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Water splitter

Learn more aboyt stan mayers water splitter viewing this:

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Video Splitters

Does anyone know of any good, freeware, video splitters? I have some home videos that I converted to digital format (MPEG), but they are a good 2-3 hours long, per film. It takes forever to put them on my mp3 player. Most of the splitters I have seen only convert the first few minutes, then you have to buy the program. Any help would be appreciated!

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Splitter Box

Does anyone know of a splitter box of any sort that would split the signal from the output of a minidisc player? At present my band plays gigs with the use of a backing track with keyboards and bass on. Is there any way the Minidisc outputs could feed my onstage monitor and the P.A. mixer simultaneously? The small mixer that the MD goes into hasnt any aux channels or monitor sends with which to use. Thanks.

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How to Make Tape Splitter?

Hello all masterminds out there. Can anyone guide me how do i build a tool to split adhesive tapes in required sizes? Or direct me if there exits any Instructable already for the same. Thanks

Question by Vinay9898    |  last reply

Guitar pedal audio splitter?

Hello everybody. I need some advice on something I have on my mind, but I lack the knowledge to make. I have a guitar pedal, to which I added a 3.5 mm audio out to plug my headphones to. Now, I'd like to have an audio in jack, to which I could plug my PC, and listen to the base track while playing.  I think this should be very simple to add, but you never know.  Can somebody give me some schematics to follow? Thanks a lot :)

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how to hook up ethernet splitter?

trying to run to dvd player

Question by chawal    |  last reply

Has anyone built a gravity powered log splitter? Answered

Has any one made one of those gravity powered (sliding impact) log splitters before, I need to build one and could use some ideas.

Question by trike road poet    |  last reply

How do I build a log splitter that uses an air powered hydraulic jack (10 ton-20 ton rating? Answered

I have a125 psi rated air compressor and would like to use it to power a log splitter that I can use in my garrage with out the noise and fumes.

Question by kendallroad    |  last reply

how can i make a ethernet cord splitter so i can hook up two computers to my one (cable one) modem?

I have a desktop in two rooms of my house and only one modem with just one ethernet port on it. so i can only hook up one computer at a time. i need both desktops hooked up and dont have the money for a modem with 2 ethernet ports on it. i have lots of extra random cords layin around. i usually can figure out how to do this sort of thing but im stuck. my modem has the cable home phone and internet all on it and it all has to b plugged in for anything to work. i got the cable to another end of the house by taking a short cable cord and plugging it into a splitter. so i could run a cable cord to my living room and my other room without having to pay for extra rooms. but i cant do that with the internet and i need to know how. can someone please help me?

Question by dayday420    |  last reply

3.5mm 5.1 Surround Sound Switch/Splitter Box for 2 inputs

Hello, my first post here, so it might be in the wrong section, please move it if necessary. I have quite a complicated problem. Currently I have 1 PC with 5.1 speakers and recently bought a 5.1 headset with microphone. Already  I have a problem when I want to switch between speakers and headphones, each time I have to go under the desk and change the cables :/ In a few months I plan to buy another computer (old one is used up, but it is still quite good equipment). And here begins the stairs. I do not need a second monitor or keyboard plus a mouse, so I want to buy a KVM (keyboard / video/ mouse) switch. The mouse and keyboard are USB ones, so the KVM must support USB. Monitor and graphics card are connected through DVI, which I want to keep, so I must have a DVI KVM. I also want to be able to switch between headphones and speakers. So I thought about this: cs1782 But this works only for one 'source': I could use either speakers or headphones, switching from one PC. But I would like to be able to choose whether I want to use speakers or headphones on both of the PC, so I was thinking about doing (I have not found anything like this to buy, which is strange, because more and more people have the same problem) something like this. But as to be able to do: - Switch between headphones and speakers at PC1 - Switch between headphones and speakers at PC2 - Switch between PC1 and PC2 - Using headphones on PC1 and speakers on PC2 (or vice versa) simultaneously. I've came out with this picture, which should  be able to do this: - Switch between headphones and speakers at PC1 - Switch between headphones and speakers at PC2 - Switch between PC1 and PC2 But I still can't figure how to make this: - Using headphones on PC1 and speakers on PC2 (or vice versa) simultaneously. The more I  think about it, the more I get the idea that it can't be done via DPDT switches, but I don't know what to use. Is it even doable? I have no experience in electronics (I did solder couple of wires in my life, but nothing more), but I have a lot of enthusiasm, so I could make such magic boxes, if I knew how. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, ideas, etc. I also hope that this problem will be useful to someone else.

Topic by ratm4n    |  last reply

Wiring a 2 way radio headset to also record audio?

I am a hang glider pilot and like to take videos during flights. I would like to add narration and the back and forth communication with my chase driver as part of that. I have a headset in my helmet that is wired to a ham radio for that communication. The jack to the helmet is a three conductor, 1/8" jack that goes to the earphones, microphone and a common ground. There is a push to talk switch that trips the radio to transmit which is between the helmet and the radio. What I would like to be able to do is put a jack/splitter inline with the existing jack to then go into the mic jack on a voice recorder to get three things; Radio audio (receive), Radio audio (transmit) and me just talking into the headset mic - Narration.Not sure how well I am explaining this and I could just experiment, but I am thinking it's not as simple as just wiring stuff together. I'm good with a soldering iron, but no EE by a long stretch. Any thoughts? Thanks

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How to make an atom splitter/gravity hammer? Answered

My cynical friend would like to see if it's possible to make a homemade atom splitter, a.k.a. gravity hammer. He says he wants to observe a thermonuclear explosion created by the collision of matter and antimatter.

Question by gdtripp    |  last reply

3.5 mm in line microphone / headphones splitter? Answered

I have got a pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones and a pair or Sennheiser MM30i earbuds, both featuring an in-line remote and mic.  The question I have is: does anybody know if there are some kind of splitters to split the cable in audio and microphone jacks to plug in my laptop? I'd like to use the mic on the cable, rather than the one built in my computer or, worse, wearing skype headphones just to pick up a call.. Thanks in advance!

Question by en_rov    |  last reply

another problem with my splitter thing can someone help. . . . again?

Ok so i have this splittedr thing and everyone tells me i need a mixer circuit and i under stant that compleatly and when i perfect the master vol and selecter switches i will do that but for now i need help making the master vol and switches to work the swtches problem is that if you turn off the switch (the 1/8" jack switch for example) sound still goes through the only hing the switch is doing is turning down my subwoofer to almost being unaudible  --no one needs that-- also turning what seems like voice and bass guitar off making a song instrumintal :/   and the volume ccontrol is acting like a ballance controller not volume. it is switchin my left speaker with my right so all sound goes to one set or another or the volume is halfed so how can i fix this other than the placement of the jack its looks exactly like the real thing i know the first piture is confuseign so use the other pic as a referance

Question by fastcar123    |  last reply

Adding a seperate headphone socket box to a music keyboard that can be switced of

Hello all, can anyone help? I am currently repairing a number of electronic keyboards, most of which have faulty headphone sockets due to plugs being inserted and then taken out sgain. I want to create a headphone box which splits the output but also enables you to switch the headphones of without taking out the plug thus minimising wear and tear on the socket. Any ideas please??

Topic by StanThe2ndMan    |  last reply

how can i control the airflow coming from my airpump for a brine shrimp hatchery?

I think i want to make a valve of some type on the tubing itself. i have an airpump that doesnt come with any flow control, i put a tube on that and an airstone at the end, but my "aquarium" is really small (gallon and a half, tops) and the bubbles are causing havoc. I need to be able to divert some of the air somewhere along the tube. any help would be appreciated.

Question by parker92    |  last reply

How can I use an LM386 module to double the volume from an RCA audio output?

Hi there, I have limited knowledge when it comes to electronics, but enough to put together a basic project. Any help with my question would be greatly appreciated. The project I'm embarking on is this: I intend to double the volume of an output (mono RCA from an old 1980s video camera) via a small amplifier, so that I can monitor the audio via a set of headphones. The destination of the signal from the camera will be a portable recording device, which weirdly but conveniently has a 2.2mm 5v 500ma output plug. I intend to use this power output to power the amplifier. My goal here is to spend as little on the project as possible, which has led me to consider purchasing an LM386 module, listed here:;=item20cdfddaa0 and use this as the amplifier - splitting the output to two different lines. One for headphones and the other for the audio out. The questions I have are 1. is my power output from the portable recording device 5v 500ma too small or too great to run the LM386 module? If so, how could I deal with this to still use the power output from the recording device? 2. Where would I connect the female 2.2mm socket to on the LM386 device? I see GND GND IN and LINE labels on the unit, but aren't really clear on what these are indicating in relation to my audio input and power. Output from the unit appears clear enough. As I said, any help would be greatly appreciated as it's early stages of the project and I'm open to suggestion. Thanks! trak

Question by trak    |  last reply

i want to build a phono audio splitter can someone help me please?

I am looking to bulid a audio splitter box to use with my tv, ipod and laptop. that will be capable of transmiting sound singals out to a headset a suraound sound system and another speaker. i have designed a diagram but need some help. please my someone help me?

Question by acollin1    |  last reply

3.5 mm 4 pole splitter question (for use with ipod touch)

Hi, I'm attempting to put together something that is conceptually simple -- making a splitter for the 3.5 mm 4 pole audio jack so that one end supports a mic and the other a pair of headphones. I'm doing this because I want to hook up a better quality mic than found in the store-bought iphone headsets. However, after putting it all together, I just can't get it to work with my ipod. I've followed these pinouts (where 1 is the tip and 4 is the base): 4-pole jack 1. Left Audio 2. Right Audio 3. Ground 4. Microphone 3-pole jack 1. Left Audio 2. Right Audio 3. Ground Ive verified that all the connections are good using a multimeter. But when it comes down to actually recording with my ipod, I can't get the line in to work. Has anyone does anything like this before? Any ideas what might be going wrong? Is is it possible that measurements on the 4 pole jack isn't standardized and that the one I have doesn't actually fit the ipod correctly? Perhaps I'm completely wrong about how to connect the wires. So just in case, this is what I did: Line-in: Pinout (P/O) 1 and P/O 2 ---> P/O 4 (on 4-pole) P/O 3 --> P/O 3 on 4-pole (on 4-pole) Line-out: P/O 1 --> P/O 1 (on 4-pole) P/O 2 --> P/O 2 (on 4-pole) P/O 3 --> P/O 3 (on 4-pole) So yep, that's it. Any help is much appreciated : )

Topic by hlfwy.thr    |  last reply

how do you make a voltage splitter to dividea current in two so they act as if they were coming from different sources

Hello, i am building and rc tank that uses 4 relays to power 2 motors in both forwards motion and backwards, all running from 1 battery pack. however ive hit a snag in my developements in which the single battery pack was actually bypassing the relays as it connected to the terminals of the motors, therefore not allowing me to use one relay to apply +/- power the motor via the battery and useing another to apply -/+ via another. my only logical solution at the time was to remove 1 of the 3 battery packs being used (were each batpack contains 10X1.2v 3AH AA batteries), and arrange it so that 1 pack powerd the motor when going in reverse, and the other two were to power the motor going forwards, and although this means that my tank would run fine, and the subtraction of 1 pack doesnt make a difference power wise to the motors as they run at max efficiency with 2 packs, its still a real hassle to recharge them as i cant just charge em all up at once, the reverse motor battery pack may run out before the forwards, and vice versa, giving me less time to run the tank, than if they were together. so now you know my problem, what i need is a solution, how can i make a voltage splitter or current splitter or whatever, so that it can divide a current in two so that if i were to connect a positive wire from current 1, and negative wire from current 2 it would not complete a circuit, and basically act like they come from two totally different sources. this was what i was doing until i realised that when i tested the motors in either direction, it was actually going forwards each time i switched it on, after swaping the wires around when it would just run the motor if the relays werent even turned on. my tank has nothing yet on its motors shafts like gears or nothing, it was a simple mistake. so please, can anyone help me?

Question by oldmanbeefjerky    |  last reply

how do I make a volume controler for a ground wire?

So I built a splitter that wil take my RCA, 1/8", and my 1/4" jacks together now to finish it i wnat to add a volume control on the ground wire (assuming that it will be too hard to volume left or right channels) how would I go along doing this the case i put this in came from an old toy which happins to have a 4.5v (3x AA) battery compartment i want to use this for some kind of light design (maybe a status light, left chan, right chan, and ground  or my be RCA, 1/8", 1/4")  and dont know how  i would do it any suggestions? *just ran my first test and it grounds the right chanel when i use my guitar (which makes sense) but there  still a problem the more inputs/out put there are the lower the volume what is the best way to fix this * a new design is added

Question by fastcar123    |  last reply

I need circuit diagram for dslam port and dsl splitter where I found that ?

My graduate project is DSLAM & DSL modem splitter circuit design & implementation

Question by azizco  

Splitting an audio signal on a PCB - Doides required?

I have a 3.5mm audio jack on a PCB.  I want to split the signal to go to two different places on a PCB.  Do I need a diode on each "branch" or literally just split them in a T with no components in between?

Question by Joe426    |  last reply

how do you make a laser beam combiner?

Im trying to combine a red and green to make yellow

Question by Jake Morton    |  last reply

H2 and O2 generator that doesn't make HHO, but makes them seperate? Answered

 Hi, I was wondering if one could make a H2 and O2 generator/electrolyzer that uses a salt bridge to seperate the o2 and h2 parts. For example look down. Thanks.

Question by LiquidLightning    |  last reply

Does anyone have a diagram for a male headphone jack to dual female RCA (red and black) connector? Answered

I have one male stereo headphone jack (tip, band, ground band), and two RCA connectors (red and black) and I need to solder them with speaker wire so I can get RCA output from a headphone jack. The speaker wire also has one copper wire and one silver looking metal wire so if it matters which metal to use on which lead I also need to know that. Thanks in advance.

Question by emuman4evr    |  last reply

Raspberry Pi help?

Hey people, is there any way I can add usb or hdmi ports to Raspberry Pi? I sort of want create a Audio/video splitter out of the Raspberry Pi. In a way it'll be a advanced video ratio box.

Question by tdoyley    |  last reply

How to connect a PS2 to an old tv

I'm new to Instructables and not sure if i'm posting in the right area. So,i do not mean to irritate anyone. Anyway, i have an old tv with only an antenna jack in the back and wish to connect my PS2 to it. I have tried already using a tv adapter used for the atari and a rca splitter. I connected the video and left sound to one end of the splitter, and plugged the other end into the coaxial plug for the atari. I then screwed the atari adapter to the antenna jack on the tv. I get a distorted image on my tv in bright colors, but no sound. Any ideas or tips on building a converter or adapter would be great.

Topic by Rivka    |  last reply

how to make 3.5mm 4-Pin to 2x 3-Pin 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter - M/F

Anyone can tell me how to make it is so simply..? im looking in arround of my live but im not found it. please send me a skeme

Topic by N7114  

Need to run 3 USB cameras/microscope simultaneously in one monitor/display?

I have 3 USB cameras/microscope and i need to view all 3 simultaneously in one monitor/display, is there a software or usb splitter that i can use.?

Question by chepeuno    |  last reply

How to connect adsl with phone extensions

Hi, I have adsl2+  now and trying to set it up. My landline comes into the front of the house into a 3 pronged female connection which also continues to the back of the house about 20 mtrs away I want to take a line off first connection this to another room where I want to use the dsl with an XP desktop. I also want to use a desktop at the end of the extension at the back of the house as well as a fax. I have a splitter which I guess i will use at the back for the fax and the dsl modem. My problem really is how to make the first connection to the first dsl. Would I need a splitter here too? Thanks oz

Question by ozstar    |  last reply

Freesat TV setup.? Answered

I want to set up three Freesat boxes in our home, unfortunately our dish only has one cable running from it & is not exactly accessible being attached to the chimney stack. I know that it is possible to replace the UDC on a dish to serve extra rooms what I need to know is if it is possible to add a splitter box to the incoming cable to split off to extra rooms each with it's own Freesat box? I know it can be done with cable TV as our crews used to do it when I ran operations for a cable installation company so I am hoping that I can use similar splitters for Freesat. Any equipment recommended would have to be in the UK or available online. Thanks in advance for your help folks.

Question by Nostalgic Guy    |  last reply

I was wondering if anyone knew how to set up a dazzle platinum to play 60hz games like MW2 (I live in the UK)?

I have double sided av cables, splitters you name it i've got it i just need help as it says no input signal availiable

Question by The Science Guy  

how do i put a master volume control pot on my audio device ?

Im makeing this splitter where i cun plug my guitar tv computer radio and guitar amps into and they will all use the outputs via computer speakers amps radio speakers then all of this will go to a light devce to sync my music to i want to know how to wire a pot as a master volume control and i dont know how to use one can anybody help berore the weekend im not buying something i dont know how to use and i dont want to make a second trip to radio shack (today is 1/12/10) but i will take help even after that day also if any one knows a beter way to sync lights with music that would be useful info too because im useing a old pair of usb powered light syncing compter speakers good but not great  any other commits will be useful too if there is any reoson this wont work tell me now  thanks new pic of design right ** latest design pic 3**

Question by fastcar123    |  last reply

Making a [4-Pole TRRS to 3.5mm Stereo & Mic Adapter (Male to 2x Female)] from an iphone headphone splitter jack?

I want an adapter that merges the microphone and earphone 3.5 mm jacks into a single 3.5 mm jack ( basically I want to build the blue adapter thingy). The problem is how do I connect the  microphone pins from the 3.5mm jack? That is how do I connect the two leads marked "?" (see the third picture for what I want to achieve.) PS: I am not sure whether the microphone jack pinout is the same as drawn. Anybody can confirm whether this is right?

Question by rammstein2    |  last reply

Modifying ATX Power Supply for 12v Power - Easiest Method?

I'm building a small box with toggle switches on it. I want each toggle switches to turn on something simple (mostly just LED lights). I was trying to think of how to power the box, and I thought about using an old atx case power supply since I've got an old computer I could pull it out of. I'm seeking advice because I have no experience with wiring at all.. and I don't want to burn the house down. :) If I jump the green and black wires on the motherboard plug so that I can turn on the supply, couldn't I just buy a simple molex Y-splitter and plug it into an available molex plug, and then cut the yellow and black wires and use those for the power and ground? Here are the Y-splitters I'm referring to: Cut off the plugs from the Y, and run the yellow and black wires to my switch and then run a power wire from the switch to the LED light or case fan or whatever I'm powering off of that switch. The switches I'm using are 12v automotive toggle switches. Would this provide the power I need? Would it be too much power? Should I put in an inline fuse or a ohm resistor or something to make it safer? I appreciate any opinions.. I'm curious if anyone has ever used a molex plug in this kind of way and how it worked. :)

Topic by dlister70    |  last reply

RCA cable power loss

Hi hi, Im splitting RCA cables coming from my cable box. I split the sound 3 times now. 1 to TV, 1 to stereo, 1 house system. Im wanting to add a 4th for daughters Karaoke. Easy enough with more splitters. How many times can I split a audio RCA signal before I start loosing too much to play correctly? Thanks in advance. Bman

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What Should I do with the things that I have?

So I was cleaning some stuff out tonight and I found a bunch of stuff I really have no use for I found: - an external CD/DVD dual layer burner - 4 output VGA splitter - firewire PCI card - 56k fax modem card - old keyboard - a distortion pedal (guitar pedal) - 3 various capacity harddrives - knock off ipod nano (broken) - old comp speakers w/oldschool mini - subwoofer - acoustic guitar soundhole pick-up - crappy digital camera with IR filter removed - unused web cam - huge assortment of cords - USB wall charger (small box with outlet prongs and female usb input) can anyone think of any quality usable projects I could make with any or all of this stuff? (I might be willing to part with the more expensive items.....EX. Burner or VGA splitter for shipping and an super extremely discounted purchase price...... I'm to lazy to Ebay any of it)

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how do hook up cable, right? Answered

I have the tv hooked into a black box that has chan3-4 on it, in order to watch dvds/vhs', but when i ran a cable cord through the back, and used a splitter, so i wouldn't lose the movie option, it now doesn't show the movies unless i unhook the cable and even then there is a noise you hear along with the movie. i tried seeing if it's the channel settings either on the tv or the black box, it is not.

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I think this is a resistor. Can anyone confirm? Answered

I have a car power splitter and USB adapter that isn't working.  One of the parts was cold soldered, and has come loose from the PCB.  It's large (almost an inch long), made of ceramic, and has printing on it that's hard to read, but I think I see the Ohm symbol on it. Can anyone help me I.D. it?  I'm hoping to repurpose this as part of a radio build.

Question by yoyology    |  last reply

DIY Headphone/Speaker switcher

Hi. I want a box where I can select whether I was the signal to go to either my headphones or my desktop speakers. I know I can just get a 3.5mm splitter cable, but I'd prefer to be able to switch of either one when it's not being used. To get around having to use several switches, I thought of this. If you think (like me) that it'll work, could you please let me know. Thanks, wbr

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Walkie talkie mic and headphone 3.5 mm sockets

Iam wondering if I could get two walkie talkies (2 way radios but I prefer calling it walkie talkie) and add two 3.5mm jacks one for ear phones and one for a mic.  Using a splitter 3.5mm for the sockets, a 3.5mm mic and a 1m extension  for the mic so I can put the walkie talkie in a pocket. Can someone tell me if this will work please and any suggestions for improvements to my plan 

Topic by Ojsmudge    |  last reply

Buy / build a headphone and microphone single jack headset?

Update: Is this my answer;  Buy this four pin splitter, and rig a set of headphones and say this mic to it? Hi all, I've bought this bluetooth communications headset for my motobike helmet and the audio is woeful. It's cheap so that's to be expected. It includes this microphone and headphone (headpone? :/ ) headset for music and comms with another bike / pillion. It is threaded inside the helmet and plugs into the bluetooth unit. The unit uses bluetooth to connect to an audio device (my phone) and another bluetooth unit, switching pretty nicely between audio and intercom speech.  The headset jack has four pins and functions fine, albeit with very bad headphone quality. So I'd love to replace it with a better but still cheap set.  These yellow headphones (which you'll note my dog was kind enough to modify for me) work wonderfully when I plug it into the bluetooth unit. It has a jack with  three pins. But it lacks a microphone. There are more headsets like it at the local shop for about $10 that play music at a surprisingly good quality. Can I make that yellow headset work with the bluetooth unit by adding a microphone? I'd need to strip the speakers out so I can wire it up inside my helmet and add a mic, by wither buying one or stripping it from the headset. I tested my old iPhone headphone set (four pins and an in-line mic) with the bluetooth unit but it played only from one channel (left or right only) and the mic didn't work. This four pin splitter with an in-line mic is available at a local shop but I'm skeptical if it will work since the iPhone set failed. I would be great if there was one which does. I do have a soldering iron and a multimetre but I haven't used it yet and am a noob at electronics. I'd rather buy a splitter if that's an option, but I will do whatever I need to in order to get this working nicely, including cutting off the old speakers and soldering new ones on. Here's a (lame) photo of the iphone, headphone and stock headset jacks. Thanks for the help! d

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Really, really basic question about resisters Answered

I am building a battery pack out of pouch LiFePO4 pouches 180Ah, 12V charged from a solar charger at 50A. I have an Arduino with ethernet which I am using to monitor it and I'm assembling the circuit board. 2 current measuring boards (1 for charge, 1 for load) and 2 voltage splitters to drop the 12-15V down to the Arduino's 5V max analog in.It's these voltage splitters that I'm puzzled by. The recommendation is to use the lowest resistance to give the results you're looking for. So if I have 12V in, R1, R2, Gnd and R1 and R2 are low value resistors, what's the difference between this and a short? Do resisters limit the current, too?Just trying to figure it out before I start frying components.Mike.Edit: I was a little vague as to the setup. I am fitting out a van for full-time living. This has the LiFePO4 power pack which ranges from 12-15V and a 50A MPPT solar charger. Within the battery's housing, I have an Arduino which is tasked with monitoring what's going on with the power system and sending the status across the network via an Ethernet connection. It should make monitoring it a lot easier than digging it out, opening it up and connecting a multimeter to it! If the current gets too high (or the smoke detector kicks in or the temperature gets too high or something on the network tells it to) then the Arduino can isolate the battery.The current on both the load and the charge lines can be monitored with small current-voltage boards across the ground lines so no problem there. I would like to be able to monitor the voltage in both the battery and the charger so it's really down to converting the 12-15V of the power system down to the 0-5V for the analog pins. Lopping off 10V would be ideal but scaling it with a voltage divider/splitter seems to be how it's done.As you may have gathered, I've been more of a software person and I'm having to learn electronics by finding problems, using my 30-year-old high school physics to figure out what I don't know, looking it up and then either trying it or figuring out what I'm missing.

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Adding more speakers to hi fi stereo?!

Hi, i was just wondering whether anyone knew of anything that will allow me to add more speakers to my sony hi-fi without losing in volume. my stereo only allows me to add 2 speakers, and i have seen that you can get stereo speaker splitter allowing to add more speakers but i don't know whether one of those leads to a loss in volume aswell. I was wondering whether there is anything like a booster/amplifier to prevent the loss (almost like an aerial booster for TV's). Any help would be great thanks! Dan

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Phone Headset

I would swear I saw an Instructable on this somewhere, but now I can't find it. I have an old corded telephone that I want to rewire. I just want to take the actual handheld part and attach it to a standard 2.5mm stereo output, such that I could either plug it into a cell phone and have a giant cool headset, or use it with my speaker/mic splitter to do VoIP-type work on the computer. Do phone cords have standard colored wires? Am I just going to have to figure it out myself? The headset has a standard 4-contact CAT-1 phone jack, and I want to take one end off a phone cord and replace it with a 2.5mm plug.

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