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EasyDIY and the DIYbros would like your suggestions for DIY's! We will accept all ideas and entries. If you have an idea, send it to Yours might be featured online!

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Leave any suggestions for future K'NEX projects here. Suggestions can include cars, guns, and any other K'NEX based things.

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I just want to say that my library is full of a lot images and it takes a lot time to keep deleting one by i just suggest to add a way so as to delete the whole library on one click..........hope you like my suggestion and put some steps towards it...... thanking you mukesh (a respectful user of instructables)

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I just made my first instructable And I wanted some suggestions to it... I really wanted feedback, but people havent reviewed much or maybe im just too impatient...... In any case, please can you suggest things?

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I have a suggestion for the site, but im not sure on where to exactly put it but this place seems okay. Sometimes, I have just finished a project from one of these instructables, and I cant find anything else to do. The suggestion is a "Random Instructable" button, somewhere on every page, so that I can keep clicking and stop on interesting ones. It could even go a step further and let each person customize the amount of random, by filtering out categories of projects they don't want to see. Discuss.

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I noticed on the forum page overview, that the page header is always "instructables". As far as I know, it is the only page that doesn't say what it actually is. I suggest changing the header to something like "Forums - Page 1", simply for continuity and consistency.

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Is there a way when downloading a PDF, to obtain a document with larger characters. The letters are quite small when you have glasses and you try to read an instructable on your tablet on the work bench Thanks in advance

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A suggestion:

Hey, I was wondering if you could bring back more formatting for us non pro users. Bulleting would be really nice, and make me make better 'ibles. As a long time member and contributer, since September '06, racking in 65,000+ views, I feel that I had earned those features, and having them taken away is kind of a let down... Don't get me wrong, I do not want to sound ungrateful, instructables is one of my favorite websites, perhaps you could add a few other features instead of taking others away? For example: A new features feed, alongside featured and popular, PRO activity. A quick glance at the recent feed shows that they are less common than featured... I'd pay for some extra publicity! Higher quality resolution images uploads Stock images: Pictures of common items maybe? Would save you some bandwidth as well. I'm thinking tea kettles, pots, pans, soldering irons, sewing needles, etc. Pro members could submit their own photos(, and if they pass through moderation,) every say, 10 images nets them another patch to give out! This makes it easier to make instructables, eliminating alot of the materials step potentially, and letting users access good, clear images with greater ease. These are just a few ideas, and replacing the standard features to the every day member. One more thing, God forbid, you take these ideas while retaining the standard features: I may just quit :P All in all, I am an instructables lover, just these new changes are slightly irksome. -- Jeremy

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Instructable Suggestions

I really want to make an instrucable about something, but i have no idea on what to make it about. I just need suggestions. I am an avid outdoors man and I want to do an instructables about something outdoors.

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Knex Suggestions

Any knex suggestions post here, ranging from guns to anything!

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Suggestions for

1. Main categories should be divided to sub categories - Ex: science - Electronics . 2. Search should be better (with sub cat) and smarted (AND OR .. etc') - find only with video etc'. search for X stars or more .. ,most viewed etc' Now if these are available - I couldn't find it - may be not as clear and intuitive asit should be . 3. I wonder if any one reads these comments ... if any one from Instructables does read it pls post me a message - Moris_zen Tx

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Suggesting Contests? Answered

I really want a contest to come up like backyard conversions. Is there a way to suggest that to Intructables?

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Laptop Suggestions?

Recently I graduated high school, and I am now about to be a Freshman in college.  I was wondering if the Instructables Community could be nice enough to suggest a good computer to an incoming Freshman. I will be majoring in Broadcast Telecommunications and Mass Media, with a minor in Computer Science so I am going to need something that can handle video editing and storage pretty well.  Also, I am an avid PC gamer, so something that can handle games like Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands (just to name a few) would be great.   This is what I've been looking at and unless I can get any better suggestions, this is what I will probably get    Thanks for helping me out Instructables!

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Suggested Prizes

Stay with Amazon Gift Cards - these are great!

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Page suggestion

Not a big problem really but couldn't there be a "back to top" link at the bottom of the instructables pages. I love reading all the comments and suggestion peopole have, and a single click to return to the top of the page would be nice. Just a thought.

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Suggestions for amp? Answered

Hello all, As my question shows, I am looking for suggestions of amps I should use to drIve my speakers. There are 2 speakers RMS rated at 3.7W and 4ohm. Any suggestion is appreciated. Many thanks in advance EDIT: it would be best for the amp to use less than 9v so that it is still portable.  Please suggest 

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Suggestions for this post

Hello, i recently posted this instructable, please suggest tips to get better at this post since it wasn't featured and how to avoid those mistakes in future,thank you!

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Contest suggestion

Do members ever get to make suggestions for contest themes? I was grilling this weekend and thinking it would be awesome if we could have a grilling contest this summer. I bet there would be a bunch of entried and it would give us all some great grilling ideas.

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suggestions for fyp?

What project should i do for my final year project. There are many but i want suggestions that will be very good for my fyp. i am an electronic engineering student

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suggestion topic

So I recently entered the hidden doors/compartments contest (my first), and was thinking that it would be nice to know if people are voting for me... just suggesting the addition of a vote counter (unless it exists and I missed it), not necessarily to see other peoples popularity, but just to see how you yourself are doing.

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Suggestion Time!

Hey Instructables, it's suggestion time! So, here it is: You should be able to put your "favorites" into folders (like labels in gmail, or folders in thunderbird...). This would help me a lot, since I have 203 favourited instructables (and counting!) Thanks, Nick

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Site suggestion

It would be really helpful if there was an option when you upload a photo to have it as the picture for the form topic and not for the photo under the message, and an option to have the photo for the photo under the message and not the form topic photo.

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Taking suggestions

Ok, I'm bored. Really bored, and lacking any inspiration, so I'm taking any suggestions anyone may have for something to make. I would really prefer it if it was SMG sized, but not necessarily an SMG.

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dinner suggestions?

Looking to impress my family by cooking a somewhat easy but delicious dinner (for 4) Nothing has really jumped out at me on the food section but still looking - if anybody has any suggestions to save me some time let me know.

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Part Suggestion

I'm planning on pranking a friend by hiding a really loud buzzer in his house but I need some sort of way to be turned on after a certain amount of time (so I can get away) any suggestions? (preferably cheap ones)

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Tumblr suggestions?

So, I'm just starting to get into this Tumblr thing (I know, behind the Zeitgeist, but still...). Do you have any suggestions about who to follow? I'm looking for Makers, crafters, and other creative folk.   Oh, and I wouldn't mind a few followers myself... (These are my "new" goggles.)

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Shoe Suggestions? Answered

Hello all you in the Instructables Community. I need a new pair of shoes. They need to be casual yet can withstand the outdoors. I would like them to be in a reasonable price range though. I would prefer them to be in style if possible. If you have any suggestions that would be great! Thanks, joespicnictables

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Contest suggestion

I'm new here. Did I miss a contest for making the biggest mess while trying to photograph myself separating an egg?

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Channel Suggestion

There are Channels for all kinds of things from Art to Food to Laptops etc. I think a new Channel dedicated to Raspberry Pi would be brilliant! There's one for Arduino so why not RP?

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Suggestions for a MultiTool?

I am trying to find a nice multi tool and looking for suggestions. I am cheap and would prefer ~$40 but cheaper is MUCH better. I like leather man, especially the wave but their are a little expensive(If u know where to get cheap please share). I was looking at the sog power locks and powerassists but they look alittle large and had mixed reviews (mabee later life)

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Suggestions for lamp

Hi I'm making a table lamp from the backlight of a broken 15" LCD, possibly putting some sort of an acetate print or photography slides where the LCD was to make it a bit more interesting and diffuse/colour the light.  However I'm stuck on how to house the light and hoping to get a few suggestions here.  Not sure whether I should box frame the whole thing, let the circuit board remain visible but covered (acrylic box) or perhaps put it into some sort of container upcycled however it will ultimately need to stand. How would you do this?  All and any suggests welcome. Thanks in advance Garrett

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Contest suggestion

How about we have a contest to make the worlds most useful thing? The rules could be: 1. Solid shapes only, no hinges or moving part e.g. pen knives can't be submitted. 2. Using only commercialy available materials and tools. Nothing to specialised. 3. As many possible uses should be listed preferably. 4. No existing products can be modified or coped off. Originality please! just a suggestion XD

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Site Suggestion

Right now for an Instructable your able to see how many views it's received and also an average rating of your Instructable. But I've noticed that a lot of people, even those who like your Instructable, do not bother rating it. Thus, I was thinking it would be cool if there was some way we could see how many people chose are Instructables as a favorite - which people always seem to do with Instructables they genuinely like. Do you think this may be a neat feature to have?

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Groups suggestion

Have y'all considered more prominent use of the groups and member profiles, and more specifically, developing a function to enable/encourage users to form local DIY groups on their own? it could be as simple as letting people know which members are in their zipcode and including an event utility. Sorry if this already exists, I haven't noticed it.

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Any Suggestions?

So I recently did an instructable on Liquid Light emulsion, (a darkroom technique for printing on objects, link posted below).  I'd like to do more projects with this, though I think it may take  some time.  But while I'm gathering my materials to make a darkroom, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what I should print the images on or what images you think would look cool.  HELP!!

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Suggest Guns

Ok so I have no ideas on a gun to build i will build nearly any gun just post a coment saying what guns you want built and ill give them a shot but if possible try think of guns that have not been done before if possible    so yeah thanks cant wait to hear some of the uns you want =)

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Stats Suggestion

Are there any plans to update the "launch stats" feature?  It looks like the default is your top five based off total views even though these projects could be years old.  I know you can click on any project to see current stats but that isn't very convenient.  I guess I'm looking for something similar to youtube analytics (overview and realtime).    

Topic by mtairymd  

Song suggestions

This year at school is a bit shorter for me than usual so I've decided to go to a few of the primary/elementary schools near my house and perform some 'nice' songs ie: about recylcing and stuff like that. However, I need some more songs to play. I am going to do The 3 R's by Jack Johnson. Any help?

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contest suggestion

I would like to see an instructables contest for ideas, games, tricks, any witty way to raise money for nonprofit organizations.(example: something one can do at a table at a festival, try for a dollar) a contest that helped out nonprofit organizations is even more important during these hard times Spending is down and donations are even further down. It is not the organizations that suffer it is the people they help who suffer.

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Search suggestions..

So I have been visiting the site for years and years now and havent had a chance to contribute at all. Seems my projects all seem to be done before I have a chance to take pics and write about them.. I have tried searching the website a couple different times for things and have gotten slightly frustrated.. Having been a website designer at one time I know what is possible.. Ok, done blabbing and on to the suggestions... I tried searching "dog gate" or "dog barrier" and it takes each word individually so I got lots of baby gates, and vapor barriors, etc... You could build code so that it would start searching both words in a search string and post those results first... Also an advanced search would be nice too, maybe keeping forums from the search or only searching forums.. searching by date or newest or oldest first.. etc.. I hope to REMEMBER to take pics on this build project and be able to post it as an instructable so that someone can SEARCH for it later ;)

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Site Suggestion

I wasn't sure this is the place to post this, but I think this site needs to have a search on the personal favourites page. I have 119 favourites, and when I can't remember the title of one it would be great if I could look up its keywords. It might also help if I can change the settings so it can display more than 10 favourites at a time. I hope this helps improve the site!

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suggestions plz

Hi, my laptop lcd is broken .it is a 15.4 inch dell inspiron 1501,so my question is if i want to change the lcd i have to buy the same model of dell i.e 1501 or can i buy different inspiron version like e1505,9100 like that because i see some deals on other versions of dell .actually i see a very good deal($15) for inspiron 8500 ,so do you think it will fit.

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Hey im writing a chapter story and i need some tips help and suggestions o.k here is what ive got there are 2 main characters chuck and jeff they are best friends chuck is a iraq veteran who got kicked out for traces of class a drugs and jeff is a serious gamer they both live in a chicks hous (yet to be named) and they go to liberty city for a illegal weapons deal but the buyers turn out to be cops and they just escape but they get caught and end up in prison but with bribing they get out but theyre still wanted alsothey meet a guy called tristan who helps them to get an old friend out (HAYD) and thats when i run out of ideas so can you help me by the way it is action/comedy

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Suggestion for Instructables.

I often do some upcycle/recycle job as hobbie, every time i found a junk comes a wish to do something with it, i often search from instructable for ideas, it would be really helpful if you add a new TAG function to each recycling project of "what are the materiales beijng reused or recycled", then a new function would apears like "make / build something with......".hope this helps for your development. excellent site, i love all you guys have done so far!

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LED Suggestions?

I just built this table as a birthday present. I think it'd be nice to add some sort of lighting accent, and it seems like LEDs are the way to go. A few "rules:" I'd like the electronics to be as unobtrusive as possible. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the table is distressed to make it look older and it'd be a shame to ruin that. Also, I've got decent electronics skills but have never worked with LEDs before so crazy computer controlled things are probably also out. Thanks in advance. Edit: Picture!

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Flagging suggestion

We've all seen 'em--spam postings. And they turn up en masse, 5, 6 or more together. While this may sound lazy, can we reduce the number of clicks it takes to flag an offender? It current takes four mouse clicks per post. --click Flag --click Spam --click OK in dialog box --one last click to dismiss the note informing me I have just flagged someone (I was already aware of that). Maybe flagging shouldn't be too easy, but the process is tedious for multiple spam posts...

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Website suggestions

Well I've been asked to do several sites recently while making my own. First come first serve (IMHO) and that would be my cadets squadron, the CO (commanding officer) gave me two weeks to make a site and i was wondering if anyone had any good design suggestions, at the minute the site has to be fully functional but content is not needed and I can't prototype to you for legal reasons either. My mums boss heard about my ability to churn out web pages fast (I did my entire I.T. project site overnight) so she wants me to design a web page for Voluntary Arts Ireland about projects we've done, and I'm already caught because I've payrolled since i did photogrphy work for them at ten quid an hour. This one hasn't even started yet and I was wondering if anyone had any nice ideas or thoughts for it. Oh and my own site will be fired up soon with a page of projects etc linked into instructables, giving me a chance to add more traffic to the site and hopefully drag in more instructableers...

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suggestion for contests

In the contests tab when you list all the contests can you sort them in increasing order of end dates. That is, contests closing sooner are listed higher in the list. Those that have closed would always be at the bottom of the list. This makes it easier to quickly identify contests which have very less time left and jolt our grey cells into action. On a similar note, a graphical printable calendar schedule of all the contests for the next 3 months or so that I can pin up on my wall as a reminder to submit an entry would be nice. Printable post it type notes might also help, this way I take a printout of those contests I am interested in and paste them on my wall calendar. (now there's an idea for an ible :-) )

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Camera Suggestion

I do ALOT of youtube videos, but I also need still good quality still pictures and my camera just died. I have a budget of around $400.00 and need something that takes HD video I would like something that either has an external mic jack or takes good audio, my subscribers complain of a high pitched whistle in my current videos (I cannot hear it) It would also be nice if it could be set up to stream directly to a computer, as I would like to record classes, and some of them are 8-12 hours. If the Contour +2 took still pictures I would compromise on the picture aspect because I shoot a lot of outdoor action stuff, and a waterproof helmet cam would be nice.  Right now I use a Nikon S8000, and liked it, but it just wasn't durable (plus the sound issues) I know I am asking a lot, and will have to compromise something, but I cannot go over $400-$500 budget. Please recommend something you think would work

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Suggestions. Locking threads, and suggestion forum.

(I'm positive someone suggested this before) I think we should be able to lock our topics when we want people to be able to read the thread and the comments on it, and don't want people to post on it (for whatever reason, everyone's would be different I'm sure.) One reason I could think of someone asked a question (pre answers section) and someone answered their question, and they don't want people posting on it (for their own reasons). They could click the edit button, on the edit page, their could be another button that says, "Lock this thread." Click that button would lead to a page that said something like, "Are you sure you want to lock this topic?" If they clicked yes, it would be a locked. If they clicked no, it wouldn't be locked. If they ever change their minds, they could un-lock it the same way they locked it. (Click edit, press unlock, and click yes, unlock) Thanks.

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