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still here

Im still here, been a long time since my last post so i might post something sooner or later.  

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old stills ? ?

I have my great great grandpas still and im sure it was put together lead solder .my dad has drank out of this still and he is still with i leave it alone or replace it

Question by tony5120    |  last reply

Still PRO?

How do I tell if I'm still on PRO Membership or not?

Topic by janicemerritt    |  last reply

still on LM741

the point is i have the IC, and i have a board on which i can mount it.the question is which pin do i connect to what resistor and to what pin

Question by Abume4life    |  last reply

How to Stand Still

I recently joined JROTC and for drills i have to stand still...but i have always have a problem where i always shake. ... its not medical or any thing but i just shake...any body have and suggestions on how to stand still.

Topic by yuckzee    |  last reply

RED Green is still on

Its on pbs at  9 on saturdays

Topic by thefoodman  

Is This Book Still Accurate? Answered

Today I found an electronics textbook, which will be incredibly helpful for me.  If it is still accurate.  The publishing date is 1989, and the title is 'Electronics Principles and Applications Third Edition'.  Would you consider the content to be still accurate since it is on a basic level? Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Question by StarscreamClone    |  last reply

Solar water still

I'd like to make a good solar water still. I was thinking of something for purifying the water from rain barrels along my house and channel it into drinking water containers. Any good ideas out there?

Topic by robbtoberfest    |  last reply

Username Still Changeable?

I Changed my name to my current one to reflect on how much i enjoyed playing my ps3 but i went pc and i want my name changed but i used up my name change,anyway that i can have my name changed now? any help on this would be appreciated

Topic by blasbo-babbins    |  last reply

Battery still usable?

So I had this old power pack my cousin gave me in perfect condition but it had been left for a long time uncharged. So I took the battery out and put it on my charger which automatically went into restoration mode and attempted to desulphate the battery which was sulphated. I did many cycles like this which worked and got it to hold a charge quite well but still not where I wanted it at so I took the main cover off and then the little rubber ones inside and topped it up with distilled water. But I forgot to dump out the excess water after I let the battery absorb it and just went ahead and put it on the charger. When I checked on it all the little rubber caps had blown off and it seemed to boiling inside. So should I scrap the battery or try to resurrect it?? I assume it was probably a lost cause from the start but I don't know if I can find a battery like it or not so Id like to save it.    

Question by camping crazy    |  last reply

Petrol/diesel still separator

Ok so is any one game to make a basic still that will evaporate petrol into vapor and then reform via cooling into petrol? Where a vehicle that runs on diesel has been filled with petrol, this device could save $1000's. No spark or naked flame to a 100 degree max temp will be safe. there's a challenge! PS garages will give you this stuff for free.

Topic by Gero wheels deals    |  last reply

Capture stills from a .mov? Answered

I need to capture stills from a .mov file

Question by fwjs28    |  last reply

It is still possible to create collections?

It is still possible for users to create collections? If yes, how? I can't find a way...

Topic by marcellahella    |  last reply

Favorites not listed but still favorited

I've been a member for 5 years and always used to login using facebook. That now appears to not be an option, but I can still use the email to login, however my favorites list is empty, though when viewing an instructable I know to have favorited, is still shows as a favorite. What the hell.

Topic by aclark17    |  last reply

Slideshow still not showing up

So, it's been over a day and I'm still not seeing my slideshow. It's not my cache. My question is, how long does this normally take? I was hoping it would be up by the time it was approved, but obviously it wasn't. I've had over 500 views but I'm afraid none have actually seen anything.

Topic by WhyIsThisOpen    |  last reply

Still don't understand why.....

I still don't understand why it takes me 6 clicks to get to the "recent" page. If I'm logged in and click on the "feed" button, it usually takes me to an error page (but once in a while it actually works). I have to log out, then log in again before attempting to access my feed. I've tried clearing the cache, cookies, and history first, but no luck. I use the latest version of the chrome browser. I haven't tried this with any other browser. I'm not interested in switching to another browser just to access one website. I've experienced this on both windows 7 and the chrome o/s. Simply clicking on the feed button seems like it should be just a simple thing.Once again I've placed this comment in the "workshop" category and "woodworking" channel, since there is no category or channel for feedback on website issues.

Topic by knife141    |  last reply

Image upload still wonky

So this weekend is shot with the image uploader having problems uploading and the problem continues.  On various systems(XP,IE and firefox, new and old uploader) I get the 302 error after the upload wait and now the server maintenance message. I am sure this is discouraging to anyone trying to work on an instructable, especially new members that want to contribute to the slew of contests.  I hope it gets resolved soon or else some instructables like the one below will be on a summer hiatus.

Topic by caitlinsdad    |  last reply

Instructable is still hung up.

Need a hand with an instructable again. It seems mine keep getting "hung up" in the filters. When this happens, they stay in limbo for a good long time, then when they're finally pushed through, they're already buried on page 32 of the "recent" list. I've tried E-Mailing Ed and randofo 2 days ago, but haven't gotten a response. Anyone have any ideas how to deal with this? Or what "filters" are in place so I can avoid having my instructable get throttled, then buried?

Topic by Javin007    |  last reply

Stats pages still running?

Hey can anyone get the stats page to appear or has it been taken offline again? The only reason I ask is that out of nowhere one of my instructables has been speeding up in pageviews, overtaking one about sex and chasing the jet engine up as well but the referral URLs are all just the usual searches from google etc. Either way, anybody any notions on why people may have a sudden renewed interests in Zippos. 

Topic by killerjackalope    |  last reply

User interface still 'unusable'

I can't believe this but the UI of this site continues to be virtually unusable. I am now trying to respond to a comment in one of my instructables and cannot do something as simple as upload an image. Here is the work-flow: Click 'Add Images'->'upload'->'Upload Files'->nothing->'SELECT FILES'->select an image->nothing Next I go to my member profile. There is not a single link there that allows me to upload images or even see what images are in my library. I tried this in Firefox and Safari with the same results. If I add a link to an image uploaded to a file hoster, which is the preferred way to do it, it does not display. How is anybody supposed to add an image to a post or to their own instructable? This is just basic functionality that is taken for granted in any forum. Why is it so difficult (impossible really) to do this in a forum that relies entirely on images to convey information?

Topic by Laral    |  last reply

hi!Mood is still naked!

hi!Mood is a wi-fi device which generates led patterns and plays music in sync with your mood. It plays the tracks which best fit how you feel directly from, associating to each song the coolest and most appropriate RGB led pattern matching your mood. You can interact with hi!Mood through a mobile app interface so that hi!Mood focuses only on what it can do best: playing music and generating colored light patterns matching your mood! hi!Mood is being developed by A-Pole, a mobile application development studio which is creating innovative mobile apps to know more about the world around you and interact simply with everyday electronic objects. A hi!Mood prototype was hacked together by A-Pole during Hackitaly 2012 (more info). A-Pole is taking care of the electronic core, the design is Desall business! Desall is a crowdsourcing platform that, through design contests, connects companies and private clients with a worldwide community of creative talents. Every designer can sign up for free and participate. If you are a creative or a designer, we ask you to imagine and design the hi!Mood case: it must contain the controller board (maximum length and width of an Arduino Mega2560 PCB are 4 and 2.1 inches respectively), emit led patterns and play music through a speaker. If you manage to combine style with functionality, proposing a uniquely cool product design there is a big prize for you! Check the brief to know more about technical requirements, conditions and submission deadline. Link contest Good luck! May the best designer win. Acknowledgements: A-Pole, Arduino, Desall, Hackitaly, Openpicus, Stereomood.

Topic by Desall  

I need help with makeing a still?

In this video  this guy makes a still from a stock pot but he used some toxic sealnt to make the pot air tight what can u use to seal the pot and still be able to open it when i need to add more mash to it thats not toxic??

Question by Don,t try this at home    |  last reply

Hey I'm Alive!

Hey everyone, I haven't quit 'ibles but still have no internet access, especially since I've been off tech for two weeks for easter. I have however been doing little projects and such and there shall be 'ibles. at the moment things are odd, being bored alot has led to constant rearranging of furniture, me creating a website, not yet uploaded that has just grown and grown, subconciously I believe it to be an attempt to build my own internet. Lots of video projects going on at the moment as well, leading to someone going on fire, eh, sign stealing and on a few occasions nudity... Photography has been happening in great amounts and other such things... How is everybody here, or whoever reads this, I imagine I've missed a lot?

Topic by killerjackalope    |  last reply

Old contest

It is May 8th. Shouldn't the burning questions contest be gone from the main page?

Topic by gimmelotsarobots    |  last reply

instructables glitch

Just a glitch that i found. might work on your accounts but it defiantly works on my account. make a new account and make its user name the same as your older account but put a plus sign (+) at the end. now try to go onto your new accounts profile and it will take you to your old accounts profile.  this is crazy and even though both accounts are unconnected it still works. i think it might be because in the search bar at the top it reads the + sign as something else so it leaves it out and takes you to your old accounts profile.

Topic by slithien plus    |  last reply

Bloody hell, I just made it to 20 years old!

Well it's my birthday and I'm 20... Sadly marred by my favourite drinking buddy, my brother jack not being able to drink, because we got in an argument and now has a broken jaw... On the upside it's the new wingman line "It's my birthday" -  "It's his birthday and he broke my jaw", ensuring free pints... Oh and yes, I'm childish anough to post a topic about my birthday, though excuses for myself are running thin, getting older has a downside. 

Topic by killerjackalope    |  last reply

Morse Code Still option in Canada

We still have 5WPM and 12WPM qualifications for HF

Topic by VE6WTF    |  last reply

Orangeboard unusability bug is still present

The bug preventing users from creating or replying to comments on Orangeboards is still present. I upgraded from Firefox to Firefox 3.5, with no change in the effect.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Partner Site Discounts-Still Active?

Hi all, I was just wondering if there is still partner site discounts? A few months ago I tried a code for Adafruit and got the discount associated with it, today I tried using that same code and it now says "expired." Does anyone know if the discounts are still active and is there an update to the codes? Thanks in advance!

Question by mcon99  

will a green filter still collect sunlight? Answered

I'm trying to make a sun jar. I've got myself a flip-top jar. the garden light is still pending. but I have a problem (or do I?)- the lid is green. will the green glass still allow the solar panels to get power? or will I have to do something else?

Question by codongolev    |  last reply

Still coming along (Steampunk PSOne)

Heres what I've got done so far. All thats left it some old military writing (M.P.S.E.U-Mobile Play Station Entertainment Unit), some leather straps, rivets, and the internal leds. It started steampunk and turned post apocalyptic, but I still like it ;) Whatcha think?

Topic by Rockerx    |  last reply

Does Instructables still have groups? Answered

I'm trying to add certain instructables into groups of mine yet, I cant find the "Add this into one of your groups" button.

Question by bounty1012    |  last reply

Emails still going to old address

I changed my email address several weeks ago, but you're still sending your emails to my OLD email address, why?  I just checked my profile and my NEW email address is the only one listed. So, I do hope you'll fix this SOON, I won't be using my old email address at all, soon. Thanx

Topic by 70sford    |  last reply

Is the answerers group still open to join? Answered

NachoMahma is the creator of the "answerers group". I've tried to join it a couple of times over the past month or so, and all I get is a message that the group is "moderated". I've tried sending NachoMahma a PM, and it hasn't been read after 5 days.... I know the rule is you must have more than one "best answer", but in my case I don't think that's a problem. Anyone know if this group is still active? 

Question by canucksgirl    |  last reply

Heating element in hair dryer still ON

Hello, I have the hair dryer which have 2 switch one for the blower and other one for heating, when turn the blower ON the heating coil that connected to the rectifier terminal is work ON and the motor work in slow and high (not perfect working) . There is no short in out circuit . Sorry for mu english thanks

Topic by MahdiA19    |  last reply

Any Old Knexers Still Here?

Hey guys! As the title say, are any of the old knex folks that I grew up with still around? I imagine most of us have grown up and moved on. I've looked around the site, and while I've found some decent stuff I haven't seen anybody I really recognize from my day. I'm just curious as to what people have grown to enjoy and like. I for one love anything music, and spend most of my free time playing. How about you guys? See y'all around Killer~SafeCracker

Topic by Killer~SafeCracker  

"Set Promoted Items" still not working

Latest Firefox in Windows 10. "Set Promoted Items," after being totally nonfunctional when the new profile pages launched (I could click the button but the pop-up window would just show the 5 items that were already there, not give me an option to change them), still isn't working for me. It lets me drag and drop to rearrange the items but then when I hit "Save" it just gets stuck on "Saving...". It's been like that for at least 10 minutes now. I think I read in another post somewhere that it could take an abnormally long time, but it seems like that should be resolved by now.

Topic by Ben Finio    |  last reply

Still waiting for my featured banner..

Ok, at the rick of sounding churlish.... MWAHH! I want my featured banner! I got this email a week or so ago, >clip< Your Instructable "Chocolate Cake " was just featured by one of our editors! >clip< I understand if the dudes at IHQ have better stuff to do than apply graphics to project title pics atm , just wondered if it was some kind of spoof. Anyone else have this happen? Cheers, Bosh

Topic by bosherston    |  last reply

Anyone still playing Pokemon Go?

Does anyone actually still play Pokemon Go? I got into it last summer when the craze was sweeping the world. I rather enjoyed  it as it added a little extra purpose and fun to my evening walks and trips to the park, but it became frustrating after Niantic ruined it with one bad app update after another. I understand that they did eventually fix a lot of the problems, but I'm just wondering if anyone who fell out of love with the game managed to get back into it. I recently made a new 'working' Pokeball Instructable and writing the I'ble got me thinking about Pokemon Go.émon-Poké-Ball-3d-Printed

Topic by ThirdEarthDesign    |  last reply

bad eBook download links... still

Hola!  I'm having the XML problem with the "Unusual Uses for Ordinary Things" eBook when I try to download it, both in PDF or ePub. I've seen that's a "common problem", can you fix these? I really want this ebook on my life! :D Here's the link: Thank you, Instructables help team :)

Topic by lasusipop  

Replies for questions and topics still not working

I tried for about half an hour to answer some questions but gave up due to being unable to enter any text.Logging out and back did not help, same for a reboot.Guess I am not the only one trying to answer things to no avail....And by the way: Do we get a fix for the useless categories?Fail to see the point of selecting a catergory and channel if nothing ever appears in said areas...

Topic by Downunder35m    |  last reply

anyone here still use knex?

Hi im new to this i just regesterd today but iv been looking at this site for like a month and a find all the knex guns are soo cool a made one and i customises it and its now beter than ma friends bb gun. anyway can someone tell me how a pumpaction shot gun works and add pictures as a wana make a good one out of knex? i looked at ones oj this site but i dont know how the pumpaction bit works any help?? sorry for spelling

Topic by deanlaing  

Fake Video Still Suckering Millions

It's amazing to see how far and wide bad information will spread. On youTube you can find a video that claims to show you how to charge an iPod with an onion that's been soaked in a sports drink. It's now been seen 7 million times.The video is pretty obviously a hoax. Onions don't exactly drink up a whole cup of liquid and a USB cable won't get much of a charge and Mythbusters has proven it wrong. But it keeps on going around and around until this mind worm claims everyone I suppose. Link

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Still Irritated Only More So!!!

Apparently another problem is not being able to reply to comments. This is the fifth attempt to do so; this time I will try a new topic rather than a reply. When I reply, and click "Post", I get an "Oops, your session has timed out" message, and am dumped back onto the logon page - I believe that's the twenty-third logon today so far! There it says "After you log in, we'll send you on your way to: 'edit/post' ". I log on (again) and am taken to a blank page.  Let me add that one of these "time outs" occurred exactly 19 seconds after I had logged on! In reply to the comment from randofo - I am indeed using IE8, with internet security set to medium-high. Cookies are enabled. I have searched the forums and tried what "fixes" I found to no beneficial result.  One of those suggested removing all security, which I tried very briefly.  No help. I occasionally use private browsing mode, but not at In reply to caitlinsdad, thanks for the helpful comment. When a site charges for a service, they have declared themselves to be professional and need to accept those standards.

Topic by branhamr    |  last reply

One mans garbage...

Really is another mans gold! I'm the type of person who, when seeing something internesting, picks it up. For instance, I have found: @ A working VCR (and I use it) @ A small TV (not broken, just REALLY old) @ Microwave ovens (several, not a single one broken) @ Old computers (the joys of Harddrive magnets) @ A 27 inch Panasonic TV (it's working perfectly, i use it daily) UPDATE 10 July 2010 @ A working DVD player (slot jammed, fixed it) @ A PlayStation 1 (not tested, I'll report back) (tested it with the AV cable I also found, it works!) There's no shame in taking "trash" off the streets! I got some funny looks having a small TV strapped to my bike, I take them as compliments! What I'm trying to say here is basically Save the planet, finders keepers!

Topic by Tinker_Tom    |  last reply

why is KILLERK's gun still so popular?

Why do you think KILLERK's gun is still so popular?

Topic by Mepain    |  last reply

do people still like invader zim?

I only know 17

Question by Invader Biz    |  last reply

Energy contest in mobile is still in current contests

The Energy contest isn't showing up under previous contest

Topic by bravoechonovember1    |  last reply

Pro Membership expired but still shows up

For some reason my three monthe pro membership which was supposed to end on July 19th is still in my current memberships section and I feel guilty about letting this happen!  I have plenty of other memberships but this three monthe has lasted more than 4 months!  Please help me!

Topic by DoctorDv    |  last reply

Will a camera that works with 12v still work with 9v?

Heres the cam(left side of robot);=Botwithcam003.jpgthanksthe yellow battery is the one i need now for the cam it weighs lots... so a 9v battery would save me unecessary weight, still that whole set only weighs 670 grams...

Question by amando96    |  last reply