How do you make a small booby trap that can fit inside a desk?

There's this annoying kid in my class who keeps taking my stuff my shoes and pencils. I need a way to build a trap that's simple really cheap and effective. I had an idea with a transformer which would shock him with a nine volt through a steel rod in a pencil but that's no good any ideas Please respond

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How bad is it to steal WiFi? Answered

I had an "air stick" from T-mobile but as my work thins........ I cut my bills........ I have 9 WiFi signals........ How bad is this?  Is this a criminal act?  This has to be a sort of theft....... but is it punishable? 

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9gag is stealing your content

Your content, hosted at Has been misappropriated by the website at They placed it on their website, which is monetized with ads. When downloaded or linked, their watermark appears on the image. They have clearly not asked for permission to do this, they have not given any sort of credit or attribution. This is a clear violation of your rights and of the law. Kindly sue these buttholes, I really dislike them. In case they take this page down(which they like to do after they get caught stealing), here are screenshots:

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How they steal your card at an ATM!!!

This is how they steal your credit card right in frot of your eyes! (Well, kinda)One surveillance camera in a bank in Italy has captured these images. They clearly show how easily you may be swindled out of your money, while banking at automatic teller (ATM)Read the process here, or just hover over the pictures for the explanation of what's happening:Pic 1- The camera shows someone routinely making a bank depositPic 2 - But what this person actually doing is inserting something in the machinePic 3 - To make sure that nobody catches him tampering with the machine, he has a friend outside to alert him.Pic 4 - Once the trap is set, the victim enters the bankPic 5 - He inserts the debit card into ATM, and it gets stuck there! The victim is surprised: "Weird, maybe this machine is broken?" He looks around for advice:Pic 6 - Luckily there is someone eager to help to get the card out. What "the helper" is actually after is the P.I.N. code:Pic 7 - "The Good Samaritan" convinces the victim to try to enter the code again (he may blame the faulty keypad, new type of the machine, or claim to know the "secret unblocking code", etc.)Pic 8 - However, the card remains stuck, no matter how many times he punches "Enter" or "Cancel". The exasperated victim leaves, realizing he will have to get his card from the bank later.Pic 9 - As soon as the victim is gone, "the helper" returns to retrieve the card from the machine. Now he's got both the card AND the P.I.N..Pic 10 - he withdraws the maximum amount of money from all accounts on the card, and leaves.How it happened: Pic 12 - The inserted "card trap" is just a piece of black film, which blends with black plastic of the ATM.Pic 13 - The trap is inserted into the slot, with the ends slightly sticking out and glued to the outside, for an easy withdrawal afterwards.Pic 14 - Once these ends are neatly glued in, it's nearly impossible to tell if there is any foreign object in the slot.Pic 15 - The trap film also has special notches, to ensure that the card is not ejected by the machine when the operation is canceled.Pic 16 - Once the victim is gone, the crook unglues the tips of the trap and "fishes out" the card.DO NOT FALL FOR THESE TRAPS!Never type your PIN in plain view of strangers.Be on guard, and share this information with your friends!

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This person seems to have stolen other people's Lego work images.

I need some help. I don't think this person did this Instructable legit. This person's "Instructable" can be seen HERE. Here are links to the original creators: Here, here, here, and this one I don't know exactly who made them, but the original images are here. (Scroll down to see.) I am kinda mad right now since I thought he did these legit at first, but then figured out he didn't. Anyhoo I hope people don't believe that he is the actual creator. -James

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Thieves Steal 200 Ton Bridge

I was always impressed by pranks such as the fire truck on the Great Dome at MIT, but over in Russia some thieves went waaayyy beyond that with some criminal shenanigans. These guys walked off (OK, drove) with 200 tons of metal from a bridge to be sold as scrap. It was all done in the middle of the night and it's also the only road to a heating plant. All the workers will now need to find new ways to get to the plant.So... how'd they do it? linkvia Neatorama

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High carbon steal annealing/tempering

First off, I'm not entirely where to post this nor if it has been posted elsewhere (i did do a quick check but i didn't spend too much time on that endeavor). So if this is not the correct/best place to post this i will move it and if it is elsewhere then i will delete it. This topic starts with a question from something I just recently did. I got a high carbon steel marking knife (its a Hock tool) and when i got it, it was bent and i heated it up to a nice red color, let it cool, tried bending it, and broke the tip off so i sharpened it back to a point and heated it up until it was no longer magnetic and heated it at 450F for about an hour. After doing this and checking some charts I was expecting a golden/brown color but instead got a blue color throughout most of it. So do i need to redo this or is it harder than i would expect from a blue colored steel? So I'm sure there are plenty of resources out there for figuring all this out but i was hoping this could be a centralized area for anyone to get all the information they need on this topic. what are some tips/tricks on annealing/heat treating/tempering iron, steel, and high carbon steels? is there a difference between the three  (annealing, heat treating, and temper)? what is the difference (if there is one)? what should someone expect from doing something like this? what would each color be useful for (which would be best for a drill bit or which would be best for woodworking tools etc.)? any tricks of the trade? any personal tricks that you wont find anywhere else? anything else to add? ANYTHING that is relevant would be helpful, im sure there are many people that could benefit from a list of tips from those who actually do these things. if i remember to do so i will post this blue marking knife that i'm talking about.

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Why do New people steal instructables?

After posting my instructable the other day, it didn't take long before someone copied it down the the exact words, and even went as far as to steal some of my pictures! Now I see another instructable posted today about making a pink eraser flash drive, that is almost exactly like fungus amungus's. Both of the perpetrators in question happened to be brand new to the site, as in they had only been members for a day or two. So my question is this:Why do new people find it necessary, or think it's cool to steal/exactly copy peoples instructables?

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Why are some Instructables teaching how to steal?!

I think Instructables is a great site but am concerned at some people posting Instructables that teach stealing. Some tell how to 'cheat' machines you'd normally pay to use (soft drinks dispenser, photocopy machines). Isn't this irresponsible and just plain wrong? Also these machines have to pay their way and if they are found being abused they will likely be made more expensive (or unavailable), from which legitimate honest users suffer. I don't want Instructables to get a bad name. Imagine if some schoolchild or delinquent follows tips how to do this, gets caught and prosecuted, and admits "Oh I was told how on Instructables"... I don't want that kind of publicity for Instructables, just the same as I wouldn't want a friend accused of being an accomplice to crime. This is a great place to learn, and likely we all want to avoid losing our freedoms here and having restrictions imposed. To keep it this way we need to be wise. I think hacks that amount to theft are inappropriate.

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We've extended the Steal Public Art challenge!

The last day to enter the challenge is now August 5th, 2012! We've gotten some awesome entries to far but we would love to see what else you guys can do with Catch. Remember that the grand prize winner will receive a 3D print of their winning model and a Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D digital camera! And we'll be picking 20 runner up winners to also receive 3D prints of their winning models. If you're unfamiliar with Catch, check out our youtube channel for lots of excellent tutorials to help you get started! You can also check out for more information. You can download Catch for FREE if you use Windows, or run it in your browser. It's also available in the app store for iPad.  For more information (including complete rules!), please check out our contest page.

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Boy Arrested for Stealing 36 Million in Virtual Money

After becoming obsessed with an online RPG character's dress, a Japanese boy hacked into the game's system and stole the dress along with 36 million virtual yen. The virtual resource he eventually turned into about $5,500. He was arrested for unauthorized access to the system.Here's more of the story.

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Someone is stealing our Instructables and posting them on Youtube

I found one of my Instructables on their Youtube channel and asked them to remove it, I suggest you do the same. They actually made the video private so I am seeking action to have it fully removed. here is their video channel link. I recognized a few and will inform them of the issue. Please flag them too. Put your full Instructable header in quotes and add youtube to the end and search the web for it. "your instructable" youtube

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How blatant is blatantly stealing ideas from ebay? Answered

Hey, I was looking for a way to build my own trolling motor on google the other day. The only real contender I found was a guy on ebay selling $4 guide on how to turn a whipper-snipper into one. My dad just bought a new electric one, so we have one sitting in the shed awaiting a new spark plug. I plan to take this, stick blades on the end and stick it in the water to see if it runs (the idea of which I took from the ebay auction) The problem here is that I was considering instructabling my progress. I havn't purchased the guide, so I wouldn't be copying his work, however I would be giving my own 2 cents on how to do something he thought of, and would be possibly denying him of his money. In a sense, I would be stealing copyrighted material and giving it for free, which I was going to do until I realised no one else mentions it on the net and he has seemingly actually invented this (which I'm not going to take from him). As of now, I'm not planning to make the 'ible, i was jsut wondering what you guys thought of this.

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Invention without a patent, what happens if someone steals it??

Ok, I've got a really cool invention. My oldest boy came up with the idea like 6 years ago. I can't afford to patent it. If I used the idea in an instructable, would the date on the ible help prove that the idea was ours? (Or would it just prove how stupid I am by letting the "cat out of the bag"?) I don't mind other people making their own, that's what Ibles are about. I just don't want someone to run patent it, and then commercialize it unfairly.

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Need gentle shocker to stop dog from stealing from counters. Answered

My smallish dog steals my watch and other things from counters.  A very light shock would be sufficient; I would use a 9 volt battery by itself but I want the pulsing action of an r/c/transformer circuit.  All the shockers I've found here are too harsh. Any suggestions, especially how to vary the amount of shock?

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The winners for the Steal Public Art challenge have been announced!

The winners of 123D's Steal Public Art challenge have been chosen! Check out the winners - lots of great catches. :D (psssst - are you a winner? check your messages on the 123D Gallery to find out how to claim your prize!) Grand prize winner - they win a Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D Digital Camera and a 3D print! Newport Dragon by RTegelbeckers Runner up winners, listed in alphabetical order - they win a free 3D print! Frogner Park Oslo Norway by Wayne Trout Hercules 3 by Patrick Leschinski Hon Non Bo in San Diego by Jonathan Brady Love_Indiana by Aleksei Sebastiani marble bust by Boris Gunalli Pair Of Buddhist Monks by Liz neely Resting Lion by rushiraj parikh Statue of liberty by Andr Vellwock The Shaking Man by Daniel Moos Wood man with road by Jason Eaton (photos in the same order) And don't forget to check out everyone that entered! You can view the full gallery here.

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123D's first weekly challenge has begun - Steal Public Art

We've extended the challenge deadline! It's now ending August 5th, 2012. For more information and links to the Catch software and tutorials, please head over here. Head out and use 123D Catch to steal some interesting pieces of public art! What is Catch? It's free software that allows you to turn photos into 3D models. You can download it for PC, use the iPad app, or run it in your web browser. For more information about the software, please check out our youtube page for tutorials and demos! 1 grand prize winner will win a Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D Digital Camera and a print of their winning model! 20 runner up winners will win prints of their winning models! To enter, follow these steps: go out and get an excellent Catch of your favorite piece of public art upload your creation to the 123D gallery anytime between July 9th and August 5th, 2012 tag your model with "public art" and tell us a little about it! We love stories. For more information (including complete rules because those are very important!), explanation and inspiration, be sure to check out our official contest page! Please note: this contest is now open to residents of the 50 United States (including the District of Columbia but excluding Puerto Rico), Canada (excluding the province of Quebec, Canada), United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, China, the Netherlands, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, India, Norway, and Switzerland... though we would still love to see what everyone else can catch!

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How do I block neighbors from stealing my wifi?

I am new, and this is my first forum question - hopefully I will post some instructables soon! My dsl speeds have become very slow in general and horrible at certain times of the day. Of course, this could be caused partly by the daily cycle of general usage in my area, however I suspect that some neighbors are piggybacking through my wifi and killing my bandwidth. One reason for this is that even when my computer is off my modem registers activity. Is there anyway to block this either mechanically or otherwise? One key is that we live in a house where there is only one possible direction that people could hijack from - everyone else is way to far away. (unless, of course, they have been hanging out on this site and are using collanders and coffee cans...) For mechanical, I was thinking some kind of directional metal shield. I don't know if this would work, though. (my computer is opposite from the other houses so it wouldn't block me.) Any advice, or instructable how to do this would be appreciated. Thanks! -btw, I wouldn't mind sharing if I didn't think it was killing my dl speeds....

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Http:// looks suspicious. Phishing. I ended up on that page via google. Someone wants to steal logins and passwords.

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I think someone has hidden a tracker on my bike to locate and steal it.

I have a cargo bike that is pretty exspensive. I found a small item under my dogs seat . It was not like purposely concealed but I may not have found this thing for a while .  It looks like a  small kids flashlight . It had a blue rubber cover with a happy face on it .But it is not a flashlight . It is about 2 inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide . When  you remove the cover there is a - a meta-dv1 circuit board - a small blue led which was wrapped in a cover that said 125 degrres c on it - 2 lithum cr2016 batteries  Please help me figure this out . I have a invisible chronic illness that caused my drivers license to be revoked. My bike is my life line to the world . I need to know if some organized group of theives is trying to track me.  Many Many Thanks to anyone who can help    

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One of the dumbest things a company could ever do....

Ok, picture the scene, you use your own laptop for work, and after some time, decide you need a better job, and so start looking. Some people find out you are looking and your company TAKES (pilfers, steals, lifts....) your laptop and erases the HD ! WOW, did they ever pay for THAT little blunder.....go here for the FULL story...

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Is "pirating" really illegal? Answered

I mean, really. I'm not selling the pirated stuff i'm just using for my own entertainment. is that legal?

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post your amazing pics here

Post great pics here so people can see and comment them. I'd watermark them first so people don't steal them

Topic by PiggyBacon21 

Instructables that advocate illegal activity

I have seen a few 'ibles that blatantly promote illegal activity. The few I saw recently involved blatant theft. For instance, one showed how to bypass a lock to steal electricity. It's been up for some time (I flagged it) but things like this really shouldn't be allowed. I'm not a prude, and don't care about people doing drugs, or having sex, or doing whatever they want to their bodies, but I don't think 'ibles that show people how to, and suggest that it's a good idea to steal are a good thing for this site. I like this site, but I think this is bad for everyone.

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I Found KipKay

The guy half way into this video looks exactly like kipkay!

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How to get an Ibles Shirt?

Everyone wants an Ibles shirt. Other than contests and buying them, are there any other methods to get a shirt? Say make something blah blah.....stealing one.....

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Could you use a small size of Tube Metal ?

You could tack/spot weld a small size of tube steal a  (1/2" or 1")  underneath  the bottom side of the angle iron @ the 90 degree bend. This would make the Lathe rails/bed a lot stronger. Tube Steel would be the best option because it wouldn't bend or Flex like Roll Steel might. You can hold a long say a 10' piece of roll steal up and you can see it bow some. Then hold a 10' piece of Tube Steel up and compare the difference of bow in the two. Angle iron would be a second choice. PK

Question by Paul King 

Cookie Contest

On the prize page for the cookie contest the third prize is listed as 3-Piece Stainless Steal Mixing Bowl Set. there is a small spelling error. i do believe that it is a  3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set. Homonyms will get you. Or am I wrong and these bowls are "Hot"? 

Topic by Verdann 

Copyright Infringement

I noticed that somebody has stolen this instructable, but the author hasn't done anything on instructables since 2006. The stolen version has different photos, but near word for word duplication. Anyone have a suggestion on what can be done about these types of situations?

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Design a remote picture storage for my game camera.

I could have pictures of the people stealing the game cameras if the pictures were stored separate from the camera. A transmitter could plug into the memory card slot and transmit about 10 feet to a hidden receiver and memory card holder.

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Movie Tickets

Hello, my friend accidentally posted the code to redeem the tickets to his Instagram story (we ordered it online) and he is anxious about it since he's scared someone will steal it. If I take the movie tickets 4 days before the d-day will the ink fade? If so how do I prevent the ink from fading?

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where can i get components (such as: springs, buttons, gears)to make steampunk stuff? Answered

I want to make steampunk stuff but i`m not sure if i can steal any of those lego gears from anybody. any onther ideas where to get them?

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modded tabi boots for freerunning/parkour? Answered

If i were to mod a pair of tabi boots to be laceup for suport and security and insert a cut sport insole for padding, would they be worthy of free running? PLEASE dont steal my idea without my say so, or if you do please give credit to me.

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Does the Periodic Table Of LED's schematic work?

Im not going to elaborate on my project, I dont want anyone to steal it. Basically, its a LED Array in the shape of the periodic table. The small black circles are 4 way connections of all wires, if they intersect with no circle, they do not connect.

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I really enjoyed playing Descent and Descent II, but I hated that $*!%#@ thiefbot in Descent II. I'm thinking that a thief bot running around the house would be pretty fun. It would like dark spaces, but come out into the open occasionally, or when it's quite dark to steal things. It would use a simple mechanical capture and release with a "loaded" sensor. After stealing something it would move around the darker spaces of a room until it sees its' lair and "hoard" items in it. A while later, it would go out again. I expect I would want this guy to dart around pretty fast, so I'd probably increase the drive speed, so as to make it more of a tripping hazard. So the rules would be something like: 1) Move slowly and randomly in shadowed or relatively darker areas. 1B) Randomly dart out into lit areas for a short while. 2) Move very quickly in bright or lit areas until a small object is loaded or darkness is reached again. 3) Only steal one item at a time, so be aware of Load/NoLoad condition. 4) When loaded, begin lair sensing and follow dark areas slowly until the lair is sensed. 5) When the infrared lair marker is sensed, navigate towards the lair and engage the mechanical release until a NoLoad condition it achieved. 6) Charge and wait awhile. 7) Begin navigating slowly and randomly in darker areas. This would sure make my nightly pickup easier. And more fun.

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i was looking at this...

I was looking atthis and a while back i had a dream about stealing a four wheel bike and riding it down a hill, but the one in my dream had hydrolics and when i would go around corners i'd hit a switch and a front wheel would kick up and i'd hit 3 wheels around it. think they can make one with airbags or hydrolics?

Topic by Yerboogieman 

Student accused of creating a Monster....

Raleigh, N.C. — Raleigh police arrested a North Carolina State University student last week who was accused of creating a "monster" out of construction barrels and placing it on the side of the road.Authorities charged Joseph Carnevale with larceny for taking materials from a construction site at a roundabout project to create the monster.Story

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How does this thinkgeek air conditioning device work? Answered

I was wondering, how does this device work? I tried to understand it, but if it does work filtering water, wouldn't the water have to steal heat from the device, and than the vapor would be blowed to my face, giving it heat to return to liquid state?

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Airsoft Megastore not safe?

When I open Airsoft on google chrome, put something into my cart, then hit checkout, Chrome says the site is not safe to input valuable or personal information to. This got me thinking as to why it wouldnt be safe. No security protection against hackers? Or has it been hacked and if I input my credit card info will they be able to steal my info? I just dont want anyone getting ahold of my credit card info and buying stuff... Is ASM a trustworthy site, and Chrome just has a glitch or something that is causing the site to be deemed 'unsafe'? Or is it all a scam? This dillema has stopped me from buying a gun during their black Friday Doorbuster Deals, which was a great deal. Oh well better safe than sorry I guess. Thanks

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What do i need to cut this?

I am building a vdg and i need to cut a hole threw a heavy duty stainless steal bowl. how do i cut threw it because it is thick at the bottom. could i drill threw it? or is there any place i can take it to to get cut. i have a sawzaw and and a drill? i don't think that will do it. any ideas on how to do it.

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sound over smell

Could a certain sound frequency cancel out smell? as in the sound waves dissolve the smell molecule? i need to do a lot more research on this... but if it actually heads in the direction of a product where a non-hearable sound kills all the smells i copyright the idea as of now if you steal my idea and make money i will kidnap you and shred all the money you make until it is liquid and inject it into your bloodstream.

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Ravens are Smart

Check out this article for a really neat description of how and why ravens are smart. Basically, it's a great trait for a scavenger to evolve- they need intelligence and what amounts to a rather sneaky form of empathy to snitch lots of food from predators and hide it from their fellow ravens. Good stuff.Ravens can toboggan, ride other animals and spy on their enemies. Their life as cadgers stealing prey from wolves, eagles and bears has made them outstandingly intelligent.

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build an italian icy cart?

I'm interested in selling italian iceys but don't have the money to purchase one, not even a used cart comes in cheap. I'm kind of crafty so my wife suggested build one and we don't need refrigeration so a simple one will do. I know i can have loew's cut my pieces but what about the stainless steal inside and out, how do tackle that?

Question by scottiex   |  last reply

Sneaking into movies?

Well today i went to the movies with my friends and we saw "get smart" and it was good but then my friends said lets go see another movie and sneak in. They say it is not illegal but i think it is. Also it goes completely against my moral values. Is just getting one ticket and sneaking in illegal? What do you guys think about it?

Topic by TeacherOfTheWays   |  last reply

Humane Trap Ideas? Answered

Okay, so we've got critters in our attic...Probably Wolf Rats or something....I've tried using a large bucket with a board ramp. On top of the bucket I've got a towel laid across the top. For bait, I've used bread with peanut butter. My trap idea just doesn't seem to work.... The animals steal the bread without fallin' in ! They're smart .... Any other ideas? Thanks! :)

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Inappropriate Users or Bots

We have created this topic for users that cheat, steal, spam, drop viruses, etc. The topic is also for those who are reporting users as bots, or users that are computer generated and carry out tasks that they are (often maliciously) programmed to do. We posted this topic on account of a bot user known as N-Factor. This bot has gone around Instructables in Computer software guides and has dropped the same virus over six times.

Topic by TATcreator 

Humane Trap Ideas

Okay, so we've got critters in our attic...Probably Wolf Rats or something....I've tried using a large bucket with a board ramp. On top of the bucket I've got a towel laid across the top. For bait, I've used bread with peanut butter. My trap idea just doesn't seem to work.... The animals steal the bread without fallin' in! They're smart.... Any other ideas? Thanks! :)

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WE DONT WANT TO HEAR IT. i noticed alot especialy in the knex gun instructables if people ask if they should post a certian gun that they built. we dont want to hear it. just post it and it will be either a + or a -. also are there admins/moderators? i think there should be some due to people stealing other peoples ideas. oh well just an idea for the creators to think of. but weigh in on both subjects if you want. if you just want to flame me for creating this go ahead. but i think that its a matter that gets annoying.

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