. Trigger  Locking mech strength: 10/10, could hold 15 64#s and then some, and you only need 3. Overall mech: 10/10, purely the fact that it was a sliding trigger could have got that, but, its a sear, and I don't really count sears as sliding triggers, but this goes even further and puts a semi ratchet at the back of the sear, which was bloody brilliant, so it deserves it. Power Bullet force:10/10, oodammo can punch through the cardboard like a blue rod punches through paper, and cannon ammo is even more powerful than oodammo.  Range:12/10, well if 90 feet got 9/10, then you can see how powerful this is (slanted of course). Bow  Strength: 9/10, it bends (using black rods) a bit with 3 #64s, but the way the bands are put on is really good, so you don't need to unhook anything, and there is not many places to get the bands tangled up in. Reloading ease: 10/10, its really easy to get the bands to cock back, and its not hard on your fingers at all. Tactics F4A attack: 1/5, running in with this singleshot is the worst thing you can do period.   F4A defence: 3/5, you better have a good sidearm, because if you miss... and you need a good base aswell. Team attack: 3/5 as long as you have someone further up then you who you can support, but don't be the one to run in headfirst. Its silent aswell, and I know a lot of people like to think they are stealthy, but truth is most of you ain't. So you have to be good.   Team defense: 5/5, finally the area it shines on. Huge range, silent, hole up in a tree somewhere with a few splodies, the Dash, and some cookies. Perfect for picking off enemy scouts and anyone who tries to get further. -------OVERALL: 90000000000/10000000000. Or, 9/10, or 9 tenths, or 4.5/5, or 90% positive. Instructable can be found here.

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Mod of Katarukito's Knex slingshot prototype

This is a modification of the sling shot prototype made by Katarukito's (I hope i spelt that right) knex prototype sling shot knex gun. It can pierce cardboard at fifteen feet away with one band and twenty to thirty feet away with two rubberbands (UNSHARPENED BULLET) I modified the barrel with a new barrel, that may look ugly but if you want i can take off the blue and red connectors that make the humps/ scales of what i call... Dragon Head Knex Gun DHKG well i didn't intend on putting those there but it turned out as a dragon and well, i went with it... the barrel doesn't bend and when or if i do post it, all credits go to Katarukito! Enjoy! Sorry for the blurry pictures it was night time and i had to pee like a race horse... Pic 1: The bullet - A red rod or tan rod with tan clip Pic 2: Front view (DRAGON HEAD) - Front of the gun where rubberbands go Pic 3: Another front view (Barrel) - Front of the gun better picture Pic 4: A view of the back (Part of Kataturi's knex gun prototype moded) - View of barrel and handle Pic 5: Better picture of back (Katarukito's prototype still able to be seen, just modified) Pic 6: Full gun - (the full DHKG) - Aprox. Two to two and half feet long ~ Pic 7: A view of the gun loaded - Gun is loaded Pic 8: A view of the gun loaded from the front Pic 9: Back of the gun with sights

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Sling shot

I just bought a barnett black widow and it came with some plastic ammo and was wandering are black widows good? Also could plastic ammo kill a rabbit or duck

Topic by Slingshot100    |  last reply

Powerful slingshot rubber that is very inexpensive and very easy to find?

Somthing like Strong Rubber Bands

Question by bwells2    |  last reply

whats the best to ammo use for slingshots? (apart from rounds and ballbearings)

For shooting rabbits and squirels

Question by tom-mot    |  last reply

how to remove the bark from a branch when making a slingshot? Answered

How to remove the bark from a branch when making a slingshot? and the algae ... and the moss... on it.

Question by Evesneon    |  last reply

Can anyone give me a good instructable on how to make a slingshot out of wood?

 Can anyone give me an instructable on how to make a slingshot that shoots rocks far and caone that can fit in your pocket? Whenever I make one, It turns out to be a disaster. I tried to find some wood and cut it with a knife. But, It was too hard. Can you help me? Thanks.

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i need to know is a cheap £1 slingshot with 0.75cm thick elastic allright for hunting

And also what animal i should hunt and with what ammo i dont know if i need a liscense i live in the uk

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

Spudgun, slingshot, coilgun, paintballgun, airsoft, bow and arrow laws

In Nj, is it legal to own or make a airsoft gun, slingshot, bow and arrow, coilgun, or pneumatic spudgun?

Topic by starwing123    |  last reply

For a slingshot, what are other options for the little pocket that you load the ammo into besides leather?

I know that a lot of slingshots use a leather strip, but that's not available for me, so i was wondering if i could use anything else like felt, cardboard, etc.

Question by rogerrabbit321    |  last reply

new energy source idea for slingshot mechs

I was considering the idea of using bracelets looped together as a higher power energy source in one of the stronger knex slingshots, please give me your input on this idea, and tell me if it is worth trying.

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Which is better for a lego gun slingshot or rachet? Answered

I'm making a new lego gun but i don't no which is better please answer.

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im trying to make wax molds for slingshot ammo but i dont know how Answered

I need help to make a round mold for wax spheres but i dont know how i need them the size of marbles

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

im making a ammo dispencer for my black widow slingshot any ideas anyone? Answered

It need to be something cheap and can hold around 20 bb's or metal bb's

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

i like shooting targets with my slingshot in my garden but dont like picking up bb's that i shot any ideas? Answered

My mum dosent like it because we have a pet rabbit that could choke on the bb's

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Y Answered


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join my group

Join my gruop if you like slingshots its here>

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new sniper

This in my new sniper it only uses like 110 yellows it uses a new firing system made by me and is more reliable than the sr-v1 range; have not tested power: it can pierce cardboard at like 40 or more feet

Topic by ninjusk    |  last reply

Should i post This gun? Answered

This is my new knex slingshot sniper and i dont know if i should post it but another thing is that it is knexfreak360.

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Are there any powerful, reliable slingshot guns that dont require many parts

I tried making the final stand by knex Greek but I don't have enough yellow connectors or green rods to make it. I don't have any rubber bands that stretch far either

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has anyone got a diablo or a pro diablo catapult?i want to know is the stabilizers on the pro removable?

I might be getting one but cant decide i like the pro diablo but if the stabilizers arent reomoveable i wont get one please help

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

Ideas that never quite got finnished....

This topic is intended as somewhere to abandon ideas we can't seem to get to work. Fully auto k'nex guns, new designs, ect. If you finnish someone else's project or take inspiration from them, please post props. Have fun, Snipe

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Bolt Action, Removable Magazine Slingshot Sniper rifle ( L96 )

Help me guys. Im planning on making a L96 sniper rifle, however the main features have never been on the same gun before. This features are slingshot, bolt action and magazine fed. The idea i had was you pull the rubberband back onto the trigger mech ( maybe something like on Jollex's Dash gun ) then use the bolt to push the bullet from the magazine ( preferably removable ) up in front of the trigger. This means that it would be a repeating slingshot with no friction from the magazine. The main problem would be the bullet staying in front of the trigger but im sure it could be solved. If anyone wants to collaborate your more than welcome :-) Bhuty

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Why is a bullpup style knex gun less powerfull then a normal bullet-trigger-pin gun? Answered

All the bullpup guns i made were very weak and someone told me it was because of the magazine was behind the trigger. is this true and if it is, why?

Question by Knex.X    |  last reply

What is a good home substitute for leather?

I've been wanting to make a simple sling (the weapon type) for quite an extremely long while now, but then I don't have access to leather (neither scraps nor a nearby store for that matter). I'm just wondering if anyone knows a good substitute material for leather that could be used in that application (slings)?

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