Anybody here play the stock market? Tell us about your strategies, companies you think are about to do really good or really bad, your opinion on shorting stocks, anything stock related! I havent invested any real money yet but i play facebook fantasy stock exchange and I invested all my 10 million dollars which they give you into Ford Motor company when the prices were 1.92 per stock. The stocks are now 3.36 and im waiting for this bailout to get approved... but so far if i sold all of my stock i would make a 6million dollar profit which is pretty good for a first timer i guess.

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retractable stock

I have a new retractable stock idea I will have pics up soon! sorry its taking so long there will be up soon promise

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knex uzi with stock

Well there are two uzis out there that are pretty good but most uzis that i have seen have this wierd pointed stock but nobody make the stock so here is this new uzi with true trigger removable clip and the stock. SO COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TO POST IT!!

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NY Stock Exchange?

Looking for a pattern to make an afghan with the NY Stock Exchange with the logo or the bull and bear, anything to do with the stock exchange. My email is

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Working With Shim Stock

How does one cut shim stock into 54 perfectly identical pieces? I'm trying to make a deck of cards with .002" stainless steel as the core.

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moding stock darts

Does anyone know how to mod a stok nerf dart

Topic by suberban warior   |  last reply Out of stock????

So I want to order dark grey connectors for the TR18 but is out of stock.  Can't they make like millions in a day?? If anyone can help me that would be great. thanks. P.S. They've been out for more than a week

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Is there a remote for a stock radio?

I have a 2012 Kia Soul, base model, with the factory installed radio.  I also have two children who always 'need' the radio station changed.  Does any one know if you can purchase, if so where, a remote the radio?  I am a single mother so don't want to get involved with replacing the radio just to have a remote.  I was just hoping that there would be an easy out for me, lol.  Thank you

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I was wondering where I could get some 1903 springfield rifle or m1 garand stock patterns?

- preferably online and free but purchasing is an option - for the wood blanks, but also taperings and final dimensions as well for when I carve and cut out the final product

Question by ICBMer 

What is the best K'nex stock?

I've just recently got back into k'nex, and man have things changed. I've built a TR8 and I need a new stock. I'm looking for something comfortable, and preferably adjustable but it's ok if its not. So whats your favorite K'nex stock?

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New death bringer stock.

The new stock for V3 Death bringer. Please tell me what you think!

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Should I use this stock?

Should I use this stock? Its just one that I made and thought it looked pretty cool, it may have been done pretty similar before, but do you think its good, and should I use it on my up-coming sniper thing?

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Stock yagi anntenna repair?

I have a stock yagi wifi antenna,purchased online. An accicent broke the wifi adapter. Can I repair this using a USB wifi adapter? If so can someone please give me instructions. I live in a remote area and I miss my games.Thanks to all. P.S. This is an outdoor antenna,beam type.

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How thick is the stock of a thompson submachine gun? Answered

Hello guys, My question is how thick is the stock? Length I got figured out the only thing I don't know is the  thickness of the stock. Some sources suggest that it is 35mm, 50mm or 70mm thick. I seriously have no idea although 70mm seems a little bit to thick. I need to know it for a presentation but no site seems to carry the information... So I'm hoping somebody who owns one can give me the information or otherwise someone with other WW2 weapons as it seems that pretty much all the stocks look evenly thick...

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How can I import stock option prices into Matlab automatically (without copy pasting)?

How can I import that bid and ask for diffrent stock options from a site such as yahoo finance into matlab without manually copying and pasting and editing the information? I Don't need historical data, only the current bid and ask. thank you

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Does anyone know about an m249 style sliding stock for an m4 airsoft gun?

I was just wondering if anyone knew how to make one or where I could find one. It would have to be turned sideways for it to work, but I think it would look cool.

Question by Full Metal Jacket 

No step by step on old project and want to enter contest ?

Just joined the site and I have an old project that I would like to enter in a contest ! Is this possible ?

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to make peoples faces from stockings?

They use to call them porch people. They were made of woman's stocking. They were stuffed with fiber fill to make the head and would then sew eyes,nose and mouth on them there hands and feet were also made of stockings. Then they would dress them up and they really looked like people. They were very popular in the 80's. In Clinton N.J. And whoever made them, would charge about 250.00. they would call them porch people. Does anyone know how they were made?

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How to dye stockings in a solid line?

I want to dye a pair of stockings in 2 different colors (Black at the bottom till about mid thigh and white for the top of the leg and gusset) I know you can use food colorant or kool-aid to dye stockings, that's fine. My only problem is that I want it dyed in more or less solid line, I don't want the 2 colors bleeding into each other. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? or have any ideas? THX

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What's the best distributor for stock gears? Answered

I need some gears and I have a bunch from CD players and things, but the ones I need require more specific ratios than I can get with found stuff. Does anyone know a good distributor of stock gears with a wide selection? (I ask because I don't want the cost of custom-making them if I can get a good selection AND a good deal) I am based in the US, but any international ones would work if there are none here or if any folk across the pond need some.

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Which online trading site should I use? ETrade or TDAmeritrade?

I am a novice investor and I need to make a little more cash  (day job isn't paying all the bills). I would like to not have to use a paypal account. I have chosen these two to choose from because they are reliable,reputable and they are in my price range. I am leaning more towards etrade but tdameritrade has the immediate option of adding your routing number to your checking account. Anyways I just want to see if anyone here uses either and which one is the best for basic stock trading and money making? Also if you have better ideas for me to make a little money online please let me know because I'm just a bit desperate for cash right now. Thank you AB

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new knex gun/rifle with movabled stock

My very best knex rifle or assult rifle tell me what yout think

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Last minute no-talent Christmas stocking ideas?

Can't find our Christmas stockings! (We moved) Tomorrow I'm heading out to try to find red and white felt and a glue gun. I don't have a sewing machine or time to learn to knit or crochet. I need to make 4 of them, and they need to be super easy and not take special equipment or a lot of time. So I'm thinking I'll just cut out 8 stocking shapes and glue them together and glue some white trim along the top. And if I get real creative, maybe write the names in glitter glue. I am well aware that this is pretty cheesy, but it's all I've been able to think of. I hope one of you will have a better idea. I don't want to spend a lot of money because I'm convinced the originals will turn up before next year. Any better ideas than glued felt? Thanks.

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Rings of Light: Bending u-channel stock

Hello! I'm trying to make rings of brass with a channel/groove on the inside to fit LED strips into. I want the LEDs lining the inside of the brass rings to illuminate the center, but I want them hidden from view for aesthetic reasons. I'm trying to get 7 different rings, varying in diameter from about 7" to 2'. I can't figure out the best way to do this though. Here are some possibilities I've come up with, and I would love your thoughts on their feasibility, how I might tweak them for better effectiveness, or if you all have other ideas that might work better! 1) Bend U-channel stock in a tube bender. Would this deform the u-channel, though, and can rectangular stock go through a bender? 2) Mill a small trench shallower than a standard u-channel into bar stock, then bend it. See concerns in #1. 3) Somehow mill a channel into bar stock once it's already bent..? 4) Bend hollow tubing into a ring, then use a cutting disc or bit on a dremel to cut an opening on the inside, and snake the LED strip through the tubing. 5) Bend hollow tubing into a ring, then drill out holes at the interval of the LED lights, and snake the LED strip through the tubing. Thanks so much for your thoughts, feedback and help! :)

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Metal rod stock for furniture (especially loops)

I wanted to make some shelves like this but I have no idea which metal they used or how to bend it. Is there anything strong enough to support even some books that can be bent with pliers? If so, wouldn't it be really hard to get anything good looking? If not, how to bend? I know there are shop brakes, but aren't they only for sheet metal? And, surely you cannot make a 180 turn that small with a shop brake? Also, what gauge/material rodstock to use? Is there some way (even approximate) to relate gauge and material to weight supported?  Many thanks in advance Joe

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Is there anyway to convert 2 wire steering servo/geared Dc Motor to a 3 wire steering Servo on Stock RC truck?

I have a store bought Remote Controlled truck with a 2 wire Servo. Is there anyway to convert it to a 3 wire servo I know that yellow or white is control wire where would i solder it onto the Stock Rc board for more control of Steering servo? Want Control Board to Remain Stock or without Programming.

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Which firberglass and resin should I use for a custom paintball stock? Answered

I am building a bullpup stock for my little brothers Tippmann A-5. I have a rough model coming together using pink insulation foam board and some lexan for the trigger group. I obviously need this thing to be strong enough to take some punishment since it will be used in paintball games, but I have never fiberglassed anything before, and I'm clueless as to what kind of sheet/cloth to use and if the resin I use will melt the foam core. Any help is definitely welcomed.

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Aurora mini 18 Kit and PCB Back in Stock!

Aurora mini 18 Kit and PCB are back in of stock now!!! Thank you for waiting! Click here for the details.

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does vintage stock carry metroid prime hunters?

I really want metroid prime hunters because I am a fan of the metroid series#

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Can a retailer change the price of a item already in stock?

Can a retailer change the price of a item already in stock? Say a book is 5.99, can a retailer mark up the price of the book while its still on the self? I had someone tell me that it was illegal for a retailer to increase the price of a item already on the self...

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how can i safely remove shellac stain from a laminated wood stock? Answered

I recently bought a Mosin Nagant rifle and the stock is in decent shape but the finish isn't so hot. it has a laminated wood stock and I was wondering how I could remove the old stain without any ill affects to the stock i have heard of people that have ruined the stock using stain removers? so any ideas will help thanks

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Does Any One Know A Good Knex Barrel And Stock

Hello Everybody I was wondering if anyone knew or made a really good stock and Barrel that could easily have a pin guide added on.

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Has anyone used old nylon stockings as crochet yarn such as plastic grocery bags are used.

I was thinking that old nylon stockings could be used as crochet yarn such as plastic grocery bags are used. Has anyone tried it? If so, how did you prepare them and what did you crochet (or make)?

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Does Stefan (modifed nerf bullets) work with stock nerf guns? Answered

I looked at backer rods and they have aren't hollow. The regular stock nerf bullets are. The stock nerf guns have a little stick pointing out so you can put the bullet onto it, but since Stefan bullets aren't hollow they can't go onto the stick. So my question is "Can I put Stefan bullets unto un-modifed nerf guns?"

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how to remove the stock stereo on a nissan cefiro 97 / nissan maxima 97?

I want to replace the stock sony 10 disc cd changer stereo with a new stereo which can support auxillary inputs (for my ipod) but if the stock sony stereo has auxillary inputs, please help me access them. i can take over on the wiring. thanks!

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Investment advice?

Hello I am a 15 year old kid with 600$ and i want to invest in some stocks. How do I start and what are some tips? 

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SR-v2 Mods

SR-v2. Minor mods to stock, handle, handle to stock to barrel connections, and slingshot. There are orange connector w/ Y-Piece connections from the handle to the stock, as well as from the stock to the barrel. I will post a picture detailing where if you like. Enjoy.1) Gun2) Slingshot mods.3) Stock mods.4) Connection/handle mods*.*See the small bit on the bottom to the right? It's a bunch of red connectors. Note how it's attached. You can use this to make the entire barrel. It's quite sturdy, just a but of weakness when it twists.

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Economics, Investing forums? Answered

I'm having trouble finding a discussion group that deals with investing, stocks, economics. For example, I want to better understand some indicators but the forums I found on Google search discuss how a stock or sector is doing. Is there nothing that is more general? I was hoping Investopedia had a forum but I didn't find anything. Thanks

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ideals on what to do with the whey from the yogurt, besides using it as stock.?

Would like ideals on what to do with the whey from homemade yogurt. Other than using it as a stock.

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What engine does a stock 1999 Acura Integra LS have? Answered

Not to familiar with the Acura/Honda scene, my friend picked up a 1999 Acura Integra LS, stock engine. I'm curious to know which engine code it has. The ls came with a non-vtec 1.8 liter, does that still make it a B18? Thanks in advance  -Dan

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Can I replace a stock horn with a small air horn on a 2009 Silverado with out causing any computer or other problems?

This model of Silverado has only 1 horn and is not very loud .

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I'm trying to create a stock of general electrical components, but I don't want to go overboard. What do you suggest?

I'm just trying to create a general inventory for tinkering, and putting easy ideas together quick.

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What mods do my knex X-11 Assult Shotgun need? Answered

I want some ideas on what mods the gun needs so I can make the X-12 version. ****Edit**** If I remade it today, it would look like a G3 dead on. And this was a generic sling gun.

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My new assault rifle

Well, Hello. This is my new assault rifle. I made this in about 3 hours. It turned out much much better than I expected. It shoots about 40ft but it has a very good strong trigger so maybe 50ft. The trigger block in the barrel works like the way Pooplord's Lever action pistol does. It requires no cut pieces although, my one has some on it. The mag is removable but its a little bit hard to do so.  I might post it, might not. Sorry for the bad(ish) picture but I was using my phone. Adiós Amigos.

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how can you rewire a personal mobility scooter to avoid the stock controls?

I have a pride scooter that was my fathers, the control box on the steering column has gone out for the second time. I want to hack the chair to make a cart for my kids , it seems to me that one could use a foot pedal off a power grinder to by pass the safety laden devise on the column, any ideas?

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Anyone got tips on leaning out a 2.8L chevy V6 stock carb? Answered

Mine likes to blow BLAAAACK smoke out when I 'punch it' also, lately its been getting around 11mpg.... though, it fires up absolutely fantastic when its -20 or -30 F

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