mini spud guns

Try this mini spud gun instructable so i found this instructable that was rockin it was a mini patato gun made out of a pen a marker and a elictric lighter

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Spud Gun Ammo!

Hey guys I'm going to make a pnuematic spud gun soon, but I'm going to use something besides potatoes. I figure it'll have a 1-inch diameter barrel, so what can I shoot that's plentiful? Ideally, it would be bio-degradable or otherwise unharmful to the environment. Cork perhaps?

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Spud Gun Cartridges

Is there any way that I can make cartridges for my spud gun? I plan on making a new gun anyways. I plan on using this to pwn at airsoft, kind of like Hellboy's big ass gun. The problem is that it takes too long to reload and during that time, im dead in the water. I tried a two man team, but its still too slow. You know how the musket went from power, paper, blah, blah projectile? Thats how the spud gun is now. I need it to be what modern guns are, where the bullet, powder and firing cap are all in one unit... I just need plans... My fuel is 91% achl.

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Spud gun materials

I'm building a spud gun and all I could get was cellular core ABS, it seems pretty light and I'm not sure if I can trust it.  Would PVC be a better choice to handle the pressure?

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Green spud gun propellants?

In terms of spud guns, I'm assuming that the standard propellants aren't quite "green". Does anyone know of another way of doing it?Or is it innately eco unfriendly?

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ABS or PVC for a spud gun?

All I could get at the local store was cellular core ABS but I'm having second thoughts as to its strength.  Can PVC handle pressure better and therefore be safer?

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physics mini potato spud gun homework help

Im a grade 11 n i need to write an essay about mini spud gun, but i dun reli understand the physics theory behind it? i search it thr the internet n is now more confused? which one(s) of these is it involved with?>> Projectile Motion Newton's 1st Law of Motion: Inertia Newtons 2nd Law of Force and Acceleration Newton's 3rd Law of Motioin: Action and Reaction Momentum Energy he Boyle Law or the Kinetic Theory of Gases?? why? thanks so much! im not askin like for ppl to do my hw, i juz wanted to know which one of those is a potato gun involved wif.thanks!

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Golf ball launcher/ spud rifle long range

A golf ball will traver about 3X farther than a smoth round object .  This brings a spud/rifle to a whole new level.. Golf balls now come with 350 to 450 dimples to disrupt the lamar flow and decrease drag.  The ?? test guys did this to a car and got 10% better gas-milage on their first try.  I've thought about this for a longtime now .., I need some help tho,.or I wont ever get to It.  There is a recient article here on a hi power or long range spud rifle that looked good for a launcher, but it mite now be strong enuf for a 45 grain ball? Some ball did come with just a band of dimples so the ball would stabllise in flight and not climb or divert from the spin all golf clubs have built into their faces 7degrees?  I believe they were outlawed since they would be more accurate on drives.  It mite be good for this launcher tho?   Thanx 

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Can somebody check to see if is down?I'm not sure if its this computer or whatever.

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Need Specialty Ammunition and New Body Designs

Im bored with a project that has great boredom defeating potential but i ran out of ideas, inspiration and bandaids... I need ideas for ammunition, body design, and trigger configuration.. and if possible an alternate cheap/ghetto igniter for a mini spud gun using a bic barrel Heres the gun:

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double barrel shotgun spud gun

I am designing a double barrel shotgun style spud gun, i dont know if its going to work, if i am able to build i will work on a mod to make it break away style. any insight or tips you might want to give me please comment

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Air cannon/spud gun trigger Answered

I've opted to go for the modded sprinkler valve trigger. My questions are thus: Where can I find the required 'blow gun'? What is the 'blow gun' for when not killing potatoes? Will the valve reseal if the trigger is released before all the pressure in the tank is gone? So, can you fire more than once before pumping up again?

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B.S.R. 75 bolt action spud gun

This is my latest creation a breech loading bolt action spudgun. video at.....

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Tesla coil and spud gun vs. Chrome

Google made this slick video to show off just how fast Chrome can render web pages. They compare it against a spud gun, a speaker filled with paint, and a Tesla coil. Check out the video to see the lovely slowed down footage and the second video to see how it was done. making of

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Can cigarette lighters be used for a mini spud gun instead of the long nosed, or grill lighters? Answered

I've been trying to make a mini spud gun, but all the instructables say that you need a long nosed lighter or grill lighter. Can the piezo electric ignitor be found in a cigarette lighter. I have no experience whatsoever in these type of things, so an explanation would be helpful. Thanks.

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Numatic vs combustion

This is a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages about using nematic or combustion technicsto launch whatever.

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My potatoes have "eyes." I know the eyes themselves are poisonous, but is the rest of the potato okay or not?

(And does anyone know why are they called "eyes," anyway?) Thanks.

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potato cannon?

I remember seeing a video of a guy shootin nerf footballs out of an air cannon which he reloaded like a bolt action grenade launcher. i cant find it anywhere!!! help plz?

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Where do you buy a cheap bicycle pump? Answered

 Please note that most shops here sell "Made in China" products and the only places that you can trust is Ace Hardware, Home Depot ( do they even sell bicycle pumps? ) and some vendors in Manila. Like, seriously, the stuff they sell in Manila is cheap, strong and hard to find. I just need one to power my air cannon and impress my teacher and finally get to get some people to say "WHOAA!!!!". Oh, and it should be Php.150 or lower ( $3 equivalent ).

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Optimisation of pneumatics

Another interesting thing I found through research, a flaw in most over-under designs and pressurizing the stock, I have found that for every 90 degree elbow between the chamber and the barrel the resistance to the air is the same as adding 20 feet of straight pipe, this can be changes by using two 45 degree fittings put together to make a gentler turn or by using curved fittings instead of elbows, the gentler the turn the better. From this I have found that the simple straight cannon with the chamber directly behind the barrel as is shown in the picture below (please note this cannon is one I found from Google just to emphasize the point, and this is in pneumatics only). also to increase efficiency look at my other topic: again if you have found my research incorrect please tell me, I wont get fired up =)

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best chamber to barrel ratio

Okay I have not built a cannon yet as such, as I am going to make my first one awesome but I've done some research and found the golden ratio for efficiency for chamber-barrel size, assuming the chamber is always the same volume a chamber is 1.6, now I'm guessing a bit from now on but it seems that that maximum efficiency is approximately 1.61803399 or the golden ratio that keeps appearing in our world, I just thought you guys would like to know for the design stage as this is what I'm going to be using when I make my gun. also is it worth spending extra for a high flow blowgun over a normal one for the pilot valve to my 1" sprinkler or wont it make a noticeable difference P.S. if my calculations are wrong please, if you know more ( I'm only 13) please correct me. I have worked this out from pneumatics, not combustion's or hybrids. expect to see my gun soon!

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Pneumatic Toilet Paper/Spud Air Cannon-

This is a project I'm wiling on with my little brother. I'm building a cannon out of PVC. I want it to be able to shoot four times without adding air again. So my idea was to make four chambers to store the air. Each chamber would have an individual ball valve. Then another ball valve where the chambers stem into the main body and barrel of the cannon. From the three inch PVC Im going to drop back down to 2"-2.5"  PVC for a more forced compression, then the barrel will be 4". I understand that PSI is a pressure measurement, however I'd assume that my PSI's wouldn't be able to exceed the lowest grade of PVC I build with? That would only make since.  The problem I'm having is, I'm not sure if any stores such as home depot or lowes has couplets that could couple 4" and 3" as well as 3" to 2". I also need to know what kind of pressure would I need to get to launch toilet paper into about a 10-15 foot height? Or would this just be a trial and error experiment?  Thanks for all help. It's much appreciated!

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Is it possible to not modify the sprinkler valve (Blowgun Modified Sprinkler valve) in a spud gun? if so, disadvantages?

So, what i am trying to say is, i want to use a regular sprinkler valve instead of a modified one in my spud gun Project. Can i do that or do i have to modify the sprinkler valve? if i can, will it reduce the power of the shot?

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Whats better for a potato cannon, ABS or PVC? Answered

Whats better for safety and your wallet?

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What phrase would you paste on a five foot cannon ?

Exactly what the title is asking.

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What should I name my spud gun? Answered

I just finished making my first potato cannon. I'm only waiting for the cement to dry, but everything else is done. The cement should be dry in a few hours. Just for kicks, I would like to have a cool name for it, though. so, A) What should I name it? and B) how should I apply (paint, write, etc.) the name onto the spud gun? Thanks, Noahh UPDATE: I ended up named it "Pomme de Terror". Get it? Pomme de Terre is potato in french. Terre? Terror? Classic!

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Can you make a spudzooka with one piece of pipe? Answered

I only can afford one length.if I could afford more i would still make it look like one piece for realism

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Why doesn't my potato cannon work? Answered

Today, I finally got to test my spud gun. I loaded it up with a plug of potato, sprayed in one second of hairspray, twisted the cap shut, and pressed the barbecue ignitor. I heard the ignitor work, but nothing happened. I tried this again and again, using different potatoes, cleaning the cannon, and checking the sparker. Every time I did it, it didn't work. I followed the instructions step by step from Backyard Ballistics, but I used ABS instead of PVC. I also used a barbecue ignitor instead of a lantern ignitor. I used all ABS parts, with the right cement for ABS, so I don't know what went wrong. Could it be my hairspray? I bought a $1 can, which seemed a little strange, because all the other cans were at least five dollars. Is cheap hairspray made with different chemicals? I believe the hairspray brand I used was called "White Rain", but I could be completely making that up.  Thanks, Noahh 

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improvised air/airsoft/bb guns/spud guns

Theres a cool site

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Why the #@$% isn't my potato cannon igniting?

I can see a spark, but can't get it to ignite. I have tried using hairspray and Lysol, and have tried different amounts of both. I also tried wiping off the screws for a better spark (which actually seemed to help, but still no ignition.)

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what can I do with a mailing tube?

Is there any cool project I can do with a mailing tube? At first I thought a spud gun, but the pressures would exceed cardboard strength. Maybe a quiver. Btw it's 6 feet long and 2 inches ID.

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Can i shoot t shirts out of a combustion potato gun ( spud gun)? Answered

I wanted to make a t shirt cannon for school spirit week and i thought a combustion cannon would burn the t shirt. so if anyone knows anything about that please answer.

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Very nice propane spud gun with range of 150-200 yards for under 100$ should i post?

So i spent the last few weeks designing and building a very nice powerful and yet simple propane spud gun. When i first realized i was going the cleaner burning more powerful propane way, i came to Instructables first. but after some hard looking i found nothing on these cannons, so i made my own plans fros online sights with chamber calculations and what not. Based on my results i felt it neccesary to post my results and what ive discovered about this cannon, however i am always busy and im just wondering if it is worth the time, if there is anyone else out there looking for plans for a successful cannon like i was.

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iv been trying to creat an igniter for my spud gun that's small and portible i didnt know if enybody could help.

My gun is 4 ft with a 1" barrel and a 3" tank for hair spray.....this is just for funn not to kill animals..etc all i need is a spark it dosent have to be big just a little strong.

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potato mini gun get totally wet

elo all:D i just made a mini spud gun thing ... it sparks everytime until i use my ari duster, then it get like wet like in there im using a  plastic pill holder thing and when its wet it wont spark, and air duster shouldent really get it wet.. help please:D is it cuz of the pill plastic glass? thanks:D

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Growing Grub

Here in France we suffer a lot with doryphores (Colorado Beetle). For the last few years I have grown my potatoes in straw which does seem to have reduced the number of beetles I've had to put up with. 1) A week or so before planting time (or, if you want to try and conserve water do this in winter), break open a few bales of straw and lay the wedges - tightly together - over your spud patch. 2) Soak for several days until saturated. (if doing over winter then forget this stage. The rain will do it for you) 3) Lay seed spuds over the soaked wedges and cover with loose straw. As the spuds grow just "earth up" with more loose straw 4) From time to time check the bottom is still damp. Water if required. I find that I rarely have to water 5)To harvest, or if you want just a few New Spuds, lift the loose straw and take what is wanted. 6) After all the spuds have been harvested you can either leave the straw in situ and re-use next year, dig it into the ground or move to a manure/compost heap to finish rotting down. Sorry I haven't got any pics. I didn't think of taking any as I've used this method for a few years and I've also broken my camera when I had a fall. Haz

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Pneumatic soda can cannon on Mythbusters?

I just watched a Mythbusters where they made a pneumatic soda can gun.  Go to 5:50 in this video to see their description of it.  Go to 7:00 to see it in action.;=related My questions are: what is the "fast acting valve" he used?   How do you refill that thing? Anyone seen an instructable for something similar?  I've seen lots of PVC versions, but I like the metal version because it's sexier looking, and potentially higher pressure/power. Thanks!

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potato mini gun

hi again all i posted a question with a other potato problem, nobody answered but i fixed it..Now i got other problem.. what i do is (i tried with deo hairspray 3 diffrend igniters and air duste) and they're all flameable, i found out tha air duster is easist to ignite what i do is first i blow much air duster in, then i blow it test it blow more test blow test, but it simply wont ignite:-( hope you can help oh and 1 more thing, when i open the pill bottle thing it does ignite like it flames out of the wrong end-_-

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Airsoft/Spudgun crossover: Anti-Personnel Explosive thingies

Its a PVC/ABS thing that works like a spud gun, but launches a powder cloud (and potentially BB's). It's remote-triggered, so it can be buried underground, and only the top has to be removed, so it can be permanent. It works in the same way as a spud gun. I'll try to get diagrams up tomorrow, and if I can build it, pictures and an instructable, of course.

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What is the most flammable aerosol spray( that is cheap) for use with a potato gun? Answered

I just need some sort of fuel to use to launch my potato gun?

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Could an O2 sensor from an automobile be used inside the combustion chamber of a potato gun?

So I was shooting my potato gun after talking about car repair today, when I got the idea. Could an O2 sensor from an automobile be used inside the combustion chamber of a potato gun to achieve optimal fuel/air ratio? Finding the chemistry of the aerosol fuel would be difficult, and I wouldn't know where to start with the computer stuff, but could it be done? If so, has anyone done it? I searched instructables and no one has even mentioned it. I found on a mazda forum that a wideband O2 sensor may detect the air/fuel ration when using propane, but what about aerosol? Propane in a plastic gun is just begging for injury. I use Right Guard sport deodorant (Without antiperspirant) as the fuel, I think it works the best. The primary ingredient is Denatured Alcohol.

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air tank question? Answered

I have a medical regulation oxygen cylinder it is a dark green i am wondering if i can turn it into a compression cylinder by drilling into it would this compromise the tanks integrity please respond. sorry if i left anything out, fidgety2

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Yep a free patch. But to save time click on my profile and go to my questions and you will see the contest in my questions. Comment and post your ideas there. This is to promote my question. So click on my profile and GO

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is there any accurate snipers that i can make that r not powered by compressed air?

Is there any accurate snipers that i can make that r not powered by compressed air? Ive tried glove guns they aren't that good i don't think a spud gun would be accurate either.

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Piston Travel Distance

I'm currently working on a coaxial spud gun with a 1.5 in. chamber and a 1/2 in. barrel. I need to know how much space behind the piston to leave. I was recently informed that the distance should be 1/4-3/8 in. Please tell me if you know anything

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