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Soda Bottle Skylights

I love ingenuity, so I wanted to share this link to an article on a Brazilian machinist who makes skylights from water filled pop bottles. I'm not sure if these would classify as a budget solatube or a twenty first century deck prism.There's also a video, but it's in some obscure foreign language. Portuguese i think.I might add one to my shed...

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cleaning soda bottles?

What is the best way to clean plastic bottles so they can be repurposed? (Hanging planters, bottle-bottom flowers, etc) Thanx! Y'all are AMAZING.

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Plastic Bottles?

I would like to melt them in an oven,and have them slump around a mold. At what temp should the oven be set ?

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Soda Bottle Change Purse

Store your change in this recycled plastic bottle change purse.  Throw this environmentally friendly accessory into your bag.  What a great conversation starter!

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Plastic Soda Bottle Prosthesis

Prosthethic arms for land-mine victims, etc. War, land mines, and natural disasters create far too many amputees each year, especially in the developing world.  Worse, prosthetic limbs are expensive and hard to come by.  The Center for International Rehabilitation, posting under Instructables username CIRNetwork, has been working to find sustainable solutions:  locally available materials worked by local craftsmen.   Their plastic soda bottle prosthesis is one clear, simple solution to this problem:  a plastic bottle is heat-shrunk to cover a plaster cast of the limb stump.  Different devices can be attached to the end of the bottle, enabling the wearer to perform basic daily tasks.  This type of thing can really make a difference.  Check out the video below, and see more on the CIRNetwork YouTube channel. Want to help?  CIR is seeking donations of mobility aids to support ongoing rehabilitation relief efforts in Haiti.  You can also make general donations to assist people with disabilities worldwide. This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

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Pop bottle caps?

I have been saving pop bottle caps for a short time now.  But with the amount of pop my wife and I drink I am going to have them coming out of my ears in no time.  So anyone have any crafting ideas to do with pop bottle caps?  One thing I thought of was to make a computer case out of them.  But maybe I have watched that video of the guy making an 8-bit Zelda case out of wooden blocks too much.

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Recycling Soda Bottles Experiments

Test 1: heat gun, "high setting"  Plastic Coke bottle SOFTENS + shrinks                                                                  -  at about 250F * Test 2: Heat gun " low setting** " Plastic coke bottle MELTS enough to  make gooey threads , and bubbles   -   at 450 to 500 F *according to a cheapy harborfreight laser thermometer. Not sure just how accurate it is in the 250  to 500F range. This device seems to read 5 degrees high at the 100F range. ** ironically, the temp is higher on the "low" setting. When the fan is moving less air, that air is hotter. One of the tricks, I imagine, might be to fully melt the plastic without burning it.   Suggestions welcome. Further results will follow.

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Bottle Cap Beads

Ok....  I have literally exhausted every avenue I can.  All I can find are already done bottle cap beads and their finished jewelry.  NO WHERE have I found the instructions on how to actually make the beads themselves.  I need help.  This is driving me INSANE!  Basically you take to bottle caps(and MAYBE you round em out with a ball peen hammer)  Then you weld? glue? them together and drill holes thru them.  I have hundreds and hundreds of bottle caps for this project.  All I need are the instructions to do this project.  I am begging anyone out there who knows of, or has made these please, please...  Write me here, communicate with me telepathically....  Something..  Anything!  I am begging my fellow Instructians for assistance! Thank you in advance!! Johana P.S.  I am posting a picture of what the finished things look like.  Some have the wavy edges and some don't   I don't care if they have one of the other.  I just need to make these guys!!

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How can I measure the pressure inside a bottle of soda? Answered

I'm wanting to know the internal pressure of an unopened bottle of soda.  I'm thinking that I can cover it with an empty balloon and seal it off, then slowly open the bottle letting the balloon expand. Then by approximating the volume of CO2 in the balloon and bottle I'll be able to calculate the pressure of the soda that was in the bottle.  Would this work and any other ideas for this would be appreciated! 

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How much psi can an average 500 ml water bottle hold?

I'm making a soda machine with the "Carbonating: The cheap and easy way", and I would like to knwo how much pressure it can take, as I would prefer that my soda doesn't blow up in my face :)

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what kind of plastic are pop or soda bottles made of? Answered

Specifically mountain dew. is it styrene or a type of pvc?

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How do you make a pressurized 2 litre coke bottle instrument

I have found this video on youtube of this guy who made an instrument out of 2 litre soda bottles. He says he drilled a hole in the cap and put a tire valve through the hole. Then he used silicone to seal the hole, screwed in onto the bottle, and pressurized it. Then he hit it on his hand and other various objects and it produced a very clear sound. I have tries to recreate this, pumping my bottle up to 120 PSI with no results. I noticed that he is from the UK and that his bottles were shaped differently than mine(from America), being more of an hourglass shape. Would this have any affect? Also i noticed that when i was doing it that there was a lower PSI(somewhere less than 100... mabye 80ish?) where i could hear a faint sound similar to in the video. Is it possible that I missed the correct PSI?

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In need of plastic bottle tops

In need of plastic bottle caps and the tops off the bottles. can not be the thin waterbottles. The caps from Coke bottles like in the picture are best, as well as any sports drink like Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, etc. the last picture shows what I mean by the tops of the bottles.

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ZOMG! LOLCats On Jones Soda!??!!!

:OJones Soda is now selling Limited Edition ICanhascheezburger labeled bottles.FEATURING: The ICanhascheezburger contest winners. The following images were selected from over 2,000 entries and have appeared on regular Jones Soda labels in select areas. If you missed them here is your chance to grab them on a myJones bottle.There are 6 different labels, each case of 12 sells for $29.99Get them while you still can!LINK

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Soda Bottle Fusing? Anyone ever successfully joined two soda bottles either by heating fusing or by adhesive glue?

I want to take standard 2-liter soda bottle and join a few of them together into a short column.  The seam or joint needs to be able to hold together and be air-tight and withstand some pressure. I want to submerge the bottles in the water, and so the joints must be able to withstand the forces against the outside of the bottles.  Anyone tried fusing the edges together again; like cutting the bottoms off of two bottles and joining the two cut edges together to form a double length bottle?  If so, how did you do it?  Any special equipment?  Thanks in advance!

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How can I get a smooth cut when cutting plastic bottles? Answered

I am cutting the bottom portion of  a LOT 12 & 24 oz soda bottles (green craft!) and I am having problems getting a smooth edge. Right now I'm using a miter saw with a very fine plywood blade in backwords. I need something that would work quickly and not too time consuming.

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I am looking for ideas for an explosion for water bottles or soda bottles.I am not looking for: coke and mentoes sugarcubes and vault vinegar and baking soda My version of an exploding bottle is chucking one up in the air an watching it blow up when it hits the ground. Please post some Ideas!(or if you happen to come across a way to invent a watter bottle cannon, that shoots full water bottles...POST IT!!!!) i can also give you help on all of your explosion needs. or you can email me at

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how do i connect a soda bottle to pvc or copper pipe?

I am making a pneumatic rifle with a soda bottle...i just have no idea how to connect the threaded end to further piping such as valves and barrels. any help?

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What kind of glue will work well on PET (soda/pop bottles)?

I need to attach two pieces of PET together, and I need a very strong joint.

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I want to make a soda bottle terrarium for this little sapling I have. Help?

It is a little evergreen/pine I think. What should I do to alter a regular soda bottle terrarium to better suit my little tree? Thanks in advanced!

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What do you call the ring left around the neck of a plastic bottle when you first take off the bottle cap? Answered

It's made as part of the bottle cap, to create the safety seal; and it breaks away from the cap the first time you open the bottle.

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How to seal liquid leakage between 1/2inch pvc pipe and 2 liter bottles?

For the project I am making, I need to make sure there is absolutely no leakage from liquid between sticking 1/2inch pvc pipe into a 2 liter bottle. I need to know how this might be accomplished. 

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How can I carbonate soda using a CO2 tank and not have to carbonate each 2L bottle one at a time? Answered

I want to start making my own soda and I can get my hands on a CO2 tank. I've seen how to do it, but it involves carbonating each 2L bottle separately. I was thinking of filling some sort of tank up with the soda and carbonating that. What would I need in order to set something like that up, and how should I got about doing it?

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Where is the best place to get soda tabs? Answered

I'm going to make a bunch of stuff that are made of the tabs, but I don't even have enough for half of a chain after two-three weeks.

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How to make a bottle rocket car?

How can i make a bottle rocket car? I have limited materials to use on the project. The materials i can use are: - 5 straws - 1 regular size water bottle - 1 sheet of a paper towel roll - 4 wheels - baking soda - vinegar - hot glue (glue gun used to apply it) I thought up of a couple of designs and they all failed. Can anyone help?  

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where can I find 3 liter plastic bottles?

I need 3 liter plastic soda bottles

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How do you clean the glue off of a 2 litire soda bottle? Answered

I want to make the "Victorian Domed Glass Display Case" from, but am unable to clean the glue off of my 2 litre bottle, Please help.

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nerf gun airtech 2000 and 3000 mod!

Alright... so i hooked a soda bottle up to a nerf airtech 2000 (when i get the stuff for the 3000 i will do that one too) and so now i have a big resivoir and i have a way of hooking it up to a bike pump so i can pump it up to a reasonable pressure and run around and cause pain without tired arms. but the guns pump still works (and gets it up to about 40 psi after 2 minutes of pumping) you use a 4 way coupler WITH HOSE CLAMPS! and use tubing rated for pressure! you have a schrader valve (or similar) and plug the pump on the 4 way along with the out line. (this was done on a 2000, the 3000 may or may not work) DONT HOLD DOWN THE TRIGGER! if you do then much of the pressure will be lost. now you can shoot easily and not be found out by pumping noises) im sorry i dont have a diagram. so when your done... the soda bottle (2 litre is the best! it lasts longer), schader valve, output, and input from the onboard pump should all be on the 4 way coupler and be hose clamped (if not the hoses will fly off and youll hear a loud hiss and be angry) the 2 litre bottle can be consealed in your backpack or be heald under your armpit, glued or taped to the gun, whatever!

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Would it be safe or applicable to make Airsoft goggles from soda bottles?

I was recently working on This Instructable when I realized something. I was pumping up soda bottles to very high temperatures, and then shooting them with guns to make them explode, you know, for the lulz. I tried to set the targets off with an array of powerful Airsoft guns, and they would simply not explode, or leak, or dent, or really do anything but go *plink*. These bottles were pressurized at about 80 PSI, and I was shooting at pretty close range (okay, closer that was really safe, but let's just disregard that right now) and nothing happened to the bottles. This got me thinking. I depresssurized the bottles, and went after them at a range of about half an inch with all of my Airsoft guns. Not a scratch. The plastic in these bottles is clear and flexible. My basic question is this: do you think it would be safe to make these bottles into goggles for Airsoft? I have been wanting to build some different masks for a while, to my own design, but the lenses have always been a problem, because they are expensive, inflexible, and cannot be easily cut or shaped. This bottle material is clear, practically free, appears to be just as tough, and can be layered without any visual distortion. What say you, Instructables?

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how to make a pet bottle strip cutter? Answered

I saw once a tool to cut a soda bottle into a long strip which can then be used for weaving or craft projects, I wonder does anyone have any plans to build one

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What would a good project be for a twelve year old with almost no supplies?

 He has soda bottles of all sizes and scotch tape but, not anything else. 

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which valve to use for storing gas in bottles?

I need to store gases(mainly hydrogen, generated from electrolysis)  in a bottle. I was thinking of getting a bicycle valve and attaching it to the bottle. The problem is I cannot find a bicycle valve anywhere online. Moreover, when a bicycle valve is opened the inside gas leaks out. Is their anyway of storing a gas in a (soda or soft drink) bottle? Which air valve should I use?

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Can someone design a "home soda fountain" that uses 2 liter bottles?

I am wanting to build something like is proposed at the site listed below for my children for Christmas! I have basic skills and can follow directions just don't have time to research supplies (such as spigots, etc.) that are available or to actually brainstorm the idea! That will come when more of the children are older! If someone wants to combine this and actually carbonating your own soda that would be a real treat!!! Thanks to anyone willing to take up the challenge.

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How can I protect/coat labels on a glass bottle and still be able to wash and drink from it safely? Answered

 I am cutting used glass soda bottles and using them as drinking glasses. I would like to keep the label on as a sort of "memory keeper". Is there any kind of sealant that I can use that is safe to put on a drinking glass and that would also go through the dish washer?

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Is it possible to use some type of nail gun to attach beer or soda bottle caps to wood without crushing the bottle cap? Answered

I make bottle cap mosaics and I'm open to any suggestions that could help speed up process and ease manual labor!? Thanks in advance for the help...I sure do need it. Also, any suggestions for a struggling artist with many ideas, but difficulty completing pieces, because of lack of technical knowledge and skills.

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Hanging plants without damaging structure

I read and enjoyed zoe_roses' bit on hanging tomato plants and DebH57's on soda bottle planters. I'd like to try these out.My trouble is that I live in an apartment complex that's pretty strict about ANYTHING we do to our small outside balcony space. I've been threatened with fines when using nails to hang plants outside before, and I think they'd blow a gasket if I hung a soda bottle full of dirt.I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I could make a hanger without making marks on any structure; essentially, something cheap and removable. Also, if anyone has any ideas how I could dress up the soda bottles (or use an alternate material) so that they look a little prettier, it would be deeply appreciated.Thanks!~Phillip

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How can you make a good portable co2 generator for paint ball.?

I've already seen the thing with the soda bottle. I want something wearable to slowly put co2 in the tank for your gun.

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Air cannon

After wanting to make an air rifle for awhile I have finally decided to do it.  I plan to use 80-100 psi from a bike pump to power it.  I plan to use a 1/2 or 3/4 inch QEV (something like this;=1495573897&sr;=8-12&keywords;=3%2F4in+quick+exhaust+valve).  Do you guys know if a 2L soda bottle would be a good air tank or should I spend the money to make a pvc or galvanized steel one?  Would an air gun connected to the QEV work well?  Thank you for your time and help                        -James

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One time video camera goes aloft

Joe Manico at Kodak built an aerial video vehicle with a $20 one-time-use video camera -- and some clever backyard engineering with soda pop bottles, a golf bag cart, and duct tape.Have a look:

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Pepsi Refresh Submission

Please cast your vote for the CIR's Pepsi Refresh submission to Provide Cost-Effective Prosthetic Care in Underserved Midwestern Areas - Video for the submission is available at:

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How to do a hollywood style explosion

Hey, dose anyone know how to do a Hollywood style explosion. Sort of like the ones in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where there is a large fireball. I have heard of taking a plastic soda bottles and filling them with gas, but I was not very fond of this idea.

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im not sure how but i need to make a glow stick without those crazy ingrediants but verry simple

I have seen the mountain dew one wich was nice and cool but who wants to see some dude at a light show waving around some soda bottle

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Need help with home plastic smelting

I want to reuse some of the stuff that I've been throwing (bottles, plastic bags, etc) as well as plastic casings (from radios, CRT monitors, etc). Hope to melt/ mold them into usable parts.. What items in the garbage that are best suited for this? Something easy to work with at home / garage (low melting point, doesn't produce that much toxic fume, and the like) Btw, I've tried melting soda bottles, too sticky to work with... Any suggestion, help is greatly appreciated..

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Shameless self promotion

I'm not sure why I waited so long to post about this but something pretty cool happened to me because of my last contest entry. I entered mySolar Thermally Pumped Hydroponic System in the "keep the bottle" contest. For some reason I didn't win ;-), however, shortly after the contest I received a PM. The PM was from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, they were putting on a conference on Ecological Urbanism and they wanted my project to go on display for six weeks. I, of course, was honored and after negotiating an enormous fee (j/k) I shipped the project up to them.Recently while looking for some more info on the subject I stumbled across their Flickr Pool and two photos of my project. I have to say, it's almost fantastic that a project, composed primarily of empty soda bottles could go from my backyard to the halls of Harvard.And, obviously, this would never have happened if Instructables didn't exist, so my heartfelt appreciation to Eric and the fine people behind the scenes of the website. So without further ado, the pictures.

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I am having difficulties locating an IBLE I am sure I saw....

I just got another nice new vacuum cleaner motor from a clogged unit (motor is good, the other innards were not so good),  and I wanted to make the Soda Bottle hand vacuum I could have SWORN I saw somewhere in the ibles list awhile back.... 8 searches and two days and I am unable to find it (gee, I hope I saw it in here). Does anyone know which one or where it is?  I'd be most grateful. OK, it appears as though I am either remembering the KIT in Edmund's Scientifics  OR it is a project in one of my magazines, but not on line.   Thanks all anyways !

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Is it safe to use the Phosphoric Acid Barrels from a large soda bottler to make a composter?

These are barrels I got when I requested Soda Syrup Barrels, directly from the bottling plant.  They still contain a small amount of liquid.  The barrels are white and have a label that says CRI-1020787, Corrosive, 8, Phosphoric Acid Solution, UN 1805, along with a bar code. There is no mention of percentage on the label.  I assume they are food grade.  I need to know if they are safe to use to make a composter.  Please let me know, what you know.

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Using Plastic Bottles and Plastic Containers for Gardening (food) is it safe?

This is more of an answer than a question, well actually a starting point for you do to do your own research. I was just about to start using 2 liter plastic soda bottles and plastic tubs (hydroponics) for my garden. Then I began to wonder about BPA effects. As much as I wanted to use these and recycle, it doesn't look wise. In addition to all the toxic effects of BPA, the out gasing increases with the temperature. ... ie Harvest time over 100 degs and out gasing right into root structure. Cutting or denting plastic also increases the out gasing. Please do your own research about: 1) diseases linked to BPA, especially women 2) how the out gasing increasing with temp increase Please understand I am not here to scare you, but rather to incourage you to do the research

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