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                                                                         Coming Soon!!!!! 1. Rubber band Band Ball 2. How to do graffiti 3. Vinegar and Baking Soda Bomb                                                                    From MrBobby

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Coming soon :) The Man Cave

Most of my instructables have been a couple of hours from start to finish because I'm absolutely useless at finishing something off once I've started it.  Well this has taken about six weeks so far... My friends and I are doing something hush hush since I moved into a new house - outside we had an old outbuilding - a dilapidated recording studio.  I got permission from my wife to turn it into a man cave  What is contained in a man cave... you'll have to wait - electrician and plasterer coming soon and I've ordered all the equipment! Very excited! But it does explain why I've been quiet on the posting front till just now!

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Get well soon sistergldnhair!

After reading a very touching series of forum posts from sistergldnhair's friends and family, we were sorry to hear that this young author had to undergo some brain surgery. The procedure was successful, and we here at the Instructables HQ wanted to send our well wishes with a few gifts and a signed card.  Please take a minute to read through these posts, and leave your get-well-soon's in the comments below. PLEASE send sistergldnhair a get well message A Thank You to One Very Thoughtful Little Girl

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New maker faire Sept 2010 in Queens NYC

    I AM planning on attending this event, at least on the Sat of that weekend.   I hope to see a few of you all there :-)  (?)

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Halloween is coming soon

I've just released a site update that gets us ready to reveal a whole Halloween area very soon.  Halloween is pretty much THE Instructables holiday and this year we're doing something special, in advance.  Watch for that shortly! There are also a number of bugfixes: fixed subscribing fixed a problem with inconsistent stats figures adjusted some of the email templates several admin-only fixes (they were really bugging me for these) Probably some other stuff that didn't make it on to my list, that you all will notice shortly and remind me of :)

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Movember Ends Soon...

And so it begins... To raise awareness of mens' health, particularly prostate cancer, thousands of men around the world are growing moustaches through the month of Movember. If you would like to donate to this important cause, then, please, donate here.  Don't forget, if you're a UK taxpayer, you can gift-aid your donation and increase its value by 30% with no extra cost to you. (And thanks to Canucksgirl for the new avatar) EDIT: (11th November) I was tidying the 'tache for Rememberance Parade, so I thought it was time to share progress here. Don't forget, you can still donate all through November. Further Edit: Movember ends on Friday, and you can still donate [click here]. I am under strict instructions that the end of Movember will be celebrated with a fresh razor, so I plan to document the removal "live" on Twitter, posting pictures during the shave.

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how long does it take before your instructable is visible after publishing? Answered

How long does it take before your instructable is visible after publishing?

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Soon; Knex Walther p99!

Hey there! So I've made this knex p99 and gonna post it soon, but don't have the time yet. and the problem is I can't find my SD card, the thingy I always use for uploading photo's here so yeah

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Coming Soon: LED contest

Coming soon, very soon, a new LED contest. Details to come.

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New contest coming soon

You asked for it...

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Coming Soon: Arduino Contest

For all you Arduino fans out there, we're going to have an Arduino contest coming to the site soon. I can't give out any dates or prizes yet, but the only requirement for the contest will be that it involves Arduino in some way. What you do with the Arduino is completely up to you. More information soon.

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Need Valentine ideas SOON!!!!!!

I need some GREAT v~day ideas please.

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New Contest Coming Soon

Wanted to give you all a heads up that a new contest is coming soon and the theme is travel. So start thinking of some great travel tips for driving, flying, adventuring in another country, and more. More details next week.

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Coming Soon: Paracord Contest

Next week we'll be starting a paracord speed contest. Make anything out of paracord to win a Leatherman with a laser-etched message of your choice! You can include other materials or wrap the paracord around something else, but the main focus of the Instructable should be all about the paracord. So start thinking of some ideas soon to show off your paracord skills. (Photo credit: David J. Fred)

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New Transformer coming soon.

Hey guys, First of all I would like to apologise for my inactivity (if anyone has missed me =D) I have been extremely busy with my schoolwork, and I simply have had no time to post anything or be active at all. I am not leaving Instructables anytime soon though. I have been fiddling around with K'nex sometimes and I am now building a new K'nex Transformer. It still has some issues but when these are gone I'll definately post it. Some pictures of the progress will come up soon. If you have any suggestions which I should build next please post them here. I am not making guns myself anymore so please opnly transformer ideas. Thanks -AUG-5OM3-

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Coming soon: USB Contest

Within the next couple weeks we will be starting a USB Contest! The rules are that the entry needs to involve USB in some way. It can be powered via USB, transfer data via USB, or even provide power by USB. As long as there is some USB connection being used, it can be entered. So keep that in mind and start noodling some ideas. Just be sure not to post until the contest starts, OK? More details to come.

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Coming soon: Hire Kiteman!

I've been threatening to do it for ages, and now I am... I have started my own company, LightWorks Laser Projects. It's incorporated and everything!  When I start trading for real, the core business will be laser cutting workshops: I bring my laser cutter to a venue, you bring your ideas, and together we get creative. Between workshops, I will be running commissions for select customers. So, keep an eye out for future announcements...

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Coming Soon- Sandwich Contest!

In around 2 weeks, I will be holding a sandwich contest! Much like Mikeasaurus's Dinosaur Contest, my sandwich contest will have real prizes, as well as digital patches. Only new Instructables may be entered in the contest, so wait until it is announced to post your Instructable. Enter your entries into the Sandwich Contest group when the contest opens. Everyone who joins the sandwich group that doesn't have an entry will be in a drawing to become a judge.  5 judges will be chosen. The judging criteria is: Appearance Originality Creative use of Ingredients Quality of Instructable Spelling Grammar Picture quality Good Luck! Let the sandwich making begin!

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Coming Soon: Microcontroller Contest

Hear ye, hear ye! We will be starting a microcontroller contest on January 17. It will be a relatively short contest (3-4 weeks long). So, if you're working on something, wait until then to publish. If you weren't, maybe now is the time to try out an Arduino or any other microcontroller. More info next week. UPDATE: We have partnered with SparkFun for the contest! We will be giving away: 3 First Prizes - $250 worth of goods from SparkFun + laser-etched Leatherman Squirt E4 + Prize Pack 5 Second Prizes - $50 worth of goods from SparkFun + laser-etched Leatherman Squirt E4 + Prize Pack 5 Runners-Up Prizes - laser-etched Leatherman Squirt E4 + Prize Pack UPDATE 2: The contest is now live. See it here.

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Epilog Challenge: coming soon!

Psst - want to win a laser cutter?UPDATE: The Epilog Challenge has begun! Click here for details.We know you do, so we've teamed up with the fantastic people at Epilog Laser to bring you the Epilog Challenge: to make an awesome project with a green twist!The most incredible project will win an Epilog laser, and runners-up will get the next-best thing: use of a laser cutter, from our friends at Ponoko! Laser cutters are absolutely incredible tools - the sky (or your imagination) is the limit to what you can make.Now a peek at some details from the contest page:What's a green twist? In honor of environmentally-friendly design and our Green Theme for 2009, we want to see at least some clearly-described green component in the design, no matter how small. Simply explain some way your design is energy-efficient, reuses materials, or is helpful to the environment in some way. It doesn't have to be the primary theme for your project - we just want to encourage green thinking at all stages of a project, no matter how small. Whether you've picked LEDs over incandescent lights, made maximally efficient use of scarce resources, or dumpster-dived for materials, we want to hear about the little steps that contribute to permanent changes in behavior.So, inspired yet? Start thinking and building now, since the contest launches next week!

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knex guns that are coming

Here is a picture of a gun I'm building right know it will be able to shoot 4 shots in a row every time you recock it. the sight is awesome I would post a picture of what I have know but my cameras memory card is missing. . ok this gun is better than my morrettie I think so that means it must be the most power full gun ever!!!!!! I'm made the revolver know it is awesome it has a clip in the front and can shoot 4-5 times in a row. and this one is vary power full too ,about the same. I also built a knife from the E.U.'s teem it looks almost the same as in a picture. the reason I'm building all thees things is because I am making kits hopefully I will have them ALL

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New Epilog Challenge Coming Soon

Coming soon, very soon, is another Epilog Challenge! That's right, we'll be giving away a Zing laser cutter to the most awesome Instructable entered.

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my brother is turning 10 soon..

Hes turning ten soon and i told him that i would make him a sweet instructable... any ideas? for more info. just ask.

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blimp coming soon! but need help

I have restarted the blimp project and it will be coming soon....i hope. i need to know how many cubic feet of helium does it take to lift 1 pound (16 ounces). also need to know if mylar will melt to. please respond

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blimp coming soon! but need help

I have restarted the blimp project and it will be coming soon....i hope. i need to know how many cubic feet of helium does it take to lift 1 pound (16 ounces). also need to know if mylar will melt to. please respond

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Coming soon: Flashlight speed contest!

On Monday we'll be starting a flashlight speed contest! The only rule is that a flashlight must be involved.  More details to come! 

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Coming Soon: Health by Design Contest

Coming soon to the Health by Design Contest! We want to see any Instructable that can promote a healthy lifestyle or make life easier for those whose lives have been changed by injury, sickness, or a disability. This contest is open to all sorts of Instructables. Promote activity with an inexpensive bit of exercise equipment, make a prosthetic limb, mod a wheelchair, it's totally up to you. Prizes and more info to come soon.

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will the video instructable feature be fixed soon?

I need to make a video instructable for halloween contest before the entry deadline, when i try to save and publish it says cannot complete

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Coming Soon: EL wire contest

Starting soon, very soon, here on Instructables will be an EL wire contest! We'll be giving away hundreds of dollars worth of EL wire to the best ideas! In case you don't know, electroluminescent wire, EL wire, is a plastic-coated wire that glows when current is run through it. It comes in many colors, can be powered by batteries, can be used in costumes, and can create animations when controlled by a sequencer. It's really, really fun to play with. To get to know more about EL wire, here are a few Instructables to help you out: how to add EL wire to a coat or other garment How to Solder EL (Electroluminescent) Wire Fire Skirt! Light Up Costume How to make EL Wire Art

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Coming Soon: Sew Warm Contest

Planning on sewing something together to stay warm this winter? Then get ready for our upcoming Sew Warm Contest with SINGER. We will have some excellent prizes from SINGER to give away to any excellent project that helps you fight the cold this winter. All we ask is that you involve sewing in some way. So get your sewing machine and needles ready! More details coming soon. As with all our contests, entries must be published during the contest. Previously published Instructables are not eligible. UPDATE: Contest is live and can be seen here

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The Lamps & Lighting Contest is launching soon!

We'll be holding our first Lamps & Lighting contest very soon! Click here to get a preview of the contest. The contest is open to entries March 4th - April 15th, so get brainstorming. :D We're looking for creative lamps, lighting solutions and lots of fantastic reuse. Enter your best lamp or lighting build and you could win a Kindle Fire HD, a RGB LED light bulb or some fancy wire cutters! P.S. - Make sure you don't post your project before March 4th or it will be ineligible to enter the contest.

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Coming Soon: Garden Contest - UPDATE

It's spring! That means that it's time to be excited about doing some gardening and helping plants grow grow grow. To help get you in the spirit we're going to be having a Garden Contest coming soon. We don't have any further details about prizes and dates and such just yet, but it's not too far off in the future. So if you have any garden Instructables you've been thinking about publishing, hold off until the contest begins. UPDATE Garden Contest will begin this Wednesday. Prizes include some sweet and handy tools for the garden including a camera that helps you make timelapse movies of your plants growing!

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Coming Soon: Stuff On A Stick Contest

Coming soon a new contest from Instructables: Stuff On A Stick! We are hosting a contest that features our favorite food item, stuff on sticks. From cakes to pies to ice cream sandwiches (How Do They Work??) we want your best food items... ON STICKS! The contest will start july 25th, giving you enough time to eat a few boxes of Popsicles. Here are some good on stick projects: Cake Pops Pie Pops Ice Cream sandwich on a stick Giant Gummy Bear on a stick Minnesota State Fair on a stick This is a speed contest so it won't run for very long, so get crackin'! Good Luck!

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TJ-SR V1.2 Coming soon!

My Sniper rifle (a good one) is coming out, i hope to post pictures on 18th august, and i will be posting instructions!Pros:Long rangesemi auto 5 shotsA good stockAn accurate sightTrue triggerVery accurateCons:Uses a lot of piecesVery heavyThe mag Jams a bit

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Coming Soon: Valentine's Day Contest

Next week we'll be starting a Valentine's Day Contest. Think of something sweet to make for someone else and win something sweet and chocolatey from Cocoa Puro or Socola Chocolates! So put on your thinking caps and get into the romantic spirit! As with all our contests, entries must be published during the contest. Previously published Instructables are not eligible. UPDATE: Contest is live and can be seen here

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Coming Soon! A Children's Book for Makers

Hi friends! Sneha Pai and I (grad students in the SVA MFA Interaction Design program) are putting our heads together for an exciting new project we'd like you to be a part of. In a few weeks, we'll be kickstarting a children's book called The Maker's Alphabet. If you'd like to follow along our journey, please sign up for our launch updates: Have ideas and input? We'd love to hear them! Feel free to share in the comments. :) Thanks for your support! Melody Quintana

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The Game.Life 3 Contest is starting soon!

Gather up all those extra lives you have laying around - Game.Life is back for its third installment! We want to see your most fantastic gaming instructables - retro or modern, complex or simple! Whether you're modding your game console or baking a Portal cake, we want to see it. Enter a videogame related project between March 25 and April 29 for a chance to win a GoPro Helmet Hero or some amazing gaming accessories including a portable S/NES, wireless controllers, and Minecraft and Portal items. P.S. - Make sure you don't publish your instructable before the 25th!

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Too bad this ends so soon.

If I had another month, I was planning on making a nice instructable on how to make a good motorized bike, doing 150mpg, with 7 speeds, and a max speed of 80mph.. Although I don't think anybody will get up to that fast. You'll still be able to petal, and it's street legal (considered pedal assist) No welds required. The modification process can be dumbed down to a sheet of metal, hacksaw, and a drill. However, I'd recommend a sheer for cutting, but that's just me. The total cost of the project would be a bike, plus $200 in parts, plus $200 for the engine. Maybe I'll submit it to the green one instead, 150mpg is pretty good. That is if I get all the parts and have the time to put it together, plus do a write up.

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Coming soon-the COMPLETE Guide to RC Cars

I am currently about halfway done with my guide (well it's really an instructable) to rc cars. I will be including anything and everything rc car related. I am hoping to help anyone who is interested in buying an rc car, upgrading the one they already have, orif you are just bored and wants some entertainment. I hope to finish soon and post it by the 4th of July.

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coming soon: How To Fake A UFO Picture

Coming soon how to fake ufo photos so well not even photo experts can tell if its real or fake

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advertise your knex guns soon to be released!

Well i want to show my p90 soon to be released and i want to see all your guns so show me!

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I need these custom stickers as soon as possible. Answered

I need these custom stickers as soon as possible. So if you can recommend companies that print high quality stickers, please do tell me.

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Hammerhead Glider Z Prototype coming soon

Hammerhead glider Z Prototype coming soon. Z Prototype vs II # A lot faster than II like in lighting speed. # Heavyer. # Less glider.

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Coming Soon: Dadcando Family Fun Contest

The new Dadcando book is very cool. So cool that we're teaming up with Dadcando for the Dadcando Family Fun Contest! The theme of the contest is, well, fun with the family. Awesome projects, exciting activities, you name it. It's going to be great and it's going to be starting soon so start thinking of some great Instructables for it. We'll have more details soon. Note: As with all the contests, wait for the contest to start before you publish. Thanks!

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Subscribers' projects showing up too soon?

I like the new bar with "subscription activity", but there may be a bug, in that three of the first five projects on the list haven't actually been published yet. That will kind of spoil the surprise, won't it?

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coming soon knex pac sniper rifle

This gun is good looking and works great! it will be on this weak end! yes february 9th or 10th! you know something this gun has a new system it has a breach like mepains sniper rifle but the breach goes into a mag that holds 5 bullets! so there is a new system now for every one to copy off of. YaY new pics! 6.the gun 7.fp (first person) 8.this is how the mag works

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Coming Soon: Krylon Summer Projects Contest

Next week we'll be starting up the Krylon Summer Projects Contest. Any project that uses any Krylon product is eligible. With tons of colors and other products it's easy to use a Krylon product to finish off a project. We'll be giving away Leatherman tools, Krylon prizes, and more. Be sure to check back next week for more info!

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Google Computer Case - Instructable coming soon

I am a fan of Google so I decided to make a computer case with a Google theme. I will posting the iinstructable on how to make a case like it with any theme you want later this week. Try to guess the material. The case was made 100% by me except the motherboard mount.. Let me know what you think. I have a couple Ideas for additions to it and those will be posted in the instructable.

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