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Streaming video

So I bought a hidden camera off eBay, and it's a total joke. The receiver is decent, but the camera itself, not so much. It is connected to a 9 volt battery, and the only way to have the battery last longer than 3 hours is to attach multiple batteries in a parallel circuit. I was wondering if there was a way I could, using the camera, record the video directly like using a video camera. The camera is small which is good, but I need a better way to record video. Thanks in advance.

Topic by Blogger545  

Stream to speakers?

Is there anyway to make it so my macbook wirelessley streams whatever music im playing to the speaker set in my room. I have a macbook and a fairley new speaker set, i think the kind of thing id be looking for is a slingbox. any suggestions?

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Netflix streaming limit?

If I heard it right, there's gonna be a Netflix streaming limit that's only gonna let you stream one movie at a time. Well that just sucks, I wanna be able to watch Netflix streaming movies on more devices since I don't always want to watch the same movie the rest of the family is watching. So is there any way to download Netflix movies and work around that Netflix movie streaming rule or anything like that?

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Streaming TV over the internet? Answered

Is there a way i could stream my cable television across the internet to my business so we could watch tv there, kind of like a slingbox but for way cheaper and more DIYish

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Netflix streaming capture question?

This question on Netflix streaming capture is mostly for educational purpose at the moment, I guess. I was thinking of switching to Netflix streaming only subscription and downgrade or even give up dvd rentals, since they are planning to switch plans any time soon. I don't wanna hog up the computer for watching streaming movies all the time so I was wondering if it's possible to capture Netflix streaming in some way and save Netflix streaming movies to hdd. Any ideas on how it could be done,  theoretically of course?

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streaming audio between PC's? Answered

i would like to be able to connect my laptop's audio somehow to my PC first i thought i'd just connect the headphone out to the mic in on my PC, but that gives *alot* of interference, altough i do hear my music after that i tried searching for some software that would just stream it to my PC, but all i could find was software to stream to PS3's, stereo's and other stuff so my question is: how can i stream/connect the audio from my laptop to my PC?? edit: solved with a couple of resistors in the cable

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Make the stream do the work !

I live 150' from a swift flowing stream (about 35 vertical feet from stream to house) and I am looking for a way to use the energy of the stream to pump water uphill to my garden and a "water feature" I'm building. My wife is more concerned about how the contraption will look in her yard, but I simply want something that will work. ANY advice would be appreciated ! Thanks

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Help with (streaming) radio, please...

Hello, everyone. I am trying to get live radio stations streamed on my laptop... so far I haven't found anything, and I don't even know if something like this exists. It would be helpful if someone could possibly help me find a program that could stream radio stations. If I need to buy a radio tuner for my laptop or something, I will, but if there is software for streaming it, I would like that better. Thanks to all the Instructables users for all of the help.

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IR LED's, and the blood stream? Answered

Hey I am in the process of trying out a circuit that will act as a portable pluse checker. I was hoping on using the IR LED's to reflect light from the clot of blood and if it bounces off (which it should) it will be picked up by a IR Detector. The whole project rests on the question if the IR light will bounce off the blood in my veins, and if it will be picked up by the detector. So i ask you....will this work? Please keep in mind I am trying to keep the project simple, so no programming would be great!

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Is there any way to stream a DVD or a Blu Ray disc from a home theater player to a tablet PC?

Folks, I've searched and searched.  But wouldn't it be nice to be able to put a movie in to your Blu Ray player and stream it via either WiFi or Bluetooth TO your tablet. I'd like to be able to do this as tablets generally don't have HDMI jacks and if they do it's only to stream content FROM the tablet. I'd like to be able to sit in my recliner and watch a movie on a DVD or BR I already own, while my wife watches something else.  Developers take note;  I contacted the WiFi alliance and spoke to a fellow there who hadn't even thought of the idea. If someone comes up with an application and/or a device that would make this possible they could  make some serious income patenting it.  Just give me a free unit to evaluate if you do :).

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how to hard wire Roku?

am using DSL. want to know how to hard wire Roku for streaming netflix etc?

Question by raymetoo    |  last reply

Streaming a video with a 20 minute delay?

I'm working on a project where I'd like to continuously record video from a camera and play it back on a projector, but the playback should have a 20 minute delay from the recording. Any thoughts on which tools to use? I'm considering writing something in OpenGL to take video input and play it back, but I suspect there may be an easier way. Thanks!

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Facebook Spotify music streaming partnership?

Guess this seems to be all over the news, that they're planning to bring out some new Facebook Spotify music streaming service in a couple of weeks or so. Sounds to me like a quite good idea the Facebook Spotify partnership, I heard Spotify is a good music streaming service with loads of music. If you guys already use Spotify music streaming, is it as good as I've heard and is it gonna get even better with facebook partnership?

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How stream video to computer or mobile? Answered

Hey so I want to build a tank but I need to be able to have wireless live video streaming from the tank to like a computer, laptop, mobile devices. What's the cheepest option? Thanks!

Question by HavocRC    |  last reply

Possible to save Lovefilm movie streaming?

Dunno if any of you guys use Lovefilm to stream movies and tv shows online, but if you do, just been wondering if it's actually worth getting a Lovefilm subscription. They also throw in some dvd rentals but I'm more interested in the movie streaming part and how good  it is. Wondering as well if it would be possible to download or save streaming movies or tv shows from Lovefilm to the hard disk or anything like this, for  a little bit of time shifting on my devices. If any of you guys use Lovefilm to stream movies, I sure could use a couple of opinions on it.

Question by beenalonso    |  last reply

Cool internet streaming radio stations?

Just been thinking what good internet streaming radio stations do you guys have been listening to lately? My budget for buying and downloading mp3 music tracks has gone down the drain lately and I wanna start spending way less money for downloading mp3 tracks so I figured I can just listen to  music online on some streaming sites like youtube or use internet streaming radio stations that play good music. What web radio stations or music streaming sites do you guys usually go to , that is if you listen to music  online?

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Motion stream crashing [Raspberry Pi]

Recently, I've been toying around with a USB webcam and a little addon called "Motion" on my rasberry pi 2. My goal was to make and dd treating webcam. I successfully done this, but not without encountering a major issue. When I connect to my stream, it works for a few seconds, then motion crashes. I can tell because the little light on the webcam goes out. Why on earth is it doing that?

Topic by Dashing Rainbow Dash  

iTunes keeps "Re-buffering stream"?

Hello! lately i have had a lot of troubles with iTunes, mostly it doesn't want to load or won't allow me to purchase things. i've tried reloading Itunes twice and that works for a day or two then its back to not working. i have got the latest version and a good internet connection. the most common problem lately is when i try to listen to a preview of a song it will play it for a few seconds then stop and say "opening URL Re-Buffering Stream" and that happens on every preview I've tried? it continually does it, saying that every few seconds... it worked fine yesterday and i was able to listen to previews without any trouble but this morning its back to the Re-buffering thing? i don't really want to call Apple help as there doesn't appear to be a section for this kind of thing and they ask for personal information... has anyone else had this problem and know how i can fix it? thank you! from AAG

Question by AussieAnglerGal    |  last reply

How to turn on and off a stream of gas?

The exact setup I have is a little difficult to explain, but basically I'm designing an extremely simple heat engine, based on boiling ethanol, and need to be able to mechanically alternate the flow of vapour. I have a little boiler, sealed except for a pipe out of which the vapour escapes. This lifts the column of ethanol in the pipe, pouring it into a water wheel which turns. The ethanol then runs back through a second pipe into the system to be pumped up again. It works, and fairly well since I'm not looking to get a lot of power or efficiency, but only if I pinch the tube on and off. This allows the bubbles to collapse, which sucks in more ethanol to replace them. When I release the tube the bubbles rush out, lifting the eths, and repeat. I have two valves to keep the system one directional. So now I'm looking for a way to automate the opening and closing of the gas feed. I've been trying a few things but nothing seems to work well enough yet. The other consideration is that; due to the nature of the larger project, whatever I use has to be extremely simple to construct, preferably from reclaimable materials. 1 second on, 1 second off seems to work best. Any ideas? cheers, Daniel.

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Can I stream my computer screen to my iPod laglessly? Answered

I have a spare hdmi cable and a lightining charger for my ipod... By linking them can I stream my computer screen view directly to my ipod screen... (laglessly)? If not how would I go about doing so? Thanks.

Question by Digital Flame    |  last reply


With the flood of spammers offering streaming or downloads of films and shows, can you add new words to the filters to lock them out ?

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

help with bluetooth? Answered

Hi i need to connect my ipod dock to my  macbook pro via bluetooth all i need is a little device that can pug into a standard headphone socket and receive audio it will be fine if it only works on pc 

Question by techxpert    |  last reply

Does a laser diode produce a plasma stream?

I was working on a project and I needed a laser that produced a plasma stream and the cheapest thing I could think of is a laser diode.

Question by Iwantbigboom    |  last reply

Could I download Netflix streaming movies?

It's great that I can use Netflix instant streaming to watch movies and tv episodes online, but been wondering if it would be possible to also download instant streaming  Netflix movies or tv shows to computer. If any of you guys tried to download or save Netflix streaming movies to computer, is there any real possibility to also download movies from Netflix ? Would appreciate any ideas on this.

Question by billausten    |  last reply

Can an xbee send live video streaming? Answered

Well, the header says it all. SKC

Question by Balls of Kevlar    |  last reply

How to clear out a very muddy stream?

I plan on launching my boat out of the stream behind our house its definately deep enough for one but it is covered in mud. how can I clear it out well a canal without a water pump?

Question by jaymanx    |  last reply

Is there a way to create your own CCTV video cameras from used digital cameras with the capability to take video?

Essentially I want to create a little army of my own CCTV cameras to install around the perimeter of my house as my own security system without relying on the expensive systems available for purchase at a security services store. my Idea is to have the camera wired to a central computer system where all the other cameras are hooked up to. the cameras would also be connected to my houses electrical supply versus powered on rechargeable batteries. the cameras would in effect be set onto the video taking setting for live streaming to the central computer where everything is stored. would this necessitate the creation of a program to accommodate multiple feeds ? Any tips/help/input/complete solution would be awesome thanks

Question by GrahamFischer    |  last reply

How to stream music on your phone from laptop?

I want to know how to play music on my mobile phone from laptop via bluetooth or wifi? I have Nokia Lumia 520 Windows phone 8 and HP 2121TU Notebook PC. The phone specification says it has A2DP bluetooth profile.

Question by smandal13    |  last reply

Quick! Stop surfing, it's gone main-stream.

I don't surf (that's the North Sea out there!), but I can see the attraction. Unfortunately, so can the DINKYs - surfing is turning as cutting edge and "street" as golf.Apparently the latest wave of people into surfing are so rich that estate agents have found a significant niche market - people buying property to store their surfboards!

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Which tablet or kindle type tablet should I buy, specifically from Answered

Recently received a $150.00 gift certificate from instructables and was initially looking for a e-book type reader.  Soon discovered some offer video as well, oooh video.  Of course none of these are of the e-paper type and are all lcd type displays so battery life wouldn't be great.  Can anyone recommend a tablet that works well as an e-book and also streams video as well.  3g is of no importance as it is not supported in my geographical neck of the woods.  WIFI is required though.  In addition I am really trying to use just the 150$ for the item, I'll pay extra for the shipping.

Question by iminthebathroom    |  last reply

How to rip/download movies from Lovefilm? Answered

Basically you can stream Lovefilm movies online and I wanted to know, if it is possible of course, how to rip/ download streaming movies and tv episodes from Lovefilm to my computer for some offline watching. Not 100% percent how this works, suppose it's not your usual online video streaming, like the one you get from youtube, so that I could rip/ download lovefilm movie streams with just about any video downloader program. Might just be wrong, but anyhow would appreciate your suggestions.

Question by sirmarcalot    |  last reply

How do I play a Windows Media audio stream through iTunes?

The stream is located at

Question by djmcjiggles  

How to record movies from internet? What stream recorder and downloader should I use to download movies from websites? Answered

 Hello, Is there any stream recorder software which can record and download movies and videos from websites which could both record and convert flash videos or even online streaming movies and videos? I know that there are many such tools which can download and record movies and videos from internet but unfortunately not all of them can capture and download from all the streaming online movies or videos websites. Thank you and any help is appreciated.

Question by KendraK    |  last reply

Streaming VGA from a PC over IP to an Android or iOS Tablet

Needing ideas on how to stream the VGA output of a PC over a network so that an Andoid or iOS Tablet can be used to monitor it remotely (in the same network) by accessing the IP address.  I have a machine at work and  I want to remotely monitor the screen. Looking for ideas either on ready-made off the shelf components/software or ideas on how to build something to do this. I have done web searches for such equipment and everything that I have found seems to be enterprise level (read extremely expensive) Notes: 1.  This is for video only.  Sound is not necessary. 2.  Also, this needs to be on the output side of the computer and software running on the host computer is not an option as the machine is a DOS machine. Any thoughts? Thanks, Tom

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Does anyone know how to capture Netflix live video streams? Answered

This question on how to capture Netflix live video streams has been bugging me since a couple of months ago. I have looked around a bit for ways to capture or record Netflix video streaming ,but I since I am still new to this sort of thing I didn't quite understand how this can be done. I was hoping that someone does know how to record Netflix movies and could help me with a couple of ideas.

Question by merrye  

How to stream live video from a webcam using raspberry pi?

Hi, I have had my raspberry pi for about 3 months now and I purchased it with the intention of mounting it on an RC car so I can have live video. The problem is that the pi doen't support flash so I cannot simpley run my webcam through a program like skype. I have bought a wifi usb dongle with the rtl8188cus chip and want to be able to drive it within range of my modem. I also a have a proper tx and rx for an rc plane because I prefer the joystick control. So the olny thing the raspberry pi needs to do is stream live video at a high fps. Can anyone provide me with instructions on how I can stream live video at high fps on my raspberry pi? Thanks, David.

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Stream video from OV7670 18 pins using arduino uno

I purchased OV7670 camera module and i stuck with it that how i connect this module having 18 pins to arduino uno. From last 5 days i am in search of the help but no forum can help me till yet. This is my final sem project and if this module will not work them my project will be considered as incomplete. So please help me out because i dont know even how to connect this ov7670 with 18 pin to arduino uno and to stream video live. modules i purchased are as follows: 1. Arduino Uno 2. Ov7670 Camera Module C4B1 3. esp8266 4. sd card adapter

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These "drugs" that Lance Armstrong "took", where they muscled or put in the blood stream? Answered

Is there only one way to inject these performance enhancing goods? 

Question by onrust    |  last reply

No Electricity and No Stream; How Can I Move Water From Well?

I have raw land, in a State Park, which has no access to electricity or running water (stream or otherwise).  I am trying to build an aquaponics farm, however I don't have access to electricity for a well to deliver water to the system, or to the air pumps for aeration.  Any advise?  I need to know how to get water out of the well, and how to aerate the water for the fish and plants, without electricity.  I looked into Solar PV and wind turbines, and they are out of my budget. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update *03/08/13* Thank you all for the wonderful help and suggestions.  I am going to try several of these to determine the best fit.  Also, please keep the suggestions coming, I will continue testing methods, even after setup.

Topic by msilverstein1    |  last reply

Is there a place on Instructables that I could view a stream of 'most recent instructables' ? Answered

I would like to see a feed of all instructables submitted in more-or-less chronological order regardless of whether they are featured or not.  Does something like that exist?  If there isn't, could you guys have a 'master list' section where you can see everything as it comes in without having to look up each individual category?

Question by phish814    |  last reply

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Topic by DELETED_mrazu  

How do I stream movies from iMac to Macbook Pro wirelessly, without buying any software?

I'm aware you can use the built-in file sharing system, but I've encountered problems with that. Yet I have no problems streaming 720p movies wireless to my PS3 with Vuze. Anyone know of any free software? All I'm aware of is "Orb". And obviously I'm looking for a Mac-to-Mac way to do this.

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Getting laptop to stream to ecm in car

Topic by clamp    |  last reply

Can I stream steam games from my AMD GPU- powered computer to a raspberry pi?

It looks like this is possible with an Nvidia GPU, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this with my AMD based card. Everything I've found online seems fairly dated, and I was wondering if there have been any updates to this. Thanks

Topic by NickE12    |  last reply

How do I stream H264 from Raspberry Pi to Paspberry Pi?

Doing a college project in which we need to stream live footage from on Pi to another over a network. We are using two Pi B+'s and the Pi Cam. We have no issues connecting the Pis, it's only the streaming that we have difficulties with. There is nothing that we've found yet that works and we have tried a lot. It would also be helpful if we input to a terminal at the same time but that all being hidden because we need to control servo motors too which are already working. All inputs and displays need to be on one Pi and the other Pi is connected to the Pi Cam and servo motors. We have heard that a common video from for the Pi Cam is H264 it doesn't have to be that if better options are available.

Question by DanielS13    |  last reply

G-Code interpreter/loader/streaming for Arduino UNO without Stepper Drivers?

I have a MAXNC CL10 mill, which stopped working a few weeks ago, PICs not working... Anyway, Looking for a sketch to interpret G-code and drive the unipolar motors. I searched around and founded Grbl and a few others, which uses driver circuits, but I don't know enough about programming to change them to what I can use. Any hints, pointers, road maps would be helpful.

Question by steeldragonmaster    |  last reply

Amazing Battery

This looks relatively easy to make;A stream of water is split into two streams and falls through two bottomless cans into two buckets. The falling water creates opposite electrical charges in the buckets, and high voltage arcs jump between them periodically.

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How to rip video from hulu?

Hulu is streaming their video in RTTP and it's impossible to download it as flash, like you do when video streamed normally, via HTTP. Is there any way to rip it after all?

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​I want to power a HP stream mini desktop 200-010 using two 12 V batteries.

And then connect a 3G Lowrance radar to the computer. I searched a lot but couldn't find any that is helpful. Please help me.

Question by DeepikhaN    |  last reply