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Bolts That Fly Straight

I just made a crossbow from Lego (not much fire power but it works) and I have been firing pencil from it but they hardly go straight. i tried adding cross fins and even an elevator hoping that it would be stable but it isnt working so if anyone has any ideas fire away.

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how to cut a straight pant?

How to cut a straight pant?

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Drilling straight big hole?

I'm trying to drill 90 degree 14mm hole . My hammer drill without hammering is too fast.  Cutting is not clean and wood splits. Maybe i'm doing something wrong. I have  drill guide for it I also have drill stand. What I don't have is drill guid for my cordless drill. As european I cant buy wolfcraft older model or any thing like this I only have hand tools.

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can u iron money straight Answered

Okay in the movie "Get Rich or Die Trying" it shows 50 ironing some money. is it possible to iron bills straight if so on what level(cotton,ETC)?

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Hey, I've been sober for over a year edge for 6 months or so. I'm typically Posi most of the time but not all the time haha. Realized there wasn't a thread on this so I started one. Just wondering how many people on this site are Straight Edge? Posi or otherwise. Feel free to question me or argue about it with me. Here's a wiki if you didn't know Here's a Nat. Geo. that sums it up pretty good

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Straight line art - what is the technical name?

I remember back in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and I believe even 5th grade, when I was in a gifted program, we had to draw. We drew only straight lines, and when we did it right, it made a curve. We would get a paper with 2 lines, connected at a vertex, at a 90 degree angle. We would draw points every centimeter or so, and connect the points, far to close, far to close. (It's hard to explain.) I'm searching for it on the Internet, but I can't seem to find the right word. Does anyone know it? Thanks, and if it turns out all good, expect an Instructable on it mid- to late October.

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Help with Cleaning a Straigh-Razor

I found a straight-razor at the flea market the other day, so obviously I bought it. Now I'm wondering how I would go about cleaning and sharpening it? Does anyone know good metal cleaning tips for such a delicate blade? I know that you sharpen the blade before you intend to shave on a strop, or a piece of leather, but anything else? On the blade, it has: George Wostenholm & Son's Celebrated I-XL Razor Sheffield, England

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Help my arrows don't fly straight!!!!!!

I just made a bow from pvc pipe it works great but my arrows don't fly straight they are very dangerous but as i said need work i have looked and looked for fletching tips so can you send me some hints

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Is it possible to put a straight bend in a perspex sheet?

I want to put a sheet of perspex  on the back of a shower cubicle on an inside corner without joining it at the corner Is it possible to bend a sheet of perspex at a 45% angle

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Help! My fingers wont straight flat

It's been this for a long time, just noticed it when i Compare my hands with someone. I really wouldn't ask this to how to straighten them hard flat and fingers joined. But my Commander in CAT(citizenship advancement training), and many of my fellow cadets noticed it too. I told my commander that it's been this since i was young, he said to flatten it to a wall, its more than 2 weeks on pressing it to the wall and my fingers are flat, except when i lift them off the wall. i got some pics below, tell me if you need more from other angle or something :) Now every time i salute, my fingers is always noticed. Any help? (they even called me tentacles because of it) Cheers!  -aye

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Is it possible to make perfectly straight cuts with a jig saw?

I recently bought a 40 breeder tank and am working on a stand. I need to make about 19 perfect straight cut on 2x4's. I do not have a circular saw or table saw and the local hardware store does not make accurate cuts. Is there a jig I can make  to make perfect cuts with a jig saw. I was thinking like a box that guides the  2x4 and holds the jig saw in place.

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need a jig for cuttin styrofoam straight/smooth surfaces?

I'm trying to get into lost foam (aluminum) casting, so I just build a styrofoam cutter ("frame" with a hot-wire). It's pretty difficult to handle because it melts trough the styrofoam so quickly and it's hard to hold perfectly straight and every movement makes an impression in the styrofoam part. I need some ideas on how to make a jig that makes it easy(er) to make smooth surfaces in the styrofoam part, I was thinking something that adjusts the distance between the hot wire and the table/surface and then just slide the styrofoam across the table/surface through the hotwire for making plates (easy), but I need to be able to change the distancee between the surface and the hotwire for different thinknesses but also somehow be able to make angles and hopefully also somehow ROUND PIECES AND CYLINDERS :o hope you can give me some inputs :D and even better some pictures, drawings and links thianks!

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Can I take a ATT Razor and adapt it to use on straight talk (Walmart Brand)?

I have a ATT razor phone and a broker straight talk samsung phone can you help me put it together. What can I do with this working phone.

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How can I remind myself to sit up straight? Answered must sound pretty desperate:P)......I'm kinda tall, lanky, gangling, etc. and sometimes hunch over and slump.  I'm trying to learn to stand more erect, but my shoulders seem to want to do otherwise.  I know a strong core is important in this.  Please,  if you have any ideas, do pass them along to your rangy comrade.  Thanks so much. ;) 

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SnapLED powerd straight from 18650 or CR123A 3.7Volt battery?

So I don't know if you know about the red-orange SnapLED, but here is the information on it. I want to power one of these with a 3.7 volt battery like a 18650 or CR123A. (or the 3Volt options) What is the most simple circuit I can use that will provide long life for my led? This led confuses me because it runs at 150ma (which is right on the boarder of High power leds) You have to treat High power leds usually more carefully than with just resistors. Will just resistors be sufficient for a 150ma led?

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Coming out of the closet

Hi, my name is jake, and I am openly bisexual, and I was just thinking, there should be an instructable on "coming out of the closet" because that is a serious issue that is difficult to address, so, does anyone have any ideas?

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Can i get valuable information from a wind tunnel with almost nothing straightening the current? Answered

All i have straightening the current are 8 cups, wide end facing the fan. The end is cut out to let the air flow and all the cups are pointed slightly inward to the stand holding my design.

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how do you make a knex wheel that uses straight knex rods?

I have been trying to build a knex wheel but it is not working so I am asking for you to show me a picture of what you think i should do.

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How to make a Worm/compost separater/shaker with a straight shaft electric motor? Answered

I raise composting nightcrawlers for fishing bait and worm castings.  I need to make a simple shaking machine with 3 different sizes of screens.  The first screen with keep all of the larger pieces of dirt and twigs from the compost and a few of the larger worms.    The second screen of a smaller mesh will keep most of the worms and a little of the unfinished compost.  The third and final screen will let through only the worm castings and the worm cocoons.  This machine should hold at least a five gallon bucket of compost at a time and the worms have already turned any large particles of garbage; leaves; dirt etc into small parts, but picking these worms out a few at a time is a very time consuming process and I have a lot of 50 gallon barrells to go through.

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Does anyone know how to make "STRAIGHT" (perfectly HORIZONTAL and NO skewing) perforations on paper?

I try buy using the ruler but somehow it is always lined-up askew.  The line is straight but it never runs PERFECTLY horizontal.  Any suggestions??

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How do I measure for getting chair rail molding level and straight on the wall ?

I am going to put up chair rail molding in my living room and I can't figure out how to make sure the molding around the room will look straight and level all the way around the room. Do I measure down from the ceiling every few feet around the room or do I measure up from the floor every few feet to get it even around the room. Its an old house so I'm sure the floors are not level or square. Help! Thanks, Donna :-)

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how could i modify a straight cut paper shredder to cut the paper to certain dimensions?

I want to put A4 paper in landscape and for it to come out cut into 34 pieces (each piece is about 9.5mm) any help would be greatly appreciated

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I have a lama v4 helicopter and it does not fly straight. It always flys off to the side!

Any ideas please help! And also the battery doest stay in the bracket in the bottom. I tried Velcro but it didnt work.

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how can a sandisk picture viewer be wired straight to the ribbon cable of an lcd screen for a picture frame?

I love the laptop picture frames but the pc's i have are real junk. the lcd's i have are good. so how can i connect a sandisk picture viewer to the ribbon cable of a 15" lcd.

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What causes oodammo to spin in certain guns, when other guns make them fly straight?

I've noticed, with guns like the MeZak, my new one and the V2, and a quite a few others, the ammo sort of spazzes out and flips around when fired, and isn't accurate. But with guns like the TBOS, Lowney's small oodammo pistol, etc. and TBAP the ammo flies straight. It's about 2 accurate ones for every one flippy one. Can someone explain why?

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Is there any way to install rollercoaster tycoon so that i can run it straight from a usb drive?

So i can play on any computer at any time?

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building air cannon: is it better to have the air chamber in a straight line with the barrel?does it affect performance? Answered

I've been reading a lot of information air cannons, some say it's better to have the chamber, directly and back up the barrel for best performance.some say it doesn't matter, it's all in the trigger mechanism. What is the best, piston or sprinkler valve? Thanks I actually do have a lot more questions but I feel the need to be brief.

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Am i allowed to go to the Instructables HQ? Answered

Even though i suspect Eric is a Robot?

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Does anyone know how to convert the three phase output from a brushless motor/generator into straight DC voltage?

I would like to pedal the brushless motor/generator to drive a propeller powered by the resulting voltage Thank You?

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How do I power 1 watt leds, can these not be hooked up straight to a power source with an appropriate resistor? Answered

I have on ebay a number of cheap 1 watt leds, please see the pictures below.  Some look like large LEDs with perhaps thicker then normal anode and cathode leads coming out of them, others look like they are surface mounted onto a circular, flower shaped circuit board with possible multiple soldering point to apply power.  I am hoping to power 24 of the 1 watt LEDs off a modified computer power supply (I use these for powering everything that needs a bit more amperage).  LEDs are Forward Voltage: 3.2V~3.4V  Forward current: 350mA.  In some of these adds they refer to them also being able to supply the driver, is this a term for a power supply?  I was planning on running it off the power supplies 5v out with an appropriate resistor.  The all share the same forward current, while the forward voltage varies from 300mA to 350 mA.  Can I treat these as regular LEDs, mind you they will get quite hot I assume, or am I missing something?

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Why do humans walk in circles when blindfolded?

A Mystery: Why Can't We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo. Try as you might, you can't walk in a straight line without a visible guide point, like the Sun or a star. You might think you're walking straight, but as NPR's Robert Krulwich reports, a map of your route would reveal you are doomed to walk in circles.

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how do i build an aircraft out of paper that can stay up in the air for a long time and fly straight to its target?

Hello everyone out there, I would like to to design and construct a “flying” device. There are two design criteria for this device. 1. The device must stay in the air as long as possible. 2. The device must land as close as possible to a given target.   Each team must construct their device using any or all of the following materials. Three sheets of 8½" x 11" paper Adhesive tape One 3" x 5" index card Four paper clips A pair of scissors Amos Attigah  

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Has anyone ever gotten a job because of an Instructable they made?

No details necessary, pretty straight forward.

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Annus Mirabilis

Does anyone know where I can find a straight translation of Einstein's Annus Mirabilis? Thanks

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Why dosent Vodka freeze in the freezer? Answered

Would it ever freeze? What about drinks with lower alcohol content? What about straight alcohol?

Question by yggdrazil    |  last reply

How to properly defrost meat?

After taking it out of the freezer, is it ok to put it straight into the pan, or should i let it sit or run water over it first?

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nst for tesla coil?

How do I get an nst and for a jar capacitor do line the inside or just leave a straight diode down the middle

Question by wiccakingkamui  

Is a laser module reqired to make a laser cutter?

I pulled a laser diode out of my 16x dvd burner drive and want to use it to make a laser cutter/burner. I want to know is it required to use a laser module or can I just hook it up straight to a battery and have it work.? Also how many battery do I need to make it work.? I tried hooking it up straight to a 9v battery but nothing happened.

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make a frame for frameless backpack

I have an eastpack 60lt and stuff always pile up in the bottom; what can I use that is light and keeps the backpack straight and stretched?

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How we make bevel gear?

I want to make straight bevel gears but i confused which type of cutter use to cut by the help of milling machine?

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heavy gauge metal tubing shaping question Answered

You know the "heavy" gauge metal tubing you see on swings and roundabouts in the public play parks? What is that called and how would I bend and shape it without having to go to an expensive, specialist shop, please? Pretty much I want to have a straight part about 3 metres followed by a curve of radius approx 1 metre and another 1m straight after the curve. Thank you for reading me and your time to reply.

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best (inexpensive home) tool to cut thin brass cleanly?

I've been etching brass for a couple years now, but need a better way to cut and trim my plates than a hack saw and a straight edge... What's the best power tool for getting straight edges on thin brass plates? I've been thinking scroll saw or band saw, but I've been told that band saw blades will walk. would a scroll saw be a good idea?

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What does subscribing to a member do? Answered

 I've noticed the subscribe button on peoples instructables, what does subscribing do? i need a straight forward answer.  

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Rectangular lines in Fritzing? Answered

Is there a way to draw rectangular lines in Fritzing? (so that angles keep straight?). It would save a lot of zooming in and visual checking (and time). I couldn't find anything at

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Rectangle accuracy tip...

Well, I made a discovery when I was messing around with some shells, I found that if you load a red rod into your rectangle, then put a shell of 5 silver spacers all the way back on the red rod... The red rod then flies extremely straight. The shell then falls straight down, where you can use it again if you want. P.s. This also works for yellow, and grey rods.P.p.s. You can also do the same thing for oodammo, but with only one silver spacer.TRY IT OUT PEOPLE=P

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