Full Spectrum Lasers

Hey Everyone, Recently I have been looking at different C02 laser manufacturers to see if there was anything that was affordable but still of professional quality, and I stumbled accross Full Spectrum Lasers.  I am wondering if anyone on the site has any experience with their products and their customer service. The reason I am asking is because their prices almost seem too low; comparable Epilog lasers seem to cost at least twice as much.  I know that Epilog is probably one of the biggest names in the industry and have apparently been around the longest, but I don't see how that alone could cause such a price difference. So basically, if any of you have had good or bad experiences with Full Spectrum your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Nathanael Scheffler

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Physical Spectrum Analyser

Hi! I'm planning to build a physical Spectrum Analyser - a tangible model capable of showing audio levels (or something like that). A moving, undulating board of pillars that rise and fall with music. Spectrum Analysers split audio inputs into 'Bands' and normally then express these values with light boards (LED's). I want to use an audio input to create kinetic power. Is this possible? I'm thinking a series/grid of actuators might serve to raise/lower blocks and columns. This is all new to me! Much appreciated. Any thoughts?

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Spectrum Analyser circuit help

I've decided to task myself with building a large scale spectrum analyser to get me back into electronics as I figure it will use the most common base components (transistors and op-amps) and will jog my memory on what does what. I know there are a few guides around, but they either give the circuit diagram with no explanation of what's going on, or talk about things that I've long since forgotten. I'm trying to piece together how to build this circuit myself rather than follow a suck-eggs-follow-and-learn-nothing style guide, and trying to re-learn what and how each component works. Right now I've figured that I should be looking to split the output signal into different frequencies and then indicating the volume of each frequency separately. So I plan on using low and high pass filters (band pass?) to split the frequencies into manageable chunks. For getting the volume display I want to do it in roughly 3db intervals as this is roughly double the sound intensity (not entirely sure how I'm going to achieve this), then it's a case of somehow triggering the LED when a certain voltage (volume) is achieved. Finally, rather than triggering a single LED, I want it to set off a large cluster of LEDs (as this is going to be a rather large display), so I'll need some way of triggering the cluster. So my questions here are mainly: Am I going the right way about the project as a whole, or am I in totally the wrong direction? Should I be looking at another method to split the frequencies, or is a low pass plus high pass filter good enough for the job? For the actual volume display, how would I discern the ~3db different? Would I need to double the voltage required to trigger the LEDs (as this I believe would be the double intensity that an ~3db increase would incur)? For triggering the LED section of the circuit, should I be looking at op-amps or transistors? Lighting a large cluster of LEDs from what I assume to be a low voltage output, should I be looking at using a transistor as a switch? Finally, can anyone recommend some good online reading material while I try and source my old college paperwork (it's been a fair few years, but I know it's here somewhere...)? Hopefully I've not just reduced you to a shaking wreck with my obvious obliviousness, and thanks in advance to anyone who helps!

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How can lasers not in the infrared spectrum create heat? Answered

If infrade light is the only kind that carries heat, then how can other wavelenghts burn stuff?

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A small doubt regarding modulation

Hi guys! I have a doubt regarding modulation process, more specifically regarding the spectrum. I understand the spectrum of sinusoidal signals, the amplitude or energy is concentrated at a particular frequency, say Fm, and hence the delta functions. But why is the spectrum of the unmodulated message(original) signal always displayed only in the shape of triangle? I have been going nuts over this question.  I have attached the images just in case

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Audio Spectrum Analyzer Headphones

Hi, I was wanting to try to make some custom headphones. The headphones themselves wouldn't really be anything special but what is on the sides is what i'm wanting. On the sides I was wanting LEDs in a circular fashion working as a spectrum analyzers to what ever music I play. A visual idea of what i'm wanting is the GIF below, the way the analyzer is working in the background is how id want it on the headphones except in the opposite direction where the bars go outward.I also would like to have it to where it had a switch where i could turn the analyzer off but still listen to music without it running. I don't care on how it works i just want it to not be too expensive and i want it to where it could look a little professional and clean

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Idea for extended version of "Sun Jar"

After seeing the recent Sun Jar I'ble, I had an idea (not even concrete enought to be a Completable) for an interestingly extended version. There now exist LEDs for infrared, visible red, green, and blue, and near UV.It should be possible, with a mix of small low-voltage constant-current power supplies and pulse modulators, to construct a multiple-LED light source which roughly models what we perceive as the solar "spectrum." I don't mean formally reproducing the raw wavelength distribution, but rather the combination of intensities we see (or measure with a thermometer) in a prism- or grating-spread spectral display.Coupling such a circuit to a solar cell would allow you to build a "Sun Jar" which "collects sunlight" during the day and "releases sunlight" at night. As I said, just an idea...

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Full Spectrum Laser help

Hi-I am new to the Full Spectrum "hobby laser 40W 5th gen"--I have a bunch of 123dMake projects to laser-cut in cardboard and cant seem to get the right settings for power, speed, and current (top burns, bottom not cut through, etc)--Anyone out there have any "approximate" settings that have worked with single-ply corrugated and that machine? I am grateful for any tips and suggestions! thanKS.

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PETA's exploitation of Autism Spectrum

I have just been informed that PETA has a billboard program out there to exploit Autism by means of misinformation.  "Recently, the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched a new ad campaign entitled, "Got Autism?", misleadingly implying that the consumption of milk is associated with the cause of the autism spectrum. PETA is misinforming the public about autism and thus joining a long line of unscrupulous groups that have sought to try and spread fear about autism as a means of pushing their particular agendas." Further information on this can be found at WRONG PLANET.  

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CFL re-purposed for spectrum tube?

Can a CFL circuit be modified to drive a hydrogen spectrum tube?

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the infrared specturm?

I am making some nightvisionand as u should know it uses ir and i was wondering like what kind of things or phenomna may show up in it i wanna make sure i cant see ghosts if they are real what is their spectrum called too

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Will pay for premade LED/LCD audio spectrum analyzer

To see what I'm talking about, search Youtube for "audio spectrum analyzer" and there will be tons of videos, with either LED or LCD devices. Unfortunately I do not have time/knowledge to build one myself, so I went hunting. The only place I could find started at $130, which I thought was a bit above what I would pay for that, considering you could probably buy an old used graphical equalizer for a tenth, and take it apart. So could anyone pre-asemble one such device for me? The price to build it obviously depends on the size of the thing. If you tell me your price I will navigate towards a fitting price for a fitting size.

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Would it be possible to make a projector withthe rgb spectrum lazers? Answered

With the new Blue "lazers", how could you make a projector?  It would be very neat.  the trouble would be the lazers colors go all over the screen so...  Well thanks in Advance, Hope we invent a new technology!

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8x8x8 RGB led cube build, requesting assistance so I can make it properly. Can anybody give advice?

I just purchased 600 common anode RGB led's and I want to make a 8x8x8 led cube based off this video and channel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS5oZPJVh_o I was wondering if everyone/anyone could help explain how it works to me (for understanding and troubleshooting), Help me simplify the wiring design. (Maybe custom pcb's? I've never made them before however). I was going to use the 777 from here http://www.futurlec.com/Protoboards.shtml And help me get something for a code that I can understand? I want to integrate my Arduino uno. Yet I'm not sure how or how to write code for it. I've tried a few times to learn but it seems to be a very hard task. Lastly, I want to integrate sound visualization into my cube, maybe as a separate device I can plug into it? run off my pc? I want to make it do very complex light shows etc. I feel like this is a lot to ask but I also feel that this would be a fun idea to play with. I appreciate any feedback Thanks!

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Why does there appear to be banding when I look at pictures of the visual spectrum or light through a prism? Answered

It seems like when I look at one unit of the spectrum the color looks pretty much the same at opposite ends of the unit, but when I look at another unit of the same size at a different place in the spectrum, the color seems to change drastically from one side to the other.

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How do I power a spectrum analyser?

I want to make an audio spectrum analyser using 8 lm3915 IC chips and 4 TL072 chips with a TL071 amp for the TL072 chips. The TL072 chips will be wired into bandpass filters of different frequencies, which will output into the individual LM3915 chips. These ICs will be wired as VU meters. The outputs will be these LEDs: http://www.rapidonline.com/Electronic-Components/5mm-Round-Diffused-LEDs-with-Integral-Resistor-518908 I would also like to add a feature of adding a feature where when the ambient light is lowered, more lights turn on using another LM3915 chip. Another feature I would like to add is an amplifier and I want the spectrum analyser to respond to background music via a microphone and a pre-amp. The circuit I am going to use is: http://stavebnice.postreh.com/picture/PT041_schem_v.gif Finally, I would like to ask If this is plausible and what power supply should I use? It must be able cope with the power demands of these features. The power supply has to be from rapid electronics, because my school can only buy from rapid. Also, I would like to know what power amplifier I should use (25w, 30w, etc). Thanks! (I don't want to use microcontrollers, because I want to make my spectrum analyser look cool by showing the electronics (microcontrollers look simple) :)

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Arduino LED matrix for text and a audio spectrum?

Still running off my daft punk helmets, I had the idea of installing the ability to give the 8x40 LED matrix that will be installed into one of them the ability to be a real-time audio spectrum. Doing that on its own is something I can stumble through and get working, but my issue came in with the fact I also want to be able to change it to be able to display text. I'm thinking I can "change modes" between using some sort of EQ shield/setup to run the matrix verses pulling info for text, but this is one of the dark areas for me that I need a little bit of help on. Basically: I need to know if I could set up a switch to swap between EQ and text.  EDIT: I've already answered my question! However, this lead to a second question. If I use this code, how hard would it be to edit it to either duplicate or stretch it out over an 8x40 LED matrix verses the 8x8 its on? Thanks! 

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Can the arduino detect frequencies?

I want to make a spectrum analyser and I want to use a micro controller, but I don't know how. I want to know if the arduino (any one) can split up the different frequencies and output them, so I can use it as an input to an LED driver (LM3915). This will allow the LEDs to be at full brightness and respond to the output of the arduino, if the frequency filter is possible. If not, I will use a series of bandpass filters instead. I want to make an 8 band spectrum analyser. I just thought that using an arduino would be cheaper. Thanks. The schematic I will be using: http://stavebnice.postreh.com/picture/PT041_schem_v.gif

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I need help with a LED array Plan. help out?

I want to make a 512 LED array, controlled by a arduino.  Basicly, Im going for a 32 bank audio spectrum analyzer.  The bottom up, will be blue. The first thirty rows. Then the top two rows will be red.  I have NO idea how to make that work. Or what I'd need besides led's.  I was hoping to make the input just come from a ipod. so I could plug in a two way splitter into the ipod and plug the array in, and the other into a speaker. so you can hear the music of course.  I got the inspiration from this youtube video. thats what I wanna make, But with a arduino telling it what to do.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIOUXr9v2RI&feature;=related Thats where Im at so far. So any help would be greatly appreciated :D

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I am not able to enter Full Spectrum laser contest

I am not able to enter my instructable in the full spectrum laser contest. Can  you please help me out. https://www.instructables.com/id/Custard-Powder-Eggless-Cupcake/ I posted it on Mar 18, 2014 and it is within the dates they have mentioned.The following message appears.

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Which frequency in the visible spectrum does a photovoltaic cell convert into electricity? Answered

Plenty on info out there about how a PV cell does its job but so far i've found nothing on which light frequency is responsible for initiating the process.

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What ICs should I use for an audio spectrum analyser?

I want to make a spectrum analyser and i'm not sure what op-amp I should use for a filter circuit. I'm pretty sure about using an LM3916 for an LED bar to respond to the volume increase, but I would like to have an idea for what IC to use for a filter circuit. Any help? Thanks! 

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Material settings for Full Spectrum "hobby laser 40W 5th gen + cardboard?

Hi-I am new to the Full Spectrum "hobby laser 40W 5th gen"--I have a bunch of 123dMake projects to laser-cut in single-ply corrugated cardboard and cant seem to get the right settings for power, speed, and current (top burns, bottom not cut through, etc)--Anyone out there have any "approximate" settings that have worked with single-ply corrugated and that machine? I am grateful for any tips and suggestions! thanKS.

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Audio reactive stepper motor control

Hello, i'm new to the instructables-comunity and i just started to work with arduino some months ago. I've already made some small projects with a stepper motor and a project with a SD-Card-mp3 player for arduino. For my next project i would like to work with audio reactive stepper motor control. To do that, i already bought the SPARKFUN SPECTRUM SHIELD , an Arduino Uno and a hand full of the wellknown 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors (5V) and the matching ULN2003APG shields. In the description of the SPARKFUN SPECTRUM Shield it is mentioned that it can also be used to control motors (audio reactive). Unfortunately I couldn't find a code or a manual for it yet. The SPARKFUN SPECTRUM Shield divides an audio signal into 7 frequency ranges (bands). I would like to drive 7 stepper motors in combination with the Shield. Each of these motors should move in one direction with constant speed as soon as the respective frequency range reaches a certain sound level.Does anyone know the SPECTRUM SHIELD and can help me? Or has someone already carried out a similar project and can give me some advices? Maybe an Arduino UNO is not enough powered... and I should rather use a bigger microcontroller? I am grateful for any advice. I'm looking for hints on the coding and the wiring.I attached a rough scheme of my planned project.And here is a PDF for the MSGEQ7, of them two are used for the SPECTRUM SHIELD.Would love to get some help from the community!

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Lasers vs LEDs in the deep ultra violet spectrum, and focusing?

I am currently trying to research this topic as I am looking into building a stereolithograph 3D printer. I have been searching for some time now with not a whole lot of answers. This is not my area of expertise so I could use some input. I have found lasers in the range of 256nm wavelength but it is going to cost me an arm and a leg. Even at the price range the UV lasers are only outputting at most 1W of power. I have read that UV curing resin is most reactive in the range of 265nm and that is why I have been searching for something in that ballpark. I have found some companies that manufacture LED in that wavelength but then the problem is going to be trying to focus the light down to a fine enough point. I am trying to design a 3D printer that is in the high resolution range. So, my true question is. Does UV curing resin react best with the 265nm vs the 400nm range as I could just a blu-ray laser. If it is better at the 265nm range, could I possibly be able to focus enough light from a couple of 3W leds down to a small enough point to cure the resin where I want it to be. The other idea is taking a UV laser in the 400nm range and focusing the beam down to get me fine but quick set up time in the resin. Or possibly multiple Lasers

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How to make a bar spectrum analyzer (or graphic equalizer) from a dresser? Answered

 I have an Ikea dresser with smoked glass panels recessed in the front of each drawer, and there are six identical drawers stacked on top of each other (www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40129591). I was looking at it the other day, and thought, "Hey, why not try to make it into an EQ?" I'd like to have it driven either by a line level signal (in which case, I'd still want to be able to pull the signal out the other side, unchanged) or by a microphone/pickup of some kind.  So my questions are:  What would be the simplest way to make the controller to drive the EQ bar lights? Is it feasible to use incandescent light bulbs to light the glass, or would it be difficult/impossible to sync them precisely to music?

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I live in Puerto Rico. Can I participate in the full spectrum laser contest?

Hello! I was reading the rules of several contests, such as the full spectrum laser, and it looks like if I live in Puerto Rico I'm not able to participate. I live in Puerto Rico, and I am U.S. citizen as well. Can I participate, and be eligible for prize if I win even when I live in P.R.? Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Roger  

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how do I programme a colour changing LED clock?

Hi,  I would like to make a clock using RGB LEDs where the colour changes once every hour (12 colours, like an analog clock's numbers) with a 3 second fade between each change. With another set of LEDs changing every minuet, again with a 3 second fade between the colours, using 60 colours around the colour spectrum to represent the minuets.  This has to be able to work without wifi or usb, I want to be able to set the time on it with an hour button and a minuet button, and for it to work off mains voltage with one plug.  Any ideas? 

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Good LED Lights for Terrariums?

I'd like to buy cheaply or make a LED light for a terrarium cover, I'd like for it to be something good for the plants, but since the whole thing is supposed to be a display piece, the red/blue plant-lights aren't really going to cut it, I want it to be visually close to white light. (If that means some 'wasted' light in the green part of the spectrum, then so be it.)   Any suggestions? Some white LEDs seem to at least roughly cover the needed spectrum, if in the wrong proportions, but I'm not sure if that'll do it for me. I'd appreciate advice from anyone who's done a project like this.  Thanks!

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Problem with the Instructables Newsletter?

Is there a reason why my project: "SpectrumLED- An INSANELY Bright 200 WATT Variable Spectrum LED Panel" was featured in the newsletter as: "Insanely Bright LED Panel"? Is it because the name is too long? Or something else?

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Help with replica deadmau5 head?

I'm making a replica deadmau5 head and as trim around the ears and head, I want to add LED lights.  What all will I need and how can I program them to change color by fading through the spectrum?

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Do Ultraviolet rays travel faster than Light? Answered

Because Ultraviolet Rays have higher wavelengths than the visual light spectrum. Does that mean that Einstein's wrong, or did I miss something and am I stupid?

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Electronics/LED Guru out there?

Wanting to run LED's along my 40ft balcony. I live downtown and want my balcony to have some pop. My goal is to have each LED light up a spectrum of colors. Control/customize it fully. Anyone interested in helping me with some questions? Thanks!

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Question regarding colour

Hi everyone! So here is another confusion in my mind.  I know that colours are a result of electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum interacting with our eyes.  The visible spectrum consists of 7 colours, abbreviated VIBGYOR. Now my question is, what are primary colours and secondary colours? And how come mixing of two colours produce an entirely different  colour? I expected that all 7 of them would be primary. But that is not the case.  Also, for illustrating the real world scenario from which this doubt crawled into my mind, consider that i have two pieces of translucent films, one blue, and other yellow. Now initially i place the blue film in-front of a white bulb, then it filters all other colours other than blue. Now place a yellow in-front of the blue, and there, you have green. What is the working principle behind this? How come the "blue" light turned "green" after passing through the yellow film?

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The world needs ALL kinds of minds: dispelling the them versus us myth

Temple Grandin in a 20 minute speech on the Autistic Spectrum.  The need for a variety of input as well as output....rather then putting out. One can consider this as Self Hacking, if one wishes to incorporate a wider point of view. The video can be found here  

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Choose Your Favorite Picture For My Instructable?

I'm working right now on a HUGE project And, I need your help for choosing the best picture for my Instructable If you're interested, This Instructable is going to be on how-to-make a: 200 WATT Variable Spectrum LED Light Panel, Which I will use for taking pictures for my 'Ibles. And for some reason the pictures are on there side, Is there any way to fix this?

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Typo on the Halloween contest

On https://www.instructables.com/contest/halloween2012epiccostumes/?show=PRIZES The prizes page of the current halloween contest, there is a typo: Grand Prize:  Two Grand Prize winners selected from all 6 categories will be awarded their choice of a 5-inch 2.6 GHz Retina display MacBook Pro OR a Full Spectrum 40W Laser New Hobby Laser Cutter with a 20”x12” cutting bed. Winners will also receive an Instructables Prize Pack. I believe that should be 15 inch :) 

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LED burnout

I've been having trouble with LEDs. I'm running 18 blue ultrabright in parallel. The specs for volts and amperage are as follows: 3.6v typ 4.5v max 20ma typ 30ma max Each LED has a 220 ohm resistor which was calculated for a 9v source with each LED at 4v, 25ma. This seems well within their range. But, in about a year and a half's time, I've had about 25% burnout. Most of the others are showing signs of intensity and spectrum degradation. Any thoughts as to the cause of this?

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How to Make an Invisible Trail?

I am trying to make a hidden trail that can only be followed with a black light. This will essentially be done by following a series of "bread crumbs" that are only visible in the UV spectrum. I've had some success with a highlighter; the bark soaks up the ink, making it invisible to the naked eye. It's lasted a few rainy days, but I am not certain it will last for (at least) several months. I was wondering if there is another way to do this, one that is a little more weatherproof.

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i want to control 5 common anode RGB led's with my arduino, i want them to fade throgh the color spectrum amy thoughts?

I have 5 common anode RGB led's, which i am building into a lamp setup for a present. as well as controlling them with my arduino, I would like the ability to manually adjust the color, my budget is 50 dollars, and i have 2 weeks to complete this project. i would really appreciate the help.

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Is there any actual proof that Jesus was a real human being? Answered

My wife and I were discussing this the other night and we're on opposite ends of the spectrum.  She says that there are artifacts, ancient records and things like that that prove Jesus was an actual person and actually existed. I've never really seen, read or heard of anything that does so like some type of death record, etc.  Is there any type of actual artifact (other than scriptures and the Bible) that can corroborate it? I say no there is not.  What do you think?

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Exactly how to remove the IR filter from an older Logitech digital camera: www.JetCityOrange.com/IR/?

I want to tweak one or more older Logitech cameras by removing the IR filter in front of the sensing chip. I want the cameras to be sensitive to a wider portion of the spectrum. Night shots outside come to mind. I wrote up my best guess here: www.JetCityOrange.com/IR/ Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Pro, QuickCam Express or QuickCam Chat Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. thanks, Jerry Whiting JetCityOrange / Seattle

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How could I sound proof my room? Particularly against the "bass" end of the spectrum? I know you can use foam panels that are cheap enough but would they also help absorb the bass too? I'm getting tired of my parents yelling at me whenever I play music. I don't nessesarily play it loud, but with my subwoofer on, it goes low enough to rattle through the whole house even at low levels. I'd like to make this a competition, the best idea I will pick out and do to my room, I may even think of a prize.

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Help! Please Donate More Common Sense!

It's not that I don't have common sense, It's because I think like this. I overthink things, when the answer is usually simple. Maybe I take things way too seriously. It probably took Brooklytonia about 20 seconds to read and figure this out... About a week ago, I uploaded an Instructable that I thought would be a HUGE hit. It wasn't. When my Instructable on Dimmable LED Workshop Lighting (Very High Efficiency) got featured in the Newsletter, it got 100K+ views. This is because it was at the top, and it was impossible to miss. When my Instructable on Insanely Bright LED Panel got featured in the newsletter, It got 40K+ views. It was at the bottom left on the email. I figured that it made sense. When my Instructable on Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel got featured in the newsletter, it got ~10K views. This makes no sense! (I've changed the titles to what the staff changed them when they got featured in the newsletter. Not sure why I remember this...) Dimmable LED Workshop Lighting (Very High Efficiency) - Good title. Good thumbnail. Main Instructable - TONS of clicks - 3K views in less than 10 minutes Insanely Bright LED Panel - Okay title (not my fault!). Fairly good thumbnail. Located at the bottom left - Quite a bit of views Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel - Good title. Good thumbnail*. Located in the middle. - Not a lot of clicks - 3K views in several hours. WHY? Of course there are several things that differ between Insanely Bright LED Panel and Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel. But why such a difference? I mean-- I always compare the statistics of my I'bles, and try to make them better. It's usually hard to compare, and surprising. But why is there such a huge difference between two Instructables that are pretty similar? *I changed it a couple hours before it got featured in the newsletter, with the Instructables Pixlr editor. I know it turned ot a bit weird, but it was the best that I was able to do. The Pixlr site has better fonts, but the biggest on was still soooo small. Maybe I did something wrong. Images of before and after: 

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What would you do with a Deuterium Lamp?

I was going through a box of junk a University Lab wanted to get rid of and I pulled out a Deuterium Lamp. This small thing produces a steady blue-green light as powerful as a camera flash, but most of the light these things create is in the UV Spectrum. I Feel like I must make something with this. My First thought is to block the UV so I don't blind anyone and turn it into a bike light, but I already have an epic 300 LED bike light. Can anyone think of a good application for a powerful source of UV Radiation?

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Controling 10 RGB LEDS with an arduino.

Hi, I had an idea to build a mood light colum of 10 rgb leds. I have established that each rgb led needs 3 digital pins on the arduino. one program I would like it to do would be to respond to sounds around it. I have this one covered programming wise but i am struggling to work out how to program the mood light settign where each led scrolls through the colour spectrum. Any ideas? thanks, Joe, 16, England

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Audio low pass filter (crossover)?

Looking at a crossover inside a speaker box, I see some inductor coils and capacitors. As  understand, it seems capacitors are high pass components, and inductors are the low pass components. What is the formula converting frequency in Hz into inductance of the inductor coil and/ or value of the capacitor. (I would be looking for a crossover around 30 - 40 Hz) To me, it seems logical to put this crossover not in the speaker box, but in front of the amplifiers, so the remaining audio spectrum can selectively amplified, which should result in some more power...  True? (I see some recommendations for active crossovers, but the theory is way over my head).

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Tips, Tricks and helpful strategies for those dealing with behavioral issues.

Due to the huge response to Supersoftdrink's Sensory Seeker and Counterchangeracing's One Legged Therapy Stool from a huge variety of people looking for ideas and help for themselves or their children, I believe there is a need for a designated category. Nothing medical or diagnostic but of ideas that have worked for people, how to make or use equipment, gadgets etc. When you look at the two sites Ive referred to you will see that many different needs and "issues" are asked about. I stress no diagnosis or medical at all. Please give this your consideration.

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We are NOT emotionless: EDITED>>> This article fits me well - GH

Http://specialchildren.about.com/od/booksonaspergersyndrome/gr/allcatshaveAS.htmIn May of this year, a study has shown that Asperger's "sufferers" do not LACK emotions, but are rather "overcome by the extreme intensity of the emotions they feel and experience".  "A groundbreaking study suggests people with autism-spectrum disorders such as Asperger's do not lack empathy – rather, they feel others' emotions too intensely to cope. People with Asperger's syndrome are often stereotyped as distant loners or robotic geeks. But what if what looks like coldness to the outside world is a response to being overwhelmed by emotion – an excess of empathy, not a lack of it?" The article can be found at Asperger's Theory does an about face About the picture:   The book it is the cover of.....    "HERE is another link to look at !

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What is the product design budget in schools?

I want to make a spectrum analyser in product design and I have found all of the parts on rapid electronics (where my school buys things from). The total comes to about £150 (eek!) I cannot ask my teacher about this, because I have a school holiday and I have to research what I am going to make now (in the course of the holiday). Would my teacher allow me to order these objects? I go to a government funded comprehensive secondary school in birmingham (if this makes a difference). Will the school budget suffice? Thanks!

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