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Why is it possible to subscribe to yourself? I mean, unless you have no friends at all..(joking, i have no subscribers either!).

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We live in Mozambique, internet is an expensive, complex and unreliable problem as it is, but -+$2 a month is a hell of a lot of money for us out here. Is there any way we and others in 'third world' countries could get access at a more realistic rate, after all we really need access to the brilliant ideas on this site. many thanks    Jonbon

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PayPal subscription

Do I have to have the subscription that makes PayPal take $2.95 out of my card every month to be Pro?

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Subscription Email

I love this website and enjoy my weekly newsletter of new Instructables. Originally, I had them going to my spam-catcher email (I do that when I sign up for something new), but want it to come to my regular email now. My main account settings now has my regular email address, but the newsletter still went to the old one. Private messages and comment updates go to the new email just fine. Finally, I turned off the subscriptions to that old email address. Oops... Now I don't get the weekly at all! I tried to find where to subscribe to the newsletter and all I get is a page that is essentially for new accounts: it wants a NEW address and won't accept my current email address, saying it's already in use. Well no kidding! It's my email address and that's where I want the newsletter to go!!! So how the heck do I subscribe to the weekly newsletter using my current account settings' regular email address?

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^Superscript^ / Subscript

Using a caret in this site toggles superscript on and off.e.g. SuperscriptDoes anyone know how to toggle subscript?L

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Subscription history?

Hi!  A few minutes ago, I accidentally unsubscribed an awesome person. The problem is, I don't know who. I was looking at the following page when I apparently clicked on the little cross next to a name. I didn't notice, until the page told me I successfully unsubscribed. Is there a way to know who I unsubscribed? 

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What is the value of a subscription?

Subscriptions to members certainly have use. I subscribe to people in whose work I am interested, who are sometimes also friends.  That means I get emails that let me know what they have done, even if I miss seeing them in the lists of projects and topics. Those subscriptions have value to me, as a subscriber, because they make my life easier. However, I have noticed that quite a number of people use subscriptions as a form of currency or reward.  "If you do this thing for me, I will subscribe to you". How much value do you place on subscriptions? Do you measure your own worth as a member by the number of subscriptions you have? Do you decide how much to respect somebody else by the number of subscribers they have? What if you were only allowed to subscribe to one person for every project you had published?

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Subscription Updates Not Working

I don't know what the the problem is, but I'm not geting updates from people I'm following any more, and I haven't in several weeks. I've checked my spam folder and still can't find them, so I'm assuming that there not coming anymore. Does anybody know why? or is it a problem with my mail client?

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Return of the subscription email?

It's been quite some time since the subscription emails* got all buggy and had to be stopped. Any idea when they're going to come back? I miss getting updates on the cool stuff folk make. (*the ones that alerted us to the activity of those we follow)

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Subscription Email Address

I love this website and enjoy my weekly newsletter of new Instructables. Originally, I had them going to my spam-catcher email (I do that when I sign up for something new), but want it to come to my regular email now. My main account settings now has my regular email address, but the newsletter still went to the old one. Private messages and comment updates go to the new email just fine. Finally, I turned off the subscriptions to that old email address. Oops... Now I don't get the weekly at all! I tried to find where to subscribe to the newsletter and all I get is a page that is essentially for new accounts: it wants a NEW address and won't accept my current email address, saying it's already in use. Well no kidding! It's my email address and that's where I want the newsletter to go!!! So how the heck do I subscribe to the weekly newsletter using my current account settings' regular email address? {I originally posted this in the Help-FAQ section}

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How to cancel subscription??

I no longer wish to be part of instructables I find it does not suit me nor are any of my grandsons interested in them,so absolutely no use to me.

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Gifted pro subscription failure

Hi, I gifted a pro subscription to someone yesterday, it appeared to complete, but the resulting codes didn't work for the recipient....and I was flagged as the latest pro member, despite having my own subscription...... Any suggestions as to what to do next ?  Steve

Topic by steveastrouk  

Multiple copies of subscription emails

I've received four copies so far of an identical email giving me a subscription update, telling be about Lith's group. At first I thought it was a Gmail server error and it wasn't actually updating my inbox after I read and deleted them, but the timestamps are different, all a minute apart. This happened a while back, and I never saw that it was officially resolved but the problem just went away.

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Subscription Updates . . . and updates . . . and UPDATES!

Starting this morning, I have received Subscription Update email notifications from Scoochmaroo.  I have received approximately 50 of these - all of them old guides. I enjoy updates from Scoochmaroo, but it's just disappointing to open an old update.

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Subscript and Superscript in Instructables Editor?

I'm missing something glaringly obvious here, but how do you get subscript and superscript in Instructables text editor?

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Robot is having issues with subscriptions

I subscribed to MissBetsy shortly after her steampunk keyboard was posted, and I have received two subscription updates about it. I have also received two or three updates for NachoMahma's Answerers group. I then received 7 blank messages from Instructables Robot between 15:10 and 15:34PDT.

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Not receiving e-mail subscription

Greetings, Since changing my e-mail address to a Gmail account I have not been receiving my weekly e-mail subscription.  I have even tried to re-subscribe with my Gmail address.  I have repeatedly checked my spam box on both the server and my PC (I use Thunderbird as my local client).  They are not going into either spam folder. Please help!  I miss my weekly Instructable e-mails! Dale

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Randofo subscription bug/mistake?

I've got a funny bug: I logged in into Windows Live and: 25 subscription updates! From: randofo. It were all newsletter things, like: BP Costume, Tweeting Snuggie, Tusken Raider you know? If i opened the link, 9 of 10 times there was a screen that i only could see the forum topic if i was pro member. i was getting all pro member ad's and all that things. Somebody help? I don't know if i missed some newsletters? It was weird, please help? (by the way, how can i find my printscreens on my computer?) here's a pic:  (all those black things are subscriptions updates)  

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Untimely subscription expired e-mail

  I've just received an e-mail informing me my (paid for) pro membership has expired and my account has reverted to the regular level, despite having two 3-month free extensions pending.  It looks like the free subscription has kicked in as my account hasn't reverted, but the e-mail is misleading. (I believe I'm owed a year's prize membership, but I'll follow that up privately.)

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How do I cancel my subscription?

I got an email yesterday to say that I had paid my subscription for this year.  I know I probably agreed to an automatic payment when I signed up for this, but I want to change it now. can anyone tell me how?

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I'been charged twice for my subscription, wo can help to fix it?

You charged my CC two times for my subscription. Help me to fix it.

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Why can't I subscribe to anyone?

I have verified my email but I can't subscribe to anyone and I can't figure it out.

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Getting Multiple "Subscription Update" Emails

I am getting multiple "Subscription Update" emails.  It looks like they are arriving every 2 days and they contain the exact same information.  I believe that I have had 4 emails that look the same.   for example: Hello, ihart. Here are the newest items from each of the members you are following. To change or turn off updates, go to your following page: New from The King of Random     10 Things To Do at a Birthday Party with Liquid Nitrogen! New from randofo     3D Printed Digital Camera Cheers, Instructables Robot To manage these notification messages, please visit your watchlist preferences:

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How to tell if your subscription is current?

I cant seem to print off instrctables anymore saying that I'm not a premium member. I have not received an email saying that my subcription is due to be renewed. Is there an administration side of instructables that I can contact to discuss my subscription?Any help would be great. Grant

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Subscriptions - spoiling the surprise. (Hey, Rachel!)

Yes, I know this is, technically, feedback, but I thought other people might want to know about it as well.Did you know that anybody that subscribes to you can see all your projects, not just the published ones?If you did, good for you. I didn't, and now it turns out that quite a few people have been peeping at projects that I may not finish for some time, if at all, and all without me knowing. One recent planned project I had high hopes for has just had a setback today, and now may not happen. Subscribers may have been looking forward to it, and I may now be disappointing people without being able to prevent it.I'm not saying that anybody who subscribes to me at the moment would spoil the surprise for other members, but there is always the chance that somebody could spoil things. I think many of you reading this will know the kind of person I mean, even an actual example.That means that there is at least one surprise project out there (not one of mine) that could be spoiled by what is probably just a line of dodgy script.So, if you are planning any surprise projects, don't start writing them up yet, unless you have no subscribers, and if you are reading this and able to fix the bug, please, fix it quickly.UPDATE: Link to proper "feedback" thread

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how do you cancel your subscription?

I want to cancel my subscription to pro

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How can I cancel my subscription?

Please, I want to cancel my subscription. I registered once on the basis that it was necessary for accessing the contents of one particular project. I do not want to be receiving your newsletter. Sorry. Please cancel my subscription. How can I cancel my subsription?

Question by JoelG81    |  last reply

how do I cancel automatic re-subscription?

Question says it all

Question by lafstuff    |  last reply

Pro Subscription Cancelled w/out my request!?

I received a message from instructables robot & from paypal stating my request to cancel my pro subscription was received & completed. However, I did NOT make this request!! I don't understand what is going on.

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Can't subscribe to the newsletter -

I have typed my email address in the "join our Newsletter" window several times in the last few weeks - and I never get the letter. I use gmail and the newsletter is not in the spam... any idea of what is going on? thanks!

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Possible to pay for one month?

When I tried to sign up for one month, the amount listed is for one year. I would like to try a month first seeing as I'm only interested in one project. Thank you in advance and merry Christmas! Tobias

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I'm having trouble subscribing to folks

I noticed today that all the people I thought I had subscribed to had not been added to my subscription list. So, I went back and tried again. (Using Firefox) I didn't I thought maybe I'd done something wiggy with cookies, and tried it using (shudder) a vanilla IE browser, and it's still not working. When viewing a user's profile page, if I click the button (subscribe to me), it highlights, but doesn't seem to perform any action. If I click the "subscribe" button on a project page, then I'm successfully subscribed to that person. I'm not sure if I'm just doing something strange or if the button isn't working, or if perhaps I'm misinterpreting what that button is supposed to do.

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Can I buy one PDF plan and that's all.?

I never use this website and I don't build things. But a friend sent me a link to a standing desk that I want to have built: I'd like to buy the PDF instructions for that desk but I don't want to subscribe for three months or pay for a year. I just want to buy that one PDF and then I'll probably never use this site again because I don't build things. Is there a way to purchase only one PDF instructions without subscribing to a Pro Membership?

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empty watch list

I'm subscribed to some contests, but a lot of the emails I get don't have any projects, although the subject line says the opposite. Here is te last example: subject: You have 2 new instructables from a contest you're following! body: Hello, ........... Here are the newest items from each of the contests you are following.  To change or turn off updates, go to your following  page: --------------------------------------- Thanks for being part of our community! Instructables Team @ Autodesk | To manage these notification messages, please visit your watchlist preferences:

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Feature Request: Improvements to user's "Subscriptions" interface

I was looking at the Subscriptions interface in my profile, and there are a few things that could be better. 1) Just as you made the nice iconic display of who is subscribed to me, perhaps the list of my subscriptions could be done the same way? At a minimum, showing the avatar plus username would be nice.2) Could the three different tabs (I'bles, Comments, Topics) include sorting options? Right now, for example, the forum topics are sorted from oldest first to most recent at the end.3) Does your search engine support complex filters? It'd be nice to have the same kind of search bar on the Subscriptions screen (as you've added to the Forums pages), except that a hidden field in the forn would limit the search to just whom I'm subscribed.-- Michael Kelsey

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you/subscriptions?type=comment not working anymore.

I didn't use it that much, but It did help me discover new instructables. When I click "Comments" on the link in You>Subscriptions, it just sits there and loads for half an hour and then the browser says "Connection Timed Out". Windows 7 with FF 3.6.6

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How to use all the vegetables that come in a subscription? Answered

We get a box of organic fruits and vegetables every two weeks, but often end up wasting much of the food because we don't know how to cook it. I know we could look up recipes online, but we generally find that's just a little too much effort and we cook something we know. Any ideas how to cook unfamiliar veggies?

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Where can I find my subscribers and my subscriptions?

Hi there,I was wondering where I can find the list of my subscribers and the one I am following? It seems that the old ist not working anymore...Can someone please help me, thanks a lot.

Question by sun.  

What is the typical lag between publishing and visibility in "subscribed"?

One of my subscribees published an Instructable overnight (I know, because (a) I'm a collaborator on it, and (b) he e-mailed me).As of this morning, the I'ble still doesn't appear in the "Subscription Activity" section of my profile (.../you/). How long does it normally take for the database to propagate that information?

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If you've never subscribed to Make, now's a good time.

I love to read Make, when I'm at the bookstore having coffee. I just can't generally justify $15 for an issue, but loved Make 21 and all the rapid prototyping stuff. I didn't quite breakdown and buy it, but I did tear out a subscription insert, 4 issues for $35. Fast forward a week and there's a link on the front page of BoingBoing, right now Feb 01,  5 issues for $30 bucks, and even better if you agree to auto renew you get an additional $5 off, Suh-weet!!!  5 issues for $25, had to get that as a B'day present for myself, too darn good a deal to pass up.

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Pro Instructables Accounts

As you know, the recession has has hit many industries hard; it's even changing the way the internet functions. While we hoped to provide an excellent service for free under an ad-supported model, it's becoming obvious we'll have to do something different to help our community survive this economic downturn. So, in the next few weeks, we'll be launching Pro Instructables Accounts.The pro account feature set is still slightly in flux, but it will give you access to some of our existing features and some new ones:Private Instructables - share an Instructable with only a small group of peoplePatches - create and send patches to other usersFewer Advertisements - No contextual (Google) ads, or ads from indirect networksPro Users forumPDF versions of Instructables, including more customizable optionsView all steps on one pageAccess to secondary images sizes on an Instructable's step All images are available for freeNo captcha for Private MessagesPro badge on user iconWe have not finalized the pricing, but it will be reasonable, and you will be able to join for periods of one month, one year, or two years. Initially, we'll only accept payment via PayPal. Every user who has registered prior to the release of pro accounts will receive at least 3 free months of access to the existing features we are turning pro. During this period, we hope to convince you that the features are useful enough to pay for.Why we're doing this:Instructables provides a tremendous amount of value to everyone who uses it. Our authors benefit from having a superior documentation tool and an already established and sizable audience; our members benefit from our active community management; and our audience (those who do not currently have accounts) benefit from inspiring, entertaining, and useful content. In consideration of Instructables' value, you currently look at and occasionally buy products from our advertisers. Supporting content with advertising is a wonderful system, but it isn't covering all of our costs, so we're asking you to subscribe to support us and the DIY community. One of the things I've endeavored to create at Instructables is an egalitarian meritocracy. Anyone can post an Instructable and anyone can comment on an Instructable, not just editors and approved writers; we don't highlight our admin accounts or often use them to moderate comments because it's important that the community as a whole enforces the "be nice" policy. In that spirit, we won't be giving away free pro accounts. I, and everyone else who works here, will buy pro accounts for ourselves. This may seem like just an exercise, but with it I hope to make the important point that we value Instructables and we want to support it. Having been an Instructables member for a long period of time, or having the greatest number of pageviews will not entitle you to a pro account. Just like anyone can post an Instructable, anyone can become a pro member, and the price is the same for everyone. If a pro account isn't for you, we'll always offer a free account. The free account maintains the site's core functionality, and is extremely usable: You can follow an Instructable's directions, post pictures of your results in the comments or another Instructable, and enter all of our contests and challenges. We've tried to carefully balance providing free access to the content -- so we can provide a large audience to our authors -- against making some of the more bandwidth-intensive value-adding features available only to pro members. As an author, you'll always retain full access to your own projects, including PDF versions.I often tell people that Instructables is an online magazine. In reality it's so much more than a magazine, but as an active member of the community you already know that. I hope you'll subscribe.

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I cannot play the downloads from my Napster monthly subscription on my cell phone.

Hello, Is there anyone who can tell me why I cannot play the music I've downloaded from my Napster subscription service on my cell phone? I have some downloads from Napster service and I'd just love to transfer them on my phone to have them on the go. Thanks.

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Make Magazine Subscription, possible that I will have an extra one for the right inspiration..

When I subscribe for another year of MAKE, if I can do so within a week or so, I will also be able to "give" a subscription to someone (this may be limited to the USA, I am not sure). All I am in need of is a spark (I have been SOOOO tired lately) of inspiration on something to create for either the Dremmel contest or the Craftsman one. I have in my work room, numerous ic's (from 555's to comparators, regulators, etc), an extra multimeter, a fair bit of "tin" i.e. sheet metal, two old hot air popcorn poppers, a few micro-amp meters, lots of bolts, nuts, leds, a few small gears and recorder guts, two electronic gyroscopes, some random pieces of a lot of things, including caps, resistors, inductors, diodes, and etc. I have been having a hard time of it being creative lately.....but if someone can give me an idea that is acceptable to me (inspiring), I would be able to get them that subscription.   One catch,  we will have to work through someone that everyone can trust as far as getting your name and address to MAKE if I choose your idea(s). Thanks for any effort put forth. . . The time I need to send in for my renewal is drawing close.....if ANYONE in the USA here, that is old enough to eventually share their mailing address (MAKE won't tell me if they will ship the free sub outside the USA or not), and can give me a decent idea of something to build soon,  I will subscribe and send them the free year. Most of the suggestions so far are from people outside the USA

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How to unsubscribe?

How do I unsubscribe from a channel or is there no way to do this?

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knex gun contest

This is my knex gun contest. You show me your knex guns. Then I will rate them and pick the one I like best. I will update the standings when I can. The winner gets a pat on the back and a subscription and 5* ratings on all of there things i see. People that enter will get 4.5* on most of their stuff.

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Disaster Access [aka Instructables Off-Line]?

As I get more involved in Instructables, I'm constantly struck by just how much real-world useful information is covered by Instructables that could be an invaluable resource in just about any disaster situation! Being a bit of a prepper, my mind keeps coming back to the fact that without network access [for personal/local/regional reasons], all of that incredible information would be out of reach. :-( Being a "Pro" member, I've decided to build an offline indexed repository of PDF copies of Instructables that I believe would be most useful in disaster situations. I understand this is not something I could "share", because one of the fundamental aspects of Instructables Pro Membership is access to PDF copies for personal use. With that said, has anyone at Instructables thought about putting together and maintaining an "offline" edition?  I would gladly pay an additional membership subscription fee to have access to download such an offline archive edition that was updated on a quarterly [let's say] basis! I get how this might seem like a hard sell to the AutoDesk overlords, because of the potential for abuse via piracy, but I can NOT see how any pirated access to the information on such an archive, would directly impact subscriptions, because with the online subscription, what you're really paying for is all the ONLINE aspects of timeliness, community, feedback, etc., none of which would apply to an offline archive. Anyway... Like I said, It's just something my mind keeps coming back to, and I wondered if anyone else thought along these same lines? -ZacWolf

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When I get ten subscribers, I will hold a contest/raffle! Here's how to enter: 1.subscribe to me. 2.say what you would like me to build in minecraft PE. 3.the winner will get me to subscribe to them and will get their request built!

Topic by butterpro  

Why cant we buy 1 month subscriptions?

Hi, why cant we buy 1 month subscriptions

Question by dylan-duffy    |  last reply

How to use 3 Month Prize/Gift Subscriptions

I sent an email last week and haven't received a response, so I was hoping maybe someone could help me.  My subscription was set to renew 2 weeks ago, and I am set up for automatic payment through paypal.  I have over a years worth of the 3 month subscriptions lined up.  I thought when my current subscription was through the first 3 month one would kick in.  Instead I was charged for the year and still have like 5 "3 month" subscriptions left.  What do I do to use them instead of paying for the year?  

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