What are sound cards?

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Replace sounds on greeting card sound module

Hello, I recently purchased this item from ebay. It's a "30s Light Sensor Record Device Module Music Box Sound Chip For Greeting Card" It comes with a pre-recorded happy birthday song. Now I want to change that song and I am pretty sure it can be done somehow, because I can see some connections available, except I am not sure what they mean and how to use them. The seller responded that there is no documentation and if I want certain sounds I have to send them the files and they will record them for me before shipping... which is ridiculous... I want to be able to change the songs when I please. The connections marked on the board say: TG1 TG2 TG3 GND VDD PW1 and PW2 Any suggestion could help.

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Sound modules?

How could I make my own sound modules like those in greeting cards and toys? And preferably easily, and cheaply.

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sound is "jittery."?

Whenever i watch videos or listen to music the sound and image freezes then jumps for a split second, every 4 or 5 seconds.... do i need a new card of somesort or what because it gets irritating

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a laptop sound card upgrade? Answered

Hear me out before you think about commenting. Ive got my LG R405 here, and i really like it, i added line out to it and use my sub with it. its all good, but some songs (whether the sub is plugged in or not) make my sound card cut out. (IE it'll make some white noise then stop producing sound) i have to skip the song before my sound will come back online. I was wondering what could i do to fix this? im guessing its something with the capacitors, being SMD caps, they might not be able to let the sound control chip handle the big changes in sound frequencies or something, im not too sure. dont try and tell me its impossible to resolve this issue. it is not a software problem, it is a hardware problem. i need to upgrade something, be it the capacitors, or maybe the amount of current supplied to the sound driver chip. if its capacitors, where should i be upgrading them? on the outputs or the input voltage?

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Sound card configuration problems

Want to configure my 7.1 sound card, which is embedded in the motherboard. Run windows 7. I used to just split the 'green' channel between my small 2.1 computer speaker system and home built full range 'rear' tower speakers with passive crossover, powered by an old 2X 100W RMS Sony amp, with very satisfactory results (movies, mostly reggae music). But finally I got a nice 10" subwoofer!  Time to make a proper setup! So I tried to plug the tower speakers in the black channel, and for now, the headphones, in the orange channel (while wiring the sub into a 4 X 40W  mono setup- Parallel , I assume????). To the control panel, sound, manage audio devices, speakers, configure (5,1 for now). Works like a charm: all tests OK, can hear all test sounds.  Restart... But W Media player, as well as other players (want to customize with Foobar_X_over eventually) don't provide any sound, except for the green channel. What am I doing wrong?

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talking birthday card?

Does anyone know how to create the little sound thing inside a birthday card? When you open the card, the sound starts. When you close it, the sound stops. Can it be done with a voice recording?

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Can I tweak, jimmy, hack or reconfigure my Echo Indigo sound card to sound better than it does now?

but I don't know if I'm getting to use all of it's potential. Is there any way to reconfigure, hack, or tweak this thing for my laptop? I mean I thought, from all the good reviews I read, that I'd have the epitome of good, strong bassy sound, but the sound I get is actually weaker than the DFX plugin I installed months after, at one quarter of the price! How do I use all this card's features to their fullest extent? I mean, I listen to a lot of Lounge, downtempo and drum/bass on an XP, so maybe I'm expecting too much, from this laptop card, I don't know. So, please if there's a way to use this thing to full capacity, either by adjusting something on the card or my laptop, let me know! Thanks, Carlton

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How to Hack a Greeting Card Sound Module to play entire sound clip

I bought a bunch of the recordable greeting card sound modules for a project.  The problem is that these sound modules only play when the greeting card (circuit) is open so only a portion of the sound clip is played if you close the card (circuit).  Is there an easy way to hack these sound modules so that the entire sound clip is played each time they are activated?

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what are the 3 outputs on my sound card for? Answered

I know 1 runs my speaker but the others seem useless

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I have no sound on my PC! Answered

 I have no sound on my PC...ever since I reinstalled operating system it has had no sound card, no drivers, NOTHING! What should I do? I cannot even see what card I have from the control panel because the file is EMPTY. It's as if I don't even have a card! I'll post picks, if someone asks me to. Thank you! :D

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Need help with hallmark card wiring?

The ones with the record your own. I would like to disable or destory the song after the personilized recording. Thank you.

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How to use my sound card as an oscilloscope and signal generator?

How can I use my sound card as an oscilloscope, And how to make an oscilloscope probes as well as a signal generator probes "Labeled Wiring Diagram Would Help".

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Hey all, Does anyone know how to play audio from one computer through another computer's sound card?

The catch is that the audio software is on the first computer, and is not compatible with the second, but the second has the good sound card that isn't installable in the first (also, the line in and mic ports are already full!)

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Customizable soundboard?

I would like to make what is essentiallya customizable easy button, essentially a button that when pressed plays a wav/mp3 file from an SD card. Could someone make a guide?

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can i reuse a ISA sound card as a portable amplifier? Answered

I was wondering because i have one just laying around, i tried connecting to to 5v, but no luck, the chip just got really hot. when i plugged in the line in or mic and some heaphones (to the respective jacks) it dodnt work, im guessing it needs a computer to tell it how to work, but there has to be some sort of workaround for that, isnt there? i managed to find a pinout of the chip rather easily. its a ESS Audiodrive, and there is a smaller JRC chip, but i cant find the pinout. its markings are: 2073 7085d JRC

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Advice on removing rust fron inside sound card jacks?

I have a nice sound card from a friend which has some mildly rusty contacts, which I believe is the reason it no longer works. Any advice on cleaning in and around the jack?

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Will PCIe x1 cards work in PCIe x16 slots?

I am getting the asus p6t deluxe v2, and i have a pcie x1 tv tuner card and a pcie x1 sound card, the first pcie x16 slot is taken up by my dual slot graphics card, will the tuner and sound card work in the other pcie x16 slots?

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no audio on new windows? Answered

I got all the files to fit so i put windows on it but i have no audio it has intergated audio but still no audio and i have tried a sound card but i couldnt find a driver for it any ideas

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PC Card to USB mod?

Okay, just signed up and I need a little help with something! I want to know if it's possible to wire a wireless PC card up to a usb cable. I know it sounds random but Linux doesn't like my wireless card (Realtek 8187b) and I've got a couple of wireless pc cards spare that Linux would like. Only thing is my laptop has an Express card slot. I'm looking for a no/low cost solution. Cheers!

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OTP One Time Programme

Could any one point me in the direction to purchase greeting card sound module any and all info appreciated. Kevare

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Raspberry Pi and android surround sound Answered

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to use a Raspberry Pi as a bluetooth surround sound transmitter, and multiple androids as a bluetooth speaker? Is there a plugin card for the Raspberry Pi that can transmit to multiple bluetooth devices at once if the device can handle splitting the audio in the first place? Thanks for any help

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How do you use speakers? Answered

I am new to using speakers(the only audio project being the Hallmark Gift Card Speakers) and was wondering how to properly use a speaker that was taken out of, say, an alarm clock. Would it be similiar to the gift card speakers, where you just have to solder the wires to a set of headphones and it works, or what?

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Help with sound reactive LED

Heyy there since i am new to this forum i might have made this question in the wrong section So...i have built a sound reactive LED with a TIP31 transistor that it is powered by a 5.2 volt power supply and it works like a charm! You just plug it on the wall and plug the 3.5mm jack on your output and done! But here is the problem...my laptop's sound card is to weak to power the LED properly so i attached it to my stereo system.It worked better but when i turned up the volume it kept glowing instead of flashing to the beat because the music was loud.My question is..should i use a resistor between the stereo output and the sound reactive LED so it will flash when the music is loud? If yes how many ohms? (PS I am new to these stuff but i know the basics and know how to solder two wires.) (PS No2 I have attached some pictures with the simple schematic and the whole project.) (PS No3 Sorry for my English it's not my mother language.) (PS No4 The uploader is not working for some weird reason so i am not able to upload the pictures)

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xbox through gmail and aduino

I was thinking of way of playing xbox through gmail voice and video chat no software no changes  the way  i want  this to work is  by the arduino talking through the sound card on a player side to the xbox side(  through  gmail voice and and  video chat) arduino on xbox side will be hook up to a hack xbox controller (showing on photo) and have a USB to video thing which will give the player a view of the game play and the sound will be hook up to the computer(xbox side) so the player can hear what going on. hope people will like this and please be nice      

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How does it work when you update a sound card and graphics card? Answered

I have an Asus k55a laptop and i'm really satisfied with it. It's everything i could have hoped for for the price but i have recently become extremely interested in recording music and i'm finding my sound card is not quite all i thought it was. I'm also into filmmaking and the graphics are not the best when i put it under such large tasks. I don't think i will get a new audio or graphics card but i'm wondering how they work. I've heard alot about being able to download different drivers onto sound cards. Does that improve the quality? Could someone please explain the process of updating to me? Thanks.

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How can I make a box that when opened plays a short sound?

I'm trying to make a treasure chest that when opened plays the Legend of Zelda treasure sound.  The only idea I have of how to go about this is to use the sort of sound devices found in musical greeting cards.  Is there an easy way to do this?

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Subwoofer output from my creative card??

Hey guys, can someone help me with this?? I have one of these sound cards, as you can see in the picture. It's worked pretty good for me for the past couple of years, but usually the subwoofer output comes either straight from the normal 2 channel stereo output on the card, piggybacked onto the cable that goes to my stereo and then that goes to my sub amp. Either that or right now I have the subwoofer amp hooked up to the line-level subwoofer output on my surround reciever, but it's still 2 channel audio. I've recently been fiddling around with my sound card, attempting to get the subwoofer output on it working. I've tried the black socket on the sound card with a 2 channel 3.5mm to RCA cord and apparently it's the rear channels as the subwoofer volume slider didn't do anything in my creative control panel, and according to a pdf I found online for my sound card, the S/PDIF socket also functions as the center/subwoofer outputs when not being used for S/PDIF. I've tried a 2 channel and also a "3 ring" 3.5mm cable I have for a camcorder (As I believe some of the cables that are SUPPOSED to go with this card, have 3 ring contacts on SOME of the cables). Alas, all I've been able to do is get a loud humming sound out of the connections, doesn't matter what rca channel the subwoofer is plugged into, it hums VERY loudly and absolutely no sound what-so-ever. Does ANYONE have any clue as to what I do to get subwoofer output from the card?!? Heres a link to the PDF describing what each port is for under "Creative Sound Blaster Live! Digital Entertainment 5.1 Creative Audio Software" and then the submenu "Installing sound blaster Live@ Player 5.1" and the next submenu "Connecting Related Peripherals" and that page describes what each port is for. files2.europe.creative.com/manualdn/Manuals/TSD/790/English.pdf

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Windows 7 update: Unbelievable! Sound card stopped working!!!

Yesterday, enjoyed some music, a movie... Today,... no sound, green audio port is now SPDIF, and no means to change it in the control panel... Did system restore to 10 days or so back, and all works fine. Wow, major embarrassment for Microsoft!!! Anyone else had this problem?

Question by BobS 8 years ago

I have a dell inspiron 9400. Can I add "stand alone" graphics and sound cards?

I am going to add more ram as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, later... LeRoy

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Modifying a Singing Greeting Card

A while ago my wife got one of those singing Hallmark greeting cards. (This particular one played the Law and Order theme song) Well after a while it no longer played the song. I opened it up and found that there is a circuit board inside with a 3v button cell battery attached to it. I removed the board and the speaker and the battery and I'm pretty sure that I could attach wires to the two contact points and connect them to batteries that would complete the circuit and allow the theme song to play again. What I want to know is if I need to take any special consideration when putting in a new battery(s). I was going to try to just put two AA batteries in series (1.5v +1.5v =3v, right?) but I don't actually know anything about electronics and so I wanted to ask here if there were any resistors needed or if there were any differences between the button cell and the AA batteries that would require me to do something different.While we're on the topic of these cards I just thought of a neat project. Design some sort of holder for the circuit boards that would allow them to act as sort of an interchangeable cartridge. Basically detach the speaker wires and battery contacts from various boards out of various cards and design some sort of holder with contacts for the speaker and power source at the appropriate points and be able to change out the different boards. Not really practical but sounds like fun.I just thought of yet another question!Would there be anyway to hook the board up to some sort of audio cable (in place of the speaker maybe) so that I could plug these into a computer and record the song off of the board in a digital format. (Again not very practical but sounds like fun.)Anyway, this is my first post here and I'm sorry if it's a bit jumbled but I don't have a very organized mind and sometimes it's hard to put my ideas down in a succinct manner. I tend to just ramble on incessantly in a train of thought sort of manner until I think that I've said what I think I wanted to say. In closing, I like this site and plan to be around for a while and learn as much as I can. If somebody would like to help me with these ideas/projects I would be happy to provide pictures of the circuit board and pieces that I have if it's necessary.Thanks.~JoshI'm using two AA batteries. I have a wire between the positive side of B1 and the negative side of B2 and wires coming off the open ends. I tried connecting the batteries from the spot where the negative side of the button cell was to the silver rectangle thinking that that would complete the circuit and make music. That didn't work. Then I noticed that the positive connection for the circuit was actually where the clip that secured the battery was before I removed it and that the positive and negative sides of the battery were going through a capacitor before touching the final contact. so I tried placing the positive wire up on the positive contact and then placing a wire from the positive contact to the final contact but that also didn't work. I don't have any solder and have been using electrical tape to secure the wires. The wires are a fairly thin (I don't know the gauge) stranded copper. I'm not sure if the wires aren't making good contact or if I'm just doing something wrong.

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I need install a system for sound reproduction

Hello, I need URGENT help, I must construct a system to help a few children with disability to go freely by some rooms 1 - I need to put into each of the 20 rooms, 20 cells (one for room) with infrared light placed spectrum that activate an MP3 system that every child has individualy. They must to have earphones to listen the MP3 2 - This MP3 must have 20 different tracks of sound, therefore, every lounge or room will have to activate the sound track that corresponds to every place. Room one activate track one, room two activate track two an so on. Per example. If the child goes to room 14 there must to be activated into his o her track 14 into there MP3. If one of the childs go out of the radio of influence of the cell, the system will go out in expectation of being activated by another cell of another lounge, the children's quantity that for opposite to every photocell is 20 3 - Also I am looking these children microcips of sound that can be placed in the cards as like those of Christmas so that they give a small message of Christmas to the precionarse for them, which we could record with one helping messeges no more that 9 o 15 seconds I am much needed from this PLEASE, YOU THAT QUITE THEY IT CAN IN THESE TOPICS... HELP ME Thank you Rodrigo Gutierrez rodriguti53@yahoo.com Bogota South Colombia America 

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Audio device testing software?

 I have just bought some new earphones, they say the frequency range is 20 - 20kHz (fairly standard). I want to be able to test them so that I can ACTUALLY hear what 20 / 20kHz sounds like. While I'm there I'd like to test my (beloved) Sony sound system. Could I hook it up to a PC sound card and run some software or would the card drop the quality? *it is an el cheapo one. I've already played loads o' Pink Floyd before anyone asks....

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WTV020M01 sound module need help

Hi I recently bought a cheap WTV020M01 (WTV020SD) sound module from china. i know you get what you pay for but i cant really afford to spend big on that kind of electronics or else i would have. Any ways my problems is i have wired up the component as instructed, loaded up the audio files as per instruction on the micro SD card and connected it to power and hit the play pin. And NOTHING happened. i then tested to see if it was getting power and yes the power was fine. After being frustrated i tried moving around the power connector and discovered that if i placed the power in the reset pin the module lit up as if it was working and all the buttons worked but still no sound. i am not sure that as its a cheap component its a dud or have i just wired it up up wrong, or an i missing something like an amp. any help would be good thanks. here is some links to the component specs http://www.datasheetq.com/view.jsp?pn=WTV020M01&fac;=ETC⟨=en

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How do I use an old sound card as a standalone amp?

Hi! I have this old ISA sound card from a Pentium II pc laying around, and I was hoping to use it as a standalone amplifier. So far I found that it has a decent analog amplifier chip (ST TEA2025). I tried giving it 5V and giving it audio in on the designated pins, but to no effect. But ideally I'd like to use the existing Line In connector, wire it directly to the amplifier chip, and get audio out from the Out connector. I've only been able to find one user who managed to do this, but his documentation is minimal: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=798918&sid;=09cd6eb96653ecf2c5d8fceef9d45600#798918 (mirror) Hopefully anyone has some experience with this kind of project, or can give me some tips. The datasheet is available here: https://app.box.com/s/yh8moprz7ootuywo3yh6 Thanks in advance for any help!

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Making a soundcard - Can I have two separate inputs, using a single PCM2900 chip?

Which pins are inputs? Can I add another input or two using the same chip?   or do I need another? I am following this example...         http://www.netams.com/~anton/usb-adc/index.html

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My speakers won't give sound (Realtek HD Audio)?

To start off, I'll tell how it all happened. First, almost 3 months ago I bought a PCI Wireless card from newegg, it came in a week later and it was defective. I returned it for a new one and got it another two weeks later (Very slow shipping). It was working, but when I installed what was on the disk it came with, my HD Audio Manager went wacky and said I was plugging in and out audio devices. I just clicked OK on all of them. So I got good speeds but I realized I hadn't any audio coming from my speakers. The realtek HD audio was set to default playback device and both ports on the audio jack were securely in. It simply wouldn't work. A restart didn't fix it either. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the PCI Wireless card a couple of times, restarting time after time just going through troubleshooting processes in hope that one would fix it. So during the process, after the first time of uninstalling I found the card defective again only giving 0.8Mb/s download speed just as the first defective card. Over the whole convoluted process I hadn't fixed my speakers, my mouse drivers broke so I had to put it into a different port, and I have another defective PCI wireless card. So my question is, how would I fix my speakers? The speakers are in my monitor and what it's usually named is Realtek HD Audio or something but now it's named High Definition Audio Device. Are there any fixes I can try? Or is more information needed? Thanks!

Question by knexpert1700 5 years ago

Laptop Surgery!!!

I want to write my first instructable but I need to do a little research first.  Here is my problem: The sound on my laptop has gone (HP DV2845se).   The audio card is on-board, so my only solution is a USB card and speakers.   This is a huge hassle, and really defeats the purpose of having a portable computer.  In a perfect world I could hide the USB inside the computer and solder the existing mic and speakers onto the card.  Here are the hurdles that I think I would have to jump to achieve this.  1) Find a way to attach the card to the USB port internally (no clue here) 2) hide the card with in the laptop (should be able to find some space, doesn't really need air circulation) 3) de-solder the current jacks on the USB card and solder the speaker wires and mic I'm sure there is going to be plenty more.  For instance I don't know how the speakers are powered.  The USB card only provides the sound part, not any power or amplification.  I don't know if the speakers in the computer will need that.  Any help here is appreciated!  Thanks

Topic by knightop 8 years ago

Can you splice audio cables into the back of a receiver?

Hey all, I have a 5.1 sound system hooked up to my computer's sound card. The front, rear and sub each have separate amps. However, I am not running a center speaker. (ie. quadraphonic with sub. or 4.1) I am wondering if it would work to route the center output into the amp for the front speakers. i would simply splice the wires so that both center and front signals went into the same connector on the back of the amp? What I am wondering is if doing this could mess up my sound card.

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Ok yes its me again with the need for more computer help...(I am slowly getting better) Ok I just recently fixed up a windows 98 computer (well 4 of them) And I really need drivers for them. What is the best place to find them? Is it possible to put a big database on a CD ? Can I make a disc of drivers from my windows XP computer ? Where can I download a bunch of them ? EDIT: I have to use my windows xp computer to get the drivers because the computer I am working on needs drivers for the Network Card

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Help with modifying a record-able birthday card?

I have a record-able birthday card for a project i'm working on. it uses the speaker as the mic so its easy enough to wire that to a headphone jack and record sound from the computer, but my problem is that i didn't check the card before i bought it and after it plays the noise you have recorded it plays a prerecorded song. how do i modify it so i can remove or change the prerecorded song that plays after my own recording?

Question by darthjeff2 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

would this IR sound transmitter work probably ? Answered

HI i was looking for an easy and good circuit to transmit sound over IR i searched using Google and found some circuits the first one http://www.electronicsforu.com/electronicsforu/lab/ad.asp?url=/efylinux/circuit/feb2003/aug99_IRcordless.pdf&title;=Infrared%20Cordless%20Headphone i found it on many sites and they say that it's working but the problem is that i can't find some essential parts in the stores where i live (the transformer ,bd140 or sk100) the second one http://www.electronicsforu.com/electronicsforu/lab/ad.asp?url=/EFYLinux/circuit/January2007/CI-01_Jan07.pdf&title;=IR%20Music%20Transmitter%20and%20Receiver is very easy and i have all the parts except for The UM66 which i think can be replaced with a 555 astable circuit to produce some sound but i want to know if it's possible to replace the UM66 with some sound source (TV , Mp3 player ,PC sound card output) ? if you have a tested circuit please post it here PS my local store http://www.ram.com.eg

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How can I convert a stereo output to surround sound?

My laptop has only a stereo output. Is there any way to convert this to use a surround sound speaker system using any combination of hardware/software? Preferably without getting an external sound card.

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3 Separate speakers 3 separate outputs from 1 sound card

Hello everyone. I'm working on a project right now that requires me to send 3 individual tones to 3 individual speakers without any overlap. I had decided that I was going to use the program audacity, as it can generate the tones and frequencies that I need, and a 6 channel amplifier connected to the 3 speakers I'm using. However, after I played around with it, I found that I could only generate 2 tones at a time, and could only get them to play out of the individual speakers I wanted by adjusting the L/R balance on the individual settings for each tone, but I can't create more than 2 without getting overlap. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a plug-in that would solve the problem that I'm having. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Computer makes annoying fan sound and suddenly crashes while playing games, why?

Apperantly I have got many issues with my pc. first the ram, now i've got blue screens about my pc 'failing' at recover from a driver or something.. I decided to clean up my pc From dust ( Graphic card & my computer fan) we screwed the graphic card apart to clean. When we were done, my pc began making a weird and annoying noise ( a mini chainsaw?)  I tried to run CS:GO (game) and the annoying sound got louder. Suddenly my pc just went black screen And turned off without warning. What could have caused the problem??

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VU meters between PC and external speakers

Hope someone can help. I want to place two analog VU meters (L and R) in-line with my external PC speakers. I want them to be between the PC tower sound card output and the speakers themselves (1/8" mini jack), so the speaker volume controls don't affect the meters. I'm trying to get the truest reading from the sound output level coming from my PC and video editing program, without building some monstrosity. I'm planning to build a small box to house the meters, so I just need help with the actual wiring between the mini jacks and the VU meter leads. Can anyone help with how to wire this with instructions or a wiring diagram?

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What is the cheapest way to sound dampen a closet?

My girlfriend has an amazing voice, but we live in a packed apartment complex. Luckily, we live in a corner room, and the master bedroom has a closet which does not face any other apartments. The Closet is:   Length: 8 1/3ft Width: 5 ft Height: 8 ft I bought her The "M-Audio Delta 1010 LT". She has "Pro Tools" and a nice condenser Mic (Samson C01) on a shock mount with a pop filter. She also has a midi keyboard Casio CTK 573 and an acoustic guitar (Ibanez EW20ZWENT)  W/ midi output. I figure the only thing were missing for decent recording is sound acoustical dampening or the likes. Any suggestions? Note: I am not looking to spend lots of money, as the card was already above my price range :/ I am not not very musically literate, so i really appreciate in advance your patience, knowledge, creativity, and time!    -Please Please Please Instructables Community, I will forever be in your debt if you can help me with this!              -Kyle

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how do you set up a computer surround sound system? Answered

Hi, I recently asked a question about setting up a home audio system for the TV, but it turns out that the system I have is meant for the computer, so I am wondering how to set them up for the computer.  Do i need this?  http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=computer+surround+sound+card&um;=1&ie;=UTF-8&tbm;=shop&cid;=13346619482042638583&sa;=X&ei;=3XKDTv7QFemPsQLJ8PnxBw&ved;=0CFIQ8wIwBQ or something similar?  If not, do I need a type of program?  I'm kinda on a budget, so the cheaper the better.  Thanks in advance! :D

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Hacking an audio greetings card - to prevent erasure of audio-clip

I bought an audio greetings card as I wanted the recording device to put in a craft project. I've recorded the 20 second audio clip and I want to prevent accidental erasure of said audio clip. I have 2 short questions... Which wire or wires do I cut in order to disable the record button?? Can I chop the (now redundant) mic out completely (as I'm trying to reduce the thickness of the sound module as much as poss) without affecting the sound clip, will it still play if the mic is no longer in the circuit? I've included a photo showing the record and mic buttons, and the wires going to and from them. Many thanks for any advice offered :o)

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