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I'm stuck. Answered

Hi, well I want to ask a question I'm stuck with a new idea. Should  I build another gun, or try another transformer (I'm not really into ball machines or anything with an engine.) If anyone has any ideas please tell me Thanks (I was considering a wunderwaffe, or an Dinobot (from transformers.)

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Stuck in filters

Help I posted this instructable at about noon Sunday and I still haven't seen it.  I am assuming it has been stuck in the filters though I can't imagine why.  I hope there is not a problem with it.

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Itunes is stuck?

Apparently my itunes refuses to work for me anymore and I cannot access my 20 gig music collection. It opens for like 5 seconds and then just locks the entire computer up and I have to force it off. Oh yeah and it's a ibook G4 has anyone had any similar problems?

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New 'ible not showing up as recent

I posted a new instructable a few hours ago and it still hasnt appeared on any of the 'recent' boards. Is it stuck for some reason? Thanks, Bits

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Author image stuck?

I think my author image and stats card is stuck. I know it should probably be showing at least 100 more views than it currently is and it is not showing my change of avatar. Nothing huge, just thought it should be pointed out.

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stuck on updating library

Trying to load the LAST image and I'm stuck in the updating mode. I've cleared the cache, I've tried to create a dummy instructable. But hello, the image comes up in this message. I know it's there, but it sure doesn't want to show up where I want it. Maybe I'll just insert a link to the help page. Talk me down.

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Stuck plunger help?

I recently got an antique syringe, complete with needles and all. It is in perfect working order, clean and rust free. The only problem is that the rubber plunger is stuck in the glass tube and won't dislodge. It has some rust like buildup around it, but it rinsed off the end easily. Can anyone help me get it out? ( I want to keep the original glass tube because I would like it to be complete and not have a new glass/ plexiglass tube) best answer to the solution that works.

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stuck dvd drive? Answered

I own a compaq brand laptop and the dvd/cd drive stopped ejecting. it won't eject by pushing the button or useing my computer to open it. it has a light on the drive that will light up when i try to eject the disc how do i resolve this?

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Stuck analog stick?

Whenever I try to play with one of my original XBOX controllers, the left analog stick seems to be stuck in a down position. Physically, it's fine, but ingame my character is always moving backwards. I've tried multiple games and xboxes, but i can't get it to work. Any help?

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View numbers stuck?

It might be my imagination but it appears that the views numbers are stuck.  For example, this question was posted yesterday, but the stats say it has only been viewed 17 times and that is on today. Yet I answered it yesterday and it was saying that it was at 17 views then. So 5 people added answers and who knows how many read it but it is still stuck at 17 views. In addition the view numbers are not changeing on my instructables. These are the numbers that show for each instructable when you list your instructables in your profile page. But the stats on the individual instructables show that they have been viewed however the tallies are not changeing.  For example, my most recent instructable, which ends up at the top of the list (Homers Odyssey) is at 4799 and has been for more than a day, (It's an easy number to remember), yet the stats show 16 views today. So something strange is going on. In addition, I mentioned it in another post, I got an email saying that my pro membership is expireing yet the profile tab says the current pro membership is good until March 2013. And finally, I am no longer receiving email notices of questions that I am following, and I double checked the preferences on that. I was getting notices with no problems but the last WatchItem notice I received was at noon on the 29th. Since then, nothing.

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Ubuntu stuck at partitioning?

I have a computer running Windows xp, and I am trying to install Ubuntu Linux on it. I have already tried with an official 9.10 CD, and now am trying with a 10.10 CD I made myself. All this I have done with both 9.10 and 10.10: I boot from the CD, and that works fine, but when I get to the partitioner, my Hard drive doesn't show up. Any tips? Oh, and if you have any questions about the specs on my pc, just ask.

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cd stuck in car cd player

How can yo get a stuck cd out of a car cd player/

Topic by blip91  

The forum topic to post stuck forum topics

Lately there have been a ton of topics that just get stuck for no reason at all. Here's where to post them when you make a perfectly legitimate, and not possibly controversial or offensive topic but it just won't show up after a period of several hours.If you spam or post controversial things, I'll delete and repost the topic. This is only for stuff that gets stuck for no apparent reason, as poor Kiteman keeps having happen to him.

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back tires wont turn on my 1984 chevrolet camaro?

I tried to move my 1984 camaro after it had been sitting for awhile and the back tires wont move. i have been told that maybe the brake is stuck. any other input on what it might be or instruction on how to get the brake unstuck? PLEASE HELP! ANYONE?!

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Upper Part of Window won't come down and its covering the screen?

Bought a home in November. After crazy requirements for my bank loan and township requirements, the past owner hired his nephew, and let's just say, he went a little paint crazy. Yes inspection wise and walk through wise we opened the windows. (These are the old chain windows)  I honestly don't remember if the top part of the window were pulled down to test. But I know the bottoms opened at one point. I moved in, and since it was winter, I never thought anything about it. Fast forward to today....dying to open some windows. Got the bottoms up with resistance and then realized the screens were pulled all the way up to the top behind the upper window with a lock on them. Went to pull down the top part of the window to get the screen and they won't budge at all. Can't pull the screen down from the outside because of the lock. This is only on 5 windows on the first floor and 1 in the upstairs bathroom. The two rooms downstairs that are the problems are my living room and dining room, yet we did not have a problem with two very small windows that frame the others . (same age and type of window, just half the size in width)We were able to do my bedroom no problem. Got chisels and putty knives etc....they aren't budging. I heard to also try on the outside since they may have been painted out there too. I also heard they may be nailed or screwed in. All of the windows appear to be the same type and age (the house was built in 1930...unfortunately I do think they are original to the house) We will try from the outside and also check for screws. My fear is that it is just the age of them. Any other ideas???? A side question that may sound stupid? If I can't get them down, is there any way to get temp screens already made to put in on the bottom since I can't get the ones that are there down? We have heavy duty screen that we used to redo my porch door after my dog put a hole in it...I'm very close to stapling it up to the windows or something because I'm already feeling hot and claustrophobic !!! : )

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When you get mentally stuck, how do you get your mind back to pumping out awesome ideas and find new inspiration? Answered

Everyone gets mental blocks. You look at something you have, you know it's something cool and would probably look awesome if you could only think of what to do with it. But you just can't think what to do! So i'm just wondering where you guys find new inspiration? Do you collect cool stuff, make a list of problems and see if you can you use cool stuff in those problems? Do you look at something and think you can do better? do you sell your soul to Satan for good ideas? or look at an instructable and think crap, that's so easy and looks sleek and cool, why didn't I think of that (IE fungusamongus's new triple dial clock) So.... Let me know what you all do.

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iyoggi is crap

I had a problem with part of the iyoggi platform they make you install, after I stopped the service I had the iyoggi icon appear and state that press the space bar to go to iyoggi restore site, I called iyoggi at least 8 times I put a post here about it I saw others with the same problem will after two years I got rid of iyoggi today all I did was rebuild the index why this alluded me for two years I will never know lol but I had a few options left open to me that seemed to be the wrong solution to the problem so thanks for your help every one you all made it possible to understand more about computers

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Stuck in the Filters - unstick me?

My 'ible was published this weekend and seems to be in some kind of invisibility zone.  I can surf to it, but it is not showing up in any category or contest. Can someone give it a nudge?  Thank you much!

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Stuck in filters - 1 view

Help I posted this instructable at about Sunday morn and I still haven't seen it.  I am assuming it has been stuck in the filters though I can't imagine why.  I hope there is not a problem with it. Passion Make

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I am stuck again.

Well, I made the mistake of using the words "chainsaw" and "whack" ,(although I would do it again!) in a new instructable and it is still hung up in the filters. The thing is I got it submitted on Dec 30, the deadline for the outdoors contest but it is still stuck. Now voting ends today, the 2nd and I am not even in the mix so I am wondering are you going to accept entries that made the deadline but missed the voting because they were stuck in never never land? I just always have to make things more complicated.  Maybe that's why I like whacking trees with chainsaws, its pretty straight forward in its execution, although there is a lot that can go badly. Hmmm, execution, now I bet that is a word that would get me back in never never land also.  Tinkerbell is just never around when you need her. Yumm, Tinkerbell !

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Contest prize stuck in customs

I was recently shipped the Photography Tips and Tricks contest prize,, it got stuck in customs in India. I've received a few prizes in the past without any problem but it probably got stuck this time because of its high value. After a discussion with the FedEx folks, the total amount including custom duty(around 25-30%) will be around 34% of the total prize value, even after I told them I'm an individual and this is a contest prize. I understand that the contest rules state that I have to pay all custom duties and any other cost incurred. Any authors here who have faced any problems with customs and if this is the expected custom duty in India(seems a tad too high)? Any declaration(such as gift or prizes) which can help reduce the duty amount?

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stuck faucet handle help? Answered

It's a two handle kitchen faucet.  The last time I changed the washer on the HOT handle, I replaced both HOT and COLD plastic handles with metal ones.  I've removed the screw on top.  But can't budge the handle itself off the top of the valve unit.  Without the top screw, it should just slide up off the grooves on the valve unit.  I've tried prying.  I've tried rocking and tapping.  I've tried pouring hot water over the handle. Right now vinegar is sitting in the screw hole.  Usually this takes just a few minutes for the whole job. Any suggestions?.

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Hot Glue Gun stuck

I Have been using a glue gun for quite some time but nearly 5-6 days ago, while i was on a project , i left it on/forgot to switch it off and went to sleep...........when i checked it in the morning not enugh glue had melted out, that was weird, then when i pressed the triger the glue would come out in cilindrical pattern and is not hot at all..........i even tried to push the glue out of the nozzel but its stuck in it......also the stick is a cheap one(bad quality) the 2 possibilities that r possible are- 1) the glue stick sucks  2) glue gun is busted

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Is my 'ible stuck in the filters.

I published an 'ible about a hat steamer in the wee small hours of December 30th & it still hasn't gone to the site, is it possibly stuck in the filters? I do think it would be a good idea to give some information about what causes this to happen, a list of keywords to avoid for example would be very handy. It does seem a bit random at times, I have seen 'ibles come out when people have asked about the same problem that were entirely inoffensive & others go straight to the site which contained what I feel were highly inappropriate words in images but not in the body text, one recent one had the f word in it at least a dozen times in images but the author was very careful not to actually use it anywhere in the text of the 'ible.

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Editor stuck loading: IE8

A picture says a thousand words (to quote millions of other people :)) So the problem is is that in Internet explorer 8, when you go to edit your instructable (excuse my sad little attempt at an 'ible in the background, I wanted to try out the editor) The whole editor is greyed out, and a loading bar is displayed indefinitly (2 hours in) I have tryed reloading the page, and it is still greyed out. The obvious soulution would be to upgrade to Chrome or Firefox <3, but that is not possible :(

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Arduino stuck in dfu mode Answered

Hello, I recently updated the firmware on my areduino uno. It is this model, "               Product ID: 0x2ff7               Vendor ID: 0x03eb  (Atmel Corporation)               Version: 0.00               Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec               Location ID: 0xfd140000 / 4               Current Available (mA): 500               Current Required (mA): 100               Extra Operating Current (mA): 0 " I put the arduino in dfu mode, then upgraded it with the firmware in the package contents of the arduino app of a mac. I typed in dfu-programmer AT90USB82 erase and it worked well, Then dfu-programmer AT90USB82 flash /Applications/ That also worked, then finally dfu-programmer AT90USB82 reset. It worked fine last night and this morning, but I found it would not take the code meant for a Leonardo board. I put my board in dfu mode again, then when I went to push the firmware again it would not take it saying it was already installed. I did use the erase command first though. Now my arduino is stuck in dfu mode. Will it just reset itself after a while? I have left it unplugged for an hour and the sketch book still won't show it's port.

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JPG Upload gets stuck

As I am working on a somewhat picture heavy instructable I running almost all the times I try to upload pictures into the following problem: I select the files/images I want to upload and add to the step I'm working on, hit the upload files button and wait for the magic to happen. Then it starts uploading. Then on a seemingly random file the upload stops and I have to cancel that file. The upload then continues until it stops again, sometimes on the next file, sometimes it uploads some other files in between. When I had to cancel the upload of the last picture once, all the images did cancel (at least they didn't show up in the library). Normally on a second or third try the images upload fine. There was also one that was corrupted but then I got a error message back and the upload of the other files worked fine. I am using Firefox 20.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro

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Problem with adding video -- popup box gets stuck

While reading another user's bug report about video embedding, I tried to do one of my own to see if I could reproduce a problem. Instead, I've found one of my own. On FF 3.6.13, MacOS 10.5.8, when I try to include video through the rich editor, the popup box seems to "hang" indefinitely (see attached).  This happens with Instructables and if I try to embed a video in a forum topic (like this one :-). I have a video on YouTube. I capture the embed code (which is a different format than before, no longer XML) and paste it in. I click OK. And it just sits there. No spinning wheel, no nothing, it just doesn't do anything. The OK button does turn yellow when I click it, but the process never completes. The other buttons work, so it's not like the whole thing is hosed. UPDATED: The problem is generically with the embed-video popup interface, not with video I'bles. Thanks to M4industries for helping me isolate the issue.

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Creativity Wall

Has anyone else hit a block in their creativity? It seems all the projects I think to do lately are just a rehash of something I've already done. Any tips for how to get through this (besides drugs)?

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Making an instructable

Howdy! I uploaded a topic, but when I went to publish it, I kept getting an error message to add keywords, even though I had added them.  It won't publish.  Any ideas?  I hope it's still in the system someplace....

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Why are the videos on my published instructables taking so long to process?

I have various published instructables that have videos which are taking very long to publish? It is doing it on this one: and other various ones. How can I get it to process faster?

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Jammed locking type RCA Audio Interconnect

Hi  I have these Straightwire Rhapsody S RCA interconnects . They have a threaded sleeve over the RCA plugs. Mine are totally jammed !!! and any attempt to turn them is loosening the RCA plug on the AMP itself !!! the RCA plug is supposedly Gold - meaning gold plated copper mostly the sleeve is nickel looking  I tried pliers ! no avail ! Help!!! thanks  NEO

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My binder ring is stuck!!! is there a way to open it? It has my school work in it and I need to open my binder!!!!!!!!!? Answered

I really need to know!!! Becuase my school binder rings are stuck and I cant get them open :(

Question by awesomediy    |  last reply

Why is my Windows 7 64-Bit stuck on the welcome screen for 20 minutes then signs me in to a temporary account?? Answered

I have looked everywhere for solutions.  Could it possibly have to do with the fact that I just installed Drop Box on it?  Thanks in advance for your answers.

Question by drmjj55    |  last reply

How do I get swollen batteries out of an LED Mag Light?

It's a AA 3 cell with the LED rather than the old bulb type and the batteries swelled and are now stuck.  Mag Light says that to replace the bulb the holder it's in is actually pushed back down the barrel rather than pulled off the end as they used to be, otherwise I would just pull the plastic holder off and run a dowel down the barrel to punch the old batteries out.  I don't want to send it back because, well, I kinda like doing things myself... With a little help sometimes.   Any help would be nice! Derek

Question by maybemanic    |  last reply

How do I remove the gear that's attached to this printer motor?

I've salvaged a stepper motor out of an old printer, but I'm having trouble taking the gear off of the spindle bit. I can't see any method of releasing it, so it's not screwed on or anything. I've got a blurrycam image (sorry!) so I hope you can see what it looks like... On a related note, anyone know of a decent place to get a coupler from in England? Thanks!

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PC is stuck on Automatic Repair anyone ?

Tried everything

Question by jimhardingsr    |  last reply

Published Instructables Counter Stuck at 300

For two weeks, I have noticed published instructables counter has stuck at "300" when it should now read "302" instead. I haven't noticed any problems with functionality, but I figured I'd report it since it is a malfunction.

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iPhone 5s Stuck on Apple Logo

I've been trying to restore and update my iPhone 5s but its stuck on the Apple logo with the progress bar not moving. iTune is at the latest version and  I have tried different USB cables and still not working. Any idea how to fix it? I've waited for 6 hours and still no update on the progress bar.

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Stylo 4 stuck screen pixels

My stylo 4 has a screen that has nothing but multi colored dots.looked into it and was told the pixels that make up the screen were stuck or broken.or that it has a virus.completely useless phone.can anybody tell me what to do.i ran a program that zapped the screen with multi colored flashes and patterns trying to unstick the pixels

Question by jimf123  

HELP! An engraver bit is stuck in my dremel! Answered

I just got a dremel on Monday. I've been testing it out with the different bits I got with it. I just used the No. 107 engraver bit to practice engraving on some scrap wood. I used the right collet (3/32) and didn't tighten it too hard. I have a dremel 4000. I wanted to use the multipurpose cutter bit so I unscrewed the the collet nut and expected to be able to slip the bit out, but I couldn't . I couldn't even get it out with pliers. PLEASE HELP ME! 

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How do I loosen a stuck house from a washing machine?

I am trying to loosen the hose attached my hot water supply on my old washer and it wont budge.  Help!  My new washer is waiting.

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what is this used for? Answered

My dvd drive is sticking, and i was wondering if it could be getting stuck on that thing? if i removed that would it help? thanks

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LCD Dead Spots? Answered

     I recently bought an Ipod touch that was at a discounted price because of two large dead spots.  They appear to be permanent, not just stuck pixels.  Recently though, there are now spots developing, but they're not the usual circles.  They are rows, one pixel wide and a dozen or so pixels long.  Every day they get a little bigger.  What causes this, and how can I fix it?

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Problems with Laser Module Diode

So I have a 5mw laser diode module that I am trying to get open so that I can install a 250 mw diode in its place. Problem is, the diode won't come out, the manufacturer glued it in, and I keep buying new modules from different sellers only to find inexplicably the stupid diode backing slathered in glue. Is there a way of getting this thing out? I don't care if the diode is broken, I don't need it, but I want the driver intact.

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How Do You Remove Radiator or Heater Hoses That Are Vucanized (Stuck) to Their Mounting Pipe?

I have a 30+ year old motorhome which has several hoses that I need to remove from engine cooling and heater connections.  They are stuck to the "pipe" they are mounted to and the pipe is fairly fragile brass.  I can certainly try to cut them off but I don't want to scratch or damage the pipes.  It would even be nice to just be able to remove and reuse the hoses but I can't see how that is possible. Thanks in advance for any help! Patrick

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Ath the el diablo i dont understand step 8(at all)Can someone please help?

Hey poeple Im working on the knex el diablo assault pistol Ive made it like the instructions but i got stuck at step 8 someone have some pictures ore a vid from how to made part 8? Thanks

Question by Jimpiedepimpie  

Are these stuck pixels.. dead pixels.. or something else?

Just gotton worse.. looks like stars but its peeing me off any help?

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Help, I'm stuck in a 3D printer factory!

Check out some pictures from the Spark 3D printer factory!

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