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What's the best way to handle a local gang of punks?

My neighborhood has a local bunch of kids who come around riding bikes, and taunting our dogs. they also swear loudly (like, hearing the "f" word from 50 yards away, shouted by an 8 year old.) and i would really like to find a nice, non-violent way to keep these kids from riding their bikes in the field by my house. does anyone have any ideas that won't get me arrested or egged?

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Any good small projects to impress 13 year olds? Answered

   I've taken up a habit of making some tiny pocket-sized (or school bag sized) projects (one each week) and carrying it around with me to entertain Years 7 and 8 (12-14 year olds) and teach them some Physics at the same time. I've looked through some ordinary school demonstrations, but I need something small, great, not needing much preparation to show it, and also something none of them has ever seen, which is pretty hard...    After a little more than a month I've already ran out of ideas, but I don't want to finish this practice, because both I and the kids like it.    Any ideas???

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Reusing an old hard drive

I was recently disecting an old laptop (HP, roughly 6-8 years old) trying to find a use for the parts, as i have had very many replacements since I had stopped using that one. I removed a 10GB IBM hard drive. From the picture, you can see that it has a total of 44 pins. I am not sure if each pin goes to the same destination as the one opposite to it. i was wondering if there was any way that I could convert this into an external drive that I could attach via USB or something similar. If you have any ideas, let me know. Id love to find a use for this instead of just throwing it away.

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Help finding an old flash game?

Hey, Its been a while since I played this game but I hope one of you will be able to find it. From what I remember, its was an old, flash based game, online, centered around drag racing. You could race in different events against different cars, and if I remember correctly you could also bet in it (no real money involved). Is was an early form of 3D, and not 8 bit (so not streetrod, but along the same lines). I remember being able to upgrade the car, and peing pinkslipped multiple times. I think the name started with a B. If someone knew what this is it would be awesome, been looking for it for around 3 years..

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Should I build a new outhouse next to the old outhouse?

The cabin came with an outhouse when we bought it, but now, 8 years later, we have to do something soon. I've looked into composting toilets, but I'm not convinced that $1,000+ later that the mechanisms will be easy to maintain. We want it to be as no-fuss as possible. We leave no heat on in the winter, and our water is a long distance down 4+ flights of stairs and to the back of the property. We pump it up (recent) or hand carry it in buckets. Can we assume that if the current outhouse is working well with the soil that a new outhouse about 6 feet to the right of it will work well, too?

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How to Build an amplifier for cheap?

I am a 17 year old teen with little pocket money and a beginner. I want to make an amplifier which can amplify an 8 inch subwoofer, two 8 inch speakers and 2 tweeters.

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How can I practice to restore and preserve old artwork? Answered

I have recently acquired a small (6"x 8") original oil painting that has been a family heirloom for a while now. As far as I can tell through research and artist signature validation, this piece is more than likely about a hundred years old. It is still in good shape but over the years has developed slight cracking in the paint in certain places and is yellowing from sunlight and smoke exposure from improper protection. While I don't intend on fixing these issues myself without the proper training (which is one of the main causes of the devaluation and ruining of fine art), after searching the internet for any restoration services nearby wear I live, there was virtually nothing available. It was also very hard to find even a few locations that even advertised such a thing. So, I am curious after all this, how does one practice for these sort of skills, short of going to school to study such a thing? I would hope they don't let lay people practice on valuable works of art when they are learning.

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My 8 year old just got a lego mindstorm and we need help with what to make and programming. He has a creative mumma (artsy fartsy) and a mechanic dad. any help or ideas would be great. Thanks

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Harry Potter 5 movie opening tonight...

Anyone else going? :D I sadly didn't get on the opening night boat until this year. I got into HP a bit later than most. But I'm also going to the Hallow's Ball that Borders is putting on for the release of the seventh book. I'm going to be partying with a bunch of 8 year olds until midnight. Weeeeeeee!

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Is there a way to detect a hardware keylogger without dissasembling a laptop? Answered

I bought a laptop from a friend that he's had for a few years (about 8, old laptop, i know) , and according to him, his dads friend installed a hardware keylogger a couple of years after he first got it. I am wondering if it is possible to detect without taking apart the laptop.

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I brought home a new puppy Sat and my 2 year old dog is not happy about her.

Hello, I have a wonderful neutered male, 2 year old Cavalier king charles named Bentley. Bentley Loves people, kids, other dogs, cats, everything and every one. Perhapes he has been a bit spoiled. He has been well socialized often taking dog park trips, took a socialization class as a pup.. we work on issues with a trainer as they come up.. he had been humping from time to time at the dog park so we were working through that. I love Bentley so much have wanted to add a second cavalier king charles for some time. We went meeting dogs and Bentley got on fine with them all on their territory and on neutral territory. We finally choose to go with an 8 week old female black and tan cavalier from the same breeder we got Bentley from but different parents (the dogs are actually co owned) They did fine on neutral territory but as soon as we got in the house Bentley was mad.. I have never seen him like that, Barking, snarling, at her. I separated them and have been trying to work things out with them gradually. It has only been a couple of days of course.  He also tries to push her under him and hump her, but she wiggles out as a small 4 lb puppy will, and he gets annoyed about that too. I can tell him "SIT" and it seems to redirect him. I am so in love with my new girl who I have named Velvet, already, so I need to make things work out. Bentley seems fine with her when they go out and potty, or are just calm together, sometimes something will set him off though, like if she gets too comfy on my lap he will start growl barking at her and acting like he might nip her but doesn't actually do it. though she does have slobber on her after. If she moves to my husbands lap he goes over to him and does the same reaction. then I have to separate them. Toys.. forget it, he will not let her have her toys or his. If they are just walking around together they seem fine.. but he does not like her getting playful or too snuggely with us.. he also gets mad if he notices her mouthing. (teething pups of course require that training) it is hard not to have him notice as we are correcting her.  I am trying to keep things equal, equal attention, when they are together (she is crated  a lot for house training anyways) They potty together and both get a treat, teaching her sit if he is there and sits they both get a treat. Both get petted at the same time together, and when Velvet went to the vet today I took Bentley along. These were all tips from the trainer I go to. I just have never seen this sweet doggie boy of mine so bent out of shape at another living thing. I just want re assurance that others have been through this, and had it all work out in the end, and give me tips as to what worked for them! I keep reading mixed advice on what to do in this situation so I am not sure what to do. I am leashing them for interactions right now of course for safety reasons and I am of course only allowing closely supervised play. Velvet also has a safe play area that I gated off with an xpen, where her crate is. They are eating in the same room, But Bentley does not care much about food anyways, never had a food aggression problem there.

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why does the lcd shows the old value after I make the power off ?

Hello, my project is a Real Time Digital Clock I'm using LCD 16x 2 with DS1307 connected with pic18f4550 when i burn the code to the circuit it shows the time correctly but when i make the power off then make it ON it shows the previous code which is not correctly ! How can i fix this ? shall i use battery for the DS1307 ? what do you suggest from me ? this is the code written in mikroc  : #ifndef DS1307 #define DS1307 0xD0 #endif // Software I2C connections sbit Soft_I2C_Scl at RB1_bit; sbit Soft_I2C_Sda at RB0_bit; sbit Soft_I2C_Scl_Direction at TRISB1_bit; sbit Soft_I2C_Sda_Direction at TRISB0_bit; // End Software I2C connections sbit LCD_RS at RB3_bit; sbit LCD_RW at RD0_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB2_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at RD1_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RD2_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RD3_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RD4_bit; sbit LCD_RS_Direction at TRISB3_bit; sbit LCD_RW_Direction at TRISD0_bit; sbit LCD_EN_Direction at TRISB2_bit; sbit LCD_D4_Direction at TRISD1_bit; sbit LCD_D5_Direction at TRISD2_bit; sbit LCD_D6_Direction at TRISD3_bit; sbit LCD_D7_Direction at TRISD4_bit; char i; unsigned char sec, min1, hr, week_day, day, mn, year; char *txt, tnum[4]; // for some other testing char txtSec[10]; char txtMin[10]; char txtHour[10]; char txtWeekDay[10]; char txtDay[10]; char txtMn[10]; char txtYear[5]; char txtDisplay[39]; // for some testing int intSec, intMin, intHour, intWeekDay, intMn, intDay, intYear; void Read_Time(char *sec, char *min, char *hr, char *week_day, char *day, char *mn, char *year) {         Soft_I2C_Start();         Soft_I2C_Write(DS1307);         Soft_I2C_Write(0x00);         Soft_I2C_Start();         Soft_I2C_Write(0xD1);     //MAKE SURE D1 IS ADDRSS OF PIC18F4550         *sec =Soft_I2C_Read(1);         *min =Soft_I2C_Read(1);         *hr =Soft_I2C_Read(1);         *week_day =Soft_I2C_Read(1);         *day =Soft_I2C_Read(1);         *mn =Soft_I2C_Read(1);         *year =Soft_I2C_Read(0);         Soft_I2C_Stop(); } /* void Transform_Time(char  *sec, char *min, char *hr, char *week_day, char *day, char *mn, char *year) {         *sec  =  ((*sec & 0x70) >> 4)*10 + (*sec & 0x0F);         *min  =  ((*min & 0xF0) >> 4)*10 + (*min & 0x0F);         *hr   =  ((*hr & 0x30) >> 4)*10 + (*hr & 0x0F);         *week_day =(*week_day & 0x07);         *day  =  ((*day & 0xF0) >> 4)*10 + (*day & 0x0F);         *mn   =  ((*mn & 0x10) >> 4)*10 + (*mn & 0x0F);         *year =  ((*year & 0xF0)>>4)*10+(*year & 0x0F); }  **/ //-------------------- Formats date and time void Transform_Time() {   *sec  =  ((*sec & 0xF0) >> 4)*10 + (*sec & 0x0F);  // Transform seconds   *min  =  ((*min & 0xF0) >> 4)*10 + (*min & 0x0F);  // Transform months *hr    =  ((*hr & 0xF0)  >> 4)*10  + (*hr & 0x0F);    // Transform hours   *year    =   (*year & 0xC0) >> 6;                             // Transform year   *day     =  ((*day  & 0x30) >> 4)*10    + (*day  & 0x0F);       // Transform day *mn   =  ((*mn & 0x10)  >> 4)*10 + (*mn & 0x0F);     // Transform month } void Write_Time() {         Soft_I2C_Start();          // issue start signal         Soft_I2C_Write(DS1307);       // address DS1307         Soft_I2C_Write(0);            // start from word at address (REG0)         Soft_I2C_Write(0x40);         // write 17 to hours word (24-hours mode)(REG2) (sec)*         Soft_I2C_Write(0x23);         // write 2 - Monday (REG3)   ,( min ) *         Soft_I2C_Write(0x14);         // write 4 to date word (REG4)  (hr) *         Soft_I2C_Write(0x03);         // write 5 (May) to month word (REG5) (day)*         Soft_I2C_Write(0x14);         // write 01 to year word (REG6) (year)*         Soft_I2C_Write(0x05);         Soft_I2C_Write(0x13);         Soft_I2C_Stop();           // issue stop signal         Soft_I2C_Start();          // issue start signal         Soft_I2C_Write(DS1307);       // address DS1307         Soft_I2C_Write(0);            // start from word at address 0         Soft_I2C_Write(0);            // write 0 to REG0 (enable counting + 0 sec)         Soft_I2C_Stop();          // issue stop signal } void Transform_Time(char  *sec, char *min, char *hr, char *week_day, char *day, char *mn, char *year) {         *sec  =  ((*sec & 0x70) >> 4)*10 + (*sec & 0x0F);         *min  =  ((*min & 0xF0) >> 4)*10 + (*min & 0x0F);         *hr   =  ((*hr & 0x30) >> 4)*10 + (*hr & 0x0F);         *week_day =(*week_day & 0x07);         *day  =  ((*day & 0xF0) >> 4)*10 + (*day & 0x0F);         *mn   =  ((*mn & 0x10) >> 4)*10 + (*mn & 0x0F);         *year =  ((*year & 0xF0)>>4)*10+(*year & 0x0F); } /* void Display_Time() {         switch(week_day)         {                 case 1: txt="Sun"; break;                 case 2: txt="Mon"; break;                 case 3: txt="Tue"; break;                 case 4: txt="Wed"; break;                 case 5: txt="Thu"; break;                 case 6: txt="Fri"; break;                 case 7: txt="Sat"; break;         }   **/         Lcd_Chr(1, 6, (day / 10)   + 48);    // Print tens digit of day variable    Lcd_Chr(1, 7, (*day % 10)   + 48);    // Print oness digit of day variable    Lcd_Chr(1, 9, (*mn / 10) + 48);    Lcd_Chr(1,10, (month % 10) + 48);    Lcd_Chr(1,15,  year        + 48);    // Print year variable  (start from year 2010)    Lcd_Chr(2, 6, (hours / 10)   + 48);    Lcd_Chr(2, 7, (hours % 10)   + 48);    Lcd_Chr(2, 9, (minutes / 10) + 48);    Lcd_Chr(2,10, (minutes % 10) + 48);    Lcd_Chr(2,12, (seconds / 10) + 48);    Lcd_Chr(2,13, (seconds % 10) + 48); }         Lcd_Init();         Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CLEAR);               // Clear display         Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CURSOR_OFF);          // Cursor off         Lcd_Out(1,1,txt);         Lcd_Chr(1, 6, (day / 10)   + 48);    // Print tens digit of day variable         Lcd_Chr(1, 7, (day % 10)   + 48);    // Print oness digit of day variable         Lcd_Chr(1,8,'.');         Lcd_Chr(1, 9, (mn / 10) + 48);         Lcd_Chr(1,10, (mn % 10) + 48);         Lcd_Chr(1,11,'.');         Lcd_Chr(1,12,  (year / 10)  + 48);          // Print year vaiable + 8 (start from year 2008)         Lcd_Chr(1,13,  (year % 10)  + 48);         txt = "Time";         Lcd_Out(2,1,txt);         Lcd_Chr(2, 6, (hr / 10)   + 48);         Lcd_Chr(2, 7, (hr % 10)   + 48);         Lcd_Chr(2,8,':');         Lcd_Chr(2, 9, (min / 10) + 48);         Lcd_Chr(2,10, (min % 10) + 48);         Lcd_Chr(2,11,':');         Lcd_Chr(2,12, (sec / 10) + 48);         Lcd_Chr(2,13, (sec % 10) + 48);         Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CURSOR_OFF); } void Init_Main_Simple() {         ADCON1 = 0x0F; // page 268, disable analaog        // CMCON = 0x07;        // INTCON2 = 0x80; // disable pull up in port b         // clears internal latches         LATB = 0x03; // enable internal pull ups         LATA = 0x00;         LATC = 0x00;         LATD = 0x00;         LATE = 0x00;         // Make all outputs         TRISA = 0x00;         TRISB = 0x03;         TRISC = 0x00;         TRISD = 0x00;         TRISE = 0x00;         Lcd_Init();                // Initialize LCD         Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CLEAR);       // Clear LCD display         Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CURSOR_OFF);  // Turn cursor off         Soft_I2C_Init();                        // initialize I2C         Lcd_Out(1,1,"Time & Date"); } void main() {            Delay_ms(500);        Init_Main_Simple();        //Write_Time();         //Delay_ms(100);         while (1) {                 Read_Time(&sec;,&min1;,&hr;,&week;_day,&day;,&mn;,&year;);      // read time from RTC(DS1307)                 Transform_Time(&sec;,&min1;,&hr;,&week;_day,&day;,&mn;,&year;); // format date and time                 Display_Time(sec, min1, hr, week_day, day, mn, year);                 Delay_ms(1000);         } } Thanks

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Instructables Cleanup or bug going around?

I just noticed the forum sections now start with topcis that are up to 8 years old. Is there a massive cleanup going on or is something stuffed up? I just hope it is not just my end of the line again....

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Please help me restore this old Lead acid battery

Hello everyone, I just salvaged a small, 50AH FLA battery from a Tractor. The Battery has seen 2~3 calendar years. It was showing 11.38 Volts sitting on the shelf since 3 months so I thought it was good and I brought it for a bargain. I brought it home and connected it to my Intelligent charger which claims to support (Automatic)- Deep discharge Charging Boost Charging Absorbtion Charge Tricke Charge Equization Charge Automatic Charge Current and voltage regulation with Temperature compensated charging. The charger is currently showing "Boost charge" at about 12 Amperes. Problem is,the Charging voltage seems to Jump from 13.1v all the way to 14.2V (like under 10 sec) I hooked my DMM to the battery terminals which comfirmed the same. Sometimes the voltage also reaches 14.4v and the Charger goes into "Equalization Charge" but falls back to Boost charge at 13.5v or something odd. After 3 days for 'Cycling" I tried a eq charge twice. it seems to be improving. the Battery voltage on charge is still jumping across 13.6v to 14.2v. if I draw a load it goes back to 12.3v. admirably, I connected the Battery to our DC load yesterday night and it ran Led street lights (load 4a ) for 5 hours before I switched it off. 20AH is decent progress for 50ah old Battery right? do you think it's sulpahation that's causing voltage jump? I ran the Battery down to 11.5v yesterday. in the morning with sun up, the Battery is slowly progressing from 12.8v and above... very stably. the charger shows'absorbtion charge' at 8-9 amps. 8 amps are good for 50ah Battery right? else how do we test the ah of Battery?

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Power supply fan in spinning in an abnormal way? Answered

I just built a computer that uses about a year old power supply and it one day I heard it spinning. At first I thought that it was one of the system fans or a cpu fan but it turned out that the sound and vibrations all came from the power supply and it worried me. Is there any way I can fix it? it starts spinning up for half a second and five seconds later it spins up for another second, then three seconds later it spins up again. it does this all the time at random intervals. Is this a problem with the power supply (DPS-460DB-1A), motherboard (Gigabyte Z77-DS3H and i3 3240), OS (Mac and Windows do this), bios? please help. thanks

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can someone help me find a old music flash game about a man who walks through hell and must step on demons?

As i said its an old flash game about a man who walks through hell and while he does monsters attack him and you must time your button press to the melody to stomp on them. the music is kind of technoish and is about 6-8 years old if i remember correctly since i played in in school. any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Can people please give me links to free-for-use 7-8 minute monologues for young woman?

I'm looking for a 6 or 7-8 minute monologue or one-woman play to be performed by a young woman. I'd prefer for it to be modern (within the last century) and to have some kind of meaning or something that people can connect or relate to. I've looked all over the internet for something that fits this description, but I've had no luck as of late. I'm 16 years old, so that may you to know what I'm looking for. Please and thank you! If it's shorter than 6 minutes, it's out, but no longer than 8 minutes (a few seconds over is okay). 

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Fisher and Paykel WM water leak

Hi All, Our 5 year old Fisher and Paykel  8 kg Fabricsmart Top Loader has recently started to spill or leak water from under the machine. Can anyone advise what might be causing this and how to fix it. Thanks KEHG

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Ancient technologies revisted - the last chapter, 13

We often woder how the ancient builder were able to calculate all the stuff they needed.But there might be a very simple explanation: Evolution and the gregorian calendar...Our modern math is based on 10 or for most things US still the 12.And no matter which system you try to calculate things like gravity, accelleration or just angles you always end with a big mess.So what did the church to make it all so complicated, after all it was a change of calendar....Not quite....Before times we knew 13 star signs.Before the church came along most people used the 28 day moon cycle or derivations of it.What was once left to high priests or the village shamane turned into Astrology and also forgot about the 13, reducing the star signs by one.Big deal you say, no one cares....Or do we?What were the real world implications of this interference?Or year is now 364.25 days long - on average.We constantly need to adjust it by one day every four years and also need to correct our time accordingly.What a hassle....We also implemented that a day has to have 12 hours or 24 for the entire thing, including the night.Only to finally use the base 10 for our common math LOLIt does not get any more complicated than this :(As a result of this mixing our circle ended with 360° and a minute with 60 seconds - What the heck!?There is no common base to develop any proper, higher math!So we learned to work around the problem and to accept the most complicated way must be the best way.An artifical brake for our evolution.Nonsense? Let's play it out just a little bit:We do it the old ways and use the lunar cycle with 28 days.Gives us 364 days per year, every year.What about our star signs?Funny you should ask....Because suddenly we have a perfect fit for the 13 star signs again.We still ignore that they are not all visible for the same period of time in the zodiac though.What about the days and time?If we ignore the 12 and use 28 hours for a full day instead of just 24 we are again in the right rythm.But where is the natural logic in all this?Hidden, like our evolution ;)The key is again a thing called decimal parity, a magicians trick if you like.With that long number tunr into just a single digit by adding the singles:345= 3+4+5=12 = 1+2=3If we use the same magic on how our cells multiply:1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 we not only suddely see number we know from our computers.The cell multiplication goes on and on, however: Decimal parity give a simple and repeating sequence:1, 2, 4, 8, 5, 7Notice how everything that makes a 12 like 3,6,9 are "missing"? ;)For a 28 hour day we can divide it evenly to get 14 hours for day and night.7 is a quarter of a day.And yes, 1+4=5 and 2+8=10 = 1+0=1If you now checked some of my really old topics and remember Tesla's circle of math then it is no coincidence that it matches.Go one step further and apply the 364 or a multiple of 28 on a circle as degrees for a full one....If we can link the moon, or to be precise, the lunar cycle so perfectly to how how our cells divide: can the moon really be just a coincidence? ;)Go ahead and play with some of our favourite physics formulas based on the lunar cycle!Don't bother bother trying to figure out how to match the required second to lunar times though.Reverse engineer the formula so to say!We might have solved the time and calendar problem but not the meter ;)Take Gravity for starters.If we assume the moon is no coincidence then gravity shouldn't be one either!?Ignoring all resistance an object near earth surface will increase speed by about 9.8m per second every second.Transfer that to hours and see what happens if you hour is based on 28 or 364.Makes very weird numbers I know.Try again but this time keep in mind that if you change the time base you need the same multiplicator for the 9.81 ;)Ok, now you should have basically matching results and still the basically same complicated number.Re-arrange you formula so you get just 1m instead of 9.81.We could calculate before with our old math how far an object would travel in free fall with our gravity in a given amount of time.Never a nice number per second.Try again with you moon second of hour now ;)If you struggle with it a bit I won't blame you at all.Feel free to use any of the other vital physics formulas we know that require meters and seconds to find out how long a real meter should be ;)Or do it the other way around and use the speed of light formula and see what you get with moon based numbers ;)Why was the 13 banned and declared bad?Ignorance, protection, secracy, god complexes, call it what you like.Either way it is the link between real math and nature in every way.Our year is based on it the same way as our lunar cycle.Our cell multiplication and basically every natural shape in nature uses the 13 as well.Even astrology should again include it.Banning the 13 and using the 12 or 10 instead meant we were unable to see the links nature and the universe offer freely.Is it really just coincidence that a water vortex of tornado look exactly like our milky way?Just that the later is more flat....Or that so many patterns in nature follow the sequence of decimal parity - even your sunflower ....Some say banning "false" gods wasn't enough, others say it was a simple insurance policy.But with the 13 gone the way was free to let anyone trying run into dead ends.Without the 28 day lunar cycle seeing the connection was next to impossible.Ok, but how does the 12 come into play with the church and all?Making math totally impossible was not possible because our brains constantly evolve.The 12 was a perfect fit for the old days.It stands for the "missing" 3 6 and 9 from the decimal parity sequence.It is simpler in one way but only for the most basic things.Once you need what we call today higher math the 12 makes things really hard - hence our never ending numbers when we try to calculate "round" stuff....You just never get the full accuracy because it is always an endless amount of digits behing the dezimal point.Even for Pie....Defining the meter or foot on something totally not natural only helped the cause.After the apple finally hit us on the head it was already too late.Our understanding of what time is was flawed, our meter was a makeshift approximation.Of course the results of calculations only got worse and worse the more we learned about physics.Now we can't even think in any other ways anymore....What about our DNA?We struggle to understand it, make sense of all the unrequired data in it.We often like to say the junk is the leftovers from evolution.But what if our failure to understand and decode our own DNA is intentional?What might happen if someone appraoches this problem with the numbers 13 and 28 as the base of operations?Just some extra magic to make a point: ;)Take 28 days for a "Month".Take 13 "Months" for a whole year.Makes 364 days.Using decimal parity we get:2+8=10 =11+3=43+6+4= 13!! 1+3=4Considering Tesla you still think the lunar cycle is coincidence and won't matter? ;)13 was and always will be the key....Don't believe me?Use 13 and keep adding 13, then use decimal parity to get a sequence.Like 1+3=42+6= 83+9==3.....You get this sequence:4 8 3 7 2 6 1 5 9 Draw it in a circle like Tesla used ;)9 at the top then 1 to 8 every 40 degrees.You get a 9 pointed star.With so many links freely available you just have to wonder how we could ignore it for so long.....The lunar cycle is a complete sequence, no end, no beginning.We now got two distinct sequences, one for the 13 or our moon and the other for our own cell multiplication.1,2,4,8,7,5If you figure out what Tesla did so many years ago and find where the 3, 6 and 9 link those two sequences you will be a winner.I'll give you a hint: They nicely divide our lunar sequence.And our parity line from the cell multiplication does the same.What more do you need to accept that the base for true math is not 10, 12 or even 16?It is 9, always was, always will be ;)Live long and prosper! ;)

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Sunday mentoring session was the best time I've had in a LONG time.....

I had wanted to post this yesterday,  and I had it ALL written out but just before I wanted to hit enter, I had to back space to fix a misspelling and the whole browser backed up and wiped it ALL out. *sigh* Anyways, this past Sunday, after meeting, my wife and I were invited to stay and do some things with the children and the parents of that particular household. This is the family with the Asperger's child of 8 that built the Scorpion model/puzzle with me (see instructable for details on that build). I had sooo much planned, but we didn't get to half of it.  Which is ok, more to do another day.  I fixed her robot (last time the ground wire had broken off the motor, this time it was the red wire) by soldering the loose wire back on.  The battery compartment was broken too, so the one end of the "box" that joined the positive and negative terminals of the two batteries, was completely off. Thankfully, I had brought my hot glue gun. A more permanant fix would need to be done later if this didn't hold.  Anyway, I demonstrated the Magus effect to her, first showing her a ball rolling off a flat piece of cardboard, then asked her what she expected the paper tube to do when I rolled IT off the plane. She wasn't sure but after a bit of prodding she said it would act like the ball, only slower.  When she saw the tube roll of and reverse direction she had to see it again (to make sure I hadn't done something TO the tube :-)   THEN she just HAD to show the rest of the family   :-) The hardest part was explaing the effect to an 8 year old.  She is smart, but not very advanced language-wise. So I had to keep it fairly simple. STILL the experience was great. When I made a "voice box" out of a drinking straw and a balloon, though, she was tickled pink. She just HAD to have one, despite the great difficulty in operating it. I promised to think more on how to make it easier to use by the next session.  All in all, my head was spinning, and I was giddy all the way through Monday from the encounter.  I do think I missed my calling in life....

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space helmet for children need a quick,cheap relatively authentic helmet. Thats easy to make with easily found objects? Answered

Hi people, I need to make about a dozen space helmets for a school production (preps to grade 2 I'm in Australia so not sure what year level that equates to (6-8 year olds) ). I know how to do the suits but need a quick, cheap, relatively authentic helmet. That is easy to make with easily found objects. Thanks to any that can help

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Electric lawn mower runs for a few seconds then trips the house breaker.

When the breaker is reset it runs a few seconds and does the same thing? I was de-thatching when the problem first occurred so the mower was under load. There was no burning smell? The mower is an 8-year-old 12 amp Homelite with a 21 inch cut .

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How to make a magnetic powered car?

This project is for my 8 year old daughter that is in grade 3. She has to build a magnetic powered car (and not from legos or hotwheel type cars), that can go fast or slow, and extra points if the car can turn left or right. I'm at a loss, can someone help please ?

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K'nex: The bane of modern DIY

Okay, We all know that K'nex is fun, and nearly everyone remembers playing with them when they were young. BUT, I have found that nearly every time that I try to find an Instructable on ANYTHING half or more of the title results come up as something like this "Seuper-Ultra Awsum L33T K'nex thing". We all know that K'nex is fun, but is it really necessary, that every time that your 8 year old son, (or, 8 year old self for that matter) builds something out of K'nex that looks remotely like ANYTHING you go post an Instructable on it. Now, I am not trying to bash on K'nex here, in fact, I love them, but I hate when people think in is necessary to torment the rest of the world with their primitive creations. Then again, this is just my opinion, please post your own. Long days, and pleasant nights, Aztof Du'Reth

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Question from the noobie :-D

Noobie here again! now I can't find a 'able that showed cardboard cut-out monsters decorating the windows of a house. I thought it would be something cheap (I'm BROKE) and easy to do, and fun to do with my 8 year old. Any ideas of which it was? I didn't save it in my faves... Sorry if I'm a bit thick.

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Sled dog questions? Answered

Hi im looking for someone who knows a bit about dog mushing to help me out... Im wondering if one great Pyrenees/lab mix dog would be able to pull a very heavy load??? He is about 80 to 90 percent great pyranese and is only 8 months old but when he gets to be older is his breed any good??? Also I was wondering if it would be a lost cause to try to break a 7 year old lab ino a dog sledding harness and see if they can pull together?? They are both very obedient dogs and easy to train!! 

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parental advise?a REAL question for a change.?

Ive got two young daughters age 8 and 10 and im concerned about there latest attitude regarding pop music and sexy dancing.The 10 year old is very bright (a+ mathematics) the 8 year old is also bright but lazy and very rebellious (bad grades) How can two kids be so different?Soon they will be awful teenages and im concerned as i live in a somewhat wild lawless society with a huge diverse social soup of weird cultural ideas and many truly dangerous narcotic substances on every street corner.How do i keep them away from all this?I see this pop music obsesion is taking there attention away from sensible things.I wish to create a hunger for knowledge into them but feel im loosing the battle against mass media.My instinctive reaction is to restrict there access but i dont feel this will work and i already see rebelion.I am now taking them out hiking and camping regularly to counter act the pop stuff.How do you walk this fine line with young kids?

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How can my soundbar be rated at 300W-peak/150W-RMS, amp IC only goes 78W, 5 drivers total 60W?!?

Pyle PSBV200BT. Audio amp IC is STA540. Speakers and marked ratings: Two tweeters @ 10W, 4 Ohm; two midrange @ 5W , 8 Ohm; and one sub-woofer @ 30W, 8 Ohms. PS is 18VAC@2.5A. Am I missing something. The numbers seem so wrong that I must be overlooking something significant, not just overseas marketing greed. The Pyle sounds ok, but my 17-year-old 100W Creative 5.1 PC speakers blow it away.

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Unable to make comments

Every time I come across an instructable and try to post a comment no matter how many times I click Make Comment nothing happens it will not post my Comment at all. I don't know if it is because the instructable is too old or what one said on the last posted comment 3 months ago, another was 8 months and the third one was 2 years ago. I just don't know why I can't make any comments. Please Help.

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My angle grinder gets very hot. How do I fix it?

Hello there, I have a 2 years old Bosch GWS 8-115 angle grinder. It gets very hot quickly, a few seconds after powering it. If you wait a bit more even smoke comes out from the grinding wheel area. The rotor doesn't sound very consistent too. Any advice on how to fix it? Thanks, Shamir

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Picture format (png) and sizing

Just done an instruction, my pictures are PNG format, some have a transparent background.They look OK in the editor, but when published, what should be a transparent background is black.Is this an issue of the site?Do I have to remake the pictures in an other format?While on the subject of pictures, I would prefer some to be shown smaller than they are shown.Is it possible to set the size of pictures in an instruction?I have searched for this info, the results about PNG where 8 years old and gave the impression it was being fixed.

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How could I make a sushi train? Answered

For school, I need to pretend to be a party planner and plan a party for 8 year old boys. The theme that I chose was cars and vehicles, so my classmate came up with the idea of using a sushi train like thing to transport cupcakes around the table. Is there any way to make one? It doesn't have to be an actual sushi train. It could just be a conveyor belt, or a train set modified. But what I really want to know is the cost. Thankyou in advance! =D

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Air tank testing

I have recently acquired a 25 litre compressor on which the motor was seized so my plan is to replace the motor and pump with a couple of fridge compressors however the tank is more than 10 years old and although I cannot see any damage is their anyway to check it is safe to pressurize to 8 bar? it has 175PSI stamped on it so I assume its designed with that as the maximum working pressure but I want to know if I can get it checked as I don't want to blow myself and my garage apart if it bursts I'm in the UK

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 Micheal Crichton had a dinosaur named after him!! A new species of Ankylosaur was discovered, and named after the author of Jurassic Park. Granted, this news is 8 years old, but it is still pretty remarkable. The official name is Crichtonsaurus bohlini, is roughly 3 meters long, and named after the man that simultaneously had a number one movie, book, and t.v. show. (Image from Here). If you haven't read his books, he is a fantastic author, and I highly recommend them. Micheal Crichton R.I.P. Further Reading: @ Micheal Crichton's Website @ Wikipedia @ An E-Mail

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So, what are y'all getting me?

In case you haven't noticed, my birthday is on December 8, just five days away! What are y'all getting me? *cough*InstructablesTShirt*cough* It's ok, it doesn't have to be a surprise. No, but really, I will be 14! Finally, I will be able to - wait, there really isn't a difference between 13 and 14 is there? I mean, no special privileges, like driving, jobs, etc.? Ah, well, I guess I'll wait till 15. As a 14 year old, I hope to post up more (quality) Instructables and further my knowledge of, well, just about everything. Next year in ninth grade, I hope to take welding class, which will enable me to take on some of the "bigger" Instructables. My future looks bright. For now.

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Assortment of plastic gears for sale. 70 in total.

I have an assortment of plastic gears all different sizes on ebay if anyone's interested. Mostly from old printers and scanners. The item is in the UK, but willing to post to most countries. From the listing "This is an assortment of plastic/nylon (not sure what they're made of) gears that I've collected over the years. These are mostly from old printers and fax machines that I've stripped for the stepper motors. Please bear in mind that most of these will not mesh with each other - they're all different sizes, pitches, and different centre hole diameters, and many of them have original grease on them. So don't expect to be able to make a large gear train out of these, most of them won't mesh.";=290634418757 The ruler in the picture is 20cm ( 8" ) long

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Very old shielding materials and techniques for permanent magnets and resulting possibilities

Forromagnetic meterials are not just called that for no reason.It comes from ferrous - iron.Iron has the highest permeability at normal temperatures.That means a magnet is attracted to it very strongly.We utilise this for transformer cores, the stuff inside a relay and the moving latch of the relay itself.Like current from an electrical system magnetic fields like to take the easiest route possible.Air is a very bad medium, so any iron close by will be prefered even if it is at a slight distance.You can check with a magnet, a steel bar and some iron shavings - please cover the are with plate first ;)Slightly less known is the option to also guide and extend the magnetic field this way.If you check how far the magnetic field of a magnet reaches and note that distance,then you can add some steel bars or rods at the poles - the field will extend through the metal.The most powerful example of this are the shielded magnets used for hooks or speakers.Except for a tiny area the entire magnetic flux goes through the metal.So in this lefover area the magnetic flux density will my many times greater than what the magnet alone would be able to.What most people don't know is that magnets also interact with other magnets in terms of their fields changing and distorting.The Halbach Array is a good example of this.Seen as a single magnet the array would have one weak and one strong side instead of even strenght for both.Wherever magnetic fields change a conductor can produce electricity or current.This in return causes an electromagnetic field that opposes the one from the magnets.Just drop a magnet through a copper or aluminium pipe ;)Since these distortions are widely unknow to the hobby tinkerer mistakes can happen ;)In the early days of exploring science some people already knew about shielding.And they also knew that certain metals have certain properties.Where it is quite hard to create a good coil from steel wire, copper works fine as it is not magnetic.What would then a copper shielding do?If you have two moving magnets with only a tiny gap then the resulting field distortions are quite huge.A copper shield around the magnet like a pipe would then react to these changes and also create a megnetic field that works in relation to the enclosed magnet.In simple terms it means the shield would let the magnet appear weaker or stronger depending on the field change.A quite old document I found gave some hints on how people thought in different directions back then.It was in regards to the design of a magnet motor by the way.Here various magnets were shielded in tube made of a copper-bismuth-alumium alloy.These tubes were then electrically connected so it created a single loop conductor.The claim was that the resulting electromagnetic field of this ring would drive the fields of the enclosed magnets sideways out of alignment.Like bending straight pastic tubes sideways.This "pulsating" would always happen when the magnetic binding forces reach max and so basically drastically weaken this binding effect.Another document talks about a "magnetised brass rod".A holes of the rod diameter is drilled through a block magnet.Not from north to south but through the middle where the flux is greatest.The claim here was that if that rod rotates fast enough a very low voltage with a very high current will be generated.Sounds easy and interesting enough that I might have to test one myself one day.The best one however is what I consider a hoax or being as good as Starlite.Someone back in 1908 claimed to have created a material the reflects magnetic fields.In lame man's terms it would be like an insulator around some electrical wire.The claim and some pics showed it, was that no magnetic field can pass the material.Or to be correct only a tiny fraction of what would be possible through air.A small magnet inside a longer tube of this material would create almost the same attraction to steel at the tubes ends as on the magnet itself.Measurements showed the field strength would be almost equal to a long mangnet of the same field strength.Imagine guiding the field of a big and powerful magnet through a tube around some corners or other magnets and then end in just a tiny hole for the entire flux...Too bad he never shared his secret formula to anyone knows to mankind.Isolation...Imagine you have an array of changing magnetic fields and quite strong magnets.Then you might face the problem that your focus on the "working" end neglected the other end of the magnet (stack).Providing some iron core material will keep thes field lines contained and away from interfering with your setup ;)But it also allows to use te otherwise unused end of your magnets more directly.For example by guiding to another magnet to affect its field strenght ;)Placing a sheet or steel between two magnets in a setup provides a "shared pole" so to say.If you have a north and south pole on a rotor at a distance of 5mm then a sheet of steel between will drastically weaken the strenght and reach of this combined field.It is like pulling the arch between the magnets down to make it more flat.And at and an angle the resulting field will also be slightly angled ;)Capping...When I first encounter this many years ago I couldn't really make sense of it.Quite complex..If you check the magnetic field lines with iron filings or similar then you notice how they go in a rounded manner from pole to pole.This is because the single field lines are of equal polarity and will dirve apart like opposing magnets.By capping the ends of a magnet you provide a short.Instead of diverting out like mad they will follow the cap and create very intersting magnetic field in return.If both poles are capped it is like pressing the magnet flat but without having a field on top of the oles - only aorund the center part.For this the thickness much must match what is required for the flux density.As a rule of thumb: if the end is still very magnetic then it is not enough material tickness ;)Interacting fields in a tube...This one is quite old too and seemed to have found no usable inventions apart from simple magnetic spring replacement systems.But it gave me some clues about Tesla "earthquake machine" ;)If you place a magnet in a tube and at it's ends magnets with opposing fields to the one inside then you can fix this magnet in place.Push one magnet deeper and the distance from the inner magnet to the other end will shrink the same amount.In this old paper two coils were around the pipe with the inner magnet between them.In this gap and at about the same width as the magnets length another coil was placed.Violent shaking would then create electrical energy at much higher level then modern shaker torches.In return an AC current on the outer coils would cause the inner magnet to move back and forth to create electricity in the center coil.According to the paper possible uses include: core less transformer, measuring minute changes in AC voltages, providing free power from a running motor...The last one had me stumbled for a very long time.Until I considered a different configuration.The whole thing is basically a linear DC motor - with correct timing of course.And in some motors we use permanent magnets.I am starting to wonder what would happen if we would design a rotor magnet like this?The running motor would be subject to constant field changes that affect the rotor.And a normal motor is always "even".By using four magnets instead of one we can push the field really flat.This means the area where the coil would operate (about 1/5 of the magnets area) will have a much stronger field.The resulting torque should be higher by about 25% !!Even a simple two coil model setup should show a significant increase in performance here.Timing is critical here but I tried some calculations based on 8 poles and the required "on times" for the coils.In a standard motor configuration with a single rotor magnet the coil is active for about 12° of the rotation.With a 4 magnet configuration this "on time" can be reduced to under 8° of the rotation to get the same amount of torque.An energy reduction of about 4% if you neglect losses and only think in time.If you think in terms like impulse energy then we are talking of about 15% !Shorter on time but still much higher flux density overall than for the long standard timings.Going the long run now:If you check how most DC motors work then you realise soon that for most one rule seems to followed.Only use one coild pair at a time.This is quite contradictive if you consider the geometry and options.A dual commutator would allow to use a second coil pair with a field OPPOSING the magnets instead of being attracted to it.After all: on you bike you pedal with both legs and not just one...And if you do it professionally then yu do the same as I suggested for the motor - you use the up pull of your legs as well.Doing it brushless only requires amodified h-bridge desing to drive the second coil pair at the right timing.Some will now say that it requires twice the energy, I say that for the same motor size your get twice the torque!Just imagine what that means in possible weight reduction for a motor - or its size to deliver the same torque at the same power levels when a normal motor is used ;)The more poles the more complicate the precise timing but no big deal really with modern electronics.Can it be improved even further?I though long and hard about that one until I considered EMF.A DC motor produces a lot of it when the elecromagnetic field collapses in the the coils.We do not utilise this energy...There is a tiny delay until the released energy levels are at max.My theory is that it should be possible to divert this energy into another coil set.If that coil is not the next active but still within a strong enough field area then the EMF would actually add to the drive of the motor.Only downside is that according to my calculations at least 16 poles would be required to get an optimum result.Way above of what I can create in my little garage :(In theory it should then be possible to reach about 98% efficiency for the motor....

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Larger scale self-watering raised bed garden

Last year was the first time I did any gardening.  It was a result of an argument with my 3 year old where he steadfastly insisted that vegetables came from Kroger, not plants. As a result I started small with 6 pepper plants.  I used this instructable for a self-watering earth box.  It worked really well.  This year, I moved to 8 bucket fulls of vegetables. I've now maxed out what my porch can hold and want to move into my yard next year.  I have an idea for a larger scale self-watering raised bed system that I wanted to get some feedback on before I started building. I'm going to get a few of the small, hard plastic kiddie pools like these, approx 5' across.  I'm going to bury those and build on top of it a raised bed with a wooden floor.  In the floor I will cut holes and install several of the pond baskets referred to in the above instructable. My theory is this will work similar to how the earth box did but on a larger scale (approx 6x6 raised bed). Would love feedback and direction on this project.  I feel like it will work, but am a complete newbie and would love a bit of help on it.  Thanks!

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Excessive Conservation Wearing Out [noun]...

So... While brushing my teeth - I first rinse my brush, turn the faucet on, brush, then rinse the sink/mouth. Yes, I turn the faucet off while brushing. And if you're counting - that's two on/off cycles per brushing...I've been playing with this tool: I pose an open question for discussion.. But first, my data/research...I'm estimating 3 minutes of use per day - 365 days/year. According to the tool... I use 2190 gallons per year. Lets say that's 5 uses per day (2 for teeth - 1 for bathroom use). The tool seems to estimate an 8.4 year service life - so that's a total of 18396 gallons of water over it's life as a faucet.So If I leave the water on while brushing - that's 3 on/off cycles per day.butIf I turn the water off while brushing - That's 5 on/off cycles per day (40% more cycles).Realistically, a faucet's wear comes from on/off cycles - each use bringing it closer to retirement. So 40% of 8.4 years is 3.4 years.Now... Leaving the faucet on an extra 4 minutes per day (2 minutes per brushing) consumes 2920 gallons of water per year.The difference over 8.4 years is: 30660-18396=12264 gallons. At about $4 per 1000 gallons - that difference is $49.06. BUT, the direct replacement for my faucet (as priced today in home depot to the exact model) is $75. So after 8.4 yearsFaucet remaining on will cost me:$49.06 + $75 = $124.06Faucet being turned off will cost me:$75 + $30(prorated cost of faucet for 3.4 years of wear on a new faucet) = $105Differences:$19.0612,264 gallons of waterThat is to say - due to extra wear on my faucet - it's only marginally more economical to turn my faucet off while brushing my teeth. If I wasn't me, and not able to DIY replace - it very well may be cost effective to leave it on given the cost of a hiring a handy man or plumber...Okay... Now that you've read the above... please discuss your thoughts. I am very much aware of the assumptions I have made (no need to point them out) - just looking for opinions :)UpdateLets turn this discussion on it's head now... As several have pointed out, conserving is more important - bonus as it's close to an economical wash in my fictitious scenario above (it's not 100% real and based on data from the link above and some hefty assumptions).My car uses .3 gallons of gasoline per hour at idle. Lets take a 100% city drive in heavy traffic (my drive yesterday). I was at a complete stop due to traffic lights or traffic for 20 seconds or more a total of 12 times to travel ~10 miles (yes, I freakin timed it). So that's a total of 4 minutes (wow, that worked out nice) of idle time. That time consumes 0.02 gallons of fuel costing me $0.06. If I were to make that commute 5 days a week, twice daily - that's a cost of:10.4 gallons of gasoline$31.2 worth of fuelSo, a new starter for my car costs $130. Typically the motors don't actually die - just the contacts. But lets assume I don't want to fiddle with that and just want to direct replace (corollary to valve washers :D).This means - using my starter an additional 24 times per day - it will take 4.2 years for the fuel savings to pay for a new starter. In 4.2 years - averaging 12,000 miles per year - I will have traveled 50400 miles.Okay - now lets consider the cost of fuel to restart - 24 times.... According to mechanical engineering magazine, a V6 engine used 5 seconds worth of idling gasoline to restart. So - redoing some math to compensate - that's a savings of7.8 gallons of gasoline per year$23.4 per yearTime to recoup 1 starter: 5.6 years (equating to 66000 miles)So, I'm having some problems finding data on starter life cycle - all I have is anecdotal evidence... *My personal car has 115K miles and is ~8 years old - and I've been doing this since I bought the car >2 years ago. *My last car was sold at 98K miles and this was done for a little less than 2 years (the car was 8/9 years old when sold).*My first car had unknown mileage (estimated around 150K), was 10 years old and the engine was killed at stoplights.*My parents own a conversion van (seldom used now) that is 12 years old, 120K miles - did not shut the engine (v8) down at traffic lights.None of the cars above have had their starter go.*Father had a truck that had it's starter replaced around 220K miles - unknown age. That car left us with a blown connecting rod around 300K milesBatteries... Yes, this does put more strain on your battery... I'll go more into that when I can find some better data (more than anecdotal :p)...But, that's to say... It's economically viable to turn off your engine at traffic lights... So much so, it's illegal to idle (over a certain period of time) at traffic lights in some countries...

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Quiz Buzzer Lockout System help needed

Hi all. my church has task us youth to design a quiz buzzer lockout system type of thing to be used for a bible quiz. so the host will ask a question and 8 people will try to be fist to press their button... the fastest button will lockout out all 7 other buttons so they wont buzz... after he answered then the host will press a reset switch and continue with the next question... i did a ton of research and always end up with arduino arduino arduino... and the instructions is all for 4 or so people and its not very clear to understand or easy to do. i know a bit of programming so that wont be a challenge. i love electronics so that wont be a problem. i just need a clear set of instructions to follow and some guidelines and parts to buy... (im 14 years old... )  the quiz is end of march. it for 8 people cause 8 youths of 8 different churches will compete.  if anyone could give me a plan or guide or point me in the right direction that would be super !!! i know im gonna need some wire... allot of wire... and an arduino... thanks in advance to all you wise folk :) oh btw i live in cape town...

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System interrupts causing problems?

I have a Windows 8.1 laptop with Intel i7, 8gb memory, 750gb hdd, and 2gb Nvidia video card that is about 3 years old. I've never had any problems until recently. When I play audio or video, there is a lag in the sound and everything freezes for less than a second. It does this anytime, even when just browsing the internet. I watched the performance monitor in the cpu section and there are usage spikes in 3 of the 8 cpu usage graphs when it lags. I think it comes from system interrupts, but I don't know what it means. I tried turning off audio enhancements, as some suggested for this problem, but it did not change anything. I have not made any recent changes to my laptop, so I don't know why this has just started. Any suggestions?

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What to do with a box of motherboards?

I just went to a garage sale that I saw on craigslist. The guy advertised a good amount of computer stuff. Upon getting there I found a treasure trove of 3-8 year old computer parts. Long story short i bought a box of 20 motherboards for five bucks. Sadly only six of them have processors though. Now comes the problem, what the hell should i do with 20 motherboards? I'm actually gonna go back there too because he's got empty towers at $5 a piece, as well as NICs, video cards, power supplies, and the like. So again, any ideas on what I should do?

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Grandma got run over by a reindeer rip offs Put another log on the fire

Hi Everyone, Have you notice this song Grandma got run over by a reindeer Is a rip off of this song I not trying to ruin Christmas just thought its hilarious, when my 8 year old was singing "grandma got run over by a reindeer" , I gave her some lines form "put another log on the fire" Now grandma is having a really bad Christmas!

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I HATE my mouse. My old mouse, was a corded (w00t) serial mouse. I used it with my amazing 8 year old windows ME computer. I loved that hulking tower, it was beautiful in a slick, off white way (pics coming soon hopefully). Then, I got a new computer. It runs vista, and I used the mouse that came with it. Had a cord as well, but was USB- no serial ports on this sucker. It worked OK, until the scroll wheel broke. Then I stopped using it*. All the computer stores around only have the insane "ergonomic" mice with the 5 pound giant pink balls on the top (I have NO idea), so I couldn't get a new one. Luckily, I had an old travel mouse laying around. Wireless. Enter the world of computer He**. It eats 2 AAA's every 2 weeks, randomly stops working, jams up, skips around, and generally sucks. If I could, I would throw this pathetic excuse of an electronic human interaction device into my parts bin and mine it with a soldering iron until it dies, but its my only option. Please, what do I do?! Does anyone know a good (I'm not sure its serial actually, round plug, plugs into the the purple or green slot on old computers) converter to USB so I can use my old mouse? *Well, I, strictly hypothetically, may have cracked open the case and accidentally broken the click wheel sensor button. Purely hypothetical, of course.

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Little Gem MkII may have fried my ipod?

I`ve built and was testing a Little Gem Mk II amp on a breadboard and for audio signal input i used my ipod shuffle 2nd generation. What happened was that the output sounded very distorted ( probably too large of pin 1-8 bypass capacitors) before the ipod stoped working. For the first two times i pluged it to the pc the orange light came on steady, not blinking as expected. From the third time on i got no response at all. So, is the amp - and me - guilt of killing the ipod? (considering that it was 4~5 years old and may have died of natural causes)

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splash pad??

I want to build a simple, yet fun outdoor water SOMETHING in my backyard for my 11 and 8 year olds. I do not want the cost, upkeep, or permanancy (?) of a pool, and I want it to be something they can enjoy for a while. I ran across a brick splash pad and would like to do that or something similar in our dirt yard. Does anyone know how to do something like this? Any photos? It would be great to be able to turn on just a few sprayers at a time, or choose to have them all. I would think a way to catch and recycle the water (but drain ince in a while). I looked for a post I thought I had seen here before, but nothing turned up. Thank you!

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I'm back!

As a few of you may know, I haven't been on for a few days (*caugh* over a week *caugh*) due to hardware troubles switching to linux. Being sick of windows tendency to slow down with age and the inability to make that better without a full re-install, I decided that linux mint was the way to go. Long story short, it seems that the standard hardware i've had for a few years didn't like mint or ubuntu much and refused to install correctly, so I did my homework and built my own system which turned out to be about half the price of comparable brand name systems, although I did manage to use the same case from my old system and skimped on hard drives and extra cards. My new hardware consists of an Asus M4A88T-M motherboard, an AMD Phenom 2 X6 1055T processor, 8gb of cheap ram, various hard drives and various dvd drives all stuffed into an old tower. The Ideanator is back, and this time minty fresh!

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12v to 120v sine inverter boosting

I have a 20 year old van. The a/c leaked and it is much cheaper to buy a 120v window unit ($140 with a 3-year walk-in exchange warranty) than to pay a shop to rebuilt the vehicle a/c. I chose a 5k BTU window unit that uses 4.1 amps running, and have a 1k watt sine wave inverter. Alone, the inverter will not start the a/c unit, but will power the fan. I confirmed a trick to start motors with an inverter. I connected an 8" bench grinder to the inverter and started it. It took a few restarts to get it up to speed. Then I started the a/c and it ran without problems. The bench grinder motor was able to supply the reactive power the a/c compressor needed to start. Both continued to run without straining the van's alternator. BUT, I don't want to travel with a running bench grinder going, that's not safe. Is there another way to supply the reactive boost that is safe to travel with? Once I get a simple stable way to run the a/c I'll work on a mount to vent the hot side. The van has sliding windows.

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A barrel for a modded nightfinder airsoft gun?

I have a 8 year old bro who has a bunch of nerf guns. He wanted play airsoft with me but doesn't want to get shot with my 400+ fps airsoft gun. I've been searching some things on instructables and found a way to change a nerf gun into a weak airsoft gun. My brother let me use his nightfinder and i ripped out the air restrictor. so now im supposed to make a barrel. He doesn't really like the idea of cutting up one of his darts so what is another item that i could use to make a barrel. he doesn't mind a decent fps on the gun just nothing too extreme. any other suggestions for other mods are accepted as well.

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