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thermocole strength

Hey guys,could you tell me how i can strengthen thermocole board(i mean make it strong enough to hold a a dictionary)? dont suggest using another substance like wood or hard cardboard cuz where i stay these stuff ar waaaay off my budget.

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Signal strength?

We have a satelite dish on the roof for sending and receiving email. It is called Surfbeam . How can we use the computer to check our signal strength. Our house is settling and they want $100. to send a man up with a meter he uses on the roof. How can we do it. We have electronic knowlege and am an Amature Radio Operator. Please help

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Is the strength of blacklight Flourescence proportionate to the strength of the source, or is there a threshold?

Say I have a black light hooked up to a dimmer switch and a material that fluoresces under black light. As I gradually increase the 'brightness' of the black light, can I expect the fluorescent material to fluoresce gradually brighter, or is there a definite 'threshold' below which there is no fluorescence? Will the same hold true for IR-fluorescent materials and IR sources? Thanks in advance!

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Magnet strength for DIY VAWT

Hi, does anyone know if it is better to get stronger magnets for a DIY turbine? Is it always better, or only to a certain degree?

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What is the strength of the other charge?

I need help with solving this problem in physics class. I know Coulombs equation F= k(q1q2)/r^2 The force between two charges is 2 newtons. The distance between the charges is 2 x 10 ^ -4 meters. If one of the charges is 3 x 10 ^ -6 C, What is the strength of the other charge?

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Needed DC motor strength? Answered

So me and a pal are looking at building an electric racer, and wonderd, if two 36V 850W were enough? its gonna carry one person, the motors, 3 12V lead-acid and the frame of the car (made out of less than 12meters of 30/30/3mm steel) thanks :)

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strength specs for electric conduit

Does any one know strength specs for electric conduit? as some of you have read in my previous posts, i plan on making a hammock stand and it needs to hold at least 170 lbs to be on the safe side (i plan on gaining weight during this jolly Christmas season). i have the design below so if anyone can put in some constructive input that would be great. I am thinking about going with either 1" or 3/4" EMT. if there are other metal tubes that are stronger but also relatively cheap please let me know. Thank you for your help and patience on my re-posts of the same topic.

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What factors affect signal strength?

I made a signal boosting rig out of cardboard and aluminum for my router for my PS3 to access it ('cause I can't move the router in my current situation). So anyways it started out boosting a 17% average signal strength to a strong 50%. But now a couple of months later, it's maxing out at 23% and it's been happening for a couple of weeks now. Also, my ps3 absolutely refuses to work with anything below 25%. So what changed? I haven't moved the rig since I set it up and none of the furniture has moved either. The only factor I can think of is the changing of the seasons. Anything else that could of caused this?

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material(wire,rope.ribbon) with tensile strength 20 lbs in air but no strength in liquid water. Answered

Something strong in air (tensile) but nothing when submerged in water. thanks mark

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how to increase 12v, 45A battery life.

How can i increase the life spam or strength of a 12v 45A battery 

Question by agasco    |  last reply

What kind of strength do studs (2x4) in your wall have? Is there a way to "boost" their strength?

I just moved into a new place, and am renting.  I want to install a hammock into the studs, but the landlord feels it will put too much strain on the frame.  The studs are 2x4, and I was wondering, if by placing a 2x6 or something board between (bridging) two studs, if I could achieve enough strength to not hurt the studs. Any suggestions welcome :) Thanks Lisa

Question by sbcwolff    |  last reply

Audio frequency and signal strength sensor: is there such thing?

Hi, I'd like to know if there's a sensor easily used with an Arduino that detects the signal strength of a sound of frequency determined by me. I want this to make a sensor that can be used to measure its distance to the emitting object omni-directionally, ie, not like ultrasonic or IR distance sensors, which only sense what's in front of them. I want the sensor to sense the SPACE AROUND it, like... spherically. If you know of a sensor that does that in another way, I'd LOVE to hear about it. I've been searching for something like that for a long time... Anyway, I just need a sensor - cheap, preferably :) - that senses the signal strength of a wave of frequency x. By the way, the distance range to be measured is about 10 - 150cm... Thanks!

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How strong is pvc pipe?

 I'm trying to build a bed loft type thing similar to this I'm thinking about using pvc pipe though because its cheaper/easier, but my only worry is if it will  hold weight. I want to put a hammock on the bottom (occasionally 2 people so ~250lbs) and a piece of plywood on top to make a shelf.  Thanks

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Hi all dear friend i am a wireless cable services provider please help me how can i strong my service note i am not a rich man i am poor man thanks for all brothers

Topic by hearthunter4gf    |  last reply

What would cause a brushed motor to lose strength? Answered

Hi gang, My wife used her mixer to make two pounds of dough for years, but recently the motor would struggle and eventually stop.  The only way to use the mixer now is to make smaller batches of dough. I took a look under the hood, and all seems OK.  The brushes on the motor are clean and making good contact, the cooling fan moves air over the motor as it should, all the gears were well lubricated and moved freely, nothing was broken. What made the motor lose it's mojo?  Is there a way for me to make it strong again?

Question by Morgantao    |  last reply

Pressure and containment

How much pressure(Psi or atm) can this container hold? Its a mentos mint container I dont know what it is made of, Im just assuming is like aluminum or some sort. The dimensions are in the image. 

Topic by TechnoGeek026  

Pressure Container

How much Psi or atm can this mentos mint container hold if i seal it then put a vavle on it? I dont know what material it is made of, Im assuming its thin aluminum. Can anyone help me with this please.

Topic by TechnoGeek026    |  last reply

Parlor Trick Question

This fad of "planking" reminds me of a parlor trick I think I read about once. Perhaps from the 1800s. A woman lies with heels on one chair, head on another. Supposedly she has been hypnotized to be very strong. Then a heavy guy sits on her stomach. Is there a name for that? Or a place to find image, or reference?

Topic by Toga_Dan    |  last reply

new knex gun test?

Some of the micro Knex kits come with bricks, which are useful for testing a gun's strength. for example, my bolt action shotgun (youtube) has a strength of about 60%. A standard brick for building these would be a 2*4. 5 rows and five columns. how many were destroyed divided how many in total standing would get your average. I shot at about 10 feet. Hope I helped revolutionize k'nex strength tests...

Topic by knexattachments    |  last reply

how old is the person tenceing

How old do you think the person tencing is? is he/she strong or weak ANSWER 14 YEARS OLD

Topic by kiss-the-cop  

LIfe, it ends so we can learn to live. . .

It is with a VERY sad heart that I am passing along that our most beloved, and outgoing and adventurous cavy (guinea pig), Snuggles, had what appears to be a stroke, last night.   She passed this morning on the way to the vet, in my wife, Ellen's arms. She was unlike ANY piggie we've ever taken care of,  BLUE eyes (rather then the normal ruby red) and a personality that could win over the grouchiest person. Friendly, outgoing, and curiuos, she will always be remembered.  She was a bit over 5 years old and so was very old, but was very active for one so old also. We are very glad she did not suffer long howevver.

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Does the strength of the electromagnetic field of a coil depends upon the thickness of the wire? Answered

Whenever I have problems with the magnetic field strength of an electromagnet people tell to use a finer wire, I have some, its thickness is not more then the thickness of a hair, but whenever I use it, I have difficulty in connecting it with the battery because it's so thin it easily breaks off, and when I turn on the switch, it burns up instantly, maybe I am not using enough length of it. So does the field strength really increase with the decrease in thickness of the same length of the wire and same diameter of the coil, if it does than why?

Question by Wisaam    |  last reply

How much weight can drywall and the stud behind it take? I think it is a 2*4

 I am making a set of gymnastics rings so I can do strength training at home.  I almost have a planche and i hope to get it this competition season. I want to hang the rings from the ceiling with these:harborfreight 92306 and attach the rope to the wall with these:harborfreight 66458 The rope i will use will be this: harborfreight 92463 For some reason i can't post links

Question by snowluck2345    |  last reply

Knex question.

Does anyone know who's is stronger? Oodalumps's cannon or I_Am_Canadian's? They both look monstrous, but From looks, Oodalumps's looks stronger to me.

Topic by Oompa-Loompa    |  last reply

What would be a good first cellphone? Answered

Im leaning towards texting and actual strength, perhaps the G1?

Question by PKTraceur    |  last reply

Can pulse width modulation pins on arduino noticeably affect the strength of an electromagnet? Answered

I am currently designing a project in which two electromagnets cause a small metal object to levitate between them, and am trying to create an interactive interface in which gestures on a multi-touch trackpad cause the object to levitate higher or lower. My question is, is it possible to use an arduino's pulse width modulation to significantly alter the strength of an electromagnet in order to move an object at a noticeably varying distance from the electromagnet?

Question by ALogan97    |  last reply

How strong is the human skull? What material can simulate its strength?

I been experimenting with projectiles, and been wondering what can I use to simulate a human skull. I've been shooting at a 1\2 inch thick peice of wood board, the projectile made it all the way through easily. When aimed at someones head, do you think this could peirce the skull and damage the brain, or do you think the bullet will just get stuck? How strong is the human skull anyway?

Topic by IlluminatedAntichrist    |  last reply

How would I join 3 pieces of wood, perpendicularly, with equal strength, *please*? Answered

Hello, Thanks for stopping by. I've looked on the woodworking fora and I cannot see anywhere where they show how to join 3 equally-sized pieces of wood, perpendicular (right-angles) to each other. I have to make a skeletal wood frame, about 1m3 (1m each side). At each corner 3 pieces of wood will meet. I would like to join these in such a way that is easy carpentry-wise and which gives equal strength to each 'arm'. Each piece of wood is 25mm x 25mm x 1000mm long. Ideally I would like to allow for maximum face-to-face grain rather than butt/dowel-joints - otherwise the job would be simple, but too weak for my needs. Normally in woodwork such weak joints would be supported by sheets of wood or shelves to lend strength, but in this case I can only have a skeletal frame and all the strength is in the joints (approx 15 kg). Thanks.

Question by kevinhannan    |  last reply

How do I increase the signal strength of my wireless broadband card from sprint?

I own a Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U from SPRINT. Is there a way to increase the signal strength? Specially when I am indoors... THANKS!

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Wanted: 8"-10" STRONG Lazy-Susan type bearing

Hello Community! I'm in need of a strong/heavy-duty Lazy Susan-type bearing.  Looking for about 8" - 10", and a bearing capable of handling 100 - 150 lbs.  Smooth movement is a requirement.  If you have one in your junk pile that's not being used, let me know!   Thanks! huck

Topic by huck alexander    |  last reply

Knex SR-Commando Review!

Here is a review on DJ-Radio's SR-Commando! Body strength: 7/10 It's okay. Front tip 9/10. Handle strength 9/10. Bi-pod strength: Sorry I don't know I didn't build it :( Trigger strength: 10/10 It's AMAZING! Stock strength 6/10 (Hold it just on the stock and it almost cracks off.) Sight: 6/10 Power: 7/10 It's pretty good! Range: 7/10 It's pretty good! Looks:10/10 In my opinion Please comment on how I did! (You just gotta love that pic!!!)

Topic by Vynash    |  last reply

What's the best way to mount wood boards to a wall (for shelves), maintaining low visibility and high strength? Answered

I was thinking about making a custom shelf for all of my DVD/video game cases. I have very little space in my room and would like to make use of my walls. I'm going to measure everything and build the actual shelf myself using wood boards (sanded, cut, etc.). The only problem I have is mounting it to my wall. What I'm wondering is what is the best way to mount the "shelf" to the wall in the least visible way possible, while still maintaining very high strength (so that the shelf doesn't fall down)? The shelf is going to be pretty bland: no funny cuts or weird shapes, so finding a way to mount it shouldn't be a problem.

Question by Hadokendude    |  last reply

I am looking for any information about nylon, it's properties, uses, strengths, weaknesses and manufacturing.

As the title says, I'm looking for information about the material nylon. I want to know anything anyone can tell me. I am mostly wanting to know it's melting temperature, and how they prevent air pockets from forming inside nylon products during manufacturing. I would also like to know any additional information you are willing to share, such as it's uses. How rigid is it? What are it's weaknesses? How hard is it? Just anything at all, really. I thank you for any help you may offer and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Question by nomooremr.niceguy    |  last reply

Strength of plexiglass. 1/16 plexiglass as wall on 2x4 framing spaced 2ft on center. Is the plexiglass thick enough?

Nothing will be anchored to just the plexiglass, nor will anything be leaned against it. Also framing is on & anchored to concrete floor & walls. There is very little to no give in framing.

Question by Natebuilds    |  last reply

I am building a light up skateboard. Will having a deck made of acrylic with plywood affect the strength of the board?

In order to accomodate the lights needed for my light up skateboard project, I wanted to case them in acrylic sheet, and then laminate plywood layers above and below. Would this provide the sufficient strenght needed for the skateboard. Thanks :)

Question by PLdesign    |  last reply

Please help! How do I lower the current strength (Amps) in a parallel circuit so I don't fry my LEDs? Answered

I have a AC/DC adapter that gives out 4.5V and 500mA, how could I lower the strength of the current so that I can connect four LEDs (4.5V, 20mA) in parallel and not fry them? Sorry if I ask the impossible, I'm a total electric beginner. Thank you in advance!

Question by dark_boshkarin    |  last reply

Magnetics software for optimizing coil design?

Dear Instructables, I need to design coils for a matress that would emit a uniform magnetic field. Does anyone know of a free software program that plots magnetic field strength of a coil? Many thanks! Mike

Question by Cburg1    |  last reply

Caustic Soda vs Soda Ash, using to clean a bast (stem) fiber. Do they have the same affect on the strength of the fiber? Answered

I'm working on a project to clean (dissolve) bark off of some fiber that adheres to the inside of the bark. I've used caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) successfully but it weakens the fiber. Soda ash (sodium carbonate) also works and seems to have less affect on strength but I'm wondering, chemically, if there's any real difference. I don't have access to any gear to accurately measure the real tensile strength. Thanks for your help. Shanti Mama Kathmandu Nepal

Question by Shanti Mama    |  last reply

Would putting a wireless mouse receiver inside a plastic dinosaur reduce its signal strength too much to still use it? Answered

I threaded a USB extension through a plastic Triceratops, I mean Baby Torosaurus, to make using a flash drive an adventure every time, and I'd like to add my bulky wireless mouse receiver as well. So would adding this receiver To this baby Torosaurus reduce the signal by too much? The plastic is about a quarter of an inch think. And if you think it would, what would be some possible solutions? 

Question by applesnacks    |  last reply

Wi-Fi Program

I am trying out the Cantenna thing. anyways, i have a program to manage the wireless connection, but i am trying to compare signal strengths. It displays it in 5 bars, which isnt nearly as exact as i'd like it. Does anyone know of any free(or cheap) wireless signal strength monitors? Thanks. Jason

Topic by John Smith    |  last reply

Will a magnet work in space? Answered

Will a magnet work in space, if so, will its strength be affected making it seem stronger or weaker?

Question by Kaptain Kool    |  last reply

weak IR signal on DS converter remote ?

Hi there, I recently borrowed a ds converter. I'm having trouble with the IR signal strength. The remote won't work until i'm in the range of 2 to 3 feet from the DS converter box. I'm thinking, it must be weak IR signal or brightness. Can you please suggest me ways to fix it.  Thanks in advance, Rosh

Question by rosh26    |  last reply

Mars' Winch Rides!

Mars hooked up a winch so he could hoist stuff to the ceiling easily, creating instant ceiling storage space. Of course, we had to test it first. For structural strength.

Topic by stasterisk  

HOW TO STOP TODDY FROM FERMENTATION ? Toddy - Indian Local Alcoholic Drink

Toddy - Indian Local Alcoholic Drink. and local drink extracted from either a coconut tree or a Palm tree flower. In the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it is known as "Kallu".  The malays call it Tuak . Drinking toddy has the same effect as drinking any alcoholic beverage.Alcoholic Strength:  Strength of the alcohol is like wine. But is not too strong. i WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO STOP "fermentation" IF any one have an ans .please write to me or me ar                    

Question by rmschandran    |  last reply

Trying to find an instructables article this year... Answered

... about an industrial strength cleaner for age-stained (pvc?) plastic. The article focused on making old pc's / keyboards look new. Tried the search function but no luck. Thanks.

Question by nikorin    |  last reply

How can I create an electromagnetic field strong enough to attract metallic objects of about 8-6inches from me? Answered

Trying to see how I can upgrade my  magnetic glove by increasing the strength of the electromagnetic field around it presently I can attract objects just 2-3 inches and by calculation if I increase the voltage to 18v from 9v but it would result into I^2R loss besides if I can successfully increase the strength then I would be talking of how to regulate the field using muscle sensors and an arduino board .

Question by Emmanuel Caster    |  last reply

How can I make cheap honeycomb core boat hulls

I saw a 'How It's Made' episode where they revealed how to make honeycomb core simply by making a paper accordion, expanding it, dipping it in resin then sawing it into cores. I WANT TO DO THAT! They said they used a thermoplastic paper as well as a heat-activated glue. But why couldn't I use a cheaper more readily available material? Does the resin provide ALL the structural strength, or does the thermoplastic paper itself provide the strength? I would assume it's like fiberglass, whereby after it's infused with resin it's super tough... but the fiberglass itself provides strength too... What kind of material could I use for this? Straight up craft paper & elmer's glue? After the cores are cured and cut, I'll sandwich them between various layers of either wood laminate, plastics, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Thanks!

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is this poetry?

I wanted to know if this is poetry or not. God save me Save my life, Or let me die Let me feel the warm embrace of your arms Let me know you are their Take away my pain Take away my sorrow Let me find happiness Let me find peace Give me the strength to live on, To fight and overcome my burden Let me learn, To let go Let me find some good in this world, So I may be happy You are my lord, Christ is my savior Lend me your strength, For now I need you now more than ever In these times of sorrow, I hold out my hand for you I can only hope you will reach out to me If not live in peace, then let me stand by your side, In the land of the heavens Show me the light of happiness, So I may continue to live Lend me your strength, Let me learn, Let me be at peace By: Woatspers

Topic by Pat Sowers    |  last reply

ABS or PVC for a spud gun?

All I could get at the local store was cellular core ABS but I'm having second thoughts as to its strength.  Can PVC handle pressure better and therefore be safer?

Question by loki610    |  last reply