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Arduino Sms

Hello,  I'm completely new to Arduino and wondering if anyone could help me.  i'm doing an art piece on communications and interactions around the world.  Each person will have there own led light.  Whenever people contact me from around the world eva text or call (preferably through wifi), I want they're light to flash for a few seconds.  No idea what parts I need and how to achieve this.  Hope this makes sense to anyone and have any advice for me? 

Topic by CiaranM8  

Servo SM-S4304R

After long time of searching, without success, i would like some help. I purchased one Sm-s4303r servo motor. My questions are: 1.How can i do it work for 3 seconds at normal speed and to stop it for example 12hours. To work 2 times per day. 2.What will be the suitable servo which can do 180° in every movement. I mean 180° now and the second (to complete the cycle 360) in 10 hours.. I would be glad if somebody could help me. Thanks, Chris

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56k modem SMS server?

Is there any server software that would allow me to use a 56k modem to send and receive text message to a landline for free?

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Wearable that vibrates on text/sms

I am looking for a way to make a wearable (bracelet or hanger) that will vibrate when I send a signal (i.e. text message?). It's intended use is to alert players to certain pre arranged situations in a game. As coach I can not always reach my players across the field by voice so I want to send an alert signal. Also this is more discreet. A smart watch is to big and volnurable. Bluetooth does not have the range so I am thinking gsm. Any suggestions on how to build such a device?

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Mobile Phone Alarm: Sms Problem?

Hi, i want to make this great project by "simon72post" ( ) The problem is, the SMS service isnt free, and i cant always buy credits ! is there another Alternative to SMS ? Thank you :)

Question by fox.sadik    |  last reply

Real-time Ocr and SMS Notification?

How can I develope a program as I explain below? I don't know where to start. By the way, I know C language. Is there any helpful resource about this subject? Thanks. For example, there is a live number generator between 1-15 as image. This images changes every 10 seconds. Program should catch the image everytime as digit number. By the way, there is 3 integer variable as a,b and c: If the number between 1-5, then variables b and c should increment by 1 and 'a' should be equal to 0. If the number between 6-10, then variables a and c should increment by 1 and b should be equal to 0. If the number between 11-15, then variables a and b should increment by 1 and c should be equal to 0. If a,b or c is equal to 13, then program should send an SMS to phone as for example 'a is 13.

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How can I auto-forward an SMS from my PC ?

I'm working on a project where I send an sms to my pc, if the incoming sms is received from one of the numbers stored in my database the pc will forward it, if the number is not, the pc will not allow the message to pass and will send me (the admin) an sms.  Note: I'm using a USB Modem, so the I can use AT commands

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Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ?

Please help me with that: Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ? I'll accept any price

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starting own website on "sending FREE sms' "?

Hi,i m viplove from india. i want to know what does it take to start "free sms"website on own . does it  require to contact service providers to start ?? i dont know anything about it as there is no such topic shared on the internet before,and even if it is present it isn't worth. can i get a help from you about how it is done and what to do?? thank you

Question by viplove12391    |  last reply

How can I build a smoke detector that sends me a text message?

I'm a little OCD about lights being off, the stove being off, etc.  I've seen ads for products in the UK for smoke detectors that can send a SMS message to up to 4 phone numbers.  Anyone know of a way that I can hack a current smoke detector to do the same thing?  

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GSM SIM800L Not Sending Value in SMS Alert When Triggered

Hi Team,please i need help in correcting why my code is not sending the current battery voltage value in the sms alert received. Attached is my code and picture of the sms alert received, once the threshold is reached, the gsm module sends an sms to my phone number but it does not contain the value of the current battery state/voltage; it only displays 0.0V in the sms rather.

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I want to make a project on GPS sms security plz kindly help me

I want to make a GPS sms security system . Where if a vehicle accident there is automatically send the emergency sms with location to the given phone no

Question by TAPAS KUMAR    |  last reply

Any tips on executing code on a remote PC by sending a SMS message?

I want to be able to send an SMS from my cell phone to execute a script on my PC.   If possible, I'd like to be able to do this without any additional hardware.  I know I could connect a second cell phone to my PC via Bluetooth, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.  There must be some kind of web application designed specifically for this, but so far I've come up with nothing. Any suggestions?

Question by y9906    |  last reply

Arduino and iPhone Garage Door Opener Via SMS?

I would like to be able to send my Arduino a text from my iphone that when the Arduino receives it, it will move a servo that will push the garage door opener button. I am new to this and have tried searching on the internet, but all that I have found is complicated devices that don't completely work with my situation. I have an iPhone 5 and an Arduino Uno **Edit** I was looking at getting an Ethernet shield but I was hoping that I could find a wifi shield that does the same thing without a Ethernet cable. Does that exist?

Question by jeffrey_stjean    |  last reply

how can I use a mobile phone dmtf tones to turn on PC parallel port pins on and off using VB, C or C++ code?

I need to be able to turn on ac powered lights from my pc parallel port using my phone. The set up I have uses two relays to put on the ac lines. Am currently using a web interface to do it. I dont want to rely on SMS. Suggestions that use SMS are welcome though. Any help will be appreciated.

Question by firstkenyan    |  last reply

How to save mobile no in arduinos eeprom after reading it from sms recieved on arduino via sim 800 module

Hello! i am building a college project irrigation monitoring device which monitor soil moisture and send that data to mobile via sms. the number to which the sms is send is initially feed into arduino sketch. i want to change that no by sending a sms to arduino . that sms must contain a password followed by new mobile no i have tried but it could not read that no from sms and put it into eeprom. on aduino forum also their is no clue about how to do.sorry for such english.please help .

Question by pratikpitale  

Oh noes! Teleflip doesn't work anymore

Anyone notice that teleflip doesn't work any more? Anyone know what happened? Know of any other sms to email gateways? *edit* Ok, nevermind. I can use 111 instead

Topic by LinuxH4x0r  

need to design a low-cost SMS-based alarm with a very long life battery.

Extremely low-cost SMS-based alarm, that will send a message to a number when the alarm is activated. must be small (10x50x40 cm) and have a long life battery and is to be deployed over a wide geographical area, all within GSM reception

Question by lukassie    |  last reply

hye everybody.. im new in Arduino.. i want to make a program which can print value of AT+COPS? as a sms body? Answered

Actually AT+COPS? will return an available network and i want to make the available network from AT+COPS? as sms or message body. here is a code that i try but it is not working Serial.println("AT+COPS?"); if (Serial.available()) {      Serial.println(AT+COPS?);      // This is a sms body that will print the network available }

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want to display my text on a tft lcd

I have make a project, it receives a sms from the sending side (on sending side there is any mobile) on receiving side there is sony Ericsson t290 which receives the sms. mobile is connected to the serial cable (rs-232) and the sms through at commands is brought to the micro controller after passing through max 232 which converts rs232 logic to ttl logic for micro controller  after that my sms is display on the led dot matrix display which is controlled by shift register and Darlington pair. Now i want some help in it.. i want to display this sms on a tft lcd monitor or on a lcd tv.. now to display on a tft monitor i either need a vga access and some circuit which can display to that standard or can use fpga ( spartan 3) and to display on the lcd tv i either need to build a video stream of the lcd should use some thing else to display on it.. plz i need some help to solve this problem i need to display my sms recived on either of lcd of tft

Topic by sani  

Is there any Android app that can receive sms with a code and then do some actions defined by user? Answered

Is there any Android app that can receive sms with a code and then do some actions defined by user? I'm thinking about using a cheap Android phone to receive messages with codes from another cellphone and then send some signals via Serial-Audio (using phone audio jack) to Arduino to do something like: turning on the heat, watering or light in some sort of system. :D PS: sorry for my bad spelling I'm from Romania. Cheers!?

Question by Timofte Andrei    |  last reply

How to retrieve phone number of incoming call/sms to gsm module?

I would like to find phone number incoming call or sms to gsm module with arduino. I am using SIM800. How can I find it? I have tried with AT+CLIP=1 n AT+CLCC but i didn't get it..!! Thanks in Advance..!!

Question by jampaiah2470    |  last reply

Has anyone Hacked the," Nsd Power Ball Sm-01 Speedometer ?

Has anyone Hacked the," Nsd Power Ball Sm-01 Speedometer ? The Sm-01 ( the speedometer of Nsd power Ball ) Functions are: a. the count of revolutions ( hundred unit ) b. the current RPM c. the historical highest RPM/ the current highest RPM d. the physical index, 30 sec., 60 sec., 90 sec. The above-mentioned functions work individually. The speedometer can make users understand the use state of PB and provide real figures for reference. It combines the effects of rehabilitation, entertainment, and contest. Can anyone explain how this speedometer works. Is it Optical ? Since the Power Ball has 5 LED's incorporated in the Gyro Ball does this trigger the output ? Or is it magnetic ? When I, place compass next to the Power Ball the compass dial spins like a motor. How can I, use this speedometer to registered the speed or RPM of wheel ? Looking forward to hearing any suggestions, on how I may HACK this Great Speedometer/ TACH . This speedometer can be found on eBay for about $15.00 it's small and compact. It surprises me that no one has Hacked this for other uses !

Question by MagicLanternProductions    |  last reply

Arduino intruder alarm modification

We have a professionally installed burglar alarm system that dials out (over a dedicated landline) to a monitoring station when an intrusion is detected.  I'd like to modify it to send us an SMS (via the mobile phone network) and/or email (via wi-fi on a different landline) as well, just in case the phone line is cut, and to make sure we get notified immediately - the monitoring station tries to call on the landline first, then it calls our keyholders and the police, which all takes time.  If I'm 5 minutes away and the alarm is triggered, I'd like to know straight away so I can rush home. The alarm company have quoted a huge sum to make this change, because an updated control control panel would be needed to deal with the texting/emailing.  I can't go cutting into their system or it will invalidate the maintenance contract, so I need to pick up when the alarm is triggered without any physical connection.  Short of remotely detecting a current in the cable to the siren (a 12V DC signal, so how would I detect that?) it occurs to me that using Arduino to listen for the siren might be the best bet.  But I'm an Arduino beginner and I have no idea whether it would be better/easier to detect a noise over a certain threshold - the siren is very loud, but the noise from the adjacent road can be pretty loud too - or to try and detect the particular sound frequency of the siren.  All suggestions gratefully received. 

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Teach me to make a cellphone? Answered

I want to make a cellphone that can call and use sms. Please help me, thanks!

Question by Ninhamvai    |  last reply

ISO 4in diam clear tube 3-4ft in length for sm pet slide

Hello, I was watching a video where someone was using a mailing tube a hedgehog slide. I wanted to do the same with our heggie as he loves to burrow and will dive off any ledge he can find if we don't watch him. I think the one she used was 3in, but our heggie needs a 4in round and since here is a bit rounder; it needs to be about 3-4ft as well, though we could cut it down. I would like to find an alternative that is clear or semi-clear as it would be nice to be able to see him in the tube as he slides. It also needs to be fairly inexpensive. For anyone interested, our heggies name happens to be Burrow as well. Maybe a fairy whispered it my ear because we choose the name when he was no larger than a large spiky button and it was 6 weeks before we could bring him home. He has wobbly hedgehog syndrome and we really want him to have some fun.  Thanks for any help, Liocorno

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Arduino Mega with Sim900

Recently I bought Sim900a module and Arduino Mega 2560 to run my old code for sending sms and call, but now there is a problem as I am unable to send sms or either call, my code is attached below. #include SoftwareSerial gsm(2,3); void setup() { gsm.begin(9600); // Setting the baud rate of GSM Module Serial.begin(9600); // Setting the baud rate of Serial Monitor (Arduino) delay(100); } void loop() { if (Serial.available()>0) switch( { case 's': Send(); break; case 'r': Recieve(); break; case 'S': Send(); break; case 'R': Recieve(); break; } if (gsm.available()>0) Serial.write(; } void Send() { Serial.print("Sending"); gsm.println("AT+CMGF=1"); delay(1000); gsm.println("AT+CMGS=\"+xxxxxxxxxxxx\"\r"); // Replace x with mobile number delay(1000); gsm.println("Hello I am GSM modem!!!");// The SMS text you want to send delay(100); gsm.println((char)26); // ASCII code of CTRL+Z delay(1000); } void Recieve() { Serial.print("Receiving"); gsm.println("AT+CNMI=2,2,0,0,0"); // AT Command to receive a live SMS delay(1000); }

Topic by vicky58911  

Making your own digital assistant using ardino uno gsm shield Sd card module and VR shield

I am building a personalized assistant or a daily smart reminder sort of which speaks to you. Using the Arduino R3 and GSM Shield: SMS will be sent to the SIM card in the GSM shield connected to Arduino uno and the data fro the SMS will be extracted and stored on the SD card which will be displayed on an LCD screen. All of this will be voice activated and controlled.  Need help with the logic and working of this setup.

Topic by shreyansoswal    |  last reply

Cell phone signaler for the deaf community ? Answered

My younger brother always having problems with incoming SMS, door bells. Saw some signaler sold online but it is indeed will cost a Benjamin. Anyone could have a DIY signaler to  lit series of colorful LEDs when there is an incoming SMS, or incoming cell phone if the phone is rest onto the signaler ? I remembered last time during the 2G phone era, it used to have these tiny gadget attached at the antenna and will emits light when there is an incoming message or incoming call. Unfortunately it is no longer available these days.

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I am looking for a great good book about wiring small electronics and appliances

Does anyone know what book I can get?

Question by commercial free    |  last reply

Problems with troughbeam sensor with Arduino

Hello everybody . I`m building burglar alarm with sms alert with ir throughbeam sensors I have a problem with the code gsm modem sending sms even when the throughbeam is not broken Can please anyone help me with this code: #include "SIM900.h" #include #include "sms.h" #include SMSGSM sms; String smsText = "INTRUDER "; boolean started = true; char sms_text[160]; int ledPin = 13; int SENSORPin = 4; int val = HIGH; #define SENSORPIN 4 // variables will change: int sensorState = 0, lastState=0; void setup() {   pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT);    pinMode(SENSORPIN, INPUT);       digitalWrite(SENSORPIN, HIGH); // turn on the pullup   Serial.begin(9600);   if (gsm.begin(9600))   {     Serial.println("\nstatus=READY");     started = true;   }   else     Serial.println("\nstatus=IDLE"); } void loop () {   val = digitalRead(SENSORPin);   digitalWrite(ledPin, val);   if (val == 1)   {     Serial.println();     smsText = smsText;     smsText.toCharArray(sms_text, 160);     sms.SendSMS("0701548869", sms_text);     String smsText = "intruder ";    for(;;){ /*empty*/ }   } } Can anybody plz help me

Topic by rapsbagge    |  last reply

Arduino telemetry

How to send continuous data from ardiuno using GSM/GPRS module, i dont want SMS data transfer as it is very slow, data transfer must have a minimum rate of 8Kbps , any solutions ?

Topic by doraditya    |  last reply

I have a set of 6 small glass tubes. Is there a small plant or flower I can plant in them?

The tubes are 4" in diameter, 6" in length and have screw on lids. The glass is 1/4" thick.

Question by swingformars    |  last reply

GSM900A and Arduino uno programimg?

Hi, I'm using arduino uno and gsm900a for sending sms and making call upto 10 numbers, i'm not able to send for all ten numbers one or three numbers only received,others? Please answer. thank you/.

Question by Anbuc7    |  last reply

Which smartphone should I choose?

This is my first smartphone. My older mobile phone was used to normal things like SMS, calling. But at my new job I need something with access to mail or browser. Can you give me any advices?

Question by marekwaman    |  last reply

Is there any technology that can help people to smell and taste?

Recently, my mom had a concussion and she lost all senses of smell and taste.  Is there any technology out there that could possibly help her to regain these senses like a hearing aid helps you to hear.  Thanks!

Question by DoctorDv    |  last reply

How to connect phone with arduino uno &make it call through arduino code?

Hello......I have an arduino uno and i want to use it to connect cell phone when signal from specified point is on the phone call or send sms . I also need to know the code thanx alot

Question by hamadabedo    |  last reply

how to wire a pc blower with battery power? Answered

I want to make a blower using a PC blower using AAA or AA or even D batteries for a wooden stove i make but don't know how to make the electrical part and am sm so frightened of electicution, somebody help me please.

Question by jovenhatsjr    |  last reply

What can I do with broken concrete, concrete in small slabs?

I have a lot of concrete from an old driveway that I got rid of with a sledgehammer. I dont have a truck to dispose of the concrete somewhere. So need to do something with it around my house.

Question by DELETED_nuwave    |  last reply

Wireless boiler temp & pressure monitor

I know it can be done but not sure if it already has been done.. If not I want to figure out a way to make a wirless network monitor system that can send SMS messages for low temp and/or pressure on a boiler(s). Any tips or diagrams would be appreciated.

Topic by VansDesigns  

how do you make a solar panel? can they be made smaller than those great big panels?

I want to build my own solar panels for heat and electricity. can I make/build solar panels myself? Thank you.

Question by PawsPals    |  last reply

media player playback is stuttering, missing out small pieces of music?

I am running Vista on a dell inspiron laptop and have music playing on WMP latest version uptodate music is stuttering and skipping not smooth  choppy, this happens with all sources live cd or stored files. Iv tried everything and need advice if possible.

Question by morgie    |  last reply

how can i extend the wire that connects the two small speakers on my 2.1 speaker system?

The wire now goes directly into the speakers. ideally, i'd like the solution to allow me to plug and unplug the wire together. can this be done by splicing the speaker wire with a 3.5 male/female cable? I'm not sure if the wires are compatible?

Question by buckcomm    |  last reply

How to connect a GSM shield with an Arduino uno board?

I connected the GSM shield and typed down a code of receiving an SMS, and it keeps showing an error about the serial port type.. I am not a professional person, I am working on my graduation project and can't go further due to this error..any one can help, please?

Question by Huda103    |  last reply

i was just wondering that like that laser alarm system can a cell phone be attached with a photo cell

I was just wondering that like that laser alarm system can a cell phone be attached with a photo cell and when some 1 cross the laser the cell phone send a SMS or some thing like this and plz keep it in ur knowledge that this stuff should be able to built at home thanks !?

Question by sinner8    |  last reply

How can I make a small Piezo Police siren, on a small footprint for HO Scale Model Railroad.? Police cars, ambulance etc

I have taken a little ambulance apart, which has a little piezo siren and flashing lights. I can create the flashing light circuit but how can I get the siren circuit ..?

Question by HarrisCreekCentral    |  last reply