Stats tab

Nothing happens when I click the Stats tab on my Instructables (while I'm logged in).

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Answers tab? Answered

Who stole the Answers tab - Please return it

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New tabs.

The new tabs work, but they are counter-intuitive, and not as functional as I would expect. I would propose that the "More" tab be renamed "Community", to give a better indicator of what you will find there. Plus, I suggest that the "Explore" tab include an "All Recent" option, to allow people to see all the latest projects, without having to trawl all the categories to find out. See also: Frenzy's announcement. Goodhart's thread. Steveastrouk's thread. Mpilchfamily's thread. I am also starting to find it bleedin' annoying that a brief drift of the cursor too close to the top of the page means half my screen is covered by the drop-down menu.

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Stats tab not working

I noticed the stats tab is no longer working. This is the last tab that is on your welcome page. It just says that the server  had a problem. It happens on all my devices so I believe it is not an issue with me but with the site. If my memory is correct I believe this has happened before. It is a nice feature to have so I hope it will be returning. 

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tabbing solar cells?

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Where is the answers tab? Answered

What happened to the answers tab that appeared at the top of the home page? Or is it just me?

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guitar tabbing HELP!!!!!?

Hey can anybody help me to understand that stupid guitar tabbing thing. im real blonde so dont waste youre time if you dont really get it. the thing i dont get the pictures and how to read it.

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New Tab for K'nex??

 Does anyone else think that the instructables team should make a new tab for all the K'nex ibles?? i was just wondering this. I think it would be awesome to have a K'nex Catagory, it would be filled almost instantly. If any other Members/Pros feel this way please tell.   Please also think about it Instructables!

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Bug in the Stats tab

In my last Instructable I noticed that the number of Total Views and the number of Today Views are the same. After following this for a few days I noticed that both numbers increase at the same rate when obviously the number of Total Views should be higher.

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pop tab chainmaille

Please either remove the affore mentioned instructable or modify it to include the words in VERY LARGE TYPE that this application will in no way provide ANY protection in Any situation what so-ever!!!!!!!! This is the first instructable I have seen that has the potential to cause severe bodily injury to anyone!!!!! Chainmail armor MUST be constucted of steel or iron to provide ANY protection at all!!! Please! Please Tell Your veiwers of this GROSS error!!! Thank You!! Roy Smith.

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Blank Drum Tab Sheet

This is a file to help write drum tab music. All you have to do is just edit it then post it here. So get posting!

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Is the stats tab gone or just moved? Answered

I noticed that the stats tab is no longer next to the others, ohhhh that was one of my favorite things. Has it been moved elsewhere, momentarily misplaced perhaps, or is it gone for good? Anyone heard anything about it?

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How do I do the Apple tab? Answered

I just watched this video : . How does he do the Apple tab ?

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Entire Living Tab and Subtabs are not displaying anything when clicked

The living tab and pages to follow are not displaying anything. No results or anything. The other main tabs are fine.

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Two ibles tabs open, and Dead object jams browser

See the screenshot. The message below (Type error: can't access dead object) appeared in the instructables tab after I accessed a forum topic in another tab. The pop-up completely jammed my browser - I could not close the pop-up (it popped back up instantly), and I could neither close the tab nor even close the browser through normal routes (corner-X, Alt-F4), all I got was a blink of the screen, a warning tone and the pop-up back. I had to shut down and start again.

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This is a great sight BUT.....  Why can I not find a search tab... the google one please no.. A search content of this site to find forums and posts fast on subject of interest  would be a great help , if there is one please point it out ...... I have been looking through pages and pages to try and find forums on bio fuels and methane but am getting a bit  P#$# trying to find it and am about to go else where.

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Open page in new tab, not working

When I am writing or editing an instructables I usually put in some links, when entering the link I get a option to "Open page in new tab", The only issue is that when I enable and save that option the link opens in the same page and then the box is unticked when editing it again. I have included a short video about this Here SYSTEM: MacBook Air (Mid 2013) MacOS 10.12.3 (Beta 16D17a) 1.3GHz i5 2 cores with hypertreading 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 5000 BROWSER: Safari 10.0.3 (12602.4.3)

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Links in articles should open a new tab

When links in projects are clicked on, the browser immediately takes you to that page. This loses the Instructable topic unless you page back to it. There should be a way to set the site up so that links open new tabs. I know because I moderate and manage a programming forum. Thanks! Ted Weissgerber

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how do you make a soda tab purse? Answered

I would also like to know how to sew fabric into it, please dont show croshayed ones :)

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Open link in new tab broken. (gets replaced by rel = "nofollow")

Hello, I like it when links open in a new tab. And I have lots of links in my new instructable, so I want them to open in a new tab or window. So, I tried to use the check icon you can see when you edit a link. I make sure I save my alteration. Then, I go check it out in the preview. (the preview you get when you click on the title in your drafts) And I see the link there, I click it, but it doesn't open in a new tab. Then, I press "edit" to see what went wrong, I check the link editor and see that the checkbox is not checked anymore. So, I thought, this checkbox is broken, I'll just do it in the code. I locate the link in the code: (And I notice the weird rel="nofollow") I change it to "target="_blank"" which should do the trick to open the link in a new tab.  I make sure that I save my alteration again. I check my link again in the preview editor and alas, I see again that my link opens in the same window. And I check the source code as provided by my browser (via the "inspect element" thingie in firefox) and I see again that that "rel="nofollow"" is back again. I've googled, and found that that probably is something to prevent bots from opening those links. A security measure? Is it possible to re-enable links to open in new tabs? Thank you!

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FIXED: New solar panel icon doesn't align with new SOLAR category tab

The new solar-panel icon, advertising the sponsored Solar pseudo-category, does not properly line up with the tab with which it's supposed to be associated. UPDATE 17 Nov 2010:  The positioning has been fixed, by replacing the image-only link to "Gifts" with something shorter.

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why is it when i make a soda tab bracelet it dosen't work (it gets all tangled) why what am i doing wrong?

It just simply wont work for me what do i do? thanks Kellie Lowrie

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Uploading Files

Just a quick question, I'm using Firefox. can i set a few files uploading for my 'able, then go to a new tab and do stuff there? what if i set files uploading in I.E and use Firefox to browse? anyone know? Thanks. Fudge.

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pop tab chainmail gauntlet

I need help making a chainmail gauntlet out of pop tabs

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Beer Tab Chainmail armor

 Looks like someone took the chainmaille Instructable to a whole new level with this bit of armor made from a ton of beer tabs. He even managed to get yellow and green tabs to add a design to it. Great job! Link

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Tab Order During Log in

Submitting my request to have the tab order changed on the log in page... Desired Interface: Enter my user name, press tab once, enter password, carriage return/enter - done. Currently, if I hit tab it moves the active field to "forgot user name" I just can't get myself to remember to hit tab twice as anywhere else I need to log in it's a single tab operation :p

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recycled soda tab earings

 this is a likeable recycable, that will bring attention to any look.

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Bacon Tab Redirecting to Gardening

HUEHUEHUE, didn't know that you could plant bacon.

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How to see stats? No tab

Hello, I get PRO account on instructables, but stillm I cant find stats TAB.I dont know, how to check graph of views on my account. Thanks.

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guitar tabbing program help? Answered

I am currently working on a program for guitar tabs. i can use excel to some degree. i am somewhat experianced in dos and visual basic.i need a way to get it to right a chord on a vertical line. then go back to the top of the next line. i need to be able to do that 32 times. so it would look something like this: |--3 that being the first 3 lines -3--|| |--2 then the program goes to -2--|| |--2 the top and types another chord -2--|| |--0 -0--|| |--1 -1--|| |--0 -0--||

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A Search in Your Favorites Tab

I always am favoriting new instructables to come back to later, and I have around 500 favorites by now. This poses a problem when going back to look through to find the one I want to view. If it is way at the beginning, it is hard to find. I end up just searching the site instead, trying to find it, but it would be more convenient if their was a "search your favorites" button under the "you" page in the "favorites" category. Other than that minor suggestion to the site's layout, I love the new layout!

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Favorites tab layout change

So I'm not sure where exactly this is going to end up, but if either the members or creators of Instructables see it, I'll count that as mission accomplished. I have over 100 tutorials favorited on Instructables, and that's great, I love all of them, they're really cool. But it's a nightmare to sort through them. Who else agrees that we should be able to make lists in our favorites, of tutorials that go along a particular theme? Especially if you have many varied interest, like I do. Any thoughts?

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Open links in new tab checkbox not working

I added a comment to the following post. Then I realized that it is a year and a half old.   And it doesn't mention the checkbox.  I am guessing the checkbox was added since then and is now not working. And that this is a new bug.  As I said in my post, I set the checkboxes to "Open in New Tab".  Then I publish and the links open in the same tab.  Then I go in (several times) recheck the checkboxes, go back and verify that they are checked and republish.  They still open in the same tab and when I go back into edit mode, they are unchecked.  Is this a bug?  Or am I doing something wrong?  If I am, I would argue that the instructions for using this checkbox have a bug. Ergo, there is a bug. Don't you hate philosopher/engineers? Grin, that's me!

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Make instructables links open in a new tab/window

Does anyone else find it really annoying that instructables external links don't open in a new window ? I keep losing the original instructables page when I close the linked page, forgetting that it didn't open a new tab. Maybe it's just my computer !

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On My Nexus 7 tablet, I cannot close tabs in the chrome browser

On My Nexus 7 tablet, I can't  close tabs on the chrome browser The "x"'s in the corner of tabs  are too small for my fingers. I suppose I could buy a stylus and do them one by one , but it seems a waste of money and time .  Is there any way to close dozens of tabs at one ?

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Ipad or Tablet

What do you think is better ipad 2 or samsung galaxy tab 10.1 give reason

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Referring websites no longer listed

Not sure if it's a bug; Noticed with the most recent site update that on ibles the stats tab is gone and page referrers are no longer visible.  Not seeing it in IE 7.0.57.  Just curious if it's a rendering problem, or if it was just legit removed as a feature. -J

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Hi guys...I looked through my groups the other day, and I saw I'd somehow added myself to the guitar group.So I just thought I'd share my latest secret weapon in playing guitar:songsterrI know for a fact that Ajleece uses this site, but i thought I'd share it so that the people who don't know about it can use it.Its basically a flash player that plays a midi along with the tab music.You can pause it, fast foward or rewind it for free.However, if you get an account you can play half speed, mute some instruments and upload your own songs.I haven't got an account, because you have to pay $10 every month, except the first 15 days which you get free.Its a little bit like instructables in that you can post comments, and edit the tabs yourself.The community seem very good and the tabs always seem to be perfect.It shows you what notes to tune your guitar to (with a click you can hear that note), and it shows you where to put a capo, if needed.It also has notes that either give you help in playing it, or give you lyrics.Most songs have all the instruments, and you can flick to a different instruments tab in the mixer.It even does bass, voice and piano (though not in notes, in tab).Just a great website!And my favourite!Its made me a whole new repetoire, and I think it will give even the most experienced guitarists new tunes to play.So here it is again:songsterrAll you do is either click on the sections at the top (Alphabet of Bands/Artists) or Search either the song name, or the Band/Artist in the search tab.Oh, and if you can't find the part of the song that you want, but you can hear it, try searching through the mixer's tracks.Also, I'd like to point out that I do not own this site, it's just one of the tools i use in playing guitar. Neither do i have an account.

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Thoughts on this Tablet case I made please

Greetings all! I just put together the instructions on the custom case that I made, I would love your feedback on this.  I made a couple of notes at the end of the 'ible.

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Request Serial - Ribbonised Tabbed WebBrowser

 Ok, the serial for my webbrowser is: in the text file i uploaded. It has a lot of features that IE6 + tabs has. It is one of the biggest projects I've done.  copy everything in the text file to the text box with "enter Serial Here". Pls Donate using Paypal!!!   paypal account: You can donate any amount! So long as you donate. I will upload some screenshots soon.

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Bug with opening contests in new tabs

OS: Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) Build 13A603 (It doesn't give a version number more specific than 10.9, so I assume this is 10.9.0.) Browser: Chrome 31.0.1650.63 Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to the Contests page. 2a. Command-click a contest's View Contest, Vote Now, or View Winners button (depending on the contest's status). 2b. Command-click a contest's background. 2c. Right-click a contest's View Contest, Vote Now, or View Winners button and choose Open Link in New Tab. Actual behaviour: 2a. Contest opens in a new tab and in the current tab. 2b. Contest opens in the current tab only, as if I had just clicked it normally. 2c. Contest opens in a new tab only (as expected). Expected behaviour: Contest page opens in a new tab only, using any of the three methods.

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chainmaille hood from pop tabs? Answered

Has anyone made a chainmaille hood from pop tabs??? I'm making a long sleeve shirt for my son & wanted to make him a hood piece.but i cant think of how to do it.

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Internet Explorer Loading & Answer Tab

It looks like the IE loading issues have neen resolved, at least on my computer this morning.  And thanks for putting the Answers tab back. 

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Spot welding 1.5V battery tabs Answered

I'm trying to spot weld battery tabs for rebuilding a Nicad battery.  I'm using a 12 volt SLA battery for power.  When I touch the leads they get so hot they burn the tabs, but the weld doesn't penetrate the battery.  What am I doing wrong?

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View all steps in new tab?!?!

I've noticed that all of a sudden when I hit "View all steps on one page" it opens the "one page" in a new tab. Is there anything I can do about this? It's rather annoying. Note: I'm using Firefox 2.x and I just switched to Gentoo so I haven't configured it completely yet. Does that have anything to do with it? I don't know! HELP PLEASE!!!

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Favorite stats on your instructables tab

When you search for an instructable, you can see it's views and number of favorites. I personally tend to compete with myself on an instructable's stats and like seeing a new instructable beat out an old one. Right now, my Molotov Lantern is close to overtaking my Summer Cocktails in views.  It would be nice to see the # of favorites with the # of views and # of comments on your instructables tab.

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"Open Link in New Tab" Issues

When you add a link within an "Ible, there's an option to have it open in a new tab. I like to add links to some of the tools and materials I use, and always check the box for that as I find it a bit irritating when the link takes you away from the page you're on.I recently was looking at one of my published 'Ibles and clicked on a link, but it doesn't open in a new tab. I went into edit mode, checked the open in new tab box, and went back to the 'Ible... same thing.I logged out and tried it again to the same result. Tried it in a different web browser just to see too.If I go into edit mode and check the box, save, go out of edit mode, and back into edit mode, the box is unchecked.Has anyone else had this issue? It doesn't affect functionality very much but is a bit of an annoyance

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You page and discussions tab won't load

Hello everyone, I've been having trouble over the past few days trying to load the You page and discussions tab. The problem still occurs when browser add-ons are disabled. The picture is what comes up when trying to load it. I use Google Chrome and Windows 8. Thanks in advance for the help! Edit (11/1/13): The discussions tab works now, and the you page loads sometimes but doesn't load other times. Edit (8/13/14): The you page is loading for me now! Yay!

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