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Lighting a background surface

 Hello everyone,  I've been looking for options to light a surface for a garment.  I would like to obtain some sort of EL panel effect with something simpler.  I have never worked with EL panels, and they seem really complicated to use for me. Is there anything I can use to make a surface lit?  Is it possible to have a surface of 10 x 15 inches lit, that's portable without huge amounts of power? Thank you for your help. All the best,  Jen.

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Smoothing the rough surface

Hello everyone. My name is Thomas and I am very new to this 3D scene but still very glad to be here. I would like an input from everyone about something. Recently I purchased MakerBot printer and printed something simple. At first glance I was amazed by the finished product. I'm sure you've felt the same way. But on a closer observation and physically picking up the object, I realized that the outer surface was rough (or more like layered). Now my question is what is your solution to this rough surface? I tried sanding to smooth it out. But I'm pretty sure there's a much starter way to tackle this problem. Thank you have let's make something!

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creating a surface in Invesalius?

Hi there! We want to produce an stl of a heelbone from DICOM files to print and use in an operation. The edible Chocolate Brain was the inspiration to use Invesalius - meshlab I already know so this seemed like a good option. there are, however, limited manuals in english and infos to figure out certain steps in the Program ... like creating the surface for the stl - the mask has already been taken care of and everything else looks right, just this one step isn't yielding the expected result. a link of the document in question to look at - I would appreciate any help a great deal. thank you & snowy regards from Vienna, Eva Tucek

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Surface area drag?

Anyone know how to calculate how fast you will fall if you weigh 170 pounds and you have surface area a feet squared (if you wan't to calculate it I am thinking about 14 square feet

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Surface Mount LEDs

I need almost 200 SMLEDs for a project. However, I only want 6 colors of 36 each. If anyone wants to buy the extra 300, or something like that, please make an offer. I will get 6 from this list, but I need them all to look different enough: White Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Green Blue Green Blue UV Or, if anyone knows a place where I can buy them in small quantities, please let me know :-)

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UV Surface Mount LEDs

I am currently modifying an iBook G3 so that, among other things, it will be fluorescent orange. Currently, when the computer sleeps, a white LED illuminates through the casing. Since the casing will now be fluorescent, I would like to replace the white surface mount LED with an ultraviolet one, so that the case will glow as the computer is sleeping. I was wondering if someone could help me out by telling me where I might be able to purchase an ultraviolet surface mount LED? P.S. The image included will be stenciled and mirrored on each side of the apple on the top of the iBook.

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Surface Pro adapter modification

Hi guys, I have been experiencing problems with my Surface Pro adapters (both original and "OEM") where the adapter would power up the tablet but simply won't charge. I decided to probe the connector prongs and found out that the adapter simply outputted 12 volts (and supposedly 2 amps) through the pins. Since both adapters simply supplied 12v to the prongs, can I replace the adapter with a 12v 3a one while keeping the original cable?

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Oldest Computer Music Surfaces

The oldest known computer music has recently surfaced on the magical entitiy sometimes referred to by village elders as " the internet." Prepare yourself for an ancient digitally generated version of "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and a short sampling of "In the Mood." (image courtesy, UT News and Information Archive, the Center for American History)

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Surface Agitation with out a transducer? Answered

Well, i'm working on a sound project, the idea is simple, a metal sheet that is agitated by a speaker or a piezo. but it seems that the piezo and the speaker i'm using is still insufficient to shake the metal sheet, and i don't want to spent money importing a transducer from SparkFun. So the question is, how can I do it? The speaker i'm using is 4ohm 6Wats, do i need a stronger one? if so, stronger ohmd or wats? or both?

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A water based photocatalytic surface treatments

How to make a product similar to Pureti, a water based photocatalytic surface treatment.  This product is extremely expensive but probably has $.35 worth of material in it, including $.25 for the bottle.  Surely someone can figure out how to make it at home.

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Possibly the perfect reflective surface for solar?

For those aware of my open source solar energy project, I've just finished giving the first free construction workshop at the Riverside community in Motueka, New Zealand, which went really well. Details to be posted to the blog in the next couple days. But the point of this post is; for the previous two prototypes of the device I used kitchen foil for the reflective surface, stretched over the back of a welded wire mesh. This worked actually quite well, but takes a bit of prep and you can put your finger straight through the thing. But during the course of the workshop I was donated some 60 cm x 90 cm aluminium lithographic offset printing plates, which a guy had picked up for $1.50 a piece from a local newspaper. I rang their printers and was told that they were not only aluminium, but of a particularly high grade. His company alone, and it wasn't large, apparently scraps about 900 of these every week. He said it was a very common printing process, tho I don't know about countries other than NZ. I didn't really need to polish them, despite being over three years old, and they were a nice thickness to curve into a parabolic trough. So: very cheap, very highly reflective, can get everywhere and nice to work with. Should take environmental wear and tear well. Perfect? We just make home concentrated solar a lot more achievable?

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Anomalous Production of Ozone at a Catalyst Surface?

Anomalous Production of Ozone at a Catalyst Surface?   Hi, I'm kinda jumping in here, so I hope I'm not breaking forum rules . . . While experimenting some years ago, I produced ozone by accident and apparently by the action of an electrical current in a Pt/Ir alloy wire. I haven't been able to reproduce the effect due to a lack of resources, but I believe that it, if it *is* reproducible, might be an 'improved' method for the synthesis of ozone. I should say I *did* try to reproduce the effect but a lack of knowledge of the physics of the PGMs meant my efforts came to naught. But if there is someone out there  who is knowledgeable in the field of heterogeneous oxidation catalysis, I'd love to hear from them . . . Thank you

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Anomalous Production of Ozone at a Catalyst Surface?

Hi, I'm kinda jumping in here, so I hope I'm not breaking forum rules . . . While experimenting some years ago, I produced ozone by accident and apparently by the action of an electrical current in a Pt/Ir alloy wire. I haven't been able to reproduce the effect due to a lack of resources, but I believe that it, if it *is* reproducible, might be an 'improved' method for the synthesis of ozone. I should say I *did* try to reproduce the effect but a lack of knowledge of the physics of the PGMs meant my efforts came to naught. But if there is someone out there  who is knowledgeable in the field of heterogeneous oxidation catalysis, I'd love to hear from them . . . Thank you

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Interactive Surface creation, minimal implementation

Hey guys!This is my very first post in this awesome community. I am not a native make so please forgive me if I may cause any misundestarning with my post.I stumbled upon this video : started to thinking about creating a simpler version of this, with someones face as a 3D model projecting. My background is in computer vision, so I can handle very well the 3d reconstruction of someone's face from a 2D image.My problem is that I cannot seem to find a way to create the mechanism that will raise those bars and what those bars are going to be made of. Does anyone has any clue on how to create a simple mechanism with not a very complex design?PS: I can handle very well raspberries pi, motors and software.

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Quick SMD question

I am just getting into SMD work for PCB's & I was curious when I am using the electric skillet method for solder reflow does the PCB have to sit on the skillet itself or can it slowly pass over & the heat that is coming up from the skillet still cause the solder to flow like it would sitting on top.

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What does "surface finish: 4-8 rms" mean? Answered

I'm looking through parts on McMaster Carr's website, and I came across one of their shafts. What exactly is an "rms" and what does it look like?

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Surface tension propels tiny boat without sails or moving parts

From the New Scientist:WATCHING Sung Kwon Cho's model boat glide silently across the still water with no propellers or sails, you'd be forgiven for thinking a phantom hand was drawing the vessel forward. The boat is actually being driven by water surface tension, the same force that allows some insects to skate across the surface of a pond.The design is inspired by Pyrrhalta beetle larvae, which also use surface tension to propel themselves. Since it requires no moving parts, the method should be more robust than those involving propellers and may use just a hundredth of the power.Another story on the NetworkWorld site (with a few skeptical comments.)Doesn't look too difficult to replicate, does it?

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What's the best surface to use under a punch? Answered

I want to use the kind of punch one hits with a hammer to cut holes in foam. What should go under the foam so I don't ruin the punch?

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Do repositionable glues stick to the original surface?

I want to treat a plastic sheet with some glue, so it would create a Post-It like surface. I'd like to have this (original) surface sticky indefinitely, and to have anything I attach came off clean later. Is that how these repositionable glues work? Will they stick permanently to the surface they applied to first? Or there is no "original" and "other" piece, and some of the glue will transfer eventually? Is there a difference in repositionable adhesive spays and removable/restickable glue sticks in this sense?

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How does thermoplastic work with curved surfaces? Answered

I was thinking about getting some thermo plastic. However, I wasnt sure if it would get creases in it if used over a spherical surface. If theoritically I put some thermoplastic over a bowling ball, would it match the curve of it? Thanks! -xD

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How to get ROV or RC Submarine to surface?

1) I plan to do a ROV so i gathered some information, But i need more help how to get the ROV from deep water to surface? 2) I have to take pictures from underwater and i have to do some image processing through Matlab so suggest me some best underwater cameras? 3) Please explain me about UROV thrusters?

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Smoothing out the rough surface on 3D print?

Hello everyone. My name is Thomas and I am very new to this 3D scene but still very glad to be here. I would like an input from everyone about something. Recently I purchased MakerBot printer and printed something simple. At first glance I was amazed by the finished product. I'm sure you've felt the same way. But on a closer observation and physically picking up the object, I realized that the outer surface was rough (or more like layered). Now my question is what is your solution to this rough surface? I tried sanding to smooth it out. But I'm pretty sure there's a much starter way to tackle this problem. Thank you have let's make something!

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Convert a picture of a structure into plans for its surfaces?

I saw a program to do this, but when I tried to purchase it, it had been acquired by another company and taken off market. Essentially, a photo showing two sides of a structure allowed calculations to be made, and then represented as two "flats". I think Railroad Model Craftsman (magazine) laid out a manual approach to this. Electronically, you would be able to reshape the surfaces as well; e.g. bricks.

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Which surface do I measure for pressure? Answered

So this is a fairly simple question, but here it is:  If you have a 5" pipe leading out of a pressurized chamber with a 6" inch disk covering the hole is the amount of pressure pushing the disk down that of 5" or 6".  I am pretty sure it is 5" because it has the equivalent pressure pushing the other way outside of that diameter.  Now if the 5" pipe had a bore of 5" and an outside diameter of 6" would the result be the same?

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What is the best way to tile on a wood surface?

I have an older home with a built in wood linen cabinet in the hallway.  It has 2 doors on top and 2 doors on bottom for linens but the middle section is open.  Usually used to just set decorations on it.  It is painted white which continues to get scraped up.  It needs to have something done and I thought tile is the best.  I will only be putting decorations on it.  It is wood on all four sides with a small lip extending about an inch on the front of it.  Seems like I could tile it on all four sides much like a back-splash on a kitchen counter.  How could I do this so it looks great?  This will be my first tile job.

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Does anybody know how to make a surface transducer? Answered

I want to build some surface transducers. Any suggestions?

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How to remove surface marks on a newly forged knife?

I just forged a brand new knife (my first time) and i was wondering how to remove small surface marks and imperfections? Ive never worked with metal before.

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High voltage in water increases surface tention. Why?

One day, I stuck two high voltage wires (even thought you may think this was not smart) and it made water "stick" to the ends of the wires, and it was as if there was sticky jello on top. Does anyone know why this happened and what I can do with it?

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Help with wooden bathroom sink cabinet top surface

Hi, I have just relocated to Switzerland and live in a rented accommodation. The master bathroom has double sink wooden cabinets. Unfortunately, the top surface of the cabinets is not covered by glass, marble, or quartz. The sinks sit on the surface (solid wood). No matter how careful someone might be while hand washing etc., you can't get away without splashing. Major stress if you think that you might need to pay for replacement of the cabinets at the end of tenancy.How could I protect the area? Many thanks PS. (link) Master Bathroom sink top pictures

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How to remove static electricity from plastic surface?

I've put PlexiGlas (acrylic plastic, I think) in my roof in my bathroom. The surface is high- gloss black and should look great. However, these sheets are huge and there is a protective film on the surface which has to be removed and when I do that, the plastic will be loaded with static electricity, which will gather dust. (When I removed the protective film on the back side of the plastic, I saw this result and it isn't good. Is there a way to eliminate/reduce the static electricity before/during/after I remove the protective film? -Because of the black surface, I'm afraid that waterstains and cleaning- solvents might leave stripes/spots that won't look good...

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i need a tutorial on how to decorate the surface of leather?

I have tried working in leather a few times, and i would like to know how to make shapes and patterns on the leather using water and different tools, however not by cutting/carving the leather.

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Active cratering and near-surface water ice on Mars

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken some high-resolution pictures of brand new (two months old!) craters, where the impact exposed a layer of water ice just below the surface. Repeated pictures taken since the impact show the ice slowly sublimating, leaving behind the dark regolith.Read the whole press release and see some of the pictures here:

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need a jig for cuttin styrofoam straight/smooth surfaces?

I'm trying to get into lost foam (aluminum) casting, so I just build a styrofoam cutter ("frame" with a hot-wire). It's pretty difficult to handle because it melts trough the styrofoam so quickly and it's hard to hold perfectly straight and every movement makes an impression in the styrofoam part. I need some ideas on how to make a jig that makes it easy(er) to make smooth surfaces in the styrofoam part, I was thinking something that adjusts the distance between the hot wire and the table/surface and then just slide the styrofoam across the table/surface through the hotwire for making plates (easy), but I need to be able to change the distancee between the surface and the hotwire for different thinknesses but also somehow be able to make angles and hopefully also somehow ROUND PIECES AND CYLINDERS :o hope you can give me some inputs :D and even better some pictures, drawings and links thianks!

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Ideas for DIY solid surface kitchen counter top?

Hi all, I need to replace some counter tops in my kitchen and I love the solid surface materials like Corian, but it's also very expensive so I was wondering if we could collaborate and come up with a DIY solution. I know concrete is one option for a DIY counter top. But it's very heavy, prone to cracking and a little to industrial for my taste. Maybe someone who knows more about synthetic resins will have a suggestion. I'm imagining pouring a mixture into an upside down mold the way it's done with concrete. It would be great if we could figure out how to mold a sink into the counter too, but maybe that would add too much complexity.

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how to Embosse pictures on metal or any other surface?

Now this si very crazy but I am looking for a way to do something different. I am affiliated with an organization which would work for developing sense of Arts in teh visually challenged / blind students. My upcoming project is to let them take photograph from a camera handed over to them. The problem lies where I cna not think of a simpler way to make them feel what they have taken as a snap shot. My idea is to get the photos printed and transfer them on surfaces as they are and emboss them somehow so that the blind students can feel the raised surfaces and feed in their memory what is purely their photography. I can emboss it on metal but I am anticipating that doing that by hand would be a lot of work because there will be many students. Is tehr ea way I can do that quickly? An easy way to transfer the print on any surface and get them embossed ... something. Any clue? Please see the following link: If I can get this made, or anything near to it. It would be awesome.

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Best adhesive for securing plastic enclosure to silicone surface?

I am getting a silicone rubber skin/case for my Kindle in order to make a custom mount.  In addition I need to put a compartment on the back of the case to house some electronics components.  It will be put inside of a plastic enclosure, so I need to figure out how to secure that plastic enclosure to the back of the silicone case.  I was thinking of using Velcro, but I don't know if that is secure enough, or if the adhesive backing is strong enough for either the plastic or silicone surfaces.  What would be the best kind of adhesive in this situation?

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Sanding small flat surfaces so they stay flat

Hi, I'm trying to sand fairly small wooden objects that are about 1/2"x1" and sometimes a little larger. I often find that one side is thicker than the other or the corners are no longer perpendicular. I am trying various techniques, like taking a chunk of 2x4 and wrapping it sandpaper and then vice it to my workbench. Then I rub the object against the paper block. That is getting better results.  I've read that some people use spray-on adhesive to secure sheets of sandpaper to a granite top and that it is supposed to work well. There are a few instructables that explicitly talk about sanding and I've read many of them. They advocate a bunch of techniques. I'm wondering what other folks have had success with. Thanks, Andy

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Labrador has strange phobia of unusual floor surfaces? Answered

Does anyone has an explanation? My labrador is in perfect health; no balance problems; he leaps fences and is not timid in any way. A few years ago when we laid down slate floor tiles on the entire diner and kitchen area he seems  worried about walking on the kitchen area and avoids it or approaches it very gingerly, bowing low as he does so; it's as if he perceives it as a deep hole . He will, however, totally forget about this fear if he can get to the cat's food but otherwise it is very hard coaxing him onto the tiles in the kitchen only. My friend's  exterior  landing and staircase has a mottled pattern; he just couldn't walk on it and refused to come down it; he had to be carried. So, none of this is a problem at all, but I'm just curious to see if anyone has encountered anything similar? Thanks.

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Why does spray paint sometimes come up off the painted surface when the surface has been primed?

I was making something to hang up on my wall, a thin metal logo of the skullcandy skull. the peice of metal was free of rust. So I primed the surface and let it dry. spray painted it and then the paint was going crusty-ish and was peeling of the metal. I don't have a picture now, but i will upload a picture later.

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LED wiring and soldering help needed

Hey everyone! New to the forum here but not to instructables. For quite a while i've been looking into making an iron man arc reactor. I've learned how to wire and solder regular LED's but i am at a loss for how to wire and solder surface mount LED's. I've tried searching and googling for some answers but i haven't really come up with much. Can anyone help me out? Oh and a bonus question for not only surface mount, but also regular LED's. I know how to hook up one LED to a battery pack...but what about hooking up multiple ones? Thanks for any help! I appreciate it!

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My Instructable won't publish-2nd user

I also have a problem not seeing my Instructables as non-logged in viewer ! It has been more than 5hrs and I still cannot even find it using Search facilities of Instructables. My profile should update to 9 but remains stuck at 8 instructables.

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How to make a 3D printed Montana face mask

The internet is now literally flooded with these great face masks.People are even selling them for profit in blatnt violation of the creators intentions.A lot of people like me, with a 3D printer have abandoned their projects and ressources for the greater good.If is now us "geeks" making a huge difference in our local communities.I have accumulated few tricks when it comes to these masks over the last few weeks and kg of filament.The number one complaint if you dare to call a nice request a complaint is that the printed surface is often too hard to clean.The Montana mask needs to be printed in either PLA or PETG as other plastic can't tolerate the harsh sanitizer requirements over a long time.Nylon would work fine as well but is too difficult to deal with in the machine and severly limits the options to glue or stick anything onto the material.Be aware that PETG is a true pain here as well!Ok, PLA it is but how can we all speed the printing up and produce an even better surface finnish?The key like with ABS to use a solvent to either perform a vapour cloud smoothing or to brush or even spray the solvent onto the surface.Added beneift is that you can repair minor damages or imperfections quite easy instead of wasting the mask.PLA is "organic" to go with the food hype here.That means common solvents used in biolabs will work just fine.Hey! You forgot to tell us what solvent to use!!Sorry, my bad :(Use Ethylacetate the same way you would use Acetone on ABS.Dissolve some PLA in it to make a thin slurry or as said just brush it on with a suitable brush a few times until you get the desired surface quality.No Ethylacetate at hand? No problem ;)One word though: Please use level 3 PPE when dealing with the ingredients or concentrated solvent!That means chemical and acid proof gloves, apron and face shield.For making it you should also use a fume hood or at least a breathing apparatus/filter maks with acivated carbon layers.You need concentrated Acetic Acid, also called Glacial Acid is it will freeze at about 17°C.You also need ethanol of at least 98% - no methylated spirit, denatured alcohol or such things if you can as the end product will contain the contaminants.Slowly add the acid to a small amount of the alcohol.Use a glas stirrer or similar to mix it a little bit.Use indicator paper to check for the acidity.Once it gets acidic add a small amount of alcohol to get into the neutral zone again.You can dry the product using the common drying agents for solvents that contain water as by your chemical book or preference.Again: Please be advised that Glacial acetic acid is not only extremely harmful but also highly flammable and that it can explode under the wrong handling conditions.Whenever possible you should obtain Ethylacetate solution from a proper chemical supplier to avoid the hazard of making your own.Do not attempt if you are not used to and trained to handle dangerous chemicals!Once the mask has the required finnish let the solvent evaporate off over nigh in a well ventialted area.After that a simple wash with soapy water followed by a sanitation with bleech solution makes the mask reay to pack and seal.

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How do you repair surface rust on tin roof?

I stacked some galvanized tin roofing sheets outside. Water got trapped between the sheets. This resulted in surface rust and some oxidation. The sheets are20 ft long. The damage covers about 15% to 20% of all the surface combined. Is there a product that I can use to repair the damage?

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How do I paint plastic containers, and then protect the surface?

Plastic containers like milk containers, for example.

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Is it OK to mix through hole LEDs with surface mount resistors? Answered

I was wondering if it's OK to use a surface mount resistor;;=P1.0KECT-NDwith a through hole LED;;=C503B-RBN-CX0Y0AA1-NDI've never worked with surface mount components before and don't know if there's any special instructions with their use, ie: are they more susceptible to heat, that kind of stuff. I want to keep it as small as possible but would I be better off using through hole resistors like these;;=1.0KQBK-NDAgain, that you all for your help.

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How can you remove the raised surface on an altoids can?

I want to make the can flat and not have the raised worls ALTOIDS on it how can I do in

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Can't get to page 10 of "Extreme Surface Mount Soldering"

Anyway that I try to access this page (by being on page 9 and then clicking on to 10 or whatever link I can find in the article) takes me directly to page1: Thanks, Cymen

Topic by Cymen  

How do you get surface scratches out of marble or granite?

Hi, An electrician worked at the house and put his 5 gal. pail of tools on the tub surround and put scratches on the polished surface. The marble co. says they have to send a 2 man team to fix it,obviously that would be very expensive. Any suggestions to avoid the expense I don't need right now? Thanks

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