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Strange Planet

Life is very weird. But it makes sense, consider the the physics and the atomic properties of the materials constitute existence. There are few materials as counter intuitive as good old H2O. Water is so strange, yet is a chemical we deal with everyday. It's what makes life possible, but as Neatorama explains, water is a very Funky Fluid.Oh, hey, I'm sure many of you have heard about the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide too. Just take this as my warning in case you haven't.-Neatorama -Photo by: Liquid Sculpture, check them out for some beautiful drop photography.

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Strange skies

Here is a forum to start off the group, and I really don't care if any outsiders choose to look at the antics around. I though we could start off with something a little weird, because -- well, I can. Here we can trade off strange questions of the universe and listen (Or ignore) the opinions/answers/lies others tell you. Well, to start us off, What do you think a star tastes like? The question has been bothering me all morning. . .

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Strange Mutations

Artist FilthyLuker has been making some fantastic installations. These tentacles are over the top and bring to mind some octopus invasion. Meanwhile, the other pics show that just adding a couple of eyes can make any object much more fascinating. FilthyLuker's galleryvia Wooster Collective

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Strange Follower

I've just gained my most unexpected Twitter follower to date: Elizabeth Emanuel, co-designer of Princess Diana's wedding dress. Now, I'm not complaining about her following me, I'm just puzzled about why.  I'm not exactly known for my fashion sense. Any ideas? My Twitter. Her Twitter.

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strange 3D shapes

I need help to find a 3D shape with 7 sides/faces Any help?? Feel free to name any other strange shapes while your at it.

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Some strange wires

Hello everyone I have a problem and I am looking for some solution. I was doing some repairing today found my old headphones with microphone that lost contact on small circuit board that use for on/of mic and reducing volume of headphones. So I decided to cut that circuit out and just solder 2 ends together but that I fond out that there is some strange wire  coming out. After I remove isolation there is some colored wires made out of some strange material. It is not conductor (I tried to attached but nothing happened and checked if it is conductor- not). So I ask you do you know how to solder 2 ends (and I cannot make mistake because all wires that need to be soldered are same color) if there is no conductor :O ??? (well maybe there is but I cannot find it ) If you know please help. Thanks!

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Strange Canine Behavior? Answered

My dog (you can see her here and on my profile) is exhibiting strange behavior. She is a little under two years old, and she is a pointer mix. We also think that she has a little bit of boxer or pitbull. Whenever she eats her food, she will walk into the kitchen to get a mouthfull, then she wil walk across the house and chew it up and swallow. She will either do this with some mouthfulls or nearly all of them. Is this normal behavior? Shes not a normal dog when it comes to how she behaves (shes been on my roof twice,) but I have never seen another dog do this before. Please help.  thanks, freeza36

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Strange Looking Component

Hi everyone, I was canabalizing a old RV power converter because it had died and found some strange components in it. I've seen these before in other power supplies. The component in question is the blue one in the centerof the picture. Please tell me what it is. ~Thanks~

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strange request? Piano!

Hi all, My son is learning the piano, however at present he cannot read music, wondered if there was a way to keep him interested, thought perhaps trying to get my hands on music but in the form of G C B etc but don`t quite know what I am looking for? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks for reading!!

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Strange interaction with LastPass.

If I have "LastPass" - the password manager- enabled on FireFox, every single time the browser hits a page with a login, like the comments pages, or the forum, LastPass dims the screen and tells me it is logging in to the site. Any idea of what is going on ? Whose "fault" is it ? does LastPass not do some sort of handshake with you correctly or vice versa ? Applies to FF on Android too. Steve

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What are these strange structures ? Answered

A newspaper  article showed these images from Google Maps today. This one, in China, interested me. Does anybody know what these shapes are ? The tagline was this: " These rectangles, up to a mile long, can be seen from space near the Gansu province and Xinjiang, some less than 100 miles from Jiuquan, the headquarters of China's space programme " Thank you

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Aren't children strange?

Today is Children in Need day in the UK. Non-uniform day at school (I went dressed as Indiana Jones), and fun activities in the afternoon.I got my Van der Graff generator out for a play, and found kids queuing up so that they could pay to be hit with thousands of volts. They knew it hurt, but they still queued. Some came back for more.Kids, eh?(Oh, and I let off a Party Popper behind the Head of Year 8 whilst he was trying to do a cool and suave impression of James Bond. That was funny!)

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Very Strange Error??!!

Ive began to receive some annoyingly strange error messages when trying to access hard drives/ removable media, the error message appears when trying to open it from 'my computer':"Windows cannot find 'recycler\'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search."Every time i try and open SOME of my storage it says that, when right clicking and clicking open it says:C:\Access is denied Also when i go to 'Run' and type in "recycler\"the very same message appears.It has also somehow spread to another computer in my house, although the program (Edited by me) i think has caused this has not been ran on the other computer: on Could somebody check that out for me?? (ps3sixaxis_en.exe, other files *.vbs, ps3.exe are mine)"" was also at one time on the processes list in Task Manager....Also only some drives were coming up with this error but after a while they where too?? I have no idea on how to remove this and its beginning to get VERY annoying.. Thanks Kieran

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Strange Electromagnet Observation

Hey everyone. I'm fairly new to the hobby electronics world, and today I decided I'd build an electromagnet. I wound my coil around a steel bolt, and I used 3 Duracell AA (1.5V) batteries for a power supply. When I turned on the switch, I found that my beautifully wound coil took a little bit of prying to get it off of the metal base I was working on. I thought "Let's try 9 volts!" So I grabbed a Rayovac 9V battery that I had around and hooked that up in place of the 4.4V (measured) bank. The Rayovac measured to be ~9V. The electromagnet was noticeably weaker. When I tested my magnet with just one of my 1.5V batteries, it felt like it had similar strength to the 9V battery.  Can anyone explain what might be going on? Short of that, could someone tell me how to measure the current coming off of each power source?

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Today Has Been Strange...

Anyone else notice? It started small, then got huge. First, my friend's cell phone somehow got from his pocket to into his backpack, without being touched. My other friend (when changing for PE/weights) noticed he had been walking all day with an ipod cord in his shoe. I found a penny on the ground, put it in my pocket, then it somehow turned into seven pennies when I put my hand back in a minute later. The grand finally, I get a call from mom telling me my neighbor's lung collapsed and to get over there ASAP. Mazee was frantic, everyone was frantic, the door was locked, I stepped in dog poo, the fire truck came, couldn't make it up the long, steep, driveway. The ambulance came, was able to make it up, and took her to the hospital. There, my day all in a nutshell.

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What type of plant is this? (See picture)?

I found this small plant in an old garden. What is it?

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Opinion sought on Horney Toad entry....

I would like to have some opinions on my entry into the Make up a Sport contest. I really am not looking for a lot of "hits" from this, just so I get some opinions on it from a few perspectives. Thanks: Entry Link: Cheese Racing

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Does anyone know the name of this bird? (See Description) Answered

I saw a bird about the size of a robin hopping around in the underbrush. It was black, with white patches on its body. It also had a orange-red stomach, like a robin. What really confused me was that there was a crest, or birdy mohawk on its head. What species of bird it this?

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new/strange instrument ideas

I am starting a band somewhat ethereal and experimental ( think sigur ros meets nine inch nails). I like interesting instruments and strange sounds. Any ideas?

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Is it forest transpiration ?

Hope this shows

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World's Strangest Vehicles

Let's build some of these!

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What's Weirdest Dream You've Ever Had?

Tell me the weirdest thing you've dreamed of before?

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Instructable not showing up.

I posted a forum a few days ago asking why my instructable wasn't showing up and people said that it would be stuck in the filters until someone checked it, they said I should wait maybe 2 days but i've waited 3! and nothing please help!!!! The links are and

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my sisters old stereo system seems to be making a 'ttit' noise when i listen to a song with bass. Please help!

it sounds sorta like a small piece of meatal rataling (or a spark jumping through the air) . the speakers are nice sony speakers but are old and have been out in an OLD barn. the speakers connect bye a wire in a clamp. there are two different rows that have a red and black wire ports, but only one row works. please help?!?!

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Strange Planet Part Two

Following along in the last post about the wild world of water, let's see what other natural oddities our Earth has for us. There's a strange sound coming from the ocean, they're calling it a "Bloop." The earth is known for whistling caves, and plopping mud puddles, thunder and earth quakes, so we know the earth is one vocal creature. But the bloop is new, and as of yet unknown. This is what we know: "Although the sound matches the profile of a living animal, it is much louder than any known creature can produce. Any creature that could produce such a sound would have to be many times larger than the largest whale."The story is here.What do you think it is?_BG\\via neatorama\\

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strange goings on with the pet challenge

What's the go with the pet challenge. On the info page it says that the deadline for entries is September 4th, yet when you view the entries so far, you can already vote. There is also no way to add comments for the challenge.

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Don't you think this is strange? Answered

I typed my username in google images and found one of my photos from one of my questions on this website.,SAIYLFzIs1E   There is other instructables here too. I never heard of this website before. I asked this question here before with a picture i took. Don't you think this is strange? Google your instructables username. Look for the website the image is coming from. on mine it ALL comes from

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Strange battery charging idea.

So I have an Idea for a charger for a portable computer.  It will be solar powered, and charge li-ion batteries.  My question is how could I simultaneously charge batteries and power the computer at the same time.  No schematics are needed, just a quick written answer. Thanks!

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What is this strange old tool? Answered

My dad found this thing where he works and he brought it home to see if I knew what it was. The part that looks like a flat head screwdriver with a t handle can rotate and slide back and forth. The writing on the handle says "monarch - - - - - - phila 34 pa - - - - - - 203 Thanks in advance.

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My T.V. is acting strange

Since we first our T.V. a while ago, its been acting unusual. Every night at about 2:40, it changes inputs.  It did something similar to this before on a different T.V. , but on that one it would just go black for a second. The wierdest thing about it is that it does it at the same time every night.

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jfet strangness NEED HELP

I just got some npn jfet transistors in the mail and I'm having problems. My setup is a +5.5 volt, gnd, -5.5 volt powersupply. I hooked up the LED to a resistor and going through the drain and source to the +5.5 volt and gnd so the LED lights up. Whenever I apply the negative voltage to the gate the transistor should turn off, right? well whenever I do nothing happends. When I touch the gate with my finger the LED turns on (no current) so the LED turns off. Sometimes when I touch it again it turns off (LED on). sometimes it just turns off when I touch it. When I touch a grounded (real ground, for like anti static stuff) aligator clip it does the same as my body. When I touch the -5.5 volt with one hand and touch the gate with the other nothing happends. Sometimes by how far away my finger to the gate the LED goes up and down in brightness. My questions is how can I turn the transistor on (so that the LED turns off) when I apply a voltage to the gate?

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"related" column acting strangely

Finding that with both Chrome and Firefox: 1. go to any Instructable 2. look at "related" 3. click "see more" 4. I get the same page with five more related 5. this is normal and desireable 1. go to any Instructable 2. click "download" 3. look at "related" 4. click "see more" 5. I get a new page of "everything" instead of the same page with five more related; the address of the new page seems always to be: 6. this started for me a week or so ago and seems very consistent (at least for me); would appreciate if someone would look at this 7. maybe this is happening to others? W7 64bit

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Strangely behaving circuit, why? Answered

I have a circuit with a Lithium battery driving 12 same LEDs in a parallel setup. The circuit looks like this: (also visible at the bottom of the question) The battery is charged to 3.8V and the LEDs have all around 2.73 forward voltage and they're rated for 20mA. According to my calculations the resistance should be much higher for the circuit to have 240mA (20mA*12) current but even with this low resistance the current is not enough. And that is what I don't understand. I even used this ( calculator according to which I should use 4.7Ohm resistor. But even in my circuit with such low resistance I only get about 194mA. The other strange thing is that when I measure current flowing through one of the LEDs it's about 25mA which doesn't add up. 25*12=300 not 194. Where is the current coming from? And why is the current so low when the resistance is only about 1 ohm? Thank you for any suggestions. PS: I also tried using a LM317T in a current regulator setup but it didn't work either. The current was calculated to be 240mA but was much much lower and when I tried to use 5V power supply the current raised (which it shouldn't when using voltage regulator) but still wasn't 240mA.

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NPN BJT strange behavior? Answered

My linear power supply design has been using a PNP MJE2955 pass transistor wired to a 2N4401 as a complementary darlington configuration, but this was not an inherently stable design, and would oscillate when adding output smoothing capacitors, particularly MLCC types (with very low ESR). So I decided to try the far more common darlington arrangement, although I am not fond of the higher voltage drop. However the output was oscillating at approximately 3KHz with 1uF output capacitance, with NO input to darlington. I removed the 2N4401 so all I had left was just a 2N3055 transistor with the emitter connected to the output and the collector connected to a 20V supply. The output was ringing like crazy. The oscillation frequency could be changed by adding/removing output capacitance. Why is this happening? How should I go about stopping this oscillation? I originally had a 4.7k resistive load on the output but it did not significantly affect the output oscillation.

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So I was testing my NAR and my TR18 next to each other and noticed that the NAR doesn't really like finned  rods.  In some cases it actually shot normal red rods further than finned ones; anyone else noticed anything like this? I'm sure it's not a problem with the fins; my TR18 shot them about twice as far with the same bands as the NAR.  I think it may be because you have to place the fins further forward on the rod because of the bullet lock. On an unrelated note, I don't really make all that much myself, I modify other peoples' things, so if you want me to give any weapons a new better looking and more comfortable body (if you say a WORD about that DJ...), just say and I'll see what I can do.  I'll only accept your own designs, no volunteering others' work.  If you want me to do someone else's design, send them a PM and get them to speak to me directly.  And no TRs. I would upload some pictures of my previous work, but my library on the site has been mysteriously emptied, and I can't find them in my picture folders.  I still have a mod of SK's shotbow built, so I'll post a picture of that as an edit later if there's interest. EDIT:  Pictures of my shotbow, two very old Striker mods (IaC's Striker), an old one of my TR18 (I made it much better than it is shown here, but this is the only picture I could find), and something I think I modded from IaC's assault pistol (this one was one of my first attempts at a mod and isn' my best work).

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Strange problems with the mouse and keyboard? Answered

Must be bad karma for the new year but both my mouse and my keyboard are playing games with me on the PC. Of course they are wireless, mouse is a Logitech, keyboard some very old Aldi brand. After many years of good service they started to fail at the same time. And yes, I tried fresh batteries several times with no luck ;) Here are the current symptoms: 1. Keyboard Randomly keys I press fail to show up although the blinking on the receiver indicates an action was received. When typing a bit faster, and for me that is the two-finger-best-hope method a lot gets lost. My speed is slow enough to make a bad typist laugh in tears LOL In some rare cases I also get totally wrong results, usually somethe graphical character that otherwise need and ascii input to appear. 2. Mouse At times when the keyboard plays up the little rodent does the same. Here it means the pointer disappears or moves in jumps. Also mouse clicks on let's say a tab in the bowser often grab the tab or are not registered at all. It is now starting to annoy me, mainly bcause I failed to rectify this problem in any good way. Only system change in or before the problems started was the usual Windows 7 monthly update, but that came about a week before it all started. To make things worse the mouse uses Logitechs old wireles tech while the keyboard is in a totally different frequency and as said dirt cheap. I also fail to replicate the problem consistently or find a common cause. Funny thing: If used on my old Nexus tablet both perform just fine even from over 5m away. Would love to hear some thoughts on things to try or check... But so you know: Tried the drivers, different ports relocating the receivers and even a rollback of Windows to a state from Nov last year. Everything else connected to the USB ports performs fine. Am at the stage where I even accept weird things to try, so fire up please!

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Samsung monitor strange behavior?

I have a samsung S27A350H 27" 1080p TN Monitor which for a long time has worked just fine, permanently plugged into the HDMI of my old desktop. However I now have a better laptop which replaced the desktop, but I find that the monitor occasionally will not display a picture when plugged into my computer. I have nvidia display output settings set to output 1920*1080, 60p, with full (not limited) 8 bit colorspace. I do not know the settings of the HDMI output. I find that if I close my laptop lid, W10 goes into either a sleep or hibernate mode, and stops providing a signal to the monitor. If I wake windows again, the monitor will not display anything. Windows appears to detect the monitor fine and extend my desktop as it should when this monitor is detected. However the monitor appears to bounce between looking for a "digital" and "analog" source (HDMI and VGA respectively) Unplugging and replugging the HDMI connector has no effect. Windows detects the monitor fine, monitor does not. Changing the output resolution, frame rate, and colorspace does not appear to change this behavior. The monitor requires a deep power-cycle. Powering it off for several minutes (supposedly to allow charge to bleed away from internal capacitors.) usually (but not always) temporarily fixes the issue. The length of time needing to be unplugged seems to vary between seconds and days. When the monitor enters this nonfunctional state, no HDMI signal is detected. (tested by replacing my computer HDMI source with a raspberry pi. I did not go so far as to adjust the HDMI output settings of the Pi by editing the config file, but the settings were previously changed to optimize the picture quality with this particular monitor in the past anyway. This monitor appears to have a simalar issue with the VGA adaptor. However fixing it is generally a matter of unplugging the VGA and plugging it back in again, or opening up the display settings on W10. Online sources appear to suggest that a firmware bug in the monitor is the culprit, and the only way to fix the monitor is to connect the monitor via VGA and use the samsung firmware tool for this monitor to update / reflash the firmware,the explanation being that a bug in the firmware causes it to overwrite parts of itself, corrupting itself as a result. However the executable provided by Samsung immediately crashes after a successful installation of it and the driver when clicking to reflash the firmware in the software. I found no information regarding the error message that appears. (note my current and only laptop does not have a VGA output. Not sure if this is the reason it crashes, the error message does not give much detail. ---- When I first received this (supposedly broken) monitor from my uncle for free, I found that it was under the warranty period and the problem at the time was that it would not display VGA or HDMI signals. Samsung offered to repair the monitor under it's warranty, and since, it has worked fine, being connected to my main computer permanently.  I suspect the problem then is the same one manifesting now.

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What "strange" things have you eaten?

The things that your culture find quite normal to eat might seem very strange and disgusting to others. What kind of food have you eaten that you think others will be revolted by? I've eaten Snake, Dog, Snails, Shark, Eel, Reindeer, Donkey, Crickets, Ants I'd like to try Guinea Pig and Whale I could consider Rat and Cat I don't think that I'd like to try Larvae and Live Octopus

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What was in water something like crayfish but without pliers and tail and smaller, going on bottom of my looks strange with its legs!! i am scared HELP!!! I am scared!!!

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Something quite odd happened...

Ok so I had some trouble sleeping the other night, in fact I had an awful lot of trouble and ended up not sleeping for for near enough 48 hours, not unusual for me considering all the stuff happening but read on... I had sprained or stretched almost every muscle in my upper body before this happened and it had been hurting like hoohah just to move, I sit up reading etc for several hours and then descend to start the monrings activities and I noticed that all of a sudden everything has healed, even the massive pain in my shoulder from a fight during which my arm got twisted to almost dislocation... Any theories on why this might have happened, the only thing I can think of is the fact that by being awake and not moving too much it was like sleep as far as healing goes but my metabolism was higher since I wasn't sleeping... Does that sound plausible?

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There is a strange problem with my freezer... Things come out smelling strange. Answered

I have a freezer full of various foods.  Most recently I have found a bit of trouble with my meat.  I pulled out some ground beef that I put in at the beginning of October and after a thaw it smelled bad.  I recognise the smell as it happened once before but went away with no apparent cause.  It is technically safe to eat the meat (I did last time.  It tasted revolting and I had to throw the whole meal away.) but with the taste and a chemo-weakened person in the house I won't be risking it anyway.  I can tell it takes time to acquire the smell because it didn't have anywhere as strong an effect on the piece that was only up there for one week.  No one could tell the smell was there after the cooking process. Does anyone know of any likely causes or solutions? To get the obvious out of the way: nothing else rotted and left behind the smell during a power outage. it wasn't rotten when I put it in Thanks, Karl

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How does this effect happen?

Ok now on a night out all the photos were taken with a friends camera, now it had a very strange effect on eyes, see the picture, both her and I have brown eyes, how exactly do we end up with blue? Almost all the photos it takes do this, no problems with anything at all but eyes, even glasses and windows come out normally but the eyes...

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What are these used for? I found these "Scissors that don't cut anything" in a grab bag at Goodwill. Answered

Hi everybody! I found these scissors in a grab bag at goodwill, but they don't really cut anything. They just kind of dent it. There is a sort of blade on one side, but on the other side there is just a groove in the plastic. I went and tried to google everything I could think of today, but I didn't find anything similar. I also took them to my local craft store and they didn't know either. Anyone have any ideas? My best guess is that maybe you could use them for bending wire edged ribbon, or possibly for some flower arranging purpose. The serrated edge on the top is kind of sharp, so I suppose you could saw something(stems) with it, and maybe strip the leaves from stems with the strange hex hole in the middle, however it is plastic, so I am not sure that it would hold up very well. Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi, I was very busy trying to post a new instructable, it is not published yet.  a few minutes ago i went back to edit it and error message came up. So i refreshed the page, same thing...just won't let me update... does this normally happen?

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What in god's name is wrong with my head?

Umm basically I was taking a poke through my computer and found photoshops and the like that make so little sense to me it's unreal, the sheep thing was in my uploads, I have no idea where I used it in 'ibles but I did... I mean these are things I've made for some reason but I have no idea why, ninja sheep, magic stickmen, bush-zilla...

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Instructable idea: cat stuff

Okay, so as you can see by the picture, some company has made these brainwave controlled cat ears. Needless to say, they are extremely amusing to see. My idea was to try and add onto that idea with a cat tail. I was thinking of using something to monitor, say, heart rate, and use some sort of microcontroller to run four servos linked through a super-simple spine robot. it would need some sort of secure backplane to support the base of the robot and the servo mechanism, as well as to hold the electronics. Or I guess you could try and make it brain controlled as well, although that would be more difficult. But for heart rate, perhaps as heart rate increased, the tail would start to move and twitch more? I would try and build it, but i have no experience with microcontrollers (or programming) and not enough spare money at this moment. So I am throwing this idea out there too whoever wants to make it (and probably make money on it.) Anyways, have fun.

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What is the strangest looking insect you ever encountered?

Here around me the summer is on the way! This not only means a never ending supply of mozzies but also that after a bit of rain you have a concert every evening. If you ever saw a game of soccer you know the sound of the whistle the referee uses - it is painful at close range. Now imagine you relax in your garden and right next to your chair exactly this sound comes out of the ground! Of course if you are like me and it happend during a holiday the first time you might want to investigate. But once you move the sound stops, if it starts again and you are careful you will find a small hole in the ground that seems to be the outlet of a small speaker LOL The really hard part is to actually get the thing producing the sound, I tried many times and out of ten I usually only get two out of the ground. Was too lazy so I borrowed the pic from this website, which has a lot more info on the insect in question too. What you get out of the ground looks like a cloning experiment gone wrong. A maggot like body with legs, under-developed wings (they make the noise) and a head like something from your latest horror movie. To top it all up you also get a lobster like claw that is surprisingly powerful. Fun fact: The numph of the cicada is considered to be the loudest insect of earth, reaching up to 130 decibles at the hole! And because you might think all ugly babies will be be beautiful once grown up I just say that mum and dad would not win and beauty competition either LOL Stick insects are cool, these creatures are just out of this world! What have you encountered that is weird enough to post?

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i had this really weird dream with the person i like? Answered

Just to start it off, it was a really fudged up dream, and I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean. I've been looking around and i think i know dreams are like your subconscience regurgitating everything you see, hear, and well just everything but this is just...something else. So basically the dream starts of with me walking out of the subway and for some weird reason I feel that some guy, lets call him bob for now, is following me, few minutes later when i walk out of the road i see the guy thats following me (like in third person) so i start running, then I see the girl i like randomly in the streets and I for some reason I brought her with me cause we were in danger or something. Then out of no where bob decides to randomly pop out in front of me so we ran up this construction building. Then again out of nowhere, i randomly have this master person protecting me and hes trying to shoot bob but bob shot him and he was like "carry on it would be safer for you" so we went down the construction site building thingy, and theres some weird ritual that makes some random other guy, lets call him ben, control your mind. Then the girl like contributed in the dance ritual thingy and i was like "noo don't we need to go" then bob comes back so i tried to bring her with me but she slapped me (lol) so i ran and ended up in the middle of an intersection and randomly 4 bobs popped out of nowhere surrounding me and they were like getting closer then i woke up. i had this exact dream 3 times in one night and woke up 3 times as well, well i did sleep for a really long time (11 hours) if that has anything to do with it. So I am just really lost on what this means, if it even means anything..

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How to get data off a strangely burnt CD? Answered

Hi all, I was wondering how I could get data off a CD with really strange burning marks (see pic) because it has a backup of pictures it is needed to be working, and we don't have the original photos from the disc. When I try to access it on my computer, "My Computer" freezes so I can't veiw the contents of the disc Any help greatly appreciated.

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strange fluid inside a rear projection tv i was pulling apart? Answered

So i was disassembling a toshiba rear projection for the fresnel lense, and figured i'd pull the rest of it apart and see what parts i could salvage, i got to the gun assembly (i think its called that) and was pulling one of the guns to bits to salvage the lens mount and discovered there was some sort of liquid between the gun and the lenses, it smelt strongly like alcohol and burnt when i held a flame to it long enough, i got some on my hands and my hands started getting a burning sensation so i washed it off and stored it in an icecream container can anyone tell me what the liquid is? why is it inside the tv/projection guns? 

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