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Splitting CO2? Answered

Is there a way to electronically split CO2 I want a strait answer no junk about it being to hard

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FireWood Splitting--easy

I'm thinkin of puttin together one o these. Think I'll go with counterweight instead of spring. Even the counterweight will act toward more momentum, assuming the fulcrum is sufficiently anchored.   Post by

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Splitting Bluetooth Audio

Does anyone know how I might send 2 seperate pieces of audio to 2 separate actors via bluetooth headsets? ie to make 1 headset receive channel 1&2 and the other to receive audio channels 3&4. This should make for a great performance if I crack this... Thanks

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How to split a video image into four?

I've been trying to think if there is a way to split a video image into four or more parts (like split-screen) so that each part can be displayed on a separate screen. With this, I was hoping to make a big screen from several smaller LCD monitors which could also be split up for some gaming. In my head I've figured that the easiest would be to run through a computer or shuttle in which the programme could split an image into separate channels, and then have as many out ports from the shuttle to each of the screens. Essentially what I'm asking is if anyone has done this before and if so, how please?

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Hello, I have been trying to do the trick Boing-E-Boing for a while now, but I just can't get the split-bottom mount right. Whenever I swing it around my finger, it just bounces off the string instead of staying on it. Could someone help me?

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Bravit Candle

Has anyone seen those Bravit Candles? I've thought about instead of buying some I'd like to make my own (I could also customize the path of the wick then). Any ideas about the best way to make something like these? I'm thinking fix the wick then pour in a layer of wax,say an inch or two, then cool it. Wait for it to solidify (or mostly) then move the direction of the wick and pour in another layer of wax, wait for it to cool and repeat. Any other thoughts?

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How do I split a circle in Illustrator?

I'm new to Ai and I am trying to make a "radiation hazard" sign, but I have been unable to split a circle into individual segments that I can color. Any help is appreciated

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Bass (guitar) signal spilt + combine

Hello I have been thinking about a project that I would like to try. The idea is that I would like to be able to take the signal from my bass guitar and split it in two (configurable how much signal in each, but the sum should be 100%), apply an effect to one of the lines and then combining the two signals again having only applied the effect to some of the signal while carrying the clean signal through. This way I could apply e.g. distortion to only 20% of the signal. I thought that I could control the volume simply by putting an resistor in the signal line, but this gave quite some noise. This is my first attempt at building electronics for instruments, but have some experience with electronics in general. Hope you can help me with a couple of questions: 1) Shouldn't you be able to lower the signal simply by resistors? Should you use any specific resistors for audio? 2) Is it possible to recombine two audio signals and can you just put the wires together? Kind Regards Brian

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Split Tesla coils anyone?!

I am collecting data in the form of old pics, patents, newpaper and magazine articles as well as just doing things.Tesla coils are fun but is anyone experimenting with the original "multiplying transformer" that Tesla created?And before you say, sure I have a Tesla coil......I mean:Large diameter primary coil with one part of the secondary in very close proximity while the other half of the secondary is located at the center ;)

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USB Y Split for power

I've just got a simple question, which I was surprised to not find anywhere. A long time ago, I had a portable drive which had a single usb cable to two ends. One end had data + power, and the other end had just power. This was to supply more than 5v to the drive. I want to recreate this, do I need to do anything except splice another cable (with just the power + ground) into the one I have? Do I need to put anything in between them? Thanks, Ivan

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How can you divide an mp4 file into individual clips of mp4's?

I have an extremely long mp4 I need to use parts of for a project, but I don't know how to divide the clip into parts.

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could i use a split charge relay to controll charge to batteries from a wind generator?

Hi. i am making a wind generator for my home. i have made the generator but need a charge controller for the batteries. i would make one but i have no idea how to and can't find any useful schematics. then today i thought. what if i used a split charge relay? i could connect the turbine to the alternator connections, connect my battery bank to the car battery connections and a dummy load like a water heater or something to the leisure battery output. what do you think? yay or nay? thought i'd ask first in case it will ruin an expensive battery bank. thanks in advance :) 

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Splitting a power supply 3 ways? Answered

Is there a way to split a power supply 3 ways? power supply is going to be around 12v  6A, needs to be split between (2) 2.5 amp speaker amplifiers, and (1) 5v, 1a (or 500ma) ipod charger. Just wondering so i dont have to buy 3 plugs :)

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Why did my avocado split?

I did something totally different. I tried the toothpicks insert in the avocado...waited forever. Nothing. Then I just stuck it in a potted soil container (say about 3 weeks) and I water it mostly everyday...(moist). Then I noticed that my seed (pointed side up) cracked all the way down and it looks kinda brown, like mush. I do notice that a small "root" is sneaking out...Is this the process? What do I do now?  This is my first time ever growing an avocado. Thanks so much.

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tabi boots for parkour?

Tabi boots are the split toe'd canvas boots that "ninja"/'shinobi' wear, what do you guys think?

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Splitting an audio signal on a PCB - Doides required?

I have a 3.5mm audio jack on a PCB.  I want to split the signal to go to two different places on a PCB.  Do I need a diode on each "branch" or literally just split them in a T with no components in between?

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Coax Antenna 4-Way Splitting Help?

I am having troubles splitting my antenna to 4 T.V's, all digital, ( set top boxes inside ). As you can see in the image, I have split the antenna 4 times, all the 3 TV's inside the house are working, but the external shed cannot pick up a signal. ( Shed in green ) It seems to almost pick up a station when scanning for channels, but they are still hidden behind blur, distortion and ants running over the screen. No channels pick up after scan is complete. The cable was dug underground through conduit sleeve to the shed from the splitter. The red "Mains" cable is about half a meter away from the aerial conduit line. Is this a problem? Am I needing a mast amplifier? Or a "Booster" somewhere? Help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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how to split signal coming from dish box?

1) i want to transmit my dish signal  to my other home which is 2km away from it.  2) is there any way to split signal coming from dish box so that i can watch two different channels on my 2nd  tv. 

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piezo reacting from splitting power to multiple things

I have two attiny85s that I'm powering with a single 3v battery.  One of these is connected to a piezo (so lights will flash when tapped).  However, the second one keeps affecting the power enough to set off the piezo reaction frequently without tapping.  I don't want to use two separate batteries.  How do I split the power between the two without them affecting each other? Thanks.

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Possible to hack a retro clock into a split-flap display?

I've been wanting to make a split-flap display board for a while and hook it up to display various messages/times for my office, however building one from scratch seems to be very expensive due to the motors and parts involved. Is it possible to take a retro-style flap clock and repurpose it to be one of these displays? I haven't been able to find anyone attempting this before, despite it seeming (to me) like a pretty good way to get around the issue of the expensive step motors and gears involved, considering the relatively cheap cost of retro clocks online. Any ideas or opinions? Sort of new to this whole endeavour but willing to do the legwork in executing on the idea if it is possible.

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i want to convert a window ac into a split ac? Answered

Window airconditioners are very chaep(used) but i cant put them on my wall,so i need a solution to convert a window into a split.i.e my window unit works as an out door unit and i have an indoor unit which brings cold air.I have seen it ,so it is possiable

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how to keep your wood project from splitting?

I have a relief carving project I am working on the wood is cedar and it is 4" thick. It had a seam on the back that didn't show any signs of cracking on each end but after working on it the seam started to show cracking more on the one side then the other and it keeps on cracking. How can I fix it, I have put alot of work into it and it is almost done?

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How do I sew / repair chair that is split along a seam?

Chair is split along a seam where a cushion meets.  What type of stitch hols firmly?  I plan to hand sew this with upholstery thread.

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What would be the best way to split an 8 ft log down the middle?

I need to get a good of a split as possible but it makes it very hard when it is so long ... yea hahaha ...

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How do I fix a split in the seat of a kitchen chair?

I have an unfinished chair that I was assembling and the seat split when I was putting on the back.  Any idea what I can do to fix it?

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Banana Split on a Stick, Bamboo Bicycle, Cardboard Coffee Table

  Banana Split on a Stick Bamboo Bicycle Cardboard Coffee Table String Art Necklace Oatmeal Pancake Perforated Pizza Peel Stargate Gong Build a One Sheet Boat Machine Your Own Guitar Lacy Un-Mentionables EL Levitation Wand Exploded Photo Collage Install a Bamboo Floor Easy Bike Trailer Hitch Survive Zombies with Tea

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I would like to split a 6 panel door in half; is this possible without having the door 'fall apart'?

I need two 14 inch, 6 panel doors.. all that is available to me is a 24 inch (Bermuda - not much selection..) I've been told that if I cut/split the door in half it will fall apart. There MUST be a way to cut in half/split a door... PLEASE HELP!!! I don't want to use a bi-fold door as they are too flimsy..

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How do you wire a battery pack to split the voltage to multiple electronic devices?

I am wanting to use a two battery packs (a 9V and 12V) to power a few small electronics for a Halloween costume... From the battery pack, I would like to split the power to run into multiple on/off switch buttons that will control the current to small PC fans, small speakers, and a small 9V amp

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Hollow semi circle split into half that needs to open when pulled?

Hi - we need to build a semi circle shaped hollow object that is split in the half vertically. And we plan on sliding the 2 halves of the semicircle on tracks so we can open it to reveal something inside. Kinda like a semi-circle door.. any guidance pls on material we can use? The semi circle needs to be about 2 feet in diameter. Thx

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Is there and IC that splits input voltages to 8 or 10 output voltages in sequence? Answered

Not sure if that was the right way to ask the question. But, heres what I what I want to do: Using a 9V battey. I would like to light 8, 10, or perhaps more LEDs, not simultaneously but one by one in a sequence. And in asking that, I was going to use a 555 to turn that input signal into a square wave, then perhaps an integrator to make that squarewave spike then dim out. What I am trying to make is a "jar of fireflies" for my daughter. I would build the above circut, maybe two in the same house. So that each LED flares, dims over a moment, goes out, then the next LED starts in sequence. So, is there a IC that does something like that. And secondly, would an integrator (R-C-Ground) work with that DC supply? Thanks in advance for you help and advice.

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RCA cable power loss

Hi hi, Im splitting RCA cables coming from my cable box. I split the sound 3 times now. 1 to TV, 1 to stereo, 1 house system. Im wanting to add a 4th for daughters Karaoke. Easy enough with more splitters. How many times can I split a audio RCA signal before I start loosing too much to play correctly? Thanks in advance. Bman

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How can I split background noise and hiss from voice recording?

Taperecorded voice. Lots of background like aeroplane- and car noise, hissing when volume openened up. Only the speech needed.

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is it safe to use a mallet with a repaired handle?

I salvaged a mallet with a split handle. The split followed the wood grain but extended down the length of the handle. I've glued it and clamped it. My highschool shop teacher told me once that glue is stronger than wood.

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how do i fix a zip on a coat that splits when you try to zip up?

I have a 2-way zip on a coat with two zippers. When I try to zip it up with one zipper and the other is left at the bottom, the zip (teeth) does not stay together and splits inbetween the top and bottom zippers. It is quite a new coat but not as new to return it and I really would like to fix the problem. Im thinking maybe the teeth on the zip are to rough or need oiling? Not sure, would appreciate comments, Thanks.

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Splitting Mono to "Stereo" 2 voice coil sub Please read Details?

Hi everyone! 1- 5.1ch amp 2- 2/4ch amp 3- Wharfedalle home cinema sub with 2 voice coils I want to take the sub output from the 5.1 amp to L/R RCA input on the other amp and then hook up 1 voice coil to one ch and the other voice coil to the other channel.. to splitt the mono signal to "stereo" how should I do? can I simply solder the input wires in paralel?

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What is the strongest (i.e split resistant, durable, toughest) wood commercially available? Answered

I am in the process of making a (hopefully) extremely durable walking staff... it is going to be used in very rocky and hilly terrain so I don't want it breaking on me. About where I put those parentheses earlier... should I have it as "a" or "an"? (random extra question brought on by wording or question)

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is it possible to make a plug that connects to a sata Hard Drive then splits into two cords?

What i want to do have it so that i can have one hard drive that can be used on two computers at once. problem is the hard drive is used for the OS on the Desktop. so i want to some how split the connector to the Hard drive. one connector needs to be a SATA and the other a USB so i can connect it to another computer most likley my laptop. i'm will to make the cord but im not 100% how to or if its possible?

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Lego sophisticated electromechanical pirate ship that sail into a picture frame and splits to sink ? Answered

Some time ago I saw an ingenious Lego multi motor driven theater like presentation of a pirate ship sail into a frame and appear to get damaged by splitting into two. Now I have grandson who is a Whiz at all Lego and would be equal to duplicating this minor wonder. Regrettably my search skills are not up to locating this project here or YouTube Hope someone knows of this this ? I have always paid top dollar at brick & mortar stores, no longer exist If you are privy to a good big Lego Net store please let me know ?

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press power, buttons light up blue and thats it. The digital screen flashes blue for a split seco

Press power, buttons light up blue and thats it. The digital screen flashes blue for a split second when I press power and then remains blank. Nothing else works. No sounds like the fan or anything.?

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Can I use a split aircon AHU as a fan coil unit for a chilled water (hydronic) aircon system? Answered

I have been developing the idea (in my head) to build a chilled water aircon system using recycled parts. I have been considering using discarded "split aircon" evaporator units (AHU or fan coil unit or indoor units...diff nomenclature depending on geography) as the AHU's for my system. My question is simple (but the answer could be complicated) ....... would it work? Furthermore, does this make sense and would it work efficiently?

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Add resistance to a led tail light?

I have a Led Tail light to wire to my motorcycle. I split my running light to light up my flashers also. My question is how can I make my tail light less bright? I off course think about putting a resistance, but how to choose the right one?here's my spec:12V motorcycle batteryLed light: 15 white LEDs2 flashers: 12 volts incandescent bulbsWiring: original running light split in two (1 in tail light and one to the back) then the second one split into the two flashersThank you all

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First image uploaded to web - subjects of photo splitting up (don't tell Kelseymh!)

From the BBC: An all-female doo-wop band whose image is believed to have been the first photo uploaded to the fledgling world wide web is to play its final gig. Les Horribles Cernettes take their swansong at the Hardronic Festival at the Cern laboratory in Geneva - the birthplace of the web. A picture of the women was uploaded to the web on 18 July, 1992, by web creator - and fan - Tim Berners-Lee. He wanted it to test out the version of the web he was working on at Cern. Press tornado The band was founded in 1990 by Michele de Gennaro who worked at Cern as a graphic designer. The Cernettes get their name from the initials of the giant particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, used at Cern to investigate fundamental physics. The group has won fame in scientific circles by performing at Cern social gatherings and physics conferences. The women sing classic 60s pop songs, as well as their own compositions such as Microwave Love, Collider and My Sweetheart is a Nobel Prize. The gig on 21 July at the annual Cern music festival will be their first performance for five years - and is billed as their last. Jim Halley, manager of the band, said there had been a huge upsurge of interest in the band because of the anniversary of the image being uploaded to the web. The band was even featured on the US talkshow hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, said Mr Halley. "This photo was one of those that changed the web, from a platform for physics documentation, to a media for our lives," [the band] said. Les Horribles Cernettes.

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Boing-E-Boing is a cool trick for the yo-yo. It is fairly simple, but still looks very amazing. First, go into a split bottom mount. To do this, throw a sleeper and go into a brain twister mount, but instead of bringing you throw hand under the yo-yo, swing the yo-yo over your index finger of your throw hand and it lands on the string. That is a split bottom mount. After the split bottom mount is in place, pass the yo-yo forward once by switching your arms. Now the yo-yo is in the middle of two strings. Move your index finger at the top up and down. Watch as the yo-yo bounces between the two strings because it has nowhere else to go!

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how do i rerair my motorhome gas tank?

Its a 90 gal metal tank with a split in the bottom

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arduino uno programe

I am new to arduino programing and have below query. i am getting below content in abc and wanted to parse and compare with current time. char abc[128] = Fajr5,04:40 Sunrise6,06:03 Dhuhr13,12:39 Asr17,17:16 Sunset19,19:15 Maghrib19,19:15 Isha21,20:37 ; how do we parse and get something     String time[] = 04:40 06:03 12:39 17:16 19:15 20:37 ; and then split and compare with current time. i am getting time from ds3231, hh=hour and mm=minute then compare like below     int h = time.Split(' ')[0].Split(':')[0]; // this is 04     int m = time.Split(' ')[0].Split(':')[1]; //this is 40     if(hh== h && mm==m)     {         Serial.print("Fajr");     }

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Is it possible to split the picture from a game console, so that it plays on 2(or more) display (tv,lcd)? Answered

I want ot set up a system to play games on my 360 with my friends that will allow us to use 1 xbox360 to display on 2 or more tvs. Or can a console display be run through a computer? I know that it can be done with computers and i have seen "walls" of tvs in clubs that all have a combined picture, but i am trying to do this relatively cheap.  the "cardboard on part of the screen" idea has come to mind but i was hoping for something a little higher tech.   My team has split the gaming market, one of us has a ps3, myself an x360 and one a wii.  Thank you for your input and any help that you might be able to give me.  Happy Holidays.

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Wiring amplifiers to split channels, I'm sure I can make a bang, can anyone help?

I currently run a 25watt RMS T-class amp of 4 ohms into four 100watt 8 ohms speakers wired in pairs- so each pair is 4 ohms. I have just acquired a second identical amp. Obviously, there is much capacity in the speakers. I was thinking to split the input and send left channel to one amp and right channel to the other and use the sum of each amp to power each pair of speakers to maintain ohmage but increase power. Can someone comment on my intentions and make sure I wire correctly and don't cause irreparable disharmony? If my technical knowledge will cause calamity, might a suggestion of how all the kit can be utilised be offered? Advance thanks for the benefit of your wisdom, M

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Secure Bamboo Poles (150mm diameter) to top of wall (replace coving)

Hi there I have 2 x 3m Bamboo split poles to secure to the top of wall as a border/replacement for coving.What would be the best way to secure to the wall? I cannot hammer into the wall due to a pipe running behind where the bamboo will go.Velcro? Silicone? Double-sided adhesive pads/strips?Don' want it falling down during a meeting LOL

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Glitches with the Instructables Editor

While trying to make Instructables with the Editor, I have come across two glitches (if this is not the place to report bugs and errors, please inform me).1. The text boxes for the Intro and the Steps editors refuse to let me copy/paste anything into them. The pasted text appears for a split second, then disappears.2. The same thing happens with links. I type in a URL and the text for the link, press OK, will show up for a split second then disappear.I hope this helps to make Instructables a better place.

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