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So I am not sure why we have to flag each post that is OBVIOUSLY a spam. A picture of a woman in a TIGHT pair of what can only barely be called pants or a Korean soccer team. And non English characters in the title would seem to be the only things needed to look for to get a spam flag. A spider could be written that would automatically kill any and all posts like that. Or put them in a flag folder that could be reviewed by a member of the staff. I have been a paying member of instructables for many years now and this spam thing could be the thing that makes be not come back. I do how you folks get a handle on it before it ruins the site.

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I wonder why Instructables is not using some basic spam filters to prevent these idiotic bots from posting? At least a simple language check to lock out the worst ones would be great. If during writing and posting the system notices most of the text is not in english than it will be filtered so a mod can check it. Can't be too hard, can it? Don't know about others but I don't really like those spammers and prefer to have them running at locked doors.

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I'm sort of embarrassed to post this, but I subscribe to the "Explore" channel in my reader, so I get most of what's newly posted on the site. With the holidays approaching, every morning I probably flag five new entries as "Spam." I don't "check my work," that is, go back to see if the 'ible flagged has been pulled. Is there any other way to know if my judgement is accurate? Will staff offer correction if I am doing to much of this? I'd rather not get kicked off the site; there's too much of interest going on here. I'll admit to flat-out loathing, despising, and detesting spammers. With that warning, this user,, has been spamming pretty consistently over the last few days, on a wide variety of subjects.

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 Damn site, can't get rid of it. It's sending continuously emails. I even changed email in settings but it keeps sending messages. No "Delete account" button not updating settings...what can I do to get off of it? I do not need all these messages any more in my mail.

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SPAM... NO! not ham in a can......Its that stuff that fills your inbox and drives you crazy.....So somebody screw that, I will tell you who he is..... His name is FON LAMB (well thats his spaming name) I have researched this character and several people have been scammed by him. Anyways is trying to tell me there going to give me half of 15 MILLION..... Dose it sound to good to be true ?? Yeah it is. Google the words "FON LAMB" and the first result you get is from a place called ANTI-SPAM INTERNATIONAL....... anyways this guy keeps filling my inbox with this CRAP and its driving me crazy. Hes even trying to hide under a faith. Changing my e-mail is not an option.....WHAT WOULD YOU DO ???should I post his email address so we can all go and sell it ?? or is that just too mean ???

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When is spam not spam?

This morning when I opened Instructables to the Workshop page I found that out of the 30 'ibles displayed in "Recent" no less than FIFTEEN of them were from Popular Mechanics; now popular mechanics is a really good magazine in fact I used to buy it regularly but no matter how good it may be it isn't a person it's a business & everyone of the "'ibles" contains links to it's web site. While all the articles which have been taken from the pages of the magazine & published as 'ibles are well written & informative they are also a blatant advert for both the site & the magazine & as such in my eyes at least are spam, I know that there have been a few 'ibles published by Pop Mech in the past but I really feel that fifteen or more all at once is extracting the urine just a bit when it comes to copping for a bit of free advertising. Any constructive comments folks?

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More Spam

Here is the link to a spam post and a spam user account. me what you think. Is it spam? Or is it legit?

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newpower99 == spam?

newpower99 has a pretty interesting Instructable that he appears to want us all to know about. But I don't. Suggestions?

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Subtle SPAM?

I have found a member of Instructables that makes positive comments on many different projects but the link at the bottom of the person's comment takes us to different businesses. I suspect that it is a form of SPAM. Would someone please investigate?

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post spam

I have 494 comments on April 10, 2010 EST spam here to be my 500th commenter

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Fight the spam

Ok the spam in the Q&A section is out of hand. Almost to the point of being a denial of service attack. So much so there is no way to keep up with trying to report it. Be nice if we could report a user directly. Alternatly it would be nice to see restrictions implemented for new users. Such that they can only post a limited number of threads per day.

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I have a problem with spam i have been recieving. i have been getting mail from somebody who has managed to give it MY address, and it has no actual unsubscribe link. this is illegal in many ways and is an irritation to me and probably any other person who has this problem. please advise on how i should try to fix this problem.

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Spamming profile

There is, what it seems like a spamming profile, leaving the same message in every forum topic.

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Spam Threads

There are a load of spam threads starting, especially for websites selling sporting stuff. Please do not reply to them, just flag them for review then let them fade away down the list of threads. If you want to make a comment, PM the "member" who started the thread.

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Does Instructables know whether COMCAST.NET has blacklisted Instructables emails as spam? I have stopped getting any communications from Instructables. COMCAST reps can't find out who is on the blacklist, but they tell me to have Instructables ask COMCAST to be taken off the blacklist. (Comcast must have once blacklisted Kafka and he tried to get off the list.)

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spam followers

Hi everyone, just thought I would ask if anyone else has had a rash of followers lately, all with the same profile, that  looks something like this. About:Hello myself Dennis from UK and m 23 years. Me and my father lives in UK and works in UK's famous company j4packaging. We are sale many products such as fragile label,mouth mask so on. If someone need to these product contact on my page. Location:Birmingham, England, UK Joined:Dec 13, 2015 Sometimes some of the details are different, and Ive had 12 of them over that few weeks. More of an annoyance than anything but just letting everyone know in case you want to do something about it. I will email the support guys too. if you look at the last 12 on my profile its the photo shopped guys that are the spammers (these have all been deleted since I first wrote the post)

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Would it be spam if...? Answered

Ok, I'm writing an ible on something I intend to sell at some point and I'm certain that that would be considered spamming, but there is a lot more to it. It's on the adventure through the whole process of taking your idea from your head and onto a production line and having it be 'open' and then attempt to sell it at the end of the ible and/or pepper hints throughout it. I'm pretty sure the way I'm doing the ible isn't spammy at all, but I just want to make sure.

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Spam on the forums

All that user lessobile4sell has done is post spam on the forums.

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the forum for spam

Ok, i spam too much on ibles and so do a few others. so i created THIS! this topic is supposed to receive all the spam that you feel like posting on ibles. Only 4 rules exist on this topic 1. every comment here MUST be spam 2. nothing offensive here 3. do not flag any comment here unless it is offensive 4. NO spam anywhere outside of this topic so, SPAM AWAY! to start off, i am going to put a few spam pictures here

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Parental Spam

#2 son, Conker-X, has entered the Shopbot Challenge. I doubt it's a top-prize winner, but he'd at least like a couple of comments from people he isn't related to ... Link to Origami Yoda. (Of course, a vote or three wouldn't go amiss, either.)

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WE DONT WANT TO HEAR IT. i noticed alot especialy in the knex gun instructables if people ask if they should post a certian gun that they built. we dont want to hear it. just post it and it will be either a + or a -. also are there admins/moderators? i think there should be some due to people stealing other peoples ideas. oh well just an idea for the creators to think of. but weigh in on both subjects if you want. if you just want to flame me for creating this go ahead. but i think that its a matter that gets annoying.

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If its yours, is it spam?

If you "spam" your own work, is it still spam?

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Possible spamming accounts

I found these two accounts very similar: Member1 and Member2. And both are advertising Viagra and selling drugs.

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Serious SPAM issue

You've got a serious spammer or bot problem going on right now. There's a rediculous amount of posts featuring scantily clad asian women since last night.

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"How to convert" spam

There's been a huge increase in spam in the past few days....mostly by dalacjack but some by others with permutations of the's all "how to convert" such and such....and they've all got links in the post that actually point to various mortgage sites etc....i've flagged them all...but i think the guy's account needs to be revoked

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Recent spate of SPAM

. See for more info.

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julietcool is spamming for "contacts"

I have reported the two PM's I got, and blocked the person.  Has anyone else gotten pm's from julietcool?    

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Unable to flag Spam

Under new system We seem to be unable to flag spam

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Massive Spam Attack

I'm sure you've probably noticed or been informed but in case it slipped by there was a MASSIVE (~1000 posts) spam attack on the Answers forum. There's no way every post is going to get flagged so consider this a batch flagging. Are there any security concerns related to this? There's always been spam on that forum but this doesn't seem like it could have been accomplished manually.

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Comment spam abuse

Can someone please do something about this guy: is spamming other instructables to try and get people to look at his.

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Happy Birthday, Spam!

It's quite appropriate, given the recent spate of spam threads, to find out that this weekend is the thirtieth anniversary of the first spam email:The first recognisable e-mail marketing message was sent on 3 May, 1978 to 400 people on behalf of DEC - a now-defunct computer-maker.The message was sent via Arpanet - the internet's forerunner - and won its sender much criticism from recipients..........The sender of the first junk e-mail message was Gary Thuerk and it was sent to advertise new additions to DEC's family of System-20 minicomputers.It invited the recipients, all of whom were on Arpanet and lived on the west coast of the US, to go to one of two presentations showing off the capabilities of the System-20.Reaction to the message was swift, with complaints reportedly coming from the US Defense Communications Agency, which oversaw Arpanet, and took Mr Thuerk's boss to task about it. So, how do you plan to celebrate?BBC storyAnother article, including the actual message

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Spamers and spam instructables

Today i have noticed we have had an influx of spam instructables/advertisments etc.. Are the filters not picking them up on registration? Since reporting every single instructable can be tedious and long winded, would it be possible to have a 'report ' button on someones profile... Take for example one of the more recent prolific spam annoyances: he has multiple posts so a 'report' button would come in very handy. I try and report ibles as i catch them... this may make it easier for serial offenders such as the above example Cheerio Biggsy

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Spam/sponsored content

Where does the line between spam and sponsored content go? I'm specifically thinking about instructables like these: They are fairly informative, but also contain advertisement for a company. Where does the line go? I see a lot of these ibles.

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Spam-only users

I don't know if this is the right area, feel free to move this message if it isn't (if you can do that).Is there some way we can notify users as spam, the way we can with Insturctables and comments? There has been a rash of new users, mostly allegedly 25 years old, posting spam instructables about a couple of DVD ripping/converting programs (Cucusoft and Daniusoft, IIRC). The instructables are written like genuine ones, so at a glance aren't obviously spam, but there have sometimes been duplicate postings of identical 'tibles by the same persontheir comments are pretty much more of the samethe screenshots of the products appear to have been made for other purposes, they haven't used the 'ibles image hint box thingsKarel Jansens has commented on many of them and has also flagged them, but it seems like a bit of a chore commenting all their Instructables and comments when the users are transparently only there for the purpose of spamming.Just from a quick search for "DVD converter": danke, chickchest, seinfelder, Adam Smith, D Eric, floxir and skyocean appear to all be spamming a couple of video format;dr- can we report users for the banhammer? Does it count as spam if they post a well-written set of instructions for how to use software that happens to not be free? EDITIt's getting worse, it appears- the spam users are commenting on each other's Instructables to make them look legitimate. Observe this fine specimen:More blah about DVD convertersAll three people who have commented on it (at time of writing) are spam-only members who appear to only exist to talk about this software. The names Daniusoft and afterdawn predictably come up again. Blueberry, tracyjump and CrayDeng can be added to the list above.I'm officially petitioning the site admins to ban all of these users (and preferably their IPs) and remove their Instructables.

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Instructable SPAM combat

I looked around a bit in the forums and didn't see anything on this topic, but I may not have looked far enough... I keep tabs on by watching my RSS feed, and I'm frequently annoyed by seeing blatant SPAM coming up in the feed.  Usually SPAM instructables have a photo/video with hyperlinks to an external site, and they're the very first published instructable under an account that was created only hours (or minutes) earlier. Is there a way that new accounts would be put on probation, requiring that their first instructable pass the sniff-test before being published in the RSS feed or elsewhere?  Perhaps long-established or trusted members with good karma / reputation (yes, borrowing concepts from other sites here) would have the privilege of giving a thumbs-up to non-spam instructables? Now, I'm not suggesting that this be a complex moderation system or that the instructable even be halfway decent -- just that it's not blatant spam.  If a first-time publisher posts spam, they get a thumbs-down with a boilerplate explanation of why their post isn't in the RSS feed.  They continue to be on probation until they post their first non-spam Instructable. Now, of course I realize that logged-in members to Instructables have the ability to hit the "SPAM" flag on an instructable, but in my opinion the damage has already been done.  At the very least, these users can be directed to the Marketplace forums.   I look forward to your constructive criticism. :)

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BestBuyTipsAndTricks spamming videos

The account BestBuyTipsAndTricks just spammed the entire "Recent" page with a slew of pointless 30-second videos ("press the G key on your phone"), all with a nice large BestBuy logo as the image. UPDATE 4:40 PDT:  And they're gone :-)

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Spamming Filters plugged.

Seems the spamming filters have been turned up pretty high and more that usual is getting caught causing that DELAY in posting weather it be an ible of post ect. Filtering spam is good of course but geez, i made a comment in the forums of a current bug problem and guess what my comment is not there . I can only say it is because of the filters. Maybe my comment will appear after the relevance of the topic is over. There needs to be a filter list added that puts the known non spammers into. The people that are submitting ibles and or comments that are not spam. You go ahead and make this secret like it is now so people won't complain about who's on it or not. The people that are your supporters should be in the Good Filter, let there ibles and comments submit without delay. So i am in favor of a GOOD FILTER list. I hope my forum topic gets published in time so as to still be relevant.   

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I received an email from 'INSTRUCTABLES ROBOT' saying i had "1 new comment". I'm sure this is Bogus email. Did 'INSTRUCTABLES'(real site) send it to me, or is it really 'BOGUS'? Just askin'-and /or warning everyone of it. has anyone else received such a 'THANG' as this?

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Spam Don;t Click

Https:// This is Spam after click given link my pc get infected please remove that group

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Spam is getting too much

I usually flag the upcoming spam as I find it but for the last few days the numbers of foreign spam is increasing on a daily base. You can't really tell which onces you already flagged and I can't be bothered with them anymore. There was talk about filters in regards to asian languages, seems someone forgot to install them....

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need a delete button for spam

I have two spam comments from this user: i've flagged both but nothing has been done. i think authors should have the ability to flag comments and delete them on their own pages.

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Can't flag comments as spam?

I tried flagging this user's comment as spam Such as the one found here: But I get a javascript error: "Uncaught ReferenceError: feedBack is not defined" in Using Chrome browser on Windows 7. That's obviously a comment-spam-only account, so look at both of the comments.  The LED Throwie thread has got several spam comments.

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Disable SPAM flagging feature

I was unable to flag the following instructable: The pull down menu for Flag is not completely visible.

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How to deal with spam on instructables?

Guys, if you see spam, anywhere on the site, please do not reply to it, even if you are just saying "spam". Adding comments actually slows down the removal of the spam, so just flag it and move on. If it is really offensive spam, or it needs quickly removing for some other reason, then email, or send a PM to any members of the staff or the Community Team who seem to be online at the time. If you're running on UK/Europe times, that will likely be me.

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I've been bombarded with spam

How do i delete them? I flagged but they are still there, why did this just randomly happen?

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Apology for Spam I Sent

This morning I sent out personal messages to people I believed were interested in knowing that I updated my butler robot tutorial and added video. I only sent out messages to people I saw were active in robotics in the forums. Someone told me this was considered spam on Instructables and another moderator suggested I make this post to explain myself when people say I spammed them. I am new to instructables and you guys have a great site here. I promise to never spam again . ,Eric

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"This helps us reduce spam"

In both FF and IE, under the comment box are the words "this helps us reduce spam," but there's nothing there. And I can't post b/c I get a pop-up which reads "Please type the two words as seen in the image." But there is NO image. In Firefox I have Ad-Blocker Plus, but I don't have it in IE. Nevertheless, I see no image, I see place to TYPE words IN an image. There's nothing there. How are people posting?

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Cheap Eyeglasses - No, it isn't SPAM

Ok, first off, this isn't SPAM - I'm not advertising, just trying to figure something out about this company.Zenni OpticalThey sell glasses starting from $8! Glasses from a local glasses retailer cost around $120, at least! How can they afford to go down that low, compared to other stores? Is it their method of production, like they use different, cheaper materials? I've order 2 pairs off of their site, one regular, one sunglasses. I'll be awaiting the results. Still, it's crazy how low they can go, or how overpriced local stores are.

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Reduce Inbox Spam with Mailinator

I have been using this site for quite a while, and I have decided to share it with those that have not yet found it out.It is called mailinator and whenever you sign up for something that requires an email address, you can choose any name along with the mailinator domain. The upside is that you do not have to make an account with mailinator, and whenever you sign up with the mailinator domain, you just have to go to the mailinator site and type in the name you chose.One downfall is that anyone can use the same name, but all emails are deleted after a few hours (according to their FAQ).All in all, it is great for any temporary use for when you don't want emails going to your main email domain.mailinator

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Spammy Batch File

Here is the code for a spammy batch file. @echo off echo This batch file is made possible by the divine blessing of Monty Python! pause>nul echo Spam Spam Spam Spam echo Spam Spam! A: echo Lovely Spam! echo Beautiful Span! echo Lovely Spam! echo Beautiful Spam! goto a

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