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Knex fire starter

I made a Knex firestarter, let me know if u want pics or an instructible.

Topic by dalekpod    |  last reply

Automatic starter for generator

I would like to build an automatic starter for my generator for my travel trailer. I would like for it to start automatically when the temperature reaches a preset level and then, shutdown when the temperature lowers to a preset level. The Air conditioner would be on when the generator is on and also, the battery charger would be on to charge the batteries. The batteries would power an inverter so AC would be available when the generator wasn't running.

Question by PAPADOC    |  last reply

Finding a Starter Router

I have enjoyed making small wood projects for my family but I am still lacking some necessary tools. I found a great Instructable for making a desktop router table but I don't have the router yet. I don't need the best on the market but I am looking for quality at a reasonable price. If you don't have specific recommendations, can you please help me understand what features and options I should consider?

Question by lancaster09    |  last reply

any starter projects?

I am really new to electroic hacking but i love the thought of making stuff out of crap electronics, i have an old portable b/w tv , a old flatbed scanner, a pistol grip laser temp gun. is there any ideas on what i can build out of these and some other stuff? this will be my first project. i do have some knowlage about electricity and i am a do it yourselfer so i know tools. any help would be great, Thank you

Topic by wiccanman82  

Question about Starter Kit

Could you guys please check if I should purchase this starter kit? I am a beginner and I want to learn about electronics. I am mainly interested in working with LEDs Thanks

Topic by swapnilsharma1984    |  last reply

Paper airplane starter pack!

Go to a paper airplane starter pack now if you are new to paper airplane builder or don't know how to make paper airplane!

Topic by wat.  

Fluorescent tube starter question

I m really really curious about something you know the starter switch used in fluorescent tubes have a glass "bulb/tube" with a bimetalic strip i know what that is for but i dont understand what the coil beside the "bulb/tube" is for, and it feels like a coil but i think its more of a piece of metal wrapped i n plastic  

Topic by michaelgohjs    |  last reply

what is the best fire starter?

Question by geeker    |  last reply

Motorbike starter motor on a Scooter?

Hello! I changed the starter motor on my bike some years ago, and this motor is laying around in my garage since then, working! I always wanted to build an electric vehicle, and i would like to start with an electric scooter! My questions are:  1. Would the motor work and run on a scooter? 2. how much would the battery last? I plan to use a normal motorbike battery, i dont know much in electronics, they are 12V and 10-70Ah 3. will the motor heat up and burn? 4. what range would it have? The motor in question is a Mitsuba, aftermarket mounted on my bike a Honda CR 250 if this helps. Thanks in advance!

Question by dsirotic    |  last reply

Good starter programming language?

I've got a friend who wants to learn some computer programming, to make things like games. Does anyone have a suggestion? A language that's easy to do simple stuff with, and maybe some medium stuff would be nice.

Question by geeklord    |  last reply

Starter kits for UAV projects

Starter kits for UAV projects Hello!!! I'm about to make a purchase for either the AVR or PIC package for flowcode 6 but I'm not sure what choice to make. I want the the right software and hardware combination for my ariel projects and dont' want to make a bad choice my first time around so could anybody out there advise me on the right all around package I need to purchase today??? Thank You AO!

Topic by Da_Real_ApacheOmega  

Best starter microcontroller for project? Answered

Yes, i have already visited, and it did not help me much.My last question was a bit ambitious, so I decided to restart with some more info.The project requires: (8) LED; (9)Toggle Switches; (2) Variable Resistors; [1] Relay (20 total)I'm new to this whole thing so I don't know which controller to choose. I did a bit of research, and I think the arduino will do what I need it to. But I don't know if the ATmega168 can be used without the board. (I need about 5 units). Will the arduino suit my needs? Or is there something better out there?

Question by ericsnapple    |  last reply

automotive starter and dc speed controller? Answered

can I use a 45amp digital dc pwm motor speed controller with an automotive starter? the controller is from quality kits part number :uk1133. or is there another kit  I should be using? thanks

Question by robin67    |  last reply

What is a good starter paintball gun? Answered

I have looked absolutely every where, and I really don't want someone telling me a Tippmann 98 Custom. I know, I'm going to get that as a starter gun, but I want to know what else is out there. If you say tippmann 98 custom, I will just delete the comment.

Question by PKTraceur    |  last reply

changes with background on a windows 7 starter

I tried the whole My Colors thing and i thought it had work but it didnt i applied the theme then i applied the wallpaper that i wanted and the wallpaper came up then it went bck to the theme can sumbody help me please!!!!!!!!

Question by shanta2010  

Sour dough starter for all bread types?

I am wanting to make bread with captured yeasts and have read the article from My Sister's Kitchen on making sourdough starter. Does this mean any bread I make using the starter will be of sourdough taste?? I like that but what if I am wanting to make just whole wheat or flax seed bread without the sour taste?? Do I need a different type of starter? Can someone clarify this for me. Thanks.

Question by sailgirl    |  last reply

How can I put an electric starter on a pull start Briggs and Stratton engine?

I'm 50 and have a herniated disk in my back. It hurts me to start my chipper/shredder. I'd like to put an electric starter on it, but need guidance as to type of starter motor, how to attach a battery, etc.

Question by njmcvicar    |  last reply

How do I check the voltage to the electric starter of my scooter?

It is a 49cc 2-stroke chinese scooter I got for christmas. The electric start won't work, and I'm wondering how to check the voltage to the starter, or the solenoid. Oh, and when I have the keys in and its switched on, and I press the starter button, it only clicks.

Question by Zem    |  last reply


Does anybody have spare kombucha culture?

Topic by corey_caffeine    |  last reply

How to: get started

Hi everyone! I'm kinda new here, but I like the site a lot. I've been thinking some time about starting to build things, learning a bit of programming and so on and so forth. And then I found this site. Now I'm planning on forming a hobbyist club with some of my friends (we are 16-17 years old). The problem is, I don't know with wich projects I should begin... We don't have a CNC machine or 3D printer. All suggestions are very welcome, from building a boat to a cannon to some toys to some costumes etc. If possible, please post the instructable here. Suggestions are also welcome! Thanks in advance! :p

Topic by nvranken    |  last reply

simple project from arduino starter kit?

It must be awesome to show

Question by adammdzaidi    |  last reply

what can we do with ballasts and starters?

I have ballasts and starters of an old flourescent bulb for i was able make it work after i used circuits from busted CFL's now is there some way we use this in another purpose

Question by jovenhatsjr    |  last reply

Software for Make: It robotics starter kit? (Radioshack)

I Just recently made the Arduino-based  walking robot sold in a robotics starter kit by radio shack. The software link that came in the instructions is no longer a valid domain. Can anyone help with this? Cant find the arduino software anywhere. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you

Topic by IVIACHINE    |  last reply

Electric mower

I want to convert my old gas mower to an electric mower. 12v batteries are easy enough, and there is plenty of info re solar charging systems. I'm stuck on sourcing the motor. I was wondering if a car starter motor would be sufficient for running a lawnmower? It's a 12v motor, has enough oomph to turn over up to 12 cylinders of american steel, and there are plenty of 'em out there in junkyards waiting to be recycled. Sounds good on paper. Anyone have any insight into why this is or ain't a good idea? Thx- Rev. Bucky

Topic by RevBucky    |  last reply

Easier starting chainsaw?

Is it possible to make a pull-cord chainsaw (Stihl 029) easier to start?  I'm in my mid-seventies and have lost much of my former strength, as such, I have extreme difficulty starting the saw initially. Once it's warmed-up, no problema, but after sitting for a few days, well—.  Anyone have a suggestion (aside from buying an electric saw which will not be practical, because of the cord length)?    

Question by jackew    |  last reply

What would you recommend for an Arduino starter kit? Answered

I have €60 =~ $79 / £50 to spend on an arduino and stuff to use with it as an introduction to electronics. I've looked around at other starter kits and so far, I plan to get: An arduino Deumillanove, A breadboard Jumper wire a few piezo elements, 5 x blue, 5x red, 5 x green LEDs, 2 x RGB LEDs. LOGIC, SHIFT REGISTER 8-BIT, 16DIP (how many of these will I need) So far that costs about €50 from Are there any better places to buy from in Ireland? I have some motors with gear boxes and potentiometers that I used for school projects which I can recycle. I know that I'll need resistors but I don't know how many of which resistances. Is there anything else like sensors etc. that I might need or you think would be fun or good to learn with? I dont mind extending the budget if I have to. Thanks a lot in advance :D

Question by Technologic    |  last reply

Is it possible to fix or revive a car jump box starter?

I have 2 dead one's at home and can't find anywhere on the web that describe how they work...

Question by kimxtc    |  last reply

What would be a good airsoft semi-starter gun?

I already have and used, cheap and plastic, P90, Walther P22, G36C, MP5, mag fed scattergun, (Not a shotgun... all guns do that!) Colt.45 pistol, and two Walther P99's. These guns never got much more than 60ft. I want a full metal gun, not much more than 100 bucks.

Question by PKTraceur    |  last reply

Arduino Compatible Component Basic Element Starter Kit

- Great Arduino kit for  beginners. Makes a great basis for a robotics or electronics Instructable. Perfect for kids who want to catch the electronics bug.  - Package includes: 1 x Arduino duamilanove - 1 x Development expansion board - 1 x Mini breadboard - 1 x Breadboard - 1 x Acrylic plate - 1 x LED emitter kit (red / green / yellow; each 5pcs) - 2 x Buzzer - 4 x Push button switch - 2 x Seven segments display - 2 x Mercury switch - 3 x Light dependent resistor - 1 x Adjustable resistor - 1 x Flame sensor - 1 x Infrared receiver - 1 x Resistor kit (200ohm / 1K ohm / 10K ohm; each 10pcs) - 1 x LM35 temperature sensor - 1 x USB cable (48cm) - 65 x Breadboard cable (8~22cm) - 1 x 9V battery - 1 x Battery slot - 1 x Remote control (1 x LR1130 / included) - 2 x Storage case (1-large / 1-small) - 1 x Software CD

Topic by GadgetNut    |  last reply

incandescent light flicker hacks

There are 2 hacks with incandescent lights that make flickering effect. may be usefull for some haloween stuff here is the most basic description. if you build it be carefull in fire safety - some stuff may overheat and blast / catch fire. use non flammable boxes if needed. starters and diodes may explode if connected incorrectly - always protect your eyes do not do any of the hacks with CFLs - they are for incandescents only. they may work with LED lights depending on other components in the ciruit and the amount of current (if there are capacitor / induction / electronics / transformer in the LED circuit then dont do it) hack 1 - slow flicker (i saw it somewhere on instructables before) connect the incan in series with fluorescent lamp starter (the neon discharge type) you may connect 2 starters in series. i'd expect longer outages this way. if they dont light (not enough voltage) then use the starters designed for 2 x 18 W fluorescents. warnings dont connect the starter (or series of 2 or more starters) directly across the ac source. the starters will blow immediately and may explode. check that in any possible path through the starters there is an incan light dont connect stuff in parallel unless you really know what you do. lights connected in parallel take the sum of the currents they take on their own - anything more than 1 light is too much for a starter (or any amount of starters in series - each gets all the current) part 2 - fast 50 Hz flicker connect the lamp in series with an 1N4007 diode. the diode blocks 1/2 of the ac wave and makes some light flicker. seen best in low watt lamps with thinner filament (with less thermal capacity) diode may be used together with starter to combine the effects this hack is used widely in heating appliances that have 2 heat settings. in the lower one they are connected thru a diode

Topic by 11010010110  

Washing machine motor on an electric vehicle?

Hello, i already asked a question about a car starter as a Motor for my Electric bike project. I got bad news from the answers, so I wanna use a washing machine motor.  My question is, do i need 240V to power it? Or it has like a transformator in the washing machine that makes the voltage lower? I never opened one..

Question by dsirotic    |  last reply

96 tacoma starter motor not working starter has fire from battery? switch and clutch engaged,no clicking of silinoid

96 tacoma pickup std trans,starter makes no sound but has fire from battery ,clutch engaged,switch is in start position, no lites to dome /dash lites

Question by jerry geisert    |  last reply

Arduino - Where and how to start?

Hello! I'm pretty new here, been browsing the site and looking at so many instructables I'd like to build but at least 1/5th of them use Arduinos. I've googled around, browsed some online eletronic shops, ebay and I've noticed there are many models of them, so my question is quite simple - which Arduino would be good for me as a starter? (Honestly I'd like to go with the cheapest as my budget is not big and I'm afraid I could damage it somehow which would not be nice) I'm familiar with C and C++ so I guess that helps me a little in programming the thing, now the only problem is that I've got nothing to program :) Thanks, Matiss.

Topic by friiks    |  last reply

So I'm new to this...

I'm new to DIY, and I was hoping for some suggested projects for newbies. I have some basic woodworking experience and knowledge of tools, but I'm more interested in electronics and that sort of thing, I just don't know where to start. I would like to make something useful. Can anyone suggest some good projects for newbies?

Topic by kyoakoa    |  last reply

Best DC Motor Starter Circuit I ever Saw

I wish I had drawn this very good DC Motor Starter control. There are enough questions about a starter box, this is one. It has everything you need to wind up a big machine. A

Topic by iceng  

What UK fluorescent light starter should be used to make a incandescent bulb flicker? (Halloween effect)

What UK fluorescent light starter should be used to make a incandescent bulb flicker? (Halloween style effect) Example In the above tutorial it lists the following starters work FS-2 and FS-5 but I cant find the UK equivalent. Thanks for your help

Question by danieljcooper    |  last reply

What do you know about drones?

I would appreciate it if you leave a url or make a bib in MLA Starter (you can make one for free in noodletools)

Question by jamngary    |  last reply

does anybody have any ideas on how to convert a pull start lawn mower to a key or button start?

I imagine there would be a combination of batteries, starter moters and momentary switches, but other suggestions would great!

Question by theonlymurray    |  last reply

Is there a good start program for 3D printing?

Hi, I don't have a 3D printed but I would like to post instructions on making something in 3D, does anyone know what program I can use to write the file in? I need to be able to write a file compatible with most 3D printers so users can download, plug in and use straight away. Thanks for the help in advance.

Topic by JM1999    |  last reply

PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB) vs Arduino diecimila

PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB) vs Arduino diecimila which of these two boards is better for a beginner?

Topic by silva_p    |  last reply

What is a good starter kayak? More details provided inside.

I have been doing a lot of research for the past couple of months because I have decided that I really want to get started in kayaking. I want a kayak that has good tracking, but also has good handling. Personally, I am thinking about a ten to twelve foot one, but I don't know how that would do never truly using a kayak. I plan to mostly use it on rivers and lakes, and I would like to be able to make longer trips such as four to six day trips with it. Also, speed is something that I would like, and I believe that normally comes along with a narrower width. I am comfortable on the water, so initial stability is not a concern of mine. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Please correct me on anything that I am talking about if it is wrong.

Question by sound91    |  last reply

I've picked a "starter set" of LEDs and accessories - Looking for advice

Hi Everyone... I'm looking to get into a bunch of random LED projects so I need some LEDs and various accessories. I've done soldering and such in the past, so I have a soldering iron (cold heat) and solder and flux... but I'm wondering if this is a good set of starter equipment and if the prices are decent...any suggestions or comments are welcome...(all items are from LED - 20 Degree Clear 9000mcd - 20 count - $7.60 (unit price is 0.99 under ten items)Red LED - 20 Degree Clear 14000mcd - 20 count - $9.80 (unit price is 0.50 under ten items)Pure Green LED - 20 Degree Clear 30000mcd - 20 count - $9.00 (unit price is 0.56 under 10 items)Ultra Violet LED - 20 Degree Clear 400-410nm - 20 count - $7.00 (unit price is 0.35 under 10 items)5mm Red Piranha LED (This is a wide-spread LED with 1000-1500mcd output) - 10 count -$5.00 (unit price is 0.62 under 10 items)Set of 10PCs 3mm Plastic LED Holder - $1.50 (50 cents for each 10 pieces, ordered 3)6 inches of Heat Shrink - $1.90 (19 cents for each 6, ordered 10)100 ohm 1/4 Watts Resistor - 50PCs - $0.50220 ohm 1/4 Watts Resistor - 50PCs - $0.50470 ohm 1/4 Watts Resistor - 50PCs - $0.50I didn't order any wire because I figured I could just pick that up anywhere around here.Total Cost - $43.30Shipping - $5.50Grand Total - $48.80

Topic by Sirckus    |  last reply

Is there anything I can do to make a car starter run for longer periods of time? Answered

I was looking into using a modified car starter on a go cart and from what I've read they'll burn out if they're ran too long. Is there anything I could do to make them run longer without breaking? Or even why they burn out from continuous use?

Question by JasonYMN    |  last reply

Can I make a permanent starter for my go-kart engine?

I have a 18v cordless drill that I can take apart and use. I also have a motor from a garage door opener but if I could, I would rather use the drill. My go-kart uses a 12v system. I would like a starter because it would really complete it. ANY help would be great.

Question by electronicfreak22    |  last reply

can we make truck engine starter motor last long time for gokart by rewinding it?

I want to use truck engine starter motor for my gokart or ebike project ? can i rewind it and modify it for long lasting

Question by Suraj Basnet    |  last reply