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does any 1 have any ideas for these objects?

I was makeing some speakers and the cut i was doing turned out wrong so i managed to adjust the cut and came out with these funky shapes i dont really want to make speaker tubes out of them.. iv got glass, coloured strip lights, led`s,strobe, mirror ball motor,wood,and speakers but you know that already there 315mm dia x 2foot... twist 1`s are abit longer

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people with an imagination only need apply

I was making a speaker and the cut i was doing came out wrong so i managed to salvage them by changing the cut on the tube any ideas what to do with them not to fussed about making a bass tube any more so people any ideas knowing me il just make more speakers.. iv got coloured strip lights, glass, wood,leds,strobe,rope light,mirror ball motor,speakers but you know that already, the tubes are 315mm dia   

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re NASA's Anti Nausea glasses DIYable? I need help because I can't ride in cars without being sick.

I saw a show on the science channel about how NASA is using stroboscopic glasses to reduce the incredible nausea that astronauts get. This is really interesting to me because I have Graves Disease, and the worst symptom is chronic nausea. Right now, it hits randomly when I am in vehicles. Yesterday I had to take a three hour car drive, and white knuckled it the whole way home, trying not to be sick. I have a few links to a paper about the glasses, and to the patent that explains how they work. I follow directions really well, and could put it together if someone could tell me what I needed, and how. My electronics experience is limited to a few LED throwies. (I've got a Make: electronics kit I keep meaning to play with, but haven't yet.) I'm not scared of soldering circuits. I'm just not sure how to put them in order, or read the schematics. I wouldn't even consider this if I wasn't just desperate to be able to be in a motor vehicle without tossing my cookies after an hour. Long trips are agonizing with the nausea, and if this helps, I'd wear it no matter what it looks like in every vehicle I have to be on. I really want to do this with my own two hands because then if it breaks I can fix it, or adjust it as needed. Plus, it would be just damn cool to build it. I don't know if that's possible, though, because I'm not sure what I am looking at needing to do to make this. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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