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This is the forum to ultimately talk about surviving,survival, and how to survive.

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This is the ultimate forum for anything to help you survive.

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Survival Group

If anyone has any survival stuff you should add it to the survival groups!

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Survival Skills?

Just looking to see what are the most important skills for survival, thought people could give me a hand with ideas?

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survival weapons

I would love to see a good spear for fishing and a sheild I have not seen many sheilds. If my message body is bad don't judge me i don't really know what to say this is my first time posting something like this and excuse my bad grammar please. Also I'm new here thats why I have not posted any instructables yet.  

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survival gear and tips

What do you guys think are good survival items to have and tips to learn

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pocket survival kit?

I got outside in the woods alot anyone have a very small pocket survival kit?

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Contest Idea: Survival

What about having a survival-themed contest? I suggest it in part because I would like to see more survival instructables. But mainly because I have a killer idea for an instructable!

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survival kit ideas

What should i include in my survival kit?

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Chip Bag Survival

Hello Everyone: This is my first post in this forum. I have a website on preparedness and survival. I have posted also my first instructable as well basted on this topic. So my challenge to everyone is to use only chip bags and duct tape to come up with something that could save your life. Other than the fact that potatoe chips are part of a well balanced diet. The bags can be used to make all sorts of things. Have fun. Like this one below. Robert (Survival Central editor)

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Bachelor survival guide

Hey, guys! my boyfriend is moving away for a year and he'll be on his own for the first time, doing his PhD. I'd like to make him a funny and informative guide about things he should know... But... errr.... well, I have no idea where to start.  Anybody have ideas, suggestions?  Thanks!

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Special hook for survival equipment


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Question about survival kits.

I've been interested in survival-ism for as long as I can remember, and I've seen oodles of instructables on how to assemble the best survival kits. But over time, I've come to wonder (and this is where you can help me), isn't the best survival kit knowledge? Like, instead of constantly carry a knife or something with you wherever you go, isn't it better to just know how to make a knife, and such? Please give me your opinions on this subject.

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Minimalist survival kit help

I'm looking at a new prospective for a survival kit. I have an I.N.C.H. bag that i use camping. While I can pack it down to almost nothing, I dont use many of the bigger items. I was looking for ways to essentially minimize my bag. While I'm experience with the great outdoors, the minimalist aproach is a relitivly new concept to me. I want to base the kit on the ten essentials. I live in a harsh enviroment so I'd likely not be changing my shelter much. The shelter is already pretty basic.  This is my must-have gear: Map, Compass, Sunglasses, Extra clothing (a skivvy roll and what I'm wearing plus my hoody and ponchos), Illumination (Preferably no batteries), First-aid supplies, Firestarter, Matches, Knife and Extra food. My current sleep system is as follows: Medium Weather sleeping bag with compression sac, Compact collapsible cot, Goretex bivvy sac, Sleeping role and Grommeted space blanket. I'm more worried about weight than size. I will likely switch the cot for a hammock because it's pretty sizey and the metal rods make half the weight of the system. For food I was thinking keep my hobo stove and boyscout mess kit but im considering adding a hobo fishing rig. My current fishing kit is a multi function compact pole with a fly reel and spin cast reel. While very light weight it takes up some space. About 1.5'x8"x4" roughly. any ideas on additions or subtractions for the kit? I'm mostly trying to reduce weight. I'm strong but lugging around a ruck sack takes more than a simple backpack with this and that.  Any ideas are apreciated. I don't need a whole lot to live comfortably in the woods. The picture is of my I.N.C.H. bag pack in to my freighter frame. The black box is the fishing kit, the blue sac is the cot. Inside the pack is the sleeping bag bulging out. It's Probably my biggest item and in this pic is not in its compression sac as the sac was 'misplaced' while moving. I guess I'm asking for advise on downsizing the I.N.C.H. bag...

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Sawzall Blade Survival Knife?

Hey Everybody! I've been looking around and I've found many people who have made knives out of hacksaw blades, but I was wondering if it could be done with a Sawzall blade too. If I used a woodcutting Sawzall blade, then the knife could probably go through a limb of a tree faster, and then I could sharpen up the other non-cutting side, and add a handle of some sort, maybe out of paracord or Sugru. Add a Kydex sheath, and its pure DIY-ed. What do you all think? Would the Sawzall blade be sharp enough to cut a piece of wood with your arm (as opposed to the rpm of a Sawzall motor)? Would the Sawzall blade take an edge on the back? Would this be worth my time? Thank you!!!

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Will scavenged parts survive soldering?

If I pull components out of, say, a dead radio, will those components survive the heat of resoldering? Considering they've already been soldered once, and the leads clipped short, are they still REALLY viable?

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how to survive a nuclear war

Anybodywant to collaborate on this ible im gunna start working on it again

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how do you survive in the...

With one instructable made of lego and nothing else in the desert some guy got with this in the lost in the desert once, never made it out alive. what would you do? by the way he didin't have a choice of instuctable, it was just the lego propeller or pee.

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Road Trip Survival Kit

Hi everyone, Here's the deal. In a few weeks I'll be leading my church drama team on a road trip. Not just a small trip but 1300 MILES / or at least 21 hours. Me, one other adult, and 12 teens. I know I'm going to want some essential items in a road trip survival kit, but I'm taking suggestions. Pepto, Tylenol, Ibuprophen, duct tape. . . It's 12 against 2, help! (And if it's not coming across, I mean for the sanity sake. Altoid survival tins and a maintaince tool box will of course come.)

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why cant i enter my altoids survival kit in the survival contest? Answered

It says i have no instructables eligable for the contest

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Preparedness:: Survival:: Game for Kids/adults

The Girls Scouts are hosting an Earth Day event that is about preparedness and the skills needed to be a survivor.  I'm trying to create stations or booths with different skills for students and adults to try or learn.  For example, one station will be learning knots.  Another station will have simple materials for participants to make a makeshift shelter. I need ideas that are fairly simple to teach or show at that stations that can be done in less than 10 minutes. I'm also interested in a game. Thank you.

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Altoids University Survival Kit Suggestions

Evening everybody, I am working on a altoid survival kit to send to a friend who just started university. I was thinking things like condoms, mints, pencil & pen. But Im kind of stuck now. What else should I throw into it do you think?

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How to watch the second season of Survive This?

I love all things survival, and I used to love Survivorman with Les Stroud. After he stopped his Survivorman series, he made a new show called Survive This. It's about survival among kids. I love this show, and have watched the entire first season. The second season is out now, but it being a Canadian TV show, I can't seem to watch it on my TV, or even find a place to watch it online. Season One was on Cartoon Network, so I could watch that. Cartoon Network dropped the show, though, so now I can't find a place to watch Season Two. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

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Is there currently a college dorm survival guide?

What materials, skills, or requirements are essential to successfully live in a relatively spacious college dorm.

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I need help on these issues

. Quiero saber si es legal para la fabricación de estas obras en nuestra casa, Favro alguien me ayude, gracias  

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any self defense projects?

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how do you make the bracelet with one color on the inside and another on the outsided?

i have seen survival bracelets with 2 different colors and am wondering if any one could show me how to do that or where i could find out how to

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How do you make a para cord bracelet?

How do you make a parachute cord bracelet with 2 colors a not and where do you buy the cheapest para cord?

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clay or wooden compressed air canister

Had the idea but don't know if it will work don't know if clay would hold the pressure it would be used to hold compressed air for mechanical uses to power primitive machines also if it would work what do you think the psi rating would be if not wood or clay what other primitive material do you think i could use

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Building A SHTF Computer Using This Pistol Case, Need some Advice

So some time ago, i was at an Academy store and did an impulse purchase. Spent $50 on this durable, watertight pistol case as seen in the accompanied image. For a few weeks, i have just let it sit in my room and thinking about what to do with it. Then i thought "What about a Portable PC?". So i did some measurements, the interior is roughly 12x9x5 inches in Length, Width, and Depth (if you count the lid's interior). At best i have some components, such as a 10 Inch screen from an old netbook, i already have the controller board to make it a regular monitor for a few purposes. But a few things im not clear on is what components would best fit this case? I know its too small for most motherboards, and im not intending to use a Raspberry Pi or a Linux OS. And i also want to do as little drilling or cutting into the case as possible to retain its moisture resistance. If i had to list any criteria for such a build, there would be: Information Storage Connectivity to Larger Screens (aka stationary "tower") Wifi Capability Emergency Power Source Thats just off the top of my head, tbh. In short, im wanting to make a utilitarian computer that could survive (and possibly thrive) in a disaster situation of non-biblical proportions, all crammed into a case that was meant to hold a handgun. Keep in mind i have little to some electronics experience, but i have built a pc before. So who has any advice or what-have-you to point me in the right direction? (i hope this evolves into something pretty dang good. i do believe its kind of a challenge to pull something like this off, going with a case roughly half the size of your standard PC tower)

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When will the outdoor survival contest winners be announced? Answered

Just want to know. Why is there this waiting period after the judging? At first I thought that the winners are announced right after the judging ends, but I was wrong.

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Is it possible to survive a fall through the center of the earth? Answered

Okay, LOTS of supposing here. So lets suppose someone dug a hole through the center of the earth, and managed to cover up the sides of the hole with a magma resistant cover of some sort. You start out by getting one of the spacesuits from nasa and decide to jump in the hole. Would you survive? I know that a human in the open sky diving position will go about 200 km/h, and I believe a space suit can survive up to 250 degrees fahrenheit. Please tell me how you came to that conclusion because it's been killing me how to figure it out. And also please include any formulas that are used, they're good to know!

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How to Survive middle (or high, i dont know) school

That is it, the period from 13 year and ---year. i need a survival guide!

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survial kit ideas

Any ideas for survival gear, please post.

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Whos ready with me?

Anybody want to collaborate ideas about survival, self sufficiency.... tip for tip!!

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how to make a Altoids tin water proof ? Answered

I need it waterproof for my survival kit .

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What is Dave Canterbury's clothing brand that he always wears? Answered

On every episode of Dual Survival, Dave wears a shirt or something with a little man with a bow on it. I belive that is the brand, but can somebody tell me what it's called?

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Someone show me how to make a bowie knife!!

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zombie apocalypse

If you had time to prepare for the zombie apocalypse how would you get prepared?

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Three things

If you were to be stuck in the wilderness, and needed to survive, what three things would you want to have? No cars, phones, complete survival kits, etc. those just make it less fun. Only put single, survival type things in your should be able to tell if it's "cheating" or not. If you choose food, don't be outrageous in energy bar, not a case of them from costco. Guns can count, but bullets are separate...maybe ten bullets if you choose to have them as one of your three things.Mine:knifeflintWater bottleAlso, what "Creature Comfort" would you want? This can be something like a book, harmonica, stuffed animal, etc. Pets are allowed, as long as it's not your hunting dog, or your giraffe who gathers coconuts for you.Mine is my dog, Buck. =]Have fun, and be creative!

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How do i build a solar netbook charger?

How do i build a solar netbook charger?

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How can I fix my Bowie knife's handle?

The handle on my Bowie knife is cracked and loose. What can I do to fix this?

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Emergency heating.

Can you use a charcoal BBQ grill as an emergency heater for inside of a home if you were using wood as the fuel?How and what would be the safest way to do so?

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Jb weld-bulletproof-suit?

JB weld, the gooey-at-first,tough-as-rock-later-on stuff we use to fix all kinds of stuff, from broken chairs to unsightly holes- the number of possibilities are endless.  So, is it possible for large amounts of Jb weld to be casted into a bulletproof suit that can actually save lives?

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i need to set up a small backpack for just one day in the minnesota wild... any ideas what to bring? Answered

I of course will bring a backpacking tent and sleeping bag, but i need to know what to bring for other things like cooking, fire, protection etc... maybe even hunting tools for small game if it could all fit in a fanny pack then thats all the better

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How to make coughing powder that will effect animals. Answered

I have always wanted to make a coughing powder that could be thrown into the air and would make animals (who breathed it in) cough like crazy so they will be distracted while I escape . How could I make something like this but have it not be toxic to my subjects? Another things is a question on how I would deploy it. I don't want to use a straw or anything small, but something that would distribute it amounts large enough to distract a bear. By the way I was looking for ingredients from home.

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How to make a shelter or small log cabin out in woods? Answered

Hi how to make a small shelter or log cabin in the woods wanted to make one because sometimes get stuck out there without shelter except for umbrella or body covering and sleeping bag and when stuck in rain  it really sux would like to make small one and hidden off beaten others don't destroy it..if possible i'm a first time builder on this only idea I had so far was to make a temporary roof i can move around with me out of paddle pop sticks and metal soda cans that I get from homeless food van I was thinking I could cut the cans and flatten them over glued paddle pop sticks to be like a temporary roof maybe but not sure how to build a very small cabin frm scratch any ideas on this and how I do it if possible am in a national park sometimes so I know slightly illegal to build maybe or break trees or branches ..but it's just for personal use to stay warm any help appreciated ..and sincerely sorry for asking here.

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