skating or surfing?

Please comment ther good sports but if you would like my feedback say 5555

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skateboarding,surfing,or baseball

What is better skateboarding,surfing,or basball.

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Mavericks surf contest

The Mavericks surf contest is in process right now. It's the first time it's been held on a weekend, so I opted to watch the webcast rather than fighting the traffic going down to Half Moon Bay.Mavericks is a big wave surf contest that is announced 48 hours in advance when the surf and weather conspire to create perfect conditions. It's estimated that there are truly big waves there 5-6 times a year. The break is located in Half Moon Bay, CA -- just 40 minutes from San Francisco -- so it's quite an exciting local event. The first time I went, I was simply amazed that tens of thousands of people would skip out of work on a weekday to go watch a surf contest with almost no notice; it's truly a Californian event.

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Train Surfing by the Train Rider

Preformed by a German known as "the trainrider". Before he died from leukemia, he enjoyed the last year of his life by surfing on trains. Included Germany's fastest Highspeed train ICE with a top speed of 330 km/h(!) No one did that before. So, there's a lot of video on the youtubes about him faking his death... It's possible someone is trying to claim the fame - or he really did fake it for a variety of reasons... In any case, it's still quite an amazing feat - but he did it, now you don't have to :p

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Surfboard question

Need the advice of experienced surfers, please. I've taken four lessons on a 9' foam board and just bought a used board that is 9'2" x 22.5" at the widest section. I'm wondering if it is going to be OK for me or too much work for me at my beginning level. I'm 6'1, 185 lbs, and in pretty OK shape. Advice? Pointers? Also, any longboarding movies you recommend? Thanks!

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Quick! Stop surfing, it's gone main-stream.

I don't surf (that's the North Sea out there!), but I can see the attraction. Unfortunately, so can the DINKYs - surfing is turning as cutting edge and "street" as golf.Apparently the latest wave of people into surfing are so rich that estate agents have found a significant niche market - people buying property to store their surfboards!

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does anyone know how to make a mini surf board? Answered

I am doing a school project and for art we have to make a surf board and i would like it to be about 10 to 20 cms long and even a fin on the bottom. if anyone has some ideas it would be GREAT! thankyou

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Super-fast kite-surfing

A new kite-board patent was published in August: a hyrofoil board.A curved hydrofoil lifts the whole board out of the water, cuts friction dramatically and gaining massive amounts of speed.Apparently.

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How do you make foam?

I'm trying to figure out how to make a surfboard without sanding down a foam blank, because blanks are expensive and I'd much rather pour something into a mold shaped like a surfboard. I don't want to have to buy the kits to pour foam because they're also pretty expensive for the scale that I'm talking about. I guess what I'm really asking is how do you make the two liquids that are in the kits to pour your own foam?

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Cutting through a surfboard

My house is set relatively far from the road and I'd like a large address display. I was looking to punch out the numbers [5 digits] down the center of an old surfboard, but not sure about what tools to use to get through the resin and then the foam; without shredding or splintering it. I have variable band, scroll, recip and jig saws; and a variable speed Dremel. I'd like for it to be as detailed as possible [hard edges]. I'm of course planning to illuminate it. Any suggestions, recommendations, ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Could i use beeswax for surf wax?

Ive seen lots or surf wax recipys online, and it say beeswax and coconut oil. but could i just use bees wax or will it be useless?

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What is the best surfboard blanks to use to make a surfboard?

I want to make my own surfboard. I plan to make a 5' 9" - 6' 0" sized shortboard. I've looked into several surfboard blank manufacturers such as US blanks and others. I wanted to know if anyone else knows of any good quality blanks (quality is key).

Question by pucksurfer 5 years ago

how do I make colored surf wax?

How do i color homemade surf wax and how do i make it smell different?

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Hydrofoil Surfing - A New Adrenalin Sport

Listening to Silvio Rivier, the host of Global Village, there was a section on Hydrofoil Surfing. I turned to the television, interested by this large word, to see this guy surfing a foot above the water! It seems that instead of floating along the water like a normal surfboard this board actually would be below the water while you stand on it. A jet ski pulls the surfer up to speed, bringing him up to the top of the water, but that's not it, there's a fin that leads down a foot and a half or so below the board, and attached to the end of that is a special shaped piece of metal called a hydrofoil that collects the water as it comes up from the bottom of the sea and goes over as a wave. The surfer then keeps going upwards, until the "foil" is about 4 inches under the water. Therefore the surfer can balance above the water, with very little resistance & going very fast. It's technically possible that this could be used for surfing not just close to land, but hundreds of miles out, so the person can surf for as long as their legs hold out, because they can surf in rougher water. Does any body think they could build one of these? Balancing on one is supposed to be like using a uni-cycle, & I'm having trouble surfing normally so even if I did build this I probably couldn't ride it. This goes out to Laird Hamilton, the creator of this funky board, & I'm looking forward to an Instructable. Cheers everybody, ~K P.S. The links aren't working so I'll add them as soon as possible. Neither is the video button, sorry about that, I'll have to add a picture instead.

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Can you make a tv channel surf automatically? Answered

I want to take a lot of photos off my tv and I want the tv to surf by itself, can you do that?

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I have an old surfboard... What kind of crafts could I make from it?

Acquired it a while back, I don't actually surf so it's not useful in that aspect.  I could make some cool shelves from it, but I'm trying to think of some other ideas.

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What could be a good name for this ible?

The isntructable is how to surf the internet without leaving any traces behind with a USB! Thanks

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Need Help Bypassing Surf Control "ACCESS DENIED" At School??

Hey guys it's me again, and I got a problem! Looking for some advice again! When I'm at school pretty much everything is blocked with this surf control and it says access denied. How and is there a way that I can bypass this?? NOTE: I HAVE ALREADY TRIED PROXY'S

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Can you make a tv "channel surf" automatically? Answered

I want the channels to change by themselves so I can photograph whats on.

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How do I surf the web using a webcam with QR Codes?

I want to build a setup that uses a Microsoft Lifecam to scan paper cut outs with QR Codes printed on them. The QR Codes have URL's for websites. I want to be able to hold them up to the camera and have the computer bring me to that URL. Please help in anyway you can! Thank You!

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Where can i buy thin white vinyl that i can print on my laser/inkjet printer.? Answered

I'm making a decal for my buddy's surf board and i need some thin vinyl. I was hoping some company made sticker sheets of the stuff that i could run through my printer at home.

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lego guns

Dude we REALLY need more lego guns on this group. only one of 100 is lego!

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Looking for a particular Instructable!

Hiya, I've been sending myself nuts looking for an Instructable that I happened across earlier today.  I can't seem to find it now but I can give a description of the front page. It is a fold down (or up) surf shack table... the image is a chap in a white room with lots of compartments and he is putting the table back up. I'm sure it was featured in the newsletter but I'm not sure as I can't find it in my inbox. I hope someone can help, I wanna get crackin! Thank you Georgina :) 

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I am looking at new laptops and was wondering if Answered

It is possibly that with an hdmi connection from laptop to tv can i watch a dvd movie on tv screen and surf net on laptop screen?

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What was the very first Instructable posted?

Ive been surfing this site for over a year and a half, and out of the thousands of instructables, I have to wonder, which one was the first posted?

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Umm, who is that????

While I was surfing around on instructables, I came across something strange... On the "Resources" topic group, there is no latest user that replied, instead, there is blank, what is going on here???

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chrome says instructables has malware

 when surfing to your site using google chrome, a blocker comes up that says your site is harmful and could contain malware.

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Interesting Work

Surfing the web I found the following Chilean feat: The dude has done an awesome work, It deserves to be known by Instructables's community, do you think?

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halloween hand

Surfing around the internet today I stumbled upon this gem, looks like it would be well suited with some of the other ghoulish delights I've seen bouncing around Instructables. (it's meatloaf!) link

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If i get a computer (desktop or laptop), i would only use it for web surfing, music, and maybe photoshop elements. So i am wondering if i even need one, and if so, which one-laptop or desktop?

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How do glass speakers work?

Surfing the net ive encountered glass speakers. they look nice and they give the crystal and perfect quality sound. they say. How do they work and can they be homemade?

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What is a good kite boarding kite size?

I would like to know how big of a kite I would need for kite boarding the winds are about 15-20 MPH and for a 120 lb person.

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What is the best version of Linux? Answered

I am going to be running a computor on a 8GB flashdrive and I was wondering which version of Linux would be the best to use. I will be using the computor for photo editing, typing documents, and surfing the web.

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BIG stuff

So, while surfing meh interwebs, I ran into an awesome store that sells giant things like pens, pencils, giant computor keys you can sit on, and many more. Check it out here:

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Can i make a skimboard from styrofoam? Answered

I wan to make a fiberglass skimboard.i have a slap of full styrofoam that i think i can use as the blank,and so on. question is;can i use styrofoam for blanks?

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WTF!!! Is Spyware attacking macs!?!?!

WTF!!! Is my mac under attack by some spyware!?!?! I really don't know, I was surfing the internet to find out how to hack into parental control (almost same thing as net nanny) that my is going to put on me soon to prevent using instructables so much. The window that I was surfing on just disappeared and the smaller window came up saying my computer is infected by spyware! Then I clicked "cancel", then another window popped up, its antivirus 2009, it had scanned my computer, then is said it has detected some dangerous spyware on my mac computer! Is this really true? Is mac computers beginning to get all the problems like PC always have??? Or is it an error?

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Battery of Playbook? How to save it? Answered

Just bought a BlackBerry PlayBook from Bell Canada...very satisfied with the multitask...I use it for chatting, surfing and video watching. That's why I had to recharge it every day! Do you have any tips to save the battery? thanks!?

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Has anyone steampunked a motorcycle helmet? i have surfed the net & not found anything for ideas i am not looking to add much gears & such i was thinking of using some type of sticker material that i can paint to look brass & cut in the shape of gears etc....... tu

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ERROR 500: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/common/newlayout.jspx': Can't insert page '/pages/explore/newrightbar.jsp' : ISO-8859-10

Hi. Every time I login to my account, I get this error, and I can't surf or do anything when I'm logged in.

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Is Archos a good brand? Answered

Hi,  I was looking into brands on mp3 players also able to surf the web. I came across a brand I've never heard about called Archos. Particularly, I was looking at the Archo 43. Any comments? Is this a good brand? Is it reliable? Thanks!

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Building a good computer, able to play games?

So, I want to build a computer, and this would be my first computer. I don't know how to tell how parts are compatible with other parts, and which parts are good. I just want a computer that can surf the web, and support gaming with little to no lag, or freezing. To keep cost down, I don't exactly need to be able to play newer games that can over heat a six month old gaming computer in seconds. I want to keep this project under $400, or at $450 at most. Some games I would like to run is Halo 1 and 2, counter strike, and perhaps WoW. Any, and all help will be appreciated, Thank you.

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Stuck in the Filters - unstick me?

My 'ible was published this weekend and seems to be in some kind of invisibility zone.  I can surf to it, but it is not showing up in any category or contest. Can someone give it a nudge?  Thank you much!

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Being able to sort forum posts

Can we have an option to sort the forum topics according to dates? It'll be helpful to find the most relevant ones. I was surfing the "Free Stuff" category where I found tons of posts on the top that were posted some 5 or 7 years ago. Those are not even relevant!

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Finishing a wooden paddle board

Hey makers, just wondering about how i should finish a wooden paddle board a plan to make, epoxy resin is quite expensive just wondering is there a cheaper alternative, should i use polyester resin or not, also is yacht varnish a viable option

Question by paul the maker 1 year ago

Rugged motors?

Does anybody know of a source of motors that are rugged enough to survive long-term* on the surf-line of a beach?  They wouldn't need to survive flying rocks, but saltwater and sand proof would be good. The plan is to use them in reverse, as generators, so DC is preferable. *In the first instance, "long term" means "more than half an hour".

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Fishing Techniques/Bait/Lures

Its that time of year again! The beautiful days to go fishing are here! For all you fishermen, I just wanted to know your techniques, your baits, or your lures. This can be for any type of fishing. Surf fishing, deep-sea, fly, in the river, ice, anywhere! I am curious to see what others are doing for their fishing trips!

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Really simple question about Firefox, if you know the answer.

I'm fairly new to Firefox and have been looking for a long time but I can't find the Temporary Internet Files folder.  I know where the normal one is for Windows Internet Explorer, but there is nothing there during and after surfing in Firefox. Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone seen the Chaos Tower up close?

I just came across The Chaos Tower in my "surfing" and wondered if anyone had fooled around with this? The price, even on "sale" is a bit prohibitive to me, for now. But it looks like an interesting way to construct Rube Goldberg structures if one hasn't a lot of "spare" resources for parts.

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does anyone know how to make a way to turn a mountain board im gunna use it for windskating?

Altright i have one windskate or landsurf board or dirt windsurfer or whateevr you want to call it but i want to make another one, could i use longboard trucks or is there a better way

Question by for2abs 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago