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HDMI slot is not working?

Question by RogerL78    |  last reply

Fix PCI slots?

About 5 years ago when I built my first computer, I made a few mistakes, perhaps the one that is the most crippling is attempting to fit a D-link WiFi PCI card while the machine was plugged in. Caused the PC to shut down instantly after that characteristic pop. :O This has caused the card to die (I thought), and caused the PCI slots on the motherboard to die. Nothing is recognized on those 2 ports. I would like to know if my PCI-e slots are dead, but I do not have any PCI-e cards to test. :-( I accepted this as fact for the longest time. Out of curiosity, I decided to to investigate this further, and rebuilt a 10 year old computer that I was pretty sure has working PCI slots, so I plugged in a 56K modem and the questionable WiFi card, and ran the lspci command on linux, and saw the 56K modem, but not the D-link card. Great, so I've got dial up lol! Anyway, there was a huge low dropout 3.3V, 5A AIC1084-33PM voltage regulator that was easy to probe with a multimeter on the dead D-link card, and I suppose it takes 5V from the PCI port and regulates it to 3.297V measured. Too bad this isn't what had failed. That would have also been an easy fix if that all that was wrong. Now when I move both cards over to my Z77 rig, I notice that there is NO voltage measured across the output of the D link card and ground, indicating pontenially no power to the ports. My guess is that I killed an hair-thin internal trace on the mobo for the power rail, I think this should be an easy fix, if only I knew exactly which pin is what. I do not know the layout of a big PCI bus, or ATX power supply for that matter, and I certainly do NOT want to fry my new (but now old I guess) motherboard! I do however have a motherboard I can cross-reference for pinout. Anyway if I do figure out that the PCI-e slots do actually work, I would like to get a GPU into this rig for general performance improvements, so what <$100 graphics card is recommended?

Question by -max-    |  last reply

Slot car Lapcounter/timer

Good morning wise folks, Looking for ideas for a Slot car lap timer. I have a great set up using an old PC,but we are going portable and moving all that stuff is a pain. What would be cool is a stand alone for 3 lanes that could count laps,display lap time and remember fastest lap time. Oh and it needs to cost less than $20 per lane. Have some ideas?

Topic by 2FER SLOTS    |  last reply

Cheap Slot car track

I LOVE using slot cars. I HATE the price of them. Does anyone know where I can get some cheap slot car track. When I say cheap, I mean less than $60 for a good bit of track. I plan on slowly building up my main straight away(s) to be long so I can test speed. Any site or info would be nice. But' I'm also considering build the track myself. Meaning, I use a router and and a couple pencils and string to build it out of wood. I know it takes time but I'll have 2+ hours a day with nothing to do. Help? Anyone?

Topic by ry25920    |  last reply

what is this slot in my computer? Answered

I am using a toshiba laptop. Sorry, I dont have the model type. There is this weird slot on the left side of it. First off, there are three USB ports. 2 on the left side, and one on the right side. behinnd the 2 USB ports on the left side is the trapezoidal plug with all the metal prongs on it (name of this please)? but my real question is what is the slot in front of the 2 USB ports? the slot is  about a centimeter tall, and 2" wide. on the side of the slot there is a button. if you push the button it pops out about a centimeter and a half. what is this slot for? sorry no pictures.

Question by Acepilot42    |  last reply

Aluminum T-Slotted Framing?

Who is the most economical supplier of T-Slot framing, 80/20 The Industrial Erector Set, Faztek, TSlots, Bosch Rexroth, Parco, Inc, or Framing Technology. Framing Technology claims to be the manufacturer, but is there another out there?  I just want the best prices.

Question by cadams15    |  last reply

Nintendo DS Slot 2

So, since theres a Slot 2 Rumble Pack on instructables, we need one that's a flash card, just like the one for Nintendo DS browser, because people might have lost their SLot 2 flash cards for Nintendo DS browser

Topic by Sadam and Osama  

Hydrographic paint and some 6mm slots.

Hi, I need to paint a surface that has some 6mm x 6mm slots. Can a hydrographic film get in there and paint that area? (see picture below). Thanks.

Topic by johanx4  


OVER!!!!! the tree wildcards are smilee, bigdylan91, and logic boy. As long as their entried are posted by TONIGHT they will be entered into TVIKT. this is very straightforward. My contest does not have enough entries so there are 2 wildcard slots. If you would like to enter my tournament you have until the 25th to post a gun and post the link to it here. It may not have a creation date before the start of the first round, which was November 12th.

Topic by Electroinnovation    |  last reply

Forums not updating

The forum topics are not rearranging according to the recent posts. I replied to , but the topic remains on the third page of the forum lists.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Make your own slot machine - advice from a real Maker

I was looking for something else, and found this site by local (he lives about twenty minutes from me) Maker Extraordinaire, Tim Hunkin. He has a main site, as well: .Tim is best know in the UK for an old TV series "The Secret Life of..." (In which I once saw him record his own voice on stickytape), a similarly-themed exhibition he did in the Science Museum in London, and for his newspaper cartoons called The Rudiments of Wisdom.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Are DDR2 RAM chips compatible with DDR3 slots? Answered

There is this motherboard that I want that has DDR3 slots but I only have DDR2 RAM chips Can I put the DDR2 chips in the Motherboard?

Question by bowmaster    |  last reply

add a mini pcie slot in place of expresscard?

Ok, so if we've looked at the pinouts of the expresscard 34/54 slot and the mini pcie slot, we know that: -they both use USB 2.0 -they both use PCIe -they both run on similar voltages so i tried my luck and wired up a mini pcie slot in place of the expresscard slot in my laptop. ive got all the pins wired correctly and all the grounds are grounded, but my wireless adapter card is not recognized. first off, skip all of the "why bother adding a wireless card when you've already got one?" and "this is just a stupid idea" remarks, thats not what im asking. the miniPCI wireless card ive currently got works, but the bandwidth is really limited because its an older technology than mini PCIe. but back to the question at hand. why isnt my mini PCIe card recognized? i have a feeling that it might be the "CP USB" pin on the expresscard slot, which, on the pinout sheet is labeled as "card inserted", but i have no clue what i do with that pin to tell the computer to check for a card. does anyone have any ideas? expresscard pinout: mini PCIe pinout: any help would be greatly appreciated.

Question by zack247    |  last reply

Stator back iron and Slot dept determination? Answered

Hi All! I am working on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor design. I need assistance on how to determine analytically or by any means possible stator back iron and slot dept dimensions other than using machine design software or application. Also, the Rotor Core size or diameter so as to know the spindle diameter. In the course of my research, I had uncovered how to calculate slot width, tooth width, pole arc etc but am yet to solve above problem. Anyone with the solution please help! Thanks in anticipation.

Question by Ugoem    |  last reply

Slot car racing - controlling the cars wirelessly

Guys, I and my two boys have a Tomy AFX slot car racing system that we set up and play. We have a load of track so we can set up a long, winding track. The downside though, is that as the speed controllers are connected by a wire, when one of the cars comes off, you have to go over to put it back on the track and one of two things happen; 1) you have to drop the controller, go over to the point where the car comes off, then run back (Me) or 2) run over to where the car has come off, forgetting that the controler is still connected to the track and pull the track apart (the boys) If there was a way of making the controllers wireless, it would be brilliant. It would mean you could stand where you want and not have to waste as much time when recovering your car. As i see it, I would need four independent transmitters, of one channel each. That's about the limit of my knowledge of the wireless bit! The cars get about 22 volts, although clearly the current is not massive. The current controllers are basically a rheastat with a trigger connected to the wiper that contacts the coiled resistive wire. Any of you clever guys out there know of a relativeley cheap and simple way of making this wireless?

Topic by lesthegringo  

How to use lasercut t-slots properly in a design?

I am in the process of designing a laser cut 3D Printer with some of my friends. I have never used a laser cutter before. We are trying to use t-slots that are similar to those used on the old makerbots. Does anyone have a suggestion of the lengths of the slots and the frequency (spacing between joints)? Thanks!

Question by thekendall    |  last reply

How do I influence the RNG on a slot machine????? Answered

How do I influence the RNG on a slot machine that I bought???. Its a penny machine called " The best things in Life" . Thanks. AL.

Question by alsports2000    |  last reply

Will PCIe x1 cards work in PCIe x16 slots?

I am getting the asus p6t deluxe v2, and i have a pcie x1 tv tuner card and a pcie x1 sound card, the first pcie x16 slot is taken up by my dual slot graphics card, will the tuner and sound card work in the other pcie x16 slots?

Question by kmlucy    |  last reply

how to make a one armed bandit / slot machine?

Hi, does anyone know a good instructable on how to build a mechanical one armed bandit /slot machine? it can be very simple, in fact it doesn´t even need to have a slot to put coins in, what i need is to build an automata that has a handle to turn three wheels and stops the spinning at different points. thanks in advance!

Topic by one armed bandit    |  last reply

DS lite does not recognize games in either slot?

I replaced the bottom touch screen following videos and instructables. It works perfectly. Now the unit does not recognize any game in either slot. What could be wrong? How do I fix?

Question by arteagajt4    |  last reply

DIY pcmcia slot usb (pc card usb)?

I have three old laptops dating back from around 1995 one of wich i am doing a mod to make it into a desktop PC, but none of them have usb ports, but have 2 pmcia ports, if there is anyway that you know of to make a DIY PCMCIA USB card then it would be much appriciated, or even if you know of an online guide to make one seen as i couldn't find one on instructables :S so any help at all will be much appriciated thanks in advance :P

Question by The Rusted Workman    |  last reply

Coin Slot to Arduino... Need Help. What to do?

Hey guys, been doing one of the project in instructables w/c is this Interfacing a Coin Slot to a Arduino. Read and done the instructions provided in the project. But there seems to be a problem bec. i can't seem to get the desired output. I have a Coin Slot w/c was already set to 3 different types of coins (P1, P5.00, P10.00)(Philippine Coins) Set it up according to the instructions of the project, "COIN" white wire connected to pin2 (interrupt pin 0) of the arduino, common ground connection of the arduino and the coin slot (12V), and for an easy way to see the output i put up 3 LEDs on pin8, pin9, and pin10. This is the code i used, (modified)(original comments still there) -- const int coinInt = 0; //Attach coinInt to Interrupt Pin 0 (Digital Pin 2). Pin 3 = Interrpt Pin 1. volatile float coinsValue = 0.00; //Set the coinsValue to a Volatile float //Volatile as this variable changes any time the Interrupt is triggered int coinsChange = 0; int OneLed = 8; int FiveLed = 9; int TenLed = 10; //A Coin has been inserted flag void setup() {   pinMode(OneLed, OUTPUT);   pinMode(FiveLed, OUTPUT);   pinMode(TenLed, OUTPUT);   Serial.begin(9600);                 //Start Serial Communication      attachInterrupt(coinInt, coinInserted, RISING);   //If coinInt goes HIGH (a Pulse), call the coinInserted function //An attachInterrupt will always trigger, even if your using delays } void coinInserted()    //The function that is called every time it recieves a pulse {   coinsValue = coinsValue + 1;  //As we set the Pulse to represent 5p or 5c we add this to the coinsValue   coinsChange = 1;                           //Flag that there has been a coin inserted } void loop() {   if(coinsChange == 1)          //Check if a coin has been Inserted   {    if (coinsValue == 1)     {        digitalWrite(OneLed, HIGH);        delay(1000);        digitalWrite(OneLed, LOW);     }     else if (coinsValue == 5)     {        digitalWrite(FiveLed, HIGH);        delay(1000);        digitalWrite(FiveLed, LOW);     }     else if (coinsValue == 10)     {        digitalWrite(TenLed, HIGH);        delay(1000);        digitalWrite(TenLed, LOW);     } //Print the Value of coins inserted   coinsChange = 0;   } } -- Rather than using microsoft express, i wanted to use simple LEDs on pin8, pin9, and pin10 to indicate if the program read the input correctly. after doing the wiring, and coding in the arduino, i tested to see if it would work. NONE of the LEDs light up after inserting coins on the coinslot. Need Help! :X

Question by Gedon    |  last reply

Slot Car Lap Counter using Hall Effect Sensor & Arduino

Hi guys, For a university project I am using a hall effect sensor to count laps of a slot car. I am hoping to count the laps and output the number to a 7 segment LED display. However I am very new to coding and arduinos themselves. I was wondering if anyone had any similar projects or knows of any code I could use or any ideas people may have for a potential solution. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Topic by TomR77    |  last reply

Please help us with our thesis. its about coin slot machine that has a prining function.

We're desperately in need of your help. please help us build this thing. we need o develop a system that reads a worth 50pesos money. so, the user needs to insert 5 coins in the slot machine. if the slot machine reads and count coins exactly, the function is to print the document. i dont have any idea how to implement this project. we are using vb6.0 and vb2003 for its language. please help us. we beggggggggg you all. we need to pass this 2 months from now. please... here's our e-mail address :

Topic by darkblood99    |  last reply

Anybody got a fix for a DS slot-1 latch problem? Answered

My sisters DS slot-1 wont keep the games in. I think the latch is broken. Do i have to replace it for her, like un-solder it and re-solder a new one, or is there a simpler fix?

Question by Redfox888888    |  last reply

From Coin Slot to Coin Segregation to Coin Dispensing, Help?

Hey Guys... don't know if I posted with the right category, so i'm open to corrections. ... Need advice in the process from Coin Slot to Coin Segregation to Coin Dispensing, especially Coin Segregation and Coin Dispensing. ... From insertion of coin, Coin Segregation will take place, which will then put individual coins to separate casings. ... and from there Coin Dispensing should be available for each casing. The logic for dispensing would be "1 click to 1 coin dispensed" . ... already have an idea on separating each coin from one another upon insertion in coin slot and then to coin casings. ... the problem would be is on the Coin Dispensing, need help and ideas. Thanks if replied/answered.

Question by Gedon    |  last reply

How to make a model slot car drag strip timer? Answered

I want to build a slot car model drag strip in HO scale with all the bells and whistles.  I wan the electronics to run a Christmas tree starting light, catch red light disqualifications, determine who wins, measures and reports on a 'billboard' the reaction time, elapsed time and top speed.  I can do all the other stuff like making and wiring power tot he track, make competitor starting buttons, adjust track voltage to power the various classes of car but I can't do the electronic stuff.  Can anyone help?

Question by Willys36    |  last reply

Slot Load Music CD Player, to retrofit in a 1957 Motorola Radio? Help finding a CD Drive, or get a Laptop Drive to work? Answered

Hello, my Mom has an old 1957 Motorola Radio. The radio has a lot of sentimental value. My Mom keeps it on display and occasionally turns it on to bring back old memories. Unfortunately the radio no longer works, which isn't a big deal to my Mom, as she loves it just as a statue. I had an idea to remove the innards, which can easily be done from the rear of the radio. Now the front of the radio has a slotted grill design, which a CD could easily slide through it, and it would conceal the Drive, keeping the original look of the radio. In short I need any kind of slot loading drive that will play music CDs without the need of a computer. That is the only problem holding me up on this project. I want to install the CD player and connect it to small computer amplified speakers that can all be hidden inside the radio. I can even solder lead wires to the eject, skip, and play buttons. So that I can hide them in the back of the radio, or possible figure out a way to make it remote controllable. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, HandyAndy

Question by handyandyny    |  last reply

do we have a coin slot that can accept many denominations?

We need to have a coin slot that can accept many denominations and what programmable pic is used in vending or mame machines?

Question by viennie    |  last reply

I'm looking for suggestions on how to machine a slot into an aluminum round rod

Hi All, I need to create a slot as shown in the attached graphic. It needs to be precise and repeatable - ideally in one pass. I have these tools that might help... Lathe Drill Router Grinder I don't have a mill which is what I think I need. Any suggestions? Thanks, Marc    P.S. The squared corners at the top of the slot are not required. They can be round (such as would be created by a drill bit or other rotating tool).

Question by makermarc    |  last reply

custom computer build problems with PCI expansion slots? help please!

My build is: ASrock z77 extreme4 mobo Intel core i5 3570K CPU GEIL 8GB (4x2) dual channel DDR3 ram old Samsung HDD (i plan to change this out soon) Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit (and 12.04 32 bit on dvd) old d-link WDA-1320 PCI WiFi card TV/FM winTV-HVR-1600 (also PCI) whenever i plug the WiFi card or TV tuner into the PC slot, the motherboard does not recognize it. (system browser inside the BIOS) this it getting annoying since i don't have WiFi and don't like using my old usb adapter  not to mention the TV (however i think the tuner is shot, not working, it only crashes Ubuntu when it is installed.) i don't know if this something misconfigured or something wrong with the mobo. i recently have been have problems with what i think is my HDD going bad, where Ubuntu crashes and need a fresh install i do have a 1 year extended warenty i bought from newegg to go along with the mobo. i don't have anything to plug into the other slots so i cant test them to see if they are working.

Question by -max-    |  last reply

How do I calculate the probability of a very basic slot machine?

Hi folks and thanks for taking the time with this one. For the school fayre we are planning to make a slot machine with three wheels and three images on each wheel. What are the odds or what is the probability of a 'win' ? Obviously we don't want to make the chance of getting three identical images as likely as a Vegas jackpot, but it would be nice to understand the maths behind such things - just in case there are curious minds on the big day who want to know more. I've looked at the web and read a bit about AND / OR situations for three events happening - tell you the truth I think I need something levelled at the lay-person. Cheers! Bosherston

Question by bosherston    |  last reply

Can you convert the SD slot into a general purpose I/O port

SD slot general purpose I/O port Hi I posted this in "burning questions", but think this is a better place? Since user ports, inbuilt RS232 and Parallel ports have long gone from PC's, quick simple projects requiring a few lines of I/O are getting more difficult to implement requiring an extra layer of complexity of USB, BUT........ Could the SD card slot offer a solution? It would appear to have a 4 bit mode, 1bit mode and SPI bus as options. Could someone develop a driver and simple hardware to allow some I/O pins to become available again? This would be a fantastic solution to do Outp(100) and Inp(X) type commands again. I certainly do not have any experience of generating the drivers and linking them to VB, VC etc., but I'm sure someone out there could explore this?

Topic by Treth    |  last reply

How do you cut t-nuts/slotted nuts with a router table?

Y want to use finger joints with T slotted captive nuts like this  I only have hand tools and a mini router table. ¿Is it possible? ¿Is there any other convenient joint I can use in Acrylic with just this tools? (with screws, I don't want to use glue) Thanks

Question by marianov    |  last reply

ds lite wont recognise there is a game card in slot. even if i remove it.

My new ds lite doesnt register the game card is in the slot. I have tried all my games, even wiggled them and nothing? anybody know what to do. I tried blowing in the area where the games go.

Question    |  last reply

Does anybody have a Minecraft server with 10 slots or less which is 24/7?

I'm looking for a Minecraft server for a while but the only 24/7 servers I found were 200 slot servers with many plugins and lag. If someone has a small Minecraft server with 10 slots or less I'd be glad to join.  (I prefer servers with a Dutch of English speaking community)

Question by Knex.X    |  last reply

Ds Bluetooth

Is it possible to make a DS slot 2 (GBA) Bluetooth adapter?? If the above is possible, is it also possible to run an app from a slot 1 mem card and connect to a device using bluetooth at the same time??

Topic by monkhm  

How do I remove the 256 MB RAM from #2 memory slot from sony vaio vgn-fs920?

My Sony Vaio VGN-GF920 laptop will not power up. A/C adapter is working fine. I read on the web that if you remove the memory in the #2 slot that this would solve the problem. Just want to make sure I am doing it correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lisa

Question by lisarucker1    |  last reply



Question by 1161858    |  last reply

Fix Nintendo DS?

My son's favourite game was getting stuck in it's slot.  He took it out and shoved his ds pen in to the card slot - not i can see bent prongs/teeth and no game will play.  Can this be fixed?  How?  Many thanks - so near Xmas cannot afford a new one :(

Question by anniecan  

will someone make a roller bearing?

I had this idea to make a model roller bearing by getting two pieces of pipe,when slotted into each other theres a 1cm gape at each side and corners then slot 1cm dowel inside the gap i dont think it will wok plz someone make it

Topic by sharlston    |  last reply

Smoker Grills

Looking over the DIY's for smoker grills. Why not use your Weber Charcoal Grill with the hot plate ? Slots at the bottom can provide access to hot plate thermostat. You would need to make a tool, rod with end fitting to engage the thermostat knob. cord can exit the grill through one of the bottom slots.

Topic by phantom9    |  last reply

How to increase portable stereo volume past max?

I have a portable stereo that has an sd card slot and usb slot for music. I use it in a factory, but the volume is not lod enough for me to hear at certain machines. Is there a way of increasing the volume PAST what the stereo's max is? If so, how? Thanks

Question by gnarkilljboy    |  last reply

Not quite sure about some "Computer Memory Problems"..? Answered

I just 'received' a computer from friend. Fairly new, but I have some questions about it and I came first to instructables to see if the masters had a answer. Its a T6538 eMachine T-Series Desktop. Specs-> ( I dont know if its a 32 or 64bit machine first off... It has 4 memory card slots, two pairs of the same color (Blue and Purple). They are two slots of DDR2533 and two slots of DDR400. Right now I have one slot of DDR400 taken and the two slots of DDR2533 full. The computer wont turn on when I have the one loner DDR400 in, but if I take it out it works fine. The top rated memory for this machine is 4 gigabytes. The system powers on, but wont load anything. Any help? Thanks! :D  *again, second question and im kinda sleepy.. just ask if nothing makes sense* Also, good graphics? Or kinda sloppy? I always worked with old computers, reloading linux and stuff.. This is the first time I got a 2005+ system.

Question by darkclaw42    |  last reply

Ways of joining square aluminium profile

I am designing a 3d printer using standard square aluminium profile (mind you not t slot or v slot, plain square section). What are the ways in which aluminium can be joined such that the joint is rigid and have decent strength? I don't want my printer to become wobbly after some time.

Question by SIDDHANTS3    |  last reply

How do I check the sd card reader slot on a compaq CQ 57 notebook computer that reads memory cards?

I am trying to import pictures to my computer from my cell phone! I am really struggling to get this task accomplished. How can I check to see if it is working properly? I connect my phone to the computer with a USB cord but the computer is not recognizing the device. What can I do to correct this issue?

Question by SandraB46    |  last reply

what is a mini-tower?

What is the main difference between full,mid-tower and mini-tower cases in diagrams and how many slots do they have

Question by BRUNY102    |  last reply

Easy to make mail sorter?

I get so much mail everyday and my mother-in-law just tosses in a pile at my spot at the table. I'm usually so tired after work and other things take priority. In the end I have a huge mess and have no space to do anything. I picked up a cheap 3 slot mail sorter but it filled up too quickly and didn't have enough slots to separate my mail effectively, and the cat kept knocking it off the table. I'm looking for an organizer to hang on the wall that has about 10 slots or more and a place for stationary, pens, paper clips, post-its, etc... All the ones I have found online are way too expensive.

Question by Pippikins    |  last reply