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Hello, who likes sound systems

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playback sound system.

Hi , im new in this , i want some help. i have an amplifier , how do i attach a microphone with it to make it a play back device? like i speak in mic and the voice will come out loud from amplifier.

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Car sound system?

Hello! I am new here. I want to know if i can connect this type of speakers ( ) to this amplifier( ) or with this one ( )? I want to mention that i want to buy two pairs of speakers. If no, what amplifier do i need (may i increase the impedance of the speakers instead of changing the amplifier?) Thank you!

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Can I install a Creative Inspire T5400 audio system in my Dodge Ram 2500 Cummings turbo diesel and how?

So I have a Creative Inspire T5400 audio system that plugs into a wall outlet, I want to put it into my truck but don't want to damage anything. Any ideas?

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Building a car sound system?

I recently got my car and want to boost the sound system by upgrading some speakers and putting an amplifier, i have 2X 30W 4OHMS 1X 350W MAX, 80W nom.  4OHMS My car has a pioneer mp3/cd player  with 4 channels(4x 45W rms) I want to bridge an amplifier to connect the 350W speaker for the rear only and use 2 channels for  the 2 front speakers. my idea is using two channels of the car player for the front. i will have 2 channels free [(left and right)rear] i would connect it to the amplifier, then bridge the amp to connect the speaker. can anyone suggest me a cheap amp to buy and tell me if my idea is correct???

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I need install a system for sound reproduction

Hello, I need URGENT help, I must construct a system to help a few children with disability to go freely by some rooms 1 - I need to put into each of the 20 rooms, 20 cells (one for room) with infrared light placed spectrum that activate an MP3 system that every child has individualy. They must to have earphones to listen the MP3 2 - This MP3 must have 20 different tracks of sound, therefore, every lounge or room will have to activate the sound track that corresponds to every place. Room one activate track one, room two activate track two an so on. Per example. If the child goes to room 14 there must to be activated into his o her track 14 into there MP3. If one of the childs go out of the radio of influence of the cell, the system will go out in expectation of being activated by another cell of another lounge, the children's quantity that for opposite to every photocell is 20 3 - Also I am looking these children microcips of sound that can be placed in the cards as like those of Christmas so that they give a small message of Christmas to the precionarse for them, which we could record with one helping messeges no more that 9 o 15 seconds I am much needed from this PLEASE, YOU THAT QUITE THEY IT CAN IN THESE TOPICS... HELP ME Thank you Rodrigo Gutierrez Bogota South Colombia America 

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Home theatre system for a small 1 bedroom apartment

What do i need to get to put a complete home theatre system together with surround? can i get a home theatre system together with surround with just a pair of headphones? and finally, what would i need to get real life sound from a set of speakers (sound at volumes as they are; for an example, an army tank as it comes towards you/by you/and goes away from you and it sounds like it is right there)? 

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How to make a 7.1 surround sound system

Hello, I'm just wondering is a 7.1 speaker set just the same as 2 speakers only with a 7.1 capable receiver?

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how do you set up a computer surround sound system? Answered

Hi, I recently asked a question about setting up a home audio system for the TV, but it turns out that the system I have is meant for the computer, so I am wondering how to set them up for the computer.  Do i need this?;=1&ie;=UTF-8&tbm;=shop&cid;=13346619482042638583&sa;=X&ei;=3XKDTv7QFemPsQLJ8PnxBw&ved;=0CFIQ8wIwBQ or something similar?  If not, do I need a type of program?  I'm kinda on a budget, so the cheaper the better.  Thanks in advance! :D

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what do I need for home surround sound? Answered

I have this Cyber Acoustics set of speakers that I would like to set up as a home audio system, but I don't know what I need or how to set it up.  I have the main woofer, and 4 other speakers (front right and left, back right and left).  The input is your standard head phone jack.  What do I need to get to make this work for the dvd player (or other tv things)?  Or what do I need to do to set the system up?  Thanks in advance.

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when my system start there is a sound of sparking in smps?

When my system start there is a sound of sparking in smps?

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car stereo system for my computer & gaming chair?

Wanting to set up a car stereo system for my computer gaming chair. I've seen the instructables on running car stereos using psu power sources. Would that be a good way of setting it up for next to comp use? Also, would using the usb plugin on the stereo be the best way to get the comp to send sounds through the stereo? if so is there a trick to it? Otherwise any help with the making them communicate properly would be wonderful. Any info is greatly appreciated, but try to keep it as layman as you can I'm just a beginner with big ideas. ^^

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How do you set up a sound system for a small concert?

My band is going to play a show at a local park. How could we set up a sound system?

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Connecting soft circuit sensors to a sound system?

I want to make a sensor that will cause a sound system to emit music. There are some 'ibles for making soft-circuit sensors, but I want to make it so that a speaker produces sounds when an object triggers a sensor. When somebody stands on this sensor, sound will come from a speaker. I don't have any experience with electronics but I can learn. Sorry if my explanation is repetitive.

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79 firebird sound system.... im just curious?

I recently bought a 79 firebird project car, but the electronic nut i am i found 2 pioneer 6X9s customly installed. my question is does anybody know where the other speakers are supposed to go? or for that matter where the originals are/where? i disassembled everything, the doors, dash... everything. im curious where i could install new ones. just curious. IK that at the moment sounds system is at the VERY end my my "to dos" on the car but i figured id ask. thanks a million, and much appreciated

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How to make one big battery out of several batteries (car/motorcyle/deep cycle), for a sound system

Hey everybody, I need your help on building a single battery out of several smaller batteries for a sound system in a particular environment that forbids the use of a fuel-powered generator and where electrical networks to plug into are absent. For now I'm just researching various portable batteries and think deep cycle ones are probably most adapted to the needs of a sound system running for 8-12 hours, but the only working example I've heard of so far is made up of several motorcycle batteries. I'm really starting from scratch and reviewing all my old electronics classes which I've never so far had to put into use, so bear with me :) I'm really keen on learning. As an indication, the sound system will be small with two high/mid built-in amplifier speakers and a woofer. Probably will need to run a few lights/lasers, that sort of thing as well, but that'll be a bonus. Thanks in advance

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Looking for an inexspensive synthesizer for distorting the human voice.?

I run the sound system at our church and want to have a little fun with the Pastor and others.  Since I may not get to play with this too much before it gets taken away, inexspensive is good.

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av pros: how do I design an audio system for an *outdoor* theater?

I'm trying to come up with some specs for a mobile outdoor theater system and I could use some help with the audio work. If I have sound coming out of a DVD player, what components do I need? I was guessing a receiver, several speakers, and a subwoofer. What criteria are important for creating a system that sounds good outside? Can subwoofers even produce an effect when they're not inside? (I'm not concerned about weather-proofing as the system will be stored inside.)I also don't know whether it's worth going for surround sound or simple stereo, any advice?This thing would show movies to about 100 people. I have about $1500 for the audio system, so go nuts.. And thanks for any help!

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i blew a channel

I had a 2 channel mini amp and i blew one of the channels, that sucks, any help? im using it for camping an need some tunes, that would be kool. oh yeah, check out my bird, he's so kool.

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Converting a stereo system into an amplifier

Right so I have a Ministry of Sound, MT2, Power Tower, HI FI System. It has two external speakers which are fairly crap and a decent sub woofer. I want to take out the sound board and the screen interface, des guard the tape and CD player and remount them into a new housing. Currently the output sockets are 3.5mm headphone sockets which the speakers which came with it originally plugged into. However I have much better quality bookshelf speakers which I want to hook up. Is it possible to hook up my new speakers effectively turning e self contained stereo system into an amplifier?

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Sound-powered/piezo-electric phone systems. can they be constructed from readily available materials?

1. Is it possible to use a set of telephone lineman's tools (butt sets) as components in a sound-powered (piezo electric) telephone system? 2. Any other information/resources about sound-powered voice comms systems appreciated.

Question by jsoroko  

Can I add a subwoofer to a stereo system that has no subwoofer?

I have a stereo system that has a left and right speaker that connects to the main part of the stereo (CD player and the radio). I was wondering if I could disconnect the speakers, from the CD player itself, and make a circuit that amplifies a low sound bass, then connected to a small subwoofer.  (Instead of a normal amplifier that just makes treble sound louder.) Then reconnect the two speakers so the final result is that there is an amplified subwoofer.

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My surround sound system wont stay on. What's wrong with it? Answered

I have a Sharp sd-at1000 surround sound reciever, and while trying to hook up a speaker(front left if that matters) it sparked and turned off. Now when I turn it on it says "Hello" on the lcd and stays on for about 1 second before turning back off. From what I've found through research it seems to be a output transistor. Does this sound right? Looking at the circuit board I couldnt find anything that looked bad. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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How to build a sound bench

I'm a sound designer & I'd like to make a solar-powered sound bench. Any ideas on what components I'd need and how to put it together. Basically I'm thinking of solar panels, a transformer, a playback system (mp3 player?), speakers, and a way for people to play the tracks. All installed inside the arms of the bench. Any ideas would be gratefully received!

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Sound card configuration problems

Want to configure my 7.1 sound card, which is embedded in the motherboard. Run windows 7. I used to just split the 'green' channel between my small 2.1 computer speaker system and home built full range 'rear' tower speakers with passive crossover, powered by an old 2X 100W RMS Sony amp, with very satisfactory results (movies, mostly reggae music). But finally I got a nice 10" subwoofer!  Time to make a proper setup! So I tried to plug the tower speakers in the black channel, and for now, the headphones, in the orange channel (while wiring the sub into a 4 X 40W  mono setup- Parallel , I assume????). To the control panel, sound, manage audio devices, speakers, configure (5,1 for now). Works like a charm: all tests OK, can hear all test sounds.  Restart... But W Media player, as well as other players (want to customize with Foobar_X_over eventually) don't provide any sound, except for the green channel. What am I doing wrong?

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loud pool pump build sound cancellation for it without overheating pump motor because of possible enclosure requirement?

I have a pool pump. it seems a bit loud especially to the neighbors. I tried to buy some foam and 'for sale' signs, glued them together and wrapped them around the pump but it's still too loud, and I'm worried about overheating the pump/motor because of the wrapping of the motor/pump. Is there some way to build a sound cancellation system for this for say a hundred bucks that will run outside?

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How big a battery for a portable ( bike) sound system?

Have several amps and several speakers... 1 The most modest: a 2.1 computer sound system, probably ca. 5- 10 W RMS, 18 V (I want to connect this to my 18 V portable drill batteries- how much run time ?) 2 The medium size: a 12 V  (2, or one) 16 A fused: 2 average 9 x 6 car speakers 3 The meanest: A big 4 channel amp, bridgable, 12 V, fuse is 36 A, a big sub and 2 average 9 x 6 car speakers Volume is determined by the MP3 player, I hope being able to make it, amp inputs are selected by a passive crossover I like the volume loud, but not extreme (< 100 dB). Runtime 5 - 3 hrs. How big a (car) battery I would need for solution 2 and 3 ?

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How would I make a computer generate sound effects on startup?

Here's the deal... I build computers as part of a hobby, and I often advice my friends and family. My sister would like me to build her an ultimate PC which she would like to title "Zeus." Now despite the fact that Zeus is the father of all gods, we have a budget, and I am thinking of a build that has only moderate-high speed that way there is some money left over for the aesthetics. I already plan on having a black case, possibly painted by an artist if I can find one. with a clear side panel and UV or white LED lights.  What I would like to do in an ideal world is have the LEDs flash on startup (like lightning) and then remain lit and have a sound effect played (like the sound of thunder) I am complete stumped on the lights for the moment but for the sound effect I was trying to figure out if there would be a way to remove one of the sound generators from one of those "halmark cards" and just plug it into a fan connector on the mobo for power or something. (Some minor guess work soldier work there). But the problem with that would be how do reprogram the flash memory that plays the specific sound file to a different sound file.  I could be going the wrong way about all of this, but I just thought of this idea the other day. I welcome any constructive ideas... 

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DMC (Delorean motor company) Back up and running

The DMC company is back up making brand new Deloreans, so if you dont want to buy a crappy one on Ebay, no offense, but check out this link, Delorean

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How can I make a amplifier for my speakers?

I have like 6 at the most but I want to know how to make a good reliable amplifier. I was cosidering buying this any other suggestions? Also what is a good way to make portable speakers

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What can I build with surround sound speakers?

I have 5 small speakers from a surround sound system, and a subwoofer. I picked them up at a garage sale, but I do not have a receiver. I have thought about trying to find a way to tie them in with my guitar amp, or just make an awesome sound system.

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des leds qui r&Atilde;&copy;agissent au son mais syst&Atilde;&uml;me non branch&Atilde;&copy; directement &Atilde;&nbsp; la sortie du son

Bonjour tout le monde, j'aimerais de l'aide sur un projet qui me tient à coeur je suis passionné de diabolo, je pratique moi même et j'aurais aimé créer un kit lumineux à incorporer dans le diab et que les leds qui seraient dans ce kit  réagissent a une musique environnante ( une musique provenant d'une chaîne hifi par exemple ) et tout sa sans qu'il y ait de branchement qui viennet sur la chaine hifi. je voudrais que les leds régissent exactement cmome les leds dans le projet suivant: mais sans fil qui sort du système et avec de composants petits pour que le système puisse rentrer dans les calottes de mon diabolo (idéal ce serait un circuit imprime qui fasse  10cm sur 10 cm max) i vous connaissez quelque information qui pourrait m'aider a mener a bien mon projet merci répondre sur ce topic je vous en serait reconnissant merci et bonne journée

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System interrupts causing problems?

I have a Windows 8.1 laptop with Intel i7, 8gb memory, 750gb hdd, and 2gb Nvidia video card that is about 3 years old. I've never had any problems until recently. When I play audio or video, there is a lag in the sound and everything freezes for less than a second. It does this anytime, even when just browsing the internet. I watched the performance monitor in the cpu section and there are usage spikes in 3 of the 8 cpu usage graphs when it lags. I think it comes from system interrupts, but I don't know what it means. I tried turning off audio enhancements, as some suggested for this problem, but it did not change anything. I have not made any recent changes to my laptop, so I don't know why this has just started. Any suggestions?

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Is it possible to control a light system with a drum machine and MIDI?

I know this has to somehow be possible but I just haven't been able to find anything on it. It seems like such a basic idea for controlling lights especially for DJs.

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I have no sound on my PC! Answered

 I have no sound on my PC...ever since I reinstalled operating system it has had no sound card, no drivers, NOTHING! What should I do? I cannot even see what card I have from the control panel because the file is EMPTY. It's as if I don't even have a card! I'll post picks, if someone asks me to. Thank you! :D

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Modded Fart Machine, plays the 14-20 kilohertz sound

Ok, because I am not so tech savy in circuitry, I am willing to give my first daughter's virginity and an Island in Dubai to the person that can show me how to build this: Ok, the idea is a Modded fart machine that plays that intensely annoying high pitched sound that only young people can hear, between 14 and 20 kilohertz...hopefully somebody will know how to switch the programmed chips and utilize the fart machine's speaker and remote control system. It would also be quite helpful if you could add a 9-volt battery with a resistor for long life, and possibly put in a more powerful speaker for maximum annoyance.

Topic by Ripsaw  

Hand crank to be used as a on switch for a system? Answered

I'm looking to make a music box for a cosplay I would like to do/make. I know how to make a music box, but for the sake of ease and to make the music sound better, I would like to make it all electric. With that comes a new issue: I would like the music to only play when the crank shaft is being...well...cranked. Any idea?

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Where can I find an amplifier for this portable sound system?

I am working on creating a waterproof sound system to bring to college. I have already created a 3-d model on Google Sketchup and I have two waterproof full range speakers and one 8 inch woofer. I want it battery powered and would either use a lead acid battery or try to salvage enough Lithium Ion cells from old computer batteries to power it for a long enough period of time. The question though is where to find an inexpensive amplifier that will run on 12 volts, is small, and has decent bass. Does anyone know of some websites on which I could find an amplifier? In the past I have bought desktop systems and converted them to battery power (on the rare occasion that they actually run on 12v dc after the transformer and rectifier), so I know it is possible. Thanks!!! **edit** It seems I forgot to include the specifications of the speakers! Anyway, here they are: 2 - "high fidelity full range speaker", 5" dual cone, "power capacity:30Watts system", 7 oz. ceramic magnet, "4 or. 8 Ohms system" (I measured 3.6 ohms with an inexpensive multimeter), They are on Ebay!! 1 - "Model:  Acoustic Audio MARBASS8 Color:  Black Acoustic Audio 650 Watt 8” Car/Marine Audio High Performance Subwoofer 650 Watts Peak Power Handling / 325 Watts RMS Power Handling Recommended Power:  30 Watts to 650 Watts 2” Parabolic RFL Voice Coil 60 oz. Magnet 4 Ohm Impedance Oversized Butyl Rubber Surround Poly Zirconium Cone Polyimide Voice Coil Former Mid Q Design for Versatility in Enclosure Compatibility Flat Progressive Roll Spider CEA Cooling Technology Vented & Extended Pole Piece Low Carbon Top & Bottom Piece Weather-Resistant Design" This is on Ebay too!

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Homemade iPod Speaker System Question

Quick Question... Not long ago I manged to homemake a sweet speaker system for my iPod Nano 5G. Came out beautifully with great bass. But before it's too late I wanted to ask if there can be any damages, or changes, to the function of my iPod or it's battery from using my speaker system?

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Portable 5.1?

Hey guys, I've got a set of 5.1 speakers from an old non functional home theater system that I'd like to make into something portable, maybe even able to play sound from an iPod or computer. However, I'm a complete newbie to sound equipment and wiring, so does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could go about that? I know I'm not going to keep the 5.1 effect, but just having a portable system with that kind of power behind it would be pretty cool. Thanks in advance.

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Speaker problem - surround sound not working

Hi guysI have a Panasonic SC-HT 990 system with four speakers (minus the centre and subwoofer).The subwoofer works perfectly, however, if i plug in the four floor speakers (2 front, 2 surround) only one will work.But, if I plug them into the same two speaker-wire ports in the main box, all four work. However, they wouldn't work as proper surround sound.Why is this? Why don't they work separated. I would imagine there is a problem with the connectors at the back of the main box, but can't see any issuesThanks

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Vacuum Pump Limit Switch System

Hey Everyone... I'm Alive! I've just been really busy with my senior design project :DSo today I acquired ToolUsingAnimal's vacuum pump on loan. I'm going to be doing some vacuum bagging.... To prevent his pump from blowing out, I need to make a limit switch so the pump shuts down when it reaches full vacuum and then turns back on if some of the vacuum bleeds of somewhere.So the method I cooked up today was to use a syringe with a weight. The weight will pull the syringe open and close a micro switch that turns the compressor on. If there's vacuum, the plunger will be fully retracted and the switch will be open (off position). This method will cost me all of $5 or so (10 cents for the syringe and $4 for the switch).I was just doing some math on how much weight I'll need for different syringe sizes - and it's totally plausible (we're talking less than a pound to 3 pounds depending on syringe diameter).Question - any other suggestions or blatantly obvious/easy/cheap solutions? I know this sounds Rube Golbergian, but it's not nearly as complicated as it sounds (or looks) :D Emphasis on cheap, I just put in an order for roughly $2000 of materials and supplies!

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Garbled question about, 'Getting used to sound'. Answered

I almost didn't post this because it seems so stupid but .... A guy who has just started at working with me said that he was thinking of getting a valve amp for his music system. The reason being that he had been told by a BBC sound engineer that, ' The trouble with digital sound is that you get used to the volume.' He then went on to explain that he used to listen to his music at  -50dB but he's noticed that he now prefers -70dB. He was using the phrase, ' digital sound', so I don't know if he's comparing valve amps to solid state or what ?,  and I don't know if he knows; But whatever he means by, 'digital sound', he is comparing it to and believes it can be bettered by a valve amp. I said that I didn't believe in this getting, 'getting used to the sound', phenomenon but that I would ask someone who did  ...  one of you. So, sorry for this garbled ill informed question, but if you can make any sense of it please answer so that I've got something to talk about when I next see him. Thank you.

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How to generate a beep sound in a watch ? Answered

I'm working on an electronic design project : Smart Watch  this watch worn  by clients suffering  from early stages of Alzheimer disease  will play a role so that it guides the patient back to his/her house . We pre-defined a distance boundary that the client will not exceed (speedometer). I want to know if there is a device (sensor) that should be integrated in the watch  so that it generates or creates beep sound (or vibrations) once the client crossed or approaches the Limit distance boundary ( something similar to the beep sound in the car system when it approaches an obstacle ). And , if it is possible ,any ideas or hints on how to implement it on the watch ? Thank you in advance , and if you need more information please let me know :)

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Pressure system leak alert

Hi, from a brand new poster. I have a farm water pressure system in a shed, mostly watering troughs for stock. When there is a slow or fast leak, I waste water, at expense.  They could be broken valves to pin holes in pipes. The pressure is system is run by 240V mains, (Australia) via a plug into a socket, as normal. There is a smart meter in the shed. Stock generally don't drink much from midnight to 5am. If there is a constant leak, the pressure system will cycle during the night. What I want to know is, is there a way to trigger an indicator that shows the pressure system is cycling overnight between set hours (12 - 5am)?  Eg, a few cycles may be acceptable, 5-10 are not.  When noticed, I can go to the shed, further investigate, and reset the trigger. I also have capacity to read water pressure at my house, on the same system, which will fluctuate as the pressure system cycles.  If I could easily track and record the pressure fluctuations, I would also know if there is a leak. Apparently I could install a flow meter with a wifi or sms system, but that sounds expensive and complicated.  I don't use a flow meter as it is not needed. So we have power usage, pressure switch triggering, water flow, water pressure , noise, and pump heat as indicators, at the pump shed. I have line of sight to the shed from my house, about 500m away.  I could see any alert lights daily, both at dark in the evening, and in morning daylight.  They could be 240V or battery powered.  I am currently tapping into the pressure switch to run a light.  The problem is 1. I have to be awake then to check a light. 2. it takes time for long cycles to occur. For all I know there may be something available already, which I have not yet found. I don't have need, yet, to be alerted as an absentee manager (eg sms alert). I know there are fancy systems available for sale for that. Any technical ideas would be most welcome, thanks, including combinations of the engineers parameters - cheap, strong, quick.

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Scholarship robot idea: sound explorer/collector

I'm a wildlife biologist currently between jobs, so my budget for new cool gear like the iRobot Create is pretty much nil. But I have an idea for using the Create as a prototype platform for a field-usable device. Previous work has established the utility of robotics in obtaining data concerning wildlife behavior (e.g., Patricelli, G. L., J. A. C. Uy, et al. (2006). "Interactive signaling during mate choice in the Satin Bowerbird: an experimental test using robotic females." Journal of Ornithology 147(5): 12-12.) My background has included electrical engineering, computer programming, and bioacoustics. What I would be interested in trying my hand at is using the iRobot Create to set up an autonomous robot to localize sound, orient toward it, approach, and obtain sound recordings. I believe that this an achievable project in the contest timeframe. I already have microphones and amplifiers suitable for the project. I can either use three or more in a planar array to use time-of-arrival for sound localization, or use material to make each sensor directional and calculate heading from amplitude differences. In any case, the sound sensors would be used to obtain heading information for the robot. Acoustics boils down to a simple dictum: get a good microphone close to your subject. In this case, a robotic platform stands a much better chance of approaching wildlife without causing the sort of disturbance the presence of a human observer usually makes. While the Create platform itself may not be suitable for field deployment, I think that it would make a good prototype for lab testing of the concept. In that light, I will probably use a voice recorder as a lightweight recording system that will only require two actuators to have the robot operate it. There are some additional considerations that I will need to explore, such as figuring out how to determine closeness of approach. This would eventually need to be based upon calculations of whether the robot is at the boundary of far and near-fields of an acoustic source at the highest frequency of interest. That would maximize the sound amplitude at the recorder without the interference that is the defining characteristic of the near-field regime. If the prototype works well, there are further ideas that could go into a field robot system. One would be to have the robot localize a source and conduct a survey, carrying a GPS mapping system while taking sound recordings with a calibrated sound recording system. This would be useful to characterize sound propagation properties of the animal's emitted sound. As in Patricelli's work, the field system could be disguised as a conspecific, or at least a species that is likely to be considered "harmless" by the subject.

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Post your speaker systems here!

What kind of speaker system do you have? Doesn't matter if it's computer speakers or concert stacks :p Me: -Kenwood 1060vr surround amp 110 watts per channel - 550watts -Technics tower speakers, twin woofer mutual effect system, 230 watts each Mirage nano sub (canadian made) with ribbed foam surround (clean sounding!) - 300 watts I still have yet to get the rear channels set up, but it's useless without the remote as you need it to turn the surround channels on *has pissed off look*. Anyone have a kenwood 1060vr remote??

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How does it work when you update a sound card and graphics card? Answered

I have an Asus k55a laptop and i'm really satisfied with it. It's everything i could have hoped for for the price but i have recently become extremely interested in recording music and i'm finding my sound card is not quite all i thought it was. I'm also into filmmaking and the graphics are not the best when i put it under such large tasks. I don't think i will get a new audio or graphics card but i'm wondering how they work. I've heard alot about being able to download different drivers onto sound cards. Does that improve the quality? Could someone please explain the process of updating to me? Thanks.

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Sound wave heart beat detection

I love to graph things. Everything from outside temperature to server room temperature to the number of users on the network to my weight.I just read an article in Make magazine about DIY ECGs, and it got me thinking.. i want to graph more things about my body :)Would a microphone embedded in the bed be able to pick up the heart beats and calculate the BPM? This way I could graph development in resting heart rate over time. The microphone would pick up lots of noise from the person moving around etc.. but that doesn't mather. It only needs to get a few clean heart beats in order to calculate the bpm, right?What hardware and software would be suitable to create something like this?Any ideas?Yeah, of course there are other more traditional ways of measuring heart beat.. but I'm to lazy to do that.. I'd rather spend some time making a fully automagickal system.

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