A very special new member

Evening, all!I would like to introduce a new member to you all.It's #1 son.No, he isn't actually called Roger, any more than I am called Kiteman - that is just his online name.Go say hello on his Orange board if you want: don't worry if he doesn't respond as rapidly as I do - he has the same problem accessing the computer that Kitewife does ;-)

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Mother/Son Event

Our grade school is hosting a mother/son night in March.  Our theme is sports and movies.  This year the kids will visit 10-12 booths.  I have been assigned to do 2. The creative side of me is excited while the other, less appealing side of me says...just survive. I need ideas how to make it work. I was appointed to do a Nerf booth and a another one- which I think they decided on cupstackers.  (heard of those?) With Nerf, I don't have anything specific as to what to do in the booth only that I should plan to be there.  Last year they shot the guns at jungle animals, getting points for each successful hit. Because of the movie theme with sports, I was hoping to combine a movie with the sports, as many of the booths already have it.  Fishing booth has Finding Nemo and so on. I would love to do something with Harry Potter and quidditch.  Or How to Train your Dragon.   ~ ideas, thoughts?

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Forbes Contest

Can my son enter the video contest for me? as in make the video?

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A request from #2 son

#2 son has just seen =SMART='s Paper Robot, and, of course, he's making one.Now, though, he wants to see another version.He wants somebody to make a knitting pattern for Robot, then he could persuade Kitewife to make him one.(And, personally, if anybody has a copy of the infamous Adipose pattern?)

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can twice baked potatoes be frozen and reheated successfully? ?

Suggest the second baking could be done in the microwave, after defrosting fully prepared potatoes I want to make some for my son in college, so they're easy for him to prepare.

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Birthday gift for 16 year son

My son will be 16 next Monday. He has always been fascinated by lights. I thought about getting him the stuff needed to do all those really cool LED projects but they sound pretty complicated. He doesn't have a soldering iron etc. We have normal tools like screwdrivers etc. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thanks, Naomi

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Check out my son's iTheatre.

My son has been watching me post instructable after instructable. When he saw the Lego contest he had to jump in. So, his Mom created an account and I helped him post.  If you have a moment to check it out, here is the link. He's really excited about getting views and seeing what kind of comments he gets=). It's all his own work.  https://www.instructables.com/id/LEGO-iTheatre/

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my son wants firetruck lights

So my 3 year old has his heart set on being a fire truck for halloween - but he wants to have the lights on his head ... does anyone know how I might go about making a hat with flashing lights?  and where I would need to go shop to find the lights, wire, etc...

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multi voltage project for sons project

Hello I was wondering if someone can help us. We are building a school project that has 3 different lights on it. what we are trying to do is have everything work off one 12 volt plug in transformer. What we have is a 12 volt dc transformer for 2 led drivers and a 6 volt ac transformer for a turning table. We want it all to work off one plug-in style transformer. How can we do this and conceal the components in the base. Please help us. Thanks for any help.

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What job can my son get? Answered

I live in Canada Ontario and I have a fourteen year old son who is desperate for money. I tried the paper route but he told me that it was not enough money. So, any suggestions? 

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using my sons chromebook from school

I'm using my sons chromebook from his school for my work and emails but some of the websites that i need are blocked by admin is there a way that i can sign in s a guest how can i fix these issues

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des leds qui réagissent au son mais système non branché directement à la sortie du son

Bonjour tout le monde, j'aimerais de l'aide sur un projet qui me tient à coeur je suis passionné de diabolo, je pratique moi même et j'aurais aimé créer un kit lumineux à incorporer dans le diab et que les leds qui seraient dans ce kit  réagissent a une musique environnante ( une musique provenant d'une chaîne hifi par exemple ) et tout sa sans qu'il y ait de branchement qui viennet sur la chaine hifi. je voudrais que les leds régissent exactement cmome les leds dans le projet suivant: https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/ mais sans fil qui sort du système et avec de composants petits pour que le système puisse rentrer dans les calottes de mon diabolo (idéal ce serait un circuit imprime qui fasse  10cm sur 10 cm max) i vous connaissez quelque information qui pourrait m'aider a mener a bien mon projet merci répondre sur ce topic je vous en serait reconnissant merci et bonne journée

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Father modifies his son's powerwheels to 66HP (video)

I nominate him for dad of the year:

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Should I let my son buy headphones? Answered

My sons birthday came and I bought him a cellphone and have him $50. We went shopping for a little while and pointed out some brand new gaming headphones that were $50. I said no because they were too much for a  headset and that I was teaching him a life lesson. He is an avid gamer so it disappointed him. What should I do? 

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Can somebody help me make a knex Katana from the show Sons of Guns? Answered

Can somebody pleease help me make the Katana rifle from the show sons of Guns. Here is a picture of it if anybody has made it please let me know and if it is possible maybe make instructions. Also i want help making this gun out of knex. Somebody please help me.

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How to record a voice message in my son's toy phone with each push of a button?

My son has a toy phone that comes with 6 buttons. I'd like to record a 15-30 seconds songs with each push of a button. How do I convert that?

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My son pulled out the game cartridge from his NDS Lite w/o pushing it in first to release it.

Bending the prongs and now the system won't read the any game cartridges. What to do?

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How do I get my 5 year old Autistic son to stop biting and attacking me when he is overwhelmed, upset, frustrated, etc?

Whenever my son's emotions are overwhelming for him, he attacks me -biting, kicking, slapping, pinching, etc. He has autism and I need to know what to do to stop this. My arms are scarred up from this. He is 5 years old.

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How can I make my son's Risk game magnetic?

I was thinking of copying the game board and gluing it to a piece of metal.  And then painting the "men" with magnetic paint, however, the paint is so pricey (especially if this doesn't work).  I was hoping to find a way to make my own magnetic paint....or perhaps a different way to accomplish this.  Any ideas?

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any idea son how to make a digital, adjustable timer that i could use to launch a model rockets?

 have a 4 channel fire control platform. i would like to change one of the channels to a digital fully programable digital timer

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8 Barreled Turreted Shotgun


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Batman mask?

I need to make a batman mask for my son of 5. any advice would be appreciated.

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Any project ideas for a 21 year old unemployed high school graduate?

I have an unemployed 21-year old high school drop-out son, who has been in rehab several times. His dad is letting him stay with us, temporarily, despite my saying I want him out. (Son's room-mate is suddenly all excited about being a Jehovah's Witness -- my son's pagan lifestyle is not jelling well.) Being co-dependent and all, I am trying to find some kind of project to keep him busy and act as "barter for rent". We live in a culture-starved, neighborhood covenants enforcing, Republican or Die, suburban neighborhood. Backyard. Already have a shed -- although it's probably going to need to be replaced sometime. My son is very good at barbecueing. Any ideas?

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how can i build a notification sound on my son's toy car, while it hittingsome where(with Jerking IC)

Hi, well, i would like to make a special kind of horn, for just making a notification while jerking the toy car of my son. now a days, he is hitting his toy car while driving his from Indore. so, i though that, if i am assembling a toy horn, with a jerking IC or a motion IC, it will be nice to him. but, i am not aware of, what and what needed for to make this. what i need to make is, if i am attaching this,under the toy car of my son, and while riding, if he hits some where, the body of the car will get a little shake, this point, the device should work as a notification horn. i am sure that, this will make more fun for him. be kind to guide waiting to get yours aithfully shinu

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Can someone point me to a simple papercraft space helmet for my son? Answered

My two year old son loves stuffing buckets on his head, then walking around with them pretending to be a robot or an astronaut.  I'd love to make him a proper helmet!  You know, something that fits and he can see though.  I was thinking something simple out of cardboard or coroplast would do the trick.  I've got a full copy of Pepakura at my disposal.  The helmet should be easy for him to pop on, and not so complex - I can guarantee it will not be handled gently.  Got any links for me to check out?

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What's the best way to increase the power on my son's electric motor bike?

I bought a riding toy for my son and it's cool, but it doesn't have enough power sometimes.  It's fast enough in the house, but it gets stuck outside.  The plastic wheels tend to slip on rough surfaces and inclines, but I can address that issue at the wheels/tires to some degree.  However, the battery that came with it is a 6V4.5AH/20HR sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery (It has F1 contacts, so unless I change or adapt the wires/connectors, I think I need to stick with a battery that has these).  The AC-DC adapter has 6V DC 500mA output, but I think I could get a UNIVERSAL AC DC ADAPTER {1.5V 3V 4.5V 6V 9V 12V 500mA} that would work with a new battery. I'm hoping that I can increase the power noticeably but safely.  One constraint is the width of the battery area inside the "engine" compartment.  It fits the present battery (1.75 x 2.75 x 4), but I'll have to mod the compartment to fit a replacement that's more than slightly bigger. I've seen some 12V4.5AH batteries online, but most are larger in every dimension. Am I even on the right track thinking a higher voltage battery is what I need? Could I use an NiMH or Li battery/batteries instead? What's the easiest, safest, cheapest route for this mod? Thanks, Dan

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What is the best way to start in robotics for my son (I'll help, too)?

Hi all, I want to get my 13 year old started in robotics.  He's pretty creative, does great things with legos and crafts and things, but I want to give him something to really sink his teeth in to.  I'm somewhat naturally capable with crafting and stuff, technically capable as well, so I should be able to learn enough just ahead of him to make sure I can teach to solder and program as necessary until he can take off on his own.  I just need an idea from all you robotics folks out there on where to start cold.  Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Connecting to x box live - Cant connect?

Ive managed to set up my eldest sons x box to x box live with no problems at all but cannot get my youngest sons x box to connect. Ive put in the code for the router. Ive got a netgear router which is password protected. Has anyone got any ideas what I should do?

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how can i log on to windows xp after my son made a user account and password he cant remember without software or disks?

On the welcome screen it has his account name as TYLER. He does not remember what he put as a password. how can i get back onto my windows xp desktop without fancy software or a disk?

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How can I make my sons little tikes deluxe 2 in 1 roadsters wheels turnable?

Hi,  I just bought my son a little tikes 2 in 1 cozy roadster and it is extremely hard to turn. the wheels are set to be straight and u have to drag it left or right for it to turn.  I was wondering if there was a way to make my own kind of wheels so that it could turn a little better. it doesnt have to do a full 360 but at least make them turn a pinch just to help me steer it better for him.  Even if its just the two front wheels cuz really thats all i need. 

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Je veux un code arduino avec ce contrôleur de moteur pour son fonctionnement. Avec explication.

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Where can I find instructions to make KNEX saw shark?

My son lost the instructions. Thanks.

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My Son is building Pinewood derby cars and he wants to set one up to run flashing L.E.Ds. Answered

2 head lights 2 tail lights and 2 red and blue over head lights. This is to resemble police car and it has to stay in the size of the car and weight Width: - 2-3/4" Length - 7" Width between wheels - 1-3/4" Weight - Not over 5 Ounces THANKS any help would be great !!!!?

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i need post cards for my sons 3rd grade project on geography citys & states in the USA learning through postcards .

Through the flat stanley they ask for postcards from different citys states and there local history of places building mountains lakes rivers places of geographical significance .. thank you for reading my post and email me if you need more information on where to send them if you can.

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Last minute, need Nerf type game for grade school Mother-Son event.

 Theme is sports & movies but most events are simple, not really following theme.  My task/direction was to supply a few guns and tape a target on bleachers/wall.  Is that boring enough for you? I'd like to do something more...any ideas? (I had thought about 'How to Train Your Dragon' and 'Harry Potter'...and using Nerf guns as "training"- or Nerf swords to do something...Help.

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Kitewife's avatar

I thought we should have a seperate thread for Kitewife's avatar...here's my take on it. I figure a teacher and mother would probably not have long hair, and the gold in #1 son and #2 son's hair has to come from somewhere, and it's not from Kiteman. Kiteman, Kitewife, what do you think?EDITThey like it! I was totally wrong on the hair color (they all have red hair...:/), but other than that, I think they like it! Yay!

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Homework question - Philippe Petit's knees Answered

#2 Son is doing a short talk at school on Philippe Petit, the Frenchman that tightrope-walked between the Twin Towers. He has plenty of information, except he has found several references to a move Petit did called "knee salutes".  He would like to do one in front of the class, but we can't find an image or description of the move. Anybody know? (Edit: Best Answer chosen by #2 Son)

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Gift of Pro Membership not working

My son purchase me a Pro Membership, but received no response, and his card was charged, but I still can't access PDF's etc

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How to glue patch?

I want to glue several patch to my sons backpack but dont want to iron then. Can i just use a good glue to set them? Thankyou

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Is this an electronic cigarette ?

A friend of mine found this object in her son's room, he's 16 years old. She think it is a smoking device or something (electronic cigarette). Thank you for any help.

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how do you test for vitamin C in orange juice using cornstarch and iodine??

Helping my son with a science fair project

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