unsubscribe to someone??? Answered

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Subscribe To Someone?

Is it possible to 'subscribe' to someone and recieve an email whenever they post an instructable, like you can on youtube?

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could someone...?

Is there anyone out there who could make a really good tutorial/instructable of a photoshop digital illustration WITHOUT the use of a wacom tablet.  (asking too much lol)  Or rather, does anyone know where I can find some really mindblowing ones?  I'm killing myself trying to find some good ones.  Everything I see is using the wacom, and that's definately not in my budget.  Thanks guys!

Topic by Doldrum 9 years ago

Reporting someone?

Not sure where this should go but I've looked and couldn't find anywhere more suited. I'd like to report two user's as I believe they are either the same person or one has stolen from the other. The specific intsructables I am on about are here:https://www.instructables.com/id/LED_light_12/?ALLSTEPShttps://www.instructables.com/id/LED_Light_11/?ALLSTEPSYou will notice they both have the same idea, as well as the reel of blue tape is the same and so is the surface on which the photos were taken, and of course they were both submitted on the same day. I flagged both of them as spam (now I think about it maybe 'inappropriate' would have been more appropriate), but I'm sure this will just be ignored once whoever checks them find nowt wrong with the individual instructables (I don't think just one person would look through them all).Is there perhaps a moderator or admin that I can send a message to?

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Someone on LDR!!!

I'm new to this site, I'm interested in someone in a long distance. We both live 1900 miles apart I live in New Jersey and She lives in Central America. I first known her who's actually beknownst to my Step-Siblings of mine while she still is and was an employer at a Teen Clothing Store about two years ago which a Step-Sibling of mine owns the place. Just a month ago just hours before My parents and I we're to go back home as our Spring Break Came to a conclusion, We exchanged phone numbers so we can reach contact after I asked her's. Then weeks later I called her home and she's only answered once. I called once again many times the problem is that she doesn't still answer the reason for this is cause she barely uses her phone due to the High Violence there. I know the phone number to her job but the problem is that I don't want to get her in trouble since her boss isn't there all the time. Some think that She's rejecting me and she's not because she did gave me her number. If she wasn't interested in me She wouldn't give me her number. She doesn't even know how to use the internet or chat. Another thing is that She doesn't have a Home Phone Either. I plan on sending her maybe a letter but I want to see if u can tell me if I could also give her a Friend card or anything at all so she can cheer up. I plan to see her once again when we come back there this August and i'll tell her the truth if not I might go on. She only lives with her brother and Sister. She and Her sister work together there. Sometimes I feel confused that I really want to get to know her. Some think she has a boyfriend but she told me she's not cause they said that she does but I really can't buy what othes might say so It's good to feel with me to drop some comments. I'll just enjoy life as always doing what I do during my normal routines. I haven't thinked of her much then before I will keep that as a promise. We'll thanxs anyway!!!

Topic by Pcons16 10 years ago

Help someone or even just make them a bit happier

I was talking on the phone to my sister an hour or so ago and she told me about http://wishuponahero.com/ So I went and looked at it and it looks like a really good website. People post their wishes which can be needs or wants and then and then other people grant them. Some of the wishes aren't very big even, but can mean a lot to someone.Just thought I would share this with all of you. :)

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Free Patch!

 Who wants a free patch? Tell me why YOU think you should get a patch. Then I shall choose the soppiest story and reward that person with said patch Have fun

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Thank you someone!

I honestly don't know what to say. I don't know who, but someone was gracious enough to gift me with pro membership. I honestly don't know who, or for why except for this message they gave me, "Since you cared to ask," I just wanted to say Thank You. I honestly appreciate it, and wish I could thank you properly. Thanks.

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Is it possible for someone to be videogenic?

I see people in photos, they look nice, you see the same person, in a few videos, some are good, some just, eh. Can someone be or not be Videogenic? Oh yeah, i made Pancakes! and bacon today. In August, i always end up making crepes and Pancakes! for some reason; there is also certain words i always put an exclamation mark after. Pancakes! Chicken Salad! Yes! Also, i only put that so i can put this image.

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Can someone identify this?

Can someone tell me what this thing is? Thanks in advance, Fried.

Topic by Fried Potatoes 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Can someone comment?

I made an instructable at the begginning of the month and no one has commented yet. could someone comment please.

Question by daredevil499 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

someone else's instructable?

I just looked at my account and it seems to have someone else's instructable in it, or at least the beginnings of one (LED Chess Set). I have accessed the site from home and from work, but always from PCs that should not have been used by others. Could it be that there is a bug that attributed someone else's instructable to me?

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how to unsubscribe to someone? Answered

I accidently subscribed to myself but i dont know how to unsubscribe to myself!!!

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Can someone make~

The "Hobbes" from calvin and hobbes comics? :D

Topic by WhyHello 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

can someone solve this? Answered

I made a riddle and want someone to solve it.can you figure out what this says tcerroc era uoy syas siht tahw em mp uoy fi DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS! PM ME THE ANSWER and when someone gets it right they can put it on the comments and will get best answer or when there is 10 wrong answers in a row I will tell the answer please try every other day I will give a hint

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can someone help? Answered

When i look at an instructable, i cant see the other pictures when i click on them. does anyone else have this problem?

Question by kwintisolo12234 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Will someone draw this for me?

I want a picture of a man in white kneeling and a man in a black suit with a sword putting the sword on the kneeling man's head. I would prefer this to be in a manga kinda style, but any style will be ok. It doesn't matter how long it takes, but sooner is better.

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can someone help? Answered

Hi all, today i got a apple macintosh powerbook 190. (yes, the original greyscale) from what i've read online, its ram can be upgraded, and i want to know if someone can help guide me through installing a different os? (maybe puppy linux, dsl, ubuntu, win98) anything other than mac. it has a 500mb hdd, and i dont know about ram. the question is: can anyone help?

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Cant follow someone

I am trying to follow Bricobart through the following page. https://www.instructables.com/member/bricobart/ If I am logged in I hit +Follow and it does nothing. If I am logged out. It asks me log in and then it logs me out but still without following Bricobart. I tried with latest Chrome and Firefox with Windows7.

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Unable to follow someone

I don't seem to be able to follow contributors any more :(  On my PC, I'm using I.E 10.  I've cleared the browser cache, and explicitly added the instructables site to always allow cookies (which are turned on anyway).  I've also logged off and on several times.  If I click on a the follow button, it briefly displays the 'UNFOLLOW' option and the windows timer mouse icon, before reverting to 'FOLLOW' again.  On my Android phone, I have the Instructables app.  It allows me to follow someone, but does not add them to the list of people I already follow.  Is there a limit on the number of people I can follow?  I'm currently following 24 contributors.  Can you help please?

Topic by M!key 4 years ago

Can someone debug this

body {     font-family: "Lato", sans-serif; }.sidenav {     width: 130px;     position: fixed;     z-index: 1;     top: 20px;     left: 10px;     background: #eee;     overflow-x: hidden;     padding: 8px 0; }.sidenav a {     padding: 6px 8px 6px 16px;     text-decoration: none;     font-size: 25px;     color: #2196F3;     display: block; }.sidenav a:hover {     color: #064579; }.main {     margin-left: 140px; /* Same width as the sidebar + left position in px */     font-size: 28px; /* Increased text to enable scrolling */     padding: 0px 10px; }@media screen and (max-height: 450px) {     .sidenav {padding-top: 15px;}     .sidenav a {font-size: 18px;} } Journal Admin Secret Soical Meidia Garrett's pageIf you have a problem with that, go to chat.

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Instructables = win?

Somebody says instructables fails. So i decided to create  a topic to see how many people agree with me, And say instructables is win. (FTW)

Topic by ReCreate 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Could someone help me identify these components? Answered

Hello everyone,                             I was opening up a pair of  old piezo buzzers and found these inside(attached picture).Dunno what they are nor what they do but when I opened up a relatively new buzzer,I found that this has been replaced by a 470 ohm resistor.The rest of the circuit remains the same which include a few resistors,a BC 547 NPN transistor and a speaker.The observation is that the old buzzer produces a much louder noise than these new ones with the same volts and amps...Given all that,anybody seen 'em before?

Question by Adarsh_tronix 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Can someone explain logarithms?

Seeing all of the other math Instructables on here, I was surprised not see one on logarithms. I just want to learn beyond my mundane curriculum. Thanks.

Topic by Bran 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What is the funniest prank you have ever played on someone?

So, What is the funniest prank you have ever played on someone? Mine was on my cousin with his new car. He was bragging for like a month that it is the best and will never break down. So, I siphoned out the gas and rigged an m-80 and a really big smoke bomb to a remote det. i had. His heart probably stopped when he heard the pop and saw the smoke in his new car. priceless.

Topic by Thelonelysandwitch 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Can we block someone ?

Can we block someone for asking personal information in comment

Question by Coolloom 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Could someone make this gun?

Could someone make a knex gun like the one in this video

Topic by DELETED_Haon 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Games to play with someone in class?

Question by bubbaman22 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Is it a crime to padlock someone's belongings?

Examples: locking someones backpack/suitcase zippers together, thus impossible to open adding an extra lock to someones bike at a bike rack so they can't unlock their bike etc. is it illegal?  or just extremely annoying/inconvenient to the recipient?

Question by guyfrom7up 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

can someone help me with ?

I am working on a toy boat with a motor under water and I have a budget of  $10 

Question by zhengguang 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

WANTED: someone to draw circuit

Here is my project  "Design a counter that will count the from 0 to 99 on two 7-segment indicator (display)." I need someone to draw me circuit and draw how to connect everything on breadboard. I will pay

Topic by dario1 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

will someone make a roller bearing?

I had this idea to make a model roller bearing by getting two pieces of pipe,when slotted into each other theres a 1cm gape at each side and corners then slot 1cm dowel inside the gap i dont think it will wok plz someone make it

Topic by sharlston 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

can someone explain this for me?

In the picture of the schematic there is + symbols and i dont know where to connect them, specifically the 10M ohm one, can you lend a hand?

Topic by Yerboogieman 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Removing someone else's comments!

I'm sure this must be covered somewhere but I can't figure out how to get rid of someone's inappropriate comments on my Instructable.  Any help is appreciated.  I went to the comment, clicked flag.  Marked as inappropriate.  Does it just take a few days? I don't want my project to be a platform for a loudmouth that isn't even speaking about the project.

Topic by paleotool 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to follow someone on instrcutables?

I want to know if any one having pro membership and the one who do not have pro membership can follow person whos having pro membership?

Question by dashinggurl 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Could someone make these guns?

I was wondering if someone could make these guns out of knex. the real ones are manafactured by FN Herstal which are a belgian company. i know that some of these have already been made out of knex, but im looking for new ideas. here they are: (1) fn scar (2+3) f2000 (4) fn p90 (5) five seven tactical (6) fnp9 da / sa

Topic by ~KGB~ 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

can someone help me?

Can someone help me... i was wonderin while making stars.. i saw a video when ppl was making them an for red stars they used red gum and for blue stars they used red gum an parlon or pvc... now  their both used for a binder and fuel but parlon is also used for enhancing colors so couldn u jus give away wit the red gum an use parlon for both?

Question by chizzy20 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Will pay someone to make this for me.

Https://www.instructables.com/id/Counter-Strike-C4...I want to make this but I'm missing alot of the parts needed to do this myself. So I'm paying anyone who can make one look as close to the ones the others have made with working LED and everyone.

Topic by razz5 9 months ago  |  last reply 8 months ago

Looking for someone to identify this object? Answered

Recieved this item as a challenge to figure out what it is. The drill bit in the picture comes out of the end of the tool and the tool itself has three adjustable jaws that are sharp at one end.  The only other interesting marking is the drill bit has a hole drilled in the end of it.

Question by chuds21 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Making someone else's Instructable

Are there any plans for a feature that allows one to track who has made which Instructable? It would be awesome if there was an "I made this" button like the "Favorites" button. It would add the Instructable to your profile under the "I made this" heading. On a similar note, it'd be nice to be able to attach a Slideshow to the end of someone's Instructable (with their permission to ensure relevancy, perhaps?) so you can show off your version without just embedding a link in a comment that gets buried in a huge thread. Just some thoughts.

Topic by BeanGolem 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Can someone make an instructable for this?

Hey,This is my first post on the Instructables community section, so here goes.I've been looking at this product for awhile now: ThisHowever, I don't live in the states, and have to pay for massive postage costs for something so simple.So, I'm requesting if someone could help me by making a DIY tutorial version (an Instructable :P) of this?I need it desperately. Plus it'd increase my nerdiness by 340% _~Tim.P.S - Sorry for any spelling errors, or if I posted this in the wrong section or anything of the sort.

Topic by Crystalmyst 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Dog psychology: someone will know this? Answered

I know a guy who has a young bitch, she has a pattern of destroying things while he's out. Then he finds her looking guilty and she pees on the floor. He's a decent bloke, but he doesn't know how to deal with this. Any advice from dog-owners?

Question by lemonie 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Someone stole my photos? Answered

On Aug 24 I posted an Instructable on how to make beer ice cream. On Aug 25 a different website made a tutorial on how to make beer ice cream using my photos and instructions without giving me credit. (http://www.daawn.com/how-to-make-a-beer-ice-cream/) I'm extremely upset about this, what should I do?

Question by Thederpyninja 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Seeking someone to hire for a project

Hi, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post this inquiry on instructables but I thought I'd give it a try. Basically, I need a dial that would command this linear actuator https://www.servocity.com/sda24-263 to advance in one inch increments on either a dial or a touchpad or a slider. I'm not an engineer and I don't really have time to build this myself - would anyone be interested in doing this for a fee? If it would help in assessing the project, I now this controller would work https://www.servocity.com/digital-manual-speed-controller However, I need the dial or touch pad to allow for discrete steps and not be sort of vague. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm just not sure where else to turn. Thanks, Evan

Topic by EvanB65 1 year ago

renting and kicking someone out? Answered

So i rent a bedroom to my friend and his wife and the wife isnt listening tot he rules my mother set and she was gonna kick them out but they had no place to go so i talked to my mother to let them stay and she did but she still disobeys the rules of the house which arnt that strict but she keeps it up and she left a note under my door saying that shes gonna blackmail me with 1 or 2 things and i was wondering if that's rights to evict them from the house and was wondering how long to give them till they have to move last time my mother gave them a month to move which seems to be alot longer then what some people are allowed to do so what should i do about it?

Question by nightninja87 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Someone's using my work

I've been a member for a while, but so far have only made comments.  This morning, there was a featured article on building a mason bee house that is obviously using an article that I published in 2006, with no credits for my original work.  I'd like to make some comments, politely of course, to place credit where it belongs (original idea was passed to me by an extension agent), and add some meaningful background and tips.  My original work is currently available as a Word document of about 4 pages, including illustrations.  I also have a PowerPoint show that shows more intermediate steps, although the process is pretty straightforward.  I don't have time to construct the fresh Instructable I've been considering for quite some time, but I could post the documents if there is a good way to do so.  I'm concerned that my response may be lengthy, and I don't want to accuse the author of overt plagiarism, as he did add some nice design ideas to the basic process.  I would really like to know where he saw the info, as it may have traveled through several hands before he saw it.  It would be interesting to try to trace the progress of the initial idea.  So 1) Any good tips?  2) Is there a way to "attach" source documents like the Word and PPT files?  I'm attaching one photo from my original work so you can see the clear similarity.  Thanks,  Randy Person

Topic by RandyPerson 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Is there a way to completely disable the lock on a zune 80? Answered

The lock is stuck in the on position and unfortunately, the tiny plastic piece on the inside snapped off so just opening up the thing didn't help at all. it's stuck on lock and there's really nothing i can do about it, or is there?

Question by jelly.turf 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to tell if someone likes you?

Know if someone likes you,how to date,how to flirt

Question by adwheeler98 10 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago