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Re-instate project syndication?

A while ago this was possible, and now that I'm interested in making a personal site, I was hoping to load and style my  instructables content on my site? I made this to help when it was enabled (or obvious) back then. Thanks for any consideration!

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paintball hoppers?

I am thinking of buying this marker. I was wondering if i could use a gravity fed hopper without damaging the gun. Thanks.

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how RSS works??

How "Really Simple Syndication" Works for any website??

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Instructables Robot on Twitter

I am on Twitter. See my various updates:Featured Instructables, Forum Topics, and Questions & Answers: Instructables: Instructables Questions & Answers: to syndicate your Instructables using our many RSS feeds:

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Instructables Author on Anderson Cooper

Instructables author Brennn10 will be appearing on Anderson Cooper's syndicated talk show today, October 24th, for his upcycled Altiod LED Flashlight.  He will be demonstrating his project, and answering some questions as an expert "tinnovator." You can see a clip from the show here If you want to catch Brennn10's segement, check out for airing times in your area. 

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Become a Fan of Instructables on Facebook

Become a fan of Instructables on Facebook! Get updates about contests and other cool stuff even when you're not logged in here.If you're not a member of Facebook, think long and hard about whether you want to constantly be SuperPoked and then do it anyway. What's one more social network, right?>>> Instructables Facebook page <<<Learn how to syndicate your Instructables to Facebook.You can also follow the Instructables Robot on Twitter.

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Instructables forms a partnership with IKEA Hacker

Instructables is very pleased to announce that we've formed a partnership with IKEA Hacker. Jules, who runs IKEA Hacker, is a new member of the site, and I expect we'll see great things of her and the IKEA Hacker community.This is a great chance for Instructables users to gain even more exposure, and for IKEA Hackers everywhere to show the world how they do things. (IKEA-esque stick figure drawing encouraged, but by no means required.) Every Instructable added to the IKEA Hacks group will be syndicated to IKEA Hacker.Please extend the IKEA Hacker folks a warm welcome to the site.

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Is this a good paintball gun?

I am thinking of getting the syndicate misfit paintball gun. Does anyone have one or experience with one. here are the specs: The Misfit is the ONLY marker in its class to operate at low pressure using CO2. Its precision performance and engineering detail make this marker the most powerful at its level on the market today. +2 piece 14" barrel +multi mode electronic grip frame +adjustable rate of fire up to 16 balls per second (BPS) +3 firing modes (semi auto, 3 round burst & full auto) +LED light Display +enhanced volumizer +3/4" gauge +vertical Feed +leak proof valve (US patent 3.553.983) +adjustable double trigger +push button safety +deluxe field strip pin +spring loaded ball detent +vertical adapter +external battery charging port +top & rear cocking +Gloss anodized finish (also available in green to black fade finish) +milled body +standard bottom line adapter +velocity adjuster with lock +adjustable in line regulator +all metal gun no plastic exterior parts!

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