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When working with electronics how often do you ground yourself? In many tutorials dealing with IC's they don't ground them selves. In a lot of programming tutorials they don't mention grounding when handling the chip. Stuff like arduino, minipov, daisy, and many others where the end project is open, are those sensitive to discharge? I'm juust asking because the esd wriststraps are annoying to wear because the wire get's in the way.

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Statics Problem Help? Answered

I need help with this statics question, because it seems easy enough but I know I am not doing something correctly.  Look at the picture and use it along with the question, which says; Four forces and a couple act on the beam. The vector sum of the forces is zero, and the sum of the moments about the left end of the beam is zero. What are the forces Ax, Ay, and B? Ax is of no importance, it can be anything because it does not affect the moment because it line of action intersects the point of rotation, so i don't care about it.  So it would seem to me that the 800N force multiplied by the 4m, gives 3200Nm plus the 200Nm from the couple makes 3400Nm, and since it has to be counteracted by B, it would be divided by 7m which equals 485.7Nm.  But what is Ay?  It seems to me it can be anything, as long as B is adjusted accordingly to account for it, but I think I need an actual value. Is Ay suppose to be part of the couple, because if it is it would have a value of 25N which would factor into the 800N because that force lies on the same place where the other portion of the couple would be.  So would 25N be Ay because it says in the question that 4 forces (800N, Ax, Ay, B) AND A COUPLE, which it makes me think that Ay isn't part of the couple?

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Guitar Amp Static

Following up on my other thread with soldering, I managed to get my circuit for a distortion pedal all wired up.  I've got the clean end working, and nothing at all on the distorted end, but I'm not concerned about that just yet.  On the clean end, I get a really annoying buzzing sound, like when you turn the amp on with a cable plugged in with no guitar on the other end.  What would be cause of this?  Possibly outside interference since I haven't actually put this into an enclosure yet?  This is the schematic I followed.. and the sound from my amp is similar to this.. No, it's not the amp that's the problem because it works fine without the circuit.

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Dynamic ip to static? and is static needed to run a server?

Hello I would like to know how I can change my dynamic ip into a static one and if I were to set up a home server how would I do that with out a static ip?

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Good points of static grounding? Answered

Can anyone suggest a good place to static ground myself when working with electronics? Next to my bench is a radiator with some bear metal, would that work?  If not can anyone suggest  any other places?

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how to de-static hair?

In mornings or whenever your hair gets frizzy from static how do you de-static it?

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how to rig a static trapeze?

I've built a sturdy static trapeze (welded bar, spliced rope) and would like to know how to rig it in a cost effective but safe manner. My mounting point is a steel beam, and the two ropes of the trapeze end spliced around 24mm galvanised steel thimbles which I need to fix to the bar. It would be great if methods could be provided that utilise materials found at local hardware stores - I know you can use crane slings but the only supplier I can find is a prohibitively distant one :)

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Static Sound On Electric Acoustic?

I have a rather old guitar (ibanez jx70tbs1301) and i have connected it to a computer via 4 inch to 3.5 adapter to record in audacity. I get a static sound and if i touch the right side of the pickup or press on a key on a key board it gets louder or annoying. I tried dryer sheets. Im confused. Would it be the patch cord?

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My name is Simon Njoroge. I have successfully made a 9(rows) x 24(columns) LED display panel that displays a scrolling message that uses the attached code. The panel consists of course of LEDs, 3 shift registers, a 4017 decade counter together with transistors and resistors. However, I would like the panel to display a static message of a maximum of 7 characters for my project need. Kindly can someone edit the code for me? I followed the instructions from the following site:

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Where is the static comming from? Answered

I recently began experimenting with recording my guitar. I've tried plugging my guitar straight into the line in port of my laptop via a 1/4" cable and 1/4-1/8 adapter. I then record it in audacity with no added effects or gain or whatever. I liked it but it did not seem as good as it should have been. I tried connecting my guitar to my amplifier and connecting my amplifier via the headphone port and a 1/8" cable to the line in port. It sounded PERFECT except that there was a constant anoying string of static being recorded. I turned down the gain on my amp but then my laptop would not get a signal. I experimented with a bunch of different combonations of gain and volume but i cannot get rid of the static. I expect it's because my amp does not have any output other than the speakers or headphones. I'm just wondering if there is anything i can do other than get or borrow an amp with lower noise.

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annoying static discharge problem

I really like these liquid vitamins, but every other bottle I get gives me a long series of random painful electric shocks when I try to open it! You can't hear it, but in the video when I get near the bottle with the probe a snapping sound can be heard. The shocks are seemingly random and some went as high as 500mv. I didn't catch the first shock, which was the worst, from the first time I tried to open the bottle. I tried grounding the bottle, but nothing seems to help. Thanks for any suggestions

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Does making a static ip to the the router, make the ip on the internet static? Answered

I have been running a server and have noticed that my ip to the router (192.168...) changes and the one displayed on the internet (94.1...) also changes. I have setup a static ip on the first port (0.2) and was wondering if when i connect to the internet each time the 94.1 etc that adress will change? People connect to my server via my ip adress and then my port number and I have noticed I have to keep giving it out as it changes.. So is there away to keep that ip static? or should it stay the same now? Many thanks Oscar

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Bose Radio/cdplayer

When I turn on my HP laptop computer in the next room, which is on our house wireless network -- my clear playing Bose -- playing NPR begins to include "static" what can I do about it?

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LEDs are putting static on my stereo?

I wired a outlet so I could plug in a strip of LED lights that are able to run in different modes (flash, fade, different colors, etc) When I turn the LED lights on, the stereo, that is plugged into a different circut, has static that goes with the tempo of the lights. When I turn the lights off there is no static. What gives? Here is what I got. I used them in another part of the basement and they work good with no problem. i also checked the outlets with the 3 light tester and it says it is wired correctly.

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How do you remove that static noise on your computer when you plug in your earphones?

Well, whenever I plug in my earphones to either my laptop or my desktop, I would hear static noise. Rather, on my second desktop's amplifier I've hear little or mostly no static at all (from a sound card, through a audio plug to RCA into the amplifier) and as well seems to be little suppressed using a toroid band on the plug of the earphones. Through little research, I've found out its the grounded prong fault, where different resistance causes this noises. So, without either doing A) REMOVE THE GROUNDED PONG or B) Grounded loop isolator, unless I could find a cheap one, how would I stop this problem? Snowy *Updated: No, muting it will defeated the purpose of having music on*

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How to make useful mechanical things using waste materials?

Hi everyone, my name is Chitharanjan. I'm trying to do something useful on my holidays. So please if anyone knows the answer for above question reply or mail me.

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how do i make an anti-static wristband?

I need to open my cpu to add memory and i dont have an anti-static I could just go but one but i thought is antone knew how to make one I'd appreciate it

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How do I protect my circuit board inside a stuffed animal from static? Answered

I'm making a stuffed animal toy that sings a custom song. I'm using a radio shack audio recorder module (, but it's just a naked board and I'm worried about it getting fried from static when inside the fluff of a stuffed animal toy

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can a "ion generator" from an air purifier cause a lot static and damage any nearby cmos?

Could something like this adversely affect cmos chips when being used or stored?  

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Positive Van de Graff Generator?

I know that a Van de Graaf Generator creates a negitive charge if you use a rubber belt, But how would one make a positively charged friction style van de graaf generator? What materials would you use?

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how to transfer static energy to electrostatic motor

How to transfer static energy to electrostatic motor from ballon to make it rotate, and which type of wire. use to transfer charge

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how to trensfer a fm scan radio to static?

I have a HO700 SENTRY and i would like to make it to play 1 channel only. can somebody help me?

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How to make a static electricity discharge pad? Answered

Is there an expensive way to make an electrostatic discharge pad that I can simply touch before working on my laptop? I discharge myself by touching the screw on a lightswitch plate upon entering my office, but there is always more static that builds as I walk across the carpet to my laptop. My laptop has hung a couple of times because of this and I'm afraid I'm going to fry something for good one of these days.

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Other ways to charge a Leydon Jar?

I need to find a good easy working way to charge up a Leydon Jar with static electricity. I do not have (and cannot make) a van de graffe generator. I tried using my tv, but it doesn't work too well. Are there any other ways to charge a Leydon jar?

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Storing Lightning Energy? Answered

Hey Guys, I have wondered on this from a long time. Can lightning energy be stored? Lightning occurs when water droplets rub together right? Which means this is static electricity. As lightning strike the highest point why dont they make a huge conductive bar? And as i know from the various lyden jar projects storing static isnt that difficult. So why dont they do it? I asked my dad  that how much is it per lightning strike he said millions of kilovolts if that is true then why dont they store it? My dad said that its because they cant store that much electricity. Is that the only reason? BTW I'm 12 so please ignore my dumb electric knowledge :).

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How can I improve the reception of my fm clock radio. Answered

How can I improve the reception of my fm clock radio? I can't turn it around or I can't see the clock. My bed only fits one way, so let's say it's stuck where it is. It was fine in my old apartment, in the new one I only get static. Short of buying one of those round antennas, what could I DIY?

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Want to make a mat that discharges small volts to cats to keep them off counters. Ideas?

My cats are beasts and will NOT stay off the counter. The only thing I haven't tried yet is electricity. I basically need a DIY for something called a Scatmat. Don't want to hurt the furry kids, but they're MY counters!

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how do I make super big sparks? Answered

I want to make super giant sparks to imppressive my friends because they don't think I'm really advacned And i am But I don't have time to think Of how to make somthing to impresvive them. I don't want any critism I just want answers.Sorry if I sound a little rude. Really sorry If i sound rude. I would like it to be like 1-2' long. Thanxs a ton

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What is The Best Anti Static Spray for Flash Powder ? Answered

I plan on making a small amount of flash powder for recreational uses, and would like to keep my limbs attached to my torso. What kind of anti static spray should i use? I can't seem to find any results on the web about what kind of anti static spray i should use... Does it matter? Is any better than the other? Thankies!

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How do I ground myself from static? Answered

I'm thinking about building my own custom PC but I need to ground myself to protect it from ESD. I can't buy a anti-static wrist strap because I don't know anywhere that sells them and I don't want to purchase it online. I've heard that if you're power supply is plugged in and off that you can touch the edge of the case (the power supply is already mounted). Is this true? Please reply. Thanks.

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How to remove static electricity from plastic surface?

I've put PlexiGlas (acrylic plastic, I think) in my roof in my bathroom. The surface is high- gloss black and should look great. However, these sheets are huge and there is a protective film on the surface which has to be removed and when I do that, the plastic will be loaded with static electricity, which will gather dust. (When I removed the protective film on the back side of the plastic, I saw this result and it isn't good. Is there a way to eliminate/reduce the static electricity before/during/after I remove the protective film? -Because of the black surface, I'm afraid that waterstains and cleaning- solvents might leave stripes/spots that won't look good...

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Need a Circuit Schematic to detect Static Charge with an Ammeter

I been trying to find a Circuit Sim app to play around with and create a real circuit that can detect Static charge, which in theory Paranormal Investigators say ghosts can give off a static DC charge to the meter. The only thing I can do this little Circuit like this - just with a LED to dim indicating a Charge, but I wanna go for a more complex version of this by adding in an ammeter to Detect the Charge as (Milliamps) MA about 0-20 for sure, but I don't know how to make do to that. So I been wanting to build something both cool and try to detect Ghosts with this thing, and just have fun with Circuitry.

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static int counter = 0; if ((++counter & 0x3f) == 0) Answered

I have not been ablle to find a laymans discription of what this is counting. Looks like it is counting 63 times from the 0x3f ASCII charactor. I bleave it is counting for the helper light, but what for? #include #include #include Password password = Password( "7457" ); //password to unlock door, can be changed const byte ROWS = 4; // Four rows const byte COLS = 3; // columns const int stepsPerRevolution = 200; // change this to fit the number of steps per revolution // Define the Keymap char keys[ROWS][COLS] = { {'1','2','3',}, {'4','5','6',}, {'7','8','9',}, {'*','0','#',}, }; byte rowPins[ROWS] = { 5, 4, 3, 2 };// Connect keypad ROW0, ROW1, ROW2 and ROW3 to these Arduino pins. byte colPins[COLS] = { 8, 7, 6,};// Connect keypad COL0, COL1 and COL2 to these Arduino pins. Stepper myStepper(stepsPerRevolution, 9,10,11,12); int enable_pin = 13; int button_pin = A0; int button_pinstate = 0; // variable to store current pir state //int lastpirstate = 0; // variable to store last pir state int lastbutton_pinstate = 0; int pos = 35; int pos2 = -35;  // Create the Keypad Keypad keypad = Keypad( makeKeymap(keys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS ); unsigned long offtime; boolean helper_light_is_on = false; // helper light off void setup(){ myStepper.setSpeed(60); // set the speed at 60 rpm: pinMode( button_pin, INPUT); digitalWrite(button_pin, HIGH); // pull-up Serial.begin(9600); Serial.write(254); Serial.write(0x01); delay(200); pinMode(15, OUTPUT); //Helper light pinMode(16, OUTPUT); //green light pinMode(17, OUTPUT); //red light pinMode(enable_pin, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(enable_pin,HIGH); keypad.addEventListener(keypadEvent); //add an event listener for this keypad } void loop() { button_pinstate = digitalRead(button_pin); if(button_pinstate != lastbutton_pinstate) { Serial.println(" Button Press"); if(button_pinstate == LOW)// { delay(10); digitalWrite(enable_pin,HIGH); myStepper.step(pos); Serial.print(" Open "); delay(2000); myStepper.step(pos2); Serial.print(" Close "); digitalWrite(enable_pin,LOW); delay(10); } static int counter = 0; if ((++counter & 0x3f) == 0) Serial.println(); delay(100); keypad.getKey(); myStepper.step(0); process_helper_light(); } void keypadEvent(KeypadEvent eKey) { switch (keypad.getState()) { case PRESSED: // a key is pressed so light the helper light helper_light_is_on = true; digitalWrite(15,HIGH); offtime = millis() + 5000; // set the offtime for 30 seconds in the future Serial.print(" enter: "); Serial.println(eKey); delay(10); Serial.write(254); switch (eKey) { case '*': checkPassword(); delay(1); break; case '#': password.reset(); delay(1); break; default: password.append(eKey); delay(1); } } } void checkPassword() { if (password.evaluate()) //if password is right unlock door { Serial.println(" Accepted"); Serial.write(254); delay(10); digitalWrite(enable_pin,HIGH); myStepper.step(pos); Serial.print(" open "); digitalWrite(16, HIGH);//turn on green led delay(2000); //wait 5 seconds digitalWrite(16, LOW);// turn offgreen led myStepper.step(pos2); digitalWrite(enable_pin,LOW); Serial.print(" Close "); } else { Serial.println(" Denied"); //if passwords wrong keep door locked Serial.write(254); delay(10); myStepper.step(0); Serial.println(" locked "); digitalWrite(17, HIGH); //turn on red led delay(2000); //wait 5 seconds digitalWrite(17, LOW);//turn off red led } }  void process_helper_light(void) { if (helper_light_is_on) { if (millis() >= offtime) { digitalWrite(15,LOW); //turn off the helper light helper_light_is_on = false; } } }

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I need to keep my dogs from putting their nose on my windows. Design a static discharge zapper with rfid snsing

I need to find a way to stop my dogs from putting their wet noses on all my windows.

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Electric Bass

Hello, I have an electric bass .. I broke the two wires that is connected to the battery connector a couple of months ago.. I had it professionally soldered. All of a sudden, today, it started to static every time I played a string.  I switched amps to make sure isn't wasn't any of amps. But it started to static on every one.. Could it be that the battery is going dead??? Please help!!!!! I have a gig this weekend!!

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Need Science Help. Is this safe?

On my ongoing quest to find a science fair, I stumbled upon this : it's basicalle a high voltage motor that acts like a bell, with a clapper that bangs from one can (or bell) to the other and back again.The thing is, it get's it energy by putting an aluminum foil over a TV screen, which has a lot of static electricity.I was wondering, is this safe?

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Can any (Physicist) explain this laser-weirdness that I'm seeing? Answered

I've got some cheap-o red-lasers. Up close on surfaces I see what looks like old-fashioned monochrome TV static in miniature* (and red). Other people see it too, I think it's some kind of "Quantum-noise" but would like other opinions. L *I don't like looking at it - it reminds me of this.

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Cutting Circuit Board with ESD precautions

I thought I read a post on a pretty ESD-safe way to cut a circuit board without harming the chips on it. Anyone have that info? I did a search with no luck.

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Help me make a light watch for a prank!

For reference, here is a video:;=UUCsj3Uk-cuVQejdoX-Pc_Lg&index;=3&feature;=plcp Can someone help me with making a watch that can make a big flash on command for doing pranks like these. He has someone near his wrist, and I want it to be a watch if possible. How can I begin, I just need ideas. Could it ever be wireless, or how should I do it? Thanks!

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how do I make super huge sparks? Answered

I want to make sparks that can go up to 1-2' long to impressive my friend. My friends don't think I am good with electricity and I would like to Reall impressive them

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Can you make a Van De Graaf WITHOUT having the belt be in a tube? Answered

 I've noticed that most Van De Graaf machines have their belt assembly in a tube/pipe. But wouldn't it be possible to just have a frame holding the rollers instead of having them be enclosed? Sure, the belt won't be protected, but I don't really give a damn.

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Help to get rid of static on my alarm clock radio?

Every  time I take my hand away from my alarm clock radio there is static. Some times people walk in front of it there is static there.

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Piezo triggered LED Strip with multiple static and flashing colour? Answered

Hi There are already a few threads and topics on this site explaining how to hook up a piezo triggered light strip, however I'm looking to build a custom drum kit with particular lighting system and i can't find the info I need to build it.  Inside the drums I want a constant, static colour of my choice on the led strip (e.g. blue) and then the piezo trigger triggers that LED strip to to different colour (e.g. red) for a quick flash and then back to blue. I would also like to have control over which colour combinations I use, so if i want yellow drums with green flashes, i would hopefully be able change that with a remote.  Is there a circuit or a mod of an existing circuit that will handle my needs?  Cheers,  Owen

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I built a 30kv static electricity generator with nighthawkinlight’s instructable.But everytime I use the switch I get shocked.My 20kv generator doesn’t do it though.The switch i am using also doubles as the battery holder.Can you guys help me find out what i can do to stop it?It is the “Elpa battery case”.It looks kinda like the case above.

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