Small motor overheat

On HVAC evap fan motor at 120 Vac no load motor overheat then feedback pulse stop working 5178 pulses / min divided by 4 = 1294.5 rpm shall turn at 1350 + - 20 rpm what make the motor to overheat ? the unit had a power surge when lightning can it be saved ?

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Alright i'm converting this old vex system into a rc car and the motor has and idle speed that can be controlled with this small potentiometer and when i turn it so the idle is off when i use it (i use it for steering) and when i use it the idle turns back on and iono what to do any ideas i tried using a resistor but it leaves too little voltage for the motor to turn the steering arm well

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small motor voltage help

Ok i bought this 18,000 rpm motor at radioshack and i want to put it in my airsoft gun (replacing the old one) hoping it would be much faster. But i have have it 6 volts and it is slower then my old motor then i tried hooking a nine-volt to it and it does nothing. I looked on the box and it says 1.93A. what voltage is tht???

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Stepper motor

I have a small size sanyo denki 103 series stepper motor. I wanted to use it using L298 driver. What will be the connections  

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Sensitive Motor?

Im looking for a small, no bigger than half a roll of quarters, dc motor that can be programmed to spin 50ths of a turn. it needs to have some power and not be super expensive, thanks for the help.

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how to solar power a small fish tank filter motor?

Will be using outside to provide recirculating water for chickens

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Universal motor

After disassembling a hedge trimmer I have obtained a universal motor (meaning it can run on either ac or dc) It has a power rating of 400W, and a label indicates that it has 1/2 horsepower. Does anyone have any ideas as to what to do with it? it's fairly small (15cm X 5cm X 5cm) and in reasonable condition. Thank you for any responses.

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DC Motor

Hi Guys, I have a 15.6 volt dc motor taken out of a handheld vacuum cleaner. is this suitable to use in a small wind generator as a project with my kids. when i attach it to a power drill and spin it from the shaft i dont seem to get any power generation. If i connect it to a 12v battery is spins real fast. any help would be appreciated sam

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Clockwork Motors? Answered

I was recently in the mood to make a small robot from scratch, however i wanted to be creative and make a clockwork motor as the driving force behind it. however, i do not know how such a motor functions, nor do i have any idea how to create such a device. also as a secondary topic any knowledge on where to procure gears of all shapes and sizes would be highly benificial to this and other projects i have in mind.

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Motor Acquisition....

I have recently come into possession of a working vacuum cleaner motor (generic: only says 60 hz, 120 V on the side) with cord and switch still attached (also the fins on the motor that created the suction). I can't even find a manufacturer logo on it. Anyways...I am looking forward to using this in a future project. Just as an exercise, in case I am "thinking too small" what would you do with such a motor? It looks a LOT like this one:

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i require a 3000rpm motor of small size

I am planing to run cutting blade which weights approx of 350-500 gm (for worst case) so i need good torque and rechargeable battery for capable running for at max of 2-3 hrs

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small screw dish

I just wanted to say, if you have a broken floppy drive laying around, take it apart, get the small stepper motor out, take off the LED (bicolor if you are lucky) and contact switches, and anything else useful like a IR photogate, and chokes, desolder the huge pin headers, but after that... remove the round plate that is a part of the main spindle motor, it has a ring of magnet on the inside, it is absolutely perfect for holding small screws when you are taking apart something just felt like sharing

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Small CNC Machine help?!! Answered

Looking into building a CNC maybe 15 x 20 inches working area, and need help:O Ive seen several instructables about it but still not sure which type of motors to use and why, where to buy the circuitboard OR how to program a DIY one, what are the 4th and 5th axes, and will it be expensive? Also are there any other hazards i should think about during the build? Any help would be greatly apprecited, thanks.

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How to attach a handle to a small motor?

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Are there small car-like motors out there?

I've been wanting to teach myself more about mechanics, and I want to work on a rebuild project. There are problems though: my workshop is small, I don't have a shop-crane, and there's not a lot of money to put into it. I was wondering If there are any motors that are just like that of a car's that are small, cheap, and readily available. I've taken apart a few two- and four- stroke engines, nothing more than a lawnmower. I want to self-educate myself more. Thanks.

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Suggestions for small motors for an art project?

Howdy Folks, I'm doing an art piece that will require many small motors and know nothing about them or even where to start looking. What I'm thinking is something similar to a clock that will spin 3-4 roundish cast paper layers (one nests inside the other) on the same axis but at different speeds and maybe different directions. Initially I had thought about using small battery operated clocks but I need something with more options. Each layer will be lightweight (made of paper) and the speeds will be relatively slow. Since I may need about 30 of them I'd prefer them to be inexpensive. And, since I'm new to this area of knowledge I need them to be relatively simple. Grateful for any suggestions! Thank you in advance. Cheers.

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Websites selling small electric motors?

I am starting an electric go-cart(ish) project thing, and was wondering where I might find the best site for moderately cheap and decent electric motors? (Looking for a motor in the 250-500 watt range) I will be making my own drive train,gear reduction etc, all I need is the bare motor. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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small solar panel, motor and propeller

I have constructed a desktop solar helicopter that I have on  I am trying to make a small very light solar helicopter that I can fly on the desktop and is tethered on 4 corners. I will make it out of very light plastic or styrofoam or bulsa wood. I need to find the right panel, motor, and propeller. Any suggestions will be appreciated.   bob

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How can I make a motion activated motor that can pull a cable and pull up a 4lb object ?

How can I make a motion activated motor that can pull a cable and pull up a 4lb object  ?  I am wanting to make a toy for my cat. I want the sensor to keep the object up for extended time. Who can help me.

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got two motors small work how to recycle? Answered

Find a use for two small motors that plug in and work great want to find a use?

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Good source for small motor and metal gears?

Does anyone have a good source for small motors and metal gears?  I was surprised to find that I can 3D print plastic gears cheaper than buying them at a local hobby store but would prefer metal if I can find them.  I need between 1" and 2" sizes, and not just random pieces.  They need to be the same pitch so they'll mesh.

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is there any small, automatic knex weapons?? Answered

The thing i find about knex weapons, is that they all have the basic, pull back the ram to shoot mechanism. there is larger weapons that have motors to automaticaly load, but they are basically just a lot of tiny guns that has a motor so all the triggers are pulled fast. are there any knex weapons that arnt huge, and automatically pulls back the ram, then releases it, so if you turn the motor on, it will automatically shoot?

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cheep 3 volt dc motor nut and bolt actuator

I'd like to make a cheep motorized actuator using a long bolt, nut & a small hobby motor to spin the bolt. I like to know how to attach the small motor to the bolt, or some way to spin the bolt. All I can think of is drill a small hole in the bolt, then J/B Weld the motor on the back. Is their a better way? Not only that but, what do I use to mount the motor at one end & the other end of the bolt to spin freely.

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How can I sequence several small motors. Answered

Wife approved Home Theater ​I plan to build raised panel cabinets that also hide home theater speakers and 60" screen. Open display/bookshelves sit between the speaker garage and the 60" screen. The raised panel (I'll make with my 5hp shaper) covering the speaker will roll over the display cabinet allowing the speakers to move out into the room on motorized platforms. Then, the speakers will rotate on a motorized turntable  to the desired position. Next, the two panels covering the screen will move under the speaker panels and also cover the display cabinet plus a little of the garage space. I want this to all be initiated with the push of a button. The motors will all be sequential in the above order. First, the speaker panel can roll until it hits a button, next, the speaker platform movement could be controlled by motor revolutions as in a stepmotor and would stop the platform at the right spot. When this action is complete, the speaker rotation could also use a step motor count. Next, the two screen panels will roll under the speaker panels until they hit a final stop button. I will need a central controller to manage the sequence order. I am familiar with Fishertechnik robotics controllers but I'm hoping that someone here can give me some suggestions to make this work. Thanks for reading. Chuck

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Small electric motor to power something along a track?

I want to build a circular track and power a pretty light cart along the track... doesn't have to be fast... only 2-3 mph. I need a way to power it. I thought first of making a center pole with an extension cord coming out, but as the cart continues in circle, the cord would twist and twist then knot. I then thought I could power the wheels with a car batter(ies). However, I don't know the first thing about how long a charged battery would be able to power a light motor, etc. I don't know the first things about electricity, so any help or reference material would be appreciated. Is there a better way to do this? A rotating plug on the pole, for example? Simple diagrams to show how? Thank you so much!

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Can I use a motor to make a generator? Answered

I once heard that you can take nearly anything in electronics and use it in reverse, headphones to a microphone, a radio to an fm transmitter... well i have 2 small motors, one from a cd reader (the part that spins the cd) and one from a pencil sharpener. They are pretty straight forward... connect a battery to them and they will spin, but if find some way to have them spin, will it give me electricity back? i want to make a mini windmill... is it possible is there any other additional wiring I'll need to do? thanks...

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How to Charge Phone with Small DC motor?

Hello I have 3 Small DC motors that i wan't to use as generator and Charge my Cell Phone But Without running it manually I mean To say " I saw A Video on youtube that a Person has created a circuit when He start  first Motor with hands That is Connected To another Motor Through a Pulley, The Current Produced By the 1st Motor Will Run Second Motor Which is Connected to First Motor" So in this Case We Don't Need any more Force to run motors Manually After Starting. Here is A Youtube Link To That Video , but i can't Understand his Circuit With Just a Video(No Discription) Please I wan't to Made THAT! Regards SHoCK

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Need strong, small, arduino compatible servos

I was using two 9g servos for a project but they could not handle the load on them. I need to replace them with servos that are about the same size and stronger. Also helpful if they are low cost. Maybe a mini standard servo (if they even exist)?

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how can i made a small brush less motor?..........plz help.?

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small airplane made with zip zap componets?

I would like to see pdf. files on building small planes out of paper and light balsa stringers that use pager motors,batterys and rc receviers from zip zap type cars

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Looking for a small CNC Spindle Motor with chuck?

I am having a hard time finding a small dc or ac motor to use a spindle for a small CNC machine. It has a dremel on it now, but would like a single motor. Such as this which has an adjustable chuck, but are sold out. Only other one I found was This, but would like some more options. Is there another website to look at? wouldn't mind a used or surplus one as well. Thanks

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DC motor regulation

I am planning to build a small gearbox that depends on a steady rpm from a 3V dc motor. I understand that the output rpms will change in correlation to the fluctuation of input power. My question is, if I used a regulator to regulate the input voltage from 5V to 3V, will that keep the motor rpms steady?

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How to attach a small motor to a piece of wood?

I am not so sure this is possible, but I have a small 8rpm motor that I would like to attach to a piece of wood. The trick is I want to attach is so the wood is hanging under the motor, so I need a way to permanently attach it so that it will still spin, but not drop a 3lb-ish load. I don't know much about all this, so if you need anymore information from me about the parts just ask. Thanks! EDIT: The motor is a small dc motor. It's about an inch and a half long cylinder. The spinning part is on the end of the cylinder, a bit off center, and is shaped like a partial cylinder. I hope this explaination makes sense.

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360 fan motor? Answered

I have a junk Xbox 360, or 3, and I am wondering about the fans. First off, does anyone know how to get the motor out without destroying anything? Secondly, does anyone know if these motors are permanent magnet motors or not? And how would I be able to test it without a voltage meter? would a small flashlight light work?

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Astrosyn Stepper Motors

I have 2 Astrosyn Stepper Motors that I bought and ended up not using. I was going to build a small cnc machine first but decided to go bigger with the first on I built. So i bought bigger steppers for my application. I bought them for 20 bucks each and now I am selling them for 20 bucks plus shipping for both. I would like to use paypal for any transactions. Thanks for looking.

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Induction Motor Help?

Hi guys i have come across an induction motor out of a treadmill. it states on the lable that its single phase induction, 240 volt, 4 poles 3/4 hp. 1.7 amp 1420 rpm. question 1- is there any safe way to see if it works question 2 - can it be used for a small wind generator to charge 12volt batteries to light a shed question 3 - is best put in the trash where it came from any assistance advice would be appreciated

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why using a gear with the motor in a small RC plane? Answered

Question by balodabazar 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

small DC 12v battery?

Hello all. i am currently working on an air powered rifle. my goal is for it to be self contained, so i took apart a testors airbrush compressor and i am fitting the compressor assembly to a 12v blower motor for an early 90s toyota 4runner. is there any way that i can make or purchase a 12v battery pack to power this thing?

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Can a 120VAC/12VDC LED driver also power a small DC motor?

I have a project in mind using 120VAC with some 12VDC LED tape and a small 12VDC motor (about 100mA).  Can I run the motor off an LED driver in parallel with the LEDs, or do I need a separate transformer for it?

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Charging NiMh batteries using a small motor - Help!!

I want to build a battery charger that is capable of charging 12v (2x6v) of NI-Mh PCB type batteries (varta packs from farnell) . I think the batteries are button types bound together. The input will be from a small 1" diameter motor spun to give 12v out (I assume this is a dynamo). The output from the batteries needs to power : a 12v wireless reciever (6mA standby/66mA switching) a 12v - 24v dc/dc converter powering a solenoid at 25mA@24v. I have seen a 12v charge regulator in Maplins but it is designed for car batteries. If I send the 12v motor/dynamo output to the charge controller and then onto the batteries will they blow up? As I am a mechanical engineer this is new to me so can anyone help ?

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Is there a way to make a small motorized greeting card opener ?

A friend wants to be able, at swap meets, to display greeting cards as people pass by, but in a novel way. That is, have a card slowly open, stay open for maybe 15 seconds, then slowly close. And repeat, ad infinitum. Is this doable with cheap parts, or maybe a disco ball motor ? Thanks in advance ! Alan, Quantum Leap Unlimited Onward, Upward

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Any good tutorial of how to control a small 4.5v dc motor with arduino?

Question by frank78 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

A small AC power source? Answered

I want something to power LEDs from (I want to stop fussing about the polarity), preferably cheap and compact (I've no intention of buying a lab power source to play with it once in a fortnight, and I don't have the money). I thought about mobile phone chargers, laptop chargers and model railway power sources (I own one of these), but they are all DC. Can you think of something? PS Is it true that a motor connected to an AC source would stay still?

Question by gruffalo child 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Slow down a DC motor?

Here is another basic electronics question for all of you: What is the easiest way to slow down the RPM of a small DC motor? Much appreciated!

Question by brandegor 9 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

I have a small music box that opperates using an electric motor. The motor is turning to quickly.

The motor has a resistor at the power supply connection and then there is another item which is either a resistor or capicator at the motor connected to the power supply at the motor. Is it possible that eiher of these have failed causing the motor to turn to fast or maybe not slowing it.

Question by Tietoes5s3a 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how to control small dc motors with arduino uno r3 with the connection of homade moter controller

How to control small dc motors by motor controller on arduino r3  and what is the better motor controller chip and how many small dc motors can u connect on an arduino uno r3

Question by alys5 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

need help. Laser triggered switch for small electric motor.

Hey I've been thinking of making a simple circuit connected to my window which is operated by turning a small handle. The aim of this project is to be able to activate the motor via a typical laser beam from outside the building to activate the motor, thus opening the window. Can someone help me draft up the schematics for this, or provide input as to how I would go about achieving this? Any help is much appreciated.

Topic by Angrypirate47 10 years ago

how to control speed of an dc motor?

I have very small dc motor of 5v 650mah and i am using it in my rc helicopter and it rotates very fast so how to controll its speed plz help me i would be thankful for that

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