Active Sound Generator

Guys, does anybody know how to make an "Active Sound Generator"? It produces an amplified engine sound and the car sounds louder. In retail it costs about 2000€ that's why I would like to built my own Active Sound Generator. Any car fans who can help me out?

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Sound Activated LED's

Good Afternoon everyone, A friend of mine asked me to help him build something and I sort of hit a snag in the process. I know how to make LED's flash to the beat of music but what he wants is so that way when there are sounds around him the LED lights flash with the sounds around him (Such as if he was at a party, the LED lights would flash with the beat of the music even though they weren't connected to it.) Is this possible and if so what would I need to build or get? Thank you! Sincerely, Khris

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Sound activated switch

Hey, my friend is a drummer and he's trying to install LEDs inside each one of his toms that would come on when he hits the tom. He doesn't know anything about electronics so he asked me and I don't know much either so I'm asking all you awesome people at Instructables. What I want is a simple sircuit that will not cost me above £5 that will allow me to do what I mentioned above. I have a soldering iron and can solder stuff easily so I just need the parts and (preferably a stripboard) layout. He will be using a max of 16 red 2v 20mA LEDs in each tom so the circuit will have to be able to supply either approx. 32v 20mA if in series, or 2v 320mA if in pararell. So, any recommendations?

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Sound activated LED?

Hi, need help with my electronics project. I would like to light up a set of LED's (about 20) in response to a microphone input using a 9V battery source. I have searched the internet for schematics but no luck. I only found LED's thatlight up at certian frequencies or light up depending on volume. All I need is to light up 20 LED's whenever a sound is detected on the microphone! Please help!

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A 'simple' sound activated LED.

Soooooo, I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about electronics. But I'd like to make/have someone make a single LED bulb that lights up when a microphone recieves sound. I'd 'actually' like to fit a small microphone into a helmet's mouth section, and have an LED activated on the outside. If it's possible to incorporate a speaker on the outside as well, that'd be incredible. And even more-so, if it could change/amplify your voice on the way out, that'd be simply orgasmic.

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Is it possible to add Reset button and Snooze button on sound activated switch?

I'm working on this project where I need help. Is it possible to add reset circuit schematic and snooze circuit schematic on sound activated switch with audio input plug circuit schematic? Im planning to use sound activated switch to turn on/off the lights. The reason why i want those features are: 1. Reset button that reset sound activated switch to turn the lights off without making other noise to turn light off and doesnt turn off sound activated switch. 2. Snooze button that turn light off and ingoring the noises (turn sound activated switch off) until whatever minutes is time eslaped to turn sound activated switch back on without turn lights on until the next noise happening. Anyone has those schematics proven working together or know how to put them together that is willing help me?

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looking for sound activated light?

This light I'm looking for had a spinning T inside with leds along their length that would change with sound pressure, shinning on the screen covering the front of the light. One of the simplest lights I have seen. Schmatics would be very helpful.

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gentle touch activated sound?

I have a little toy that makes noise when you squeeze it that I want to give as a Christmas present, but tiny little hands have trouble doing the squeezing properly, so I want to do a little surgery on it so that the sound activates with just a gentle touch instead.  Such as if you flick it, pet it, pick it up... that sort of thing.  I know when I was little, we had a doll that was supposed to make noises when played with, but it was so sensitive that it would go off from just the blow of our AC.  My problem is, I've no idea what parts I need to do this.  Can anybody help point me in the right direction?  And I only have about a three inches to work in, so it needs to be fairly small. Thanks.

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Connect Leds to sound activated driver

Hi,I want to connect an array of white leds to this sound reactive driver:;=4&c2;=149I'm pretty sure the output is 100 volt at 2000Khz. What is the cheapest way to do this ?

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Sound activated switch problem with relay Help!?

I bought a kit of electronic sound activated switch but the relay just turns of and on constantly. The power supply is 12v 500ma. i tried a power adapter 15v 1.2a from my router and it work but i cant find to buy one like that. Can i maybe put another relay to solve the problem or anything else? Here is scheme and parts. Sorry for bad English Thanks.

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how to make a sound activated switch? Answered

Making led light up win you hit on a drum

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Is it possible to build a sound activated sprinkler?

My dogs go on occasional barking sprees, which my neighbor hates. The dogs are short haired & hate water. A sprinkler would work great on them.

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How do you make a sound activated laser?

I have a green laser that runs on two AA batteries. I would like to have it react to music the way the inexpensive, easily available CCF tube lights that are sound activated by a "module" react.

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HELP! i need help with sound activated flash!!!

Hello, i have recently been intrested high speed photography. I have rigged a cheap external flash to be fired when you tough two external wired together. I wanted to make some kind of circuit that would trigger the flash when there was a loud sound. I have almost no experience with soldering, soldering, or anything with the sort. i do not have very much money to spend on this particular project. I have noidea what to do, so any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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how to make a sound activated table top dancing fountain?

Hi , i am from Indonesia i just saw this on youtube i got interested and search for circuit sound control  in the problem is this circuit is with a 3volts battery  while i want to make a a table top fountain with a submersible pump and the voltage here is 220v ,  now for the question : how do i incorporate these two?  (my knowledge of circuits are very limited)   i was just wondering if anyone could help me in making table top dancing fountain? any help would be muccccchhh     appreciated  thanks 

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How can I use this circuit to make a firework lighter?

Here's the link: I want to use this part to make a sound activated firework lighter. Please list steps and materials.

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Musical Lights

Hey, I recently saw; and i want to make that. I read the schematic at (that link doesn't work, use this one:  for it, but, I'm still quite confused. The parts that are the most problematic to me are the high, low, and mid pass filters. i  don't understand what they are, and how there made. If anyone could help me, thank you.

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Need advice in creating a sound activated robot

Hi to everyone! I am new here and will really appreciate any help or advice on my project. Truth is, i am very new to electronics and thus, have little knowledge on how to proceed with my project. In summary, my project is basically creating a friend(robot) that will activate upon receiving electrical impulse from a mic. The motion it will have is basically the lighting up of LEDs (for the eyes) and the head tilting upwards (using servo or DC motor idk...) when sound is detected. However, i want the motions to be there for 30 secs even after there is no more sound before reverting back. I have done many research regarding this but it is just too complicated for me to understand. I would really appreciate it if the solution or advice is simple enough for beginner to understand. Also, i don't want "clap" activated, i want it to be sound activated like simply speaking normally. I would probably ask even more questions in the future, so, hope i will get along well with everyone here! p.s this project is a very scaled down version because i wouldn't be able to handle the full scale electronics...

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Schematic for sound activated lights for drum kit?

Could anyone develop a schematic for this? A friend of mine plays drums, and would like to install lights inside his drumkit. Mainly the bass drum, but in each tom and the snare too, if possible. I'm thinking a mic'd light organ of some sort. When the drum beats, a light comes on in that drum, with variable intensity, depending intensity of the beat. (soft beat, low light; hard beat, bright light, etc) Does not respond to the beats of the other drums. (selective frequency/pitch or adjustable?) The light punches on, then fades out with approx 1 second duration, rather than just punching out. Uses cool-light, preferably colored, because I'm not sure how a hot light would affect the drums. Plugs in to standard 120v outlet. Anyone feeling creative, please offer a design!! It would be much appreciated. I have intermediate knowledge of circuits and soldering, just little knowledge when it comes to component selection.

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How do you make a sound activated switch?

So basically I'm looking to make a circuit that detects a (preferably adjustable) level of sound and completes another circuit and keeps that circuit completed until the sound level drops.  I've looked around on Google but I cant find any momentary circuits.  I find things like clapper kits and stuff that switches something on and keeps it on.  I want to use this on my paintball loader so when it detects the sound of the gun firing it activates the motor.  (like a Halo or some other high end loader)  The loader is a Viewloader force with the ON-Demand jack. +One last thing this cant be too huge because I want to be able to velcro it to the side of my loader.  If you know of a circuit like this or have a picture or a link That would be great; thank you all in advance :D    

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How do I make a motion/touch-activated sound player?

Hey everyone,I'm looking at making a device that plays a single .mp3 file when it is moved/interacted with, i.e the device will be in a container of sorts, and when that container is hit or shaken, the sound file will play. Is this possible?I've tried looking on the website for similar projects but couldn't find anything as all the motion-sensor ones were to do with if something walks or moves in front of the device, whereas I want something where the motion is acted upon the device.Hope you can help me out!Thanks

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motion activated alarm, sort of

My wife just bought a tin pig that is about two feet tall and she wants me to see if i can make it squeal when someone walks up to our front door.  i figure it sounds like an easy project but i am not sure.  i have enough experience wiring, soldering, and general tech stuff.  i have read up and can guess that i will need a pair sensor and some sort of  micro controller, but i am unclear what or what to do with it.  the goal is to have a piece that i can put inside the pig and have it detect a visitor and then trigger a sample of a pig sound.  i know its silly, but i do what the wife asks!! ideas of maybe a link to something specific would be helpful!

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I need install a system for sound reproduction

Hello, I need URGENT help, I must construct a system to help a few children with disability to go freely by some rooms 1 - I need to put into each of the 20 rooms, 20 cells (one for room) with infrared light placed spectrum that activate an MP3 system that every child has individualy. They must to have earphones to listen the MP3 2 - This MP3 must have 20 different tracks of sound, therefore, every lounge or room will have to activate the sound track that corresponds to every place. Room one activate track one, room two activate track two an so on. Per example. If the child goes to room 14 there must to be activated into his o her track 14 into there MP3. If one of the childs go out of the radio of influence of the cell, the system will go out in expectation of being activated by another cell of another lounge, the children's quantity that for opposite to every photocell is 20 3 - Also I am looking these children microcips of sound that can be placed in the cards as like those of Christmas so that they give a small message of Christmas to the precionarse for them, which we could record with one helping messeges no more that 9 o 15 seconds I am much needed from this PLEASE, YOU THAT QUITE THEY IT CAN IN THESE TOPICS... HELP ME Thank you Rodrigo Gutierrez Bogota South Colombia America 

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How to install a button to activate lights and sound at my business?

I am looking at installing a button by the main doors of my entertainment building. The purpose of the button would be to play a tone or jingle and maybe trigger some lights. The guest would push the button if they had enjoyed their stay. Similar to how restaurants hang bells by their doors for customers to ring. I am not sure on how to go about this or what products to buy. If anyone could help point me in the right direction that would be great. Thank you for your time and help,Ben

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Wireless activated buzzer/alarm

Can someone help me with this? I need a wireless activated buzzer or alarm. Similar to the cheap wireless doorbells where you push the button on the remote and the bell rings. Release the button, and it stops. But it needs to be a loud sounding buzzer or alarm, fairly high decibels, and did I mention very inexpensive? Also, the buzzer/alarm part needs to be as small as possible. I appreciate all your help!

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circuit: 100+ sound bites activated at random by switch

I'm looking to make a basic circuit that plays 1 of many sound bites at random each time the circuit is closed. Any schematics out there?

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How to make sound activated lights for acoustic drums?

I want to make my bass drum light up every time it is hit. How would I do this? Thanks.

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What is needed to make a motion-activated sound player?

We see it all the time come Halloween time with cheap motion-activated gizmos that emit some random horribly recorded sound effect. I am trying to figure out how to set up a similar system, but something that uses custom sounds. I have 3-5 sounds that I would like it to play at random once activated by the motion detector. As a side note, I also need some red LEDs to light up once it is activated as well, but I figure that will be easier to figure out once I have the necessary components for the rest of the getup. So basically, does anyone have any ideas as to what I need and/or how to make it work? I tried looking up tutorials on this site, but I'm not even really sure what to look for. Thanks for your time!

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elwire sound activated inverter mod need help

Hello guys, ive been working on my project suitcase boombox and was searching for cool thing that  i might add to it and found this thing called elwire, so i bought it and now im wondering if theres any way i could hook it up straight to my audio amplifiers channel or something like that instead of using the microphone on the elwire inverter. here is the elwire inverter the amp im using: lepai

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use a footswitch to activate MP3?

I am attempting to set up a foot pressure switch to activate an mp3 player for an art exhibition. I wired up the footswitch to to close the circuit when pressed between the speakers and the mp3. Unfortuneatley it only closes half the circuit so the other half remains open giving a lot of hissing sounds. The idea is that the mp3 remains on and playing but that when the pressure swicth is stepped on it closes the circuit so the music plays. I need to find a way to break the entire circuit when the mat is not stepped on. Any ideas how to achieve this? Thanks Cathal

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Interactive Sound Fence Project

I am working on a community based arts project in New Zealand. I am designing a fence which will go around a park area and I wanted to include some motion activated sounds. The sounds will be recordings of wildlife in the park area and will be triggered by people walking passed specific parts of the fence. Any suggestions as to the best way to tackle this? Thank you in advance Simon

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How to make a simple sound activated robot with simple motions?

Hi to everyone! I am new here and will really appreciate any help or advice on my project. Truth is, i am very new to electronics and thus, have little knowledge on how to proceed with my project. In summary, my project is basically creating a friend(robot) that will activate upon receiving electrical impulse from a mic. The motion it will have is basically the lighting up of LEDs (for the eyes) and the head tilting upwards (using servo or DC motor idk...) when sound is detected. However, i want the motions to be there for 30 secs even after there is no more sound before reverting back. I have done many research regarding this but it is just too complicated for me to understand. I would really appreciate it if the solution or advice is simple enough for beginner to understand. Also, i don't want "clap" activated, i want it to be sound activated like simply speaking normally. And i hope to avoid using micro controllers. I would probably ask even more questions in the future, so, hope i will get along well with everyone here! p.s this project is a very scaled down version because i wouldn't be able to handle the full scale electronics...

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how can i use my PIR sensor to activate the radioshack sound recorder module?

I know how to use my PIR sensor to alow power to something.... but now i already have power to my something and i need to to just act as a motion activated switch. im new to electronics and i need help. i also have an arduino.

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How to Hack a Greeting Card Sound Module to play entire sound clip

I bought a bunch of the recordable greeting card sound modules for a project.  The problem is that these sound modules only play when the greeting card (circuit) is open so only a portion of the sound clip is played if you close the card (circuit).  Is there an easy way to hack these sound modules so that the entire sound clip is played each time they are activated?

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How do I make a Sound Activated RGB LED Color Controller?

I'm building a mau5head costume for an upcoming deadmau5 concert, and I've been baffled as to how to make a sound activated controller for the RGB LEDs I'm going to put into the eyes. The end goal is to have the colors change on bass hits, much like professional DJ lights do when on sound to light mode. I've been looking for a solution to this for a few days, but simply can't find one. I'm hoping someone here can help Here's a visual of what I'm hoping to achieve (beginning at 1 min in): (I realize these are MIDI controlled via a usb in the back, I just want the same effect) Money is not really an object, but would prefer to keep it as cheap as possible. The LEDs are 4 pin (Red, Green, Blue, Ground)

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Help with Arduino sound/spray

Hey guys, I need some help. I'm working on making a horse costume for an event. The horse will be out interacting with public. I want to have speakers in the cheeks that play pre-programmed sounds and I also want it to be able to "sneeeze" I've never worked with arduino before, but I really would like to try and I would like some help or some ideas. The way I'm hoping to have this done is to have the sounds activated by buttons that are close to my fingers so i can just move a finger to get the them, and have the sounds play out the speakers in the cheeks. Also, what I want is when I push a certain button I would like the horse to make the huffing sound and spray water out of it's nose. (I'm going to have a fan in the nose for ventilation, and I'd like it to just spray through the van so that it mists a person) Can someone help with with ideas of: 1) how I  can program the separate sounds 2) How to program each sound to a different button and 3) How to program is so that when I push one of the buttons it will simultaneously mist and make the sound. Please remember I'm new to Arduino, so as "dumbed down" as possible would be great. If there's any 'tables up that I may have missed that could help me with this, it would be much appreciated if you could link them to me. Many thanks!

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Help with Arduino Coding

Hello. I have recently been interested in coding Arduino and the USAF lets me to launchpads to setup remote cameras that are sound activated for a rocket launch. I was working on designing an Arduino connected to one of the cheap sound detector modules on eBay. The camera would be triggered by a short circuit on the digital end, with the sound module on the analog end. The camera is activated by a short circuit on the shutter release, so I though I would have + going into the camera when sound is activated with the other cables on ground. I just needed someone to check over my coding, as I am debating whether or not to buy an Arduino. No errors appeared on the computer, so I don't know if it will work fine or not                                                                                                                                                                                                                void setup() {}   //Just there as placeholder: void loop()    //To repeat a function of detecting sound: {const int SoundDetectorPin = A2;  //Sound Detector Module located at Analog pin 2:   const int CameraTriggerOutput = 3;  //Dual Trigger Output is located at Digital pin 3: //Following is If functions: if (analogRead(SoundDetectorPin) == LOW) //When power is read, if it is LOW, the trigger detected sound:      digitalWrite(CameraTriggerOutput, HIGH); //Pin 3 is given positive voltage: else {  //If opposite happens:     digitalWrite(CameraTriggerOutput, LOW); //When power is read, if it is HIGH, the trigger is detected nothing and no command is excecuted:    } }                                                                                                                                

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Using a PIR to turn on a sound module

Hi All, I have used PIR sensors before but i usually hack one from a cupboard light you can buy.  What I want to do is use a really small (and cheap) board like the trinket (adafruit) and hook it up to the PIR in order to turn on a sound module.   Does anyone know what board would be best to do this?  All the board will have to do is activate the PIR sensor.  maybe I don't need an actual whole board to get this done?  any clues would be much appreciated.

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Question about activating bluetooth by phone? Answered

Ok, guys, just hear me out -- this may or may not be possible, I just need to know what parts I would need for the bluetooth section. Here's my ambition: I want to modify a simple alarm clock so that whenever my android phone receives a text message or phone call, it sets off the alarm clock. I'm almost certain I'll be able to write an app for the phone to send out a bluetooth signal whenever I receive a call or text message, I just need to know what parts I'll have to have for the alarm clock. I'm assuming it's some sort of receiver that I would have to wire into the clock. Just let me know what you guys think. I know it sounds stupid and I'm sure there are much better ways to do things but I want to go this route if at all possible. Thanks!

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Audio triggered by motion sensor

Hello, I am an artist and want to do a sound installation. Basically I want a movement sensor that activates sounds. There will be about 15 different sounds and each time someone passes by the movement sensor will activate a different track. Can you help me with that?!?!? I need to know how can it be done!!! Thank you Fernanda

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How do I make a soundboard that activates via a momentary switch?

Hi all, For an upcoming case mod project, I would like to make a soundboard that, when a momentary switch is activated, plays a pre-loaded sound. In this case, when a momentary key switch is turned, it will start the computer, and play the sound of an engine starting. It would be even better if I could add a delay, so it starts playing the sound of the starter motor in the engine, and then continue on to the engine starting as the PC starts, but it requires you to keep the key switch activated, so its just like starting a car. Does anyone know how I could go about this?

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Question Re: Installation

I have a few questions regarding a scultpure I am making- To keep it simple, let's say the sculpture is simply a rectangle, ~4'x8'. What I would like to do is set up eight motion sensors (one in each corner and one in the middle of each side) that when triggered activate a corresponding tape player with a tape loop inside to play on a central speaker unit. So the goal is simplest terms is for people to walk around the installation triggering a musical note and with enough people organize a composition or a chord. Each motion sensor would have its own respective tape player, but I don't have the funds to supply eight seperate speakers. I also don't have much money to spend on PIRs, however, ebay has a bunch of PIR home security sensors for around $5. This project is most likely going to be crude, so I'm not overly worried about how sloppy it may turn out. What I imagine is to have the tape players always on, always running their loops, and a way for their respective sensors to allow the sound to play through the speaker. The gaps I need filled- 1) Is it sensible to use the PIR sensors I'm finding on ebay? (Aleph XP-40, Ademco 998) 2)short of buying eight speakers, is there a way to hook up all eight tape players to a central speaker unit? 3) If I am making this overly complicated, might you know of a better way to accomplish the task?

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Where can I find a small, inexpensive,recordable device (10-20 seconds) that is motion activated?

Visualize say a lifesize Halloween or Christmas character that speaks or makes a sound when activated by the motion of a passerby. I need to record a 10-20 second message of my own that will playback when activated.

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How to make a key beeper that can be activated by a cell phone?

Is there a device that that can be somehow activated by 'some' signal produces by today's cell phones (bluetooth, wifi, infra...) and then make a beep sound? Preferably it should be small, light, cheap, with low consumption of energy. It should work as a beeper to find a thing that it is attached to more quickly.  Any ideas?

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How do I make a battery powered LED react to sound?

I am trying to create a prop that is activated via either light (light sensor triggers the action) or push button. I would like to have an LED and small speaker with a prerecorded sound activate with either light or a push button activation. That way, when the circuit is activated, the LED will turn on and the sound will play. Then, once the sound has stopped, I'd like the LED to turn off. I would also like this to be as small as possible as I am working in a very limited space and I'd also like it to be battery operated. By small, I am working in a jar with a 2 inch diameter lid from Ikea. The jar will be fogged so most of the wiring and such will be hidden but I would like it as small as possible. I'm thinking a speaker from Build-a-Bear since they have the small puck recordable speaker that I can record my sound on. However, I have no idea as to how to get the LED to react to the sounds coming out of the speaker. I want the LED to light up as if it were talking. (I basically trying to make Navi from Zelda in a jar for a friend's Link costume for Comic Con). Any thoughts, suggestions, or insight would be helpful. Thanks, Micah

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Trying to make a black light mirror the magnitude of speakers Answered

Trying to make a black light mirror the magnitude of speakers, not just on or off if the sound is loud enough, I'm trying to make it get brighter and dimmer as the music gets louder and softer. Help please? I can't find anything online that would be variable, all I can find is guides for LEDs, which are much lower power than anything I'd like to use, and guides for modules that simply switch on or off like the clapper. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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I need help coding an arduino sketch to activate audio from an mp3 board when my PIR senses motion

My goal is to have a sound effect play when a person first walks into the field of view of my PIR. So far I can get it to work, but the sound "stutters" for about 4 seconds before it will play through all the way. The parts that I am using are: (this board doesn't have a datasheet, so i have been using the 'old version' datasheet: ) and an arduino uno besides vcc and ground, my arduino's pins connect pin7 to my mp3 board's number 1 pin (which is active low) and also from my arduino's pin3 to the out/signal from my PIR sensor. I have tried a couple different example sketches and modified them to something that i thought would work, but they both have similar problems with "stuttering". Below are the sketches after modification. (note: I haven't finished changing some of the commenting yet.) I would be very thankful for any and all help. I can admit, I'm not very good at this kind of thing. This project is for halloween in 2016. I'm so bad (and I realize it) that I'm starting a year in advance. FIRST SKETCH: // Uses a PIR sensor to detect movement, buzzes a buzzer // more info here: // email me, John Park, at // based upon: // PIR sensor tester by Limor Fried of Adafruit // tone code by int MP3Song1Pin = 7;                // choose the pin for the mp3 board int inputPin = 3;               // choose the input pin (for PIR sensor) int pirState = LOW;             // we start, assuming no motion detected int val = 0;                    // variable for reading the pin status void setup() {   pinMode(MP3Song1Pin, OUTPUT);      // declare mp3 board as output   pinMode(inputPin, INPUT);     // declare sensor as input   Serial.begin(9600); } void loop(){   val = digitalRead(inputPin);  // read input value   if (val == HIGH) {            // check if the input is HIGH     digitalWrite(MP3Song1Pin, LOW);  // turn mp3 board on     delay(10);     digitalWrite(MP3Song1Pin, HIGH);  // turn mp3 board         if (pirState == LOW) {       // we have just turned on       Serial.println("Motion detected!");       // We only want to print on the output change, not state       pirState = HIGH;     }   } else {       digitalWrite(MP3Song1Pin, HIGH); // turn mp3 board OFF       if (pirState == HIGH){       // we have just turned off       Serial.println("Motion ended!");       // We only want to print on the output change, not state       pirState = LOW;     }   } } SECOND SKETCH: /* * ////////////////////////////////////////////////// * //making sense of the Parallax PIR sensor's output * ////////////////////////////////////////////////// * * Switches a LED according to the state of the sensors output pin. * Determines the beginning and end of continuous motion sequences. * * @author: Kristian Gohlke / krigoo (_) gmail (_) com / * @date:   3. September 2006 * * kr1 (cleft) 2006 * released under a creative commons "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0" license * * * * The Parallax PIR Sensor is an easy to use digital infrared motion sensor module. * ( * * The sensor's output pin goes to HIGH if motion is present. * However, even if motion is present it goes to LOW from time to time, * which might give the impression no motion is present. * This program deals with this issue by ignoring LOW-phases shorter than a given time, * assuming continuous motion is present during these phases. *  */ ///////////////////////////// //VARS //the time we give the sensor to calibrate (10-60 secs according to the datasheet) int calibrationTime = 30;        //the time when the sensor outputs a low impulse long unsigned int lowIn;         //the amount of milliseconds the sensor has to be low //before we assume all motion has stopped long unsigned int pause = 5000;  boolean lockLow = true; boolean takeLowTime;  int pirPin = 3;    //the digital pin connected to the PIR sensor's output int ledPin = 7; ///////////////////////////// //SETUP void setup(){   Serial.begin(9600);   pinMode(pirPin, INPUT);   pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(pirPin, LOW);   //give the sensor some time to calibrate   Serial.print("calibrating sensor ");     for(int i = 0; i < calibrationTime; i++){       Serial.print(".");       delay(1000);       }     Serial.println(" done");     Serial.println("SENSOR ACTIVE");     delay(50);   } //////////////////////////// //LOOP void loop(){      if(digitalRead(pirPin) == HIGH){        digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);   //the led visualizes the sensors output pin state        delay(50);        digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);        if(lockLow){           //makes sure we wait for a transition to LOW before any further output is made:          lockLow = false;                     Serial.println("---");          Serial.print("motion detected at ");          Serial.print(millis()/1000);          Serial.println(" sec");          delay(50);          }                  takeLowTime = true;        }      if(digitalRead(pirPin) == LOW){              digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);  //the led visualizes the sensors output pin state        if(takeLowTime){         lowIn = millis();          //save the time of the transition from high to LOW         takeLowTime = false;       //make sure this is only done at the start of a LOW phase         }        //if the sensor is low for more than the given pause,        //we assume that no more motion is going to happen        if(!lockLow && millis() - lowIn > pause){             //makes sure this block of code is only executed again after            //a new motion sequence has been detected            lockLow = true;                                   Serial.print("motion ended at ");      //output            Serial.print((millis() - pause)/1000);            Serial.println(" sec");            delay(50);            }        }   }

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Making a Michael myers prop have a few questions?

I'm building a michael myers prop out of a bust on a pole type of maniquin and I want to make him sound or motion activated I'm planning on getting a radio shack recording module to record the Halloween song but my questions are how can I make it sound activated or motion activated? what else do I need to make this happen? I also want to extend the speaker cord to put the speaker in his chest how can I do that? and I need a new speaker because the one the recording module brings is pretty bad any good speakers you recommend for an animatronic? 

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Making Michael myers prop have a few questions

I'm building a michael myers prop out of a bust on a pole type of maniquin and I want to make him sound or motion activated I'm planning on getting a radio shack recording module to record the Halloween song but my questions are how can I make it sound activated or motion activated? what else do I need to make this happen? I also want to extend the speaker cord to put the speaker in his chest how can I do that? and I need a new speaker because the one the recording module brings is pretty bad any good speakers you recommend for an animatronic?

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how to integrate a dash monut GPS with car stock FM radio and speaker system?

I like to use my car speakers  with my dash mount GPS. Is there anyway GPS announcements can be made thru the speaker system while the radio is on playing  either by fading the music or by temporarily interrupting it.. The GPS has a headphone jack output and a USB port and it is bluetooth enabled. I am thinking that a sound activated FM transmitter with an integrated  sound activated switch might do the trick. Any suggestions or solutions?

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