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Robotic Snakes on a...

Pretty soon the TSA will have a new threat to deal with...Robotic Snakes On A Plane! They can climb up walls, stairs, go snooping for people, get through a chainlinked fence, they're pretty much unstoppable. But most impressively is the snake from Hirose Labs in Japan, it's pictured below, and that mofo can actually swim.It's beautiful, and amazing to watch this biologically inspired robot move, check it out: Clearly these robots are going to be very agile and useful, some researcher used his to walk the ring down the isle at his wedding... creepy? Yes. Awesome.... also yes. Let's see how many uses of robotic snakes you can come up with! Go:

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LED Snake

I made a new Instructables, my 4. Its called the LED Snake . Its made up of lot and lots and lots of LEDs in different colors, red, green and yellow. It can serve as any kind of decoration, or you can attach it to your car or bike and lots more.The LED Snake can be modified and hacked to blink , fade ... The lenght of the LED Snake is up to you, mine is 1m long! You can make this project under $ 10!To see how it is made and how you can make ti visit the instructables!

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3D Snakes and ladders

Hello all,I need to help in creating/building a 3D snakes and ladders should be portable,e.g When you land on a spot that takes you up the board automatically takes you up and when you land on a spot that takes you down you automatically go down,,material:Plastic preferably..any ideas are welcome..HELP!!

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What kind of snake is this?

We live in katy texas outside of Houston and we found this snake on the porch tonight dead What kind of snake is it?

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What species of snake is this? Answered

 Found in AZ

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What kind of snake is this?

Found this girl in my wood pile. Should I leave her alone or relocate her and the eggs. Is it poisonous? (I'm in north texas by a lake.)

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Help my snakes got out ??

Dose any one no of any way of safly catching a baby corn snake. iv looked all over the house to find it but no luck im looking every night befor i go to bed just incase i get lucky.  So how can i catch it?  

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anyway cheap to keep snakes away from my yard?

I am SO afraid of snakes and don't want them with-in a million miles of me !! The only stuff they sell in the stores is really costly and some say it doesn't work anyway.I really need something that works to keep them away from my property !! PLEASE HELP !!!!

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Secret To Slithering Is In The Scales

Secret To Slithering Is In The ScalesTalk of the Nation, June 12, 2009 -- How do snakes slither on smooth surfaces? Mechanical engineer David Hu, of Georgia Tech, filmed snakes slithering up inclines, outfitted them in jackets and photographed them through jello to better understand snake locomotion. The researchers published the study in the early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week.NPR's video that accompanies the article has some amazingly fun shots of snakes slithering in place on surfaces too smooth for them get any traction.

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mixed peanut spring snake

Anyone know how to make the snakes in the classic mixed peanut spring snake prank? I want to make a large set of snakes & put them in a motorized single barrel shot gun which spits them out fast one at a time. 

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A tribute to our Youth and Troops

Here is a good support our troops and youth video I found on youtube. I couldn't breath for a few minutes after watching this. These guys also own a production company, they can make a wedding video for you if you want.A tribute to our Youth and troops

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Can't get a garter snake to eat?

I live in colorado and catch Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes as well as Plains Garter Snakes all the time. I have tried to keep them as pets before, but I could not get them to eat. I cannot buy food for them, so I am stuck with insects such as grasshoppers, crickets, and ants as well as worms and whatever else I may find. I want to keep another pet, but they just wont eat! What should I do?

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How far can a snake strike? Answered

Take this snake for instance.  It is not coiled. If it wanted to, how far could this snake strike?

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I'm going to make a snake board

I'm going to make a snake board out of an old skate board and the only thing I need help with is how can I make a rotating 'hinge' so the decks can spin freely?

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operation snake sword is green lights.

Go to " and check out the plans for band camp on upgrading to a new type of raid warfare.

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how do i catch a black snake? Answered

There's a blacksnake roaming in my yard and i cant get it and im afraid it will hurt my small dog or chickens can someone tell me how to make a trap or something

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How to make a large cage for big SNAKES?

Hi, any of you clever guys has a bit of an advanced DIY knowledge of large vivarium building? I am looking for a but of inspiration/tech tips but if anybody loves a challenge, this is what I will be building. Its for my anacondas and it will need to have these specifications: - to hold humidity in/ have waterproof surface on the inside - definitely for the floor - to hold heat in (any ideas of non-toxic heat insulating/reflecting material that is not too thick?) - be fairly light for the purpose of ocassional moving - it needs to be designed with possibility of dismantling for moving in mind, using screws and similar rather than glue etc - to use as much of environmentally friendly materials as possible (ie solvent free etc) - glass doors at the front, all the other sides dont need to be see-through - economical to build - required dimensions: 31 cm tall x 47 cm wide x 204 cm long (front side with the 2 glass doors on hinges, with a partition in the middle 10 or more cm wide) I would be open to innovative materials/ approaches, the main criteria are re-assembly, reasonably low cost and non-toxicity Thanks to everybody for your ideas! In the photo you can see the right half of their present vivarium made of marine plywood. The cage dimensions are (in cm) 61 x 63 x 216.

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I got a snake (Ball Python)! I want tips

I just got a Ball Python. I got him on Saturday, August 14. I decided to name him monster. He is a very very calm (probably scared) snake. Considering snakes are somewhat new to my family, I want tips on how to care, and train my new snake. I have uploaded pictures.

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want/need to know to take care of a pet snake ?

Iv had a pet Corn Snake a nonvenomous snake native to most of the United states, they are good pets as long as you know how to feed and care for them. REMEMBER SNAKES CAN LIVE OVER 30 YEARSdoes anybody want/need an instructable on snake care? iv also handled and taken care of many other reptiles and amphibians through a volunteer group that are all native to the eastern coast Exsept for: ball python also a great snake to have as a pet is a they only grow about 4 feet long but they get fat. They are calm slow moving (why we use them in our group to teach little kids).

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how do you keep snakes out of my chicken house/pen?

I have recently started raising chickens and i have bitties in my chicken house and twice now a snake has gotten into the house and eaten bitties, the last one is resting peacfully along with the bittie in the garden next to the squash. any suggestions on how or what to put around the pen and house to keep snakes out?

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how would i go about making a humidity spritzer for a snake? or a hide?? Answered

I want to make a humidity sensor that will spritz my snakes en closer when the humidity gets to low but not make it too high.  an acceptable alternative would be a snake hide seeing as how he is getting to big for that both need to be affordable (not cost the same as buying a commercail one otherwise i wouldnt be asking you guys)

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I would like to know how to build a "snake board"?

Details- Having a Central board with two pivoting footplates attached at each end. the wheels are attached to the footplates via a form of "truck" as they are on regular skateboard. I need help trying to come up with it . you know like the cheap kind, easy kind, any would do, =D 

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Snake species vs vivarium size? [sorted - thanks for your efforts]

I have finally persuaded my wife that we "need" a snake, and she has agreed to something in the general area of a corn snake (at least, that's how I'm interpreting "the smaller the better, and don't you dare buy a python!"). I was going to go down the route of choose a snake then choose the right vivarium, when it occurred to me that the ideal location for me would be on a particular shelf. I have the necessary skills to construct a vivarium, but it would be an odd size compared to others - approx 75cm across the front, 25cm tall and 25cm deep. So, is there a snake that would be happy in a tank of these dimensions? There is also the option of removing a shelf and having the tank twice as tall, so it could potentially have two floors with a hole between (and probably some sort of climbing branch up through the hole). (On a slightly related note, are there any health reasons against using cyanoacrylate super glue in parts of the construction? I would, of course, give the glue plenty of time to cure & air before adding the resident.) An extra condition has been added - it had better not be smelly.  Are snakes smelly on a day-to-day basis?

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Knex Ceatures.


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Best way to carve circles?

I’m carving a walking stick into a snake I need to carve the scales of the snake (6mm) I have bought many attachments now but they don’t fit onto my dremel or drill I can only find bits that will make a complete hole which I don’t want Can anyone help?

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What's the flexible arm called on lamps and other things? Answered

Kind of like a snake....

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extract skeleton from smal (dead) animal

I want to dissolve the flesh & preserve the skeleton of a small snake - i have consulted this site re: skinning the snake, & was wondering what was the easiest/best way to be rid of the flesh - perhaps simply boiling it away? any help here appreciated - also interested in skulls & skeletons of mice/rats. -thanks

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How would I go about making a half mask like the lower part of Snake Eyes' mask in the Rise of Cobra movie?

In the movie his mask is basically a black visor and the lower half is all one piece of black matte plastic, but it's formed to the face with lip detail and everything. Is there a relatively easy way I could replicate this effect without getting into the big long process of making a mold of my own face and then forming plastic to it? No rush or anything, just thought it might make a fun project.

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Arduino nokia 5110 games

Hi anybody have the code and other info to build retro games using Arduino and nokia 5110 screen  I did see the game of snakes but now can't find it. Thanks Malcolm

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Simple/ and or cheap variable thermostat?

Well I have a friend who is looking into the purchase of a snake, and meanwhile picking out the snake and the heating element isn't the hard part for him (he's looking at a 23 watt 120vac heating pad for it). He was also looking at a thermostat designed for snake tanks, however they want close to $150 for it, and it doesn't even have many features, it's basically a black box with an 3 digit lcd and a programable timer. I know it wouldn't be hard to put something similar together from a pic and a few different parts, however it's been a long few years since I've designed a full schematic of something, let alone look at one. So I was wondering if someone so kind might aid me in making of a schematic so my friend can go order the parts he needs and I can build it for him (don't have a problem assembying circuits from raw schematics, I find it fun). However, there is a couple things he wants out of it. Number one most importantly, he wants it to be able to adjust the output voltage so he doesn't fry his snake (most simple thermostats simply turn on until temperature is reached, then off), no he wants something more dynamic than that. Second, he needs to have an external temperature probe so that he can keep the thermostat outside of the tank whilst keeping a handy eye on the temp and also obviously so that the thermostat knows when to come on (is there a limit to the length of wire you can put on a thermocouple?). Third and last, we need a simple timer circuit that keeps track of the time (what's that involve? a 13mhz crystal and a few other parts?) so that at night the thermostat can change it's "heating schedual", I assume so that it tries to maintain a temperature say 3-4C above the programmed temp. (night mode anyone?) However the thermostat he was looking at buying wanted you to buy a second cord, which connected to an external appliance timer (yes you heard me, a $9 wall timer) so that it knows what time it was. My friend really needs this as he's looking into getting this snake within the month. I appreciate anything anyone has to offer. Thanks guys! -Punkguyta

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How to perfect the pendulum wave?

I have made this pendulum wave and done a lot of fine tuning but I just can’t see how to get it perfect and to go back to the snake again. Which ball is the problem?

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What type/number of batteries should I use?

I have 6 Hi-Tech HS311 Servos that i'm running off an Arduino and external power. I have tried a 9V on the external power, but it only works for one or two servos, moving for a short time. I need to find out what type of battery I should be using. I have quite a few 9Vs lying around, if I could use those, that would be preferable. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! The servos have to lift each other and some aluminum. A couple of friends and I are building a servo snake. Thanks!

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how do i keep pests away from my vermicompost pile? Ex: mice,snakes,racoons?

Im young and trying to start vermiomposting at school and at home. i have to garantee all the adults that they wont have any problems with pests. it an be indoors or out doors. i get their support only when i have ways to prevent mice and other pests. i really want to do this because i know it makes soil faster and our school goes through a lot of scraps.

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Dishwasher not draining, kitchen sink and bathtub draining slowly?

Recently everything seems to be draining slowly. I snaked the bathtub and removed a chunk of hair but it's still draining slow. My dishwasher isn't draining properly and the sinks partially fill up when dishwasher is running. Also the kitchen sink drains slowly. Could this be an air vent block? Last winter we  had a similar issue with our kitchen sink, after snaking, baking soda and vinegar etc it still would not drain well. We thought it might be ice buildup in the pipes? If it is an air vent block how would one go about unclogging? Also is there any chance the air vent would come out of the side of the house and not the top?

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hey help build VU-METER STEREO 2 X 10 LED??

There are snakes can help me build VU-METER STEREO 2 X 10 LED??

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Metal Gear Solid Guns

I'm also looking for guns from one of the greatest games (at least to me), Metal Gear Solid. My top 5 requests are: 1. The SOCOM 2. The USP 3. The FAMAS 4. The Mauser C96 (The gun Eva uses in Snake Eater) 5. P90 (The gun Solidus Snake uses in Sons Of Liberty) Of course, all other guns from Metal Gear will also be appreciated as well, so if anybody who knows where I can find the instructable for any of these, or if anyone knows how to make it themselves (or is up to the challenge of trying to make them), please reply and tell me where to go (or what it will be called, if you need time to make it and put it up). I believe that it is possible to make at least 2 or 3 of these guns. Thanks to everyone that joins in the cause of making these guns, or at least telling me where to find the instructables for them, and happy building.

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can you change the camera view on metal gear solid peace walker for psp?

I downloaded the demo but the camera is like behind "snake". i wanted to know if i could change it to be more like call of duty, metal of honor, etc... 

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How do you open a clogged plumbing air vent to a kitchen sink? Answered

We are having a plumbing problem with the  kitchen sink draining. The dishwasher ( for the most part) drains, but the kitchen sink does not. We have  tried the regular drain cleaners with no success. Then on the Internet it said to try sulfuric acid. When he went to Lowe's to get the acid, the Lowe's man suggested another really good drain cleaner and we tried it, it was something that you put so much in for 3 days. It didn't work. Last night we tried the sulfuric acid, sink still not draining. Or I should say , it drains very very very slow, pretty much takes several hours to drain. He has also been up on the roof checking to see if there was a bird nest or something blocking the vent. He didn't find any obstruction. He used a plumbers snake and he could put it down through the vent until it reached water. However , the plumbers snake did come loose from the handle, and now it is in the vent. We don't know how to get it out, or if it will be a problem in the vent. ....and he did not take a hose up to the roof and run water into the vent. That is the only thing I see that we have not done yet. He has taken all the pipes apart under the sink and run the snake under there as far as he can, there is no clog under the sink that we can find. Those drain pipes are all put back together. The plumbing in the rest of the home all works properly.

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drain in kitchen not draining?

Had a guy snake kitchen drain and still did not drain until he took off the mechanical air vent, so he said to replace the vent, after replacing the vent there was no change, the drain is very slow with the vent on, if the vent is off it drains fast, I have tried 2 vents they are the black cheaper vents. any help would be appreciated. Thanks the sink is a double

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captcha not working

I have been trying to use the reply button in the comments section, but when I do I get an error box telling me to type the two words. The problem is that there is not a captcha box on the screen. I have tried wiping my browsing history and reloading the page. Nothing seems to be working. Was there a really bad problem of people using bots on here or what? Captchas are such a pain in the rear.

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MGS5's iDroid - Can it be Built with Open Source Tech?

I can't get enough of Metal Gear Solid 5! It definitely deserves the 10/10 scores its received! But as cool as it would be to have a giant robot or even a Walker Gear that you and/or your enemies can pilot, I think the coolest thing to have from the game would be the "iDroid". If you havent played "The Phantom Pain" or "Ground Zeroes", the iDroid is a device Snake uses for multiple purposes. Some include: sending radio trasmissions and calling in supply drops or helicopters between the iDroid's location and Mother Base, Displaying a topographical satellite view of the area Snake is in, Organizing Mother Base staff, resources, R&D; projects, and playing music from cassette tapes found while on missions, Just to name a few. (bold font is to differentiate the uses) So is it possible to build a similar device using the open source technology of today? (minus the use of cassette tapes and a 2D holographic projection screen) I'm pretty confident that it can be done, but what do you guys think?

Topic by EngineerJakit  

Antique Fan

Hi, I bought an old Hunter antique fan at a garage sale  that I am trying to make work. I should mention that I am a 65-year-old female and have never done this sort of thing before. I have removed the cage and blade.    Through another source which has stopped helping me, I was able to unlock and de-grease the oil box. I did rewire the main cord and I see that the fan does work.  Yay!!!! Now the problems start.  There is a 3-wire cord that comes out of the motor head and  snakes down to inside the base.  This cord is majorly frayed.   It is not like the 2-wire cord I fixed that plugged into the wall outlet. I need some advice on how to replace the portion of the cord that shows the fray for both esthetic and safety reasons.  It is wired inside the motor and I don't want to remove that attachment.   I have enough wiggle room with the cord to add/replace a portion and snake it down to the base. I will attach some pictures to try and clarify my ramblings.

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How do I use a timer to turn LEDs on one after the other?

I need to find a way to have a series of red LEDs turn on one after the other, as if it was a snake, moving along a line, or a laser pointer, slowly turning on, the lights being the laser beam... How would I do this with basic circuitry knowledge and a tight budget (less than 20 dollars)?

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Brown Dog Build Night at Banjarapalya Makerspace

Hey again from the Banjarapalya Makerspace, Last month we did quite a few build nights on the brown dog solar panels and the makers came up with some amazingly cool projects. It is clearly evident that our little rural makerspace is getting the taste of technology and the folks are loving it.  Some of the cool projects were - 1)a snake made out of paper cups and controlled by arduino run on a brown dog solar panel 2)a solar fan that can be clipped to your table or to your hand. Super portable. 3)a cute little touch piano, also fed by the sun 4)solar powered boat 5)a beautiful tree with LEDs powered too by the sun! Have attached some of the images. Please give feedback in comments to these projects so the makers can improve themselves and come up with cooler ideas.  Cheers, Abhijit

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39% and climbing - renewable resources in Portugal.

In the UK, less than 5% of our electricity comes from "green", renewable resources.In Portugal, they generate 39% of their power with renewables, and that is set to climb.These red "snakes" - the Pelamis wave-power system - are built in the UK (but guess which government hasn't invested in them?), and Portugal is also investing heavily in wind, solar and hydro-electricity.Link to photo storyIf one of the poorest countries in Europe can manage this, why can't the rest of us?

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What "strange" things have you eaten?

The things that your culture find quite normal to eat might seem very strange and disgusting to others. What kind of food have you eaten that you think others will be revolted by? I've eaten Snake, Dog, Snails, Shark, Eel, Reindeer, Donkey, Crickets, Ants I'd like to try Guinea Pig and Whale I could consider Rat and Cat I don't think that I'd like to try Larvae and Live Octopus

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