Limiting Switch? Answered

I don't have time to do the research right now, but I am going to make a projector mount that comes out f the ceiling, does anyone know how to set it up so that when it reaches the bottom the motor auto stops. It will be a two way switch, one for up position and one for down position.

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What do I do with an emergency stop switch? project ideas

  So I have an emergency stop switch. It has a NC and NO switch contact block, well two, that can be independently wired, and thrown at the same time.It is KEY RESETABLE. What can I use it for? I was thinking some kind of alarm or something basic with LEDs? Open to any other ideas though

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electronic switch

Hi, i'm a bit new to electronics. I was wondering if its possible to turn on the flow of current by another electrical signal. Yes, i know about transistors and relays but these switches turn off as soon as the second current is stopped, how to make this change in switch permanent, i'll be precise, i'm working on a laser alarm system, and it works fine, but the thing is that when i block the laser, sure the buzzer goes off, but when the obstruction is moved, the buzzer turns off, how can this be kept on until turned off manually by a switch. i know it must be quite simple but i dont know, please help thanks

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Stop light cycler

Hello. I have an old Stop light in my game room.  I would like to have a switch that will cycle the lights: R, Y, G, R, Y, G....etc. I would also like it to dim the lights and have a setting to pick one light at a time.  I have see cyclers but they are about $100.  Can I build one for cheaper?  The cycling feature is the most desireable.  I can dim separately and do without the hold feature if I have too.  thanks for looking.  Aaron

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adjustable light switch?

​i really have no idea what im doing but you might be able to help. Im working on a model train layout. the Model train transformers or really any three prong electrical device would plug into this. what i want is for a kid to press a button the train goes for 2 min then stops. the child does this 4 more times. after the train stops  for the 5th time it activates a cool down clock for 10 min. it would have to work with electricity from an out lit. Any ideas? other details would be a visable countdown clock.  it would be helpful if the run times and the delay times could be manual adjusted.

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Auto stop 12v pump (no float-switch)? Answered

Hi guys, i got a very urgent question, I need a mini small water pump just as the wiper pump 12v  but the most important thing  I need it to stop when the water tank is full (auto-stop) with no need of a float-switch. So how can i find this type of pump and what is their right name of the pump or what is the key-words that could give me the right on google  this is my first question link Thanks, Pls instructables community help me !!

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Automatic Power Switch

I am looking for someone who is McGuyver-like and able to show me how to build an outlet that allows me to plug in a power tool like say a miter saw and a shop vac. When the outlet senses a power draw from the saw, it`ll power the vacuum to start as well then when the miter is stopped so will the shop vac. I know Craftsman makes this very switch ( ) however since it cannot be brought in to Canada, any makers out there?

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How to stop false triggering in an 4017 IC based IR switch circuit ?

I have found out this schematic for an Infra Red Switch that uses the 4017 counter IC .I have followed this schematic properly ,but the problem is, when ever I turn on the power, the circuit automatically tuns on even if there are no infra red signals received by the IR receiver. To stop this false triggering I have tried to connect one end of a 100nf (marked104) disc capacitor the reset pin(pin15) and the other end to the ground but it does not seem to work.I am new to electronics and just understand the basics of it .I am unable to find out the cause for this .Please help.

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I need a start-stop button for Windows Media Player

New to the forum so if an inappropriate post i apologize in advance. I am looking for or to build a simple device that will allow me to start and stop windows media player. Right now I have a simple batch file that opens windows media player in the full screen modes and plays a single video in the playlist. When it is finished it runs taskkill and closes. I use a wireless mouse to access the desktop icon that triggers the batch file. I would like to have a device that is plugged in with USB or wireless and has two buttons. One to start the video and one to stop it if I need to end it before it is finished. Ideally they would be big buttons labeled Go and Stop or colored Green and Red. I want children to be able to operate this computer. Does anyone have a clue if this exists in some form already or if it would be difficult to create? Thanks nerdoboy

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wiring limit switches on a linear actuator

I am trying to wiring two limit switches onto a linear actuator. One to stop the extend stroke but will allow you to retract the actuator. The other limit switch will stop the retract stroke but allow you to extend the actuator. The actuator is installed on a door I need it to stop on the extend stroke and the retract stroke so it doesn't damage anything. I have an LACT8-500A actuator and the company doesn't make a limit kit for the adctuator.

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any ideas on where to get or how to make a torque based switch?

Im wanting to make a motorised target changing rig that will need to stop against a back stop a set distance away from the shooter. i want to make the rig self contained (i.e. no additional switches etc. down range) so that different distances can be used. the only way i can think to do this is to use a switch that stops the motor when a certain torque is reached.  any other ideas on how to do this are very welcome 

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Broken light box switch

My light box switch stopped working. I would like to rewire it so I bypass the switch and turn it on by just plugging it in. Inside I have 4 wires that have come loose from the switch plate. Can anyone help me fix it so that I can attach the wires inside the box properly/ bypass an on switch, so that I can simply plug and unplug it when I use it?

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Switching voltage inputs with a chip

I have a small project I'm working on that uses rechargeable batteries.  However I want the device to stop drawing from the batteries whenever an external power source is plugged in.  (The external power source would then power the internal battery charger and the main device.)  Is there a chip or circuit that could be used for this?  My only alternative is to modify the power supply port to include a micro spdt that will switch when plugged in.  But I'd rather like to avoid that.

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Black and decker mower LM175 stop working

Hi, I have a B&D; electric lawn mower, LM175. It stopped running when I pull the switch. However, if I hold on to the handle and rock it hard, the motor will run but at a slower speed and won't last. Is this a switch/connection problem, or is it that the motor if bad? thank you!

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Wiring help

Hi guys I am need of some advice and help if possible, I will try and explain as clear as I can. I have a lockup which I have modified to use locking bolts on a motor and I have a swipe card reader and pcb which when swiped it fires the output to power the motor (6v) which works perfect for 6 seconds of the locking bolts going in and out. I am looking for a way so when the locking bolts go to the locked position it hits some kind of limit switch and stops there (which I have done in the past) but then I want to be able to swipe my card to open the bolts and when it gets to he open position it hits another limit switch and stays open until I want to swipe and close the locking bolts. I don't want this to be timed I need this to stop on open and closed position but able to operate when either is pressed, Can this be done in anyway?

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How can I start/stop a waterpump (230V 500Watt) using a magnetic floating switch which can switch 230V max 1A 15W? Answered

I have a cleanwater pump in my cellar 230V / 500W to keep the floor almost completely dry. I have a liquid level sensor that can switch max 250 volt, max switching current 1A, and maximum switching power 15 Watts. I don't know enough about electronics to know how to fix this problem. But I do know that the switch won't work when I connect it directly to the pump... So how can I get this working (low cost)?

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Please forgive me if I am missing the INSTRUCTABLE on this, but I'm looking to MOD a Traffic Signal (or Stop Light) and I haven't found any within MAKE or INSTRUCTABLES website(s). I was gonna hook it up to a Light Switch (BORING!) but was hoping I could get some ideas ... C'MON INSTRUCTABLER's!!! Help! thanks.

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Simple time switch "Help"

I live in a narrow road with high walls each side.   Getting my car out of the gateway is therefore a problem because I have to stick the bonnet out into the road before I can see that it is clear.  So I bought a 12 volt LED flashing beacon to put on the top of the wall at my gate.   Now I need a device which will run the beacon for about 20/30 seconds after I push a button, giving me time to get into my car and edge out.  I could, of course, stop and block the road while I go back and turn the beacon off but a time switch would be a help to good relations with other drivers.   Can anyone please tell me of a suitable switch or circuit?   John C

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Which wire goes where (emergency stop button)? Answered

I'm trying to wire up an emergency stop button. Australian power outlets have 3 prongs, active, neutral and earth. My switch has 2 connections, one Normally Open one Normally Closed.  I think I need to have the active line connected to NC (so connected when the switch is in the ON position) and the neutral connected to NO, and the earth remaining connected regardless. This should mean that when it's on the Active line is connected to ground and this the power is on past the switch. When the switch is OFF the neutral is connected to earth and it is safely off (any remaining power in devices connected to it can drain to earth). Am I right in thinking this? or is there something I've overlooked? I am also aware that mains power (240V AC in Australia) is deadly, and not a good idea to play with unless you are a qualified expert. I do intend to have this checked before use, however I would like to have a proper understanding before I go any further. The emergency stop button I have is rated for sufficient volts and amps to use on Australian mains power, and is suitable for the intended use (before a corded drill or circular saw).

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How to use a nc switch to activate a buzzer when pressed Answered

Hi there i don't know if this is possible but, i want to be able to : have a buzzer come on when a nc switch is pressed, for example, i have an emergency stop switch which is nc, so when pressed the circuit is broken, i would like it so when i press the switch ( ie it breaks the contact ), it makes a buzzer sound and an led come on to notify that the emergency stop has been pressed, i am using 8 core Ethernet cable to connect the emergency stop switches so if i have a circuit in every switch , i can do the same in every stop switch with the cable i am using, i want a buzzer and an led in EVERY emergency stop switch, i will have 3 in total, is it just the case of wiring the circuit in the one emergency stop and connecting the leds and buzzers from the others in Parallel at the other stop switches ?, or do they have to be wiring in series ? i have got 6v and 12v buzzers and many value of resistors so the source voltage for powering them really wont be a problem, the biggest problem is building the circuit, because atm it is a nc switch so if i connected an led and buzzer, it would be connected all the while, i need to somehow use the nc switch to break a circuit but also use it as a no switch for the buzzer circuit, if this is possible please leave a comment and help if you can, i have looked on google but cant really find anything, thanks EDIT !!!! hi also ad an addon to the question, the nc switch will be switching 230v, so the live cable will be cut and put accros the nc contacts, will this still work with iceng circuit or is that a big nono ?

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I want to use a very simple circuit to start, stop and reverse the motor. Does anyone have any idea of such a circuit ?

We are currently doing a project to retract a certain beam and to extend it. We require a switch to start the motor to extend the beam, stop it and retract the beam when needed. The stopping part would be automatic. The start can be activated from a switch and the reverse switch would be connected to our previous circuit. We really need help for this motor circuit.

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How to create a loop under a switch (arduino)? Answered

I need help in creating a loop under a switch command in arduino IDE, I'm new to programming.  void loop() {   if (Serial.available() > 0) {      incomingByte =;   } switch (incomingByte){    case '1':    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);    digitalWrite(led2, HIGH); delay(300);    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);    digital Write(led2, HIGH); break;     case'2':    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);    digitalWrite(led2, LOW); break; } I need the LEDs to blink alternatively (now it just blinks once), and stop when '2' is entered. I also tried   case '1':    for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {    digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);    digitalWrite(led2, LOW);    delay(200);    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);    digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);    delay(200); } break; case'2':    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);    digitalWrite(led2, LOW); break; But the circuit does not stop at '2'. Thanks

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Network ON/OFF Switch with Timer

Hello there, I am a network administrator and trying to create a simple device to test the alarms on our systems. Since I am not an electrician of any sort, I have an idea of what I need, but no idea of parts or names to order. Basically, I need to have a basic on/off switch with button that I can wire to a CAT5 cable. Simple enough, stops traffic at the push of a button but thats the obvious part. I also need to have some control over how long my connection times out, and after some research, I think a timer relay does that, but I can't be sure. It just needs to turn the activity back on after it goes off say between 1 second and 10 seconds off, the connection turns back on. If I can accomplish that, than I would also like to add a dimmer type device such as that of a light switch dimmer, but smaller and working with less voltage. So... Can this be done with all 3 electric devices? The closest thing I found in searching was some generic Lag Switch, but it did give me a starting idea of how to design it. I drew a simple draft of what I had in mind. Any help by some electric gooroo's would be most appreciated. Thanks! Jonathan

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Hate people who use lag switches?

Possibly one of the most annoying things in the gameing world.Could anything ever be done to stop people from doing it?

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How do I make a 12 volt, touch sensitive momentary switch to start a car?

I would like to create a touch sensitive panel that will allow me, through contact, to activate the starter on a car. From what I have read on Instructables in the past, there are several ways to make 120v swtiches like this through the use of metal objects.  These have all been On-Off switches for things like lights or sound.  I would like to create a momentary switch that activates by touch in a 12v system.  If it is possible to do through a metallic contact point that already exists (part of the dash, or a trim bezel for example) that would be ideal.  All I really need is some kind of activation mechanism that transfers enough current to flip a relay when I touch it and that will stop when I remove my hand. Anyone have any ideas?

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my sennheiser mm 450 head phones stopped working. ?

They stopped working just after i switched them off for 20 mins but they worked just before i switched them off with no problems what do i do  

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I get the message "replace the emergency stop switch" in my treadmill.

Hi. The treadmill is a Life Fitness T7. I would really appreciate any help on how to solve this problem.Thank you very much in advance.

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stock dc motor with 3 switches that spins, stop/lock in place or stay neutral?

I'm trying to build a motorized yarn spooler. The motor is controlled by 3 switches, one to spin it, one to stop or lock it in place and a neutral switch, so the spool can turn freely if it need be. Is there a motor that can be operated that way? Thank you. 

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how can wire up my pan tilt motors( which are reversible dc) with the stop switches, ??? Answered

I recently bought a pan tilt head on ebay that did not come with a controller the motors are 12v reversing motors they work fine, it also has stop switches for pan and tilt. Ok so the stop switches stop the camera from going too far one or the other so when i wire them in to the power wire to stop the current when the camera goes to far that works but because of the reversing motor i cant use either switch to start  the motor again . what is the cheapest way to do this Thank you for reading.

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How to connect limit switch, motor & timer?

Hi..can anyone help me how to connect limit switch, dc motor & timer?..i want the motor stop & the timer is on when the limit switch is touched..after the timer is off the motor automatically on again..can anyone help me?

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Best motor and switch for this swinging arm?

I am trying to make the following: i need a 4 foot arm to swing parallel to the ground at a fulcrum. Only needs to travel 90 degrees one direction, then back 90 degrees to its original spot - Kind of like 1 windshield wiper running parallel to the ground the weight of the arm plus load at the end is roughly 10pounds this would be triggered by a single button thats the gist of it. Now if. I could tweak it... i would like one press of button A to move the arm 90 degrees then it stops. A second press of button A would move the arm back to where it originally was.  Or, if this is too costly, I could hold the button down while the arm cycles 90 degrees and back, releasing the switch when the arm reaches its desired location I need cheap options or at least a good place to start. I have zero coding or electronics knowledge thank you

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how do i rotate a 3 v dc motor 90 degrees at a time?

I would like to use a limit switch to stop the motor and a push button switch to start it again and move it to the next stop. There will be a mechanical arm at each 90 degree position to trigger the limit switch.

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How to connect an scr to a coilgun?

I make the rwilsford07 boost converter and it charges my capacitor fine, but when I turn on the scr the 6v voltage regulator stop working(7806). What can be happening?

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How to stop a 220V LED , flashing in "OFF" mode ?

I bought a new 220V 50Hz night lamp. It works nicely, execpt that in few places in my house,  when the switch is in OFF mode, the LED is FLASING (!!!) at a rate of every 6 to 10 seconds How can I stop this flashing ? In fact, I can not leave the lamp connected to power. I must plug off the cable from the power when I do not need the light. Please help Regards. Hava.

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push switch to live multiple devices using relays

Hi all,            Im at a bit of a loss when it comes to electronics, im ok with the simple stuff but im better with mechanical engineering. Anyway if anyone can help me with my problem that would be great. Im attempting to install a push button ignition in my car, but with a difference, I know you can buy these kits online but its more fun doing it yourself. O.k so to my problem, as i said im attempting to install a push ignition, (so far all i have is the push to make momentary button) I need the button to: 1) push and hold the button until the car starts then let go, but when i push it, it will need to live ignition 2 (2nd click on the key) then pause for lets say 2 seconds then live the starter, when i let go of the button the starter will stop (the car will be started) and the ignition 2 will still be live 2) push the button again and the ignition 2 wire will stop having 12v and stopping the engine. I would also just like to do this with relays and not programming chips if possible. I have found a useful link but I cant get my head round the process of it. so in summary I would need the relays to: 1)1st button press - give me 1 live output then 2 seconds later a 2nd live output, then when released the 2nd live will go and the 1st live will remain until I push the button again 2) 2nd button press - the second live will go thanks in advance

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how can i measure how many cicles (ie. 15 second cicles) a given dc motor can run on a battery? votage, current ? =O Answered

I have a rechargeable battery from a eletric screwdriver, and i want to run a dc motor with it. Also, i want the battery to be recharged by a photovoltaic cell. So: + the battery is 12v, 1.3Ah, Li-ion + the dc motor is still unknown, but i think we can use variables in the place of the data + the solar cell gives in 0.3Ah What i plan to do is: the motor will run intermitently, being actioned by a switch. When actioned, it will run for 15 seconds and stop until the switch is pressed again. I need to know how many times the motor cand do this cicle until i have to charge the battery again and; how much time will it take to charge the whole battery with the maximum output (0.3Ah) from the solar cell. help?

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How can I make a switch that when electricity stops flowing, another circuit turns on? Answered

I'm trying to make a small bot with IR proximity sensor shown here. I want the robot to turn on when the proximity sensor activates, but when the sensor activates the electricity stops flowing. How can I activate the robot when the sensor turns off? --OR-- How can I make it so that when the proximity sensor activates, it activates the robot instead of cutting power?

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How to get a linear actuator to open &amp; close a door &amp; switch a relay at the end of the stroke so it reverses direction Answered

 It would be simple with a manual relay switch but  I don't want to have to be there to throw the switch. I want a timer to do it each morn and eve so the door opens at one time then next time timer comes on it closes. The Linear actuator has limit switches to stop the motion at the end of the stroke. I need the next time it powers up to reverse motor direction.  Also will need to get power from 110v timer switch to 12v power supply to the LA    Also if it is powered from the timer I use now to power the lights, they will stay on for 2 hours then off. So the relay must not send power back right away but delay until the power goes off and the next time it powers up then send it to the LA. Or I need a separate battery power source and timer that will just give power long enough for one stoke then off. Not sure how to do that. Any electrical wiz kids out there can help me with this?

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How to control DIY linear actuator with end switches and sensor input?

I want to build a DIY 12v DC linear actuator, using Arduino uno. The actuator is DIY so it does not have any position tracking. I want to use 2 relays to control the direction of the actuator, two end switches, and one sensor input (preferably a photo resistor) The sensor, and end switches are connected to Arduino UNO R3 as inputs and relays as outputs. When the sensor is energized motor moves forward until it hits End Switch No 1 and stops; When the sensor its not energized motor moves backwards until it hits End Switch No 2 and stops: And be able to repeat this program whenever  the sensor is energized. I would be greatly appreciate if someone can help me with this sketch, because i don't have any experience with Arduino code. Thank you and have a grat day.

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Two DPDT switches with timing for one motor Answered

Hi, I have a motor (12V DC) that I need to be able to operate both backwards and forwards from two locations. The simple way is to connect it with two DPDT switches with momentary on in each end and off in the middle, i.e. also called (on)-off-(on). The reason for using momentary switches is that there would otherwise be a risk of short circuiting if one of the switches are left in on-position. However, I almost always need the motor to go to preset limits in both directions which takes a couple of minutes (the limits are built-in functions in the motor, so no need to set those). So I was wondering if there was a cheap and easy way of inserting a kind of timer or similar that would only leave the connection on for a couple of minutes only (and yes, there would still be a risk of short circuiting within those two minutes, but it would be unlikely to happen)? Or perhaps there is an even simpler way of doing it? Any ideas would be welcome. In (the likely) case the above is not clear, perhaps this will help: I need it to operate a curtain, i.e. moving the curtain up and down, but I need to be able to do that from two different locations. Preferably it would be good if I could also stop the engine somewhere in the middle - as I would be able to do with a switch simply be releasing it. The best/cheapest/easiest way would, I think, be to have two DPDT switches with a spring or something with a couple of minutes delay, i.e. if it is left in the on-position for more than two minutes it would automatically spring back. But such a thing seems not to exist... or? Would be grateful for any inputs. Erik

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How to build a wireless switch to control a projector lift and electric projector screen!?

This is for a home theatre  setup. The projector is installed on a motorized lift that hangs in the ceiling. The screen is motorized. They are both 110v AC motors, and they both have seperate up / down leads to control the respective operation. The screen motor is 110v 0.7 amp and the projector lift is 110v 0.8 amp. The screen takes approx. 20 seconds to lower and has no apparent calibration to stop at any particular point (I would like the controller to be able to have this capability). The lift motor has a 'up' stop and a 'down' stop adjustment that cuts power on its own when it reachs these points so the controller just has to provide power for the length of time it takes the motor to get there which is about 12 seconds. Both devices have optional add-on hardware to make them infrared controllable but it costs approx $400 each to go that route. My hope is that I can control them with my universal remote along with having a manually controlled switch in case of remote failure. I want to build this as my first project for contribution to Instructables and the Home Theatre community. Is this do-able for less than $50? Please help. Thank you all for your help in advance.

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How to wire a 12v motor and limit switches to raise and lower a satnav panel in my car,using the ignition switch circuit

Hi, I'm trying to understand in a simplified diagram how to use a 12v motor to raise and lower a panel in my car,the hardware I can make fairly easily but it's the wiring I'm struggling with,I understand that 2 limit switches have to be used to stop and start the motor,also that the polarity of the motor has to be changed to raise and lower the panel, I also want to use the vehicles ignition switched circuit to raise and lower the panel as opposed to using a rocker switch, Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, Kind regards, Darren.

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My integrated stereo amplifier periodically stops working. Why does vacuuming it out fix it?

I've written an Instructable about this here:How to Fix Your Stereo Amplifier (Harman Kardon HK 620). It just stopped working, and again I vacuumed it out, fixing it. Others have shared similar experiences, but I don't know why it works.When the amp "stops working" everything but the amplifier appears to work: all the LEDs turn on, external devices plugged into the switched and non-switched 120 VAC ports energize, and the signal path out of the "tape 1 out" works.There's no visible dust inside the amp. I don't think it's a loose wire because "pretend" vacuuming (or shaking for that matter) has no effect. Do you have any ideas?

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6volt powering locking bolts but need diagram to wire limit switches

Hi guys I am need of some advice and help if possible, I will try and explain as clear as I can. I have a lockup which I have modified to use locking bolts on a motor and I have a swipe card reader and pcb which when swiped it fires the output to power the motor (6v) which works perfect for 6 seconds of the locking bolts going in and out. I am looking for a way so when the locking bolts go to the locked position it hits some kind of limit switch and stops there (which I have done in the past) but then I want to be able to swipe my card to open the bolts and when it gets to he open position it hits another limit switch and stays open until I want to swipe and close the locking bolts. I don't want this to be timed I need this to stop on open and closed position but able to operate when either is pressed, Can this be done in anyway?

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Radio-controlled remote shutter release.

Hi, I have an Panasonic HVX200 video camera and I made an external switch to control the shutter for stop motion which works fine. But I want to control it wirelessly. Can a normal radio-controlled remote shutter release work for this?

Question by pulse_wid 

Can an LDR be used to activate a circuit after everything has been built?

I working on the gender announcement for our next baby and having some slight issues with the activation action.  I have built a circuit based on an ATtiny85 that causes two separate LEDs blink back and forth at a quickening pace underneath a Batman logo or Wonder Woman logo until the LED stays light under the Superhero representing the sex of the's a BOY!   I have had some custom cardboard boxes made and created form inserts and completed the circuits but I am at a dead stop with the activation.  I have thought about contacts around the side of the inside of the box with a non conductive material that would come down from the lid to prevent activation.  My issue would be the reset and 100% success rate.   My guiness thought would be to make the circuit Light reactive but I have NO experience with this and since the circuits are done minus power and/or switch can I still add in a Light Reactive switch using an LDR?   Any help would be greatly appreciated, my wife is driving me crazy about getting these done since i"ve been procrastinating

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Motor controller circuit with inverting switch (automatic cover driver)

Hi!  I need some help on a circuit i need to make, for a tonnau cover open and close The basic principle of the circuit is i hit a switch, the switch tuns on a relay, the relay starts the motor, cover opens and automatically stops when hiting a microswitch on the tonnau cover that indicates the open state (of the cover) and keeps it that way until i hit the switch again. Then when i push the switch again, the cover should close and on the fully closed position hit a microswitch that resets the circuit or enables the first part again... I have a few ideas, but nothing concrete and i can't find any simmilar circuits :(

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