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Fix solar garden lamp?

I have a couple of garden lamps that should be solar powered, but after a few years, they do not work. Is there a way to fix them? Can I make my own?

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Garden solar lites

Where can you buy ni-cd AA400 600-900mAh batterys ???

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solar garden light

I would like to make a 3w solar led garden light to illuminate small tree. I was going to use an 18V 5W solar panel (Peak Voltage: 17.2V Peak current: 0.29A Open circuit voltage: 21.6V Short circuit current: 0.33A) to charge a 12v battery (Capacity : 4800mAh Rechargeable Li-on battery Input voltage : 12.6V Output voltage : 10.8~12.6 DC Output current : 1 - 2.4A) . I have found a charge controller which I think will do what I want (3A 6v/12v PWM solar panel light controller battery charge regulator The led I was going to use is 3W Voltage: 3.4-3.6V current: 600MA. I know I will need a voltage regulator to get me to the led forward voltage, but other than that does this look possible? Would an led driver be required? If there are any parts which someone would advise changing I am very happy to take advice, any help very gratefully appreciated.

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What type of solar cell/battery for a garden lamp?

I was looking at an instructable ( involving a garden light hooked up to a red led instead of a white one. It shoots a picture out at night onto a wall or something like that.I'm wondering if the garden lights are too dim or don't charge fully. We used to have some lights of those type, but they would make a dim light for about 5 hours, then emit a very very weak light. I'm thinking about just buying a trickle charger from here, then getting a bright green or blue led, batteries, and waterproofing it. The problem is, I have nil knowledge about solar chargers/what voltage to use.Can anyone help?

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I just need some really cool ideas to use with my solar powered outdoor garden lamps.

I'm trying to make use of my solar powered garden lanters, you know, those ones you stick in the ground. The solar panels as far as I know still work, and have the batteries to go with. I'm pretty sure its just the buld that needs replacing. But honestly I dont use them anymore and I'm trying to find a better use for them but have come up with blanks.

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Low-Footprint Lamp, DIY Wind Turbine, Energy Usage Meter

  Low-Footprint Lamp DIY Wind Turbine Energy Usage Monitor Build a Solar Tracker Stationary Bike Power Garden Rain Barrels DIY Solar Panel Recycled Window Greenhouse Pringles Wind Turbine Bike Wheel Generator Home Solar Panels Homemade Sun Jar Water Flow Sensor Solar Thermal Collector Energy Saving Tools  

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Solar light?

I want to build and install three lights about 10 watt each in my house garden. Powered by solar panel (80w),100ah dry battery. Instead of using energy saver bulbs , i want to use LED of 10w or more which give light equal to one LED. Can any gentleman help me to design this system with 8 hours battery backup. The lights should be turned at dawn.Thanks

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where to find used solar garden lights

There are a lot of solar instructables that bring down cost by telling people to just salvage broken solar garden lights. what i want to know is where do they find those busted solar garden lights

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Could I use a couple sun traking silicon solar cells to power several garden lights? Answered

I saw in that a sun tracking solar panel raises output by 30-50%... I also saw garden lights with really small solar panels on them... So i came up with an idea to use a couple solar panels to power a whole set of garden lights! Is this possible? Note: Is this idea cheaper than buying several solar powered garden lights?

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what sensor can be used to detect trespassers for an intelligent street lamp system ?

Im planning to do an intelligent street lamp and want to know about sensors that can be used in it.

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Can I use a solar panel, a lawn garden battery and some sort of copper wire to warm my garden soil for earlier planting?

I have a cloche set up but want to keep my soil warm at night inexpensively.

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My Chinese solar lamp batter connect with old motercycle battery???

How do I connect my solar lamps (0.1amp current) with my 12volt 5ampr battery Is this possible ???

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Converting Solar Garden Lights to 6V?

I'm trying to change the battery in a solar walkway light to a 6V. The reason for this is Im also now using a light that contains 21 LED's at 4.5V instead of the 1 LED that is in the light. The charge for the battery is from an external solar panel at 10V. I don't think the charge controller in the light can handle the volts in the battery as the light is always on - even when the panel is not connected. Like the power from the battery is going backwards thru the controller. I do see a diode in the controller and was wondering if I just need to increase the size of it? Please help. Thanx...

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Replacement solar light kit?

I have a decorative garden light I am very fond of, but the solar charger/led light  is no longer working.  We tried switching out the batteries with new solar rechargeables but that didn't help.  I'm game for replacing the whole thing, charger, light, sensor and all, but haven't been able to find replacement kits anywhere.  The current unit uses one small solar panel about 3 x 4 inches and two AA batteries with one LED.  Clearly I'm not searching for the right words. TIA

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Wine Bottle Garden Lights - Help?

I am building  retaining wall and am considering adding built-in lighting by using empty wine bottles that have an LED light inside, and a cork or silicone to seal the bottle shut. Optimally this set up would be solar but I could arrange for power if needed. I'm thinking of lights about 2 or 3 feet apart, lying horizontally embedded in concrete except for the bottom. The neck of the bottle would be buried in the retaining wall. It would look like a large glass blob in the concrete. Can someone help me figure out the best way to make this? Thanks in advance! Rhonda

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My solar garden light is working backwards how can i fix it? Answered

Hey guys I brought a solar garden light to light up a sign in mums garden so i chopped off the led and soldered in a length of wire, then when it was all connected up i put it out in the sun and noticed it lit up and when i covered the panel the light went out. Whats wrong with it how do i fix it? Answers appreciated

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Solar Capillary Irrigation

I was thinking: If you used a post hole digger and made 2' or 3' holes throughout the garden, then dropped an old pant leg or other scrap fabric down the hole, filled it up with soil while leaving some fabric exposed above the soil, covered the fabric with an inverted clear plastic or glass bowl, would this draw enough moisture through the fabric to irrigate the plants near the bowl? I'm thinking the sun would heat things up for condensation on the glass which would drip down the sides to the soil while capillary action would draw deep soil moisture through the fabric to the surface where garden plant root zones are. Anybody try this before?

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Solar panels LED powering/street lamp

Hi im given two components to include in a project i need to build but the problem is not sure which project to built and how the solar panel and lcd will fit....was thinking to link the solar panel with the logic probe/frequency counter i built last semester but i'm struggling, please HELP!!!

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why is my solar garden light flashing? Answered

Hey guys i brought a solar garden light the other day so i would have soft light on my table when playing video games in the dark mostly so i can see my drink and food an not have to get up turn the light on or fumble around potentially making a mess. it worked fine then i had an idea to boost the "cool" factor change the LED out for a red one so i did and now it lasts a hour actually 45 minutes to an hour then it starts to flash five seconds on 5 seconds after another hour it'll be 5 seconds on 180 seconds off  i think roughly an ad break on New Zealand television. is it the 1.2v nicd 600mAh battery? i thought it should just be brighter seeing as the white one should be rated at 3.5v 20mA? and the red at 2.0v or less? also can i replace the battery with a more powerful one without having to modify the actual electronics? thank you

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Is it possible to use a garden light solar panel to power a wireless keyboard, without any use of batteries?

I'm thinking of making an instructable on this. I know the voltage will be sufficient, but I don't know what current is given by the solar cells.

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Garden Light Solar Cell in Series?

I'm working on a project that involves garden light solar cells. Each one produces 1.5V (I have two of them).  I have them currently wired in a series yet my readings keep coming as zero. I've checked my wiring a few times and it all seems okay.  Here is the set up... +___(+__-)___-(+__-)___-       hopefully this makes sense. I am not well educated in circuit drawings. The ()s are the cells themselves and the underscores are the wires.  Help! EDIT: So I found the problem: it was the connections in between each + and - within the solar cell. so (+__-) I had a wire connecting when I should've left it alone. 

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wont to mod some solar garden lights to make a desk light

I have 3 solar garden lights i got at a yard sell i want to connect them all together add a bigger battery holder and an on/off switch so that i can use them as a desk / fishing light . were can i go to find out how to do this so that i can see and be able to do this ?

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Solar Powered Electric Fence from electric fly swatter and garden lights

Hey everyone, I'm working on a little project but circuit design isn't my area of expertise. I want to build a little electric fence to put around some potted plants and keep the squirrels away. There isn't an electrical outlet nearby, so I want to rely on solar power.I bought an electric fly swatter from Harbor Freight and two solar garden lights. The fly swatter runs on 3 volts, and each garden light has a 1.5 volt battery. I want to wire the batteries in series, but if I'm not mistaken, won't that mess with the charge controller circuits on the garden lights? How can I accomplish this?

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Solar Generator Kit

We're now offering solar panel kits - 45 watt, 65 watt, and 85 watt - when combined with a battery pack makes a great solar generator for emergencies or for fun. Solar Pax generators are the 'bigger brother' of the Qwik-Solar.   Solar Pax has very minimum assembly - and everything is already wired with quick connects.  Use to charge any battery pack with a 12 volt outlet.  We make these kits in Ohio. We set up a 'Mini-Catalog' on our website to make ordering easy. And we put together a page on our other site "Lamp Light from Sunlight" you might enjoy - it shows a 'Solar Pax' from 1954.   Update:  We've changed some domain around to better reflect our solar generator line up - the 'lamp light from sunlight' link above is active again.

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Solar Powered Drip Irrigation

Hi. I am in the process of designing and building a balcony garden with drip irrigation for multiple 3' x 1' planter boxes. The idea is to automatically water with a reservoir pump attached to drip line. There is no water or electrical outlet, so it has to be off grid. This being my first solar project, advice and assurance would be much appreciated. The pump would be turned on for about 1 hour every other day or so, this being hot Miami.  Diapragm Pump (12 Volts, 3 Amp draw): should generate enough PSI for the drip line UPG UB1250 Sealed Lead Acid Battery (12 Volts, 5 Amps): ALEKO® Solar Panel (5 Watt, 17.5 Volt VMP):;=UTF8&qid;=1450573836&sr;=1-7&keywords;=5+watts Docooler Solar Charge Controller (20 Amps, 12 Volts):;=1450580867&sr;=8-3&keywords;=charge+controller Main concerns: Will the battery and other electronics be able to function through the 100+ degree days of Miami? Does the system have a good power supply? Is the equipment good quality to last 3+ years? Thanks for all the input and insight!

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How to do a solar remote control car?

I love remote control cars, but I don't like using batteries. I'm living in Malaysia, we have sunshine almost throughout the year. I want to replace the rc car's batteries with solar cell to keep my rc car on going all the time. How can it be done with 1.5v AA battery times 4 replace by a solar panel in my remote control car? I got small garden lamp solar panel. Can that solar panel be use and how? Thanks in Advance

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How to make a solar-powered garden fountain low maintenance by adding a float valve? Answered

I have a solar-powered garden fountain that I wish to make very low maintenance and not have to manually fill with water. How could I install a float valve setup in the fountain? Has anyone ever done this? Any ideas?

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There Should be a Solar contest

There should be a solar energy contest, I'm sure there are lots of awesome ideas out there. I'm thinking solar powered coffee machine, kite wind generator, ..... Maybe categories like small gadgets, garden, home power, cooking? Prizes like a 100w photovoltaic panel, solar cell phone chargers, Stirling engine for the coffee cup.Lets put our heads together on this.

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I need a design for a 3 tiered garden water fountain that is solar powered

I have many animals and birds that visit my garden and I would like to provide them with fresh water.  However since there are many raccoons I would like the water to tumble into a larger container at the bottom which they will inevitably make too dirty for the other animals to use.  I am trying to figure out a way to have the whole thing solar powered since I fgure they won't need it on rainy days and ideally able to recycle some of the water - not the stuff the raccoons have used.

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solar lighting help!!!

I am seeking advice and or instructions. my hobby is stained glass, i am now doing hanging lanterns which i wish to light with solar same as garden solar lighting, but i wish to make it so i can have soler panel seperate form lantern. any advice or link for the supplies , parts etc. is welcome. thanks and have a great day.

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Would a solar panel with more amps/lower voltage charge 4AA batteries faster or slower than more volts/fewer amps? Answered

I'm trying to make a solar powered battery charger for my 4AA rechargeables, and I'm stumped on what kind of solar panel I should use. I have two solar panels: one 0.5V 800ma, the other 2V 200ma. Which solar cell would be better for what I'm going to be using them for? And I'm wondering what the specs of those solar garden lights are, and if the solar panel for the garden lights is strong enough to charge the batteries.

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Solar LED project

OK so I am new to this but I have an idea I want to take the solar panels off some of those garden lights and charge a small battery pack (AAs or 9 volt) to run a bank of white LEDs to use as lights in some basement rooms. Can anyone help? I am very new to circuits and think I have a good idea but don't know how to do it.

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Cold Cathode lamp with SOLAR power / battery?

I have an cold cathode lamp from a scanner. I want to install it behind a piece of artwork i made to sort-of backlight the image. it can be very dim... i don't need to get full brightness out of it. My question is.. do you think this is possible with a solar panel and rechargeable pack of some sort to dimly light this thing???? I really want to use solar on this, due to the nature of the piece itself. Any ideas on watts or volts or any other input??? On the power input for the scanner itself it reads 16VDC 0.9~1.0A... if that helps. any help or suggestions are welcome!!! thanks !

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semi-steampunk garden?

HeyCan any of you think of a way you can replace (electrical)machines in a garden with its mechanical equivalence, while at the same time making its replacement low maintainance?It can also be decorations. Basically create mechanical stuff that looks good in a garden.Some devices that may be workable:+ A water timer that uses a mechanical clock that powers a mechanical valve, and its mainspring is recharged every time the water rushes though it.+ A passive water pump that is made of a black plastic water bottle and two valves. When hot, the air inside pushes water out. When cool, new water is pulled in by the cooling air. It can be used to pump water slowly to a 'not' so high location.+ A sterling engine can be used as a more active solar pump to pump water to a higher location, however its use of moving parts means it more likely to break down than the 'passive pump'. If it requires a kick start to run, then place a mini turbine to provide the starting force.+ Use the above pump to create a fountain+ Perhaps as a replacement of solar powered markers, get some crystal that emits light when shaken("which quartz i forgot..."), and get it to shake around automatically.+ Mechanical garden music box would be a nice addition(wind powered music box). Double points if its either reprogrammable, or plays a different instrument such as drums.

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Solar powered garden lights mod - request \ suggestions

I would have loved to actually do this but I have had the idea for ages and done nothing, mabye you can? I have plenty of solar powered garden lights that don't last the night. I also have plenty of rainy + windy weather. Bunnings sell the solar powered garden lights from $2 each, Wouldn't it be wonderfull if someone came up wtih a mod to add a little water proof wind generator to help charge these lights equally as cheap? In my area when we don't have sun during the day, we have wind, so the math is easy. Thought someone might appreciate the idea, there are retailers doing this (far and few between) 4 lights for over $100, you can do better!

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Sci-Fi Gardening

I read an article on Dave's Garden a year ago on plants with Star Trek names, and I just adore the idea of having a science fiction themed garden.  Looking through some more plants, I've come across even more plants that would fit within a sci-fi/outer space theme. Coleus: Darth Vader Saturn Saturn's Rings Solar Flare Solar Shadow Solar Sunrise Vulcan Daylily: Alien Alien Contact Alien Encounter Alien Escape Pod Alien Invader Alien Landing Alien Skin Alien's Eye Android Android Dreams Andromeda Asteroid Astral Voyager Beam Me Up Beam Me Up, Scotty Ben Kirk Big Dipper Black Hole Borg Technology Cloaking Device First Officer's Log Galaxy Quest Klatuu Barata Nictu Life on Bajor Notify Ground Crew Photon Torpedo Romulan Deflector Spock's Ears Vulcan Logic Hosta:   Captain Kirk Enterprise Foxfire X Philes (just for fun) Galaxy Galaxy Light Gamma Ray Kiwi Milky Way Little Dipper Lunar Eclipse Lunar Orbit Lunar Sea Outer Space Saturn Starship Striker Super Nova Venus Voyager Vulcan These lists are not complete.  I looked through 5,320 daylily names out of 38,449 on Dave's Garden and then filled in with some names from the article, and I'm sure there are more genuses with sci-fi plants.  The reason why there are so many hostas, daylilies, and coleuses is because they're relatively easy to hybridize and propagate.  I started looking through African violets, but half-way through I was pretty sure I wouldn't find any.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were some more in the Liliaceae family such as with tulips, but phew, that's a lot of plants. Looking through some of the names, it would be relatively easy to do a Lord of the Rings or fantasy-themed garden.  I even found hostas called "Dot Com" and "Website".  Hybridizers certainly get creative when it comes to names.  I think I'll send my brother-in-law a hosta called "Twisted Sister". The image is of a basket plant I have.  No neat name, but it looks kinda sci-fi in the picture.

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Making solar powered garden led light with use of a solar panel?

I have a pergola at my main entrance and I want to hook up solar lighting to light up the path. I was thinking to get 6 solar garden lights and take them apart and place the solar cell on the top of each pillar, run the wires down the outside of the post and drill the post laterally and bring the wires in from behind to the actual pathway. From there hook up the LED light that was originally IN the garden light. My question is...Is there any way I can get just ONE solar panel and operate all six LEDs off of that one panel? I am assuming I can go with one panel, solder a photocell (12v) inline and lead it to a battery holder of eight AA batteries. From there it goes to an Automotive grade 12v dome light, similar to a Festoon Bulb. These come in various colors. My only question is....What wattage should I get the solar panel? Could I get the solar panel with a built in photocell similar to what garden lights operate with?

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What rechargeable batteries should I use in my solar garden lights?

I like my solar garden lights, but they came with cheapo rechargeable batteries so they don't glow long enough at night. What should I look for in rechargeables to get the best performance out of my lights? The battery size is AA.

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Minty boost solar power question

Hey everyone. Recently I went to The reject store (like a dollar store where things an cost over a dollar) and saw some garden lights selling for $2 each. I bought 4 of them. :D they come with one AAA battery each with 1.2V could I Purchase a mintyboost and modify the lights so they each charge up a set of four AAA batteries, with can detach and be used to charge USB device with the internal battery storage that was charged  by the solar panels, or would it have to be 2 AA's? Thanks for the help! :D

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Non-solar, non-mains power in the garden?

Looking for advice on low-tech ways of solving a prob, hope someone can help. I really want to create a very small waterfall in my mini-garden, maybe 6” at the most.  I can’t use solar power, as my tiny garden only gets about an hour or so of direct sun around noon (I found out that less then direct sun doesn‘t work; I have a floor-standing 4-bowl cascade that stops the instant a shred of cloud gets in the way). I can’t have mains electricity outside, partly because most of the area is paved and I can’t get the cables safely out of the way; I could get cable around the wall, but it’d have to go round three walls to get it where I need it, and I’m not sure about having the cable overhead. I’ve been searching for some time for some kind of power-pack that I could charge up on the mains, then plug into the feature; I don’t think household batteries would run for very long, I was thinking of something with a bit more punch. Either they don’t make anything like this, or I’ve not yet been able to find the right keywords to track it down; I get untold pages of “solar power” options.  So, basically, people, I’m asking: is there such a thing, or anything that would solve my prob?  I’d have to buy a tiny pump and all the rest of the stuff, but if I can’t power it, what’s the point? Some background: I’m visually impaired, so intricate work is out of the question; I’m not so much low-tech as no-tech; my only power tool is a small cordless drill/screwdriver;  I’m not confident about messing with electricity I live in rented accommodation so I can’t do too much to the structure (ie get the paving lifted and cables put under them, or even running round the walls)

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LED solar power cell purchased where, size to fit into canning jar lid?

Trying to find the small solar powered LED like in the garden stakes for a project. Short of buying the garden stakes (cheapies), where can one purchase these?? Would like to have them small enough to fit into a canning jar size lid. Thanks.

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(newsletter) Vertical Garden, Cryptex, Bubble Lamp...

Sign-up for this newsletter: Welcome back! Check out some bright blinky projects - see who won the Get the LED Out! Contest! We've still got three fantastic contests this week, so start thinking, get to work, and enter! Pocket-Sized Contest - Think small, and win a custom laser-etched Leatherman! Get in the Garden Contest - Enter any Instructable with a gardening theme and win an awesome computer-controlled indoor composting machine from NatureMill! Art of Sound Contest - Share any music or sound-related Instructable, and win an incredible custom hi-fi tower set with subwoofer, monster speakers, and more!! Make a Cryptex Vertical Vegetable Garden Refill Disposable Propane Tanks Cheap and Simple Bottle Cap Magnets! See who won! Win these custom hi-fi speakers! Build a D-Ring Bit Driver How to Break Up Repair Cigarette Burns on Carpet Bubble Lamp Bowling Ball Fountain Steampunk Garter Pistol Prop Crystallised Ginger Painted Mattress Survival Boat Win a cool computer-controlled indoor composter! Win a custom laser-etched Leatherman! World's Smallest Gripper Robot Pocket Scrolls Nerf Mods: A Beginner's Guide Pocket Sized Camp Stove Sign-up for this newsletter:

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How to get constant 5.2V from ~1-7 Volts?

I have multiple solar panels (3V, 6V). I want to build a charger for bicycle, to keep my battery powered lamps (DIY) battery alive. Currently, I use my DIY lamp with a USB Power bank (5,2V , approx. 50k mAh), but my lamp contains 39 LEDs, and they are ultra-bright LEDs, so they drains the battery fast. So I thought if I connect some solar panels to it, I can charge power bank during daytime.

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How can I build a Slow, Rotating, Solar, Low Power LED for Mother-In-Law's garden lighthouse?

I bought my mother-in-law a couple fiberglass lighthouses (hollow interior) that stand about four feet tall in her garden.  Is there any possible way that I could manage a low-power LED light (that doesn't bother neighbors), and not only make it slowly rotate, but power it from a solar cell off of.... say an old solar light?  Thanks!

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Solar Panel Charging Station

Hello everyone, I am doing a project for my class and it is a solar lamp project. I was wondering if anybody knew how to make a simple solar charging station. I want to use  3 of 1.5 W/4.5 V solar panel from radio shack as a charging station. I was just wondering how I would connect this together and charge the rechargeable batteries from the solar panel charging station.

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I just made this panel of solar cells...

I was bored and I had this laying around from taking apart cheapy solar lamps. I did have them wired previously for 4.5 volts in series but I decided to put them together with some basal wood and wire it in parallel, I plan to get some more cheap solar lights and wire them in three's aswell and then wire the panels together in series to get a higher voltage. I tested the ma shortage current on them and it was only 5ma, is that right? Then again the lamp I was using is kinda crappy, I'll try in the day time outside.

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Rice Cooker Burger, Robot Zombie Figurine, Cup Sphere Lamp

  Rice Cooker Burger Robot Zombie Figurine Cup Sphere Lamp Resurrect a Motorcycle Make Bath Bombs Cheap Masquerade Masks Hybrid Solar Panel Arduino on a Perfboard Rope Bridge Bookshelf Upgrade Your Promo Camera Iron Man Make a Talking Clock Coffee-Stained Coffee Table Simple Microscope Webcam Make a Garden Fountain  

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