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Light socket help

I am trying to mount a medium base socket to a bottle opener. I can get a candelabra base to it because of the mounting bar. I can't find a medium base socket with the same bracket.any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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USB wall socket

Does anyone know how I could make one of these?

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smallest power jack socket?

I'm looking for the tiniest power jack socket possible for charging an internal battery.  I'm considering micro USB, but it's difficult to solder (and it would be nice if the plug didn't have an up and down direction).  Can anybody suggest alternatives?  Thanks.

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Light Socket Extension help

Can you help me find a safe way to build a cheaper version of this:   Here's my situation: I want to convert double-lamped can lights into adjustable spotlights without making any permanent changes other than unscrewing a lightbulb and replacing it with something else.  It needs to be able to go back to a lightbulb very easily.  The cans stick out from the wall and each socket is oriented vertically, so one points up and one points down, effectively washing the wall up and down with light.  The wall of 8 or so are wired so the tops are all on one circuit and the bottoms are all on another circuit. The item from Lowe's works OK, but is $17 and more flexible than I need.  Here's what I started to put together:   At the top is a 100W Par38 spot light, screwed into a single outdoor metal lampholder.  That is attached to a 1/2" pipe (PVC or metal), about 12" long.  Now, at the bottom of the pipe, it needs to screw in to the socket to get power.  I either need to get an E27 lamp base onto that pipe, or use a two-blade outlet adapter that screws in, and get a two-blade plug that is rigidly fixed to the pipe.   Is there anyway to do this that the NEC would smile at?  Absent of that, a way that is still safe and secure, and safely removeable without changing the existing light socket arrangement?

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how to wire a light socket?

Hello,  Me and my girlfriend live in this old apartament building build around 1910.  one of the rooms in our apartament is lacking lighting. and id have a light socket that id like to install. below im attaching images of the place in the ceiling where the light should be.  the wires of the light socket i have got does not have any coloring.  there are 2 silver wires wrapped in transparent plastic sleeves. one of the sleeves has a small bump on it. there is no writing.  i tried to follow some instruction materials but cant reason much through it.  in that room there is a box to turn the light on, and a plug socket. the wire from it goes to middle of the room with this space for light which is on the picture. then from there another second wire to plug socket at the end of the room.  i already know that i need to turn off electricity in the house and about safety. i tried to wire the socket based on instructions found elsewhere first but there was still no light in the room. the plug sockets in the room work without any problems.   i appreciate all the help.  thanks a lot. 

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Zune to Ipod socket connector

I've just got a ZUNE, love it, but all MP3 accessories seem to be made for Ipods. Has anyone seen a adaptor from Zune to Ipod accessories?

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Can I use a 7mm socket instead of a 1/4 inch socket? Answered

Is 7mm close enough to 1/4 to work correctly?

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AV output socket in TV set.

Hi all i am finding difficult using the AV output socket in my TV because it have only one output socket. I have to plug it out and connect to what I may intend to use (VCD,VCR,HIFI). Can someone suggest a way or a circuit to make (4 AV output will be nice). Thanks.

Topic by sunwah  

deconstructing HEMMA light socket end

Does anyone know how to take apart the socket end of IKEA's HEMMA light "fixture". I'm sure it's easy, but so far it has me stumped. I'm trying to shorten the cord's length.

Topic by iankhammond    |  last reply

cable header sockets with .1" pitch

I'm looking for sockets like the ones pictured but I'm not having any luck. I guess I don't know what to search for. What I'd like is a way to make cables to connect PCBs together. I'd like to buy the sockets and wire them up myself. I'd also like 2 pin and even 1 pin versions. At a job I had a while ago they had wires with single sockets on the end that were very handy for connecting to standard .1" male pin headers. If anyone has any idea where to find these sockets or what to search for on Digikey I'd appreciate it.

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Looking for a particular light bulb socket?

I am looking for a standard light bulb socket that can be soldered onto a circuit board.  It would need two pins that could fit into a printed circuit board and then soldered.  Do they even make such a thing?

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Looking for a socket I can solder

I am looking for a standard (e-26) light bulb socket with two pins so I can solder it to a printed circuit board.  Any ideas where I can find one?

Topic by Fettda  

What tool is this ? unusual nut socket

Any ideas on where this tool would be used ? it tightens a splined nut which is keyed with one spline being wider than the others, only identifying mark is the letter "E" stamped on the end, could possibly be anti theft if it's recessed.

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LED Conversion from battery to socket

I've found a few projects that touch on converting a standard light bulb to a LED configuration. But nothing that I have come across has a complete diagram for the conversion. I know that LED lights will last longer than most lamps and are much cheaper to run. But they cost upwards of +$20 each! Any help would be AWSOME!

Topic by Chef Chad McIntyre    |  last reply

Power a cordless tool with a wall socket?

I have been experimenting with multiple scrounged mostly computer transformers and wiring them into the battery packs. Most of them work for a while then they quit. They can add a quick charge to bad batteries and I can use the tool directly while plugged in but once the transformer goes the battery soon runs down. I am using 18 and 19.2 volt tools and am wondering what voltage and amperage transformer would work or is this just a fatally flawed set up? I have no electrical background and my main motivation for this project is to give new life and function to otherwise wasted equipment. I would also like to see these unused tools possibly made available to those in less fortunate areas who could use the tools either from an AC conversion or to run from a 12 volt car battery which is common world wide. Thanks for any input

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I need suggestions on how to fix an RJ45 socket that will not keep the cable connected?

The little catches that hold the ethernet cable in place have been broken off. I've used duct tape as a temporary solution. Replacing the jack on a 5 year old laptop is too expensive. I'm posting a photo of a broken jack and one that isn't. The one on the left is broken.

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How to wire a 3 terminal socket ( i believe they are called 2 way sockets

I would like to put led mini lights inside of a liquor bottle lamp that i bought, my question is how can I connect this to a 3 terminal socket so i would be able to turn on just the mini light, or just the lamp bulb or both at the same time.

Topic by jeffsdad    |  last reply

Led Lightbulb for r7s socket or how to repurpose from rs7 to gu10 or other sockets

I have some nice wall lights but mounting R7S bulbs. These are halogen and of course use a lot of electricity. I have looked everywhere for a compatible LED lightbulb but the problem with all the ones available is that they are designed to fit floodlights, ie. they take too much space and cannot be fit if your socket is a small linear r7s. Attached example of the led bulb shows that behind the connectors the casing takes too much space and this is what is stopping me from using these lightbulbs. Also u can see my lamp and how tight the space is behind the halogen bulb So questions 1 - do you know where i can find such a lightbulb with no space or very little space behind connectors ? or 2 - any instructions on how i can repurpuse the current lamps by replacing the current R7S socket with something else?  I dont know much about electrics so i wanted to get a understanding with a step by step process so that i dont blow myself up. pls notice this forum images are not getting saves so here is a link to a album to the wall lamp images

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How do I login to a php page using sockets within mIRC ? Please go through the information provided. Thank you.

This is the info I have: How would I go about using the POST method using sockets in mIRC, I am able to connect just fine using the GET method. I am also able to pick up the value for PHPSESSID but unsure how to use it.


Hi. Is there someone out there who might repair motor vehicle ball and socket joints or know of such facility?

I have such joints on a yacht's steering gear in need of replacement. Easy I hear you say but not so for I can't identify which vehicle they were intended to fit and enquiries to various manufacturers/suppliers have drawn a blank because of the taper required (imperial dimensions I believe). Only option would seem to be to have the offending part repaired. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Regards Recrem.

Question by Recrem    |  last reply

Mechanical ball and socket joints with specified tension? Answered

Okay mechanical engineers: what I am looking for is a ball and socket joint with a tension rating. The idea is to make a lamp that has an adjustable angle fitting for aiming the light. Is there a name for a metal joint composed of a metal ball bearing surrounded by a sleeve (socket) with a determinable amount of friction, adjustable for the weight of the adjoining object?

Question by Nate Cougill    |  last reply

connecting peltier element to 12v car socket? Answered

I have 150W peltier element, and I plan to build a mini  fridge for my car, so I was wondering if its safe to just directly connect peltier element to 12v car cigarette socket with 2 in parallel attached cpu cooling fans (12v 0.15A). Can it be done, or any other sugesstions?

Question by xtony666    |  last reply

USB 3 device in a USB 2 socket? Answered

Just checking, but am I correct in thinking that a USB3 portable drive will work in a USB2 port, just more slowly?

Question by Kiteman    |  last reply

Howto wire an AVR programmer to a microcontroller-socket? Answered

Hi, i'm bloody new into electronics and i want to make these "animatronic cat ears". I bought an avr-programmer with a usb-jack on the one hand and a 10pin-jack on the other hand, a chip and sort of a exchange-socket (dunno how it's called). Now i'd have to solder the socket (2x8 pins) onto a piece of breadboard and connect it to the 10pin-jack of the programmer  (otherwise i'd have to buy new programmer with socket for expensive 20 bucks). I can't really find the info howto wire things and i'm a lil bit afraid of frying things.

Question by Luziviech    |  last reply

What is a simple way to transfer an audio signal wirelessly from a headphone socket to a stereo input socket?

I am trying to transmit audio wirelessly for a school prank. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Question by lardbob    |  last reply

How can I secure a power extension socket on the wall without nails?

Are there any tricks or materials to firmly secure a power extension socket on a wall (or any vertical surface), without using hammer & nails? I've tried duct tape, but it's not firm and steady, I want the socket to be as steady as possible and to be able to hold some weight.

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What is a good cable/socket system for modular circuits?

I've been working on and off on an integrated color organ and vumeter over the past few months.  Part of the design is that there will be a central "hub" that will do all the filtering and user interfacing, allowing me to build the display itself separately.  The intent is that this will allow me more design freedom in a display, since I won't have to fit all the circuitry into it.  It's also cool, since this project is more self education than anything else.  The minor problem is that I have no idea what type of cable or connector to use in order to make the design modular. So, is there a good cable/socket type for this purpose?  It preferably needs at least five wires (high, low, mid, left channel, right channel), which is why I don't think USB is a possibility.  Also, will it be necessary for one of the wires to be hooked up to ground of the central hub?  My intent is for the display and hub to have different power supplies, with the filter outputs hooked up to transistors in the display, which will in turn "trigger" the leds. Forgive me if this is a glaringly obvious question; I'm entirely new to electronics, so I have no experience with cables and the like. edit: the display is going to be at least a foot from the central hub, if not more, so ribbon cables and the likes are out of the picture.

Question by Skidion    |  last reply

how do I reduce the voltage from a wall socket (220V) to something less? Answered

I need to reanimate the indoor body of an air conditioning system. right now it just has two wires sticking out for the fans inside. the problem is that when i plug it in the wall socket, it goes on full blast, which is undesirable. it's missing all of it's electronics. it's just the fans and the empty freon pipes inside. how do I reduce the voltage so it doesn't blow so mercilessly?

Question by VALKIR    |  last reply

12 VDC

AC -> 12v DC, 1000mA Output -> Halogen Lamp = Nothing.DC -> 12v DC, 10 AA Batteries -> Halogen Lamp = Works fine.Yes, the wall adapter works.Why does the Halogen Lamp not accept the current?@ 6v, 5W (0.83 Amps, right? Just under the AC output..)

Topic by NarNar    |  last reply

How to identify the pins on a DC input socket (jack)? Answered

I have a couple of dc input jacks that i have de-soldered from old electronics, and I now have the need for such a jack as i am making a mini guitar amplifier. However, I don't know what the connector lugs are each of them, and am not entirely sure whether they are the type with are usually closed (have a switch in them) and only break the circuit to use external power source when a jock is plugged in. I suspect they aren't that sort, because I think they would need more connections than these have. One has 3 solder lugs, the other only has 2. Here are some pictures to help make it clearer (sorry for bad photos, with the amount of great light tent instructables on here, you'd have thought i'd have made myself a better macro setup than this by now)

Question by mdog93    |  last reply

Walkie talkie mic and headphone 3.5 mm sockets

Iam wondering if I could get two walkie talkies (2 way radios but I prefer calling it walkie talkie) and add two 3.5mm jacks one for ear phones and one for a mic.  Using a splitter 3.5mm for the sockets, a 3.5mm mic and a 1m extension  for the mic so I can put the walkie talkie in a pocket. Can someone tell me if this will work please and any suggestions for improvements to my plan 

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Toshiba Satellite A135-S4427 bad power socket?

My wife has a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4427 and at times when plugged in the "plugged in" light isn't lit and the laptop runs on battery. right now we have it on a wood table and not moving it and it stays running as plugged in. How can I determine if the problem is the power cord or the jack in the computer? if it is the Jack, can it be repaired?

Topic by jehanny    |  last reply

can i use s1g4 processor on socket s1g3 ? Answered

I want to upgrade my laptop to champlain processor  my laptop is ACER Aspire 4540 : AMD Turion II x2 M520 ATI Radeon HD 4200 RAM DDR2 3gb

Question by Rendydevara    |  last reply

Is it possible/safe to plug photovoltaic electricity into wall socket? Answered

I have a photovoltaic panel and I want to connect it to the AC power line of my house. To  connect it to the electrical panel of the house I should use long wires. So I thought: "Is it possible to plug it into the nearest wall socket?" Of course I don't want to put straightway DC from the photovoltaic panel into the AC power line... what I mean is  to plug the output from an inverter into the wall socket. Is the inverter supposed to adjust the phase of its output current to match the mains' phase? Should I look for a particular kind of inverter? Thanks for your answers EDIT: Doing further research I found that a company sells photovoltaic systems that you can plug into the wall socket. So in theory it should be doable, but as rickharris pointed out, it seems that it would cost more than I'm ready to spend. Probably I had better resort to plan B: connecting the solar panel to an inverter, snaking wires through the walls and adding another receptacle to an existing electrical outlet. Thanks to all of you

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can i make a usb socket?and connect it to current?

 i have  a simple mp4 which needs 2 be charged frequently and  my comp"s usb is spoilt so please help me

Question by akhile1996    |  last reply

Rewire car charger to UK mains electricity socket

Hello there, I have a 12V air compressor pump which I would like to use inside the house. It's designed for pumping up car tyres, so it has a car cigarette lighter plug, but I think it would be useful for cleaning out the dust from my computers. I've seen a few mains adapter converters on the internet, but none of them have the required amperage (16 amps). I've decided it would be more useful to convert it to a mains plug instead. My knowledge of electronics wiring is poor, but I'm a dab hand at tutorials, I just need to know where to start! :) Would anyone be able to give me some advice? The device is here if anyone wants some background: Thank you! James

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Do you HAVE to have a socket for an 8 pin microcontroller or can you just solder it directly to the board? Answered

I'm trying to put together a Tv-B-Gone with the Microcontroller from ladyada but they don't send along the socket (I had the rest of the parts already from other projects and just needed the microcontroller and socket) and its not at Radioshack either. So I'm wondering how important that piece is? Can't I just solder it directly to the wires? Or is there something specific that I'm failing to understand? In a dire need to learn, thanks.

Question by spazenport    |  last reply

how do I make a light up power socket?

I need a method for including a light in a socket so that it turns on when there is a current running through it, anybody know how this can be done>?

Question by Nayr    |  last reply

What diameter hole do I need to drill for a standard E26 lamp socket nipple? Answered

I live in the UK and am making a lamp for a friend in the US. They are going to fit the socket and wire but I need to drill a hole for the nipple to go through to seat the socket. What diameter hole should I drill to fit a standard E26 brass socket nipple? (I've added a picture to show the kind of socket I have in mind) Apologies if any of the terminology is off, it's all very different in the UK! Thanks for your Help!

Question by chuckstuff    |  last reply

What type of socket has processors that are exactly 1 GHz, 2 GHz and 3 GHz?

I need a 1 GHz processor, a 2 GHz processor and a 3 GHz processor all with the same socket and all with the same number of cores (all single core or all double core).

Question by danielemur    |  last reply

I am looking to power a light that is built into a mains socket?

Is there a way to include a light in a mains socket so that it will light up when there is a plug put into it? I know i will need to create a separate housing for the light circuit but i plan to adhesive it to the socket, or can the pins of the plug complete the circuit to make the light work? induction perhaps? any ideas or solutions would be great!

Question by Nayr    |  last reply

What is the standard size dc input jack socket for music equipment i.e. mini amps and guitar effects gadgets? Answered

As quite a few people will have noticed (because i have asked so many 'beginners' questions on here) I am building a mini guitar amp. I am wanting to use a 2.5mm or a 2.1mm dc input socket, I was just wondering if there was a 'standard' size connector. I'm sure I have heard there is one size commonly used in guitar effects pedals and equipment like that. It doesn't really matter, because this is likely to be a one- off product, but if something breaks a few years down the line then I would like to be able to say i'd used the most common jack, so i can get a replacement.

Question by mdog93    |  last reply

How can I fix the blue screen of death ?

Recently I connected two ddr2 rams (1gb) into my ddr3 sockets with 2 sockets already having two ddr3 ram(2gb) . And when I turned pc on it said it has a problem and I should try to restart . I removed ddr2 ram and turned on my pc but whenever I turn it off or try to restart my pc it just ends up with "blue screen of death" .Anyone knows how can I fix that ? or is that even possible to fix ? Please! 

Question by FDelevingne    |  last reply

Piezo triggered power socket for rope lights or led strip?

I'm an electronics beginner. I generally know what components I need for my ideas, but I don't know what specs or how to put them together. I would like to create a socket similar to the one pictured that is triggered by a kick drum, so that I can have rope lights strung around the drum riser flash whenever the drum is hit. I know I will need a piezo element and a transistor/relay. I have read that transistors are more instantaneous. Is this feasible, or would it be more practical to use an led strip? A list of components and advise on how to put it together or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Question by pacello    |  last reply

240V Power Socket with USB outlets leaks current/not grounded ?

I just got a 3 pin wall power socket (240volts/EU style) that comes 2 built in USB charging ports. I replaced my wall power socket with it and both the USB charging ports works fine and so does the power socket (when I connected my 240volt desk lamp to it). However, when I happened to make a call on my iPhone whilst it was charging (from one of the usb ports), there was a "tingling" sensation when I held the phone to my ear.  This is a repeatable process... turn the switch off/disconnect from the USB port and the "tingling" goes away, turn it on/connect the phone to the USB port and the "tingling" is back again. There is obviously a grounding/current leakeage problem from this "Socket".  I can't feel the "tingling" when the connected phone is being held in my hand. It is very apparent when the phone is held next to my ear.   I have ascertained that the connection to the power socket is correct ie.  Live, Neutral and Earth are all correctly wired. QUESTIONS: 1.  Is there a way to detect this leakage other than only using my ear ?  ( I need to show the manufacturer that this is a real problem either with a video or be able to measure this leakage objectively).  Is there a electrical device /detector for this ? 2.  How dangerous is this situation ... Could it have electrocuted my family ? 3.  What is the cause of this ?  Is it because of poor earthing/grounding in my house wiring ?

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Lowering the power coming from wall socket into Wood burner?

Hey hey, I have a wood burning system that I LOVE, but at its lowest setting it burns just a touch too hot. It has a variable temperature dial, but it doesn't go quite low enough for me. Is there a way for me to reduce the power coming into it from the wall?  As an example of the kind of reduction I'm looking for. If I run my small space heater off the same outlet, the wood burner burns slightly cooler at a temperature that works for me. Any help would be extremely helpful! Thank you in Advance! Mike

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How much damage can a wall socket do to a person?

I took apart my cell phone charger and put the two prongs in the outlet so that i wouldnt lose them and as it turns out, metal conducts electricity, and i shocked myself. (it was kinda fun) i know that isnt serious, but how many times would it take for there to be lasting damage to my brain or something?

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How can I use a 50w bulb in a 150w socket?

I am converting alp720 lamp into a regular lamp for easy replacement. I can get it all to work, save two problems, 1 I have to hold in the reset button because the lamp is not tied to the circuitry and 2 I have to have an extra cord to run the light. Can I short the system somehow and run the wiring from the on off switch itself?

Question by Jaims0075    |  last reply

How to connect 12v water pump to the 240v wall socket Answered

Hi there I really hope someone can help. I want to install a campervan tap setup in my office (tu cut a long story short, I need the sink and running water and the building is too old and no plumber will work there for little money) and got a 12v water pump which I indent do connect to a tap and feed from a 20L water tank.  This is the pump: I got these details: Volts: 12V Nom. (9-14.4V) Amps: 3MAX (3.5A fuse required)  My question is: Can I hook it up to a 12V 5A power adapter to it and simply plug it to the wall? This is the adapter I found: I really hope someone can help as I'm useless with this stuff 

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