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Bike sprocket?

OK I want to know were I can find a metl 10tsprocket?? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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How to disassemble the rear bike sprocket ?

I am working on an electric bike/ cart thing. I can either use an extremely small tire (scooter) and the chain that fits that sprocket, or a bike tire and sprocket. I have limited resources and money. I have an old rear wheel sprocket from a bmx mike. This was cut down about a year ago and was not done very well. The sprocket is not level. i was wondering if there is a way to pluck the center piece, i think it's the hub, out of the sprocket to just use the toothed part. without cutting or welding as i no longer have my grinder and have no access to a welder right now.

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If I attempt to weld a sprocket onto the shaft of a stepper motor will it damage the motor?

I suspect the answer is yes....anyone got any advise on how to fasten sprockets onto shafts?

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How do you get the sprockets off of the back wheel of a 10 speed bike? Answered

The opposite side of the wheel came apart easily, even the bearing. It won't turn out. And it won't pull out. Is it pressed in?

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chain driven weed whacker bike

I am currently trying to complete a weed eater bike build, but have run into some trouble. a jackshaft is required, but i do not have enough money to purchase a kit or use a welder. built one out of some bolts, bearings, and the sprockets needed for reduction, but the engine shakes the chain off the primary drive sprocket or the primary driven sprocket when it is operating. i also need to figure out a way to mount the secondary driven sprocket to the wheel, would JB weld or something similar work? thanks in advance for any help and/or ideas

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freewheel for micro scooter wheels

Is it possible to make or source some kind of freewheel and sprocket device for a wheel of around 80 - 100mm diameter? i've googled a bit and found micro folding bikes with similar sized wheels but i haven't found replacement parts listed for them, the closest thing i have found is parts for rockboard scooters but rear wheel assemblies cost $80 each which seems a bit steep...

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is there some reason i can't use electric skateboard parts to make a micro kart?

I want to build a micro kart. i have assorted skateboard/longboard parts left over from my hobby of longboarding including several full sets of wheels, it makes sense to me to use these wheels on my kart rather than buy entirely new wheels but i don't want to drill holes into them for drive sprockets as i want to be able to use them for boarding too and perhaps sell them on later. I've looked about and found 1 company that make adapter sprockets in a variety of tooth counts that fit through the existing holes in the cores of some of my wheels but they only fit their own mounting kits for electric skateboards using the same motors and ESC's as i want to use for my kart . iv emailed them about my idea but they seem to think that it won't work because i want to accelerate from a standing start instead of pushing off like on a conventional skateboard. im confused by this because while i understand their concern i can't find a single video of their product in use on a board that requires a push start, every demo video i can find involves the rider standing on a stationary board and then accelerating from a standing start using a remote control trigger. Assuming i manage to build a kart with the same weight as a fairly chunky electric skateboard, surely my being in a sitting instead of standing position shouldn't make a difference to the operation of a vehicle which doesn't require the push start they seem to think it does...?

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gear ratio on a 42 cc chainsaw powerd bike

HI! Im new to instructables and Im wondering what kind of ratio of sprocket i will need to mount a chainsaw engine on a 26 inch bike i want to use pre existing bike sprockets that i can some how mount on the rear tire. ideas? i have the ability to use a mig/tig/oxy welders. also what kind of/ size sprockets will i need to mount.

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A few questions for recumbent bicycle makers

Okay, as the title says, i've got a few questions for anyone who's made a proper recumbent bicycle. First: in the way of moving the handlebars back, how do you attach a bicycle chain sprocket to the top of a fork tube? is it welded? or is it a special type of sprocket with a sort of crankshaft keyway (like engine crankshafts have keyed sprockets for their timing chains) this is obviously to relocate the handlebars further back or under the rider so that you can lean back (as most recumbents allow) Second: if you're to put a larger tire on the rear of your bike (for example, a small (50-500cc motorcycle) rear tire), how would you go about converting the chain link sizes. most motorcycle tires have a shorter link distance, and look like their links are sort of squashed together as opposed to bicycle chains. would you find a way to put a larger toothed sprocket on the rear tire or put a smaller toothed sprocket on one side of an intermediary and a larger toothed on the opposite side? If I have any more i'll post them, these are my pretty basic "burning questions" of recumbent making.

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How much torque is required of DC motor to move vehicle?

My motor specification is power=500 W, RPM =2500, motor torque = 1.91 Nm, drive sprocket is 16 teeth, driven sprocket is 43 teeth , gear ratio is 2.38, diameter of wheel is 26 inch. i would like to move a vehicle of weight 150 kg with the speed 10 kmph. what would i do ?

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Mini Bike Chain Adjustment Trouble? Answered

I recently bought a bunch of pocket bikes all in good shape but all had some sort of problem.  I took the best parts off of them and made one extremely nice bike.  The one problem I am having with it is that the chain likes to come off.  There is a bolt connected to the back axle that tights and loosens and slcks or tensions the chain.  How do I find the "butter zone" where it isn't too loose to come off, and it is too tight to come off?  The two sprockets are lined up really well, but they are a little off.  Would it be possible that that was the problem?  When I say a little I mean like so small its less then 2-3 mm from drive sprocket to driven sprocket.

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how do I make a joiner between a smoothbore (non-grooved) motor shaft & a bike gear sprocket? Answered

I have a small piece of brass stock and I want to join the motor & the sprocket with it, I have limited tools & its going to be part of a future instructable. I need some help on how to design it update: due to some answers I've gotten, I'm not using the brass stock, I'm using a larger block of alluminum, it an inch thick so it would be hard to heat.

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Need help to build my first Electric Motorcycle

Hi, I'm new to this e-Bike technology. I need help from the experts to figure out some details for my electric motorcycle. Here are the parameters of my motorcycle I've planned for : 1) Gross weight of the bike : 140kg + 100 kg (passenger/rider). 2) Wheel diameter : 18" (or 20") 3) Max speed : 180 kmph. 4) Max distance to be covered : 260 km (in a single charge and upto 95% of the battery (charge) usage at a constant speed of 100 kmph). Now, please let me know about the following details: A) Motor-BLDC (its power, torque, watts, hp, rpm, etc.) B) Battery Pack (Watt-hour/Amp-hour/Volts etc) C) Sprocket Ratio and number of teeth for both motor sprocket and wheel sprocket. Please reply.

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Punk bike-drill powered?

I have a mini bike I want to power with a Bosch 36 V. Lithium Drill. Can I use the sprocket setup that came with the bike? 

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rebuilding a Shimano 7 speed shifter?

I have  a hard rock bicycle with a Shimano 7 speed rear axle and a Shimano three speed front sprocket.  Neither shifter will work.  Is there a way to fix these?

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in a counter balanced system, do I need to account for both the load mass and the counter balance mass for acceleration?

I have a simple 2 pulley system lifting a 2400lb mass.  Imagine a chain lift, starting at the load mass, up over a sprocket, across to a second sprocket, then down to a 3000lb counter balance mass.  to move the load down, I'll need to apply 600+ lbf down on the load.  To move the load up, I'll apply <600lbf to the load.  That's simple.  Now, during the move I need to STOP quickly.  Do I need to account for only the 600lbs difference or the 5400lbs of moving mass?   _________________   |O                                O|   |                                      |   |                                      | 3000lb                         2400lb counter                        Load

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motobike from old drill

Does anyone know how to motorize a bike, when the motor is from an old drill? I have been trying to do this for weeks, and I couldn't figure it out. This is what I have so far:I am trying to put the motor on the frame of the bike, and attach a sprocket to the end of it. The sprocket will be linked with the bike chain, coming from the rear wheel and leading to the petals (actually, the axle where the pedals used to connect). I will most certainly need a bike chain extension, so I would also like links to sites where I can get some.Also, I would like my bike to go fast AND have moderate torque, so I need a gearbox assembly.I know this is a lot of requests, so take your time. Thanks.

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Help (advice) with building a braiding machine?

I've been working with braiding plastic shopping bag strips into rope, and by hand it's a slow and tedious process.  I know that braiding machines have been around for ages, so the patent on many of them has to have elapsed.  I've Google'd and Bing'd and Yahoo'd my heart out looking for how to build a simple one to no avail.  The only thing that comes back is Chinese sellers of a commercial braiding machine. All I want is something that I can build, a hand crank mechanical kind, that can braid 7-10 strands into a larger rope. It doesn't even have to go fast, in fact I'm fine with it being slow. Can anyone provide plans for one? UPDATE: Ok so I think I have plans, but now I could use some advice with how to go about fabricating the sprockets.  One idea is to purchase a premade sprocket and modify it, then use it as a master for a mold to create more.  I was thinking of either doing the whole dissolving styrofoam with Acetone then pouring the plastic in the mold thing, or possibly adapt the Oogoo instructable.  Thoughts?? Update 2:  My latest brainstorm leaves me thinking that I could use a bicycle sprocket (gear) as a master and then make a mold from it, then make duplicates from the mold.  Thoughts???

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I'd like to convert a bicycle to a 3-wheeler cargo carrier for shopping, schlepping, etc.

I could easily find a trashed 2-wheeler at the dump, remove the rear sprocket and put axles on it, and add a platform between the wheels - down low for easy loading of heavy stuff like fertilizer bags, etc. Has anyone done this? I

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Anyone out there in tech land have any ideas or plans to build a 12volt powered jocky wheel for a caravan?

What size motor would I need to move a 950 kg caravan and what size gear sprockets would be best to drive the chain to the wheel.It would have to be able to be put in forward and reverse mode.anAny advise would be of use but some plans would be the best.Thanks hoplite?

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Dirt bike handlebars

Hey everyone, i have a 2003 XR100 four stroke Honda dirt bike and I am on a quest to transform it into a beast hair scrambler trail bike. So far I have decided to add bark busters, one of those bendable hinge shifters, a back sprocket with one less tooth (will be 49), a new front sprocket because the teeth are bent, I need to sharpen the foot pegs and brake peg, a new back tire because the one it has now is bald, and shorten the handlebars. The reason i posted this forum is because i am wondering if anyone can tell me what the best way to shorten the handlebars is. I figure i am going to loosen everything, take it off, measure 4 or 5 inches with a permanent marker, then grind it off, but i dont know how to get the grips off. will i need to buy new ones? any way, if anybody can tell me how to shorten the handlebars, i would be very thankful. also, if anyone thinks i need anything else, could you please mention that too? thanks!

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Does anyone have tried to use a bicycle transmission for a multi-speed mechoui ?

I have an AC motor at 4RPM and I do not want to change the sprockets manually each time to change the speed. I would like to have a mechoui (bbq) which allows to have the following speeds: 4, 6, and 8 RPM. I think modifying a transmission of a bicycle: to change the speed I would just have to actuate the handle. What do you think ?

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What's a use for 'continuous' printer paper? The stuff with the tear-off/hole-punched edges...

I've got a carton of the stuff, and it's just sitting there. Plain white, unlined. I've been using single sheets at a time for drawings or notes, and just tossing the fringes out. They end up in random places around the house. Maybe a notebook? Somehow bind the pages together by the holes, then make it tearaway. Which still leaves half of the tear-stuff floating around. Filler for something? Any ideas?

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What is the best gear ratio for my Go-Kart? Details below

I have a Go-kart I am building and was wondering what gear I should get that connects to the axle from my motor. It will be Direct Drive and the motor has a 11 tooth sprocket. The motor is 48 v, 1000 watts and 3000 rpm. The wheels are 9.5 in diameter. I will be driving on mostly to totally flat areas. Plz ask for any other info you need :) thanks!

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120v Motorbike???

Hey guys... so i managed to snag a 120v motor from a ryobi leaf blower... how would i need to go about making a battery pack for it? and how would i mount it??? i was thinking of relaying batteries with wire and tape.... but i DONT want it to be a bomb on wheels!!! XD and for the mount i was thinking of welding some bolts into the motor and then onto the bike near the sprocket.... even then.. how am i supposed to attach it to the axle to make the wheel spin?? weld in a rod or something i suppose?? i also made sure to grab the switch cause i dont feel like making one and it has three settings... off, 1(slow), 2(fast).

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1000 watt inverter to power treadmill motor and controller?

I was planning to use a treadmill motor and controller that I found in the trash on a bicycle trailer to power it,geared down for slow speed with sprockets,since the motor is rated at 130 volts dc there was no way I was going to put that many batteries in for fun I hooked it up to a 1000 w inverter and a single 12 v battery and it runs great. does anybody see any unforeseen disasters,not including a long visit to the hospital. has anybody tried this yet and not failed miserably ? ? I'm also curious on run time under load and with about 200 amp hrs @ 12v. any other nut jobs out there ? 

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How do I determine what gears to use on a table mounted reciprocating device?

I am making a multi-function reciprocating device that will cut/crush many small materials from  thin wood to aluminum/sheetmetal. Mounted on a portable table I have a small 120V motor for my power. I want to design my own drive system using available gears/sprockets, but I am not sure where to start or how to determine which gears to use to achieve my desired output SPM. I could use some advice and pointers on calculating gear size/teeth, which ones will mesh properly, and what type of gears would be best.

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Looking to make tiny motorized track for spice storage?

I need more spice storage than any spice rack I can find.  My cabinet space is roughly 23 inches by 11 inches.  I would like to build some sort of serpentine track through the entire space that can hopefully be motorized to carry standard size spice bottles around for display.  I have considered using train track but the trains that would run on track that can make the radius turn required (roughly 1.5 inch radius) is not sturdy enough to support the bottles.  I have considered a chain and sprocket system.  I have even considered using children's building toys.  Any ideas?

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Generator from scooter motor

This project came about because someone cut the power line going to my house. The power company was slow to fix it, so I cobbled together a way to charge auto batteries for my invertor. The generator is the motor from a discarded electric scooter ( model MY1016 from JX Motor Co., rated 24v input and 2750 rpm). I removed the motor, it’s drive chain, and sprocket wheel and attached it to the frame of a discarded bike. The pictures show the details. By cranking furiously, I can charge a 12v battery with about 3/4 amp of current. There is a small epoxy rectifier to block the battery from driving the motor. This thing was made from parts on hand and cost me only the assembly time. I don’t have any sources or price lists.

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looking for an idea

Hi all,  I am not sure this is the right place to pist this but couldnt find any better place. so as the topic mentions im looking for an idea... you are probably asking idea for what? so here it goes  im volunteering as a high school mentor for the FIRST robotics competition. this competition is awesome for kids - building a robot from nothing in 6 weeks to do a changing task... this is difficult even for experienced engineers.  anyway, we want to teach the kids some useful things before the competition starts, such as working with power tools, sensors, some basic electric circuits and mechanical elements (bearings, sprockets, gears etc.) we tried lectures and classes but it doesnt quite do it,  so i thought a good idea would be a nice project that might combine all of the topics mentioned above. so where do i go when i need a good DIY project? instructables! i browsed around but couldnt find something that was exactly what i was looking for...  so can anyone help with an idea? 

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diy elec bike assist

I guess I need to explain that I'm an old guy with a bad ticker. I also have some big time balance issues. I needed to get a little more active and work on my balance, so I bought a bike. The bike is about a million year old cruiser, so I had some work to do before I even took off on it. I cleaned and repacked everything. Then I switched out some parts to make it more comfortable. I replaced the sprocket drive set on the 26 inch bike with one from a 20 inch to make the peddles easier for me to reach. I also used the smaller drive sprocket. That might not have been such a good idea as I have to peddle more to get the same distance. I had intended from the start to install a helper motor so the pedal thing isnt really a big deal. I designed it this way. Motor: 24volt 250 watts from a kids scooter toy. drive: friction with a wheel that sits on the rear tire. Now the motor and mount I have worked out just fine. I'm waiting for everything to arrive so I can begin work. My question is about the power source. I really do not want the power source to ever run the bike. I simply want it to assist me climbing hills. I dont want to run out of oxygen (fuel) as is happening now. So this is my planned power set up, please tell me any flaws you see in it. One twelve volt battery 12ah complete with momentary on off switch. Push the button when I need a little assist climbing a slight grade. A completely secondary battery probably 7ah with its own momentary switch just to kick in on top of the first battery. When both are on, It should make a 24volt system for steeper inclines for just a few minutes at a time. What problems do you foresee. Any advice would be helpful. Did I mention I like to tinker with stuff. I found over the years when you buy something you learn to write a check. When you build something you learn lessons that are transferable to all problem solving. And my wife made sure I knew how to write a check early on.

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Trouble with compiling Arduino program to control two servos with 10 set postions any pointers where I am going wrong?

I am having trouble getting this program to compile I have rewriting from the top but i cant get it to work Code: const int btnRearuppin = 2; const int btnReardownpin = 3; const int btnfrontuppin = 4; const int btnfrontdownpin = 5; const int maxreargear = 10; int btnRearupmode = 0 ,btnReardownmode = 0 ,btnfrontupmode = 0 ,btnfrontdownmode = 0 #include Servo frontGearservo; // create servo object to control a servo int frontgear = 0; // variable to store the servo position Servo reargearservo; int rearGear = 10; const int maxRearGears = 10; const int minRearGears = 1; const int frontgearmax = 2; const int frontgearmin = 1; int btnRearupState; // the current reading from the input pin int lastbtnRearupState = LOW; int btnReardownstate; int lastbtnReardownState = LOW; int btnfrontupstate; int lastbtnfrontupState = LOW; int btnfrontdownstate; int lastbtnfrontdownState = LOW; long lastDebounceTime = 0; // the last time the output pin was toggled long debounceDelay = 50; // the debounce time; increase if the output flickers void setup() { pinMode(btnRearuppin,INPUT); pinMode(btnReardownpin,INPUT); pinMode(btnfrontuppin,INPUT); pinMode(btnfrontdownpin,INPUT); frontGearservo.attach(9); reargearservo.attach(10); } //Possible positions of the front derailleur for gears 1 - 8 when on small front sprocket int frontGear1[] = {121, 121, 120, 119, 119, 118, 117, 116, 116, 116}; //Possible positions of the front derailleur for gears 1 - 8 when on large front sprocket int frontGear2[] = { 97, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93, 92, 92, 92, 92}; //Positions of the rear derailleur for gears 1 through 8 int rearGears[] = {132, 125, 116, 105, 96, 84, 73, 62, 55, 49}; void loop() { int reading = digitalRead(btnRearuppin); if(btnRearupState = HIGH) {//you clicked a button // check to see if you just pressed the button // (i.e. the input went from LOW to HIGH), and you've waited // long enough since the last press to ignore any noise: // If the switch changed, due to noise or pressing: if (reading != lastbtnRearupState) { // reset the debouncing timer lastDebounceTime = millis(); if(rearGear < maxRearGears){ //if we still have gears left to shift to rearGear++; //increment to the next gear moveServos(frontGearservo, reargearservo); //tell the servos to move } } } else { btnRearUpPressed = false; //confirm that the button is no longer pressed btnRearUpDebounceCnt = 0; //reset debounce } {boolean moveServos(int front, int rear) //get the new position of the rear servo rearServoPos = rearGears[rear - 1]; //get the new position of the front servo if(front == 1) frontServoPos = frontGear1[rear - 1]; else frontServoPos = frontGear2[rear - 1]; //move the front and rear servos frontServo.write(frontServoPos); rearServo.write(rearServoPos); //wait for the servos to reach their position. delay(100); return true;} Thanks in advance

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Replacing motor in mobility scooter?

Hey all, I have a mobility scooter that I use for travel(caravaning among other). It's an Eloped Travel XL(40 kg or 88 lbs, 24V 22Ah battery), and I think it's only available in Sweden, but there are similar models all over the world.My scooter has got a 180w, 24v motor on a transaxle with integrated gearbox. The more I use it, the more frustrated I get. It's slow, 4mph/7 km/h, but worse, it really struggles uphill and sometimes it feels like its gonna stop all together. I've changed the batteries, with no improvement. It's not overheating. My guess is that it's just to weak. It might be ok to use when going to the shop or on flat surfaces, but not on gravel or grass.Anyway, I would like to replace the motor with a more powerful one, 350w or even 500w. The problem is that there isn't any compatible motors out there, so I'm guessing I'll have to replace the hole axle. I've been looking at these common China made electric motors that come in a range of sizes, have no idea about the quality though. Otherwise, maybe a powerful RC engine would work? I have no idea really, where to begin. Money is a concern unfortunately, otherwise I could buy a new transaxle or even a new, better scooter. Any ideas or help would be very appreciated! I'm quite handy but have never worked with these kind of parts before. How to pick the right sprockets, should I use chain or belt drive and so on.

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How to mount a wheel to a weed eater engine (direct drive) when building an r/c car?

I want to use a weed eater engine to make a fast r/c car. I have already stripped the engine down to it's basic components (removed all the plastic leaving only the bare engine) to make it easier to mount to a to the vehicle. I pulled an 8" pneumatic wheel off of a Razor electric scooter which i plan to somehow mount to the clutch system of the engine.The idea is to have a direct drive system to cut down on the complexity of a chain drive (I have the chain drive off of the electric scooter). To do this I'm thinking of bolting the wheel (which has 3 treads that previously mounted the sprocket to the wheel) directly to the bell of the clutch (the part that the clutch engages at a certain rpm and connects to the engine to the driveshaft of the weed eater). Is this a good idea or is the bell not strong enough to bolt a wheel to? For those of you who don't know what the bell is that I am referring to: Once I have the wheel mounted (it will have a single rear wheel), I will use the front end of a spare r/c car for the steering and the drive motor to pull the throttle cable on the engine. This will probably be mounted to a plywood base. Ideally, the best option would be to have servos hooked up to an Arduino controller to control the steering and throttle, but a WiFi Arduino ($80) (could I substitute it for a Raspberry Pi?) + 2 servos ($30) is outside of my price range. What do you guys think of my design? Any suggestions?

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Polishing small or very detailed metal parts - the easy way ;)

I should not get hoocked on the cummunity side here again but well, I am bored today...If you have a vintage car, some old steam engine models or even really old clocks then you know my pain.Copper, brass and sometimes aluminium was used and if not cared for in time they nice shine goes first.Dirt and dust come next.And with more time passed we start to consider leaving it as the polishing would take forever.Take one of my "hobbies": old mantle clocks...Literally everything inside is brass.Now polishing a bass backing plate with some holes is quite easy if you have an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the debris out of the tiny holes when done.Even tried to polish a sprocket or fine spring mechanism?If spoked then this is a really painful job.But the same is true if you have old copper and brass ware, like these old stenciled pictures on copper sheets.No matter what you try these jobs end up to take more time than what you imagined and in many cases fine details are left oxidised or filled with the polishing compount.Now imagine you could get rid of these tarnishes and discolorations without cramps in your hand and bying all sorts of polishing products?Sure there are the well known brands that polish a lot of metal with ease by simply wiping over them.But they use harmful and often toxic chemicals and are still no good for really fine details like grooves or emossed stuff.Wearing gloves and protection is often a must and at least I can't stand the stink of them.We all know how to clean our dishes, even how to get the dried on lasagne from last night off the dinner plates.So why not do the same with our brass, copper or aluminium parts?Just use a spongue, rub and wipe a bit, rinse off and let dry.Ok, those who tried before reding the rest might be a bit angry now as it does not work that easy.Well, actually it does, just don't use dishwashing liquid :)Let me give you two of the worst cleaning problems I encountered first:You did some very fine brazing to create something nice from brass or bronze.The flux you can wash off, but polishing the discoloration from the heat and resulting oxidisation will take longe than the brazing job.The other ecounter was the restauration of a petromax style blow torch of alomst 60 years of age - but thankfully it was never used for more than decoration.All brass and a lot parts impossible to polish due to size and being quite delicate.Now we all have ways to spend a lot of time and being creative to use normal ways of polishing.And, yes I did so myself for many years and kick can myself now too.Since we can't do any advertising here and I clearly don't want to promote any brands or harm other brands by rendering their costly products useless I need a way out that helps everyone.So, again, I am not trying to promote anything here!However I noticed someone in my favourite restaurants kitchen polishing some dark copper pot to a mirrow shine in less than 5 minutes!I was shocked and asked the manager to explain what I just saw.He was confused to say the least..."We clean our pots every day, sometimes more depending on what we cooked in them."Sure but what do you use to do what I need several hours for in minutes and with better results?"Just water and soapy powder to shine the metal sir. All natural product."Omg god or Kali! What makes it shine so quickly?"Shining powder sir!" - mind you the poor guy was now totally confused and worried, while I started to loose my insanity.He noticed the look on my face and went into the kitchen.Gave me a fance looking bag that apart from a lot of Indian writing I could not make any sense of stated "Shining powder" on the pack.When the manager saw the look on face this time he laughed and asked "How do you clean your copper pots sir?"I was speechless and just said with much more time and elbow grease...He packed about thimble worth of powder for me to try and said it would be enough for a medium sizde pot, just use a wet spongue and put a little bit of powder on it.And guess what the stuff worked as good as in the restaurant :(I can't even count how many hours I wasted polishing copper or brass parts with fine details.Or engine parts from aluminium with brass parts inside....With this stuff you just wipe and tough cases rub a bit harder and all is done in literally seconds.In tight areas or those with fine details you use a fine brush like those for painting in water colors.And with that and a spongue you clean even the finest details with ease.In an ultrasonic cleaner it even works on areas you can't reach, just wipe what you can reach and see somehow and it shines.Now if you want this magic stuff and check if the guy here is just pulling your leg then be prepared to pay a lot of money.200 grams of this powder will set you back between 5 and 15 bucks depending on where you shop.That is enough clean about 300 midsized copper pots or a few hundret meters of copper piping....Just ask for shining powder in your Indian grocery store ;)We all waste money or stuff we don't need, so if you have coper, brass or aluminium to polish then try washing it the Indian way - just for fun of testing something else.And if after that test you think the few bucks and information was well worth it than please post your experience with the powder in the comments below.I hope all those members here working with these metals will read this too, so if not help me to spread the word please ;)I am struggling to upload some pics I have taken from the blow torch but will try again alter once I reduced their size.If in doubt I will upload them to a hoster and link them.Disclaimer:I don't advertise, I don't promote!However I am so pleased with this dirt cheap product that I use it now as my prefered and natural option.For this reason I think it is worth sharing.It is not a magic cure! If you have pitted areas, solder marks or brazin coming out of joints it will not help.Same for scratches, they still require abrasive polishing to be removed.But normal dirt from being displayed for years, oxidisation and even slight discoloration from corrosion will vanish.And if the surface has a good polish underneath all this than it will come back with ease ;)

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