Smallest Partical?

I know atoms,guleons,gravitons,ions,quarks,ect. I cant ask what is the absolute smallest size of an atomic partical,but what is the smallest YOU know?

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Best of the Smallest

No I'm not talking about those annoying one shot noob guns. I'm talking about true trigger, multi-shot, pistols that are decent for their size. What are your best tiny guns? I want to see just how small a gun can get and still keep a good amount of features. Mine is based off of the TDS. It loads 5 dark greys, has a true trigger, and features a firing pin lock. Let's see if you can beat that! I'm JK I'm sure someone will. I made my gun only to be as small as posible so it shoots only like...2 yards/meters depending on the rubberbands. And if anyone hasn't then I also have a mini challenge. Let's see who can make the smallest slide action pistol with a magazine!Also for anyone wanting to build the Mini TDS visit knexsuperbulderfreak!

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Smallest Truegger Gun

I made this just for lols. You could probably make this design even smaller or make another design that's smaller. I'd explain it to you but I'm sure you have the 8 pieces required to make this and the 10 seconds to put it together. Surprisingly it gets like a good two meters. Maybe a last move of desperation in battle? Say you're going to ally with someone and as you're about to shake ha--BAM! lolz lik omgz uber pwnge.

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What worlds smallest thing should i make ? Ideas please

Ok as you know i am Miniature artist and also a world smallest maker. I love what i do and i also have quite got a lot from it, from money to fame and respect too. So from my most recent, worlds smallest hand written horoscope to worlds smallest fully functional paper plane. I still need to make a lot of other things and to make them i need your feedbacks and ideas so i can eventually add them to my collection of miniatures. Current : - worlds smallest hand written book, written in blood. - worlds smallest fully functional kite. - Smallest teddy bear estimates size : .001 mm x 0.001 mm i need your ideas on what else i could make ?

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World's Smallest Electronic Shocker?

A few days ago, I had built two really tiny electronic shockers, they are smaller than a penny... The shockers I had built, they operate on a 1.5v battery and gives out about 450v at short circuit of 18mA.So, what I am really asking is "is this the world's smallest electronic shocker?", I had done some research about if they are any electronic shockers that is smaller than mine, but I did not find any results... So I am asking you if you know any electronic shockers that is smaller than mine...Also I gave my shocker some more input voltage to see what happens... When I gave it 3v, it gave out about 900v (wow!). And at 4.5v input, it gave out about 1200v (BIGGER WOW!!!). I want to know how much voltage it gives out if I had given it 9v power, but I cannot risk doing that, because I might break my multimeter (it can measure maximum 1000v), I will have to build my self a high voltage probe...Heres the instructable... How to build the World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!!!

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Diode for world's smallest shocker

Does it matter what type of diode is used to make a small electric shocker because on the tutorial I found they use one from a camera but I'm just buying/using parts I already have 

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Smallest RC remote possible

I haven't a clue where to begin. I'm trying to find or make the smallest RC thingie as possible with a single button remote. Can anyone please help. It would need to fit into a tube slightly larger than a tube of chapstick. I'm guessing a receiver of some type and a switch for the button cell batteries. Powered by 1.5 dc. Nothing fancy, just to turn on and off the power.

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smallest power jack socket?

I'm looking for the tiniest power jack socket possible for charging an internal battery.  I'm considering micro USB, but it's difficult to solder (and it would be nice if the plug didn't have an up and down direction).  Can anybody suggest alternatives?  Thanks.

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Worlds smallest Space Invaders machine ?

After 3 months I have finlly finished creating a mini working Space Invaders arcade machine. Let me know what you think

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World's Smallest Shockers For Sale

Well, not really, but I am going to make and sale tiny shockers on ebay soon, I just need a few questions before I start making, and selling them.Do you wanted the shocker naked (Like in the picture below) and make your own container for them?Do you want the shocker to be packed up in a film canister or box container with a battery holder and a switch?And the most important of all - How much are you willing to pay for them? I need an answer to that!And here is the link to make the shockers.. Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!

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World's Smallest Flash Mob?

A flashmob only a few inches high gather outside London's Tate Modern.Two hundred versions of Tony Hart's famous Plasticine Morph character were placed on London's Bankside to honour the memory of the artist who died recently, aged 83.The event was organised through a Facebook group, and included Tony's daughter, Carolyn Williams, who was invited along to judge "best Morph" (won by Laura Kenny, 31)London SE1 NewsDaily MailBBCOn a related theme, this compilation video of Vision On (which featured Tony Hart) will explain a lot about the way certain Brits in their forties view the world:

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Latest contender for "World's Smallest Car" built from kiddy ride.

The official "world's smallest car" is only 52.8 inches long, but a UK Maker has built one only 51 inches long.Even better, the new car started life as one of those ride-on toys you see beside the tills in supermarkets - Postman Pat, if you're interested.He built a quad-bike style chassis to carry the body-shell, gave it a new paint-job, and away he went!Newsround slideshow"Grown up" BBC news clipTabloid take on the story

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Become Record Holder

Present record of the smallest printing HOLY QURAN width 11mm height 8.5 mm length 14mm PRINTING AREA width 6mm lenth 11.5 mm height 8.5mm if u r interested contact at 03008127807

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what is the smallest true trigger knex gun? Answered

Yaaaa... what is it?

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Worlds smallest working Space Invaders arcade machine

After 3 months I have finally finished building the possibly the worlds smallest working Space Invaders arcade machine. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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I made a one piece knex gun. Pick up ANY knex peice, and throw it!!!!!! Lol this was just meant to be a joke.

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The smallest knex gun with a removabe clip

Alright, I was messing about with my knex, attempting to make a knex gun with a removable mgazine. I had made the clip and I then noticed my knex book-end that I made ages ago. I noticed that my knex gun clip would fit inside it, so with a little modding I think I have come up with the worlds smallest knex gun with a removable clip. It's roughly 12x8x3.5 with the clip in, and 12x6x3.5 without. Please post any atempts to beat this or correct me if I'm wrong becuase I have not researched this so it might not be the smallest. Tomm0505

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Smallest thing to make an LED flicker?

I'm just wondering what's the smallest thing I can use to make an 0603 smt LED flicker (not blink/flash)? I love the look of simply having a bad connection to the battery, but sadly that's not a very good or reliable method. I suppose I could use an AVR chip, but I've never done that before an it looks expensive to start. Any chance there's something like a flicker resister that I could just solder into my wire?

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Instructables Smallest Paper Airplane Challenge

So Lftndbt and I have a challenge going for who can make the smallest paper airplane and I decided that we should move it over here. So, let the contest begin. Just take a picture of your plane next to the cm side of a ruler and post the picture here for the contest. Bring it on!!!1st lan01 at 2.5 mm2nd V-Man737 at 3.175mm3rd n8man at 4mmNOTE: It doesn't have to fly (not that it could at this size), it just has to look like a paper airplane.

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Worlds Smallest Saltwater Reef Aquarium

These are aged systems that keep myriad coral reef organisms alive using a delicate balance of natural materials and very reduced manmade gear. They are like ecospheres, but to the 20th power. Compared to an advanced reef aquarium they are just as stable due to design features, and they bring marine science study into the home in a practical manner. There are no others in the world like these designs and they are easy to build but expensive to build as well. I hope you enjoy my invention now posted as an instructible

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World's smallest stop-motion animation.

Professor Fletcher's invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. More cool stuff - the film's heroine, is printed.  Too small to be positioned by hand for each frame, multiple versions of Dot were created in different poses with a 3D printer (so, presumably, files exist for you to print out your own authentic film starlet?) See more projects and how the 'Dot' film was made at Nokia or Facebook. Yet another video that won't embed

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Smallest circuit possible to play an MP3 file.? Answered

What would i need to make the smallest mp3 playing circuit ? I want to make something like this :;=player_detailpage#t=22s :) Thank you

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Mercury switch and worlds smallest shocker question....

Would anyone know about attaching a small mercury switch to a world's smallest shocker 2.5 ( I'm trying to make it so every time the switch is in a resting state the WSS is on and every time the switch is tilted the WSS is off. It's essentially a pedometer/torture device that i'm building. Also, does anybody know where to get a small mercury switch or equally sized alternative, as I know the switch is quite controversial in some parts.

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Interview: the man who makes the smallest engines.

I lone this guy's work - tiny, working, hand made models of IC engines - but I love his attitude even more...

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4-pin transformer for worlds smallest shocker??

I can't seem to find a 5-pin transformer but I do have a 4-pin one. Could someone please post schematics or an instructable or tell me how to make one using the 4-pin? Any help is appreciated.

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World's smallest (manned) helicopter ready for a spin.

Those of us who've been dreaming of cheap personal air travel in the Buck Rogers, sci-fi jet-pack mode should turn their eyes towards Vinci, Italy on May 25. That's when Gennai Yanagisawa, inventor of the tiny GEN H-4 personal helicopter, will be taking his lightweight 165-pound whirly-gig on a demonstration flight.Why Vinci? According to the 75-year-old Yanagisawa, "Since the concept of our helicopter came from Italy, I always wanted to take a flight in the birthplace of da Vinci." Indeed, Leonardo's famous notebook drawings from 1493 show an "ornithopter" with a screw-like rotor. Like da Vinci's pioneering design, Yanagisawa's GEN H-4 has no tail. Instead, twin counter-rotating propellers cancel out the torque that requires single-rotor helicopters to have a perpendicular tail rotor.The GEN H-4 personal helicopter is actually available for purchase now, though Yanagisawa's company (located in the Japanese city of Matsumoto) has so far sold only six (2 in the USA).The cost for one is a reasonable $58,250 and once airborne, the GEN H-4 can fly at a somewhat sedate speed of 31 mph - slow yes, but probably faster than rush hour traffic. Veni, vidi, volanti!It's the perfect commuter vehicle! Land on the roof of your office block, maybe it folds up, but certainly just push it into the corner to make space for your workmates to land. Sure, it only does 31mph, but it can go in a straight line, over the stationary traffic.Story on InventorSpot

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my smallest computer build: HELP WANTED

Recently, I got an IBM motherboard from one of my friends. They gave it to me because of all the bad caps that were on it. Little did they know that I would find the caps to fix it. Now that it works again, I decided I should put it into something really cool. I had a dead curtis rcd847 cd player, and a motherboard that would fit inside it. I have everything that is needed for it to work: 256mb ram, a power supply, keyboard and mouse, a hard drive, etc. now i need help figuring out how i am going to get the power supply, hard drive, and maybe even a cdrom drive into this cd player. this is the point where i am asking for some help. i was thinking about making a base for it but are there any other suggestions for how do go about it? PS: the first picture is the motherboard, the second the power supply, the third is all of the bad capacitors, 4 and 5 are the cd player shell, and the last one is the hard drive

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Please help me in making the world's smallest shocker.

Can any give me the values and names of the components that PLASMANA used in making the world's smallest shocker. Where I live there are no disposable cameras.

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Reef Globes, worlds smallest balanced reef aquarium

These are aged systems that keep myriad coral reef organisms alive using a delicate balance of natural materials and very reduced manmade gear. They are like ecospheres, but to the 20th power. Compared to an advanced reef aquarium they are just as stable due to design features, and they bring marine science study into the home in a practical manner. There are no others in the world like these designs and they are easy to build but expensive to build as well. I hope you enjoy my invention now posted as an instructible

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most simple and smallest way to charge a 6kV capacitor?

Hi again, I need some ideas on what type of DC-DC or DC-AC converter I can use to convert 9V into 6kV. the 9V will be a standard 9V battery. The output current doesn't need to be high. It's for charging a 6kV capacitor, and this May take a few seconds. It doesn't need to be charged in a few milliseconds. My own suggestions are these: - DC-DC booster (switching a coil to get high voltage spikes) but these only generate 200V max I think - DC-AC inverter like those small CCFL inverter circuits - Flyback - not compact enough - booster or inverter connected to a marx generator - but also not compact enough - ... any other ideas? It also doesn't matter if the output is AC or DC, I'll just add a HV diode to rectify it. Although, that also takes some space and it has to be Really compact. I know that converting 9V into 6kV might not sound like a simple thing, at least if I want to do it in one stage, but I've seen videos where people convert the voltage from a 1.5V battery into 4inch sparks. (that was with a marx generator too though).

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smallest file size? and any way to put them on to dvd? Answered

I have recentaly got alot of dbz and i wanted to know whats the smalest format and can i put them on a dvd?

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What is the smallest helium balloon that could lift an average human?

I am trying to figure out a way to lighten a load with helium balloons. I am looking for a way to make them portable too, i.e. to be carried in a backpack. Is there a more readily available gas that will do the same job without blowing up, or is helium the current best bet?

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Looking for the smallest wide angle lens I can find

Premise: I have a droid incredible and I love taking pictures with its awesome 8MP camera.  I don't like its depth of field however.  I'm sitting here right now, looking at the camera enclosure, and I'm wondering if I might be able to pop open the red dome of the camera and slide in a tiny wide angle lens.  I've seen the cellphone wide angle lens kits you can buy for things like your iphone, and I actually did buy one for my Zi6.  Worked amazingly well, but even in that small form factor, it sticks out too far for me if i were to use this on my droid inc. Objective: I'm looking for an elegant solution that keeps the wide angle in the enclosure, and can't be knocked off or removed while in the pocket. How feasible would this be?  Would it be possible to find a small enough piece of glass that would give a wide angle view in such a small form factor?  I'm just guessing here, but I'd say the diameter would be 8mm and probably 2 or 3 mm in depth.  Thats pretty tiny... Anyway, I just wanted to get some suggestions from the DIY crowd.  I'll include some pictures of the camera's enclosure to take a look at. Thanks.

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what is the smallest knex gun with a removable magazine or cliplike a small pistol?

I want a gun with a removable magazine that has little parts and that can be fired with 20-50 ft range. none of this 10ft pistol crap

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World's Smallest Workshop, Mead Honey Wine, Making Glove Molds

  World's Smallest Workshop Mead Honey Wine Making Glove Molds Stainless Steel Rose Catch a Cockerfly Fun Stool from Trash Chair 55 Gallon Drum Easy Coffee Liqueur Sandwiches Leather Mountain Bike Grips Crocheted Peas in a Pod Field Sink Featured Author: noahw Triple Chocolate Brownie Cake Transform a Lawnmower

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what are the part numbers of the components used to make the worlds smallest shocker?

Hello, in plasmanas instructable, how to make the worlds smallest electronic shocker, he does not mention anywhere the part numbers of the components, and only asumes that all camera components are the same, which i have now discoverd are not. anyways, recently i have built this tiny shocker 5 times, 2 times i used no solder as i was puzzled as to why it wouldnt work, all 5 times it didnt work. now, recently i discoverd that the 5 pin transformer used has 200-300 ohms of resistance between pin 4 and 5, and i have discoverd, that every single transformer i have pulled from a camera, does not, wheras infact it has 0.4 ohms. now unless his results are innacurate, this tells me that his transformers are totally different to all of the ones i have. and i have quite alot, even ones from polaroid cameras, supposedly the only ones that actually work. now, what i want to know, so i can get them on ebay, what are the part numbers or serial numbers of the transistor and the  5 pin transformer it seems impossible to harvest the correct ones from anything other than a single type of polaroid camera sold apparently only in america as luck would have it. otherwise, if no-one knows what the part numbers are, are there any other types that would work?

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My Bicycle chain skips when it's on the smallest gear and there's too much pressure on it. Anyone got any ideas?

I am speaking of the rear cassette. it and the entire rear wheel is months old, so i don't think its a worn out freewheel. Ive adjusted the derailer numorous times with no luck.

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Grappling hook gun

I want to know how to make the smallest grappling hook gun and the mot powerful

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smallest way to convert AC mains to DC 12v? Is it safe to go transformerless? Answered

When you're space restricted (like behind power boards) what would be the best way to step down ac mains (220v 50Hz for me) to say 12v????? Also, Is it safe to make a transformerless power supply? Well, its not isolated from the mains, so........... Im not so confident..

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Micro LEDs... How can I power them in the smallest footprint possible???

Hi - I've been a "member" for 5 years now, but unfortunately never submitted projects... I'm more of an observer than a teacher :) I have this project I've been thinking of for quite some time now, but I simply cannot come up with a way to make it real. It's pretty simple, I just want to be able to light up an extremely small LED in a very small amount of space. But, I'm finding the power source is the headache. I wanted to get input or suggestions from anyone willing to share/help me! Basically, I have a 5mm diameter space (x approx 7mm high) to work with... and this would be to house the LED, power source and any type of on/off control or switch. My initial thoughts were toss in a micro LED, run it off of a wireless coil or super small battery and control it with a magnetic latching switch for on/off control. But, since the original idea popped up, it appears for wireless power the coil would need to be too large to fit in this space. For battery power, I've found very small 1.5V watch batteries that I could stack in a pair for 3V, but I've learned they would likely only run an LED for about 15-20 mins before they'd die. If they were wireless, I'd want some free range of motion and distance on the LEDs, being able to light up at least 6 ft. or so from the power source, if possible. This is driving me crazy! Can it be done, without costing a ton of money to develop?

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Keeping track of your ants...

This may well be the world's smallest tracking collar. From an article in Science News.

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project: top secret help

I need to know what is the smallest spark plug that you can get and its voltage.

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Any one can give me 5 pin transformer in cheap rate???

I was making world's smallest shocker but i broke down a part called "5 pin Transformer" and i find it on net but it is very costly there. 10$........!!!! I live in India and i want someone who can give this part for low cost to my home,

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Anyone can tell me what's the smallest acutator/(stepper-)motor for angle of about ~45° ?

Was just a fixed idea and i'm not really into electronics yet, but i wondered, if it was possible to make bigger panels with tiny motors that move metal stripes/chips to form shifting shapes. Maybe just think of iron man's self-mounting armor or fish swarms for example, but in a smaller way, say as tiny as possible, but affordable (hehe).

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what are the planets on the solar system?

Well the earth is the third planet from the sun. Pluto is also a planet but it is the smallest planet and coldest one to. Earth is between Mars and Venus.

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guns guns guns galor(k'nex only no lego

 WHO CAN BUILD THE SMALLEST GUN? THE RACE STARTS NOW! I'LL START YOU OFF: the srv2                                                   GO!!!!!                                                                         

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All things transformers.

Anything how to wire them, what a centertap does how to wire a auto tranformer, different types below is a five pin transformer from plasmana's worlds smallest shocker

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shocker wont work?

Https:// i made this shocker but it wont shock the led lights up and thats it. What am i doing wrong

Question by ihordyky 

Ta da!

I have beaten Jollex, I am the Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the worlds smallest ball machine! now imagine it with mini knex : P

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