How to learn to swim? Answered

How to learn to swim?

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Is lap swimming an outdoor sport?

I know that lap swimming is usually indoors, but would it count as an outdoor sport?

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How do I Keep a Swimming Pool Clean?

I have a pool in my yard that nobody has used for years.  I would love to backfill it with dirt but my wife says no.  I am getting sick and tired of using "human safe" chemicals to keep it clean, especially as it still gets algae during our hot Las Vegas summers. I am looking for some chemical(s) are are EPA legal but so powerful that nobody should swim in them.  Essentially, what I want is something that will kill everything in the water and keep it dead for a significant period of time.

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Swimming pool cleaner/filter

Hello, I have an old (about 50 years) 50.000 liters (13 208.6026 US gallons) swimming poll that doesn't have any kind of cleaning or filtering machinery (if you know what I mean) so it's just like buried water tank :). The problem is that it's often filled with grass, leaves and bugs that sink to the bottom of the pool and I don't know how to get rid of them. I have a water pump that I use to empty the pool that takes about 2 liters/second that I'd like to use to "vacum" clean the pool floor but I don't really know how Any ideias? thanks!

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Wallowing in the Depths of my Pool

I have a home in Las Vegas,NV that was given 2 us by my grandparents. PROBLEM- !2ft pool, empty 10 yrs!! Where do I start, what do I need, what do I do¿ plaster, sandblast, paint, or just fill it up, help me out. On top of that, I want to make this as inexpensive as possible

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how to connect a m7000 swimming pool pump to a above the ground intex pool?

I have a intex pool and the pump quit working. a friend gave me a m7000 pump, the old pump only had 2 hoses to connect to the pool and the m7000 has 3. what is the 3rd hose for and how do I connect it to my pool

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how to connect a m7000 swimming pool pump to my intex easy setup above the ground pool?

I have a intex swimming pool and the pump that came with it qite working.someone gave me a m7000 swimming pool pump. the only problem is that my other pump only had 2 hoses to connect to the pool and this new pump looks to have 3. i just need instructions on how to hook this pump to my pool.

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domed screened pool cover plans using poly water pipes for support?

Installing an above ground pool, but need an inexpensive way to keep bugs and leaves out.  Also, since I am 70 also need something lightweight that I can build.   Has anyone built or have plans for a structure  using the white water pipes as rafters. 

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looking to hook up pvc pipe to intex pool pump?

Having problems with water leaks from a intex pool pump.would like to go to an all pfc pipe system ,rather then those weak hoses.Fitting seem to be the problem.Would love to hear from those who have solved this problem.I have tried solving this problem by buying plumbing parts but does not work very well.Thanks

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Portable change table

We are running in partnership with other agencies and the City of Toronto, Parks Forestry and Recreation an accessible swim program for people with physical disabilities. Many of our participants require that they change in a lying down position and thus require a "change table". At this point we are looking at two locations that require this. Challenges include storage as storage space is of high premium at the pools. It would have to be at a height that would be comfortable for the support staff. It should be wide enough to be able to turn a person on their side safely. Sturdy enough to be able to handle up to 350lbs safely. Should be folding (for storage), and have wheels that lock so it can be moved easily. We assume wood is the best material for this (or easiest to work with), but we are open to suggestions. It should also be long enough. We have not come with specific numbers (how many inches/cm wide or high e.g.). For this some of us involved in this program need to discuss the details. However, you may have some questions too, so if you let us know we can provide answers to your questions. A few years we purchased a portable massage table. However, it is not wide enough to accommodate some of our participants with being turned safely. About Tetra Tetra is a non-profit organization that recruits skilled volunteers to create customized assistive devices for people with physical disabilities. See our instructables group at:

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how to design a home swimming pool Answered

A pool that one can set up and dismantle.

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How to make an aquatic plant water filter?

I'm making the kids a wading pool out of a poly water trough. I want to filter the water through a separate trough filled with aquatic plants with probably shale as the base. Not too sure how to set up the filter though. I want to recycle the water through both. I don't want to use chemicals and this will also be a proto-type for a chemical-free swimming pool when they are older. Help please!?

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How can you keep horseflies away from a pool area? Answered

So, I was swimming at my friends pool today, and 5 of us were bitten by horseflies multiple times. Is there any kind of natural repellent to keep horseflies away from their pool area? Also, they have a bunch of flowers around the pool, so if there is anyway to repel just the horseflies, and not the pollenating bees, that would be great. 

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large magnifying glasses to heat swimming pool?

Why cant you use the large magnifying glasses if seen used to melt metal etc. to heat a pool by pointing them at the water instead of all the solar panels and black pipe?

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Adult Swim and Interference Inc - This NOT the work of the GRL

An advertising agency managed to shut Boston down with a guerrilla marketing campaign gone bad. Inspired by the GRL (the people behind LED Throwies), Interference, Inc, whose website appears to be blank right now, created some LED-based graffiti to promote a cartoon. Our friends at the GRL were not impressed, and posted a response here.Like a dog in heat, a producer/reporter from Inside Edition tracked me down earlier today hoping to find, and I quote, "a techie willing to explain these light-bulbs attached to magnets that are all over Boston." I tried to explain that the GRL and LED Throwies had nothing to do with it, but perhaps subtlety is lost when you're hot on the trail of a story. Carl, if you're out there, these are the links you weren't interested in getting from me. The people who actually are behind this posted the video below (which was removed by the original author, but reposted by the GRL). I grabbed it from here.There are lots of very interesting questions around this whole issue: When does art become advertising; how can we as "techies" educate those around us as to what's a bomb and what's art; and who is responsible for actions like these that shut down a city? The artists? The corporation that put them up to it? The government for making itself and the public so paranoid? In any case, join me in watching how this unfolds.

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How do you make a waterproof pocket with a zipper? Answered

I want to make a waterproof pocket to attach to my board shorts and preferably with a watertight zipper, does anyone have any idea how to make such a pocket?

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how do you winterize an inground swimming pool?

I am trying to save some money here and would like to know how to winterize my in ground swimming pool. Can any one give me some advice?

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Anyone know a water tight and strong way to secure all pipes coming in and out of a contrete in ground pool? Answered

My Dad and I will be building a pool, in ground, this summer but are worried about the water-tightness of any connect made with piping in and out of the pool. Any ideas?

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What can I use to carry wet clothes other than a plain plastic bag?

Since I swim, I need something that I can put my wet clothes in and is reusable.

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How can I heat my swimming pool early? Although I live in the south (NC), my pool is shaded by neighbors' huge trees. Answered

It takes 2 months to get to a good swimming temperature.The pool is 16 x 30', depth varies from 3' to 9'.? I have a solar blanket which will keep the heat in. But it will also add trash(grass and gravel) if I put it on and take it off everyday.

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I didn't know I had a swimming pool?

The first thing anybody does on Google Maps is find their own house.  I realised that I had failed in this tradition, and discovered that I have a swimming pool! Actually, it's a blue tarpaulin I was using to suppress weeds when I was turning a jungle into a lawn...

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How do I attack my friend 11 ft. underwater at the public swimming pool? Answered

I remember when I first went to the bottom of the 11 ft. area in the swimming pool. I think it would be cool to have a battle like the toa mahri did. :)

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how long should I keep my iPod in rice?

I accidentally had my iPod touch 4g in my pocket when I went swimming. I discovered it 10 min later. How long should I keep it in rice?

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Has anyone ever tried to hack the Finis Swimp3?

 The Finis Swimp3 uses bone induction in its waterproof mp3 player.  I want one, but it isn't compatible with iTunes, and doesn't have an external jack.  How can one add an external (and waterproof) jack to this gizmo?

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Basically wife and I enjoy an evening hot tub dip, under a deciduous tree in a large garden. Then with robes on we drop the swim wear and hang it on a wall of our house to dry. The next morning my wife usually finds a resident earwig in her swim suit. I can only surmise the larger one piece suit holds more attractive moisture for the bug which would have to travel five feet up a newly painted lap siding wall to reach a pot-metal dual hook.  There are no night lights. We live at 5500' in a desert climate and the garden is automatically watered morning and evening three times a week My wife wont let me put a 24 volt charged tape because we watch grand children daily. What to do ?

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Build a fish that swims in the air without any manual control? Answered

Hey there, My first post. While walking by the toy store, I saw that they had a giant dolphin(filled with air) that was swimming around in air just above the head..... so funny..a big fish swimming you the impression that you are under water.. I could not even see if someone was controlling the motion...seemed to me that its 'altitude' and 'path' was kind of pre set and it would continue to hover until its battery ran out or something. Is there a way to build this? like fill up a ballon (shaped like dolphin) with air, and program it with some kind of bult in controller that makes it hover...? Thank you

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What is the best color to paint my swimming pool so it will be warmer? I assumed dark blue, but would silver be better?

My pool is an inground fill & drain with no filter, pump, or pool cover. The edge of the pool is about 2 feet above ground.

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What is the best color to paint my swimming pool so it will be warmer? I assumed dark blue, but would silver be better?

My pool is an inground fill & drain with no filter, pump, or pool cover. The edge of the pool is about 2 feet above ground.

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how to make an above ground pool heater?

Solar heater for above ground swimming pool

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how can i get a 12v motor to automatically reverse polarity or direction either by a certain time or by ???

I have a machine that is for hunting that swims duck decoys back and forth.  See youtube video " home made wake maker " but right now i  have to swith the direction automatically and i need something that i can just turn on and let the decoys swim back and forth without me touching anything.  Anyone have any suggestions?  The motor is a 12v trolling  motor with simple pulley on the top and wires are ran all the way to a box where i have a on and off swith and a switch that reverses the polarity!

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Redefining Dumpster Diving

Creatively using dumpsters in neighborhoods for different utilities and sports - a swimming pool, garden box, skate half-pipe, and ping-pong table.Check out the great pictures at Scene 360 and Trixiny.What will you add to your community?

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How can I relax or destroy the elastic in my great but too tite swim suit??

I really like the suit but it really bothers me because its too tite.   I have tried soaking it in gasoline, no effect.  Any one know how to melt the elastic?  thanks  Jon

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Dolphin Gets Prosthetic Tail

This dolphin was just a couple months old when it got caught in a trap and turned its tail into a useless stump. After a year and a half of recovery and building, she now has a prosthetic tail and has been swimming about with it. Nice. Link

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fake fish for lazy or irresponsible people, how do i make them?

The problem: ----------------------------- hello. i've been wondering how i could make some fake fish. i live with my parents and want a small aquarium on my room, but i don't feel responsible enough for such a (silent) pet. so i want to put some fake fish in my aquarium. i want them to 'swim' around and look good. does anyone have an idea? my ideas: ---------------------- my first idea was using an old cd-drive, buy some fishtoys (or fishing equipment, i heard people use fake fish to atrract other fish), attach the fish to the cd-drive and then turn on the drive and see the fish swim around. the problem is that the cd-drive makes many rotations per second, so the fish would swim way to fast. i've been thinking about using magnetism in some way, but i could'nt figure out a good way to do this. anyone? closing: ----------------------- i appreciate any idea's. i have no problem with using electricity, but rather not in the water itself (rather above like my CD drive idea) thanks in advance.

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Dumpster Pools Invade Brooklyn

Over in Brooklyn, some overheated and dedicated folks have turned some dumpsters into pools for their very own urban pool party. Not too shabby for a budget of a few thousand bucks. I wonder if they can connect them together to get a proper bit of space to swim in.via Treehugger

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I am going to buy a new high powered tactical flashlight. What is the best light you know of. I dont really care about price within some reason. I will use it for search and rescue (scouts), camping, general use, and possibly swimming/diving. Can you recommend a good one.

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Really random idea

Does anyone know anything about connecting aquariums together? I think that in the end the "aquariums" will end up being random objects that hold water like blender jars, etc., but I was also interested in whether anyone has examples of aquariums joined (as in the fish can swim between the two aquariums) with tubing of some kind?

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How would one go about creating a lake? Answered

I figured a lake, or a mini lake style puddle would be much better to swim in than a dam or a pool, and also lower maintenance than a pool, so just out of curiosity, what would the idea's for making one be?

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I need t make a simple water (moisture) sensor to connect to a talking catfish plaque.

I have a concrete basement (swimming pool style) no drains or sump pump. Its below ground level so no where for the water to go ! So if my boiler blows or leaks I will have a very ugly swimming pool. And all my workshop will be floating. I have this cool talking catfish plaque. Its 6VDC batteries and a Transformer for AC plug in power.  I need a simple switch to activate the plaque. I tried two wires from the switch it has , put in water, no luck. I tried the alum. foil type posted instruct. that does not work either. So any suggs.? Thanks Simple is better. I can solder and read simple scematic .stuff. But KISS.

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What is your favorite Chuck Norris joke?

There are many jokes about good ol' Chuck:  Every night the Boogey Man checks under his bed for Chuck Norris; Jesus can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim through land.  Those are a few examples but there are hundreds more. Share your best!

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How do i draw on lycra? Answered

I wonna make an R2D2 bathing suit I would buy a white bathing suit and paint on the shapes. Would permanent marker work? i don't want to use fabric paint which will become crusty and won't allow the suit to stretch properly. Help is appreciated :D

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Artificial Gills

I don't kow about you, but I swim a lot and, as with most swimmers, would LOVE to be able to breath underwater without bulky air tanks or even a light rebreather. Fish take oxygen from the water so I don't see why can't I build something that does the same. Is there anybody who has any ideas or suggestions as to where I should look?

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Alright i want to make somthing for my girlfriend but I'm clueless Can I have some help here?

She likes a lot of things but she is more of a tom-boy she hates pink and skirts are a no-no. I need lots of help here .  I'm not too poetic and she likes mountain dew but she likescamping and swimming but i dont want to get her clothes. HELP!!!

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Why do some people have bellybuttons that are apparently stuffed with skin, while some people have bellybuttons that are, for the most part, hollow?

This is a question that has been on my mind for around three years. I have a hollow bellybutton, but when I go swimming with my friends I notice that some of them have bellybuttons that appear to be stuffed with skin and are not at the least bit hollow. Why is that? Thanks in advance.

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Oh! You can vote for me! (NASA Contest - Kiteman spams the forums)

Oh! Oh!The NASA contest has entered a new phase - you can vote directly for the entries!There's voter registration to go through, but then you can vote, vote, vote for the Kiteman!The Current Leaders.Cuttlefish Drive - swimming robot driveThor's Shotgun - mine-clearance proposalSee, I told you it was spam.

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Could someone make an instructible for a homebuilt version of DARPA's PowerSwim?

Hey! Could one of you amazing builders/innovators/homebrew engineers out there take a crack at reverse engineering and ghetto-fying DARPA's PowerSwim project? there isn't much on it but you can get some good google images of it. Apparently it uses "shed vortex's" to propel swimmers up to 150% faster than normal swimmers and it looks incredibly simple.

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Springboard diving scorer

I dive for my High School's swim team, and my dad likes to compute my score as I'm diving. A few times, the officials have messed up with the math and I've brought it to their attention and gotten higher scores.Anyways, he has an Iphone, and he has to switch been the Notes application and the calculator to keep track of everything. To make it easier, I made a little javascript application to do it all for him.You can find (and use it) at divescorer.weebly.comIt looks best on an IPhone/Itouch

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