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I recently have re-awoken a serious interest of mine: swordsmithing. I am in contact with a swordsmith and his apprentice,but they are both a bit far from me. If you have any expirience in bladesmithing, swordsmithing, blacksmithing, or are an apprentice, I would like to hear about your expirience and how you got started. Or if you are at least educated in this feild, I would like to hear about it, or get recomendations on what books to read. I have a basic outline about how the blades are made, but that's about it. Or, just converse among yourselves, there is a serious lack of REAL swords on instructables. I mean, I look up the word 'sword' and I get tips on how to make replicas and models. That's just fine, but I intend to be making a living offa these things. Among other things... Also, I am talking about the Japanese method of swordmaking. Not necessarily katanas, but the method seems to have great quality to it. *a side note* A quality blade is at least $200-up, and I'd be working with tamahagane. I would not buy one for any less.

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knex sword? Answered

What is the best knex sword on this site?

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Swords of Asia

Add your pics of your sword or knife that was from your Asian country

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Swords and Souls

I was wondering how many people believe in swords having souls. I am a huge fan of Bleach, which refers to the Zanpakuto as being spirit beings, and I was reading a forum post somewhere that swords have personalities outside of their wielder's skill and the naming of a sword was based on the sword's personality. So, from this, I have chosen to believe that swords have souls and that one can communicate with their sword. So does anyone agree?

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sword help

Hi all a friend has a toledo steel sword that needs help.  it looks like some one tried taking a dermel to it to sharpen it,  there is gouges/ groves in the blade.  i have a dremel and polishing stones, wheels and compound, but I have no clue how to use any of it.  any and all suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time.

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Knex swords

Hi, knex weponary is awsome. im bored...

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My Sword

I made a knex sword. It is very sturdy and the instructions are on Knex Innovation. Here is the link.;=

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Sword techniques

Come learn some Iaido posted by me. (patsowers)

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K'nex Swords

Anyone ever make any swords? They lost popularity some time ago but I'd like to see some of the more creative plastic blades you guys may have made. I may start a contest or something to get some you to make some if I need to but hopefully some of you will be willing to try making something just to see how good it'll turn out. It's a nice challenge to make one as durable as possible and still have it look good. I tried out the Master Sword some time ago. It was pretty decent for a first go at it but I always intended on redoing it. I'm going to have another go at it tonight. Excuse any old comment boxes that may be left in there.

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Sword arts

We've all practiced in parks with sticks, against our freinds, or imaginary dragons, and we think outrselves to be quite good, but most all of us have never taken things further. SOME of the people reading this will have taked classes in swordsmanship, with any luck, and that's what this group is all about. That's why i'm asking anyone out there with experence to come forward and write an instructable for us, perhaps just the basics. As for myself, i'll be focussing on the metallurgical side of things, publishing instructables on the things i make and posting the relevant ones here. My entry to the laser cutter contest is a sword, with a fairly simple method that shouldn't be too hard to follow. I'll post it and start the others one i've cleared my exams up.

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resin sword blade? Answered

What is a good resin to cast a sword for use as a prop and i just need a flat sword shape or blank and if i made the mold out of wood would the resin stick to wood?

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Zelda Knex Sword

I found this on deviantart. I've never seen it on this site and thought it worth sharing.;=36

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Master Sword V3

Yeah well I was bored and didn't like how my OodAst4 was turning out so I just decided to improve my Master Sword from last time. It's a little stronger and looks a little better but it still isn't a good idea to hold it horizontally with the flat sides facing up and down. It's just fine if you hold it vertically or with the blade sides pointing up and down. I still wouldn't swing it around too wildly. Such is the problem with making a three layered sword that has to connect a thinner bottoms section to a larger top section of the blade in a way that makes it somewhat match the "real" thing. I figured out a way I could improve it but I'd have to replace the yellows making the lower blade into snowflakes and that wouldn't look as good. Otherwise the top of the blade is pretty solid so if you were to get rid of the lower blade, this would actually be a pretty decent design. Anywho yeah nothing much to talk about with something that doesn't shoot. If someone else feels adventurous they can try to make this shoot magic lasers by swinging it by I'm not going there...

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School supply sword!

Well, I'm thinking of posting another I'ble. This time it will be a fully functioning sword ( well, it is low quality, but you can get it to work ) made from school supplies I found at the bookstore. This is sort of like Pat sower's binder knife I'ble, where you can turn a school item into a weapon. ( But unlike that, the blade will be that long, metal yardstick ( sharpened ) ). It turned out pretty cool, and is pretty good for a weapon I make with school supplies, and is actually the only weapon made from school supplies I kept with me and not throw away after use. I managed to slice a watermelon in two with this, and I thought: Hey, this ain't bad for a weapon you make at school! In fact it rules! So, is anybody interested in building a fully-functional sword out of school supplies? P.S: I know that it's low quality, but considering you can make it for about an hour or less with supplies that only cost you 5 $, this is pretty cool.

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Dagorhir sword materials?

Kay, I'm gonna build a [url=]Dagorhir[/url] blue-category sword. Thing is, the [url=]tutorial[/url] I've been following is kinda vague on the materials I need. What size PVC pipe do I use? Where do I get the foam? I just want a definitive list of supplies for the sword. Thanks, GearsOfAwesome

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Lightning Sword idea....

Hi iv been wondering... what happens if you put a taser attached to a metal rod and is constantly charging? would it turn into a lightning blade/sword/rod that when you wack/slash someone, they get the pain from the hit and the shock? anyone know if its possible to make one of these?

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Good foam to make swords out of, nerf sword style.

I make recreational weapons as a hobby, and as a (sort of) job. I like to sword fight with my friends (especially percy jackson capture the flag style. Yes, I'm that geeky), and my theater company also needs swords for our acting. I had two decent swords already made, with custom, homemade cardboard frames covering and these awesome plastic dowel things up the middle to give it strength (though the dowel has just the right amount of flexibility as to make the swords realistically bendy). It was a great design until the show came around, and I spent each morning before going onstage fixing swords. Now, I will make this very clear: making swords is fun; but rushing to fix them before going onstage misses my idea of a good time by a mile. And don't get me started on fixing them backstage. So understandably, I modified my idea. I have it all planned out, very simple: one of those godsend plastic dowels (I think they're really wire holders or something, but the package wasn't clear) stuck up the middle of a piece of foam carved to look like the blade of a sword. The only thing I need now is to figure out what density, and what type of foam to use, and then where to get it. People need to be able to hit each other with the swords fairly hard and still not get hurt, but the swords need to stay intact too, and they need to keep their shape. It's acting, so I can't just use boffer swords. Long story short, I'm looking to make a nerf-sword-like sword, but I need to know what kind of foam they use to make nerf swords. I'm looking, preferably, for a type of foam that comes in a block, or at least board form, so that it's easier to carve. Any ideas, fellow instructablers?

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how to make a pirate sword?

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faverite gun sword or hammer

My fave gun is sniper,fave hammer is golf club,fave sword is energy sword.

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bladed weapons (swords, daggers)

Discuss bladed weapons

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Is anybody into fighting with noodle swords?

  I enjoy playing with these things. I am having my birthday here pretty soon and will probably play with these things.       I am asking for imput on these questions: 1. Ideas for cheap and easy face and head protection and other safety precautions. 2. Your own set of rules that I can use to help me make a highly thought through and fair set of my own. 3. Tell me if you like to do this kind of stuff and give me your knoweldge from experience.        (I have a picture of noodle swords here just so you would know what I'm talking about.)   

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Free idea: Umbrella Sword!

I had this idea today, after the first rain of the year. It would be simple, really. Use a cheap umbrella and halloween prop sword for a cheap one, or get a really nice umbrella and a real sword handle to go like a sir. I would love to see this done, but don't have the resources at this point (starving college student). Someone make this and they get a patch or maybe a pro membership. Just cite my idea in the Instructable and let me know when it's published. If no one makes one, I will for sure later when I get the materials.

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how do i make a sword?

A traditional japanese sword like the one on kill bill

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should i post this instructable (sword)

I was just wonder if i posted something like this would it really help anyone out. in the instructable i will be showing u how (i)to make this. 

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Ninjato Sword ( Should I post )

OK, I just made a fully functional Ninjato out of some scrap metal. It is not very high quality, hence it's called a Ninjato. It is cut into shape, heat treated a bit ( not too much, not really good at it ), When not used covered in cloth ( acts like a sheath ). Should I post?

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What Sword should I Make?????

Any zelda sword You must put either put a link to the sword page one zelda wiki: or An awnser with a picture of the sword What do you have to offer Guys/Gals

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getting an energy sword in halo 1

I have managed to stop my energy sword from disspearing but i cannot pick it up. I would need some suggestions.As you can see, there is no pick up sign. (update: I have just changed the selection of weapons from "energy sword" to "flame thrower" and i can pick it up but cannot hit it)

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operation snake sword is green lights.

Go to " and check out the plans for band camp on upgrading to a new type of raid warfare.

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Will copper pipe work?

I want to make one of those pipe swords and I want to know if one of those copper pipes you use to move water around your house would be strong enough?

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Is there a way to make a fencing foil with spanish grip very cheap?

I want to fence but I want to make my own sword. I have tried forging one but that does not seem to work (It does not bend is snaps in two). I want to make one with, strong, light, durable, and flexible material. Is there anyone out there who would know how to make one? It does not have to be electric. Also I don't want the pistol grip or the french grip i want to toledo spanish grip.

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Ichigo Kurosaki's tensa zangetsu knex sword

This is my replica of Ichigos tensa zangetsu or bankai from bleach. I has taken me 3 months to build this and I put a lot of hard work into this baby and I hope you enjoy it. Thx.

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Where is the center of gravity usually found in a sword? Answered

I'm atempting to construct a sword, and even though its mostly for show, i want to get the weight and balance right.

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What is this sword and how can I refurbish it? Answered

Hi, this sword has been in my family for years, my grandfather got it in Africa after it was used in a war there. I would like to know what it is called and how I can clean it up, re-wrap the handle? It is 39' long if that helps at all. And what is this gunk-like stuff that is around the blade where is enters the handle? Not sure what category this goes in...

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How do i turn an unbrella into a sword stick?

Sword sticks where traditionally made with a sword hidden inside an every day object, often a cane. I would love to turn my old umbrella into one but don't know how....not even the foggiest.

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What is this? Answered

I think this is a sword. It says pakistan on it and it has a K on the front. Please help me identify it.

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how thick will a 1/2 inch wide rebar become if flatened to 2/16 inch thick?

I was planing on making a sword, considering I allready have a fire pit, charcoals, and a rebar. I need to know this because I am choosing to make a buster sword style guard, feel free to post any tips on making swords or other weapons ( especially bladed ones)

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european/medieval swordfighting

I looked around and wasn't able to find an ible about swordfighting. If there is one, please tell me; if not i would like to know if there is an interest on that subject.

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Where to get latex foam

This is sort of a follow up of my past question ( I think I know what kind of foam I need: latex foam. Now I need to know where to get it, though. Anyone know? Home depot? Michaels? Amazon? Some specialty store online?

Question by Sadi789  

how to make knife handle warp like kodachi sword?

How to warp knife handle like kodachi sword?

Question by mr.zawzawhtet  

Can someone help me name my new swords? Answered

I have two new swords, they look very similar, one is a ninjato or shinobigatana and the other is a tanto, I need some names for them, I already have the name Shinihime (death-princess) for another sword, so I was thinking the japanese words for one and two or long and short. Can anyone help me here?

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how do i stop an energy sword from blowing up and be able to use it in halo 1?

I have always wanted to use an energy sword in halo1 but it keeps blowing up so I modded it and it does not blow up then i made it pickable but i cannot attack.

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easier way for wooden weapons? Answered

I recently made a wooden sword, but i made it out of a large, cylindrical stick. the sawing was tedious, and the cut wasn't as straight as i desired. is there an easier way, not using a cicular or table saw, to cut it? (and no, "cut straighter" isn't the answer i'm looking for.)

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How can I make a glowing sword for cosplay?

I must break under pressure to be let into the con. Has a nicely carved handle but it otherwise plain blade and is fairly large.

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How do i put a handle on a fiberglass rod?

I have a large fiberglass rod about 3/4 of an thick one way, and an inch and a half the other, ye-shaped, with stainless steel wires down the points of the eye shape. it's about three feet long, and has a 3/8" hole bored about 5 inches into one end. what would be the best way to attach a handle to the bored end? i am looking to make a sortof sword out of it. my dad reccomends using a threaded rod, and threading the inside of the hole, with a wooden handle, but i'm concerned that a threaded rod would be prone to breaking, like a budK sword, and i would really like to be able to use it for combat, since i have two of them. does anyone have any ideas about how to make the handle as sturdy as possible?

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What is the best way to make a prop giant sword?

I'm thinking a single edge, six to eight feet in length, about a foot wide (blade to blunt side) and one to three inches thick. The design is not very ornate.

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Ideas on how to make a flimsy plastic sword stiffer?

I'm going to be a in a production in a few weeks and the swords for our guards just arrived yesterday. They are great, and we got them for a great price. Only problem, they are about 36 inches long and kind of flimsy. They flop a bit when swung. The plastic is solid and looks really good. Any ideas on how to stiffen them up a bit?

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What is the best way to hang/ display knives and swords?

I have a fairly large blade collection and i need a way to display them for now they are clutterly on my dresser they need to br free and have room to breath. What is a good way to hand them from the wall?

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I recently bought a sword off a friend, and I want to Steampunk it, any suggestion? Answered

Well I want to make it look steampunky with some common things I can pick up at a yardsale or hardware store

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