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Stencils for a keyboard

Hey all. Does anyone know of anywhere to get a good stencil for a keyboard? I have searched google and only find the sticker ones which won't work for the project I am working on. I have tried to cut out some with an exacto but it has not been very effective for that size of letters and is a rather daunting task on an already HUGE time sink of a project (over 100 man hours in already). I have been to a large local Micheals and the stencils they have are all to large for the keys. I tried hand painting them but this is being painted onto glass AND it is spherical to boot AND the paint I have for the glass is not very consistant and streaks unevenly on the stroke often especially when doing curved letters so that is out. The only thing I think would work is a decent vinyl stencil (or some other material which will flex to the curvature and adhere to the glass). If anyone knows of a place to get this or some technique that I have yet not thought of I would absolutely LOVE to hear it. Thanks.

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Halftone stencil ideas

Hey guys, I was inspired by this instructable: to do my own. I love the fact that up close the image makes no sense, but from a distance they are clear. For example, see the full colour image below full size; it's just semi-random dots, but the thumbnail of the same image is much clearer - you can make out people, trees etc. Of course the image of me+girlfriend is one of my favourites, so it's probably more recognisable to me. I've done all the image processing, and got out some really nice results. You can see an example of the output below. BUT I don't have access to a laser cutter, which was used in the original instructable to make stencils with the halftone dots cutout. So my questions is... What's the easiest way to make a template to be able to most easily paint the images? I have tried printing them in black and white, placing them below a canvas, and shining a bright light from underneath. This works OK for the first colour, but it is very time consuming to paint the individual dots by hand, and becomes difficult to see for the later colours. Anyone got any other ideas? I've thought of cutting the dots out by hand (seems just as painful) or taping the pdf's to MDF and drilling using a drill press (seems like it'd be painful, not only swapping out drill bits but even just drilling the many, many holes) Obviously a laser cutter would be perfect, but not sure where I can go for this for a reasonable price in Australia. Does anyone know if this would be suitable for a Cricut to cut? If so, anyone know someone in Australia that would be able to do it? Thanks guys! Alex

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Cutting professional stencils

Hi Everyone,Does any one know what machine i would need to cut professional stencils? I dont want a very expensive one nor do i want a cricut. thanks

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how to turn a photo into stencil?

I want to turn a portrait into a tracable stencil.

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Help me make this stencil

I want to make a stencil like in the picture Im new to stencils and can not figure out how to only paint the black part and leave the rest untouched.  Is there an easier way than cutting out tape in the letters I need and remove afterwards? The black circle will I make like a regular stencil, but it is the inner part which I find tricky. Hope you can help me. Thank you Andreas

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Painting a mural with stencils - VIDEO

Stencil artist Peat Wollaeger shows how he made his tribute to St. Louis with the help of a few stencils and a couple friends. Not a super complicated piece, but it's always fun to see these timelapse painting videos and this one has a solid soundtrack to boot. via Wooster Collective

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how stencils my loptop?

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How to repaint & stencil your floor

Apartment Therapy has a great tutorial on how to repaint your ugly vinyl flooring. With the help of a stencil they applied a sweet hexagonal pattern on the floor. All in all, it looks like the process is fairly straightforward and very effective. How To Repaint & Stencil Ugly Rental Vinyl Tile Flooring

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can you stencil on fleece fabric?

I made the 5 min five dollar fleece hat and want to design it can i stencil it

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Can you cut custom Stencils?

I hope this is the right area for my question! Is there a member on here who has a printer that can cut stencils?  Or...laser thing?  :)  I'd like to buy or barter for some stencils because the ones in the stores are so ugly LOL.  :)  And we can team up on a project idea that I have , if you would like!  Thanks in advance!   -Kristy

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Photo to Stencil without Photoshop or GIMP

I dont have photoshop and im kind of freaked to download off the internet for fear of slowing my computer even more than it already is (im running windows 98). all i have of a graphic application is the corel programs. anyways, i was just wondering if i could use the same methods of converting a picture into a stencil as on photoshop or GIMP. any experience on this would help.

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I am looking to find out how to convert any letter or image to look like a cut stencil for marketing purposes.

Does anyone know how to convert any letter or image to look like a cut stencil for marketing purposes. I have attached what it is I am trying to do. I have cricut designspace and inkscape.Any help would be appreciated.

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how to make a wall stencil for my bedroom? Answered

I was looking to put a monster energy logo on my bedroom wall, and wanted to know the easiest way to do it.

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how do I cut out a stencil?

I have an idea for a Christmas present for someone. I have done this before but its been many years ago and I don't remember how I did it. Anyways I have a pair of sparrow birds I obtained from a search engine. I want to cut this stencil out but leave the birds on the printer paper if that makes any sense. Then that way I don't have to line them up even. I don't no, hope I'm confusing anyone!! the stencil is for a glass etch for on a mirror. any help would be awesome!!! do i cut out the white or the black I'm so confused.

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What is the best way to make a very fine stencil?

Hello! I'm trying to paint text on glass, but the font I'm going for is rather small. I'm doing a lot of different phrases so cutting out individual letters from printed paper with take forever. Does anyone have a better idea for cutting our stencils that I'm not thinking of? I've thought of using a laser cutter, but I don't know what kind I need or how expensive it might be.

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iMacPad, Giant T-Rex model, Toast Stencils

iMacPad Giant T-Rex Model Toast Stencils No-Weld Bike Trailer Self-Rolling Can EL Wire Bike Color-Changing Hour Glass DIY M-O Cleaner Bot Pizza on a Stick Solar Cooler in a Can Scrub Bot Necktie Corset Dress Easy Surface Mount Soldering Grow Rock Candy Become a Cartoon

Topic by randofo  

What paint do I use to put a logo on a shirt that doesn't wash off? (No iron ons, I'm thinking of using a stencil.? Answered

I wanna make some logos for some shirts I bought.A radioactive logo for 2 yellow shirtsAn above the influence logo for 2 white shirts, 3 black shirts, and a jacketI want a paint or something I can use with a stencil.

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Check out my new T-shirt!

Just finished this last night. What do you think?

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How do you make more complicated, multi-colored graffiti stencils?

I've been looking at some street art by a guy named BANKSY in the UK.  He often uses several colors in his spray stencils.  To achieve this, would I have to create more than one version of the stencil, and cut out the shape of stencil #1 in an inverted fashion of stencil #2? 

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How do you do great stencils like shepard fairey without photoshop?

I want to know how to do stencils like shepard fairey without photoshop.

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Toast Stencils Competition: win a 3 month pro membership!

I just published my latest instructable on how to make fun patterns on toast: Toast Stencils Since it has been featured and I already have pro membership, I'm giving away prizes! A patch (or pro if it's very good): if you post a toast stencil picture in the comments of the ible 3 months pro membership: if you post a picture of "Jayefuu" or "Instructables" spelled in toast. I'll wait a few days to give everyone a chance to have a go then pick the best.

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Krylon Spray Paint on fabric?

I have heard that Krylon spray paints can be used with stencils on T-Shirts. In fact their website even has a few project ideas along those lines. What I'm wondering is, how permanent is it? It seems so much easier to do than making silk screens and buying special paint, almost to easy....which makes me wonder if it dries really stiff and cracks.

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What materials can I use to decorate a very boring car exterior that won't cut my gas mileage?

I have a honda civic hybrid.  It is so beige that I lose it in the parking lot.  Could I decoupage areas of the exterior (cut out photos, glue them on, and then put on a sealer)?  Use some kind of paint for free-hand decoration (if it isn't absolutely smooth, won't it cause wind resistance)?  Use spray paint (Rustoleum?) and stencils?  Cut out shapes from contact paper?  In the past, I've used magnets (fall off), bumper stickers (get raggy looking fast).

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Tips for painting digi camo? Answered

Can any one give me some tips on how to paint and make digi camo stencils, or direct me to where i can get some digi camo stencils cheap? Thanks.

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Can I use a sharpee pen for my stencil on transparancy paper?

I want to screen print a black and white image, but my copier wont copy transparancy paper. Can I use a sharpee pen to trace the image on the transparancy paper instead?

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How do I make/find stencils for drawing steampunk airships? Need templates for the different parts of the ship.

I am teaching a steampunk class and want to provide students with stencils for the different parts of airships, i.e., the nose, the tail, the guns or canons, the deck, a mast, etc.  so they can each make their own unique airship by tracing those parts they like.

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How to paint "phrases" or just words onto wood without using stencils. The "phrases" appear antiqued or aged.?

I want to be able to use varied fonts so I dont want to use stencil technique. I don't think its air brushing I want either, I am not sure. I want to take a piece of luan wood and paint it and then add lettering to it. Like the vinyl cling-ons you can purchase for walls in your house.

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I am considering buying a budget vinyl cutter and wondering how intricate i will be able to cut small text.

Hi, fellow Instructables members. I am seriously considering buying a cheap cnc vinyl cutter to so all manner of things, mainly personalised gifts. I need to be pretty certain that it will do the jobs that i require though. I like the idea of using it to make stencils to use with glass etching cream to make personalised glasses, mirrors and stuff like that. One particular item that i have seen on a popular auction site takes my fancy, please see the picture i have attached. Firstly, is it worth buying a cheap vinyl cutter at all? And Secondly is it likely that it will cut stencils intricate enough to make items similar to the picture? Any answers or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks Joe

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I have a plasma cutter and an 80 gallon tank to make a fire pit. I need help on the design Thanks,Steve

I've googled fire pit and seen some really fantastic designs from John T Unger. I'd love to have something anywhere near as cool as some of his stuff... I have a plasma cutter and a mig welder, however this is my first project with the plasma cutter... so I don't want to try to get too fancy and blow it. The tank is large enough that cut in half I have 2 chances to make something nice. I've googled pumpkin stencils, buddha stencils, flames and flame stencils and dragon stencils. I like arabic art and design along with the list above. Please help with ideas. Thank you!!! Steve

Question by Ststephen7  

Solder Paste

I have a couple of questions pertaining to solder paste... Can you buy it in really small amounts, like 10g? Can you apply it by hand, or do you need a stencil? I wanted to do a project involving an ARM chip, but the only way I could solder it to the board is using the paste, but considering I'd spend $40 on paste and $20 on a stencil, its not worth it.

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how to paint a project box

How do u paint a plastic project box from rat do u do stencils to

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hi! I have to make some outside signs in driftwood, and paint some letters on them. Need good ideas to do it! Answered

I have to make some outside signs from natural driftwood, and paint some letters on them. But they are several plaques with different texts and colors... Need good ideas to do it !Iam not a great hand designer so I would like to know if you help me with a good idea to paint the letters in a way that dont depend of my drawing skills. Stencil maybe? But cut cut so many different stencils would be crazy... Make a stencil for each letter? Eaven so would take ages till the ink in each letter dries to get to the next one without smudge painting... What about ink? is there any good solution affordable and time resistant? The plaques are for a school project... Uff...Help!

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Help Me Out...

By Voting!Click To Vote!This is my design for the contest. If it wins you can see it as a t-shirt!

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Staining leather with acetone?

I want to put a motif on my old black leather wallet I'm too lazy to go full screenprinting on it, and by the state of the wallet, it isn't really worth it either I've read something about acetone making stains on dyed leather, and thought of just using acetone to "paint" my design on the wallet The design is simple, so I'm thinking of just making a stencil. My only concern is: How do I make sure that the acetone doesn't "leak" beyond the borders of the stencil when painting? Will normal duct tape do?

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What was that called again?

...where you could take an old T-shirt and remove color from an area using some sort of thick bleach stuff and a stencil? I've forgotten the term used. That was a very good instructable.

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screen printing t-shirts

I don't understand whenever I apply ink to my screen it doesn't seem to go through onto my shirt. can someone tell me what am I doing wrong.

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first instructable

What was your first instructable?mine was i cant remember it was a long time ago

Topic by ravebot  

Krylon Project Isn't Showing Up

Hey mods - my project is included in the Krylon Contest, but at the moment it isn't showing up when you go to the list for voting. Could someone check on that for me? Thank you! (

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What happened to an instructable about making speakers? Answered

The end result was a pair of blue bookshelf speakers, with a white stencil of a flower. These weren't huge and elaborate, and I'm pretty sure was entered into the 'art of sound' contest. I can't seem to find it... thanks.

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Reverse Graffiti

The artist Moose creates graffiti on walls not by adding paint, but by removing dirt. He's been doing this for a few years now and he originally just used a sock, water, and a bit of soap. In this video we can see that he's moved on up to using a pressure washer and stencils to create 140-foot murals. via Wooster Collective

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Screenprinting on a wall? Answered

Looking at the new QR code stencil suffering from islands of black and white i wondered if you can screenprint on the go.  or even on a wall... I think i might be wrong because ppl probably would have done this before, but please explain why i'm wrong.  or if i have a great idea

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What is the best way to screen print on metal?

I need to print different colors on my products I make.  I powder coat them but I want to screen print a lable on them.  I've tried using another color or coating with stencils and high heat tape, but it did not turn out well.  Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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How to spray paint a T-Shirt?

I'm trying to spray paint a design on a t-shirt. I have my stencil all ready, made out of poster board, but when I spray painted it the shirt just soaked up the paint and made a giant blob on it. Do I have to use fabric paint, because the video I watched on here didn't specify. Any advice?

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How can I transfer an image onto a wine bottle? Answered

I want to hand engrave a wine bottle with my Dremel but can't seem to find a way to transfer an image onto it. I don't want to go the stencil and chemical etching route. I haven't been successful sliding the print of the image inside the bottle and doing it that way either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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