Stone Rings

So i have a crush on this girl.  I jokingly proposed to her and we're "getting married".  But she wants a stone ring.  How the hell do i make one?  What should i use to cut it?  I have a shop full of woodworking tools at my great grandfather's, but i don't want to destroy any of his stuff.  If i can get this for her, she'll be super impressed. 

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Sealing stone

I was just wondering if anyone out there knew how to seal stone in such a way as to make it useful as a food service platter or maybe a cup. I know its possible to use glaze like one would on a piece of pottery (or maybe tile sealant?) but I would like to find some way that 1)doesn't require a kiln and 2) leaves the rock looking like regular rock. Best would be a way that makes the rock look wet but matte and doesn't change the texture.

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stone cutting

I have yet to use a laser to create my work. I wish I could and if I did, this is what I would create: switch plate art, I call it"splart" right now I use diamonds and carbide on old Ohio barn slate. This is created with disposible hand drawn templates. A fine wet surface grind to finish and a coat of waterbase poly. A very basic "instuctable," This is my entry. I am:

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Stone-Age cinema

I like this:

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Concrete stepping stones

I have made some concrete stepping stones (for decorative use in flower beds mainly) and have painted them to give them a detailed look. I used exterior paint,  Now I'm wondering what I should use to seal them to protect the paint from chipping and fading?

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Crushed stone dehumidifier?

We have a house in Maine and when we bought it there was a big built-in box in the basement 3' X 8' by 4' tall filled with crushed stone.  It is huge.  It has an electric fan that pulls air down through the stone and pipes it upstairs to a sun porch.  Unfortunately the fan has never worked for us so we are unable to "test" the system.  This basement does get damp in the spring and we would like confirmation that this is probably a home-made dehumidifier.  What do you think? 

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Polishing large stones

I am looking for some advice on polishing large stones. I am from New Jersey, and there is a plentiful supply of bog iron. I can't dig a hole in the ground in my yard deeper than 8 inches without coming across some of it. Some stones are small but most wiegh about 20 to 30 lbs. I have several that are at least 150 lbs. I have tried to use them in as many ways as I can think of to decorate my yard. But bog iron is not always an attractive stone. I have seen some small polished samples on the internet and I like the way they turned out. I would like to try and polish some of my larger stones. I could do it by hand but it might take months or even years. I'm not sure what a sandblaster would do to it, but I don't own one and am not looking to buy one. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for a faster way to polish a large stone. Thanks in advance.

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Do scrapbook rub-ons work on stone?

I want to put pre-made rub-ons onto river rocks and then "set" them with acrylic spray. Will this work so the image does not rub off the stone? Has anyone done this for a craft project? Thanks for answering.

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how do you get glow pigment into quartz (or other stones)?

I've seen a few people selling "glow in the dark natural quartz."  Obviously they've taken pieces of quartz and somehow saturated them with glow in the dark pigment of some type.  So I'm curious now.  How'd they do that?!  Anybody have any thoughts?

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How do stones skip?

I know how to do it, I'm just wondering what's happening.  It's spinning and .....????

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How to lacquer or varnish a stone?

I want to lacquer or varnish a stone - it's just granite or similar, not polished, and the intention is to provide protection from staining as it's going to be used as a paperweight What product or type of lacquer / varnish / whatever what should I use please? I'm in the UK so it would help if anyone knows the trade names of products available here. Thanks.

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An alternative to expensive grinding stones

For some people buying a decent grinding or honing stone is a lifetime investment.Prices of over $500 for a single stone of a very fine grid are not uncommon.But what about the average Joe who just needs to sharpen a knife or tool every now and then?If slicing and dicing is not your living than investing in a set of diamond plates might be better than getting a set of stones.But there are limitations, firstly their size and then how long they last.The later is really important if not used correctly as even diamond toold can be ruined quickly.In some case these small sharpening tools are hard to handle.The bigger plates can still be a pain if they don't come with a proper mount.Well, and if you forget to clean them after use and put them in a dry place it will be quite hard to remove the rust.A nice alternative I found is sandpaper, specifically sandpaper on a glass plate.Good wet and dry sandpaper is available from almost gravel to a 10.000 grid, above that you might have to make a special order.In general the finer the grid the more you pay due to the ingredients.I use a glass plate from and old scanner as they are both heat proof and really strong, window glass is not recommended here.The glass is covered with strips of kapton tape for the ease of later cleaning.The tape is then evenly covered with a contact glue, preferably the spry king to get an even cover.Same for the sheet of sandpaper.I try to get the glue over the glass edge a bit and to have at least two sides of the sandpaper going over an edge.Just to have an area to work close to the edge without risking to lift the paper off.Once a sheet is too worn I place the plat in the oven for a few minutes so the glue softens and peel the sheet off.If too much glue remians on the tape I replace it before I put a new sheet on.Of course you need a bunch of plates although it works fine with two different sheets halfing a plate.The thing works best under slow running water, so use your tinker skills to come with a suitable frame and water supply ;)But even with just a spray bottle it is a cheap way to replace a costly stone, especially if you do require a bigger surface area.

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Suggestions on making small (synthetic?) Go stones?

I'm looking into making myself a Go set. It's a very old Asian board game. There are a couple instructables on making a board itself, which is pretty straightforward. My problem is in the manufacture of the stones. Basically the stones are flattened out marbles in either black or white. The idea is a bi-convex round stone, usually between 5 and 9.2mm thick, around the size of an average thumbnail. Traditionally these are made out of agate, slate or something similar. My goal is to produce stones that are hard and rather heavy, to mimic the actual stone feel as much as possible. I'm going to need 361 stones for a set, and I want to make several sets (maybe half a dozen). My current best bet is to press clay stones with a mold, fire them without a glaze to avoid non-uniform surface due to contact points, then spray an acrylic coat for color and texture. I was hoping someone might have other suggestions. I was considering an epoxy/resin option that I could press in a mold, then dry into a hardened, dense synthetic stone. But I know very little about epoxies and my options in this. I've considered glass and machined metal, but I lack the facilities and skills. Stone is beautiful but I don't know where to start with detail grinding and mass production at the same time. Wood would be great, but I would have to find/make the world's smallest lathe and I think the man hours needed would be impractical due to the quantities. I'm limited in tools, resources and knowledge on the subjects at hand. I like the idea of making a mold with which I could press several stones at once. Cheap is good and the ability to do this without a kiln would be great. The clay seems my best option but my kiln access is limited, so firing upwards of a thousand stones would be difficult. So if you have experience with a synthetic that I could pour and harden, I would greatly appreciate it.

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How much is granite worth?

So today I went down to some local woods with a hammer (Geode,granite,marble hunting) and I saw that 2 friends of mine had dug up a 20-30 pound rock. It was a heavy little bugger. So I swung the hammer at the rock for half an hour until I had about 30-50 small chunks of granite. The main reason I broke it was so that me and my friends could split it. One of my friends didn't want it. The other friend wasn't allowed to have it. All that was left was me. So I then realized that it was way too much to carry around. So I told another friends that didn't help do anything but polish the freaking thing with a brush *pauses and laughs* that I would give him all of it but 3 peices. I'm starting to regret saying that. So I wanna know... is granite worth anything/expensive?

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QUICK: Sea Stone Pigments? How to break up stone into powder?

Over the summer i have thought up of turning stones you find by the sea side into pigment. I have searched forever since then and I cannot find the cheapest way to break up these stones into pigment. Any ideas of things I could try would be great. Thanks.

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How would I cut small stones, around .5" to 1.5", for a miniature stone laying project?

I want to construct a miniature version of a structure made out of stone. How would I go about cutting stones to approximately .5" to 1.5" in size?

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How to attach stone to necklace like this?

Greetings, Does anyone know how to attach a stone to a necklace like this? What are those metals? Thanks

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How to attach stone to necklace like this?

Greetings, Does anyone know how to attach a stone to a necklace like this? What are those metals? Thanks

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Cast Stone, Outdoor Repoduction with Fiberglass

I would like to reproduce a hand rail made out of concrete, cast stone; any suggestions as to how I should go about reproducing the cast stone rail and baluster?

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Rock or stone melting anyone here?

While writing some nonsense in the fun section I started to wonder... Rock or stone melting is certainly possible but how to do it properly? In India they went as far as melting stone chains... But that was ages ago and the know how is lost now. So how do you do it at home?

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Need advice on building a stone wall Answered

Building a natural stone wall~~~  I am building a natural stone wall behind my house, it will need to have a gradual slope to it , sloping from right to left,  from a height of approx. 2 n 1/2 ' going down to apprx. 1 '   The length being approx. 30 '.   Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to do this? 

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Best method for cutting small stones? Answered

I figured I would create a bit of an imitation to the whiskey stones sold at think geek. I found a few stones which were large enough to create suitable cubes, and had a nice color to them. However, I ran into a problem when I finally got up to cutting them. My dremel tool provided minimal results, Even with solid carbide tips. So, I asked around and the only other suggestion I recieved was to use a diamond tipped table saw. The problem as you probably know is that that would be overkill, and probably ineffective, as I would have a hard time holding down a 2 inch stone. Your help is appreciated, thanks in advance. * note - I have no idea exactly what type of stone I'm using, but I know that it is relatively soft.

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Unfinished Ceramic Tile/Pizza Stone

I've heard that you can use an unfinished ceramic tile as a pizza stone. I have not been able to find any unfinished ceramic tile anywhere. I figured a bunch of DIY folks like the ones here might know where I can get one. Does anyone know where I can get a 16"x16" unfinished ceramic tile? Thanks Rick

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Anyone know how to drill holes in small stones?

For use as beads.

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I want to make some stone topped wine stoppers. How do you drill thru the stone?

How can you drill thru hard granite stone? I need to drill a 1/4 inch hole about 1/4" deep so I can cement a wine bottle stopper to the stone.

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what is the testors model masters equivalent of revell stone grey?

I need stone grey for a model boat i'm making, but i dont know were to buy revell paints. what is the equivalent of stone grey in model masters paint?

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Marbles,Marble Cheese, MARBLE STONE ! and brick.

A friend of mine is in the construction business and he has collected a bunch of crap. ( he knows i collect crap) So I got two big boxes of flat marble from my friend theres about 60 slats of stone in there. What should I do with them ? Along with that we got some old (really really really old bricks (1850)) about a thousand of the things what should I do with emm ?

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Is there a way to cut stone without special equipment? Answered

I have some small blocks of granite and marble that were left over from some builder's samples. I was thinking that it might be cool to make some whiskey stones with them, but I don't have any special stone cutting equipment. I don't need them to be perfect cubes or anything, a rough look is alright. Is this something that I might be able to accomplish using a hammer and chisel or by using a certain type of saw blade? I'd like to get an idea of what might work best before I run out and buy something only to find out it's not going to work like I want it too.

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How to build a stone foundation using stone as my below and above grade foundation material? Walls to be adobe brick.

 I am on a budget and want to build my home out of the materials on my land.( which is desert).  I will have to make my wall material out of adobe.As opposed to using concrete for my footings, I would like to use materials they used hundreds of years ago, which I assume was stone. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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Will calcium silicate building stone work as a foundation for a forge or will they crack with the heat?

I'm looking to build a forge, and I was hoping to use the same bricks that are on the outside of my house. They're Calcium Silicate stones, I don't know if they're meant for fire, because they're primarily decorative on houses these days. Will these crack/ explode in a charcoal fired forge?

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How to Build a cheap small stone cnc machine?

So here is the thing, I have so much stone on my property that I no longer want to remove and throw them away. I wanted to buy small cube stones so that I can lay a driveway and make paths around.So instead of me going to buy which are expensive by piece and I will need a huge quantity, I am thinking about building a CNC machine that I can use to carve out the stones into smaller cubes until I get enough for my driveway. I have been looking for systems unfortunately these are huge and very expensive and unable to find smaller ones for my needs. I also need to know about the types of drill that I will need for specific types of stones. I need to be able to move the machine around my property instead of moving the huge chunks of stones.Here are some examples that I have been looking around Thanks

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How can I make my own whiskey stones?

The only material I've researched is soapstone.

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Does anyone have any information to share about building a natural stone wall? the stone are from my property? Answered

Natural stone wall - anyone willing to share any information on building one?  I have the stone on my property - I want to build it behind my kitchen which is a renovated summer house that is half under the ground. I'm making a walk way behind it and need to put a wall to help keep the ground back.

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Is there an instructable on making mood rings, like how there is for the nickle rings?

I need help on making hand made mood rings, thats fun and easy to make with things around the house and whatever stone thats used for the mood rings. Plus some info on the "Mood" stone, the real name, and places to buy the stone like Meachal.

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How do I attach rocks and stones to fiberglass?

When a neighbor's whirlpool brokedown they decided they no longer wanted the tub. they took it up and threw it away. Being into recycling I took the tub and buried it up to the rim in the ground and using all the steps used to put in a pool liner. I have my rocks and have banked the sides so that the tub will work as a pool but now I'm not sure what is the best mortar to use to adhere the rocks to the rim and the upper foot of the tub walls. Please answer as quickly as possible as I want to finish before my family reunion this summer. Thank you.

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Rock substrate to place in experimental flume

I plan on making an insert that goes into an experimental flume.  The frame of the insert will be about 3" x 24" and will be constructed of acrylic.  Onto the surface of the insert i will affix a rough bed of stone/rock.  Stones will be ~ half-inch diameter.  Does anyone have guidance as to what type of material (epoxy?) I should use for the base of the flume into which the rocks will be placed?

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Help with Instructable

Hello, I just made an instructable but I had a hard time using english to describe the process. It is my first one. I just want to know how the 'asymmetrical stone tiles' as I used to describe them are called. I think it may be flagstone but I am from Greece and they have a complete diferrent name here, so I dont know. Thanks in advance!

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Apexstone Amoy Marble & Granite

Pexstone Amoy Marble & Granitehttp://www.apexstone.net6th floor, Guangxing Building, 466 Nanshan Road, Xiamen 361006, China厦门市湖里区南山路466号广兴大厦6楼 Tel:+86 592 3761099Fax: +86 592 3761099Email: 公司类型:生产主营业务:Stone Slabs,marble&granite; slabs , granite tiles, countertops, vanity—tops企业行业:建筑、装饰、房地产 >> 建筑材料Apexstone Amoy Marble & Granite,a Xiamen,China based manufacturer and exporter of worldwide marble , worldwide granite , china granite, china marble , sand stone, travertine, limestone, Our range covers slab, tile, countertop, vanity top, tub surround, soap dish, sink, fireplace mantel, stone molding, mosaic, medallion, drawer knob, for interior designers; fountain, sculpture, statuary, stone carving, urns and vases, for decoration specialists; lite panel wall cladding, column, baluster, railing, step, garden furniture, paving stone, for architects; on commercial projects or industrial constructions.

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What are your favorite music bands? Mine are AC/DC, Bush, Creed, Demon Hunter, Disturbed. Godsmack, Megadeth, Metallica, Mortal Treason, Shinedown, Stained, Stone Sour, Stone Temple Pilots and Tool. So I was looking to add some new bands to my favorites, thats why im asking.

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How can I cut geode, is it possible to cut with a dremel? Answered

Basically, I want to try and make jewelry with a geode stone I bought. But when I tried to cut it with a tungsten carbine cutter, the stone turn red and it smell like some burnt stuff. It also happen when I tried to grind with aluminum oxide bit. My geode crystai Is quite thick. Please tell me how can I cut/grind the geode?

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How do I make a Chelsea Filter?

How do I make a Chelsea Filter?  It is supposed to help in identifying certain red, blue and green stones. Used to determine if a stone is natural or synthetic. Can also be used for detecting synthetic blue spinel and detecting dyes in certain gems.  

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how hot is a laser cutter beam? Answered

How hot is a laser cutter beam? I was thinking of using a magnifying glass and the sun to burn into metal or stone.  And when I say magnifying glass I meant using a giant frens lense Overall my goal is to carve into metal, stone or brick.

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Help with wire trees

Does anyone know anything about wire trees? How about lapidary tecniques? I need help. I made a wire tree out of laquered wire and I wish to attach small, tumbled stones to the ends of the wires...This is for a rolling ball sculpture project. I plan to have several of these trees (hopefully copper wire; I think I have some) attached to polished spheres made of natural stone that are attached to the frame of the sculpture. The track has 1" or 1/2" glass/polished stone marbles that roll along a flame-soldered wire track that winds in and out of the branches of the trees. How do I attach these tiny stones to the ends of this tree without the fear of them falling off? Some kind of loop? Glue? Both? I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions or advice..

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How to make an LED small, mountable thingy??

I want to use something LED inside a stone. The stone reacts very well to lighting but I'd like something the user could turn on or off, or even fade to different colors. I HAVE NO experience with LED's so any intro's or help would be great. Thanks!

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local lapidary CLUB?


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World's Largest Cut Emerald FOR SALE! - AUCTION UPDATE! & Fraud

If you have an estimated one million dollars to spend, there is an auction on January 28, 2012 in Kelowna, B.C., Canada, where they are auctioning off the World's Largest Cut Emerald. see Western Auctions (for more images) Simply amazing! UPDATE: The owner of the emerald has been arrested on "unrelated fraud charges".... He missed the auction as a result. The opening bid for the stone was called at half a million dollars. The stone did not sell. Perhaps buyers were concerned that the "fraud charges" could translate into a "fraudulent stone".... ? Stay tuned....

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How do I make some plaster for a craft project stepping stone at home?

 My kids and I were making these stepping stones for decoration and the plaster wasn't dry yet and my son picked it up too soon and some of it crumbled up and I need to make another one quick with stuff already in my home...

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