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Subscribers Answered

What are subscribers? I see some people have few subscribers and others have plenty. What are they?

Question by rojo.balloon    |  last reply

Subscribed? Answered

Some how I was subscribed to sakurai, when I don't recall subscribing! Any ideas? And is this meant to be in bugs? I wasn't sure.

Question by Kryptonite    |  last reply


We should be able to subscribe to each others instructables so when they make a new one it sends it to immediately.

Topic by Xander da gr8    |  last reply


Has anyone noticed that you can subscribe to yourself? I just did so while looking at one of my instructables..... weird. Why could you?Don't know if anyone else has done this but just thought of throwing it out there.

Topic by aleceatsfood    |  last reply

Subscribers visibility

On the subscribers page ( there is no button for " next page" . Not all 500 subscribers are visible on that first page. How do I access the pages with other subscribers?

Topic by Ruud van Koningsbrugge    |  last reply

Ghost subscribers

I'm wondering why I suddenly have a bunch of "ghost subscribers" (members with no 'ibles). Is this spam? 

Topic by flyingpuppy    |  last reply

200 Subscribers!

I just looked at my profile and found I had exactly 200 subscribers! I just feel like celebrating, that's all.

Topic by The Jamalam    |  last reply

Yay for subscribers!

I have decided that I like the subscription process!I just posted an entry to the Workshop contest (yes, I know I can't win, what the hey), and even before it reached the "recent" list, I've got a bunch of comments, and Bumpus has added an extra step that much improves the whole thing.Yay, Bumpus!

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

any subscribers

Please subscribe to me im lonley

Topic by rhysc7    |  last reply

Help subscribed.

I mistakenly clicked on in my own instructables subscribed. How do I remove it?

Topic by anallie0    |  last reply

Subscribe to Self!?

Why can you subscribe to yourself?

Topic by NatNoBrains    |  last reply

Subscribe To Someone?

Is it possible to 'subscribe' to someone and recieve an email whenever they post an instructable, like you can on youtube?

Topic by munchman    |  last reply

Subscribe to Author?

I had an idea... You know how YouTube allows you to subscribe to a "channel" (an account)? Perhaps we should have that for our authors, or Ibl'ers or whatever we call ourselves. The Ibles Robot may be a bit busy, but his girlfriend/secretary might be willing to PM me whenever whoever I've subscribed to posts something new. Kiteman had a good point: Make Groups subscribe-to-able Just a thought.

Topic by KentsOkay    |  last reply

Hello Subscribers

I noticed today that I have 55 subscribers. Some of you I know personally and some of you I have talked to enough times on this website to feel like I do, but most of you I never met before. I am just wondering why you subscribed to me? Who you are? What do you like? Have you been using this website for a while? What do you do with yourself? What country are you in?Let's talk!(I figured I would post this as a forum topic because you would all see this as an update.)

Topic by randofo    |  last reply

Subscribe to me, then ill subscribe to you!

Simple, just subscribe to me, then ill subscribe to you! also, heres some of my work over the months! if you have any questions on any of them, feel free to ask! 1: bren lmg 2: grenade 3: pocket pistol 4: heavy cannon v5* 5: tape dispenser 6: ball machine 7: m1 garrand 8: vss vintorez and tiny oodammo pistol* 9: ball machine 10: nano gun* 11: halo 1 magnum 12: halo 1 assault rifle 13: ball machine 14: m16* 15: m4 s-system 16: zkar* 17: dual revolver pistol 18: ball machine 19: p90 20: zkar* 21: ball machine 22: mp5k* 23: tr18* 24: BAW* 25: ball machine 26: ball machine 27: p90 28: sr v2* 29: ball machine* 30: KGBMG 31: KLS v2* 32: ball machine 33: triple tape dispencer 34: tr8* 35: KGBSR 36: bullpup crossbow pistol 37: WASP* the ones with stars beside them are not my ideas, although i may of modded them...

Topic by ~KGB~    |  last reply

Three Mystery Subscribers

Hello K'nexers, just wanted tell you about 3 new subscribers and basically I got a new one on the 18th and 25th January and then on the 1st February which were all Sundays so basically I was getting a new subscriber every Sunday for three weeks and then it just stop although I still do get them which is good a thing. From my POV it felt like a winning streak or it was just down to luck but I'm not quite sure myself since it was just very weird thing to happen. Would be interested to hear you thoughts and opinions.

Topic by Zombiekiller-93  

i subscribed to myself

Has anyone else???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Topic by Zaphod Beeblebrox    |  last reply

un-subscribe to newsletter?

I want to un-subscribe to the newsletter, Is this possible? If so then how do i do it? Answers/knowledge appreciated :)

Topic by Rabid.Fang    |  last reply

How to subscribe for newsletter

Hi, I want to know how to subscribe to get newsletter? Thanks and Thanks for who are going to help 

Topic by hassanwael55    |  last reply

RIP Subscribe Button.

Has anybody else noticed that the "Subscribe" button has now become a little "Follow" button on Instructables? I mean seriously, Twitter rip-off anyone? Why did they even change it in the first place, it was perfectly fine as it was. How do you all feel about this (and all the other Instructables changes too?)

Topic by An Villain    |  last reply

subscribe or patch me!

Hey people just want to know if you can patch or sub me.

Topic by 2hot2hack  

Can't subscribe to the newsletter -

I have typed my email address in the "join our Newsletter" window several times in the last few weeks - and I never get the letter. I use gmail and the newsletter is not in the spam... any idea of what is going on? thanks!

Question by ryckmans_t    |  last reply

Subscribing To Users On Instructables?!?!?!

Here's an idea I thought of a few weeks ago: Subscribing to Users on Instructables.It will be exactly like YouTube kind of, except you can see the New Instructables/ Slideshows/ Videos any of the users you subscribed to posted.Picture 1) This will be on each users page. Obviously the button will not be like that, it will be like the buttons on Instructables, gray and orange words.Picture 2) Next to Submit, it will say "Subscriptions v" (v is the little arrow), and when you hover over it, it will say New Instructables, New Slideshows, New Videos.Picture 3) Couldn't make my own, so I used YouTube. It won't be like this, but it will be close. See the New Videos/ Instructables/ Slideshows? Click on any, and it shows any of those from any user you are subscribed to. And when you click their user name, it shows all the new stuff from them. See how right now in the picture it just shows a video? Exact same thing will be for the Instructables and Slideshows, so they won't have a video time under it unless it is a video. It shows the date it was posted, the views, the ratings, the usual.If you have any suggestions, please comment!Thanks!NOTE.Click the i in the picture to see it full size.

Topic by GorillazMiko    |  last reply

Subscribing and email bug

I am having a problem with following the members Knextremely stupid and master-splinter306. Whenever I follow either of them (or when they follow me) I'm automatically unsubscribed from them. This problem has been going on since I started Instructables. This causes an issue because I don't get emails for their comments or messages. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone fixed this bug. Thank you. :-) master-splinter306's profile: Knextremely stupid's profile:

Topic by That_Jamie_S_Guy    |  last reply

new Instructable not showing up

I posted a new instructable a few days ago - but it had almost no views and wasn't sent out as an update or anything to any of my subscribers. If you go to my member page here: it doesn't show up there either. :( Not sure if i am posting this in the right spot..but hopefully I am! Thanks for your help in advance..I've never had this happen.

Topic by HollyMann    |  last reply

I'll subscribe 2 u if you subscribe 2 me!!!

You dont have to leave a comment(but you can if you want) just subscribe 2 me and i'll subscribe to you!! however i will not subscribe if you post anything inapropriate or with exessive cursing

Topic by Zaphod Beeblebrox    |  last reply

what does it mean to subscribe?

Question by Derran    |  last reply

What does subscribing do? Answered


Question by wenpherd    |  last reply

I can't subscribe to anyone!

I click the sub. button, it changes colors and nothing happens.  If I refresh the screen the buttong returns to normal but I can't click it again.  It's only a problem if I try to subscribe on their "You" page. Nothing ever shows up in my sub. list. I'm using Firefox 3.6.6.

Topic by Re-design  

Subscribed to Contest Emails Issue

The email update does not state which contest, have any links or previews to the contest or the new submissions. See example below. You have 5 new instructables from a contest you're following! Hello, MrRedBeard. Here are the newest items from each of the contests you are following.  To change or turn off updates, go to your following  page: --------------------------------------- Cheers, Instructables Robot To manage these notification messages, please visit your watchlist preferences:

Topic by MrRedBeard  

Can't subscribe to Pro Account

I tried to sign up for a Pro Account. I tried on two different computer, using both IE and FireFox. I also tried to pay using PayPal and CC. I entered my CC info, after submitting, I was taken to a blank page. The same happened when I attempted to pay with PayPal.

Topic by jedi_teacher    |  last reply

Subscribe to me and I will Subscribe to you, Just leave me a comment!

Title says it all =) VVV random pic I took VVV

Topic by Vynash    |  last reply

how do I view my subscribers?

how do I view my subscribers?

Question by ajay842    |  last reply

New feature -- see your fan club!

I see that a new feature got deployed over night. On your login page, there's now a display of everyone who is subscribed to you, just above the I'bles of people to whom you subscribe.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Feature request: mass-mail to subscribers

I have just realised how many people have subscribed to me (over 370!). Since they have taken a special interest in me, I feel I ought to be able to reward them somehow. I would like to be able to send a message to all my subscribers at once, giving them advance notice of ibles etc, to let them get first chance to comment or suggest improvements before I publish it to the general public. Update: the majority of replies seem to be in favour or neutral. (For instance, I currently have two projects awaiting publication that are complete enough for useful comments to be made, but not complete enough to publish properly.) Would you have liked the chance to comment on a project a few hours before everybody else? Or to be able to contribute to it before it is published? Or maybe you want to publish a project that is unavailable to the wider public because it does not meet the site's usual family-friendly standards? Or am I giving the concept of subscribers more significance than I ought?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Where can I find my subscribers and my subscriptions?

Hi there,I was wondering where I can find the list of my subscribers and the one I am following? It seems that the old ist not working anymore...Can someone please help me, thanks a lot.

Question by sun.  

Not that I'm being competetive, but...

... Jessyratfink currently has 254 subscribers and, purely coincidentally, so do I.  But Eric only has 202!! So, I was wondering, does anybody have more? Do the K'NEXers all subscribe to each other? Is there a way of sorting members by subscribers? Update: I now have 261, Jessy has 266 and Eric has 211.  (Well done, Jessy!) (Come on, people, Subscribe to The Man - he made this place!)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

How many subscribers are there currently to

How many subscribers are there currently to I am interested in both people who have signed up for the newsletter, and those who have chosen to upgrade to a paid account. This is for school, i'm not just nosy, promise!!

Question by brownIDgirl    |  last reply

Giveaway Rules

I'm thinking about doing a giveaway of one of my upcoming Instructables. I want to give away an origami model to a randomly selected user but I was wondering if there were any rules about this. I would prefer to give the item or items away to one of my followers so I could reward them and encourage more people to subscribe too. Is that sort of thing allowed? I'm also wondering if I can run the same sort of thing with memberships, I have a lot of codes and I would love to reward my followers/entice new ones but I'm more doubtful that this is allowed.  I searched the Legal stuff and didn't see anything about this but that doesn't mean it's not in there. Any insight or actual staff answers would be greatly appreciated, thanks.  More detail about my idea:  I would run the giveaway for a set time like a week or two and post on the Instructable that all current followers are eligible to win as long as they are subscribed to me by the deadline and until the winner(s) is/are chosen (which would be asap). They would also have to comment on the Instructable that they would like to be entered in the giveaway so that I know who to include in the drawing.  To choose the winner I would use a random number generator to assign numbers to each of the users who are following me and leave a comment and then use the random number generator to choose the actual winner. Another option is to just write all the names down on little pieces of paper, mix up, and blindly choose one. I'll do whichever option is the easiest but I definitely want it to be as close to random as possible.  I will mail the prize via USPS normal letter mail so I will have to ask for the mailing address of the selected winner or winners but I will not store their address or anything like that, it's only to mail the prize. I don't want to spend more than the price of a stamp so I might have to limit it to US entrants only :( but I'll look into this.  I would of course also include most of what I said here so that the requirements and selection process are clear. 

Topic by sherrycayheyhey    |  last reply

Bug: number of followers is incorrect

Hi there! I just wanted to report what I believe is a bug. I noticed that on my profile, the follow button says i have 32 followers, but the tab in the lower left says I have 30. I counted, and found that I do have 32 followers. I have noticed that it was off by 1 before, but I assumed that the follow button was higher because it was telling me what it would look like if i followed myself, or something like that. However, with the difference being 2 people, it cannot be that. Although it is a little thing, it is kind of annoying. I am running a windows 7 computer, using Chrome.  

Topic by assemblyrequired    |  last reply

What does subscribing to a member do? Answered

 I've noticed the subscribe button on peoples instructables, what does subscribing do? i need a straight forward answer.  

Question by Apple_4_life    |  last reply

Which Ibler has the most subscribes? Answered

Just wondering. This is over the whole website, every member

Question by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

Why can't I subscribe to anyone?

I have verified my email but I can't subscribe to anyone and I can't figure it out.

Question by jdude6098    |  last reply

I'm having trouble subscribing to folks

I noticed today that all the people I thought I had subscribed to had not been added to my subscription list. So, I went back and tried again. (Using Firefox) I didn't I thought maybe I'd done something wiggy with cookies, and tried it using (shudder) a vanilla IE browser, and it's still not working. When viewing a user's profile page, if I click the button (subscribe to me), it highlights, but doesn't seem to perform any action. If I click the "subscribe" button on a project page, then I'm successfully subscribed to that person. I'm not sure if I'm just doing something strange or if the button isn't working, or if perhaps I'm misinterpreting what that button is supposed to do.

Topic by SoapyHollow    |  last reply

what does subscribing to someone mean? Answered

I'm new to instructables and i was just wandering what it means to subsribe to someone?

Question by the duct tape skater    |  last reply

Instructables Un-Subscribing From Me

I have a feeling that there is a bug in Instructables that unsubscribes people after they subscribe to me. (or not only me?) I know people un-sub once in a while, But I think this isn't the case... In the past week (or two), Most of the people that followed me, Have un-followed, And I don't think this is a coincidence. I think I can estimate that it happened to me with ~15 people. Am I the only one that has this problem?

Topic by Yonatan24    |  last reply

What RSS Feeds Are You Subscribed To?

What RSS Feeds Are You Subscribed To? Also, what do you use to read them (your RSS reader)? Maybe make them links to the site with the feed too. I have about double the amount of these feeds but I'm only subscribed currently to these ones.My Subscribed RSS Feeds:[AlbinoBlacksheep] - Flash animation/games site[ Darkmotion] - Instructables user Darkmotion's blog. Sometimes I look at people Instructables pages and If I see they have a website, I usually visit it.[ Explosm] Daily webcomic and other stuff.[]Instructables - All published instructables.Instructables: News - The instructables blogInstructables: Comments - My comments backtalk feed.Instructables: Inbox - My private message inbox[ Lab with Leo Blogs] - Mass feed of everybody's blogs on the TV show "The Lab with Leo Laporte" on G4TechTV.[ Maximum PC] - Mass feed of everything on, official site of the magazine.[ Smash Bros. DOJO!! Latest News] - Mass feed of the official site for the upcoming Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. [ Weebl's Stuff] - Funny flash animation/game site.

Topic by Aeshir    |  last reply

Important message to all my subscribers :)

Feel free to add me as a friend on there too, and I check my YouTube inbox more frequently than my instructables inbox :) Yes, I am spending more time as of right now making my YouTube site the best it can be. No, I am not quitting instructables, and my Lowney account will continue to post new content as often as I can! If the embed code doesn't work, please click this link  

Topic by Lowney    |  last reply